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Immediately achievable high intelligence....14 March 2010

Send this to any young person whom you want to immediately become more intelligent than half the Americans, across the spectrum of Americans, including half of those Americans with high titles, credentials, education levels, high IQ's, and social status.

As a young person you have the advantage. As each year goes by, the easily achievable advantage becomes more difficult, in that the advantage then requires more time asking and answering more questions of your own accumulated, institutionally-induced contradictions that you foolishly believed rather than questioned at the moment of their introduction because you did not learn the process and nature of effective questioning while you were younger. You were not taught the process because the vast majority of adults did not learn it, or wars, forced taxation, inferior laws contradicted by superior laws, and other damaging institutionally-taught contradictions would not exist.

You are human. You are of your mind, not your body. Your body is a life support system for your mind.

Do not humans dominate the animals and plants because of the human's superior design of mind?

Use your answer to advance your knowledge, as with all of your answers to questions.

Intelligent people use their mind to figure out how to derive a benefit from offering other people something they want because it benefits them, and therefore something other people will pay money or return the favor or a similar benefit to get the offered benefit, benefiting the person who offered the benefit. Is that not obviously good reasoning?

That includes the common laborer who is willingly offing his labor for the benefit of the boss for the benefit of the customers who pay the boss for the product or service for the boss to pay the laborer, each benefiting from their part of the work. The writer of these words is a common laborer by trade. A "trade", as in a profession, is called a trade because it is a trade of a benefit for a benefit.

If you are sufficiently intelligent to figure out what the above mentioned laborer, boss and customers figured out, you have half the knowledge needed to be more intelligent than half the Americans.

Now therefore recognize that dumb people, such as government chaps and private sector criminals, can be reasonably described as dumb, or intellectually less active, such as I once was as an Army officer, cannot understand the above simple, obvious knowledge, as I did not at that time, for lack of anyone explaining it to me, and instead figure that they can force or deceive people into giving them money, a benefit, such as robbery by taxation under threat of armed police and prison, or threat of war, killing and destruction by the American military thugs, under the ruse of "inferior laws" that violate the prevailing laws of the Common Law and Law of Nations which are reasoning written as law.

They seize their benefit without offering an equal benefit that anyone would WILLINGLY trade to get, by proof in the forced seizure. The usual lies about government chaps offering a benefit are just lies, as proven by the forced seizure instead of a private enterprise, willing trade. The use of force proves the controlling contradiction. No excuses prevail. If what the government offers for the tax money it seizes is of benefit to the people, then the people would willingly pay for that purported benefits, rather than need to be forced to pay taxes.

Consider the lie about the government providing the taxpayers the "benefits" of roads, schools, fire and police protection, for an amount of tax money that so grossly exceeds the private enterprise cost of roads, schools, fire and police protection that the wife of King Obama can hire over a dozen of her laughably ignorant, incompetent friends as "aides" for over $100,000 per year plus vastly more in their expenses, and five presidential ego gratification wars against countries that did not attack the US, making war toy executives and staff multi-millionaires, and the lavish lifestyles of the State governors and their legions of aides and staff, plus billions of dollars slipped into the Swiss bank accounts of foreign military generals under the ruse of "foreign aid to poor people", and "bailing out" the Wall Street banksters who each paid themselves and their staffs multi million dollar salaries and bonuses, and paid their European bankster friends about a third of the US taxpayer "bailout" money to banks, and the remaining long list of government leeches bleeding the private enterprise working people into a life of debt. The actual "benefits" cost a negligible fraction of the money the government seizes. The government lie of benefits given to the taxpayers fools fools. You do not want to be among the ignorant American adult fools who keep voting for the US DemocanRepublicrat power-damaged minds who are so ignorant that they sincerely believe that they, YOU and your children will not have to pay the consequences of their ignorance. You do not want to be among the Americans who teach their children to be that ignorant.

What is your mind's reaction, either immediate or subsequent, if you are FORCED to do something, or deceived into doing something?

What is your answer?

Use it to advance your knowledge about every inherently equal human mind's reaction to FORCE or deception, including the government dolts who use force against others, and react even more greatly against anyone attempting to force them, whose power-damaged minds cannot understand the substance of this sentence.

Force is based on physical or institutional "strength" defying intelligence or reasoning. Deception is based on temporarily fooling an unquestioning mind with initially believable lies, that is, creating an inherently unsustainable contradiction.

From your above answer you can recognize that force and deception create unsustainable contradictions, both creating irritation or anger toward the persons using force or deception, whether they are government thugs or private sector thugs.

As an aside for the moment, a wise person will not be irritated, angered, insulted or offended, and will instead be amused by each example of ignorant humans creating damaging contradictions.

Government and private sector criminals function on their perception that they can TAKE what they want from you, and forever deceive you into believing that they are giving you something of equal value in return, such as your "freedom" to keep working to earn more money so the government thugs can keep taking it.

The demarcation is between the reasoning (intelligent) mind benefiting itself by first benefiting others to the extent that they willingly benefit the reasoning mind in return, versus fundamentally ignorant people (government and private criminals) who use force or deception to TAKE what they want to benefit themselves, and simply lie to the victims about getting something in return.

Now notice that government includes people, among the full spectrum, with high IQ's, high titles, credentials, education levels and social status, while successful private business owners include people, among the full spectrum, with low IQ's, no titles, low education levels, social status and no credentials beyond successfully offering products and services for which people willingly pay a reasoned proportion of money or traded benefit.

Among whom do you and your children wish to live, a society that trades benefits for benefits, or a society of thugs who take what they want from you, and give you lies?


As an aside, IQ's are a measure of prior developed interest in the type questions asked on IQ tests, not a measure of intelligence in relation to reasoning ability, or nobody with high IQ's would be involved in the use of force or deception (governments). Force and deception are inherently unsustainable and therefore not what any reasoning mind would use. Government and large institutionally flawed organizations employ many high IQ people, proving that no small number of those high IQ chaps are ignorant of the human mind's reasoning ability. People with high IQ's are involved with the spectrum of human intelligence, that is, reasoning ability, and concurrently, ignorance of human fundamentals, that is, their use of force or deception. An IQ measurement is no more useful for identifying socially functional intelligence than measuring people's socially functional intelligence by their gardening knowledge, hunting knowledge, computer programming knowledge, house cleaning knowledge, airplane driver knowledge or any other specific sector of knowledge. If you need an auto mechanic, would you go to an auto mechanic, or a person with a high IQ? If you needed a chemist, would you go to a chemist, or a person with a high IQ? The quality auto mechanic or chemist may have a high or low IQ. If you wanted to associate with people with high IQ's, you might go to high IQ clubs. They are people who usually enjoy associating with a spectrum of interesting people, as do fishermen, people in mountain climbing clubs and other socially pleasant people.

The demarcation for social utility to other people, and thus to yourself, is your REASONING ABILITY, the opposite of any desire to FORCE or deceive other people into benefiting you at their cost. The former is sustainable by design of the human mind. The latter is not sustainable by design of the human mind. Did you want to use your life for that which represents social failure, such as the results of government and other criminals?

While also nothing more or less than the above examples of different knowledge, the full knowledge of how to resolve human-caused contradictions (intellectual technology), to the extent of the most complex arrays of such accumulated contradictions, regardless of opposition which is merely one of the contradictions within the array solved the same way as the others in the array, such as the most complex among the contradictions being those caused by governments, may be described as the most valuable knowledge known to humans because it facilitates the efficient resolutions of the contradictions that most effectively and most extensively preclude or stagnate the otherwise normal advance of human knowledge achieved by resolving the initially perceived contradictions identified in new knowledge available to human minds by their discovery of new information usually found in biological, geological and space sciences. But it is still just a specific category of knowledge like fishing and asphalt road repairing. If you want to eat fish, you would obviously go to a fisherman or a fish market proprietor, not a person who offers intellectual technology.

If you want something that is certain to have been stolen, that is, seized by force, you would logically go to a street criminal or the government. One hundred percent of everything government has to offer has been seized by force.

So you are going to make a life decision to be among intelligent people who use their minds to advance themselves by advancing the people around them (benefiting oneself by first benefiting others within the free trade process), or be among the dumb people, such as government chaps and street criminals, who use their minds to attempt to TAKE what they want by force or deception, to benefit themselves at the cost of others, a fool's pursuit.

Commonly intelligent people usually have more fun in life, and are less annoyed by frustrations. Frustrations are merely opportunities to be amused with unresolved contradictions thereupon resolved by the reasoning process, which sometimes requires a few minutes or years of said amusement. You are immediately among the commonly intelligent people by understanding that the use of force or deception is the pursuit of fools and other unintelligent people.

In the future, when humans evolve out of their current intellectual dark ages of the government rule of FORCE and deception, with your part of the evolution by your deciding to be among the intelligent people, even children will laugh at the primitive humans back in the days when they believed that they must be ruled by governments that TAKE what they want, using unquestioning police, lawyers, court judges, bureaucrats and military soldiers (minions), for the benefit of the privileged government elite, at the cost of the working people.

The only difference between the kings of old, against which the people revolted to create Presidents, Prime Ministers, legislatures and parliaments, and those new titles, is the titles, held by the same power-damaged minds that are still taking what they want, by force of the same mental midget police and military minions. Fools fooled themselves by the different titles. You will be among the intelligent people who understand the substance of the preceding sentences, or among the dumb people who think there is a substantive difference in the results of the different titles. Your choice.

Human knowledge advances, however slowly. You DO NOT want to be among the unquestioning parents whose children, despite their parents attempting to keep them as ignorant as government sorts, learn enough to laugh at their pitiably primitive parents who could not figure out the reasoning process of the human mind that never needs or uses force or deception.

And if you are a government person, 1-- you cannot understand the foregoing, or you would have already quit your job, and 2-- if by rare chance you finally figure it out from these words and your questions of these words, no problem, we all learn at different rates. I worked for government, with the certainty of rapid career advancement, until I recognized that something was profoundly wrong, and quit. Then after years of asking ineffective questions that got me in minor trouble and taught me the process to learn effective questions, I learned how to start asking EFFECTIVE questions of institutional (government) contradictions when I was about 40, and after avidly pursuing the quest for more effective questions, I learned the full knowledge of the functional design of the human mind when I was about 50. You can figure it out in your early 20's or earlier. Do not be among those who never figure it out. Find a private sector job, regardless of any lesser pay which only requires an easy adjustment in material life style, quit your government job, and be profoundly grateful that your mind was able to figure it out while your verifiably dumb government colleagues just keep on believing that FORCE and deception used to seize the money for their salaries and other benefits will prevail above the human mind's reasoning ability, within a species, the humans, predicated on their mind's reasoning ability.

If you are yet a teenager, be cautious and noticeably respectful in asking the type questions that become noticeably effective in resolving human-caused contradictions. Those questions irritate and anger adults who are usually attempting to sustain those contradictions, not resolve them, to sustain their perceived power, egos, or the power of their institution leaders, over other humans. Or they deny their ignorance because they perceive that they must be more intelligent than you because they are adults or older, to sustain their ego. You will quickly learn that the adults are generally ignorant, guessing, and insisting that their guesses are absolute fact. Until ALL the related questions are answered, the adults are guessing just like you and anyone stating conclusions instead of asking questions. When the last question of a contradiction is answered, you will recognize the synthesis of all the questions, and then be subject to only the question resulting from any entirely new knowledge to arrive from the natural world beyond humans. But if you are a teenager, start asking more questions to identify the effective questions you can more effectively ask after age 20 as an adult, to then be jailed by fear-stricken government chaps, instead of just ridiculed, much to your amusement.

And immediately teach your children what you belatedly learned, to give them the advantage of being among the commonly intelligent people.



The controlling concept of guns.... 3 March 2010

This is one of the controlling concepts. The concept controls the humans. The humans hold no ability to control the concept, by design of the human mind. Your reaction is immaterial except to identify your thinking ability. This concept controls you.

Variously throughout human history, the most effective form of individual protection from thugs, both private sector and government thugs, has been the club, the spear, the sword and the gun.

The sword was the highest form of individual protection for thousands of years. During that time written records reveal the common recognition that "he who is deprived of the sword is the slave". Governments often controlled the primitive local iron and steel making industries, and therefore controlled who could get a sword. Swords are hard to hide on a person, so they could be seen and seized by the police.

Today, guns are the most effective form of individual protection from thugs, both private sector and the increasingly recognized gang of government thugs with police jobs.

He who is deprived of guns cannot possibly be a free person with RIGHTS, and is prey for whatever demands that inherently power-corrupted armed police and armies want to impose upon them.

Lawyers and court judges using legislative laws, administrative regulations and court case laws, functioning outside the exclusive jurisdiction of the British-origin Common Law (reasoning written as law) are just predator thugs who functionally own unquestioning police who mindlessly believe rather than question lawyers and judges, and function with no more intellectual ability than the Cave Troll in the movie, Lord of the Rings.

An armed citizenry which likes its government, will defend its government.

A society of intelligent people would be armed, and would disarm their inherently power-corrupted police and military. The people would protect the police and military if that became logical. Concurrently of course, if the police and military were honorable enough to be considered as part of the citizenry, they could carry guns to protect themselves from thugs, just like everybody else, as a RIGHT.

The reason the Swiss people cannot be conquered is because every man, woman and older child is armed and trained to shoot accurately, and they like their government that is subject to the armed people, not vice versa. The government therefore does not mess with the RIGHTS of the people. An invader would be shot at from every direction, by everybody, and the bullets would hit their targets.

Only a few questions of the laughable lies of the police and military dolts who say the government must be armed and the people disarmed prove the lies as the lies of ignorant people.

If you are among those people who hate guns, because you were taught to hate guns, just as some people were taught to hate different religions or skin colors, therefore as illogical as Republican conservatives who hate the hemp plant and hemp smokers, and therefore hate the people's RIGHT to own and manage their own bodies, enjoy and expound on your hatred of guns all day, but before 5:PM, sneak out and go buy a good quality gun and ammunition. Get a common caliber with common ammunition, large enough to be decisively effective, 40 caliber or larger if a hand gun. Buy them from a friend or non-licensed gun seller if you do not want to be on the government list of gun owners. Learn how to use them. Lock them behind a thousand locks if you wish, but keep them for the time you belatedly recognize that you need to defend yourself against the police whom you foolishly thought carried guns to protect you instead of themselves and their insatiable greed for power over you and your money to pay themselves.

All of history proves that the greatest threat to the rights of the people, and the greatest damage to the rights of the people, is their own government. Go ahead, ignore the history of human nature if you wish, to be among the ignorant people who hate guns, plants and whatever else they are taught to hate.

An armed citizenry is a free citizenry holding human rights.

A disarmed citizenry is a functional slave to an armed government that seizes whatever it wants under forced taxation.

An armed government is a tyrant.

A disarmed government is a servant to the people.

An armed citizenry will protect a government that serves the people.

An armed government will not protect the people from functional slavery / forced taxation by the government.

Your understanding of this controlling concept identifies your thinking ability.

Government people cannot understand the words of this section, even if you hand them a dictionary, or they would not be government people.

Except for the obviously wise Swiss, who hold most of the world's bullion gold well protected by the armed people, no other government recognizes the RIGHT (and duty) of the people to be armed. The idiot Americans only hold the deniable privilege to own guns, under 20,000 federal, State and local laws rendering the previously unalienable RIGHT to own guns (second amendment), as a summarily deniable privilege, while the Bush/Obama spy programs to identify "suspected terrorists" have been primarily used to identify every American gun owner. The American armed police and military forces have been increasingly recruited among foreign mercenaries and Americans who are so unquestioning that they cannot recognize the difference between a lawful and unlawful order, or a RIGHT and a privilege. They will mindlessly obey any Cheney, Bush or Obama who is put into office by money, and voters who believe their lies, proving that the greatest threat to human rights, is always the people's own government, especially among an ignorant society wherein too many people believes government lies.

From my knowledge derived from asking unusual questions, the US DemocanRepublicrat War and Police Regime, including their spies, police and military minions, genuinely fear the guns of Americans, and are always devising every possible ruse to effect the eventual disadvantage and disarmament of the American people. Among their tactics are the government control of the National Rifle Association (NRA) which has been the principle organization to turn the unalienable citizen RIGHT to own guns (Constitutional law), into a summarily deniable privilege to own guns (inferior laws), and to identify every gun owner (NRA supported concealed carry permits - permission, etceteras). Just notice the politicians and government licensed lawyers and judges on the NRA Board of Directors, who dictate the other unquestioning NRA Directors with the most laughable lies imaginable. The writer of these words was a previous NRA Director, who did not run for a second term, to regain is claim to credibility.

You want to be among the American gun owners, even if you hide and lock-up your guns and ammo to sustain your professed hatred of guns. The time will come when you will want the option of regaining your human rights, when it belatedly becomes obvious that the inherent enemy of human rights is your government. Human rights and government are mutually exclusive by design of their concepts. If your parents are in government, and if they do not teach you to be as ignorant (unquestioning) as them, you will eventually learn that they betrayed your right to even own and manage your own body, the right that is requisite for all human rights (via drug laws that effect government ownership and management of your body.)

Among the first things that Hitler did was to register all German gun owners, then easily disarm them since they were identified, then he slaughtered 13 million of them in the Jewish (6 million) and "undesirables" (7 million) extermination program. Many of the undesirables were intelligent college students who critisized the Nazi Party, much the anguish of their disarmed parents. His gun registration program was adopted nearly verbatim in several parts by the US DemocanRepublicrats, in the 1968 Gun Control Act, an unconstitutional legislative law that the corrupted US Supreme Court has not nullified.

And since US dollars are soon to become worthless or nearly worthless, your best investment before gold and silver, is a hand gun, a rifle, ammunition, then anything else of actual utility you can defend with those guns. At the time of this upload, the US dollar lost 17 percent of its value against a group of the better foreign currencies, in the last year, and is rumored by most national and international economists as going to lose up to 30 percent more in the next year or so. Check that rumor in a year or so, but do so as a wisely armed citizen. A gun and ammunition will be up to 30 percent less expensive now.

The only way your children will hold human rights, as adults, is if your government fears your guns, not by you and your children fearing the guns of your inherently lying government. That fact was heretofore learned and utilized by the writers of the US Constitution, the American colonists, Afghan tribal families and the Swiss.

Your choice (if you are armed).



The good people of Montana.....1 March 2010

You just have to respect the genuinely good people of Montana.

Real event, real people in Montana.....

I was in a post office parking lot, in a major city of Montana. I stopped beside two guys talking on the sidewalk because a couple other people were slowly walking by between them and a parked car, using the sidewalk space.

The conversation I heard.......

"Census guy showed up at the house this morning. I was going to shoot him, but the cops frown on that."

"Not if you bury him."

The second guy of the two walking past, said: "Shoot, shovel and shut up. Solves government problems." And he just kept on walking.

My good friends in government just can't figure it out, even if they read these words and you hand them a dictionary. The more laws and regulations they pass, turning logical harmless actions into crimes, the more power they decree for themselves, the more they invade the private lives of the citizens, the more they spy on Americans, and treat all Americans as suspected terrorists, the more they arrest, cite and fine people who harmed nobody, the more they harass and delay travelers, the more paperwork, permits and fees they demand, the more property taxes on top of utilities taxes on top of stormwater taxes on top of corporate taxes on top of well-head taxes on top of fuel taxes on top of sales taxes on top of excise taxes on top of specific product taxes on top of countless other taxes that just get passed on to the punitively taxed end product and service user (the poor and working middle class), the more the government salaries exceed private sector salaries, the more tax money they divert to bankers and other wealthy government insiders, the more dollars they print to devalue the dollars people worked to earn, the more costly Presidential Ego Gratification Wars they start, the more tax money they divert to foreign aid going to the bank accounts of military generals, the more war toys they purchase from the military industrial complex that bribes congressmen, the more saving accounts they seize with levy notices voiding court review, the more they impose inferior laws above superior laws, the more they bail out / take-over banks, the auto industry, the health industry, the housing industry and other private enterprise, the more they write laws in complexified legalistic jargon requiring costly lawyers to interpret, the more bureaucrats, lawyers and cops they hire to harass the people even more, the more private information they demand on census forms and other government forms, under threat of arrest, and the more arrogant and malicious they get, the more inherent human reaction they create among honest citizens who just do not have the time to earn a living, live a rational life and also serve the legions of useless government chaps demanding the time and money of the people for the raw power of government.

The US government dolts are as clueless as the Kremlin boys on the morning of the collapse of the Soviet Union, for the same reason.

Apparently the number of government personnel disappearing in certain States, and others found shot or hanged, while small, has become enough to cause some government meetings on that trend. Apparently census folks in Montana now just hang a census form on door knobs, without knocking, and hastily leave. Other census folks in rural areas are filling out the invasion-of-privacy census forms themselves, wisely afraid to confront people who recognize the value of their rights, in the cost of the lives of American soldiers who fought in wars.

The fall of the American empire is on schedule, much to the amusement of the observers.




If you are not laughing, start. ........28 February 2010


1. A typical gang of cops walked up to a young woman sitting in her car in a parking lot.

They ordered her to get out. She did not respond.

So they shot her, putting 24 bullets into her, killing her.

For the usual, legally adequate excuse for cops, they said, "We thought she had a gun." They were not tried for murder. They are cops in the current American Police State. They are as immune to the law as were the Nazi Gestapo in Germany, and Saddam Hussein's police in Iraq.

As it turns out, the unarmed young woman had a medical problem that left her unaware that she was being shouted at by the cops.

The event was in the newspapers a few years ago. You can verify the story, and correct any details. I think I understated the number of times she was shot.

This writer and many other common citizens said that the cops should be tried for murder, just like any armed gang that walks up to an unarmed woman in her own car, who is threatening nobody, and murders her. When cops and other government personnel are immune to the law, the rule of law does not exist. The rule of cops and other government personalities is created.

But the average American response among the people to whom this writer mentioned the event and his opinion, was, "The police are just doing their job. They must have had a reason."

And the writer, amused with the human phenomenon, writing or saying the plain logical words you see above, is commonly described as being angry, not pleasant to be around, not nice, much to his ongoing amusement with the humans.

These few examples among countless that describe the humans, especially Americans, with the exceptions you may recognize, perhaps yourself. You can verify the phenomenon in sum by asking yourself the obvious questions about your actions among your friends and society.

2. American soldiers are sent off to wars, fighting for what they are told are freedom, American rights, the US Constitution, democracy, apple pie and all those usual government lies believed by fools, especially young male fools. The soldiers kill (mostly civilians in the 12 US Presidential Ego Gratification Wars after WWII), and destroy (mostly civilian homes, farms and business productivity). Many surviving soldiers see their military friends in the wars killed and maimed, by highly unpleasant means.

Because killing other people and destroying their work are profoundly contradictory to the design of the human mind (or humans would have not survived their design), most military chaps must be heavily indoctrinated to WANT to kill and destroy, for the usual lies. The stark reality of the results inherently creates profoundly adverse reactions in the mind, compounding the damage and confusion of being trained to WANT to do what the human mind most does not want to do.

They killed, destroyed and were shot at, with verifiable, psychological damage, for what they were told are their RIGHTS, and the rights of their family and friends. Among those rights, few are more basic than the RIGHT to peacefully walk on their own public land in their own country, and the RIGHT to travel by common means on the public rights of way.

So the soldiers come back to the US, show up at National Parks to go walk in nature's arena, for calming respite. And they are told, by weasely little war-dodging easy-government-job scammers, National Park Rangers, that they must BUY BACK THEIR RIGHT to walk on their own public land in their own country, and buy back their RIGHT travel by common means on the public rights of way in National Parks, even up to $200 per person per visit depending on which Park land the Park Service is ransoming back to the citizens, to pay the salaries of the (weasely little) Park Rangers who are only there to arrest the people who do not pay them (entrance and permit fees). American soldiers came back from wars to discover that they fought for a lie, an absolute betrayal.

Is it not the zenith of human repugnance, nay, perfidy, requiring the nadir of human scum, for National Park Service Rangers to sell back to war veterans, and their family and friends, their RIGHT to walk on their own public land, a fundamental RIGHT American solders were told they were risking their lives to secure, a RIGHT for which they slaughtered so many civilian farmers and other poor people in foreign countries, a RIGHT for which their friends died horrible deaths in combat?

But the average American response among the people to whom this writer mentions such things and his opinion, is, "The rangers are just doing their job. They have to protect the wilderness"... (from Americans who are not harming the wilderness, by a means that protects nothing, and only denies human rights for the salary of park rangers who only exist to deny rights to get money).

And the writer, laughing at the humans while writing or saying the plain logical accurate words you see above, is commonly described as being angry, not pleasant to be around, not nice, much to his ongoing amusement with the humans.

All it takes to betray and lose the priceless human rights of your own children, which cost the lives of many people who died horrible deaths, or who slaughtered many innocent people for what was purported to be the process to secure those RIGHTS, is for a few otherwise good people to want everything to be "nice", and who criticize anyone who says anything truthful about the pitiable government sorts whose easy salaries are dependent on the malicious denial of human rights. And you are among whom?

Most revealing of the humans.... Besides the thugs who were taught to be thugs by their parents, who want to kill and destroy as the reason they join the military or police forces, if otherwise normal human minds succumb to the military indoctrination long enough to become mid-level officers, they will then parrot the same indoctrination lies to new recruits. The human mind is a trained device. Therein the career police and military officers render their minds even more ignorant of what human RIGHTS are. Successfully indoctrinated Park rangers are being paid enough stolen money (taxes) to perpetuate their demands that war veterans buy back (via fees / taxation) what is therefore a PRIVILEGE to walk on the therefore private property of the Park Rangers, in addition to paying all the other taxes that were supposed to pay for managing public land before the money was diverted to the DemocanRepublicrat War Machine. Worse..... Park rangers teach their children to be as monumentally ignorant of human rights, as do laughably ignorant military parents.

If you can describe anything more repugnant to humans, than US National Park Rangers who sell war veterans and their families back their RIGHT to walk and travel on their own public land, email the writer so he can add the example to the human comedy.

Pause a moment to consider the laughable American soldiers who claim the bravery and courage to slaughter poor peasants in other countries, who did not attack the US, to secure American citizen rights, and then come back to the US to grovel so laughably low to National Park Service war-dodging coward rangers as to buy back those rights for whatever fees the Park rangers demand.

If you are not laughing, start..... After you finish reading these words, even if "they" read these words, American parents, school teachers, public officials, news journalists and other adults, like their ilk in every War Regime of human history, will, by many direct and indirect means, functionally tell young Americans to "be brave and strong" by going over there and slaughtering those peasants in other countries because they refuse to gravel before our King Cheney, King Bush, King Obama. And then come back to America and grovel before King Obama's ignorant bureaucrats, cops, lawyers and court judges. Do what they decree, or else.

What?, human RIGHTS? Don't mention them, or you can be arrested. What?, obey the written prevailing laws instead of the verbal decrees of ignorant cops and bureaucrats? You are too ignorant and illiterate to understand the words of written law. Do what you are told by the King's ignorant thugs, or you can be arrested. What?, ask if the law if a prevailing law or an inferior law that cannot be lawfully enforced? Keep your mouth shut and be a coward, or you WILL be arrested by the DemocanRepublicrat War Regime.

Laugh.... because a majority of active duty military personnel and military veterans were trained to be so dumb and unquestioning that they can read these words, and they will still embarrassingly grovel before King Obama's legions of ignorant, self-serving bureaucrats, clueless of what human rights are.

A human right is any action for which the US Constitution and common law grants government no authority to require permission (permit, license) or the payment of a fee or tax. Therein, a right is any action which does not verifiably damage a real person with a real damage, or verifiably threaten real people with a real damage that has not happened by chance alone, with a high probability of chance, or with a low probability of chance but with such great damage to many people that society (including you) has recognized via prevailing, sustained high court cases, that the action is too dangerous and without rational benefit to society, as precisely stated in the common law prevailing above the many jurisdictions of inferior laws. Therein, over 85 percent of the laws enforced in the US are inferior laws contradicted by superior laws, and fraudulently (criminally) enforced by ignorant government thugs (cops, lawyers, court judges, bureaucrats).

And the Americans will denigrate anyone who speaks or writes such truths of human behavior, just as trained-to-be-dumb-and-unquestioning adults did in medieval serfdoms.

3. Like some of the other examples, among countless, as stated elsewhere, upon stating to the court judge the principles of the law that the defendant would respectfully present to the jury, in a court of law, to defend the defendant from a fraudulent government action, Yakima County Superior Court Judge Robert Hackett, typical of all completely corrupted court judges in the US, after his several other resulting threats of "sanctions", stated, "And this court, Mr. Buchanan, will cut you off at the ankles, literally, if you even breathe a word of those principles."

The RIGHT of freedom of speech, in the last and ultimate metaphorical fortress supposedly defending said RIGHT, at the zenith of the reason to hold such a right, that is, the respectful expression of the principles of law in a court of law, to present one's defense against a fraudulent government action, no longer exists in America.

The Washington State Appellate court and Supreme Court judges, corrupt to the core of their souls and teaching their children to be as ignorant and contemptuous of human rights, then upheld the raw power of court judges to threaten undeniable physical torture to silence even a war veteran's respectfully presented defense against fraudulent government actions, in a court of law.

Because it is the known legal duty, the evasion of which is a crime, for every officer of the government and its courts to initiate due process of law, such as file criminal charges, for the use of power of office to deny citizen rights described in the US Constitution, upon recognition of reasonable evidence that a crime has been committed, such as the court record in the above case, uploaded on a website, for anyone to suggest that there are any honest court judges in the US, including anyone's parents of offspring with judge jobs, would further amuse the writer of these words.

The evasion of a known legal duty is a crime, proving that every lawyer and court judge (officers of the court) in American are pitiably dishonest criminals for not initiating due process of law against the cops, prosecutors and court judges who daily violate the law on record by using power of office to deny rights and impose inferior laws above superior laws.

But the average American response among the people to whom this writer mentioned that case and his opinion, is, "Well, we have to do what judges say. They are just doing their job."

Even 10 out of the 12 public school taught Yakima County adults on the jury for that case, the number the government needed to sustain its action, who sat there and listened to the the government exclusively present its case, while the defendant was obviously required to sit silent, with the defendant even openly threatened again by the judge when the defendant tried to mention that something was amiss with the government not allowing the defendant to present his case to the jury, were so damn flat dumb, subservient and ignorant of human rights they found in favor of the government. To this day in Yakima County, Washington, they are teaching their children to be that dumb, subservient and ignorant of human rights, just as Hackett and the government lawyer are teaching their children to be the same ignorant victims of the next thugs who sink to government jobs.

And the writer, laughing at the humans while writing or saying the plain logical accurate words you see above, is commonly described as being angry, not pleasant to be around, not nice, much to his ongoing amusement with the humans.

4. The examples are countless in the American DemocanRepublicrat War and Police State.

The scant few humans who hold sufficient thinking ability to recognize the rampant, illogical, malicious actions by the power-damaged minds of government sorts, AND who logically, accurately discuss those malicious government actions in public, are always denigrated by the "nice" Americans, identical to the "nice" Germans who were too "nice" to discuss what was happening to the German gypsies, Jews and others not kowtowing to Hitler.

They are the vast majority of the American population, afraid of everything, afraid of even speaking the truth among their friends.

And the ignorant, malicious cops, lawyers, judges, bureaucrats and politicians know that. They are dependent upon an ignorant society of unquestioning minions, such as you have rendered your children if you are among the "nice" Americans.

The consequences are as obvious as daylight, but completely not recognizable by cops, lawyers, judges, bureaucrats, politicians and Americans.

SO YOU YOUNG PEOPLE, do not be perplexed by why you and your children will be variously murdered by malicious cops who can laugh about it, or randomly fined or jailed, required to buy back each of your individual rights turned into privileges each time you want to exercise any of them, for whatever price a self-serving government dolt demands, if said dolts are gracious enough to let you have them for any price, denied your right to even respectfully state your defense against fraudulent government actions in a court of law (court of the judge as a king), required to pay taxes on top of taxes on top of taxes for every product or service you can decreasingly afford, have your bank accounts, wages, home or other assets summarily seized by low echelon government bureaucrats, with no court review or court order, etceteras, in the American War and Police State, living under constant fear of government thugs. And do not be perplexed as to why you are openly branded as angry and unpleasant to be around if you dare to speak the truth, even if you are laughing yourself to tears at the gullible humans who thus define themselves.

You are on your own in a malicious American Police State. The government-kowtowing adults have been lying to you, out of fear of the truth. If you want any hope of you and your children not living in fear and mindless subservience to government idiots, not victimized by random theft, imprisonment and worse by malicious government thugs, you must hold the courage and intelligence to do what the vast majority of "nice" Americans, and the vast majority of "nice" Nazi Germans, have been too unquestioning and cowardly to do....


"Just doing their job" was what the Nazi Gestapo did, the Saddam Hussein police did, and the American government thugs are doing. No honest person would claim or defend that excuse for government thugs.

Being "nice", and "socially pleasant", was what the Nazi German society was doing. No honest person would remain "nice" under a lawless, malicious government of thugs, such as the American DemocanRepublicrat War and Police Regime that has rescinded the human rights of the next generation, your children.

Was I not among the most ignorant and malicious of the government thugs, an Army officer, albeit a lowly lieutenant, assisting with the US DemocanRepublicrat War Regime's project to slaughter poor Vietnamese farmers who were wise enough to refuse to kowtow to the most malicious war regime in the world, for my effort to therefore increase the raw power of the American cops, lawyers, judges, bureaucrats and politicians, destroying my and your rights I was told I was defending, too damn dumb to ask the obvious questions of the obvious government contradictions? Do not be so laughably dumb as I was for so long.

AND SO THEREFORE, to all my many good friends who might recognize their current part in the human game.....

If you are not laughing, start.

I have been for a long time.

Are not the humans the best comedy on the rock?



"They hate our freedom.".......20 February 2010

Why did Osama bin Laden organize, and have sincerely dedicated chaps carry out, the attack on the World Trade Towers, if he did?

The unmitigated void of reasoning ability by Americans was exposed to the world by US President George Bush, for Americans, stating as a reason for the attack on the US: "They hate our freedom.", without the Americans running George and his gang of Whitehouse idiots out of the country amid a volley of rotten cabbages, tomatoes and maybe a couple hard heavy squash, with a volley of spuds from spud guns after they got out of throwing range.

I fully recognize the percentage of people who literally cannot comprehend the following. The following will be common knowledge in the future.

The world had an opportunity for all wars to come to a halt forever thereafter when the bad guys collapsed the World Trade Towers with the most brilliant military attack since the Trojan Horse adventure.

The world's greatest-ever military, and most advanced police regime (US) had just been successfully attacked by a process which proved the obvious uselessness of any military and police force of unthinking / unquestioning minds which are always easy to outwit by any individual who asks one more question than inherently unquestioning government chaps.

The gullible Americans, who must always be kept inside their comfortable cocoon of government and news media lies, were not shown the many news video clips of people around the world, of many countries, religions and diverse other social sectors, cheering exuberantly while watching the news clips of the collapse of the Towers. The world's most malicious and murderous school yard bully had finally got its just rewards, however miniscule compared to the sum of the death and destruction wrought by the American military and CIA in many countries after WWII. 3,000 murdered Americans is scant revenge for the millions of civilians murdered by the US military in over 12 nations that did not attack the US, after WWII.

Now imagine the opportunity if at that time the US had an intelligent leader, who could understand the above that is understood by the rest of the world, a leader who could reason through contradictions, and resolve them, rather than retaliate with the same reptilian mind as the attacking murderers.

Revenge creates the next revenge, by design of the power-damaged human mind.

How would a reasoning mind have responded?

Dah, logically.........

He or she would have simply used the international news media to ask the obviously most obvious questions.

1. Who did this?

2. Why did you do this?

A reasoning mind would ASK who did it, not hastily accuse.

A reasoning mind would ASK the reason why, not invent a laughably illogical rhetorical illusion that makes fools of Americans.

And then a reasoning mind would openly state to the world, the most obvious explanation.....

If we (Americans) did something wrong, we want to correct our error, for the world to learn the same lesson, so that this does not happen again, anywhere.

What are the reasons for your conclusion to attack us?

If we did not do something wrong, revealed by possible flaws in your reasoning, we want everyone to learn the reason you made the error, so that this does not happen again, anywhere.

Without asking the obvious questions, the world's dumbest national leaders, Dick Cheney and his side kick Bush, hastily pointed their fingers at "that guy", and said he attacked because "they hate our freedom."

Had the leader of the most powerful military force in human history been sufficiently intelligent to effect obvious, basic reasoning process in response to a damaging contradiction, instead of having been the dumbest major national leader on the rock, before Obama claimed Bush's void of intellectual ability as Obama's void of intellectual ability, and doubled its effect, the commonly intelligent people of the world would have immediately respected the US government as the wisest and most intelligent government in human history, with Bush having instantly become the wisest government leader in history. Every military regime would have quietly slithered back away from any wars or threats of war, in face of such glaring wisdom by the world's most powerful military rejecting the common craving for perpetual revenge-wars among malicious mental midget war mongers.

But of greater effect, the attackers would have immediately been caught with the magnitude of their malicious decision to use destructive force instead of reasoning. Regardless of the attacker's reasoning, inherently based on revenge, the world would have immediately turned against the attackers, recognizing that the attackers were malicious, and the victims were wise and reasoning rather than maliciously retaliatory. The attackers would be welcome nowhere. Their own strongest supporters of their leaders would recognize that their leaders had been defeated by the response of intellectual reasoning that always ultimately defeats destructive maliciousness. The attacking leaders would be defeated among their own supporters, void of an adequate intellectual response. The billions of people around the world who initially cheered the attack would be profoundly embarrassed.

Of course knowledge of the reasoning process (asking and answering questions to resolve each contradiction as it is identified) would be required after the initial questions were asked, but if the leader were sufficiently intelligent to ask the initial questions, he might understand the process of the subsequent questions.

Who, of what void of intelligence, likes or respects school yard bullies or dumb gangs that incessantly attack and harm people as the zenith of their thinking ability?

Yes, I know, the US military officers, cops, lawyers and court judges can never get enough of maliciously attacking the other guy. They are the school yard bullies who did not intellectually grow up. But who, among commonly intelligent people, respects maliciousness above reasoning?

Do YOU not recognize your profound respect for the skinny little nerd on the school yard who asks the bully, "Why did you hit me?", leaving the bully looking dumb among his dumb friends, unable to say anything that does not make him look dumber?

Even if they read these words, the military, police, lawyer and court judge power-damaged minds will remain clueless of the reasoning process suggested above, and remain as dumb as the Bush and Obama type school yard bullies who just assume that everybody respects the "strong" muscle-heads, not the thinking people, because the muscle-heads are surrounded by their little cliques of equally dumb muscle-heads cheering them on, never asking any questions like, "Why are we doing this?"

If you want to immediately defeat a dumb person who hits you, ask him why he hit you, in public, for the public recognition of your wisdom and his obviously inadequate reasoning. (There is never an intellectually supportable reason to initiate the use of force.)

If you want to create more support for your attacker, hit him back, harder, to prove that you are as dumb and unthinking as he is, and can hit harder so you are a more dangerous, intellectually void threat to more people.

After he hits you because you were too lazy to learn martial arts to defeat his attack at the moment of his attack, or did not learn why you want armed citizen passengers (with frangible bullets) on airplanes to immediately shoot anyone who overtly threatens the lives of the airplane passengers, the damage is done, so now your option is to use intelligence rather than unthinking revenge that creates the next revenge attack. If the damage is already done, there is time to use your mind, unless you, like Cheney, Bush, Obama, cops, lawyers and court judges, are clueless of how to use your mind (ask and answer questions to resolve contradictions).

Dumb people think that being "strong" is more intelligent than being "intelligent". Intelligent people recognize that being "intelligent" is more intelligent than being "strong".

Who, besides Cheney/Bush/Obama's, military officers, cops, lawyers, court judges and such force-mentality idiots, would respond to the World Trade Tower attack by functionally stating: "I am going to respond with a process that will obviously kill even more Americans, and kill so many innocent people in other countries that the world hates Americans even more."?

It is your mind, and your choice. You will have a lot more fun in life and be vastly more respected, by being commonly intelligent. Laugh at the mental midgets who so easily convinced the Bush and Obama mental midgets that being "strong" was more intelligent than being intelligent, amid humans who are predicated on their mind, not their muscles.

Like Hitler, his military and his Gestapo, the US DemocanRepublicrat War Regime, its military and its Homeland Security Gestapo of malicious mental midgets, will destroy the American system of government, on schedule. They will create more grief and damage than Hitler did.

There is a process to promptly escape the self-inflicted plight of the Americans, but it involves THINKING, the methodical asking and answering of questions, (a process available to you) to resolve the obvious contradictions of using self-defeating force instead of sustainable reasoning. Amusingly, so far my nearly 20 years of effort to find any American institution or organization whose leaders can think enough to use and manifest the inherent results of reasoning, instead of the unthinking force of majority votes, laws, cops, lawyers, judges, military, Bushes and Obamas, have failed. Even in the internet world, I have found no institution leaders who can recognize the substance of such words as the above, for a completely explainable reason within the organizational manifestations of human fundamentals, much to laughter of the observers. The humans will not soon escape their current intellectual dark ages, and therefore still doom their offspring to the ongoing ignorance and grief of supporting institution leaders who know nothing beyond the use of self-defeating, destructive force, and refuse to learn anything more.

Enjoy the show.



For open copying and distribution..... 12 February 2010

Another message to US military personnel, and their families, to convey to them.

From DougBuchanan.com, a Vietnam war veteran.

If you have not already learned the following inescapable concepts of the human mind's design, you can learn them from these words to thus sooner join the usefully thinking sector of the people who are therefore beneficial to themselves and society.

Or you can learn them from more years of experiences, as did I, and be embarrassed that you remained so intellectually absent (unquestioning) so long.

Or you can never learn them, and end up like old military personnel who still perceive that people can kill and destroy their way to an intelligent society. Such people are the zenith of human intellectual inability and uselessness to other humans. An intelligent society does not doom each next generation to the endless grief of killing, destruction, imprisoning, and seizing the earnings of people's labor (taxation) for presidential ego gratification wars and lavish lifestyles of the military industrial complex executives.

1. It is impossible to kill enough people to end up with no enemies.

2. For every person your military kills, you create 100 more enemies from family, friends, countrymen, religion colleagues, ethnic members, school associates, club members and others of any closer association than the killers.

3. As the killing expands to more people, the categories of killed people reach the categories of the friends of the killers, to start making enemies among the killers, dooming the goal of the killers, and the government of the killers.

4. Friends come and go. Enemies accumulate.

5. The enemies you create by an attack have equally capable minds, by design of the human mind. The attack gives the victims' minds incentive to retaliate, and the incentive to be more innovative in retaliation. The best war toy and tactic only creates the next better war toy and tactic among innovative minds, as the bombers of the World Trade Towers so brilliantly illuminated.

6. The only way you can ever have an enemy is by you or your people creating a contradiction that damages other people. The human mind is not otherwise designed or capable of having an enemy.

7. There is never a valid reason to intentionally damage another person. The reasoning process of the human mind, that is, the process to patiently and methodically ask and answer every question of every identified contradiction, can resolve every identified contradiction, to solve any problem, including that of any opposition which is just a contradiction resolved in the same process (intellectual technology).

8. As Osama bin Ladin is said to have said. "If we could deliver our message in words, we would not have to use bombs." Try to send a message of reasoning words to US President Obama and his White House cabinet of mental midget thugs, to explain the inherent results of the US DemocanRepublicrat War Regime, that since WWII, has militarily attacked and slaughtered millions of people in 12 nations that did not attack the US. You will fail, as have millions of others. Do not wonder why the freedom fighters of small nations around the world, who do not want the insatiable war machine of the Americans and their paid surrogates attacking their countries, started using bombs to send the message to the Americans who refuse to listen to words.

9. It is undeniable that it has been the United States of America, the currently most powerful, most wealthy, most technologically advanced, most influential nation in the world, which has taught the world, by the US CIA kidnapping, torture and assassination teams, and the US military attacking 12 nations that did not attack the US, that the solution to a perceived problem is to kill the other guy and destroy what his people create. The US taught the so called terrorists that the only process Americans understand for solving perceived problems is killing people and destroying what they create. The enemy is doing to Americans what the American DemocanRepublicrat War Regime taught them to do.

10. Contrary to the military trained mantra of the functionally illiterate mental midget military officers, the best defense is not a good offense. The best defense is still a defense. An offense is an attack that creates genuine, dedicated, innovative, inherently retaliating enemies that you did not have before your offense.

11. The US military teaches its officers that actual combat experience makes the most effective military, therefore admitting to the military's manifested incentive to keep starting wars. Incentive creates results, as the US DemocanRepublicrat War Regime has manifested.

12. The US government functions on lobbyist bribes to Congressmen, Presidents and staff, with only some of the bribes veiled as "campaign and political party contributions". The US Military Industrial Complex has been the most consistently wealthy lobby since the end of WWII. Its ownership of Congress is uncontested.

13. There has never been a war that ended wars. In contrast, you the reader, from the design of your own mind, can recognize that humans hold the ability to use the reasoning process to resolve all contradictions, therefore ending wars. In addition to using intellectual technology, one such process in the US can occur when the people belatedly demonstrate enough good sense to simply elect government leaders from among common farmers, who are most often good neighbors, whose profession is predicated on logical thinking and working WITH the design of nature, including the human mind, instead of electing incessantly lying politicians whose profession is based on incessant lying, and on attacking people with armed military and police goons who are specifically trained to be as void of reasoning ability as was I in the Army.

14. By design of the human mind, when ALL knowledge is shared everybody wants the same things, without harming anyone else who would inherently retaliate to preclude the reasoning for initiating the harm. The internet is facilitating the sharing of all knowledge, despite the increasingly malicious efforts of the Cheney/Bush/Obama thugs attempting to keep more and more "State Secrets" (anything that reveals their escalating violations of law) from the Americans.

15. The US military created the most technologically advanced war machine in human history, with gadgets that can image people at night and behind objects, that can spy on people from undetected drone aircraft and satellites 24 hours per day, can intercept and record every phone call, fax, email and other messages, with more money to hire and bribe more spies and allies among the enemy than any nation has ever achieved, with more laser precision shooting and remote bombing capability than had ever been imagined, etceteras and vastly more. And the Americans openly bragged about their abilities, flouting their power, money and expertise to the world. So the thinking people of the world rightfully expected the logical results of that technology, expecting the Americans to kill only those individual military enemies who genuinely attacked Americans, as honorable military personnel would only do. Instead, the American military and their mercenary goons used their multi-billion dollar technology to slaughter more civilians, including large numbers of completely innocent women and children, old men, and more allied locals and freedom fighters, per any real actual enemy with any functional intent to attack America, than any prior war has ever effected. The Americans proved themselves to be the most malicious, dishonorable military since the regimes of Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot. No excuses, propaganda or lies prevail. The repetitious, ongoing US military admissions and blood-money payments, after repetitious denials are openly verified as ongoing US military lying, prove the case and the intent of the US military to continue killing for the pure military joy of killing (addicted to its addicting computer-game war toys).

16. If you must kill civilians in their villages because the civilians are against your invasion of their country, you have already lost the war.

17. Even the least thinking of thinking people know that a primary military strategy to efficiently and less expensively defeat your enemy is to treat helpless prisoners of war as well as you treat your own citizens, give them uncensored access to the world's knowledge, and advertise that to the enemy. That strategy is easily affordable to America, and is vastly less expensive than the war machine to capture prisoners. Because all wars end, the enemy promptly recognizes that the returning prisoners are going to defeat anything left of the government that offers them so much less than their captors offered. The enemy will capitulate early in the war to defend itself from its own returning prisoners of war who will spread the word about their more honorable captors offering the uncensored knowledge of the world. The US military treatment of prisoners of war, orchestrated by the obviously least intelligent military generals in the world, has become the currently most repugnant example of prisoner treatment, for world judgment. When you accuse the other guy of a wrong, your perpetrating the same wrong is more greatly illuminated.

18. Even the least thinking of thinking people know that torturing, demeaning and harassing helpless prisoners defines the most repugnant military, government and society, a threat to all rational people in the world. No excuses prevail. Torture produces no useful military information, by design of the human mind inherently retaliating against the use of force, especially malicious force. The mind will not do otherwise, by design. The ludicrous claims of the mental midgets who torture prisoners are consistently proven as lies by the test of time and even basic questions of reasoning. The people who are least knowledgeable of the human mind, are the people who torture human minds. There is nothing dumber than a person who tortures people, by design of the human mind. Two hundred years from now the Nazis and Americans will still be most described for their malicious torturing and killing of helpless Jewish and Muslim prisoners, the legacy of Hitler, Bush, Cheney and Obama.

19. The worst thing that has happened to the United States of America, internationally and nationally in sum, so far, among many bad things, is George Bush, Dick Cheney, Barak Obama, their military generals, their Blackwater goons (mercenaries) and their prisoner of war torture thugs. After a series of escalating indicators (undeclared wars against small countries that did not attack the US), those American mental midgets dramatically exposed America as the nadir of all that it accused others, and as the greatest threat to the world, among thinking people around the world.

So what is your answer to the following question, an answer you might carefully consider and write with your signed name for your family and public judgment of your reasoning ability, open to every question against all the verifiable facts and events......... Why (the official reason of record, precisely stated) is the US military, amid no declared war, slaughtering Afghans, Iraqis, Pakistanis, Yemenese and Somalians, and threatening other nations? It was Saudi financed, Saudi organized Saudis who attacked New York City. And all the attackers were killed.



End of Intech Concepts 34


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