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An offer.... What do you want? You can have it (as below)........ 20 April 2010

Kindly consider this arrangement of words, that may convey the "key" (recognized transition data for your particular mind's current knowledge) to the knowledge you seek.

Consider that this an obscure small part of this obscure website (not the most obscure website, which is identifiable elsewhere).

Therefore scant few humans will discover it, fewer will read it, and fewer, if any, will question it to learn the knowledge within their questions. The knowledge is worth more than the offer.

The writer of these words, already learning an intriguing array of new knowledge every day, holds no incentive for socially manifesting the utility of his knowledge, after having learned why humans attack those who learn how to efficiently solve the social problems of which the humans most commonly complain, when the knowledge is too noticeably offered. Consider the threat to the delicate and vulnerable egos of the war machine and government leaders, and their ilk, to say they can have what they want, but the process might reveal that their current methods are defeating them, to thus embarrass them after they fooled so many people into believing and supporting their (obviously failing) methods.

In the future, if this website and this section are still online or in an internet archive somewhere, among other processes, grade school kids might discover it, and laugh extensively at this of many other proofs that the primitive humans of the prior era (this era) were openly offered the obviously available solutions to their problems, including the solutions to the most complex and extensively damaging social problems humans have created, readily manifestable, verifiable against any questions any humans can ask.

And not one of said humans even inquired, amusingly because of a design feature of the human mind. They could not understand the meanings of these plain non-technical words, even if you handed them a dictionary, because their mind was designed to be able to be taught to use words that do not hold their meanings, and therefore not understand words that hold their meanings, and socially instituted education systems could not exist if students were taught how to use words that hold their meanings. That inability of socially or governmentally instituted education systems, to exist if students are taught how to use words that hold their meanings, is verifiable against any questions any humans can ask.

YOU were socially taught to not understand the substance of this plainly stated, valid offer. You can teach yourself to understand it, by asking and answering the questions of any contradictions you perceive, which of course you may have already done.

The nature of the offer....

....If you have a lot of money..... What do you want? You can have it.

Inquire if you wish.

To convey that obviously valuable knowledge I will accept only $100 per day for my time (to pay rent and buy food, etc.), for the few days any project would require, plus any expenses if I must leave the apartment. I lost interest in acquiring money long ago when I learned what it is, and how it functions in the human mind. The knowledge is worth more than all the money in the world, verifiable. The above mentioned "lot of money" would be used for the accountable third party expenses of the project. The project would therefore be done in a more efficient and inordinately entertaining manner. The same result can be achieved without a lot of money, and therefore with more effort and time, but people with a lot of money generally understand only processes that obviously require a lot of money.

Oh, the offer is also good for government. But no government person can possibly understand the offer, so the above mentioned children will escalate their laughter at my mention that the offer is also available for government.

Of course the above is just another arrangement of words for the offer expressed throughout this website.

The offer, as described in this section, is only for those with "a lot of money", for a particular process that is therefore inordinately entertaining and efficient.

These words logically have the greatest possibility of being understood by financially successful private enterprise people, if any of them encountered this section of this website. But even with that there is close to a 0% chance of them understanding the offer, as proven by history. The knowledge has always been available.

Consider that the offer is good for the US CIA, US military, police and their ilk. The CIA would quickly achieve precisely "what they want". The words hold their meanings. And you would laugh because CIA chaps obviously do not understand even the concept of "what they want", as evident by their perpetual failure. How many weapons of mass destruction did Saddam have? Where is Osama bin Laden or the truth of his apparent non-existence? Why are there more threats to the US after so many decades of CIA claims of their being effective and worth their tax funding??? Well, is not failure obvious, and therein the lack of knowledge of how to be successful?

Consider that nearly all humans, (YOU), were nearly irrevocably taught to perceive that the zenith of the human ability, at a concluding frustration with the other guy who absolutely refuses to do as he is told by power-based institutional minds, is to kill, imprison or seize the assets of the person whose mind is obviously functioning on knowledge not understood by said institutionally trained person.

Consider the above paragraph more slowly. Perhaps read it again. The zenith of their mind's ability, as they were taught to understand their mind's utility, is to attempt to solve a problem by using "force", killing or damaging the guy whose mind and conclusions are functioning on easily learnable, different knowledge. The use of force therefore inherently angers him and his social colleagues, not resolving the obvious contradictions, adding the greater contradictions that create the anger, and adding the knowledge of the force-based opponent's vulnerable, intellectual inability or refusal to learn and synthesize the knowledge openly offered by the person who is threatened with force (the reason that retaliation is eventually always successful to the extent of creating counter retaliation, dooming the original attacker's subsequent generations to perpetual force-based damages).

The institutionally taught chaps conclude their thinking process (stop thinking, stop asking questions) at a perceived imperative to use force, at a conclusion where a genuinely thinking person STARTS asking and answering questions to transition from the use of contradiction-creating force, into the use of contradiction-resolving reasoning, the latter being the designed utility of the human mind.

What does, "verifiable against any questions any human can ask", mean to a genuinely thinking person who therefore asks those questions, even if the question is, "what questions should I be asking"?

Imagine learning the most valuable knowledge known to humans, which has inherently been learned by some people of each generation, to THEREFORE learn why the humans who consume their lives failing to solve the problems that the humans state and demonstrate that they most want to solve, openly flee the offers to convey to them the verifiable knowledge of how to manifest their goals, THEREFORE the greatest comedy on the rock.

This particular offer is only for those with a lot of money, and only for any of the countless projects that might amuse the writer of these words, because this offer does not require that the person who wants to achieve a goal create the incentive for their mind to learn the process, and therefore vastly less expensive in money or non-money concepts not benefiting the writer of these words, than the general offer of this website.

The person or entity accepting the offer will be rewarded and entertained vastly beyond the value of their money. They will achieve a universally respected place in history, if they wish, well beyond the other political and social leaders. You may inquire.

You can call any of those folks with a lot of money, and tell them about the offer. They must reference this particular offer. You might call the CIA or other government chaps and tell them about the offer, much to your amusement. The writer of these words does not have their phone number, if you can imagine such neglect. After the government has so often emphasized the new terrorist threat to America, how is a concerned American to report a foreign terrorist double counter spy among us or working for the CIA as usual, if he does not have the CIA phone number that actually reaches a real CIA spy instead of the "brush-off" bureaucrats in the phone lobby?

And enjoy the grand human comedy created by those who decline the offer openly made by people throughout history, or who routinely attack them for the power-damaged mind's fear of new knowledge.




The verified illiteracy and intellectual absence of Americans..... 5 April 2010

Those Americans, including government chaps, who claim that the American government is of the people, by the people and for the people, as officially claimed, but suggest that the power-damaged minds of my good friends the incessantly lying government folks must keep the people ignorant of even one government-known item of information (State secrets), are as functionally illiterate, monumentally ignorant, and intellectually absent as the contradiction revealed in this sentence illuminates.

It is impossible, by definition of the words, to have a government of, by and for the people, if the government keeps secrets from the people.

The contradiction is easily resolved by commonly intelligent people obviously not existent in the US government. Either eliminate (repeal, abolish, remove) all government reference that the US government is of, by and for the people, OR reveal and never again create government held information that is kept secret from the taxpayers who paid for the process to get that information, and who therefore own that information.

The fact that government chaps and the unquestioning citizens who support them, cannot comprehend the above, proves the functional illiteracy, ignorance and intellectual absence of the majority of Americans who have not resolved that contradiction defining Americans.

The fact that Presidents Bush and Obama have grossly escalated the number and volume of "State secrets" and information routinely denied to Freedom of Information Act requests, and their politically appointed judges have "protected the executive branch above the law", which is why those therefore corrupted judges got politically appointed, has left the above revealed intellectually absent Americans metaphorically naked to their lie that the American government is of, by and for the people, and the truth that it is of, by and for the government, against the people, at tax cost of the people.

The fact that the government-supporting folks openly admit and identify themselves as too unable to think for themselves, and therefore functionally proclaim that they cannot be allowed to know what the government sorts know, proves their claim. You do not want to identify yourself as that dumb in front of commonly intelligent people. You want to teach your children that they are not that incapable of thinking for themselves. You want to openly state that if your fellow Americans who sink to government jobs, especially the laughably incompetent political appointees to high offices, with the high turn-over of government jobs, can be trusted with "State secrets" then so can any other American who can obviously get government jobs that require such obviously low standards of intellectual ability.

There is no need or reasoning for any government to hold any secret from the people it claims to govern. Notice that government chaps and the folks who support them cannot comprehend the concept stated in the following sentence....

If the common people who are hired from the common population pool for government jobs, usually of lower educations because commonly intelligent people usually do not sink to the inherently low standards of government employment, especially for a government with so many overlapping US bureaucracies of thousands of high-turnover bureaucrats shuffling and storing billions of pieces of paperwork, creating and having access to those budget excuse "secrets" and "confidential" information, then it is inherent that the common people in society can know the same "secrets" that the common people in government create, know, inherently discuss among their friends and family, and routinely "leak" to the public because even low education government employees recognize the contradiction and "wrong" of keeping secrets from the people who pay for creating them and therefore own them, especially the now countless US government "secret cover-ups" of its maliciousness and violations of laws that therefore damage so many people that they include the family, friends and associates of said thousands of government employees.

If the information cannot be told to the general public that the government claims to represent, then it is somebody's private information that is none of the business of the public and thus the public's government employees. The writers of the US Constitution understood that. The dumbed-down American government chaps and their supporters remain clueless even if you hand them a copy of the US Constitution and a dictionary. Your right to privacy and the security of your personal papers, and that of your children and grandchildren, and their intellectual ability to understand the value of HUMAN RIGHTS, is more valuable to you and other humans than all the useless "State secrets" of every government in human history.

If State secrets are of any value, why are wars STARTED and lost by governments with State secrets, when the information of those secrets is claimed to protect the people from wars, and why are over half the prisoners in US, people who damaged nobody (violated no prevailing law), while those secrets are claimed to protect the people from wrongs and harm? In fact, the secrets are secret from the people because the information is being used by government thugs to wrongfully attack and damage individuals and society, by manifest proof. If you sufficiently question the State secrets that always later become revealed, you quickly realize that the State secrets are the government lies used to start wars and imprison harmless people. The secrets are secrets because they reveal the wrongs and violations of law by malicious government thugs, and thus cannot be told to you Americans who must be kept ignorant of what your government of, by and for the government, is doing to you with your tax money. And your neighbor is most likely supporting that tax paid process to keep you and your family ignorant.

So are YOU that functionally illiterate and intellectual absent? And have you taught your children and grand children to be as functionally illiterate and intellectually absent as corrupted government dolts and the pitiable sorts who support them?



Your non-superior mind......27 March 2010

No matter what your complaint about the other guy, in regard to his use of ANY conceptual, institutional or governmental power, no matter how seemingly inconsequential or non-existent, it is verifiably impossible for the source of your complaint to be "the other guy", "his ignorance, his being dumb or malicious". The examples are consistently flawless among the entire diversity of people around the world and throughout human history. Your complaints all reveal a single verifiable source, a source that can be learned, understood, and used for goals beyond your current comprehension. The writer of these words displayed the source while he was a minor institutional leader and minor governmental leader, believer and supporter. He could not have understood these words until he learned the source, verified its existence, asked and answered all the questions to understand its functioning in his mind.

READ SLOWLY.... The source of all institutionally induced contradictions (corruption, ignorance, maliciousness, etceteras) is a design feature in the design of the human mind, YOURS, MINE, THE OTHER GUY'S, EVERY HUMAN ON THE PLANET.

You and the other guy cannot possibly escape its effects until YOU learn the functional design of the human mind, and understand it. YOU can correct the damaging results for you and the other guy. The other guy holds no human ability and no incentive to correct the damaging effects until YOU learn the knowledge and use it.

The accurate description of the source of all human-caused, institutional contradictions (corruption of power, governmental or private sector maliciousness and ignorance, etceteras) is the socially taught perception (an identifiable list of certain stimuli) that a person (THEREFORE HIS MIND) is somehow superior to the other guy (THEREFORE HIS MIND). That superiority is verifiably impossible, by the singular design of the human mind. Go ahead, try what was tried so many times by so many purported scientists, to identify a superior design of the human mind, so we can identify them at a young age and have them make our decisions for us so our individual and social mistakes would be solved. You would fail. The singular design of the human mind, yours, mine, everyone's, including the perceptions of superficial differences within the design, has been flawlessly proven beyond any questions you can ask.

You verifiably make the same percentage of mistakes (contradictions) as does the other guy and everyone else, albeit variously different mistakes. They result from a lack of adequate knowledge at the time, and the perception that the person's mind is of such superiority that a mistake is not possible at that time. A person who adequately recognizes his lack of knowledge and his mind's same design as other people who commonly make mistakes, will be more cautious, therefore ask more questions of one's actions, to learn more and make fewer mistakes. ONCE a person perceives that his mind is superior to your mind and other minds, his mistakes (contradictions) increase in number, by design of the organizational manifestations of human fundamentals, AND WORSE, he perceives that his mistakes cannot be mistakes because of his "superior mind", so he defends (compounds) his contradictions, rather than resolving them, by attempting to "cover them up" with more contradictions.

It is THE KNOWLEDGE of the functional design of the human mind that is useful for humans and your goals. All the "institutional power", "governments", "organizations", "number of members", "titles", "credentials", "money", "armies" or other "perceptions of superiority over other human minds", in the world, hold no utility beyond their inherent self defeat of the mind or minds that perceive they hold such superiority, by design. It is only YOUR KNOWLEDGE of the human mind's design that can functionally resolve the contradictions created by power-damaged minds.

Learn the knowledge (easily done by asking and answering questions of each contradiction you identify), or be just another ignorant "sheep" in the pasture and history of billions of humans, useless for advancing the human phenomenon, in contradiction to your perception that YOU are correct, and the other guy is wrong, and he only needs to do what you say to solve the problems of your perceptions, just as I was so laughably ignorant as to perceive that my actions were "right" when I was an Army lieutenant with a platoon of killers assisting the US government in their project of slaughtering poor Vietnamese farmers and laborers who already had enough of their own mistakes and their own government's mistakes to solve without the additional problems the US DemocanRepublicrat War and Police Regime was attempting to impose upon them.

Your mind is not superior to even the most denigrated other human, even those in psychiatric institutes, by learnable design. You just learned different knowledge.

So learn the design of the human mind, the most valuable knowledge known to humans, and with that knowledge, you can learn how to manifest what you want, with the boring work to use that knowledge. Therein, among other examples, you can end wars regardless of opposition, if you retain any incentive to do so.



The corruption of OathKeepers.org..... 24 March 2010

Perhaps download this to your computer or a memory chip, or copy and paste it to your computer or a memory chip, as soon as you read these words, for a reason you may recognize later in these words.

A section herein can be used to end wars and regain human rights in the US.

Check the website, OathKeepers.org. OathKeepers.org, alone, if it were not corrupted, and learned the simple process, could promptly effect a government that flawlessly obeyed the US Constitution, to thus reinstitute the free exercise of human rights in the US.

As a previous Army sort, I have taken an oath to uphold the US Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. I will honor my oath. Therefore I can be considered to be an oath keeper among other oath keepers. I encourage you to join or support OathKeepers.org.

However, the following remains in full effect......

My good friends the OathKeepers.org members and participants are primarily current and previous police and military personnel, like myself in the latter regard, who took a solemn oath to uphold the US Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and have belatedly decided to keep their oath, or state that intention, after all US military and police personnel have been criminally violating their oath for decades.

Perjury to oath of office (oath to uphold the US Constitution), evasion of known legal duties, fraud and other forms of violating the supreme law of the US Constitution, are crimes. The only effective enemies of the US Constitution have always been US government personnel, domestic enemies, oath takers, the government personnel who have all been violating all the laws of the Constitution, and their oaths to uphold the Constitution, for decades.

The communists, Russians, Nazis, Japanese, Chinese, Castro, Ho Chi Min, Kim Jong Ill, Osama bin Laden, other foreign tyrants, and so called "terrorists" have been completely unable to void the US Constitution or any part of it, but you no longer hold any US Constitutionally stated rights, including the right to freedom of speech to respectfully state the evidence that you decide defends you against a government accusation, in a US court of law, because the court judges, criminally violating their oath to uphold the US Constitution, now claiming the authority of kings, communists, terrorists and other tyrants, summarily dictate what evidence they decide you may state or not state to the jury, etceteras. Therein, and by other means, the court judges dictate guilty verdicts, as kings, leaving you with no RIGHTS described in the US Constitution. That is just an example. The real enemies of your American rights are American government officials and bureaucrats. You hold no more US Constitutionally described rights. They have all been turned into summarily deniable privileges by inferior laws (contradicted by the superior laws of the US Constitution and common law) enforced by cops, military sorts, prosecutors, judges and such sorts who are, and have long been, criminally violating their oath to uphold the US Constitution.

Simply read the US Constitution, and observe all the obvious actions of government personnel violating the supreme laws of the Constitution, daily, and their oath to uphold it.

You are not being spied on by the Taliban or al Queda. Your every email and blog comments, etceteras, and your organizations, are being spied on by legions of US government thugs, in violation of your RIGHT to privacy. Those US government oath takers are violating their oath.

It is an aside to note that the US Constitution is no longer in effect, anyway. The federal and State governments are NOT functioning under the authority of the US Constitution. They are operating under the authority they created by "incorporating" a parallel government, a corporation titled, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and the incorporated states of that corporation. The government of the united States of America is under the US Constitution. But the same government officials (president, congressmen, supreme court judges) administer Washington DC (District of Columbia) and the federal territories, by law. Because Washington DC and federal territories (Guam, etc.) are not States, they function under a corporation created in the 1800's, and titled, The United States of American (incorporated, inc.) The difference is the federal "United States of America" (inc.), under corporate law, contrasting with the States' united States of America, under the US Constitution. Different land areas, same administrators, same name, different jurisdictions (sets of law). Because the gullible, unquestioning Americans never recognized any difference, and remain clueless to this day, because they never effectively question anything, and believe whatever the DemocanRepublicrats tell them, because the DemocanRepublicrats have impressive titles of office, despite the glaring contradictions between the US Constitution and the actions of the government, the government chaps simply function under the INFERIOR LAWS of the corporation, with no limits on their power, not the superior, prevailing laws of the US Constitution that expressly limits the power of the government. The DemocanRepublicrat officials and the idiots who vote for them have negated everything the writers of the Constitution created. An ignorant society cannot possible retain human rights which require that the people understand what rights are, and what effects them in social governance. But that takes more words to explain. Every day more people are learning of that monumental government ruse of American history, fooling the unquestioning Americans, but many more unquestioning children of unquestioning (dumb) parents are being born and flooding into American from Mexico and elsewhere, increasing an ignorant society gullibly doing as they are told by malicious idiots in government. It is just one of the government-induced contradictions that are inherently unsustainable, which doom the Washington DC empire and its union of States, much to the amusement of thinking (questioning) people.

Read the US Constitution more slowly, and understand what it says, and therefore recognize the controlling contradiction (inherent ultimate failure) of OathKeepers.org and all power-based organizations including the federal government. The oath was NOT to "uphold my favorite parts of the Constitution". It was to "uphold the Constitution". The evasion of a legal duty to uphold the other parts is a crime and proof that an oath taker's word and oath are worthless, such as the oaths of the American cops who cannot understand the Second and Ninth Amendments of the US Constitution, even if you hand them a dictionary.

Herein is one of the several processes to efficiently end wars, to live in peace, maximize the defense of the nation beyond anything any military has ever achieved for any nation, reduce crime to a negligible low level, regain your human rights, make the nation more prosperous than any nation has ever achieved, and profoundly advance the human phenomenon.

These plain English words hold their meanings, which means that you must learn what public school English teachers did not teach you.

Notice who claims to be literate in the English language, and cannot understand anything herein because they hold power-damaged minds (physical, locatable, stimuli-induced damage to neurons and their synapses) therefore with no remaining access to the neurons used for the human mind's reasoning process in relation to institutionally caused social problems, verifiable.

You can use the information herein to vastly surpass the ultimately self-defeating effort of OathKeepers.org and all power-based organizations, by doing what OathKeepers.org leaders would do if they and their members did not hold institutionally induced, power-damaged minds. Therein you can learn how to socially manifest the thirteenth paragraph of this section.

Notice that large institutions have been routinely formed for their stated goals of creating prosperous societies, creating peace, ending wars, instituting human rights, advancing knowledge, representing the people, and all that. They have called themselves governments, nations, religions, organizations, institutions, clubs, associations and a gaggle of other references.

While historians of other cultures praise the social advancements in their cultures, American historians also ballyhoo and praise the Magna Carta. Read it. It was a noticeable advancement over the rule of the maliciously self-serving, warlord kings and emperors of Europe whose primitive minds literally could not comprehend the reasoning process, and only understood war (killing and destruction) as the mechanism to "advance" their societies. The written reasoning of the Magna Carta was agreed-to and signed by the king, rumored at the point of a sword. It was available for all literate people to read and therefore understand.

The Magna Carta, a document of written reasoning, ruled above the king. The ruler became written words of reasoning, on paper, which the king only administered.

When seeking a correction to accumulated, social contradictions (problems) that become intolerably damaging, such as you would logically do, literate, thinking people will write the reasoning of the correction process, in a document, such as a constitution or charter, while mental midget warlords and their minions (Saddam, Bush, Obama and their minions) will swing swords, shoot guns and drop bombs to replace the accumulated damages with more damages perpetrated by different mental midgets espousing the same obvious lies about doing good for the common people, "liberating them", "spreading democracy" (robbing them for the wealth of the war leaders, destroying what they have achieved, for the ego gratification of the war leaders). Mental midgets (DemocanRepublicrats) will seek to correct problems by demanding that people do as the mental midgets "say", rather than write in a fully questioned document that resolves any contradictions in the reasoning of the words. The latter requires "thinking" or "reasoning", a concept beyond the comprehension or ability of power-damaged minds.

And then when the written reasoning of the new constitution or charter is handed to functionally illiterate mental midgets such as the US DemocanRepublicrats and the functionally illiterate, unquestioning people who vote for them, its words are not understood, and therefore wars "surge" and imprisonments increase, for the power of the leaders, in defiance of the written reasoning, .

An ignorant society cannot possible hold human rights. You hold no human rights in the US. The conclusion is obvious to thinking people.

The rights described in the US Constitution are now deniable PRIVILEGES, the opposite of undeniable RIGHTS.

So after the Magna Carta was signed, why are there still 17 shooting wars around the world, on average, at any time, with many of the wars started by nations who praise the Magna Carta? Beyond the above bare conclusions suggesting the effects of illiterate mental midgets, by what very specific (line-item correctable) (series of questions and answers) process can the minds of the war-starting government leaders not understand the plain, reasoning-based words of the Magna Carta or other documents of written reasoning (US Constitution) designed to replace the malicious ignorance of Neanderthal club and sword swingers?

Write a list of those reasons, to question them with real questions, to progressively make them more accurate and thus more useful to your mind, for your process to resolve complex contradictions, such as the accumulation of contradictions inherently created by governments administered by power-craving, power-damaged minds.

A functionally illiterate society which cannot understand words of written reasoning in documents designed to replace the obvious illogical processes of war lords, will be ruled by war lords, such as Cheney, Bush, Obama and their mindless military and police minions violating their oath to uphold the US Constitution.

Sometime during those times the Law of Nations was written and adopted by many national governments. Read it. It is a document of written reasoning creating a law. It was written by literate people who would understand this website, because they used their current best level of the human mind's reasoning process. They were reasoning people. They were trying to correct the accumulated problems of wars that destroy the constructive process of free-trade commerce that exchanges productivity and knowledge inherently advancing the human phenomenon. They wrote a very good Law of Nations designed to replace destructive wars with constructive free trade.

The Law of Nations is recognized in the US Constitution. The writers of the US Constitution understood the process of written reasoning. The written reasoning of the Law of Nations, if it were not immediately ignored by the mental midget power-damaged minds of government leaders, and by the laughably ignorant (functionally illiterate) Americans (taught by the government's failed public education system), who cannot understand written sentences of reasoning, would otherwise have precluded all of the 15 or so US-started wars after WWII, and nearly all the prior wars back to the writing of the Law of Nations before the US was created.

Precisely why was the superlative written reasoning of the Law of Nations openly and criminally violated by the US government of Democrat and Republican presidents, congressmen and politically appointed Supreme Court justices, by your description that you thoroughly question, with real questions, until you have a description you would present with your name, to the public, for their judgment of your reasoning ability? The knowledge is worth vastly more than a college education.

Precisely why did the US government chaps not just obey the Law of Nations, or lawfully amend the US Constitution to remove recognition of the Law of Nations, if they wanted to violate it? Why did they leave it in the constitution to fool fools, including themselves, and criminally violate the law, therein contradicting their oath to uphold the constitution, defining them as so functionally illiterate that they openly contradict themselves with their own words? What process was functioning in their power-damaged minds? And they victimized the utility of their children's minds with the same inability to resolve glaring contradictions.

Then came the full development of the Common Law, the most brilliant social invention of human history. It is sentences of written reasoning, written as the prevailing law, the highest law of the land for each human action, not contradicted by any superior law, and not lawfully contradicted by any inferior law, for each common law nation. It is written reasoning. Under the rule of written law, rather than the rule of personalities such as kings, presidents, congressmen and court judges, an action is either lawful or not lawful, in prior written law, without any contradictions remaining within the written law because reasoning resolves contradictions by design of reasoning.

Reasoning..... If an inferior statue law requires you to hold a driver's license (deniable government permission), to drive motor vehicles on the public roads, and an obviously contradicting superior law (US Constitution) grants the government no authority to require government permission for you to travel by common means on the public rights of way, then you cannot be lawfully required to get a driver's license (permission) to travel (drive) by common means (motor vehicles) on the public roads (public rights of way). Driving cars on the public roads in the US is a RIGHT for people of lawful age (16) to exercise that RIGHT, inherently requiring no government permission or the payment of a fee or tax. Ignorant cops who issue citations for people driving without a driver's license are criminally violating the prevailing law by using power of office and color of law to impose an inferior law above a superior law, and violating their oath of office. Your parents and school teachers did not teach you how to use your mind for reasoning. Learn now, or end up as dumb as American police and the people who believe them.

Because the common law is high quality, extensively questioned reasoning written as law, specifically removing contradictions, it is reliable over time, since reasoning is inherent to the design of THE human mind, therefore all human minds, and does not change with the daily changing whim of mental midget kings, presidents, Congressional majorities or Supreme Court Judges who have bad hair days. Therefore the common law is the reliable law of long term international business activity, explaining why the British law origin common law nations became the internationally most efficient traders, financially and socially advancing beyond the Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish, Arabic and other nations where long term business investments can to stolen any day a leader or group of leaders decides to "nationalize" a successful business to steal its money and productivity for the greed of the leaders. Would you make a long term, large financial investment in a country with a form of law that can change from day to day, or instead a form of law that guaranteed the security of your investment and eventual fair return under a law of written reasoning that cannot be changed because the reasoning is thorough, having answered all the questions, and resolved all the contradictions?

The US is one of the 35 or so British law origin, common law nations, in which the common law (written reasoning) is the highest law of the land. The US Constitution is a common law document, in harmony with the common law, with no contradictions to the common law.

Your goal herein is to learn why the development of OathKeepers.org is a highly noticeable event in the history of US citizen efforts to regain human rights from the DemocanRepublicrat War Regime, but is ultimately counter productive, corrupted, and therefore how it can be used by thinking people (YOU) to actually manifest its stated and clearly implied intent, despite its functionally illiterate leaders and members who cannot understand the reasoning process and have thus profoundly contradicted themselves and their process.

Precisely why is the superlative written reasoning of the common law openly and criminally violated by the US government of Democrat and Republican presidents, congressmen, politically appointed Supreme Court justices, and cops (except to protect themselves and their insider colleagues), for what you will learn from your answer if you are wise enough to question your first several answers?

During that time the US Constitution was then written, forming an entirely new government for an entirely new nation or society. Not unlike World War II US Army General and then President Dwight D. Eisenhower who had just learned the massive social damages of the process of war, and therefore strongly spoke out against the military industrial complex controlling the government for its purpose of perpetuating wars for the profits of war machine executives, the wise writers of the US Constitution recognized the massive social damages of the war process, from the history of incessant European wars that sapped the people of their productivity and intellectual advancement, leaving them as only slaves and fodder for the useless, ego gratification wars of inbred mental midget European kings. Therefore the writers of the US Constitution wrote a document of written reasoning-based process, the US Constitution, forming a new government based on written law (instead of a personality / king-rule process), as the highest law of the land which no law can lawfully contradict. Read those words again if you were taught by the US government's public schools to not be able to readily understand the meaning of "no law can lawfully contradict." The ruler is written words on paper, not presidents, congressmen or supreme court judges. Therein a war could not be started at the whim of a king or president, but must be fully debated by a congress of 535 officials elected by the people, and a "Declaration of War", adopted with a recorded vote of each politician, by name, representing the desires of their voters, signed into law by the president, under the authority of an independent Supreme Court able to promptly nullify the law and stop the war if the process did not conform to the exact words of the US Constitution.

There is no US Constitutional authority for a president to start a war with congressional "authorization", or to exercise "war powers" if there is no prior "congressional declaration of war". It must be a "declaration", with that word in the declaration, not an "authorization" or "congressional whooptido". Why would the power-damaged minds of the DemocanRepublicrat politicians agree to "authorize" a war, rather than "declare" a war, if the declaration was required by the law? The answer is inordinately useful for your mind. An "authorized" war, without any authority in the US Constitution, is a criminal act, with all involved US military personnel therefore criminally engaging in war (war crimes), and criminally violating their oath to uphold the US Constitution. What mechanism causes power-damaged minds to be unable to recognize the difference between an "authorization" and a "declaration" when a "declaration' is expressly required in plain written words that any literate person can recognize? Why not just "declare" the war? That is how dumb your military parents, children or other military relatives remain, as dumb as was I when I was fighting in Vietnam. Stop being that dumb. Do not let your children become that dumb.

With the inherent slaughter, destruction and cost of a war, the ultimate failure of humans, would you not want the most thorough reasoning and decision making process before you engaged in war? Well, what is the flawlessly verifiable reason, sustainable against all questions, that the US DemocanRepublicrat War Regime, its presidents, congressmen and Supreme Court judges started 15 massively destructive, bankrupting wars after WWII, against countries that did not attack the US, without any congressional "declarations of war"? So many different presidents, congressmen and court judges were involved in those several wars that, if you wish to advance your knowledge beyond the pitiably unquestioning OathKeepers.org chaps, your answer must identify a flaw, contradiction or alteration of the human mind's designed reasoning process, and you must be able to answer every related question. You can do that. Your effort to do so is more valuable to you than all the college educations and titles that have produced a society that is so intellectually absent that it supports destructive wars in complete violation of its own prevailing laws and the Law of Nations.

If the American people genuinely want to fund and fight in the currently unlawful wars, and want to live under the rule of written law, why not simply resolve the obvious contradiction created by undeclared wars, by repealing the currently prevailing laws (US Constitution and common law) and return to the rule of Presidents as kings, or Congressmen as kings, and obey whatever they write each day as "written law", including the laws written on bad hair days? It is that easy to resolve contradictions. You can state such things, and ask such questions. Power-damaged mind cannot possibly ask the question presented in this paragraph, with their names on record in public, while I can, and you can if you learn the reasoning process. Go ahead, try to get a DemocanRepublicrat politician to ask that question, on open public record, with his or her name.

The answer is: All those people held power-damaged minds resulting from their stimuli-induced perception of holding power over other people, and thus the perception that the design of their mind is superior to the design of the minds of people holding lesser or no institutional titles, and thus that their mind is more than it can possibly be by its design, the illusion of power-damaged minds. But that answer is of no actual utility to your mind until you can answer every related question asked by anyone. And then, in addition to asking and answering the questions that identify the biological brain process source creating that contradiction, you can ask and answer the questions to learn the process to resolve the contradiction of a person whose power-damaged mind perceives that it is more than a human mind can be, regardless of the power damaged mind's opposition which is just a contradiction resolved by the same process you resolved the other contradictions.

The writers of the US Constitution sought to solve the accumulated contradictions (social problems) created by war-mentality European kings who ruled by ever-changing verbal decrees creating raw power rather than verifiable reasoning on written record that cannot be changed without discovering new questions that create new, uncontradicted, superior reasoning that can withstand all available questions.

And the writers of the US Constitution wrote a Bill of Rights to list several human rights they thought to be important, as "rights", not "privileges", for which the government held no authority to restrict in any manner, by definition of rights, and further they expressly reserved to the people, therefore as individuals, all other human rights that exist by definition of rights, beyond the precisely itemized and limited authority granted to the government by the US Constitution. The ninth amendment of the US Constitution, in combination with the precise limits on governmental authority described in the Constitution, therein protects your right to completely own and manage your body without damaging anyone else, the fundamental human right upon which all other rights are predicated and dependent, for any action a human can perform that does not damage another verifiable, real person with a verifiable, real damage, or verifiably threaten another real person with a real damage having not occurred by chance alone, with a high probability of chance (driving through red stop lights), or with a low chance but with damages too great for rational people to tolerate (storing nuclear bombs in your basement).

You can hand a copy of the US Constitution to a functionally illiterate DemocanRepublicrat taught by public school English teachers, point to the ninth amendment, and they will still believe that you must get government permission (license), and pay a tax (license fee), therefore precluding the right to travel (drive) by common means (an automobile) on the public rights of way (roads) without any government permission (license). And they will believe that you can be lawfully jailed if you decide to ingest pot smoke into your own body without damaging anybody else. They could read these words, and would remain clueless. DemocanRepublicrats, the politicians and people who vote for them, are that dumb (functionally illiterate and unable to effect reasoning process), not because I say so, but because the definition of the words accurately describing their decisions and actions prove the case beyond any questions anyone can ask.

And the writers of the US Constitution openly emphasized the need for public education to make the common people literate so they could read the US Constitution, therefore recognize it as the highest law of the land, which no law can lawfully contradict, and therefore ignore any inferior law that corrupted government dolts adopted in contradiction to the laws of the US Constitution understandable by all literate people. What part of "shall not be infringed" do functionally illiterate, public school taught, National Rifle Association (NRA) members and the US Congressmen, lawyers and court judges on the NRA Board of Directors, still not understand after they avidly supported "carry permit" laws and fees requiring gun owners to suffer the infringement of getting government permission (permit), that is therefore inherently deniable, to exercise a right that cannot exist if it is deniable, and is automatically surrendered by "asking for, or acquiescing to the demand to get, permission" (carry permit), effecting a privilege?

What is your answer? Write it, and the precise reasoning of it, to recognize the functional illiteracy of NRA members supporting NRA leaders who actively demanded, and bribed (campaign contributions) US DemocanRepublicrat congressmen to adopt the carry permit laws that void the "RIGHT to keep and bear arms" the moment any NRA-duped citizen asks for permission to carry a gun by acquiescing to getting a "carry PERMIT" (permission). The act of asking for, or acquiescing to receiving, permission, is the act that lawfully describes the "willful surrender of one's RIGHTS that otherwise need no permission".

That is an example reason, among a long list, that OathKeepers.org chaps are not keeping their oath, openly violating their oath, and the process by which you can learn how to do their job that they pitiably fail.

Precisely why and how, in flawless description that reveals the corrective process in written reasoning, did every sentence and clause of the US Constitution end up being openly and criminally violated by the US government of Democrat and Republican presidents, congressmen, politically appointed Supreme Court justices, cops and military chaps, for what you will learn from your answer if you are wise enough to question your first several answers?

Patience, we are getting to the specifics of OathKeepers.org and more valuable information of profound utility.

And then the National Rifle Association (NRA) was formed by common citizens, in part to "defend" the rights of gun owners, the RIGHT to keep and bear arms. Any organization could be selected as an example of what went wrong with OathKeepers.org, but NRA is a classic example illuminating the consistently counter productive actions of power-based organizations whose leaders (power-damaged minds) are clueless of reasoning process.

A few years ago, highly revered then NRA President Charlton Heston opened an annual NRA members meeting with his usual scripted speech of memorized movie lines orchestrated by his paid handlers, and stated that NRA did not exist to defend just the Second Amendment, but to defend all the Constitutional rights of all Americans, which is what the Second Amendment insures. Whereupon he was given yet another standing ovation, of many standing ovations, by the 4,000 NRA members in attendance, filling several large rooms of the convention center.

Might the First Amendment right to uncensored, fee speech be among the rights of Americans that NRA defends, even with guns if necessary?

Shortly after that usual opening speech Heston started the business portion of the membership meeting by telling all the members that they had 30 minutes to turn their written resolutions into the Secretary for later introduction during the "Member Resolutions" portion of the agenda.

Thereupon an NRA member, by chance a benefactor life member and previous NRA Director (myself), promptly stood with a "point of order", asking the president (Heston) to state the authority in the NRA bylaws for the president to introduce "Member Resolutions" business before that item in the agenda, and to require member resolutions to be turned into the officers for what everybody recognized was leadership censorship of the members right of free speech to introduce their own uncensored member resolutions during the "Member Resolutions" portion of the agenda. The NRA secretary and staff select which member resolutions would and would not be allowed to be introduced when the "Member Resolutions" agenda item was reached.

Leadership panic. Microphones at the head table were covered, officers clustered up, whispering to each other with worried expressions. The NRA lawyer and the highest power clique huddled around Heston, confusing him with varied panic suggestions of how to escape the "point of order".

What? Comply with the corporation laws and state the by-laws authority or admit that there was no such authority and therefore let the members introduce their own resolutions during that agenda business item, as their right of uncensored freedom of speech? Not in the NRA! No law or human right binds the NRA leaders, identical to Bush and Obama.

Only a few years prior, and all prior to that, "member" resolutions were introduced by the "members" who wrote them, exercising their freedom of speech, for debate and voting by the "members", inherent to a "members" meeting, "member" resolutions, and the New York State incorporation laws where NRA was incorporated, relating to "member" rights to express and vote on concerns giving direction and advice, at the annually required "members" meeting, on public record, to the Board of Directors who would otherwise not represent the "members" under the corporation laws relating to "member" organizations. And Robert's Rules of Order, under which NRA operated, required items of business to be introduced in compliance with the written agenda. Any business relating to "member resolutions" could only be introduced under the agenda item of "member resolutions".

As normal to any organization meetings, a motion to consider any bizarre resolutions that were considered a waste of time by the members did not get a "second", and thus no time was wasted. Or a "call for the vote" was overwhelming supported to promptly vote down worthless resolutions, in addition to the normal aversion to introducing a poorly considered resolution to a large group of peers who will ridicule poorly prepared resolutions. The process of members introducing member resolutions is self regulating by member reactions to illogical resolutions, and needs no "leadership control" of the process. Member resolutions commonly expose and seek to correct inappropriate actions or corruption by leaders, for open membership debate, which is a primary incentive for leaders to avoid self-serving corruption, which is why "membership" introduction of "membership" resolutions at "members meetings" are a required part of "membership" organizations in many State corporation laws. The process is a recognized and lawfully instituted check and balance on inherent corporation leadership corruption.

So why the NRA leadership panic for a logical "point of order" at a "members" meeting?

The answer is obviously the accumulated extent of extreme NRA leadership corruption that could no longer exist if members revealed and openly discussed the corruption at membership meetings, for public record, and formally adopted resolutions that could correct that corruption.

The institutionally powerful and therefore inherently corrupted NRA leaders recognized what US congressmen and presidents learned about DemocanRepublicrat voters, that like said voters, NRA members are dumber than rocks, functionally illiterate, and clueless of what "rights" are, so a few years prior the NRA leaders tested their perception by asking the members to turn in written copies of their resolutions to the Secretary, at the time they were to be read, so the Secretary could more efficiently and accurately enter them into the written record while the resolutions were being read by the members who introduced the resolutions. The tactic worked. So the next year the leaders gathered all the resolutions shortly before any were read, and then the Secretary announced that several resolutions were so similar that he would select the "best" one of each for the identified author to introduce his resolution. The dumb, unquestioning NRA members fell for that ruse.

And the third year the resolutions were required to be turned into the Secretary at the start of the day-long meeting, with the "Member Resolutions" agenda item always the last order of business later in the day, so the leaders had time to thoroughly censor them and substitute their own staff-sanitized version of each "member" resolution that exposed leadership corruption, claiming that the two resolutions, unseen to the members, were similar, and selected the "best" (staff-written substitute) "membership resolution" for introduction and debate. No NRA members objected. The NRA members were in fact dumb as rocks. Only the insiders and a scant few thinking people who were laughing at the NRA members, understood the scam.

Like all such institutional corruption, that scam to protect and increase leadership corruption / power was only part of the process. The leaders also wrote a gaggle of "membership resolutions" praising the leaders, insiders and their colleagues, for membership debate and voting, that were verbosely supported by insider (staff) "members" standing at the microphones for long speeches supporting the membership resolutions praising good people, good things, apple pie, fellow gun owners and the American flag, until most of the members got bored and left the meeting before any genuine member resolutions were introduced "in the order that the Secretary received the resolutions" among the many meaningless pre-meeting submissions by the staff.

And then at every meeting, when the leaders calculated the number of voting members versus the number of voting member staff, contractors, insiders, Directors and their ilk, and the normal sheep mentalities of any power-based (unthinking) organization's members, the leaders would walk in a "ringer" such as a popular Senator, celebrity, and even Oli North at one meeting, as an "honored member" after only a few of the staff written "member resolutions" were introduced and voted on, who was given a "member" microphone to give a stirring speech, praise the good work of the members, suggest that they adjourn the meeting on that (mysterious) "good note", in "unity", for the strong public image of NRA, and make the motion to adjourn the meeting, which the remaining NRA staff and unquestioning sheep routinely voted to adopt and go home feeling good about the lies they were just told. Therein any yet not introduced member resolution calling for accountability of the leaders, was easily avoided every meeting.

It is not always an accurate calculation. One year the vote was clearly against the adjournment because there were open shouts to continue the meeting to discuss the member resolutions exposing rampant NRA leadership corruption. But the President loudly declared that the vote to adjourn was favorable, loudly hit the gavel once, and you have never seen a front table of corrupt (NRA) corporation leaders so quickly disappear. The unlawful tactic worked because there was no sufficiently organized, wealthy opposition to sue the leaders and their NRA funded legion of lawyers, under the New York Corporation laws, for that fraudulent adjournment. That "close call" scared the NRA leaders a bit, so at subsequent meetings they wasted more meeting time with more meaningless staff-written resolutions to bore more members into leaving the meetings before the leaders introduced the sudden adjournment scam.

So, back to the above mentioned "point or order". Movie actor and NRA President actor Charlton Heston, clueless of what the right to freedom of speech is, or any human right, and contemptuous toward the gullible mere peasant NRA members not among his wealthy, privileged movie actor and organization leader elite, parroting what he was being told by his handler at that moment, declared that the point of order was out of order, as the NRA Secretary, an ex-Marine taught to obey unlawful orders without question, turned off the membership microphones to preclude any audible objection to the fraudulent "out of order" decree for an always-in-order request for revealing by-laws authority for any leadership action.

Concurrently one of the contingency assigned groups of NRA staff, always placed among the members, promptly shouted derisive remarks against the member speaker at the turned-off member microphone, a benefactor life member who had prior received more membership votes than 55 of the 60 Director candidates in that election (for 25 positions), an Army infantry officer war veteran (Vietnam). And then another group of NRA staff started loudly booing him, among their shouted derisive accusation, as they were instructed to do against anyone not praising the leaders. And the staff-popularized NRA cult leader Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre hastily moved to a microphone to "take over" from Heston, and gave a rousing speech of what good things the leaders were doing for the members who dutifully gave him a standing ovation for the most trite flag-waving rhetorical garbage taught to him by his NRA member financed Public Relations handlers. The "secret" processes (staff assigned to "boo" members not praising the leaders) of the therefore intellectually absent insider leaders are never successfully held from their fellow NRA leaders (Directors) who recognize such obvious childishness of the central leadership clique, but do not know what questions to ask to stop the leadership from making fools of the Directors and members.

It was one of the classic American organizational leadership tactics to silence any membership discussion of leadership corruption, proving the abject ignorance of NRA members supporting corrupted leaders denying members their human rights.

But yet more entertaining.... Because of that point of order by a thinking member who dared to question the leadership contempt for member rights and violation of corporate law, at the end of the same meeting, after a few staff written, pablum praising "member resolutions" were adopted, a popular Congressman who was an NRA Director introduced and verbosely supported a quickly staff written "member" resolution for NRA to formally adopt the practice of the officers prior reviewing and selecting (censoring) "membership resolutions" before they could be introduced by members, to preclude those nasty "dissidents" attempting to "embarrass the great leadership qualities of dedicated NRA leaders" in front of the "liberal news media" that "hates NRA and gun owner rights" "attending the membership meetings". (No mention was made of the fact that the only things that even resembled news journalists, regardless of membership, who were ever allowed past the NRA security personnel, into a member meeting, had to be prior personally proven as deep inside the NRA leadership flattery circle.) The hastily rehearsed staff resolution supporters then came to the microphones, on cue, to heap vitriol onto those evil "dissidents", and praised the "loyal" NRA members (who never question leadership corruption), and supported the resolution.

The resolution was a clearly stated authorization for the NRA leaders to openly censor, that is, deny freedom of speech to, NRA members at NRA meetings, to preclude any formal membership introduction of membership concerns about leadership corruption.

Now, how would you suggest that the lavishly self-praising NRA members, who ballyhooed their support for their American rights, including the right of their own freedom of uncensored speech, would vote on an obvious leadership suggestion that the members be censored by the leaders to preclude any formal discussion of leadership corruption?

The resolution was adopted overwhelmingly. The sheep-like NRA members are that void of individual thinking ability. The meeting was immediately adjourned in the early afternoon by the usual methods. And out of 4,000 members starting the meeting, with over a thousand remaining at the end of the meeting, only five members walked up to the guy who questioned Heston's authority, asking how in the hell could supposedly intelligent NRA members be so monumentally and historically unthinking as to overwhelmingly vote to censor themselves to deny themselves the right to freedom of speech, making a mockery of everything sacrificed by the founders of the United States of America, and a mockery of every American soldier who ever believed he or she was fighting for human rights described in the US Constitution.

The NRA leaders did to their unquestioning members precisely what the DemocanRepublicrat leaders did to the unquestioning American citizens. They did precisely what the Roman emperors, Soviet leaders, Chinese leaders and all other government leaders did to their unquestioning people. The leaders just fooled and intimidated the unquestioning members and citizens out of their rights, with the oldest lies in the book of government lies.

They did what OathKeepers.org leaders do.

NRA has since increased the number of its unquestioning members who are clueless of what human rights are. NRA members are the successfully dumbed-down Americans who want to be led by scripted movie actors and other media-created famous personalities verbally dictating everybody's decisions. The NRA members and most Americans want other people to make their decisions for them and their children, and foolishly believe that the leaders are serving the members instead of the leaders. They mindlessly believe the most ancient, the most consistently exposed lies of government and other organization leaders.

As an aside, if the NRA executive vice president (cult personality Wayne LaPierre) and his insider clique of a dozen or so of the 76 directors (the other directors are useless fluff who do as LaPierre and his clique dictate) learned and used intellectual technology, which would require a few days, within 30 days thereafter Congress would declare null, void and unconstitutional all of the 20,000 federal, State and local laws that infringed the right described in the Second Amendment. Gun owners would be free to exercise their RIGHTS, without any government hassles. NRA would pay off its massive debts which LaPierre was paid huge sums by New York banksters for creating, at great profit for the banksters, sapping the money gullible NRA members who send to NRA. NRA would no longer need its hundreds of millions of dollars of member money each year for political bribes and interest payments to New York banksters. NRA would become a popular, non-controversial shooting sports organization. LaPierre would probably be elected as US president, garnering the vote of most of the then suddenly previous anti-gunners as well, for a reason that results from the use of intellectual technology. His pocket insider clique of cronies would also be in high demand for government leadership positions nationally and internationally. AcMac, the public relations firm which owns NRA would be out of a job, and under investigation by NRA members for potential fraud. All of which is flawlessly verifiable by a series of questions. But the power-damaged minds of the NRA sorts cannot even comprehend the concept of asking the questions to efficiently prove or disprove the above, by design of the verifiable damage that the perception of holding "power" over other inherently equal human minds does to certain neurons and synapses in the human brain, verifiable. All much to the amusement of people who simply use their minds to think, that is, ask and answer questions of identified contradictions.

OathKeepers.org leaders, even with their limited volunteer time and their very limited volunteer part time staff, could effect a result of similar or greater magnitude, and cause a popular majority demand that the OathKeepers,org primary leader be elected the next US President. Of course that has been made obviously easier after Bush and Obama made it so obvious that they are clueless of the meaning of an oath to uphold the US Constitution.

An ignorant, unquestioning society cannot possibly hold human rights.

The existence of human rights requires a society sufficiently literate and intelligent to understand what human rights are, and how to not be fooled or intimidated out of those rights.

The NRA members are the dumbed-down Americans, as are the OathKeepers.org chaps. And you?

If you cannot understand the reasoning herein, and the process to severely question government and other organization leaders and their minions with real questions, on public record, the type of plain language reasoning used by the writers of the common law and the US Constitution, go back to school to learn how to accurately use the English language, or hope other citizens will protect you from your government, or resign yourself and your family to functional slavery to an insatiably money and power-craving US DemocanRepublicrat War Regime and its pocket citizen organization leaders fooling you with arrangements of words that do not hold their meanings.

How in the hell could those NRA members be so unquestioning of their actions as to vote to deny themselves their own freedom of speech, the right to effectively criticize their own obviously corrupt leaders, a Constitutionally described human right for which many people died horrible deaths in wars to create and defend that right? Therein NRA members metaphorically urinate on all American soldiers who died in wars to create and protect those rights.

If you think NRA members are dumber than rocks, clueless of what human rights are, or their value, consider OathKeepers.org.

Like the idea of forming an organization (NRA) of common citizens to defend gun owner rights from inherent government corruption of power, OathKeepers.org is a brilliant concept or idea belatedly arriving at an obviously appropriate time for government personnel (military and police) who belatedly recognize that their NRA styled government leaders in Washington DC are corrupt to the core of their souls, serving only themselves and insiders at profound cost of citizen rights, freedom and money, in criminal violation of their oath to uphold the US Constitution.

OathKeepers.org formed an organization of people who profess to keep their oath to uphold the Constitution, just like the NRA members who profess to protect their right to keep and bear arms.

Like NRA and the DemocanRepublicrat Regime leaders, OathKeepers.org leaders cannot recognize that human rights cannot be successfully divided and selectively defended in a diverse society of inherently equal human minds who can only advance the human phenomenon by exercising the full mix of human rights at their logical places and times by the decisions of the individual minds finding those rights useful at said times and places.

Human rights are human rights. They are flawlessly defined, impartial to the human exercising them, and socially instituted within the common law. They are not and cannot be only what the other guy wants to allow you, especially an other guy who is corrupted by power, such as by his police job.

Simple read the list of obviously unlawful orders OathKeepers state on their website that they are rightfully refusing to obey.

Where is the rest of the list clearly written in the US Constitution that OathKeepers took a solemn oath to uphold?

OathKeepers.org are the Charlton Heston's and NRA leaders.

The OathKeepers took an oath to uphold the US Constitution, not just their individually favored portions of the constitution. What is the value of their oath that they purport to be keeping?

Why did NRA leaders use their power to manifest their own freedom of speech, and use the same power to deny members their freedom of speech?

What happens inside the human brain when it acquires the perception of institutional power of US government personnel, NRA leaders, or military and police jobs?

Is there any power that does not corrupt, that is, not alter and damage the reasoning ability of the human mind?

What is your answer? Write it. Date and sign your name to it for others to judge your intelligence.

The answer is, NO. I am Doug Buchanan (DougBuchanan.com).

There is a reason that even Frodo, in the movie, Lord of the Rings, could not willfully throw the ring of power into the volcano, to destroy it. It was destroyed by a fumble in Frodo's fight with Glolum, each attempting to keep the ring. While the movie script writers were sufficiently intelligent to recognize the obvious, that power is insatiable, and no power-damaged mind can ever willingly surrender any portion of power, those script writers have never asked and answered the next questions to learn the process to defeat power with intellectual technology. As the next questions. Answer them.

Every high school science class student who was not sleeping in class learns that there are no events in the universe that do not change something else, and ultimately everything to some extent. Humans and their minds are in the universe. The corruption of institutional power, that is, its alteration of perceptions, is a verifiable, locatable, quantifiable and qualifiable phenomenon in human minds. Do police and military personnel hold power over common people? Do government leaders hold power over police and military personnel? What happens in the human mind when it adopts the perception that it holds power over other people?

Are not the human rights of the common people completely dependent upon the common people being sufficiently intelligent to QUESTION power, with real questions on public record, rather than mindlessly obey always-corrupted power?

A real OathKeepers.org would openly publish all the currently common, Constitutionally unlawful orders that they would refuse to obey, not just the Charlton Heston type rhetorical illusions designed to fool ignorant, unquestioning people into supporting the OathKeepers.org leadership egos.

Human rights are human rights, not just your favorite human rights, or the favorite human rights of cops and oath-violating OathKeepers.

Consider the list of human rights described in the US Constitution, that are openly violated by unlawful orders of government lawyers, court judges, Congressmen, bureaucrats, police and military superiors, that a real OathKeepers.org would openly refuse to obey to comply with their oath to uphold the US Constitution.

If the government requires you by law to take an oath to uphold the US Constitution, perjury to which is a crime, for a government job, then only a criminal or astonishingly ignorant, unquestioning person would criminally violate the oath. Why take or require the oath in the first place, if like police and military dolts, you recognize that the job as administered by criminal superiors requires you to criminally violate the oath, and you still take and violate the oath? A society of people that ignorant cannot possibly hold human rights which only require sufficient literacy to read the US Constitution, and knowledge of the existence of a dictionary if you have not yet learned the meanings of the words.

A REAL OathKeepers.org would state that its members will not obey the following unlawful orders that violate their oath to uphold the US Constitution.......

1. Any order to enforce an inferior law contradicted by a superior law within the US Constitution and Common Law (over 85 percent of the laws enforced by police).

2. Any order from a superior who refused to certify, on signed, notarized public record, under penalty of fraud, perjury to oath of office, evasion of a known legal duty and other laws, that the order was in harmony with the superior Common Law.

3. Any order that infringed the second amendment RIGHT to keep and bear arms, such as a requirement that police grant or deny their permission for an adult to buy a hand gun ("insti-check").

4. Any order that effected the government seizure of ownership and management of any person's body, violating their ninth amendment RIGHT to own and manage their own body without their damaging another person, such as an order to arrest anybody who smoked pot.

5. Any court judge's order that denied a person their right to express whatever they wanted to verbally express and present as evidence in their defense against a government accusation, in a court of law.

6. Any order to issue a violation citation, to a war veteran who got shot at to defend the American RIGHTS of themselves, their family, friends and other Americans, for not paying National Park Rangers a fee, or not getting a permit (permission) to exercise their RIGHT to walk and temporarily camp on their own public land owned by the people, not the National Park Pigs.

7. Any order to issue a citation for a person, 16 years of age or older, exercising their RIGHT to travel by common means on the public rights of way (driving without a driver's license).

8. Any order to take up military arms against people in a foreign country without a prior fully debated and adopted CONGRESSIONAL DECLARATION OF WAR.

9. And the long list of other obvious examples recognized by functionally literate people who recognize the contradictions between what the US Constitution and Common Law state in writing, and what government thugs (cops, prosecutors, judges, bureaucrats) are doing.

But of course you recognize that to do so the therefore honest police and military would obviously put themselves out of their paid job of violating their oath of office, the job of denying Americans their RIGHTS described in the US Constitution. But would an honest person not be willing to do so after so many Americans died horrible deaths in wars to defend those RIGHTS? Your answer?

OathKeepers.org will not publish the above list of unlawful orders that real Oath Keepers would refuse to obey.

When your government heaps contradicting laws on top of contradicting laws long enough, in sum negating every human right, turning rights into privileges that are grantable and deniable at whim of thousands of government dolts with the power of kings, with the cops too ignorant to resolve even the simplest contradiction among them (honor rather than violate their oath to uphold the Constitution), your government is self-doomed, soon to collapse as did the Soviet government, and commonly intelligent people laugh.

And you recognize that OathKeepers.org leaders are identical to NRA and US government leaders, so totally corrupted by the paltry money and ego gratification they get from unquestioning supporters that they violate their stated reason for existence, to create their organizational POWER and reason to get donations from functionally illiterate police and military personnel who cannot identify a RIGHT described in the US Constitution even if you teach them to read the English language, and hand them a dictionary.

What part of "shall not be infringed" are all American police and OathKeepers.org sorts just plain too flat ignorant to understand? Of what utility to humans is the English language if its words do not hold any written, reliable meanings, clearly used and intended by the writers of the US Constitution? Of what utility is written law if it is enforced as whatever contradicting verbal decree any cop, lawyer, court judge or bureaucrat verbally says the written law means at their whim? The demand that one get a "carry permit" or permission to buy a hand gun, or get a gun dealers license (permission) are "infringements" on the people's right to keep and bear arms.

With the process to amend the US Constitution, such as to repeal the stated rights of the Americans, clearly written in the US Constitution, why can't the US DemocanRepublicrat Regime leaders, with their unquestioning police and military minions, lawfully and logically initiate the lawful process to amend the US Constitution if they wish to deny or infringe the right of the people to keep and bear arms? Why do the US DemocanRepublicrat leaders act just like the NRA leaders? Why do cops violate the Constitution and their oath to demand that people get permission, permits and licenses that infringe a right?

The answer..... Because they have power-damaged minds, and cannot identify what a RIGHT is, even after they are repeatedly shown in writing.

A real OathKeepers.org could promptly end wars, regain American RIGHTS and rapidly advance Americans into the most prosperous nation in human history, if a real OathKeepers.org, or any other significant citizen rights organization leadership published and widely distributed the following written statement to every military person who took an oath to uphold the US Constitution, and to potential recruits, such as every high school student....

To my current or future commanding officer.........

If I am to serve in the US military, and risk my life to obey my oath to uphold the US Constitution, I insist that my lowest level Commanding Officer and his commanding officer sign notarized statements, with their original signatures, under penalty of fraud, evasion of a known legal duty and perjury to oath of office, therein written, that I, my family, friends and other Americans shall be lawfully able to freely exercise every right described in the US Constitution, verbatim, without fear of being arrested, and that the government shall not exercise any power not expressly granted to it in the US Constitution, without any "interpretation" that is not the dictionary definition of the words of the US Constitution, with said statement not referencing or allowing any hidden, obscured or unrevealed contract or agreement invoking any other power, authority or exception for my commanding officer or the government.

Concurrently I recognize that the common law grants the government the duty to determine the legal age of adulthood for fully exercising rights, to determine the definition of firearms only precluding those that are not hand or shoulder fired, and which fire explosive ammunition, and the social limitations described verbatim in the long established common law that precludes identifiable, real threats of real damage to real people, not having effected the damage by chance alone, with a high chance of damage (such as driving through stop signs), or a low chance of damage but with socially unacceptable damage (such as storing high explosives in residential areas). I demand for my family and other common people the same Common Law rights and protection accorded to the super-rich families, and highly titled government and court judge families.

A refusal to sign such a statement proves for public record and court evidence, that American military personnel are, and have been, fighting for a lie, a fraud, unlawfully deceived, bilked of their and their family's Constitutionally described rights, defending the raw power of government insiders violating the US Constitution, and lawfully voids any prior verbal or written agreement between military personnel and the government. Such a refusal proves the ignorance and gullibility of American military personnel, commonly referenced as "cannon fodder" for the exclusive benefits and lavish lifestyles of the privileged government elite. I cannot serve a government whose officers do not sign such a statement and contract for my personally held records.

The wording for the signed statement...... I, (name and rank), commanding officer of (fully described unit) in which (soldier's name) is serving or will agree to serve, under oath to uphold the US Constitution which is superior to all inferior laws, certify under the full liability for penalty of fraud, perjury to oath of office, evasion of a known legal duty and other laws, that I will personally insure that said enlisted person or subordinate officer, his family, friends and other Americans shall hold and may exercise at will all the rights described in the US Constitution, verbatim, without exception, without any application of inferior laws or inferior law jurisdictions, hidden agreement, contract or exception to my liability, and that the government shall exercise no authority not expressly granted to it in the US Constitution. ........Printed name, signature, date, County and State location, Notary Public signature, notary commission expiration date, signing date, Notary Seal.

OathKeepers.org will not publish such a statement.

Nor will any other government agency or citizen power-based or organization. Their corrupted leaders are both dishonest and afraid of such reasoning that reveals the contradiction of their power.

Military officers will not sign such a statement, therein proving that US military personnel are fighting for a lie, gullible, dumb as rocks, ignorant cannon fodder risking their lives, and sacrificing their lives, limbs, physical and psychological health for the raw power and ego gratification of insatiably greedy government insiders serving themselves at the cost of the common people.

Imagine what would happen to the wealth of the US Military Industrial Complex executives, and the power of the DemocanRepublicrat War and Police Regime leaders, if the above statement were widely distributed to military age recruits in high schools, and active duty military personnel.

No American military person can credibly claim even a shred of courage or bravery, and are verifiable COWARDS if they are so flat scared spitless of their own commanding officers, idiots who are violating their oath of office, and scant few years older than their subordinates, who cannot lawfully shoot or imprison a subordinate who requests the signing of such an agreement, that the military enlisted chaps would not request the signing of such a statement.

Millions of easily fooled fools throughout history, not brave people, have eagerly flocked to the killing fields of wars for the ego gratification of their leaders, and not one of those US military fools holds the courage to request their functionally harmless superior officers to sign the above identified statement.

A nation defended by fools is doomed.

If popularly forwarded emails, blogs, websites of peace, anti-war, citizen rights, patriotic Americans, honesty-based news journalists and such groups copied, linked or referenced the above portion of this section, you would shortly regain your rights, and the rights of your offspring, despite the predictable scams the military and government power-cravers would attempt to subvert the intent. Military personnel would start asking questions, the doom of every War Regime.

Is it not obvious that your military mother, father, son, daughter, brother or sister or friend is a coward if they are so scared of their functionally harmless commanding officer that they will not request the signing of the above agreement? What is your answer, if you are sufficiently wise to answer questions, rather than flee questions as do power-damaged minds?

The US DemocanRepublicrats and US Military Industrial Complex executives will continue to doom their own children and other unquestioning Americans to a malicious War and Prison society, of the type ruled by the old European kings, prey for malicious government thugs, with all the obvious damages, confiscatory taxation, destruction of the value of the medium of exchange (Dollars), increasing imprisonments of harmless citizens, incessant public arguments, anger, retaliations and grief, just for the insatiable monetary greed and ego gratification of the US DemocanRepublicrats and US Military Industrial Complex executives who will die rich, malicious, dumb as rocks, and useless for the advancement of the human phenomenon, like their children they teach to be as dumb.

Copy and paste this section to your computer, now, if you wish. Distribute it. At some point in time, perhaps soon, in the inherent escalation of the categorical corruption of the US DemocanRepublicrat War and Police Regime, that Regime will destroy internet sites which criticize the Regime. The Regime minions will censor your internet access, and worse. They have no choice in their power-damaged minds. They know no process of reasoning. They cannot willingly obey the common law or US Constitution. Their power-damaged minds cannot allow them to willingly surrender any portion of their power. They are functionally illiterate products of the public school English teachers. They cannot comprehend the meanings of the words of their oath to uphold the supreme law of the US Constitution which no law may lawfully contradict. They will do as the NRA leaders and OathKeepers.org leaders have done. Their financial comfort is depend on maintaining an ignorant, gullible, compliant, functionally illiterate, unquestioning population, as dumb as NRA members. And because they hold more power, they will be more malicious. They are already commonly known to seize people and hold them indefinitely without any charges of violations of law, without any access to courts of law, including in secret prisons in foreign countries. They maliciously torture and murder helpless prisoners. The US President (Bush and Obama) have authorized government agents to summarily murder any Americans who are secretly decreed to be "terrorists", at whim of government insiders. Their cyberspace spies and hackers have already destroyed websites that criticize their glaring lawlessness and violations of law.

It is a common, trite old race in time between the government (every government) effort to keep the citizenry perpetually ignorant, an impossibility, and the citizen effort to learn the knowledge of the process by which malicious mental midget government thugs attempt to keep the citizenry ignorant. Learn and distribute knowledge to your children and other citizens, or become the victims of your ignorance, ruled by malicious, ignorant DemocanRepublicrat Neanderthals and their minions.

What?, allow American military personnel and their families the rights they fought for? Not in America ! And why? Because the Americans are too dumb to even know what rights are. That is why they are successfully recruited for military and police jobs, and trained to stay dumb (ask no questions), clueless of the meaning of their oath to uphold the US Constitution.

OathKeepers.org, like NRA and the DemocanRepublicrat War Regime, are the institutionally power-damaged minds that have rhetorically flim-flammed unquestioning people out of their human rights, since government and other organizations were invented. Their minds manifest the organizational manifestations of human fundamentals, by the design of the human mind and human organizations. Every human mind, including yours, was designed to be able to destroy its own original reasoning ability and process, by adopting instead of questioning the common stimuli of organizationally induced power.

So you young people are on your own, lied to incessantly by adults, and trained to be functionally illiterate, by the adults. You will learn what organizational power is, and how it alters the perceptions of the human mind, that is, the mechanism by which power-related sensory stimuli damage the neural process of the human brain, and thus with that knowledge be useful for the advancement of human society, OR you will end as dumb as the adults, clueless of what human rights are, functionally illiterate, asking no effective questions, useless for the advancement of the human phenomenon.

Your choice. Just do not end up being as dumb as the adults without training your children to be that dumb, or they may ask and answer the questions to learn why their parents were so embarrassingly illiterate and ignorant.


End of Intech Concepts 35


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