Intellectual Technology

Intech Concepts 9
(Indicators of Reasoning Process)


June 2001


ETC is an example organization. It is herein used as a learning vehicle for those who wish to advance their knowledge of the organizational manifestations of human fundamentals.

ETC is short for Etceteras, that is, all the other organizations.

ETC represents all power-based organizations, that is, organizations of people who derive power, strength in numbers, by associating two or more individuals under a single organizational name. You may replace ETC with the name of any organization, such as NEA, NRA, HCI, AAC, DEA, DPF, FBI, USA, your any other favorite organization, or YOU if you hold an organizational title creating an association of yourself with an organization. While the title of the organization President is an obvious title, the tile of an organization Member creates an equal consequence. If you think not, surrender your member title. While the writer could utilize any of many organizations he has analyzed, with no change in the concepts and few changes within the individual references, the author will use details of a particular organization, perhaps the NRA (National Rifle Association) which you may identify, but only by coincidence.

The example organization is used to describe some of the contradictions created by institutional or organizational minds, their results and the resolutions. You will be amused if you have a sense of humor. To learn useful knowledge from this exercise, you must not react as do the leaders of ETC, by thinking that you or your organizations are immune to these phenomena, or with anger when you are obviously caught by the truth contradicting what you say or do. You must not simply object if you perceive a contradiction. You must instead question every perceived contradiction, in specific detail, and answer your questions, writing your questions and answers, and retain them to compare with your later answers to other questions. And you must laugh when you recognize that you are caught by truth you can no longer successfully deny.

As described elsewhere, associating individuals by their creating or joining an organization creates more power, but cannot create more reasoning. The greatest reasoning ability within the human phenomenon is an individual human mind. Try to transfer new reasoning between two people, and notice the difficulty or time-consumption you encounter trying to harmonize the accurate definitions of your words used to preclude any misunderstanding creating a contradiction. In contrast, notice the immediate power you inherently acquire by simply stating the name of the association of two people facing a single individual who might wish to oppose the two. The association of two or more minds detracts from reasoning ability by a number of readily recognized mechanisms described and verified elsewhere, commonly the hasty or sloppy use of otherwise precise meanings of words. If the association of minds created more reasoning ability, the Chinese government, with so many minds, would be the most intelligent organization in the world. If you suggest that a University, think tank, or any other such institution claiming learning or knowledge as its reason for existence, could pass the test of superior intelligence, name the institution and ask them the process to achieve any significant goal, then try to carry out that process, or just look at the many organizations attempting it, and thus recognize your error.

Concurrently, the acquisition of a title associated with an organization comes with the word or words of the title at best, its detriments in fact, and no bag of superior knowledge. An individual recognizes that he must work to achieve what he wants but does not yet hold. The same individual holding the title of an ETC member, thinks that ETC is doing the work, or he would not have joined, so the individual works less, and notice that the ETC leaders are perpetually failing, or they could identify the date that ETC would no longer need to exist because it would have achieved its goal. Likewise, examine more closely how titles are acquired, the precise, line-item details of the mechanism, not what is commonly assumed and claimed, and thus notice that superior knowledge is not associated with titles.

The organization is the name of the organization, with a number of members creating power in numbers, and no individual brain able to effectively synthesize the data of the contradictions created by any one or several of the members or leaders acting in relation to the organization.


ETC described...

ETC is an ideal organization to illuminate the contradictions manifest between reasoning and power. ETC leads a highly controversial issue centered on a representation of power itself, separate from reasoning. It is in the news, with many people polarized by its issue. Its foes attack it by every political means they can afford. Its allies are intensely dedicated, and politically attack the foes.

ETC unabashedly claims to be the leading organization protecting all of your rights described in the US Constitution, quite identical to the claim of all the politicians and other government sorts. Of course ETC leaders say that they are telling the truth, and that the politicians are not, quite identical to what the politicians say about themselves and their opponents. ETC openly claims and flaunts its great political power. It claims at least 4.3 million members at the time of this writing. It brags about the amount of money it raises and spends for its goals. It is openly acknowledged as the most effective money-making political machine in Washington DC. It's opponents rail against its excessive influence over the political process, just as ETC rails against the excessive political influence of its opponent organizations, such as those others represented by the initials, ETC. Its current president is a major movie star. Its Board of Directors includes US Senators, Representatives, judges, a State Attorney General, prominent lawyers, Police Chief's, CEO's of significant corporations, journalists, movie stars, a rock and roll music star, and a gaggle of other impressively credentialed sorts among the over 70 Directors on the Board. They are not just figure heads. Nearly all of them attend the Board meetings.

It's Directors are elected by its members in annual elections, but in its official magazines its hired CEO lists who to vote for and who to vote against among the candidates, and the members vote like sheep, on cue. The hired CEO therefore functionally and very blatantly selects and holds in his pocket his employer, the directors, much to the amusement of observers. The same phenomenon occurs at the annual member meetings, where the leaders tell the members how to vote on issues raised at the member meetings, and the members do at they are told, on cue. If you think your organization is different, because the members are not so obviously unthinking sheep, look a little closer, under another layer or two of leadership organizational tactics. Why do you think incumbent politicians and bureaucrats in government are so unassailably entrenched while they so consistently fail to solve the problems for which they are paid to solve?

At ETC's annual conventions, it saturates the involved town with billboards showing pictures of its current leaders. It wraps conventional hall columns with huge pictures of the faces of its leaders, ten feet tall. It lavishes itself with expensive, professionally orchestrated self-praise wherever it goes. Self-aggrandizing defines the leadership of ETC, and the unquestioning members mindlessly respond as do subjects loyal to their king. Why do you think kings ruled for so many centuries, despite their obvious failure as an institution, which was belatedly replaced with the next and currently failing institutional process? The question has a definitive answer of inordinate value to you. Answer the question. Verify it with unmitigated proof.

Notice therein the seeds of a profound contradiction. What ultimately prevails for a phenomenon predicated on the human mind, reasoning or power? What is the value and controlling concept of your mind? If you had $100 to spend for your organizational cause, would you make a ten foot high picture of your organization leader's face to wrap around a concrete column at a convention center, or would you spend that money to write the words of your best reasoning, and distribute them to the members of your opposing organizations, and ask them to assist you in finding any flaw in your reasoning? For what do you use your mind? That question has been asked of the leaders of ETC for many years, and next year they will make more huge pictures of themselves to wrap around concrete columns at their annual convention, while refusing to answer the question. They have steadfastly evaded every analysis of reasoning related to their actions. How might you describe the organizational manifestations of human fundamentals? Why were kings belatedly replaced with legislatures, openly debating the reasoning of their decisions, and what more effective reasoning process might you think will evolve next for a species predicated on reasoning? What process actually creates verifiable reasoning above power?

The leaders of ETC are not reading these words. They loathe and despise these words or anything like them, for a reason you may learn. These words offer reasoning. Those leaders refuse to continue reading anything related to genuine reasoning, the moment their mind recognizes the reference to them or the concepts they manifest. Their organization is predicated on power, which cannot prevail against reasoning. And they are any organization leadership. If you are reading this, you can learn what all organization leaders cannot learn and thus why they have created the contradictions you recognize.

Consider some of the following example contradictions ETC leaders created and cannot recognize. Herein, notice the consistent commonalities within the examples. Notice how routinely the referenced leaders and those of their ilk, if trapped into examining any individual example, would claim that the example is an isolated exception, and would claim similar rhetorical defenses against any instructive analysis of their actions, then quickly evade any further analysis of other examples. Notice the difference between the mind that would analyze a contradiction, to thus be able to resolve it, and the mind which evades analysis (questioning) of a contradiction, and thus is not able to resolve it.


Sit there, because I said so... 8 June 2001

It was the meeting of the Board of Directors a couple days after the annual members meeting. The Board meeting was held in a spacious banquet room in a large hotel. The head table for the seven or so officers was elevated on a stage. The tables for the 70+ Directors were in the center front of the room. The seats for the 60 or so visitors were in the center portion of the room behind the Director tables. The visitors were mostly staff, contractor personnel, a few previous Directors, some spouses and maybe one ordinary member of the 4.3 million members, which reveals much. The Board meetings are open to members.

The open space at the sides and rear of the tables and chairs was greater than that occupied by the tables and chairs. A couple of tables with water, tea and coffee were at one side and the rear of the room. Large square columns along one side and the rear of the room blocked any foot traffic along the walls, creating a lot of otherwise unused space for chairs and tables, besides all the other vacant space.

Before the meeting started, a member moved a chair against one of the walls so he could plug in his laptop computer at a wall electric outlet, to take notes on the day-long meeting. He was the only person to be doing so in the huge room with no lack of unused space.

The member was typing on his plugged-in laptop when the ETC secretary informed him that when the meeting started, he would have to move his chair to the visitors section at the center of the room. The member noted that he was sitting at the side of the room so he could plug in his laptop computer. The secretary stated that he did not care, and that the member would have to move to the center of the room. The member politely asked for the reasoning behind the decision. The secretary stated: "Because I said so." The member again asked for the reasoning for the decision, emphasizing the word, "reasoning". The secretary again offered no reasoning, stated that the member would have to move to the center of the room, and said that the directive was polite, in contradiction to its stern, demanding nature without reasoning.

Not fearing the childish expression of raw power without reasoning, despite the armed security thugs at the command of the secretary, the member returned to his activity of typing on his laptop, let the secretary eventually walk away with his anger at not being obeyed, and later moved against the rear wall of the room, to another electric outlet, an equal distance from the visitor section but a bit farther from the view of the secretary on the stage.

The organization secretary is a retired US Marine Corps Sergeant, having trained his mind to function on unquestioned decisions based on raw power, void of reasoning and not subject to analysis of reasoning, as he demonstrated. If you train your mind to carry out unreasoned actions, the consequences are inherent. You will routinely carry out unreasoned actions, as your mind is trained to do, routinely creating contradictions. Precisely how are you currently training your mind? Do not be hasty with your answer, before you more thoroughly question what you have not thoroughly questioned.

Because human rights are distinguished by their foundation of reasoning above power, an organization leadership which functions on raw power, and exempts itself from the process of reasoning, cannot achieve, defend or regain human rights from another institution which has denied those rights by use of raw power above reasoning. Because power damages the human mind's recognition of reasoning and its process, organization leaders functioning on power cannot recognize the demarcation between power and reasoning. Asked for reasoning, they respond with expressions of power, and cannot recognize why they cannot achieve reasoning-based human rights or other such concepts. You cannot achieve goals that you train your mind to oppose, just by mouthing hollow words describing the goals. You will do what you train your mind to do, despite your sloppy use of words.

A useful consideration to advance your reasoning-ability, and herein read slowly, is to thoughtfully notice at those times a power-based organization leadership attempts to describe reasoning, the conclusion of their attempt reaches only a power-based action, and stops there, not extending into the arena of actual reasoning itself. Their best effort in thinking concludes at a self-defeating contradiction for the process of the human mind. Write that key concept, and then find its proof or disproof in specific examples, then the proof in concept.

If ETC's opponents stated that the rights of the ETC members should be denied simply by decree of the opponent organization's secretary, void of reasoning, ETC's leadership would be incensed, and ridicule their opponents. But when ETC's leaders routinely display the same concept, denying ETC members their rights by decree, their mind cannot recognize the contradiction. You can easily discover countless proofs of the phenomenon, and the results will be consistent. Ergo: The organizational manifestations of human fundamentals are a phenomenon central to an identified process of the human mind, and can be relied upon for resultant processes within those fundamentals. Under the sloppily used words of defending citizen rights described in the US Constitution, ETC leaders trained their minds to deny ETC member rights by decree, without reason, at the slightest whim of the power-based leaders, for even the most inconsequential actions, rendering the leader's sloppily used words to the contrary as little more than amusement for observers, and concurrently leaving ETC leader minds unable to recognize the reasoning process.

And the example is not isolated or the exception. Besides the other examples presented in this section, over 600 similar letters describing the manifest contradictions of ETC leaders where previously sent to ETC leaders, among other examples distributed elsewhere. There is far more substance in the expression, "If his lips are moving, he is lying,", describing all politicians and other institutional leaders, than recognized by the person who does not know how to ask effective questions and thus does not know how to identify contradictions. Learn how to ask effective questions, to thus learn how to identify every contradiction, to thus learn how to effectively resolve them.

The resolution to the above example is obvious. Because no genuine detriment could be observed from the ETC member sitting in a chair against the wall near an electric outlet for his laptop, the secretary would have logically ignored him. If the secretary made his decree, and was asked for the reasoning, and the secretary was therefore reminded that there was no reasoning for the decree, the secretary would have logically laughed at his mistake, apologized for bothering the member, and continued about the responsibilities of the secretary. Try to identify a genuine detriment to the prevention or resolution of the contradiction. With the prevention or resolution so easy, why might you imagine that a grown adult of much life experience and successful in many other regards, cannot recognize either? There is a definitive answer, available upon inquiry if you cannot identify it yourself, verifiable against every question, to include its consistent application to your own mind.

Now consider that even if the available space for seating was crowded, yet still allowing the same space for each person, each of the ETC members might have responded to the situation with the comment that it was worth the inconsequential effort of a few people walking around a fellow member in a chair against a wall, for his membership service of taking notes on what the leaders were saying at a Board meeting while claiming to represent the members. Which is the prevailing contradiction, and how would you identify it? There is a process to do so which prevails above all questions.

For a definitive reason of great value to learn, not even one ETC leader's mind, even yours if you were among them, can recognize the contradictions they create, or they would not create contradictions, and cannot recognize the resolutions, or they would effect the resolutions and the simple process to preclude further such contradictions. If you seek to learn intellectual technology, your goal is to learn how to efficiently identify that reason, and then how to utilize it. That requires your mind's series of related questions, and cannot be identified without them. If you had an ETC Director before you, who hired the secretary as is the duty of the Directors, and described this example, precisely what would the Director's response be, and then why would the next childish contradiction of power over reasoning be created by the same Director?

That the member was sitting at that place in the room was obviously not important. The entire meeting was not important, accomplished nothing but the ETC Directors lavishly praising themselves as usual, and already ascribed to detailed notes many times prior. The important aspect of the example was the opportunity to train one's mind to identify actual contradictions, and resolve any contradiction the instant it is created or recognized. For an analogy, you cannot masterfully play the piano from merely being told to tap on the piano keys. You must learn the process and then practice it at every opportunity. Concurrently, if you wish to solve problems and achieve goals beyond the ability of others, you must learn the process and then practice it at every opportunity. That is how the mind works. You do not command your mind. It commands you. And it will do a very good job for you if you use it to identify and resolve every contradiction you encounter, rather than create or ignore contradictions. Is that not so? The ease of the task is in that it requires no more thinking time than your mind is currently using, and very few calories.

Playing the piano like a master is easy. Look at the number of master piano players. In comparison, learning how to resolve complex social or institutional contradictions comprised of many simple contradictions among many people is far more difficult, yet still requiring no more time than you are currently using attempting to solve problems with sloppily used words. Look for any organization / government leaders who have actually solved the problems they perpetually purport to be solving, and thus negated the reason for the continued existence of their organization. You will not find them. Resolving complex contradictions requires learning new knowledge, and practicing it in an advancing process, or an otherwise available, more efficient process.

Notice that the mind of the ETC secretary created and left in place a contradiction, when no original contradiction existed. If each of the 4.3 million ETC members were to analyze the entire situation, the majority would be a bit embarrassed that they were represented as so childish by the childish action of the secretary and thus the Directors who hired him and retain him. But some members would agree with the secretary, in their belief that raw power of title should prevail over reasoning, because title of office must be respected to perpetuate respect for the title of office, without question of that concept, thus leaving the organization represented by the additional contradiction between the two factions, without an individual mind representing the organization, to actually resolve the contradiction, thus compounding the detriments as identified therein. There are still many people who sincerely believe in the rule of kings and other dictators, and that titles must be respected above any questioning of the people holding titles. They remain clueless of the concept of reasoning. But the phenomenon is a gradient, with each point short of flawless reasoning, inherently failing any goal based on reasoning. The goals of a benevolent king are as doomed as the goals of an evil king, for the controlling reason discovered by learning the controlling contradiction of a king or any other mechanism of power over reasoning for a species predicated on reasoning.

Concurrently, no organization has the time for every member to meet, discuss and vote to resolve every contradiction created by every leader or member acting in relation to the organization. The lack of a mind or process to resolve each contradiction as it is identified, creates the certainty of the organizational manifestations of human fundamentals, the exponential creation of unresolved contradictions from prior contradictions unresolved.

The solution to that concept in sum, beyond the scope of this web page, is to analyze it as a separate concept, discover its controlling contradiction within all human minds, and resolve that separate contradiction. That knowledge is available. It is that which organization members most want the leaders to learn, but cannot be learned by organization leaders on their own, as illuminated herein, while members at least have a chance to do so. Do so. Your effort supporting any organization leader is futile, and identifies the same evasion of learning which could otherwise actually solve the problems you identify.

And sit wherever you wish. The consequences are self-evident within the obvious reasoning. If you are an adult, you do not need a parent, especially one who reveals his inability to identify reasoning. If for any excuse you cannot tolerate the rational, non-harmful actions of the other guy not sitting where the king proscribes without reason, you qualify for an ETC leadership position, and you grant the other guy the then created excuse to not tolerate your choice of rational, non-harmful actions.


No recording devices are allowed... 9 June 2001

The leaders of ETC spend many millions of dollars every year to advertise and distribute the words of ETC leaders. They openly claim that their words represent truth, wisdom and sound reasoning. They exhaustively encourage each other and their members to speak up in public, to write letters to newspaper editors, to call radio talk shows, talk to their neighbors and otherwise propagate their espousals. They preach the value of freedom of speech and print, to preach their other favorite freedoms. Besides the organizational preachings and speeches written by the ETC leaders and professional staff writers, some of the ETC Directors write books, host radio talk shows, write newspaper columns, host web sites, etcetera. The ETC leaders often and strongly criticize the news media for not paying enough attention to the words of ETC members and leaders. And they rail against their opponents for hiding truth, censoring information, not answering questions, holding back-room meetings, lying, contradicting the truth, and such dastardly actions.

Not only that, but they employ permanent and sometimes additional photographers, always hovering around meetings and events, to take enough pictures of the leaders and their friends to keep Kodak stock holders smiling. To say that ETC leaders are among the nation's greatest egotists is to understate the case. They want their words and pictures spread throughout the realm.

You would verifiably conclude that they would be proud of their words and pictures of themselves.

But in 1999, the Directors adopted a policy to bar anyone but the ETC staff from taking pictures or tape recording the ETC Board meetings otherwise open to members. The policy forbids even the ETC Directors from recording their own words and those of their colleague ETC Directors. The thinking ability of the Directors is feared by the same Directors until it is properly censored by the centralized leadership clique of kings hired by the Directors.

Yes, robust laughter is appropriate for such a ludicrous and childish policy, the leaders treating themselves as children who cannot be trusted to say the politically correct things as decreed by themselves, the but then after you enjoy the laughter, seriously analyze the concepts at play, because they are currently at play in your own mind.

ETC leaders literally cannot recognize the contradiction. They could read these words, and their mind would not recognize any contradiction. They trained their mind to create illusions of enemies even among their own members and leaders, trying to attack them with their own words and pictures otherwise distributed around the world with as much money as ETC leaders can milk from the ETC members. The leaders fear that the members may record the leader words that the leaders openly distribute, or photograph their faces that the leaders display in huge photos ten feet high. The leaders who dress themselves fear being proverbially caught with no clothes in public places, for a reason you can learn and they cannot learn.

The ETC leaders create contradictions that blatant and ludicrous, and still cannot recognize them, much to the howling laughter of observers.

Read carefully. The leaders respond to the obvious contradiction they alone created, by trying to define an inherently contradicted line that cannot functionally exist among humans, and thus they compound the contradiction, rather than resolve it. The leaders identify an illusionary enemy, the person who records the words that the leaders seek to propagate, the words they openly speak before members. Concurrently the enemy is also the tape recorder duplicating what the currently non-enemy pen and paper or laptop can record with witnesses openly present. And because they trained their mind to not recognize contradictions, they could read the words of this paragraph, and recognize no contradiction, as can be readily proven. How does your mind respond to an identified contradiction, in detailed process description? Use your answer. Precisely why would your mind fear someone recording your expressions of reasoning that you seek to propagate around the world?

Read carefully. The referenced fear, a process of the mind, is created by a subtle or background recognition of the mind that it is making mistakes in its process, while the process of power in the human mind holds no mechanism for resolving mistakes or contradictions. The process of power in the mind can only address an exposed contradiction by substituting another contradiction, since the concept of power constitutes a contradiction to reasoning. If your opponent recognizes the merits of your reasoning, you hold no use for power. Is that not so? So what must you therefore learn? And what use of power above reasoning does not inherently create an enemy? Did you answer the questions? Is it not your failure, not an opponent's, to not learn what you must learn to achieve the goal you describe? If your goal holds the merits you describe, precisely why does the inherently equal human mind of your opponent not recognize those merits? Is your answer not in error, or you could resolve the contradiction? Why would you need power to impose what you say constitutes sound reasoning, even among those whom you say agree with you by their association with your organization? Is not the process of reasoning that upon which the human is predicated? Did you wish to utilize the advantage of the human, or that of the lion? The lion survives where humans allow it. Any normal mind which routinely creates contradictions from hasty synthesis of data, what we call mistakes, can synthesize subsequent data to resolve the contradictions. The power-altered mind literally cannot resolve contradictions, as is readily proven, and thus constantly fears its own decisions, creating its perceived need, among other such examples, to not allow others recording the perceived reasoning it avidly seeks to distribute. The solution is in learning the knowledge of that process.

The ETC leaders who obviously enjoy standing before the Board meeting microphones to incessantly flatter themselves with their officially recorded words, while pontificating on issues, fear their own words the moment someone mentions that someone other than the leaders are recording the very same words. The leaders fear accountability for their own words that they claim to represent truth above the words of their opponents. The leaders are afraid of what they say while supposedly representing the interests of their members at meetings open to members listening to their words. The manifested fear of everything they do and say, easily proven, is a primary trait of the power-altered mind. Now therefore ask yourself, what does power do to the perceptions of the human mind? The minds of ETC leaders are unable to answer that simple question so openly answered by the actions of ETC leaders.

The ETC Directors routinely convene executive sessions of the Board, barring ETC members from attending, to discuss secret things the leaders must hide from their members (discussed elsewhere on this page). But fear is never contained, once it is embraced. Even the executive sessions are not enough to hide from accountability to their words. No recording devices or cameras are allowed in the open portions of the Board meetings. And predictably, next, no pen and paper will be allowed. The ETC leaders will never recognize that a person who must hide from his own words, and uses force to block anyone from recording those words, can never achieve, defend or regain freedom. The concepts are mutually exclusive.

It is therefore easily predicted, and readily verified in the records of ETC, that the official record of the words and actions of the leaders is routinely altered, re-written, after the fact, to weave a crooked trail of rhetorical deception through the contradicted illusions of the central leadership clique writing the resulting record. The central leadership clique cannot tolerate accountability to the reasoning of the larger Board of Directors which cannot tolerate accountability to the reasoning of the organization membership which cannot tolerate accountability to the reasoning of independent individuals, and each for a simple lack of the knowledge of how to ask effective questions to identify sustainable reasoning. The resulting contradictions are compounded, as is the product of all lies and organizational secrets. ETC leaders cannot recognize the contradiction of their own record-keepers routinely falsifying their own words in published minutes of the meetings and other records. ETC Directors insist that they be treated as children by the people they hire, and treat the members as children, and cannot understand why they consistently fail their goals in an adult world.

The sustainable resolution of contradictions is achieved by answering every related question, most easily discovered by seeking diverse people to ask diverse questions, since the skill of diverse questions is rare in any one individual. In contrast, organization leaderships do everything in their power to eliminate any questioning of their leaders, therefore creating and perpetuating ignorant leaders creating and perpetuating contradictions, rather than resolving them.

Amusingly, during the ETC Board meetings there are non-Directors taking effective, accurate notes, on paper and laptop computers. The accuracy is effected by the leaders doing little of substance and much of procedural shuffling. The Directors are functionally useless title holders in the pocket of the CEO who effects their election and ignores their decisions. The Directors only create amusing record of their uselessness at the Board meetings, primarily by incessantly praising themselves and their friends with formal expressions of recognition. The perfunctory exercises merely create the legally required machinations of a corporation, so the central power clique currently pulling the strings at any time, can direct the most money to their bank accounts, or ego-gratification to their names, or personal benefits to their mutually benefiting colleagues, or such descriptions of common organizational corruption, all in the name of the cause and the people, of course. The proofs prevail against all questions.

The decree against recording the meetings, among those who did not prior care to record the meetings, immediately caused several of said persons to start wearing hidden recording devices, easily done among those suit-and-tie chaps. The ease of tapping into the hotel-provided microphone system used for the Board meetings, among people who are amateurs at real secrecy while they impose rhetorical illusions of secrecy, successfully invited the obvious. The contradiction of hiding from their own words, created the interest in recording the leaders, among a list of other contradictions each compounding their results in absence of resolutions. If ten people who have no interest in something, are then told that they may not have that something, by decree without reason, how many will acquire it? How does the human mind react to stimuli? What is a challenge to the human mind? What is the mind's reaction to a human-created threat without expressed reason?

The policy against recording the otherwise openly presented and recorded words of the leaders, is a fool's illusion, inherent to all such leaders who fear everything, including their fear of simply resolving the contradiction, by either conducting all their Board meetings in absolute secrecy without a stenographer or allowed paper and pens, or rescinding the ludicrous policy against recording the recorded meetings. ETC leaders will not resolve the contradiction. They do not comprehend their action as a contradiction. They sincerely believe that mutually exclusive concepts can be effected by their decree of raw power, despite their therefore contradicting each other from moment to moment.

It is inherent that the ETC leaders will next conduct electronic metal scans and pat-downs at their Board meetings, for a growing list of prohibited devices, and ban the possession of laptop computers, paper and pens. They will progress toward more secrecy and rule of force, in the name of freedom. ETC Directors already have an armed security force of elsewhere proven unstable sorts prowling the Board meeting room, poor sad chaps that the lot of them are, deserving each other. Said security thugs have already physically assaulted a spouse of a Director, for cam-recording said Director speaking before the Board room microphone, back before the ban on recording devices was adopted, and were found guilty of said action in court, resulting in great cost to the money foolishly contributed by ETC members. The result was the ETC leadership's new policy to ban themselves from recording their recorded words at Board meetings, ludicrously compounding rather than resolving the contradiction they created. That the security thugs felt confident in unlawfully assaulting a member whose harmless actions were allowed, and said thugs were subsequently praised by ETC leaders, insures more malicious attacks on members as the list of member rights diminishes under ETC Directors preaching the sanctity of citizen rights, much to the amusement of observers, and precisely the process being used by the opponents of ETC.

Unresolved fear, like all contradictions left in place, compounds its detriments. It cannot allow resolution of its contradictions, without the mind learning about how fear works in the human mind. The concept of power in the human mind cannot exist without illusionary fear, illusionary enemies and such supporting concepts. To even start learning about those supporting concepts imperative for the existence of power, by asking effective questions, enrages the power-altered mind, causing it to flee or attack said questions, rather than merely answer them. Ask and answer them. If you do not question and resolve contradictions, your mind will end up as do the muscles of people who never exercise, and thus be eligible for an ETC Director position.


I am ruling that is the way we do it... 10 June 2001

ETC is a corporation, and has annual member meetings. The corporate law under which ETC is organized requires that the members have an effective method to identify and voice their majority concerns to the Directors, in addition to voting for the Directors and discussing concerns in private.

Of course, under the organizational manifestations of human fundamentals, after the creation of ETC with a written charter that sounds reasonable to reasonable people, the leadership immediately started the methodical process to violate the document, and to centralize absolute power with the leadership, regardless of who the leadership is at any time, and render the followership as nothing more than a gullible source for money and power, or strength in mindless numbers. This example is only one of many in that regard.

The annual member meetings allow members to introduce resolutions, debate them and vote on them to provide the Directors with the majority-identified concerns and guidance of those members sufficiently interested in the organization to attend the annual meetings. That is the process described in the ETC charter and bylaws, common to corporations. In the last few years, the membership attending the annual meetings of ETC has numbered from 2,000 to 4,000 of the claimed 4.3 or more million members. That is a rather large organization annual member meeting.

That the ETC Directors have already reduced the resolutions of the members to a non-binding status that the Directors routinely ignore anyway, would suggest that the leaders would actively invite the discussion of member concerns to fool the members into feeling that they are a legitimate part of the organizational decision-making process. But of course the unresolved fear of truth by the ETC leaders compounds its detriments. The leaders have taken a series of actions to methodically destroy the member right to introduce, discuss and vote on resolutions. ETC Directors fear even the possible expression of truth.

A resolution is just an expression of an idea or proposal, presented as the membership advice to the Directors. A typical resolution would state: Whereas the members find issue A of concern, and whereas issue A is germane to ETC, and whereas the issue is identified by a listed series of truths, therefore be it resolved that ETC should do this or that in relation to issue A. One would imagine that leaders would invite such openly debated views of the members, especially since the leaders are elected from the members. But unresolved fear expands itself. ETC leaders fear the concerns of the ETC members.

The process to introduce member resolutions is logical, in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order, under which ETC leaders falsely claim to function. At the agenda item of, resolutions, members go to the microphones to read their resolutions. If a resolution is seconded, it is debated by the members, and voted upon. The next resolution is then introduced for the same process.

About 1995 or so, the leaders decided to require the members to turn in a written copy of their resolutions, within the first 30 minutes of the member meeting, so the secretary could record the resolutions without having to write them at the time they were introduced later in the meeting at the agenda item of, resolutions. The excuse was obviously bogus since the highly experienced shorthand stenographer recorded every word, and the microphone tape recorder recorded every word, but the leadership scam prevailed, effected by fiat without membership question or discussion of the innocent-sounding process.

It immediately became evident that the leadership was using the process to censor the resolutions, first by clumsy, obvious methods, the process being new to them, and then by more contrived methods as the censorship became otherwise more widely recognized. There could be no other result from the leaders learning about the resolutions before the members were allowed their right to introduce their concerns, for a series of reasons.

Of course some of the member resolutions criticized the inherent corruption of the leadership, and called for policies to make the leaders more accountable to the members, precisely the reason for corporate laws granting corporations certain privileges in exchange for openly accountable process preventing corporate leadership corruption. That is the primary reason for a member meeting and member rights under the corporation laws, or no corporate laws would be necessary for corporation structure and process. The member resolutions attempting to correct ETC leadership corruption became more numerous as the corruption increased by the ETC leadership actions herein discussed. The leadership therefore employed greater corruption to block the members from discussing process to hold the leaders more accountable to the members.

At first the secretary merely stated that two or three of the resolutions were similar, so he stated that he was selecting the most representative one, without reading the others which were therefore never known. A later tactic, among others, was to state that a resolution involved policies and procedures that fell under the corporate laws, and that the ETC lawyer would have to first review it, leaving the members completely ignorant of the member resolution which could have been anything other than what the secretary decreed to evade reading the resolution. Notice the refined wording for the same tactic. The secretary also put the leadership-favored resolutions on top of the stack, leaving the others at the bottom of the stack where they fell victim to the leadership tactic of adjourning the meeting early by contrived process, before all the resolutions could be introduced. When one member effectively called attention to that tactic, the secretary announced that the resolutions would be considered in the order of their being submitted, while the Directors concurrently loaded the resolutions with their own inane resolutions officially flattering themselves, and turned them into the secretary before the meeting, again placing them on the top of the stack. When a member verifiably submitted two resolutions before the Directors submitted theirs, the secretary merely threw them away and did not mention them, much to the amusement of the member who did so just to prove what he prior stated would occur among the inherently dishonest ETC leaders. The Director-written resolutions used to bury the member-written resolutions at the bottom of the stack reached a plateau of absurdity in the year 2000. The Director resolutions involved long lists of inane whereas', concluding that the most traditional American institutions, almost including motherhood and apple pie, therefore be formally praised by ETC, followed with excruciatingly long boring speeches by Directors supporting the praising of said institutions, until so many members left the meeting in abject boredom that it was easy to suddenly adjourn the meeting before any of the member resolutions were introduced. ETC leaders would be the most obviously childish organization leaders in the country, if the competition were not so universally even.

It is germane to note the ETC leadership tactic to adjourn the member meetings before the member resolutions can be discussed. It is a common tactic among such organization leaders. One year the Directors even devised a superlatively successful plan to immediately adjourn the meeting after the perfunctory requirements of opening the meeting and approving the minutes of the last meeting, a rousing speech, and before any business could be conducted. Only one member, among the claimed millions, was able to speak at the member meeting that year, with a point of order that exposed the abuse of power by the leadership which refused to rule on the point of order, and turned off the member's microphone, much to the member's amusement. The ETC members meetings are a functional sham. The ETC leaders usually fill the meetings with long-winded political and mutual admiration speeches of the leaders, rendering the member meetings as little more than meetings for leadership self-flattery, along with the usual railings against the enemy. Therein they routinely bore most of the members into leaving. The members who stay include a controlling vote of the many Directors, staff, insiders and contractor personnel financially dependent upon the status quo of rampant corruption, hiding from questions, along with the usual percentage of apathetic members just watching the show. The non-debatable adjournment motion is then made by a prominent leader. Even with that, at several ETC meetings the close vote recognizably against adjournment was hastily decreed as in favor of adjournment and the leaders as hastily turned off the microphones and fled the stage, ignoring the shouts of objection. Observers are entertained by the many childish antics of fundamentally dishonest, power-damaged minds. An organization defines the sheep mentality of its members, and can be relied upon with only the most rudimentary preparation, or the organization would not exist.

Remember, this particular organization claims to be the nation's leading and most powerful organization supporting citizen rights.

The resolution to the contradiction is obvious, especially since the leaders are elected from the members. Eliminate all the useless speeches at the meetings. Use the meetings for their original purpose described in corporate law. Invite and facilitate the members introducing their own resolutions, debating the resolutions, voting on the resolutions and then obeying the expressed will of the members. But such a suggestion defies the concept of the corruption of power, requiring the knowledge of how power works in the human mind, that which no power-based organization leader can ever learn, or he would never adopt the process of power precluding recognition of the obvious reasoning. As it is with effective questions, open debate of issues, among independent minds not owned by the leadership process, constitutes an expression of reasoning, mutually exclusive to the concept of power in the human mind. A power-based organization leadership cannot escape its fear, and thus attack or flight from any form of reasoning above power. And power is ultimately self defeating within a species predicated on reasoning. Is that not so? Precisely who, by accurate description, would not resolve the contradiction in that manner, and what type of organization leader would you follow?

Another resolution of the contradiction would be the open and proper adoption of a rule precluding any membership right to introduce discussion of member concerns at member meetings, and re-incorporate the corporation in a State or nation whose laws allow such process. The members would then know that their selection of Directors was their only influence on the organization decisions, and the members thus need not waste their time attending a member meeting. There are many resolutions to contradictions, and one need only arrive at a resolution which creates no new contradiction in need of resolving, if one is wise. Those people who wish to join an organization which allows the membership to identify majority concerns at member meetings, can join such organizations whose leaders obey the published rules, while other people can join organizations whose leaders obey other published rules. There are several organizations addressing the same issue as ETC, which formally allow no member influence over the self-chosen directors, by the published rules. The members join for the qualities offered by the leaders, and may quit if those qualities are not considered to be adequate. No contradiction is created therein. The current ETC leaders could form their own new organization under those rules, but they are not sufficiently competent. They scam the advantages of a set of published rules that they violate with impunity, describing common organizational leadership corruption. Having trained their mind to violate the published rules to which they originally agreed, they cannot learn how to correct the same action being carried out by their opponents, against the rights of ETC members. The ETC leaders are useless to the membership, consistently failing the ETC espousals, but the members deserve their free choice of being fooled out of their money for a rhetorical illusion.

Is the annual multi million dollar flow of money to the bank accounts of the CEO, his sweetheart contractors and small clique of insider Directors, among the series of ETC leadership contradictions, making fools of the other unpaid 70+ Directors, worth the inherently resultant eventual collapse of just another corrupt organizational empire therefore replaced? Could they not earn enough money honestly? Those valuable questions, like many others, will never be considered by the ETC leaders whose answers are evident in their actions.


Point of order... 11 June 2001

Robert's Rules of Order are the common procedure for conducting orderly meetings of corporations and associations, often stated in the legally binding corporation charter or bylaws. The impartial rules facilitate a meeting in which process of reasoning prevails over raw power used by any corrupted organization leadership or member faction.

When an action occurs that violates the rules, usually a leadership attempt to deny members their rights, or a frustrated membership faction attempting to disrupt the meeting process, any member may rise with a point of order, to identify the related rule and return the meeting to the proper order. A point of order must be addressed and resolved at that moment, above all other business, in accordance with the written rules, with the applicable rules identified by paragraph for verification.

At the 2001 ETC member meeting, for the third year in a row, an ETC member rose with a point of order when the leadership decreed at the beginning of the meeting that the members must turn in written copies of their resolutions within the subsequent 30 minutes, if they wanted their resolutions to be considered when the meeting reached the resolutions item on the agenda.

The member introduced two points of order. First, the decree was out of order and thus void because it described official business of the meeting before that business was available for action under the agenda. Resolutions were not yet before the members, according to the agenda which must be followed under the rules. No binding decision could be made on an agenda item before the agenda allowed it. The summary denial of the right to introduce resolutions without submitting them in writing during the first 30 minutes of the meeting constituted official business directly relating to resolutions. The president was therefore required to rule that his decree was out of order and thus void, or identify the written rule allowing resolution-business to be introduced before it was allowed by the agenda. The later could have been identified in the corporation bylaws if it existed as a result of proper process to create such a corporation process rule.

Secondly, the member requested the President to read his authority for the decree, in the bylaws, since the decree clearly limited the rights of the members and thus required authority in the bylaws. Two points of order were therefore before the ETC president, for his ruling requiring expressed verification in the written rules.

Similar to the previous two years, the president of ETC stated in response that he was ruling that he was going to do it that way because ETC had done it that way for several years. He then turned off the microphone of the member, and hastily called upon the 2nd Vice President to give a speech, which she hastily facilitated, identical to the previous two years.

The president of ETC at the time, and at the time of this writing, is a very famous American movie star who has often mouthed some of the most stirring, scripted speeches in defense of citizen rights, thus proving himself as completely clueless of the meaning of words, by his openly trammeling the law-protected rights of ETC members, and using raw power to replace law and the reasoning process. At the same time he and his fellow ETC Directors cannot figure out how the government is able to consistently get away with denying the law-protected rights of American citizens. Concurrently, the ETC membership robotically gives standing ovations to the scripted, hollow words of the ETC president, instead of questioning his blatantly displayed contempt for their rights, much to the ongoing laughter of observers.

The President refused to rule on either of the points of order. A ruling on a point of order requires definitive reasoning of record referencing the specific rules identifying that reasoning. Another legitimate point of order was therefore created by the President who obviously defied the rules to rescind the rights of the members, inherently compounding his contradiction. The member therefore shouted, "point of order", as is the described process for introducing points of order in a large meeting hall, three times. Being ignored by the ETC president, the member sat down.

By merely identifying a prevailing contradiction, and asking the ETC leadership to read its authority for its contradicted action, the member effected a ETC leadership reaction, inherent to dishonest leaders, which could be used in court, under the corporation laws controlling ETC Incorporated, to dramatically correct ETC's flagrant violations of corporate law perpetrated to deny the ETC members their rights described in said law. And the adjective, dramatically, is an understatement. The member is knowledgeable of legal process beyond that of the most expensive lawyers. The member had prior effected a series of such actions ascribed to record patiently waiting for use. Separately, ETC has a history of being successfully sued in court for its pattern of leadership abuses of power. Further, ETC routinely ignores the court-ordered corrections to its abuses, under the same method used by government. It simply ignores the court orders or openly subverts them with impunity, because the people who sue ETC's massive legal staff barely have the money for one such effort, and not the money, energy and patience for an equally expensive follow-up court case required when a civil court order is defied. It is instructive to note that the referenced pattern of record has been positioned to be used as germane evidence in addition to any one case of ETC leadership violations of law. To initiate an effective case with the evidence available, at this time, would effectively shut down ETC, placing it in receivership for what could readily result in dissolution of the organization because its controlling contradictions saturate its process. The contradictions became so compounded, the organization is fatally flawed in relation to law. Concurrently, within the court case, significant assets of ETC Directors can be lawfully seized for the damages created by their violations of related laws.

But to achieve the knowledge and substance, with emphasis on, substance, of the above arrangement of words, applicable to ETC regardless of which organization is being referenced, one's mind cannot hold the anger or hatred toward ETC, held by those opponents whose goal is to damage ETC rather than learn the knowledge of ETC's controlling contradictions. The knowledge therefore learned, the actions of the member were for his entertainment alone, which is the reason the knowledge could be learned. An extensive sense of humor is a part of the puzzle required to learn knowledge beyond the norm. Those who are angry with their perceived enemies, instead of laughing over the concept of enemies itself, can never learn how to defeat their enemies. At the zenith of any concept, you cannot waste the thinking-process resources of your mind on concepts that are already proven to be a dead-end short of the next question. Anger and hatred will always stop your learning process short of the knowledge you seek. You cannot learn to be the fastest swimmer if you confine yourself to the dog paddle stroke. You cannot learn the knowledge of how to defeat your enemy if you stop at the flaw of the use of force, either original or retaliation, to include court process whose decisions are backed by armed police and the threat of prison (force). If you seek to out-force your enemy, instead of out-reason him, you are only the amusement of observers within a species predicated on its mind rather than its muscles and guns.

The act of effecting the open display of the ETC leadership's violations of law and contempt for their followers, but then not utilizing their same process of force to correct those violations, leaving the ETC leaders believing they got away with their reactions, trains their mind to believe that raw force is effective, and thus encourages them to use more force more often, with greater damages. You may rightfully imagine the robust laughter of the referenced member, designing progressively more magnificent entertainment, or described in words of another analogy, providing ETC with more rope, gratis. Now consider that the ETC leaders could read these words, and would remain clueless of their meaning.

Amusingly, for a reason explained elsewhere, the ETC leaders would not even learn of their contradictions if the member easily initiated the openly accountable court case that would effectively shut down ETC. Other people could learn, but not ETC leaders. Unable to recognize cause-and-effect relationships, inherent to the damaging effects of power on the process of the human mind, and unable to recognize what court process constitutes, the minds of ETC leaders would be further enraged, and portray the events with words describing an enemy using power, deceit, conspiracies, back room deals and such concepts used by ETC leaders whose minds were self-trained to fabricate only such concepts regardless of the otherwise openly accountable cause-and-effect reasoning expressed in court process. It is an instructive aside to note that ETC's escalating pattern of arrogance and contempt for the law has inherently created a number of court judges patiently waiting to clip ETC's wings at any opportunity. If such a court opportunity occurred, ETC leaders could not identify their source of the result, and would accuse the judge of being a political opponent, as an excuse to feed the gullible ETC members. Only you will ever create your enemies, and you must learn how. When you learn that inordinately rare knowledge, you can facilitate an opponent defeating himself by attacking his only real enemy, himself.

At the more useful end of the spectrum of reasoning, wise people will toy with power-damaged minds for entertainment, usually not expressed, and usually not noticed by people still fighting illusionary enemies. The reasons are extensive, and part of the puzzle. There is no incentive to correct the actions of power-damaged minds. And more amusingly, to do so enrages and creates enemies among the greater percentage of common people who dearly crave to have such leadership abuses corrected, but because they have not yet learned the entire puzzle, have fallen victim to the enticement of power ever-present throughout the gradient. At various points in related events, said common people will perceive a correction of leadership abuses as, "going too far". The common people want to remove the individual leaders abusing power, but they want to cling to their own desire for the same power to do what the leaders claimed to be doing with said power. They want to acquire the power that the other guy abused, to do good, just like the other guy said, and cannot define the demarcation. They think the demarcation is in the person rather than the process of the concept, and never question why no person has ever been found whose mental process was unaltered by power. The human mind cannot comprehend the controlling contradiction of any power until it learns the flawless utility of reasoning beyond what you the reader identify in the printed word, reasoning. Reasoning is of controlling utility over all the power in the world, but power could not exist as a concept if you could recognize that from anything but a uniquely precise and arduous exercise in reasoning.

The resolution of the contradiction created by the ETC President refusing to properly rule on the member points of order is as easy as all contradiction resolutions. He needed only acknowledge that the demand for members to turn in written copies of their resolutions was not authorized by the agenda, and was thus void, and further, there was no bylaws authority for such a demand limiting the rights of the members, and so the demand was again void. The meeting could have proceeded, with the members reading their own resolutions when the agenda reached the time for resolutions.

The history of ETC shows that in the past, many controversial member resolutions were hotly debated and voted upon, without damaging the organization, with the resolutions then totally ignored by the dishonest Directors, which is another contradiction with another resolution. Yet the fear of everything by the leaders of ETC otherwise claiming to be among the most powerful and courageous sector of society, commonly lauding their mutually awarded symbols of bravery and courage, prevents ETC leaders from resolving any contradiction, and insures that they will create more self-defeating contradictions from their fear-saturated illusions.

Those who cannot resolve such simple contradictions affecting the rights of their own organization's members, cannot possibly resolve the greater contradictions affecting the rights of their nation's citizens, and they cannot comprehend the truth of the words of this sentence. The minds of the ETC leaders sincerely and genuinely believe that with the power of more money, votes, guns and titles, they can give to the nation's citizens what ETC leaders use their current power to maliciously deny their own over 4.3 million organization members. Their minds are verifiably void of reasoning-ability. They traded the value of their mind for inherently self-defeating power.

Did you think power could be achieved by mere humans, without a cost you would never pay if you could learn that cost after falling victim to the concept of power? Can you get something for nothing? What value has power consistently demanded of its victims thus too cowardly to question the controlling contradictions of power?


The fear to hear... 12 June 2001

At the 2001 annual member meeting of ETC, the unfinished business item on the agenda was reached, just prior to the resolutions agenda item, albeit after the majority of the members wandered out of the meeting in stark boredom, after the hours of inane prattlings of the leaders designed to bore-away the members.

A member noted that member resolutions were not allowed to be discussed in previous meetings, and thus constituted unfinished business germane for discussion. The president stated that undiscussed member resolutions die with each member meeting. The member therefore made a motion calling for the leaders to publish in the minutes any member resolutions that were not allowed to be introduced, debated and voted upon. The motion was quickly seconded. The leaders were caught off-guard. The maker of the motion stated the obvious fact that every year the leadership became more effective in procedurally denying the members the right to even hear the resolutions of their fellow members, and thus the motion should be adopted.

Another member spoke in support of the motion. He mentioned that he was a previous ETC Director, not of the norm for the lot, and described in blunt terms the consistent practice of the Directors ignoring all the member resolutions, despite the Directors routinely lying to the members about considering the resolutions of the members. He urged adoption of the motion.

Each of the other speakers to the motion were the ETC Directors, including some who were US Congressmen, rhetorically leaning on their credentials and suggesting rhetorically innovative illusions as to why such a motion should be rejected. The leadership fear of members expressing ideas outside the censorship control of the leaders, was dripping from their words, for those who were intellectually awake.

In essence, the leadership was stating that the members should not be allowed to read the ideas of the members that the leaders did not allow the members to hear at the member meeting. Hold your laughter. It gets more ludicrous.

Precisely who, by description of category, would openly suggest for record that you should not be allowed to hear or read ideas presented by your own fellow organization members, for possible organizational action benefiting your organization?

Precisely who, by description of category, would vote to deny themselves the right to read what their leaders denied them the right to hear? Answer the question. Write the answer.

The vote was taken. At least two thirds of those present, admittedly at that point in the meeting, mostly ETC Directors, staff and contractor personnel, voted to deny themselves the right to read what their leaders denied them the right to hear.

Precisely who, by description of category, would identify themselves and thus their organization, in an open meeting, as being that monumentally ignorant, spineless and fearful? Write your answer, and read it.

You may laugh yourself to tears at the mere mention of ETC, an organization of over 4.3 million claimed members, mostly adults, whose organization has formally refused to allow itself to read or hear any ideas of its own members that its few leaders do not authorize for the members. To suggest that such people could defend or regain any citizen rights or any other concept of common reasoning would leave a rational person rolling on the floor, kicking and pounding, clutching his aching sides, tears of howling laughter streaming from his eyes. To describe them as dumb as a post would denigrate the comparative wisdom of a post. Those humans so starkly fearful of their own rights, that they formally surrender their right to hear their own organization membership's ideas, are the last people on the rock who would be capable of defending any right.

The only type people who would consent to be corporate directors for organization members who would openly display such unmitigated human ignorance, are the type of fundamentally dishonest people who would willfully bleed said gullible members for mere money and ego gratification, and methodically destroy their rights as the reason for bleeding the them. To suggest that such corporate directors could defend or regain citizen rights, or even understand the concept, is to define one's mind as thoroughly void of basic reasoning process.

The leaders of ETC could read these words, and would remain confused, sincerely believing that the members should not be allowed to hear ideas of their fellow members not approved by the leaders who were elected by the members from among the members. And ETC can be YOU until you identify the line-item process that caused the minds of those otherwise common humans of your same design, to react the way they did, as ETC members and leaders above their otherwise capable reasoning ability as individual humans. The directly related examples in the leadership and followership of USA prevail against your best defense.

ETC leaders toy with their foolish, unquestioning members, using rhetorical ruses to easily separating them from their money, for the benefit of the leaders and their childish egos. Within the same puzzle, that is in part why observers toy with the amusingly unthinking ETC leaders, easily exposing the manifest contradictions of the ETC leaders, for superlative entertainment worth far more than the paltry millions of dollars the ETC leaders suck from their members. From life, did you want money and ego-gratification, or the cause for genuine laughter, and thus its substance in knowledge? Which can you not buy with money? Upon what is your mind predicated, if you use it? Which will sustainably achieve the next seemingly impossible goals, while the other choice goes the way of all money and ego?

The resolution of the contradiction, as always, is simple. Simply allow the time at the membership meeting to introduce each member resolution, so the member ideas can be heard and discussed, or publish the resolutions for which time was not allowed. The ETC member meetings are routinely filled with useless leadership speeches, and adjourned mid day. There is plenty of time to thoroughly discuss and vote upon all the member resolutions. Besides its minutes of the meetings printed by thousands of copies, several magazines printed by millions of copies, ETC mails more junk mail to its members than any other organization in the country, and thus has no legitimate excuse to not publish member resolutions the leaders do not allow to be discussed at the member meetings. Leadership fear and dishonesty alone create, perpetuate and compound the related contradictions easily resolved by the most basic reasoning.


Executive Sessions... 13 June 2001

ETC routinely conducts executive sessions of its Board of Directors and Committees, wherein only Directors, senior staff and selected people may attend. Secret things are discussed, such as strategy, which the enemy must not discover.

Let's get this straight right from the get-go. Having attended many of those executive sessions of ETC and similar organizations, and taken detailed notes as usual, there is nothing secret or even remotely related to secret that occurs in those executive sessions. The childish leaders of ETC simply act more childish in those secret meetings, than they do in the open meetings, flattering themselves with rhetorical illusions of great and weighty matters of serious consequence upon which profound political thrashing-about is predicated, certainly saving all that is good from the forces of evil. They are children. They could not identify strategy or any other rhetorical illusion for their embarrassingly obvious antics even if you handed them a dictionary. For a reason identified elsewhere, the ETC leader minds are identical to those of military generals who, by definition, can never figure out the mechanism which facilitates the more rapid distribution of secret information than non-secret information within the human phenomenon including that design mechanism of the mind. Their titles fool them more thoroughly than the king who wore no clothes, because they heard the story, and did not ask any questions.

But the contradiction of secret meetings of organization leaders purportedly representing organization members, is obvious. They cannot be representing anyone but themselves if their deliberations are restricted to themselves. Can someone else represent your mind without your mind being able to question the inherent diversity in perceptions created by diverse word arrangements? Are you represented by a secret decision to benefit the greater good of the members by rescinding another right of all the members except the leaders?

And if they are reliant upon secrecy, their strategy is fundamentally flawed since no secret can be kept beyond one person, especially in an organization inherently involving dissidents, and inherent to a peaceful political process in which all strategy quickly creates counter-strategy among opponents inherently functioning outside the control of each mere strategy.

Further, secrecy for organizational policy or process defines dishonesty. If the members cannot be told what the leaders are doing in the name of the members, dishonesty is defined. If a person does something in your name while refusing to reveal how your name was represented, the person is dishonest. Dishonesty in any part of the puzzle ultimately destroys any goal pursued with that puzzle.

The only sustainable goal is built upon 100% honesty, or logic, or truth, or reasoning, or such expressions mutually exclusive from secrecy. Will your mind support an identifiably contradicted phenomenon because someone with a title says there is a secret reason for you to do so? Fools use secrets for decisions, and the decisions of fools are not sustained.

Further, the most basic analysis reveals the childishness of secret meetings. The ETC executive sessions routinely start with the announcement that what is discussed in the secret meeting may not be revealed outside the meeting, under threat of expulsion from the organization. Then the ETC leaders routinely discuss precisely what they discuss in the open meetings, flattering themselves, criticizing their opponents, and deciding to politically oppose their opponents with the most common political process including giving money to ETC's political allies for re-election campaigns. Tell no one. That is an ETC secret that cannot be told to anyone, even ETC members. The ETC Directors literally cannot distinguish between what they say in open and what they say in secret meetings, because it does not exist upon analysis of their words, because their knowledge-base is so remarkably small, for fear of questioning what they know to advance into new knowledge. And they cannot identify the corollary to their illogicality. If in their executive session they state that they will oppose the re-election of Senator so-and-so, whom everyone already knows as among their political opponents, and then outside the executive session they inherently reveal that they are opposing Senator so-and-so, which ETC leaders must be expelled from ETC for revealing what was discussed in the executive session, or which ETC leaders are revealed as idiots for convening an executive session to discuss what everyone already knows, and for what ETC leaders inherently reveal outside the session? Would you follow chaps who fabricate such childish contradictions exposing their childishness. ETC executive sessions are merely a self-deluding ruse of children trying to make themselves feel important. Their opponents and anyone else who is awake know what ETC Directors discuss in secret meetings, before the meetings.

The resolution to the ETC contradiction of executive sessions is simple. Be honest. Because the leaders represent the members in their every leadership action, to be honest they would collect no information, discuss no information and use no information that is not open to the membership at all times. If open honesty does not represent the members of an organization of two or more people, the organization is fundamentally flawed by definition of the members keeping secrets from each other for their organizational decisions, and thus represents foolish sorts alone. Or the ETC leaders can openly state that they do not represent the members, but represent the leaders alone. Either is a valid resolution to the contradiction. Either will advance to the knowledge of how to achieve sustainable goals. But to leave the contradiction in place precludes any advance to a sustainable goal. The ETC leaders cannot comprehend an organization in which the leaders function on honesty and do not routinely hide information from the members. The ETC leaders have no comprehension of honesty as a concept, what it is, how it works. They sincerely believe that they can create truth with lies, and solutions with contradictions. If they were to read these words, their mind would recognize no useful concepts.

For perspective, some organizations exist in which the leaders are followed because of their openly accountable wisdom alone, with no pretense of representing anyone but the leaders, their openly expressed reasoning. They create no contradictions in regard to representation, and thus do better than most organizations. There are even companies, traded on the stock exchange, perceived as corporations but not so, in which the investors have zero say in the decisions or selection of leaders, and thus do better than most publicly traded companies. That they do not utilize such an advantage of knowledge for yet more advanced knowledge, has an explanation, but that such entities exist is a valuable learning vehicle for those who learn of them and their nature.


Clinging to power... 14 June 2001

The reason ETC leaders exist under the original definition of genuine leaders, if they did, and they do not, is to identify and resolve every contradiction related to the organization. There is no other reason for an organization leader. An organization leader exists to think, by definition. That any identified contradiction exists, related to ETC, while ETC Directors refuse to even discuss it, identifies each ETC Director as described herein. Logical and thus honest persons finding themselves having been elected as ETC Directors, and unable to cause the other ETC Directors to even discuss existing contradictions related to ETC, yet along causing them to easily resolve the contradictions, constitutes a separate contradiction easily resolved by resigning from the position of ETC Director, or learning how to effect such resolutions. The resolution of a contradiction is facilitated by either of the choices. If another contradiction is created by the resolving of the first contradiction, it may be separately resolved. The logical choice is of course one that creates no new contradiction. No new contradiction is created by a person resigning a title that holds an unresolved contradiction. Yet ETC leaders predicate their every action on clinging to their ETC Director title, adamantly retaining and entrenching a contradiction, for the same reason they refuse to discuss the other contradictions. The observers laugh robustly over ETC Director reactions to contradictions that they would not display if they simply learned how to resolve contradictions. And if they did so, they would therefore achieve their organizational goals and thus becoming genuine leaders in human history. The process is just knowledge, the concept most feared by the power-altered mind, for a reason they refuse to learn.

To advance your knowledge, you can attend meetings of ETC, and identify contradictions created by ETC leaders, to the extent of their speaking. Take notes. Do not express amazement over the obvious nature of the contradictions, as is common to the inherent minority within ETC, including those who therefore organize effective opposition to therefore next gain the majority leadership position. Instead, write questions of the contradictions your notes reveal. And answer those questions. Do that which would be done by the curious person seeking knowledge of the universal controlling contradictions of ETC's opposing internal factions, and the same for the internal factions in the organizations opposing ETC. Notice especially that everyone who wants to correct the displayed contradictions of the ETC leaders, seek the same power as the ETC leaders, instead of knowledge. What does this paragraph suggest, and what do the ETC leaders instead seek? What do you need to make any sustainable decision?

As with the other contradiction issues, the issue of being a ETC Director is not important. This is well demonstrated by the few ETC Directors who resigned or declined to run for re-election after they belatedly recognized the counter productive nature of the ETC leadership, and those ETC Directors who lost their re-election bid despite their most tenacious efforts to cling to that petty power. They suffered no ill effects. They did quite well in life, without that title. The ETC Director title, like all titles, holds no value for the human mind, and little if any for the body. The value of the ETC leadership experience either as an ETC Director or as a serious analyst of ETC Directors (substantive study of the concept), and of all experiences in life, is the resultant knowledge, if learned, of how to resolve the related contradictions and the contradiction of their remaining unresolved despite the leaders claiming to be leaders for resolving those contradictions.

For a power-based organization to exist, it must have enemies. If an organization leadership cannot resolve its own contradictions which are under its complete control, who would be so openly ludicrous as to suggest they could resolve the contradictions of an opponent inherently beyond their control? The related knowledge is the keystone, without which the organization can never serve a useful purpose. Knowledge must be learned. It does not come in a bag along with a title certificate. And it can be learned by anyone, with or without a title.


The enemy members... 15 June 2001

Pick any one example, several or many. The conclusion is unescapable. The ETC leaders treat their members as enemies. The leaders consistently work to bleed the members of their money, destroy their rights, and to silence them. The hollow rhetorical flattery of their members fools only fools. The ETC leaders remain clueless as to what they have therefore trained their mind to do for other decisions.

Notice that government chaps consistently treat the citizens as enemies, perpetually passing more laws and regulations to punish the people for an increasing array of harmless actions, while bleeding the people of the fruits of their labor, via taxation, to pay for more laws and enforcement denying the people their rights and opportunities. How many laws are required for the orderly social process of a free people? At what identifiable point will government have written enough laws, leaving the costly, self-serving lawmakers without a job? How many laws does it take to describe the process applicable to a damaging action? How many actual categories of damaging human actions lay under the countless and increasing arrangements of words adopted as separate laws to purportedly respond to those same basic human actions? How many separate laws would you need to respond to theft by any other description, and the same for assault or damage to property? What is law and how does it work? Do not think that you are writing the correct answers the first time, or the next questions embarrass you.

As only one of thousands of such cases every year, the National Park Service (NPS) is currently spending hundreds of thousands of tax dollars to prosecute an inordinately respectful person in Colorado who by every legitimate analysis, including that of NPS agents, only harmlessly and lawfully had a picnic in a National Park, at the proper time and proper place, having properly paid the park entrance fee, and was commended by NPS agents as being among the most respectful and best visitors, even cleaning up other people's litter. But he asked the NPS some simple questions that enraged the power-damaged minds of senior NPS agents who therefore unleashed their army of unquestioning, armed park rangers and pocket prosecutors to maliciously harass the picnicker, via the equally corrupted US court judges, in retaliation for respectfully asking simple questions, procedurally identical to what the central ruling clique of ETC leaders do to Directors or members who ask effective questions about ETC leadership corruption. Power cannot exist without creating enemies that did not prior exist.

Thus blatantly treating the ETC members as enemies to only be milked for their money, silenced and denied their rights, the ETC leaders expose their intellectual absence when they incessantly state that 75 million more Americans identified as among their issue group, should be members of ETC. ETC leaders constantly plead for their 4.3 million members to recruit more members, periodically orchestrating multi-million dollar membership campaigns.

An analysis illuminates that every ETC membership campaign is a dismal failure, and the occasional membership increases result from the actions of ETC's opponents, which is why ETC leaders dishonestly facilitate the additional erosion of member rights, blamed on the ETC opponents. ETC leaders genuinely believe that they are brilliant strategists when they successfully blame their dishonest tactics damaging their members, on their opponents, to milk ETC members for more money for ETC leaders, and cannot comprehend what they trained their mind to do.

ETC leaders could read these words, and still be angered that millions of current and previous ETC members, some of them the most prominent people in the nation, openly discuss the rampant corruption of ETC and the contempt ETC leaders display toward ETC members and other American citizens. ETC leader minds literally cannot identify the contradictions between their actions and their scripted rhetorical illusions, identical to their opponents, and government chaps.

What is the result of your organization leaders treating their own followers as enemies? Why does your organization have enemies? Who is left within an organization whose members are so intellectually absent they cannot recognize that their leaders are blatantly treating them as enemies? What will such leaders have therefore trained their mind to create among the impartial general public? What are the consequences of actions above rhetorical illusions fooling fools?

Tomorrow, next year and for the duration of their existence, ETC leaders will treat their members as enemies, and not understand why they have more enemies, or why those remaining within their organization are too unthinking to achieve any ETC espousal. You may wish to become an observer, for the magnificent entertainment.


Next Examples... 16 June 2001

Prior to this website being created, over 600 letters were written to ETC Directors, identifying their routinely manifest contradictions, and the process to resolve them. ETC Directors reacted on cue, refusing to resolve even one contradiction, answering no questions, asking no questions, and then willfully creating more contradictions in their addicting but futile effort to defy reasoning with raw organizational power. When ETC leaders speak, they create contradictions that they sincerely perceive as flawless truth, while even observant children can ask the resulting questions that reveal the unresolved contradictions. That the political opponents of ETC cannot achieve their goals to their satisfaction, is resultant from their leadership actions being fundamentally identical to those of ETC, the fundamentally flawed quest for raw power over reasoning. The phenomena which create the political thrashings-about of each organization, are related to concepts neither of the organization leaderships comprehend, quite separate from the perceptions of the leaders who think their decisions are the concept at play.

Rather than waiting for the next examples, or spending any time reading them when they appear, join ETC if you are not already a member of many such organizations, go to the meetings, write notes on the displayed leadership contradictions, and write the resolutions. When you accumulate enough examples, with enough diversity, along with the definitive resolutions that can prevail against every question, write the words accurately describing the contradiction in sum, and the definitive resolution to that contradiction. Question your conclusion. Seek the line-item mechanism to actually resolve controlling contradictions in real life cases. They are too easy. It is just knowledge. It is then that you can return to the individual contradictions and promptly resolve them, or in sum, regardless of the complexities, magnitude or opponents, if you can find any incentive for something of such little challenge for knowledge of such great value.


From the above... 17 Jun 2001

Is it not evident that if you wish to learn how to promptly resolve inordinately complex contradictions, of the nature that no one else has resolved, you must inordinately practice, more than anyone else, resolving each individual contradiction of a complex contradiction, and not knowing what is or is not a part of the puzzle, resolve every contradiction you can identify, for indeed, if your mind identifies it as a contradiction, the complexity is sufficiently extensive in your mind's data base that it is most likely a part of the contradiction you wish to resolve, inherently beyond your current knowledge until you resolve them all. Can you learn to play the violin, a complex instrument, without practice, especially to the extent that no one has yet so masterfully played the violin? How will you actually use your answer? Each individual contradiction is of a controlling nature until you have resolved the greater contradiction of your choice, to only then learn which individual contradictions were part of that puzzle. You will be amused at what you learn was controlling, that you prior thought was completely unrelated. And you must resolve each of them as they occur, or you will be denied the resolution of a contradiction created by the contradiction you did not prior resolve. If it were any other way, you would have already resolved the contradiction that still frustrates you.

Start practicing today. The value of the resolution is the price you must pay in effort, without escape. Or, if you wish, there is an efficient avenue to the knowledge, where you will first learn the value of flawless thinking process, then utilize that value, compounding the efficiency rather than struggling with a random process.

Amusingly, the leaders of ETC and every other power-based organization cannot learn the knowledge, and cannot comprehend the concepts herein expressed in plain English with no technical terms. Those leaders are a thousand contradiction resolutions away from the controlling contradictions, and still training their mind to create contradictions rather than training their mind to resolve any. If they did not fear the illusion of evident questions too frightening to ask, after therefore asking and answering them, they would discover the source of the illusion still held by their opponent. What would you do to discover that concept controlling the mind of your opponent? It is not possible for their mind to identify or resolve contradictions. Their title and leadership position cannot exist in their current forms if the leaders resolved any of the contradictions they inherently create to fabricate the illusion of their power. Those leaders are flawlessly addicted to the illusion of power, and cannot tolerate any question of it, because those questions can lead to its Achilles Heel. Power is merely an illusion shared by two minds. Either mind can brush-away the illusion and destroy the power of the other mind, but the brush-away part requires a bit of boring process-learning for a real manifestation.

Start now. Can you get something for nothing? Answer the question. Question your answer. When you find the answer for which you can find no further question, use your answer to identify its contradiction with your each other perception. Write every resolution to each of those contradictions. With patience, you will soon enough recognize how ignorant the most prestigiously titled chaps with all their guns and armies and police and legions of staff and followers have left themselves by using their mind to create contradictions rather than resolve contradictions.


How many years? Write the number... 8 July 2001

As noted, ETC claims to be a citizen rights organization, purportedly defending citizen rights, but every power-based organization functions in the same manner, to include those openly opposing citizen rights.

ETC does what it does, each year, with mostly the same gaggle of leaders, and its members donate over a hundred million dollars per year for ETC leaders to spend. And every year there is a verifiable, net loss of ETC members' rights. ETC is a classic and magnificent failure, and has overtly been a failure for many decades, at great financial benefit to its leaders and their cronies. Even ETC admits that there are over 20,000 laws infringing the rights that ETC has been claiming to defend while those laws were being enacted, and more are enacted each year among various levels of government.

This is a test of your intelligence, a very easy test. If you are not willing to take your answers before the public, with your name, you already failed the test before you started, because you are afraid of your own reasoning and have thus rendered it of no value to you. If you cannot reason, do not speak among humans, except to beg. I already know how you will score on this test.

Consider that you, the person reading these words, are a member of ETC. Precisely how many years, write the number, would you continue being a member of ETC, lending them the credibility of your name, and paying your dues and donations to ETC leaders for what ETC leaders do, when the results were a net loss of your rights every year, year after year?

Write the number of years.

Are you instead capable of looking at the previous history of ETC, openly available, with the members paying the ETC leaders for what has been a net loss of member rights every year, and are you therefore capable making a logical decision from that data at this time?

Yes or No. Write your answer.

Now, what organizations do you support by membership, money, action or word, no matter how slight? Do you vote in political elections? Is a vote a manifestation of support? Does a politician represent his political party? Can a politician honestly claim the benefits of the party he willfully joined, and not be responsible for the party's failures? What do the politicians whom you support with your vote, tell you, and what are the raw, itemized results, unsugared?

Strip away all the rhetoric and highly illuminated tokens you have received for your support. Itemize each detriment resulting from each supported organization and leader, and their failure to achieve what they claimed as goals to attract your support. All the good that is done, does not excuse a single wrong. The only resolution of a contradiction is the resolution of that contradiction, not some other action. How long will you support the illusions and tokens of good for what you recognize as contradictions that damage you or your concerns?

You failed the test, identical to those gullible ETC members. You do not use your own answers. If you do not use your own answers, you are certain to continue defeating yourself, just like the ignorant ETC members.

None of the excuses prevail. The above questions and your own answers prevail over all other concepts. You will not learn how to solve a problem if you leave a contradiction in place.

How I know that you failed is found in another arena of knowledge. You may object. My conclusion is of no value or utility until your mind identifies and questions the reasoning, to recognize your failure, or prove mine, and your reasoning answering every question.

Consider a common response, offered in frustration, to the recognition that a person is supporting a failing organization leadership: "Well, we have to do something."

Therein the person at least recognizes a problem, a good start over most ETC members who can't even think that much.

But if the result of the organization leadership is failure, especially over a period of years, might that seemingly useful something you are doing hold a hidden flaw that defeats that something?

Any analogy may help. If the boat is sinking, with an unlocated hole, faster than your frantic efforts to bail it out, since it is certain to sink anyway, from the proof of your actions, might it not be more logical to stop bailing, and look for the hole, to see if it can be plugged, or save your energy for swimming?

Did you answer that question?

If you are giving a lot of money to an organization leadership claiming to be defending your rights, when those highly paid leaders have learned that you give them more money when you are methodically losing your rights, might it not be more logical to stop giving them the money, to look for the reason they are failing, or at least change-out the entire failing leadership, down to the last person, their staff, their counsel and their contractors? Well?

Did you answer that question, and use that answer for your money?

If you are paying money for failure, are you not rewarding failure, and would not anyone being so rewarded therefore logically perpetuate the lucrative failure? If you are buying expensive apples, a salesman can either sell you expensive apples or convince you that his cheap oranges are good apples. If a lot of fools are delighted to keep paying apple prices for cheap oranges that they think are apples, why would the salesman not keep selling them cheap oranges as rhetorical apples?

To do something for the sake of doing something, in frustration, when that something is failing, is precisely the reason you are failing, and is the most common quest of foolish sorts, and describes the ETC membership.

You only have 24 hours per day. If you or your leaders are failing, and you are not using the time and your mind to identify precisely why you are failing, above all the excuses and failing actions, you are the only reason you and they are failing.

The alternative to doing something as it is manifested, is to think, to ask and answer questions, to figure out why that something is not working.

Do that. Use your own answers, and question them.


End of Intech Concepts 9


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