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Mind evolution.... 15 February 2011

This section would not normally be uploaded. It is of the nature that I usually keep anywhere in my maze of notes and comments for my own consideration, questioning and advancement of my related knowledge. But since apparently nobody can understand the utility of what I say and write anyway, this may functionally blend-in, unnoticed, with what I upload on this website and elsewhere, much to my ongoing amusement.

As I have often stated, intellectual technology, that is, thinking to the extent of resolving all human-caused contradictions, has existed since the invention of the human mind. The reasoning is apparent. If the mind creates a contradiction, the mind holds the resolution since the resolution, or lack of a contradiction, inherently existed before the contradiction. Unlike the chicken and the egg, with may have both arrived at the same time in a cosmic hen house streaming a trail of nesting straw, perceived as a comet, impacting Earth in a flurry of feathers and cackling, the design of the human mind is such that the lack of contradiction arrived before any human-caused contradiction inside the human mind, that is, the brain, its Mac operating system and the sum of its programs, perceptions and concepts.

Therefore I have been increasingly amused by the apparent and historically manifested inability of humans to understand the simple process of efficiently solving and manifesting the solutions to all damaging human-caused contradictions, with war being a dramatic example, by simply, methodically asking and answering every question of every contradiction, including the contradictions created by each prior answer, until the concluding resolution is created by the lack of any related question that is not answered, leading no contradiction.

Well, as I have uploaded to the extent of excruciating repetition and boredom, is it not the leader's job, such as that of a military officer, to do the thinking, and thus think-through every contradiction (ask and answer every related question) to the extent of discovering every related resolution so that on the day he or she announces the start of the war and the process to be used for the war, the enemy promptly capitulates without firing a shot because there are zero contradictions in the therefore humanly undefeatable war plan, by design of the human mind's impossibility to identify an "enemy" without any contradictions? That process of asking and answering all the questions about the concept and conduct of "war" might take a week for a normal human, or maybe a month or even two months for a US military officer whose mind has been rendered nearly useless by US military training. Compare a couple months of harmless thinking time in a comfortable chair, with 10 years of fighting an inherently lost, ongoing war in Afghanistan that has slaughtered hundreds of thousands of people, destroyed a nation's social and economic infrastructure, bankrupted the now worthless US paper dollar over-printed to sustain the war, making more people around the world hate the war-monger Americans more than all the other dozen or so US Presidential Ego Gratification Wars waged for the bank account benefit of the US Military Industrial Complex cronies of Bush Obama.

But it is certainly possible that I am in error, and that the human recognition of intellectual technology is new to the human mind, by evolution of the brain and the similar evolution or synthesis of increasingly complex, or an extent of, accumulated knowledge. The possibility that the first human-caused contradiction "overwhelmed" the ability of the primitive human mind to resolve a human-caused contradiction, is completely explainable. Notice that the power-damaged mind, the only source of an intentionally created contradiction, consistently attempts to resolve contradictions with further contradictions, and never willingly resolves the prior power-based contradiction, by verifiable design of the functioning of the perception of "power" in the human mind.

That observable phenomenon indicates the possibility that the FIRST human-caused contradiction, perhaps effected by a genetic or emotion-based stimuli not subject to reasoning, in the history of the evolution of the then primitive human mind, created, by design of a human mind that could create a contradiction with a contradiction identification and resolution device (mind), was a controlling concept in itself, and precluded any "back-tracking" of the process until the human brain and mind evolved enough to arrive at the 1900's or somewhere in that vicinity, with a new ability to question itself, therefore its own contradictions, back through millennia of institutionally-induced, attempted contradiction resolution by contradiction substitution or addition.

The possibility is enhanced by two observations. 1. A search of the internet has identified no other English speaking, or English translated, person who is online and who understands intellectual technology. There is a process that can identify such a person. This disregards several indicators that such people might tend to not speak English, and not be translated to English, and not online, leaving only a scant indicator thereof. 2. Using expressed reasoning has not revealed any other such person who would inherently respond with a certain type of response, again only online, among English speaking folks, and who might hold any incentive to respond, again leaving only a scant indicator.

But that much, especially among over 6 billion humans obviously craving the solutions to millennia-old, heavily damaging social problems (easily solved with intellectual technology) annually spending trillions of dollars and countless hours of work, and many lives, on the quest for those solutions, adequately identifies the rarity of the knowledge.

Therein is an indicator of the ongoing evolution of the human mind, and the grand comedy of the humans contradicting themselves in their quest to resolve their contradictions.

Enjoy the show.



Perpetual War.... 20 December 2010

The Pentagon, that is, the US military Generals, perpetually want perpetual war, by design of military. The fondest dream of every military General, especially those of war nations such as the United States of America, is perpetual war. War is the job, hobby and life of career military chaps. The job of killing people is not "just" a job, by design of the human mind. Only minds which "want" to kill people remain in the military. There is a series of questions that can verify that fact against any attempted denial.

The currently entrenched war against "terrorists", and "suspected terrorists", offers the military chaps a perceived illusion of achieving the military-utopian goal of perpetual war.

As openly decreed on public record by a legion of US government officials of many different agencies and entities, "terrorists" and "suspected terrorists" are everybody who complains about government or acts on any complaints in any fashion, even peaceful or rhetorical with no possibility of harm, including anyone who exposes to the people the government records of what government is doing to the people, for the people, in the name of the people, with the people's money, or anyone any government officials personally do not like for political or personal reasons, anywhere in the US and the world, and their family, friends, neighbors, bystanders, and the Toyota's they drive.

If you think the above is an exaggeration, as only one example among others of the above, simply read the daily news of the daily US military drone missile attacks on Pakistan "targets" of "suspected terrorists" selected by the most obviously flawed rumors and lies to ever be used for any decision, that routinely turn out to slaughter innocent family, friends, neighbors, bystanders, children, women, old men, even openly recognized US allies, and their Toyota's, verified as such, that the US military routinely later admits because it cannot slither away from the proofs in any direction, as presented in the international news media everywhere in the world except the US. There is not a rational person in the world who would stand in public and state that those identified, named, Pakistan peasants who were slaughtered would ever physically attack the United States of America.

And the Yemen-residing Muslim preacher, a US citizen, whom President Obama has summarily decreed guilty of "terrorism", and summarily ordered his execution, without any due process of law, by all deniable means of the entire US government, is admitted by Obama and the government to have not conducted any act of terrorism, or organized any such act, and has only verbally criticized the US government, in fact less than the writer of these words, and less than a few million other Americans who are increasingly disgusted with the DemocanRepublicrat War and Police Regime.

"Everyone" is the perfect "enemy" for perpetual war, and now everyone is the "suspected enemy". The enemy is even fellow US government chaps who complain "too much" about the government, or who "leak" the government's public information to the public. The enemy of the US now includes all US military war veterans, all of whom are formally classified as "potential terrorists" by several US government agencies, because the veterans might have been "radicalized" by the "terrorists" while fighting the "terrorists" in the wars against "terrorists".

If you think any Americans are paranoid of the government, you may be among those who do not understand the vastly greater US government paranoia of everyone in the world, including their own government personnel whom they have ordered to not read the WikiLeaks information that the rest of the world is reading, identical to what the laughably dumb Soviet leaders attempted to do in their society.

Actual "terrorists", who have proven themselves to be not a military and not a government, are actually criminals, who are the reason police exist. But in the military-government regimes of China and the US, "terrorists" are too good an excuse for perpetual war by the military, to be left to the jurisdiction of mere police, despite the laughably obvious paucity of actual terrorists for anyone to chase.

Nowhere in history has such a rhetorical illusion been turned into such a huge national threat, except for Adolph Hitler fooling the Germans into believing that the "Jew criminals" were a threat to the existence of Germany. Hitler used the same process of daily news media lies that the Bush, Obama and Palin mentality DemocanRepublicrats used to fool the American news journalists fooling the dumbed-down American fools.

Bush and Obama's substitution of "Muslim terrorists" for Hitler's "Jewish terrorists" is so obvious, that only the dumbed-down Americans remain clueless.

War needs an enemy. The fact that the Iraqis, Afghans, Pakistanis, Somalians, Koreans, Vietnamese, Cambodians, Laotians, Panamanians, Grenadians and Bosnians, among others, did not attack the US, did not stop the US DemocanRepublicrat War Regime from decreeing them as "enemies", and militarily attacking them. Now the decreed enemy of "terrorists" and "suspected terrorists" includes everyone in the world. Therein is the perfect enemy for perpetual war.

So far, the war against "terrorists" in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and the Philippines (with Iran scheduled) is the longest war in US history. The military Generals and the military industrial complex executives sincerely believe they can make it a perpetual war. Simply read their related statements saturating government analyses of the war against terrorists.

War is a dramatic and popular phenomenon steeped in human history, an adrenalin and testosterone high in its manifestation and psychological "feeling" for X percent of the human population, that percent of people who are too intellectually primitive to use their minds before using their muscles (guns, bombs, war toys). That X percent is attracted to the military. Within the military an obviously higher percent of such folks reinforce and entrench their enjoyment of war, with a small percent belatedly recognizing that war is not fun, honorable, logical or productive, who therefore leave the military. The percent which reinforces its enjoyment of war most actively seeks promotion and gets promoted most rapidly to the highest ranks, by design of military. Of course if they were to be faced with these words in public, they would attempt to deny the fact, then quickly slither back into their military world where they would continue to enjoy their wars, or they would have already quit their war job.

The job of military is to kill and destroy in wars, for the ego gratification of intellectually absent national leaders and their military Generals. Anyone can kill humans. It is easy. Alligators and rattlesnakes, with the intelligence of reptiles, street thugs and military chaps, can kill humans. More intelligence is required to reason with humans, asking and answering increasingly effective questions to resolve contradictions to cause mutual efforts to avoid damaging actions, and constructively advance humans. Such reasoning ability does not exist in the minds of reptiles, street thugs and military chaps, or they would not be reptiles, street thugs and military chaps.

Commonly intelligent people, therein including the janitor, plumber and everyone else with a job providing something useful and desired by other people, without killing them, destroying what they do, or living off stolen money (taxes), advance the human phenomenon.

All the military and government propaganda about the military job of "national defense" and insuring "peace and security", is only propaganda that fools only ignorant fools. The job of military is not "national defense", or militaries would all be patterned after the Swiss "military", wherein all the people of the society are armed and trained with rifles, who will therefore defend their nation. Being the common people with a government they like, they hold incentive to defend, and no incentive to go attack somebody just because a mental midget national leader like Bush or Obama decrees somebody as an "enemy" or "suspected terrorist". Peace is achieved by reasoning, not by militaries who are only trained to kill and destroy, the opposite of peace.

A Swiss styled "military" (armed and trained civilians) is not defeatable because everybody, not just a small gang of paid, inherently ignorant, easily defeated military mercenaries, is capable of defending their nation, even against their own corrupted government, and will do so for inherent incentive. The US military of paid mercenaries has lost every one of its dozen wars after WWII. Try to suggest that it is competent. Go ahead, try to describe a "win" in Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Panama, Grenada, Bosnia, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Philippines and a few more obscure US military shooting wars in countries not discussed by the government-compliant US news media. To attempt to do so would require you wearing shoes good enough to outrun any questions of your words.

When the German WWII General informed the Swiss General that the German army needed to march through Switzerland to get to Italy as soon as possible, and would not attack Switzerland while only peacefully traveling through Switzerland, the Swiss General denied permission. When the German General threatened the Swiss General, stating that his army was ready to march, and had five times the number of soldiers as the Swiss armed citizens, and more powerful armament, including tanks, the Swiss General informed the German chap that the Swiss army would therefore need to shoot five rounds of ammo each. The Germans went the longer way to Italy, around Switzerland.

Holding more gold than most counties, a desirable target for powerful nations, and a "military" of only armed citizen marksmen, the Swiss have remained at peace, and secure, during the entire time the Americans have been squandering their lives and money on war after war after war for the last two centuries, proving the ignorance of those who perceive that a massive military is the source of peace and security. The Americans did not even learn from the lesson of their own country's origin, by a bunch of armed citizens defeating the most powerful military in the world at the time, the Brits. The early American colonists, the Vietnamese peasants and the Afghan peasants, among a few thousand other examples, displayed the lesson that the current American DemocanRepublicrat War Regime leaders and Generals cannot recognize even if they read these words.

If the Americans were armed and trained with rifles, as are the Swiss, instead of relying on their obviously incompetent US military that cannot even defeat barefoot pajama wearing Vietnamese or rag wearing Afghans, and if the Chinese military Generals told the huge Chinese army to invade America, the Chinese army privates would shoot their Generals before they would be willing to run off to America to be gunned down by very accurately launched rifle bullets coming from every direction, and every military General in the world knows that.

But the timid, government-compliant Americans have made themselves dependent upon their incompetent, routinely defeated military, a fool's choice.

Every society has that percent of people from which Hitler got his Gestapo who were so intellectually void they thought they could kill enough people to kill all the enemies they created by killing people. The Nazis and Romans sincerely thought their children would rule the world.

Those who stay in the military, enjoy the military, and therefore think like military personnel, as did the Nazi Gestapo, as it is with all people who pursue what they like the most.

That X percent of the population attracted to the military are those who ask the fewest questions, and therefore learn the least new knowledge, becoming intellectually self-stagnated, and most flatter their equally ignorant military superiors. They are therefore the dumbest of the lot, as described in more detail in other sections of this website. Those military chaps who ask questions of their dumb superiors who are inherently too dumb to answer questions, are not promoted. Promotions go to those who consistently say, "Yes Sir" instead of questioning obvious contradictions created by their superiors. Every military person understands that promotions go to those who say, "Yes Sir" when the superior officer says, "2 plus 2 equals 5", or "that is a legitimate target", when the target is an obviously unarmed civilian trying to help another obviously unarmed civilian who was machine-gunned by a US Army helicopter door gunner so eager to kill somebody, as he was trained, that he machine-gunned a crowd of observably unarmed, non-threatening people casually standing around in open view on a street in Iraq, fully aware that a US helicopter was flying overhead, among a few million other examples.

You can show these words to military chaps. These words prevail above all the lies, excuses, self-flattery and rhetorical illusions of military chaps. If I were in the military, these words would apply to me. When I was in the military, these words applied to me. These words describe basic concepts of military, several of which are taught in US military schools and classes, and otherwise verifiable.

The reason the military desires perpetual war is taught in every military schooling class. Read the following slowly because it is actually believed by military personnel who are trained to believe it. "Combat hardened", or "combat experienced" soldiers and officers make the best soldiers and officers for war. Military officers regard war as the best training for the war. And the job of the military is war.

The above is logical. Indeed actual combat "weeds out" those who are not psychologically or physically adept for war, that is, war weeds out those who can think enough to recognize that something is wrong or contradicted with war. Those who cannot think to that basic level of human reasoning, remain in the military, whose illogical, needless job is war.

What the power-damaged minds of the military chaps cannot comprehend, even if they read these words and you hand them a dictionary, is that the publicly purported goal of the military was peace, not war, especially not perpetual war, which they will immediately parrot if you remind them in front of the public. Then they will immediately turn back to telling their new war recruits in military classrooms that the most effective military is comprised of "combat hardened" soldiers who therefore need perpetual war for training.

These are the same intellectually void US military Generals who keep openly admitting in public that they cannot militarily win the Afghan and Iraq wars, because that fact is so obvious to the world that even a military mind can recognize it, and that winning the wars requires diplomacy, then they turn to say they need more money for more bombs, bullets, war toys and troops to win the Afghan and Iraq wars, with their power-damaged mind completely clueless of the inherently untenable contradiction they just expressed. They could read that sentence, and not recognize a contradiction. Given perpetual war, they would perpetually repeat that contradiction. They are that plain laughably ignorant of the human mind's reasoning process. They never question their own words because they were successfully trained to never ask questions of their superiors or their military institution.

The human mind is a trainable device, and can even be trained to defy the most fundamental precepts of human life, as the existence of militaries prove. Military chaps were trained to question only the "other guy", and if you can imagine this, the "other guy" in his own institutions was institutionally trained to do the same, so he is not listening to the other guy's questions. Consider reading that again to understand the results institutional training. Having made themselves that ignorant of reasoning, they join militaries and attack each other, much to the amusement of the observers.

YOU do not want to be trained by either institution, or any institution. YOU wisely want to be sufficiently intelligent to ask and answer real questions that resolve the manifest contradictions of every institution, starting with any of which you are associated by default or chance, a concept so far beyond the comprehension of the military chaps who are so intensely trained by their institution, that their minds have reached the human extreme of perceiving that they can resolve the extreme contradiction of people killing people, by killing people.

With their current war being against "terrorists", while there is still no official government or military definition of "terrorists", and with the Federal Reserve Bank printing as much therefore increasingly worthless paper money as the military demands for its wars against terrorists, and with the American public still acquiescing to the annual extensions on the "withdrawal" dates for the US wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia, and the certainty that Israel, with the same intellectually void military Generals craving war, will attack Iran, and the impossibility of any foreign military conquering the Afghan freedom fighters on their own home turf, and many more Afghan babies being born faster than Afghan freedom fighters are being killed, etceteras, the mental midget US military Generals still sincerely believe that they have achieved a nation resigned to paying for perpetual war, with their money and the lives of their families.

It is impossible for the power-damaged minds of the US military Generals, even if they read these words, to understand the common, not power-damaged human mind's designed limit for tolerating war and paying for war (killing and destruction of the efforts of common people), and since war CREATES the ultimately intolerable problems of wars, the humanly unsustainable contradiction of attempted "perpetual war" dooms the US military Generals to abject defeat. They are the current iteration of the MacNamera's and Westmoreland's of the Vietnam war, openly acknowledged malicious and losers, repugnant to humans. They are the most ignorant representatives of an ignorant society still attempting to kill and destroy their way to greater knowledge.

The military Generals, deep inside their Pentagon lower level caverns, clueless of real life of real people in the real world, cannot comprehend that the wars started out with government lies that only half the Americans were sufficiently gullible to believe. The other half recognized the government lies as lies. Those two halves of the American population started out arguing over the lies, for the same reason YOU expose lies as lies to people who are so gullible as to believe government lies verified as lies. As time goes by, lies are recognized by more people as lies, because lies create contradictions, and contradictions are that which cannot be, so mere humans hold no ability to sustain that which cannot be, a contradiction. So while the Pentagon Generals keep believing their lies, the Americans become "war weary", which is the government "damage-control" term for the common people who pay for the wars, and provide the gullible young males for the wars, progressively recognizing that the wars are based on lies. Consider the escalating damage done to America by the inherently increasing anger of Americans against Americans as the damages of the lies increases, and the massive waste of time of Americans, arguing over the war, when that time could have been used to increase American productivity or having fun to make a more pleasant society. "We have met the enemy, and he is us." - Pogo. We (our government chaps) are attacking ourselves, much to the howling laughter of "the enemy" and the observers.

The military industrial complex owners of the laughably ignorant US DemocanRepublicrat leaders sincerely perceive that they achieved the zenith of human ability, by starting a war against "terrorists", to thus achieve "perpetual war", while the Americans are too busy attacking themselves to notice the military war.

You can dump, and encourage the dumping of more young American males, and testosterone endowed females, into the US military, for its current Roman Empire styled perpetual war against terrorists, and you could only achieve that which was achieved by MacNamera, Westmoreland, Caesar, Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot and their intellectually void gaggle throughout history, on schedule. More dead and maimed people, more human effort destroyed, more enemies created, until as all of history proves, the humans tire of the wars, and the war leaders are relegated to the history of inherently doomed war process.

Enjoy the doomed perpetual war show while it lasts. Yes, it will create much more grief and destruction. That is the show.

There is an amusingly easy process to end all wars. No government could escape. "Terrorism" would cease. Anyone can learn the process to end the wars. But if you learn the process, by asking and answering the related questions, you will learn why no organization leaders or members, especially of the peace and anti-war institutions, want to learn the process, much to your amusement. It requires individual thinking, the opposite of organizational process, while organization leaders have conformed their thinking to organizational thinking, by design.

No better comedy.



TSA (Testicle Squeezing Authority) (transportation security administration)... 24 November 2010

You can link, or copy, paste and email this to anyone in the world, for their obvious amusement.

These are inescapable, easily verified facts:...

TSA is a formally recognized, US government haven for functionally illiterate, tax paid homosexual perverts. The proof follows.

Their job has become that of groping the genitals of strangers who are the same sex as the TSA homosexual perverts. The victims are not legally allowed to resist the TSA gropers. The victims are captive if they want to exercise what was previously a RIGHT to travel by aircraft.

Concurrently, ALL TSA personnel are rightfully suspected to be homosexual perverts, and proven to openly condone the activity. Common heterosexual people would simply not accept the job of groping the genitals of strangers who are their same sex, and be publicly identified as such, or even work for such an openly recognized agency.

The issue is not that of TSA personnel being homosexual, which is a normal phenomenon explained below, unless one does not want to be publicly identified as such. The issue is of TSA personnel using their power of office and color of inferior law to openly force their homosexual cravings on strangers, and the perversion of doing so to minors and people who do not appreciate the offense.

Simply ask as many heterosexual people as you wish:...

Would you feel comfortable groping the genitals of strangers of your same sex?

For a common financial income, would you grope the genitals of strangers of the same sex, who are offended by your action, and thus be permanently, publicly recognized as a homosexual pervert, and face what will inherently be eventual consequences as, or more, offending to you than what you did to others so many times?

Would you want your children and other family to forever know that you willingly accepted a job to grope the genitals of strangers of the same sex, who were offended by your groping, and be publicly known for that, or even work for such an openly recognized agency?

Given the openly demonstrated nature of TSA personnel, is it not obvious that their children and family must forever be embarrassed, and forever avoid mentioning the employment of their parents or family, unless they also are perverted homosexuals?

Even a normal, non-perverted homosexual person would probably not feel comfortable being publicly known for groping the genitals of thus offended strangers of the same sex, every day.

There are no excuses in the agency. The person behind the X-ray machine one day, can be the perverted groper the next day, by job requirement. The TSA administration personnel behind desks clearly condone the actions. A heterosexual non-pervert would not condone such actions.

Some people are desperate for jobs, but rarely so desperate as to be publicly known or legitimately suspected as a criminally acting homosexual pervert, if one is not an unabashed homosexual pervert.

There is no escape from that identification and recognition, for current TSA personnel, for the rest of their lives, unless they quit their TSA job very soon and thereafter claim that they quit before they were required to be a perverted homosexual groper.

The fact that TSA perverts have made national news for groping the genitals of children, three and six years old, among other children, without their employer immediately firing the perverts and having them arrested for sexually molesting minors, and further, having their employer defending their actions, proves that TSA, and therefore ALL TSA personnel, including the administration hierarchy, are disgusting perverts.

There are no excuses in reasoning or law. "An inferior law contradicted by a superior law holds no weight or effect as law." - US Supreme Court (and any person literate in the English language). The US Constitution's Fourth Amendment, with the dictionary meanings of its words, was designed to preclude just such actions of TSA thugs using their self-written inferior law procedures to criminally violate the superior law rights of the people. The US Constitution is LAW, prevailing law, superior law, the highest law of the land. The violation of said law is a CRIME. The use of power of office to apply an inferior law above a superior law is a CRIME. It is unlawful, and thus a CRIME, to carry out an unlawful order.

Therein TSA personnel can be accurately described as CRIMINAL perverts, as well as being functionally illiterate. And their increasingly internet-knowledgeable children and family will forever recognize that their TSA parents or relatives were criminal homosexual perverts and functionally illiterate. The actions inescapably prevail above the hollow excuses, and are objectively undeniable. Even TSA personnel will belatedly recognize the truth, just as the writer of these words belatedly recognized that he was a fool to have fought in Vietnam for just another unlawfully (criminally) conducted US Presidential Ego Gratification War, like all wars of egotistical national leaders. A Congressional Declaration of War is required by prevailing law for US military personnel to take up arms against a foreign nation. There have been no Congressional Declarations of War since WWII, for all of the therefore criminally conducted US wars, thus by prevailing law identifying all US military personnel as war criminals. The fact prevails above the excuses and rhetorical illusions, as recognized by commonly intelligent, literate people who can read and understand the US Constitution. Among whom do you want to be recognized, functionally illiterate fools or commonly intelligent people?

Wiser for TSA personnel to figure it out sooner, and quit now to regain their personal integrity, unless they enjoy their publicly recognized and demonstrated status as functionally illiterate, malicious, homosexual criminal perverts, for all of history recognized by commonly intelligent people.

The easily cowed Americans may be intimidated into physical submission to such malicious tyranny by criminally acting perverts, but the Americans and the rest of the world will still forever recognize, and speak of, TSA personnel as functionally illiterate, criminal homosexual perverts.

There is nothing "wrong" with being a homosexual. As every biologist knows, among other parts of the complex explanation of the phenomenon, homosexuality is a biologically designed response to a threshold of "social stress" associated with an array of conditions or stimuli, including population density stress, therein one of the population mitigation or reduction factors imperative for the existence of any reproducing species in a finite environment (planet Earth), among other such factors. The phenomenon has been verified to exist in many large and medium size species, verifying its biological design, and logically exists in all species. A reproducing species could obviously not exist in a finite environment, either regional or world-wide, if there were no biological and social systems to prevent over-population, a concept that the Pope and the US government still have difficulty understanding, with the US government subsidizing welfare baby production and facilitating illegal Mexican immigration.

However, that fact does not mitigate the biologically induced psychological reaction to the phenomenon among the many individuals who are uncomfortable with its overt manifestation. There is no need or benefit in forcefully subjecting either sexual orientation to the overt physical intrusions of the other, and never need to use the power of government to force anything on anyone. The use of force is fundamentally flawed for all human actions within a species predicated on the reasoning ability of its mind. Further, the perversion of the phenomenon, such as groping the genitals of strangers, especially kids, who do not request such an action, is a demonstration of the psychologically "sick" TSA perverts. Respect for the other person's physical integrity, regardless of personal preferences, is a standard of reasoning, the prevailing law (US Constitution and common law), and biological design, among a species predicated on its mind. TSA perverts are an open contradiction to such normal human respect for fellow humans.

But the controlling concept is not that of the illiterate, criminally acting homosexual TSA perverts. They are merely a symptom or inherent result of a power-based government with leaders of such laughably power-damaged minds, clueless of reasoning, that they just kept on attacking everyone in the world, as fabricated "enemies", thus ACCUMULATING enemies, to create their government power over everyone, so they eventually, inherently had to attack even their own people as suspected enemies because the government thugs could not trust any of their own people to not be friends, relatives, organizational or institutional associates, or of the same ethnic background, religion, political ideology, etceteras, as any of the other increasing arrays of fabricated "enemies", maliciously attacked to the extent that the US government thugs had to hire illiterate, unquestioning homosexual perverts to grope everyone's genitals in fear that even every person's genitals may be hiding bombs or other weapons destined for inherent retaliation against such maliciousness.

The process to efficiently make American air travel safe from "terrorists" is laughably easy, based on a thoroughly reasoned process, but the power-damaged minds of TSA and other US government thugs cannot understand reasoning even enough to ask the first question.

If you think the government of the United States of America, and the Americans, are not going to be the laughing stock of all history, for such an extreme of suspicion and fear of themselves, you would probably be qualified for an American government job, especially in TSA whose personnel are too dutifully unquestioning to figure that out or they would have already quit.

There is not another government or tyranny in human history which publicly ordered every traveler's genitals groped by government perverts, for fear of genital-hidden bombs or other weapons, not Saddam, Hitler, Stalin, the Iranian President or Ayatollah, the North Korean clown, or their ilk.

Only the DemocanRepublicrat Americans.

The observers are rolling on the floor, kicking and pounding, clutching their aching sides, gasping for breath, tears of howling laughter streaming from their eyes.



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