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Intech Introduction...

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A pre-introduction note.... Intellectual technology is the most valuable knowledge known to humans,
verifiable against every question any humans can ask. Consider reading that again. Have you ever heard
anyone expressly suggest any significant knowledge that is verifiable against every question any humans
can ask? Is that not the knowledge you most want for its utility? Would such knowledge not inherently exist?
Would not that attribute identify the process to verify the knowledge? All government and citizen organization
leaders can have what they want. The process is just knowledge having always been readily available for the
asking of related questions. Notice how many millennia the common social problems, whose solutions have
been sought by countless government and citizen organization leaders, have not been solved. Notice who most
do not methodically ask and answer questions of the problems for which they purport to seek or offer the
solutions, while they make great statements of what their government or organization can do (but continue to
fail to do for lack of the leader's adequate knowledge). Notice that institution leaders who are failing their
espousals communicate with institution leaders who are failing their espousals, and noticeably do not communicate
with thinking individuals who ask questions that offer inordinately valuable knowledge within them. Is it not the
leader's duty to think, that is, ask and answer the questions to identify solutions to problems, verifiable against
every question any humans can ask? Your answer? Notice that even the wealthiest and most highly titled parents
in the world, who most purport to want their children to be most knowledgeable and therefore wise, fail to learn or
convey the most basic knowledge a species predicated on the human mind would logically covey to its offspring,
the complete functional design of the human mind, and thus the process to efficiently resolve all the contradictions
created by the human mind. And their children thus not taught, convey no more to their children, as the test of time
verifies. Laugh yourself to tears at the people who support government and organization leaders who so fear the
knowledge they purport to seek, for which they are supported as leaders to learn, that they ask no questions of
even their most glaring contradictions. Those questions could promptly identify and resolve the contradictions
that inherently stagnate or defeat their own organizations. The resolutions of those contradictions, and the process
learned by asking those type questions, can effect the greatest government or citizen organization leaders in human
history. All their predecessors, seeking government or organization power, instead of new knowledge, equally fearful
of new knowledge, failed to ask and answer those simple questions that offer the most valuable knowledge known
to humans, the process to efficiently resolve all human-caused contradictions.


This technology and knowledge are not comparable to any on the market, or commonly utilized.

You will not find any internet website more valuable for advancing your mind's ability to promptly solve problems and achieve difficult goals. If you suggest otherwise, please be so kind as to inform Alaska Intech of that source so that colleagues may question the conclusions of said source to thus advance the available knowledge and create the resulting benefit for others.

For a great advancement in efficiency of learning what you can learn on your own from this site, Alaska Intech will offer a custom seminar to convey the knowledge of how to promptly resolve complex contradictions, and promptly achieve difficult or seemingly impossible goals of your interest. The related technology represents the future standard for efficient goal achievement.

No person will successfully get something for nothing. A cost of any benefit from this site is your expenditure of valuable time to read slowly and correlate the concepts offered in complex sentences and inter-dependent paragraphs. Your mind must synthesize varied concepts, easily done by reading slowly and thinking about the meaning of the words. No benefit can be offered by simplifying the sentences to attract a client, as do other consultants and think tanks, as you can readily verify. The concepts must be synthesized in your mind, whether from complex sentences associating the data within them, or separate simple sentences that your mind must more carefully associate.

Because the controlling concept of common consultants and think tank personnel is to achieve an income, they simplify their data to make its introduction easily understood by clients or funding entities, but therein train their own minds to not further advance their knowledge available only by challenging their minds beyond that which is initially understood. That which is already understood by common institutions cannot solve a complex problem, as the test of time repeatedly proves. First you train your mind by your words and actions, and then it controls you. The sooner in life that you derive an income from your knowledge, the sooner you will stagnate it with the social average of those who sufficiently understand it to pay for it. That concept does not preclude you from making a living within one data base, and advancing your knowledge among other data bases, except for the resulting time limitation.

Your mind can efficiently learn the most complex concepts if you apply the thinking time at their foundation. By design, any mind will remain confused about even simple concepts, for an entire lifetime, if it hastily assumes commonly existing knowledge of foundational concepts and looks for conclusions instead of reasoning.

Nor can flattery advance your knowledge. Nothing herein is designed to attract any client, thus securing its value and advancing its utility.

(Edited Excerpt: Related Concepts: A human mind functioning under the precepts of individual curiosity, unfettered by institutional preconceptions, may or may not be interested in this material, and if interested may derive benefit from investigation. In contrast, a mind functioning under the precepts of institutional concepts will consistently react against this material, and against the expression in this paragraph, thus avoiding serious investigation and any benefit. The reaction is explainable and intriguing. This material constitutes an identifiable category of knowledge. The phenomenon of those different reactions creates the inordinate value of this arena of knowledge because it is designed for the utility of institutional leaders who react as described and thus do not investigate it. That the material is not redesigned to mitigate the verifiably adverse initial reaction of the persons for whom it is designed, secures its value, and is the only known avenue to such inordinate utility as described below. It is only the uniquely perceptive institutional leaders or their staff who will therefore gain access to said value, as their own choice unrelated to the results of another person learning and utilizing the technology. The phenomenon in part explains why persons in institutional positions consistently create the contradictions they perceive as logical while the general public just shakes their head in amazement over such obvious illogicality. That most of the general public, inherently including the aforementioned institutional leaders, commonly create their own examples of illogicality within countless conceptual institutions, without their mind recognizing the alteration of positions and thus perceptions, again illuminates the value of this material.)

You, the reader, will learn from this site only to the extent that you ask and answer questions, writing them, and questioning your answers. That is the same for every data source you encounter. Is that not so?

Intellectual technology can be transferred between human minds only by directly asking and answering questions, the same way all knowledge is learned, by design of the human mind. To learn intellectual technology the time-consuming way, you may ask and answer your own questions, such as those induced by reading the material at this website, thus cycling through the thousands of questions that identify and verify the fewer controlling concepts, then those questions that synthesize the resulting questions and answers to make them useful. The vastly more efficient process involves identifying those controlling questions and answers from a mind that already asked, answered and verified them. Those questions and answers cannot be usefully presented in writing by an author, because they are not from your mind. Each mind holds a different data base creating different contradictions and thus different questions.

After intellectual technology is learned, you will have learned which questions to ask, and which answers to present, by what means, to create the reaction you wish in any other mind, if you hold incentive to do so. The functional design of the human mind is universal, by definition and verifiable proof. Learn that design, and you will hold the knowledge sought by all people, intellectual technology.

That you, like your predecessors, have not yet achieved the defined goals of your organization or government demonstrates that you simply lack knowledge of the practical mechanism, despite your perpetual claims, like those of your predecessors, that you only need more time, money, laws, police or armies, which are never enough. Intellectual technology identifies the practical mechanism to promptly achieve your goal, or solve your problem, replacing your perceived need for more resources, with new knowledge. The human mind responds to its recognized knowledge, by design.

The following is a reasoning-based introduction to a service of inordinate value. The service is available to potential clients who, at the outset, reason beyond marketing-based and institutional presentations. The Related Concepts pages are for those who wish to learn on their own, or derive indicators of the service.

Intellectual technology begins where institutional technology has concluded in stagnation, frustration, cost-ineffectiveness or failure.

Below are the following topics:

What It Does
For Whom
Your Access
Intellectual Technology Definition
Suitability Of The Problem Or Goal
Decision Elements For Use Of This Service
The Seminar Process
Cost Of The Service
Potential Clients
All material available for copying
Related Concepts........ (Indicators of Reasoning Process)

What It Does...

The referenced technology is designed to efficiently solve complex or large-scale problems created by humans. Concurrently, identified goals of any magnitude or difficulty may be efficiently achieved.


For whom...

The technology is designed for government, institution and organization decision-makers. Groups of people who recognize that their government or organization leaders are failing or are cost-ineffective, may also utilize this knowledge. The technology is useful for persons functioning within any institutional context, who wish to exponentially advance the effectiveness of their efforts. Individuals who desire to efficiently become inordinately intelligent, or the same for their offspring, may also learn intellectual technology. Examples of potential clients and benefits are identified in a separate section below.


Your Access...

Unlike most commercial services using marketing technology to suggest the ease of solving a problem or achieving a goal with their services, if you wish to access the benefits of this service you must actually ask and answer your mind's questions in relation to this introduction, wisely writing them. Your greatest hurdle will be understanding this page, which can be done by reading slowly and asking your resulting questions.

Herein are excerpts of controlling-concepts within reasoning process, to assist your understanding of this introduction and the referenced service. But they require the mental energy to recognize the concepts and the magnitude of their control within the design of the human mind's process. Simply read slowly. The words carry their meaning.

You will not acquire any knowledge of value, such as the process to achieve an unrealized goal, without hard mental work. You cannot buy the achievement of your task if it is your task. You can only learn more efficient process for your task.

The primary failure of institutional leaders is in not recognizing the inherent reasoning process difference between their decision parameters and those of their counsel, experts, staff and data sources. The only data useful to your mind for a sustainable decision is unflawed reasoning itself, not expert advice or a superficial reasoning trail not questioned to its controlling contradiction. Therein one must learn a particular type of efficient questioning process.


Intellectual Technology Definition...

Intellectual technology: The method and means to achieve a goal or practical purpose by utilizing rational or intelligent thought, effected by flawless thought process resolving contradictions.

A separate description of the above is not limited to a problem-solving process, a seemingly minor alteration in the word arrangement, but suggesting a more limited concept normally never escaped by organizational technology which inherently perpetuates process rather than solves problems, by design of institutions. Intellectual technology efficiently produces the concluding problem solutions, unequivocally achieved, to your satisfaction, for the benefits advancing to your next greater interests.

The words you read herein hold their meaning. The common substitution of meanings for similar words creates the common concluding errors, failures and frustrations. Holding the original word meanings in your mind is the greater difficulty, for which there is an efficient process.

Among similar descriptions for which the utility is derived only by accurate analysis of the words, this technology constitutes the separate, technical process to methodically remove the obscure, self-defeating flaws within common problem-solving process that began with flawed assumptions about the human mind's thinking process. The smallest process-contradictions left in place will defeat your efforts. They are typically the most easily and efficiently corrected contradictions, merely not recognized for lack of knowledge in questioning-process. Intellectual technology identifies contradictions under controlling concepts, to efficiently resolve all of them.

Intellectual technology provides the process of organizing highly complex variables within the mind, for efficient analysis to arrive at conclusions which will prevail against all questions, at the apex of the concept.

Your only problem resulting from the utilization of this technology, will be the prompt achievement of your goal. Choose your goal wisely.

Concurrently, you will use the technology to resolve other contradictions of any magnitude.

Further clarification of the definition is found within a section of related concepts.


Suitability Of The Problem Or Goal...

While intellectual technology provides the process to most efficiently resolve all contradictions, the interest of Alaska Intech is that of problems or goals associated with an institutional or organizational context. Problems or goals of greater magnitude and complexity are preferred.


Decision Elements For Use Of This Service...

For initial data, Alaska Intech needs an accurate identification of the problem to be solved or goal to be achieved, and an accurate identification of the entity undertaking the task. If the involved contradiction was created by humans, and is of significance, a seminar may be scheduled to convey the related technology.


The Seminar Process...

Intellectual technology begins where the best institutional technology produces its net failing conclusion. Intellectual technology therefore constitutes a new arena of knowledge to the mind functioning within the institutional (organizational, governmental) context.

The common commercial arena is predicated on the concept that a resolution to a contradiction can be purchased. Consultants, lawyers and variously titled experts in specialized arenas of knowledge, and also the flawed use of money, are the related commodities. Concurrently, the institutional, organizational or governmental arena is predicated on the concept that a perceived resolution to a contradiction can be forced into existence, such as by effecting law or other forms of institutional force or deception. Armed police and armies are the more dramatic mechanisms, but lesser mechanisms are more often the effecting instruments. Both concepts of purchasing or forcing a solution are fatally flawed in relation to the functioning design of the human mind. The human mind's design, including yours and that of everyone else, is predicated on reasoning, that is, contradiction resolution process; not on force, deception or material acquisition. The mind is exclusively a reasoning device, constantly attempting to resolve each contradiction it identifies. Simply use the mind for its designed task. Force, deception and material gain present the human mind with only more contradictions it instinctively seeks to resolve, by design.

The utility of armies, police, lawyers, and all institutions, with emphasis on all, is first diminished by the persons within them assuming an institutionally exaggerated utility of their institution as such, as a substitute for utilizing their inherent reasoning ability. The seemingly minor flaw, rarely even considered, yet alone effectively questioned, compounds its detriments, inherent to the human mind's reasoning process for contradictions left in place. In contrast, when the utility of the reasoning process is learned and exercised by the institution's personnel, the institution's original utility is enhanced. The synthesis results in efficient achievement of sustainable goals, and thus greater value of the institution and its personnel.

Beyond the current recognition of those who create institutional contradictions, for lack of their knowledge in effective questioning process, is the value of questioning their concluding contradiction, to further extend their subsequent reasoning to a position for which any less questioning opponent defeats his own objections or actions at their each manifestation. Intellectual technology facilitates that extent of highly effective questioning process, and identifies the process to learn it, that is, effective questioning in a format that facilitates questioning of conclusions.

Where institutional technology has concluded its process with a flawed instrument for initiating organized action, intellectual technology starts the resulting series of questions arriving at the unflawed net result. While the use of force is mentioned as a classic flaw, other institutional conclusions contain similar reasoning flaws that are easily resolved. One such addicting flaw is a conclusion at a process for ongoing education not extended to a completed result. Did your institution wish to achieve the goal, or just perpetually espouse the existence of the goal? The two goals are separated only by a series of questions. The key is in effective questioning process. The achievement of the goal identifies more advanced knowledge available for individual and social benefit.

The knowledge transfer process for intellectual technology is therefore a custom seminar which may be described as of an intellectually arduous nature, but is merely that of patiently working through a unique series of easily understood questions, starting with the client's existing data-base, filling each gap of process-knowledge identified in the questions of each client's mind, to the achievement of the goal. Anyone can learn the related knowledge. They need only ask their related questions. Every human holds the same functional design of mind. The knowledge of intellectual technology is conveyed by merely asking and answering questions fundamental to that design. One need only identify the incentive to learn how to efficiently achieve their goal. The human mind is a contradiction-resolution device, and concurrently a knowledge-collection device. When its design is optimally used by removing process flaws and controlling-contradictions, its results are beyond your current recognition.

To achieve your goal or solve a problem, your interest is not that of the other guy and what he is doing. Your interest is your own mind's ability to recognize the flawless process that can reach the goal regardless of the other guy's reactions. Any of those reactions will therefore conform to your process and thus achieve your goal. It is just knowledge derived by accurately answering each related question extending into what both yourself and an opponent failed to prior question.

Knowledge of how to identify and ask effective questions is the most rare and most valuable knowledge known to the human mind. It will never be taught by any institution, especially by the institution of schools, including the institution of parents, for reason in the controlling vulnerability of every institution. If you identify the controlling difference between the design of the human mind, and the design of institutions, you will therefore recognize your wisdom in carefully reading this page. The mechanism of that difference is the tool to resolve any institutionally created problem or achieve any institutionally identified goal.

Among the related parts of the puzzle, effective questions are synthesized from unique diversity of knowledge, that which institutions exclude by definition of institutions. While said diversity was imperative to originally learn the technology, the questions are the key to transfer it.

Depending upon the goal and the involved entity, the related seminar will require a few days to a couple weeks, rarely more, with the decision-making body for the entity wishing to learn the related technology and thus promptly manifest their goal, if they wish to do so.


Cost Of The Service...

A key to your current inability to achieve a goal or solve a problem, is your not understanding its value, or you would have spent your time efficiently acquiring the value before you started pursuing the goal, and then traded the value for the thus promptly achieved goal. To pursue the goal without offering its value, one can never achieve the goal. If your process can never achieve the value of your espoused goal, change the process or find another goal. The greater value is in the separate knowledge of how to achieve the goal, obviously lacking if your efforts have not succeeded.

Knowledge, the greatest item of value, is acquired by asking and answering questions, the process of human thinking, the process to create that greater value. Where your material resources end, or regardless of them, the process of thinking can create any value of any magnitude.

Common commercial and institutional services, especially consultants and think tanks, are predicated on convincing you to utilize or acquiesce to their service. They are therefore susceptible to the competitive process of enticement placed ahead of discussing the full concluding cost of achieving your intent. That flaw creates controlling contradictions commonly responsible for goal failure, especially in force-based governmental institutions, as is the nature of any flaw left in place for a subsequent process.

No human will ever sustainably acquire something for nothing, or more for less. No human can escape the human design, by definition. But a human can achieve anything ultimately available to humans if he optimally utilizes the design of his mind.

The cost of an Alaska Intech seminar is more than you can initially afford, by imperative. If you cannot currently achieve your goal or solve your problem, it is because you lack the resource of the related knowledge, that is, you cannot currently afford the goal or solution. The knowledge is the missing asset, and you cannot buy knowledge. Your mind must synthesize knowledge with its thought process. You may wish to carefully read that again to perhaps recognize why your current institutional expenditures purchase only ultimate failure. That you persist with your current technology and process after the test of time has proven their fatal flaw, identifies your failure to effectively question your mind's decision process.

Alaska Intech's service is for those seeking the prompt achievement of the sustained solution to their problem, or the same for their goal, and who sufficiently understand the concept of value, indicated in these words. The value of the goal or solution must be accurately identified, and met, by design beyond the human ability to alter. The goal or solution will never be achieved short of that value.

Therein, for your initial consideration, and full understanding within the seminar process: What is the value of money or other material gain, versus the value of thought? On what is the human mind predicated? With what did the human phenomenon survive and advance? What do you lack for the achievement of your goal?

What will you pay to purchase your own toilsome thinking beyond where you prior thought?

If you had not prior thought beyond your current conclusions, which are failing, or you would have already achieved your goal, a value must be paid to cause that additional thinking.

Alaska Intech offers the knowledge to promptly achieve your goal, or solve your problem, and nothing short of that. Therefore, what is the value of your goal, and thus the value of the knowledge to promptly manifest it? That is the answer to your question of the cost of Alaska Intech's services.

What part of that can you materially afford, and want part must you apply by the effort of your thinking process? Is the former enough to secure your mind's incentive to manifest the latter?

The cost of Alaska Intech's services are determined on a case by case basis. There will be no attempt to convey to you that which you cannot receive for lack of comparable value, because the flaw of such an attempt would be exposed by the process.

For goal achievement, incentive is everything to the human mind. Without its full measure impacting your mind, you will not achieve your goal. What will create that incentive in your mind?

To acquire the services of Alaska Intech for goals of substance, you would prefer to burn your financial or asset bridge, or so apparently surrender it as to cause genuine incentive for your mind to think (ask and answer questions) in an intellectually arduous seminar. And you will achieve your goal, at a scant financial cost of that with which you would otherwise perpetually struggle. You will later learn that you did not burn or surrender your financial or asset bridge, if you initially perceived that extent of cost, and in fact compounded its strength, but that is an aside. Because your money or assets were inherently not adequate in relation to the value of the goal you seek, the greater cost will be the value of the thinking you apply. That will be a certainty, by nature of the questions your mind will formulate in the seminar. That is the resolution to the contradiction you perceived in the statement that the cost of an Alaska Intech seminar is more than you can initially afford.

You may therefore suggest the value, by means or mediums of exchange within your ability, for what will be the complete achievement of your goal.

While not necessary for determining the suitability of Alaska Intech services for any particular need or desire, Alaska Intech offers introductory consulting at a fixed rate identified upon inquiry. Initial inquiries by means not requiring travel are without charge.


Potential Clients...

Because the utility of intellectual technology is so great, by design of the human mind, and can promptly manifest the resolutions to all human caused contradictions, regardless of complexity, these descriptions are only indicators, and understatements. You would agree, lest you disparage the inherent ability of your own intellect, or thought process. What could your mind achieve if you set out to resolve every contradiction in a process, including those perceived to be caused by other people, and had access to a designed questioning process which could efficiently do so? Did you answer the question, for its utility to you?

A client may be any individual or entity whose directors or leaders recognize the utility, benefit or profit from understanding the controlling concepts of all human minds, from which no mind can escape, and their results within the context of institutions, both organized and conceptual.

When you recognize and verify the fact that your opponents are not just humans, by the meaning of that word, but are instead a designed mechanism of the human mind which you can learn to a flawless extent, then opponents are defeated as a peripheral effect of your manifesting your goals. You might wish to read that sentence again.

And therefore the same process can effect goals not opposed by humans, because the same human mind design, that of yourself, has merely not yet resolved self and socially trained, minor process contradictions which flaw your mind's process between the identification of the concept, and learning the knowledge of the process to efficiently manifest it.

Therefore, any group of individuals, such as those of governments, organizations or any other institutions and groups by any reference, who perceive any problem, contradiction or unachieved goal, can efficiently learn the knowledge of how to promptly solve the problem, manifest the solution, or achieve their goal.

A previously offered list of potential clients was inherently incomplete because the space on this web page is not sufficient to itemize all individuals and groups of humans seeking to solve problems. Only the larger groups are indicated by the words: governments, governmental agencies, militaries, political entities, citizen organizations, schools, parents, adults, females, males, the ethnic identities, religions, geographical origins, etceteras.

Governments, their agencies and citizen organizations (institutions) of every description can learn the knowledge. Simply list every organization which perceives an existing problem or unachieved goal.

Read or listen to the daily news. Every problem illuminated therein would be promptly solved, leaving it no longer in the news, if those people attempting to solve the problem simply learned intellectual technology and retained the incentive to solve the problem.

The advantage goes to he who learns the knowledge, by design of humans. The knowledge will effect its results, against which no human opposition can prevail because the knowledge includes that of the controlling contradiction of the opposition.

The knowledge can be used by the array of scientific endeavors, because the knowledge resolves the process contradictions within the minds of the scientists. Modern scientists are amusingly primitive because their recognition of the data or information openly available to them is routinely flawed by their own mind's self-trained contradictions that were not first resolved. The brain is a system of trained circuits. If all the otherwise accurate data is routed through an unquestioned circuit that flaws the data, the best data in the world is not going to reveal its useful synthesis or conclusion. Most of the errors and current inabilities of scientists are only resultant from the unresolved contradictions in their own minds, which are easy to resolve.

It is a minor aside to note that the knowledge can be used in the movie industry to produce the movies of the future, with viewers unable to identify a contradiction.

For those who still prefer a list of common identifications of groups which could benefit from intellectual technology, consider politicians, military leaders, police, peace advocates, lawyers, judges, agency directors, think tanks, schools, university educators and administrators, parents, citizen rights organizations, dissidents, freedom fighters, anti and pro anything, scientists, news journalists, movie writers and producers, analysts, radio and TV talk show hosts, computer programmers, curious individuals, and any other reference words for people who might wish to learn how to efficiently solve a human caused problem or achieve an unachieved goal.


All material available for copying...

The words and information herein represent knowledge. They and it are not property. They and it are not owned. All material herein is available for mirror sites, copying, using and claiming as your own after you write or state any of it as knowledge you hold.


Doug Buchanan

NOTE: For Intech Concepts, first note item A at top of Intech Concepts 1.

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