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The proof that YOU are the problem..... 26 January 2010

Therefore YOU can easily learn to solve the problem, for everyone, upon learning the problem's origin in your own (conveniently available) mind, which is the origin in their minds, by design of the human mind.

You have an excuse for being the problem, until you finish reading this section. The human brain is a trained device. It is trained with knowledge. It is not genetically coded with all the information you need for a human lifetime, in contrast to the brains of honey bees and ants which genetically know their lifetime reactions to stimuli upon birth, with no need for instruction by other bees and ants. If your brain does not learn the knowledge you need or want, your otherwise completely useful brain is useless for that knowledge and its utility.

You learn most of your knowledge from adults, from your mistakes, and from your other observations. You learn most effectively from your mind's carefully formed questions of the foregoing and everything. If you fail to ask and answer questions, this section and everything else you encounter is of little utility to you, and you will stay dumb.

If you make a mistake, it is because your brain had not prior learned the knowledge to avoid the mistake. That is the same for everyone, obviously including the writer of these words.

It is the same for criminals, both private sector and all government personnel. They simply have not yet learned how and why to not create inherently unsustainable, damaging contradictions, for which the ultimate cost is always inescapably paid, by design of the imperative balance in all things, for all things to exist. Inherently unsustainable, damaging contradictions are primarily caused by the use of force or deception, instead of reasoning. Force-based actions, such as those of military, police, prosecutors, court judges, politicians, their tax thugs, other government bureaucrats and private sector criminals are the primary cause of human problems.

Private sector criminals account for less than one percent of the damaging, force and deception-based contradictions in society, while government uses that scant example to fool the gullible, unquestioning American adults into acquiescing to the more than 99 percent of the damaging, force and deception-based contradictions created by government, common to all governments and societies throughout the still existing intellectual dark ages of the gullible humans who believe rather than question what they are told by adults.

If you are a young person, the following proves the monumental ignorance of your school teachers, government leaders and other adults. Escape that profoundly damaging ignorance by the time you finish reading this section, by learning (asking and answering questions) from the words herein, or you will end up as laughably dumb as George Bush, Dick Cheney, Barak Obama and the other American adults.

Learn the knowledge sooner in life than did the writer of these words. He learned it by starting to ask and answer questions of all the socially common assumptions taught by adults.

Humans have existed for a long time. They have a singular brain and mind design capable of efficiently solving all problems. The test of time has been more than adequate. Why do any social problems exist? What is your answer? It is wrong, until you learn the complete functioning design of the human mind, which is just knowledge, learnable by anyone. Is that not inherent to such long-existing social problems amid so many humans with a human mind design capable of identifying and solving problems, by its design? Your answer? Upon learning that design you can state the correct answer to why social problems still exist, verify it against all questions, and therefore efficiently resolve that contradiction.

What? You think that you know the solutions to the problems, like the obviously ignorant politicians say of themselves, and say that the other guy just does not "get it", and he must "get it" before he will solve the problems? Do you therefore not admit that you do not know the solution to the separate problem of him not "getting it"? Worse. Do you not therefore admit that he or they, the other guy, must solve the problem, thus admitting that you are too ignorant to do so?

You have no access to the knowledge you need, except by training your own brain, with your own individual, time-costing, hard effort, because the following proves the monumental ignorance that the adults have been incessantly teaching your brain, training it to be as ignorant as the adults, and useless for solving social problems.

The next paragraph is in logical sequence to the above. It is knowledge with which you need to train your mind to solve problems for yourself and society.

The common law, for rational organization of society, is the most brilliant social invention of the humans. More thoroughly described elsewhere, its creation is generally ascribed to a relatively recent few hundred years of British courts and British-trained courts, just by chance of varied evolution of knowledge in different geographical regions, within varied competitive human phenomena. Some other smaller social groups had similar systems of social governance, but the Brits standardized the process of reasoning written as law for larger geographical regions. It is an aside to note that the US Constitution is a common law document, within and harmonized with the common law, written by people who were highly knowledgeable of the common law and its utility for advancing humans beyond the inherent stagnation, corruption and damaging maliciousness of government folks.

You cannot learn the common law from (government-licensed) lawyers or (government-licensed) law schools. Law schools stopped teaching the common law to law students shortly after 1900, because the massively lucrative American institution of lawyers and excessive law schools cannot exist if lawyers or the common people learn the common law. Law schools instead started teaching (endless) "process law" and inferior laws. The common law is easily understandable to every commonly literate person. Law schools are not needed for it. It can be completely taught in one high school class, of one semester or less. You can learn most of it from this section, and more from other sections of this website. Those law students, taught to be ignorant of the common law, later became the lawyers, judges and law school professors, still ignorant of the common law, but perceiving that they know "the law", by the law school training of their mind, and perceiving that you do not know the law, because you are not a law school-trained lawyer. If you wish to learn the common law, you must learn it from completely non-lawyer sources. Lawyers and law school professors have been intensely trained by law schools to (and will) tell every lie in the book of lies, plus new lies, to preclude you, other lawyers and anyone else from learning the easily learned common law, by imperative of the existence of their repugnantly lucrative institution.

The common law is based on the following, obviously logical or reasoning-based fundamentals that are not understood by American adults, lawyers, court judges, cops and other government sorts, as proven by their social results. If you learn the following, you will be so obviously more intelligent than all the highly titled, credentialed and self-flattering adults, most notably more knowledgeable than American lawyers and judges, that you can and will be amused by their remarkable ignorance and illogical actions.

An action is unlawful because it is directly damaging, with a verifiable, real damage, to real people. Or it is so overtly threatening, with a resulting, verifiable, real damage not yet manifested by chance alone, with a high probability of chance (driving through red stoplights), or a damage so great that you and everyone else do not want to take any related chance (storing huge quantities of explosives in suburban homes). Outside the above, no genuine crime or lawfully applied law can be verifiably described.

An inferior law contradicted by a superior law holds no weight, effect or enforceability as law. It is unlawful (a crime) for an officer of the government to use power of office to carry out an unlawful order or apply an inferior law contradicted by a superior law. If you are not writing notes on your own screen page, to separate the primary data, such as the preceding two sentences, from all the peripheral statements, such as this one, you will not hold even the first chance to learn the knowledge you seek.

The completely corrupted US lawyers, judges, politicians and other government bureaucrats have simply ascribed to "law" books and countless other publications claimed to represent "law", millions of government-benefiting, citizen-damaging, rights-eliminating inferior laws contradicting the common law, and, along with ignorant government school teachers, taught their children and everyone else to be so unquestioning of titled people that they do not even ask the questions to distinguish between lawfully not applicable inferior laws designed to attack people, and the uncontradicted common laws designed to protect people. If one of your parents is a lawyer or court judge, ask them what you must do and say to place yourself under the exclusive jurisdiction of the uncontradicted common law that protects citizens from government corruption, to discover that your parent dishonestly and maliciously betrayed you, your friends and everyone else, and to also learn why lawyers and judges are the most universally hated professionals and social subculture in the world, verifiable.

You live in one of approximately 35 (recent count) common law nations, wherein the common law is the highest law of the land, protected by the judiciary and other government insiders for their protection against the inherently corrupted government. They fool you out of that protection because they are the inherently corrupted government, seeking POWER over you.

Lawyers and judges will always completely betray even their own their children, grandchildren and other family members, denying them the knowledge required to independently protect them from the greatest threat to them, their own obviously corrupted government, keeping them ludicrously ignorant, to defend the raw, malicious power and monetary income of the insatiably greedy lawyers and judges, as is flawlessly verifiable with a few questions, the nature of which you can identify in this section.

An action is either lawful or not lawful, based on the completed reasoning of the action, properly written and instituted as common law.

An action cannot be both lawful and unlawful, under the rule of written law. It is one or the other, if you have a language that is useful for conveying reasoning and useful knowledge.

If an action is both lawful and unlawful, under two contradicting laws, the rule of personalities (kings, emperors, equity court judges, dictators) is created in the person who can choose at whim which law to apply to his favored friends, and which law to apply to you mere unfavored riffraff, including the family of lawyers and judges he does not like.

Humans hold "rights" because their mind can recognize the definition of "rights", and state or write them with words that convey the concept to other humans. Therein, humans hold rights because their brain is capable of identifying and stating each one of them, and identify the reasoning of the benefits of human rights.

A human right, also that which is lawful under the common law, is any action that any human can exercise without getting permission from any other person or government entity.

A human right is any action that a human can perform, that does not damage or verifiably threaten another real person with a real, verifiable damage. I trust you are transferring these statements to your notes page, to study and question. You will be tested in a bad dream, that may be real. You will not want to fail the easy test.

A human right cannot be lawfully denied. No human holds the lawful authority to deny a human the exercise of a human right, by definition of a right.

For a person to be able to lawfully deny another inherently equal human a human right, would define that person as God, an entity above humans and human rights. (Therein the monumental contradiction of government power-damaged minds is again revealed.)

The only lawful way a human can be lawfully separated from a human right, is for that human to willfully, knowingly and voluntarily surrender the right to another person, such as to ask a profoundly trusted other person to manage their surrendered right because of their own recognized intellectual or physical inability to do so.

Any human holds the same rights of all humans, by design of the human mind, including the same rights as cops, lawyers, judges, politicians, bureaucrats, government leaders or anyone else, by definition of human rights. The cops and lawyers are no more than humans, by design, but may be described a vastly less, (reptilian minds) because of their astonishing ignorance in perceiving that they are more than humans and can therefore lawfully force illogical decisions on other humans (prerogative of only God).

A citizen holds the same right to defend oneself by the same manner that cops defend themselves (carry a gun). Cops hold no superior position above humans, by design of humans. Cops are commonly the less educated, less-thinking, less questioning people who therefore crave the school yard bully type raw power over other humans, rather than a desire to advance their knowledge and thinking ability to need no power and to assist other people with knowledge that therefore benefits themselves and others. Did you want a less-thinking person telling you what to do? Well, why do you kowtow to cops, instead of question them? What, you are afraid of less-thinking people? Well, starting thinking enough (asking and answering questions) to resolve that highly damaging life-long contradiction, especially if you are the offspring of a cop who will be subject to other cops.

A privilege, which is grantable or deniable, is an action which lawfully requires the permission of another person.

The words, "permits", "licenses", "mandatory registration", or any "mandatory" or "required" actions prior to the exercise of an action void the action as a "right", and define the action as a "privilege", because the action is not lawful if the permit (permission), license or such instrument is not first approved.

The act of asking for, or acquiescing to, the government demand that you get a government permit, license, or pay a fee or tax or perform a mandatory action (forms of asking for permission), is the lawfully recognized act of "willfully, knowingly and voluntarily surrendering one's rights" related to the permission.

Read the above again, and write it for your own notes, to recognize how timid people throughout human history are so easily fooled into "willfully" and therefore lawfully surrendering their rights, by school yard bully type ignorant or malicious government court judges, cops, bureaucrats, lawyers or anyone with a childishly intimidating government title.

It is inherent. If you ask for permission, or acquiesce to a (fraudulent) demand for permission to exercise an action, you are inherently recognizing that you hold no RIGHT to exercise the action, by logic and obvious reasoning.

It is categorically impossible, by definition of the words and basic human reasoning, to hold a right if it requires that one first get a license or permit, or perform any other government-demanded action, which defines a privilege.

The common law, that is, the prevailing law, not contradicted by any superior law, of the United States, is based on the above reasoning, written with words that hold their meanings.

An action is either lawful or not lawful, based on the COMPLETE reasoning of the action (common law).

If it is lawful, there can be no lawful demand that one get government permission (permit, license, payment of a fee or tax, mandatory action) to exercise the lawful action. Read that again.

If it is not lawful, there can be no lawful permission (permit, license, etc.) to exercise the unlawful (criminally damaging) action. Read that again, and again.

You can lawfully carry out a lawful action, anytime, anywhere, without asking anyone anything, without getting any license, permit, or pay any tax or fee, or acquiescing to any demand of any nature.

Explanation Number 1: The American adults are victims of their own failed education system which did not teach them the above, or how to use words that hold their meanings, or how to ask and answer effective questions of such glaring contractions as being required by ignorant government folks to get government permission (permit, license) to exercise human rights. American adults have just not yet usefully learned the plainly expressed knowledge previously written by the writers of the US Constitution and the common law, and by other commonly reasoning people throughout human history. And the American adults have victimized their children by teaching them the same monumental ignorance and functional illiteracy. The highest titled English professor of Yale or Harvard is still functionally illiterate, unable to understand how to use words that hold their meanings, if he perceives that he must get a government permit or license to exercise a right or other lawful action.

Explanation Number 2 (for those who are sufficiently wise to be unable to be insulted, and who enjoy the plain language we common folks): The American adults are just plain so damn flat dumb they cannot understand the above, as proven by the existence of myriads of government permits, licenses, fees and other inferior law demands for the exercise of rights and lawful actions. The adults are too damn lazy to even question those glaring contradictions, with real questions. The American adults still perceive that they hold human rights which cannot possibly exist outside the common law (its written, complete reasoning by any description), in a nation whose government thugs with titles openly violate the common law. The successfully dumbed-down American adults are so ignorant of openly available knowledge that they are actively teaching (victimizing) their children to be equally unquestioning to remain as ignorant and the adults, much to your ongoing amusement.

YOU YOUNG PEOPLE do whatever you must do to understand the above plain English words, even if you must look up each word in a dictionary, and study them. You are otherwise doomed to live an entire lifetime as dumb as the American adults, with an equally useless brain for human rights, as slaves to unproductive ignorant government dolts, suffering the vast array of resulting, otherwise easily resolved, government-induced damaging contradictions such as wars, theft by taxation, paying for imprisoning millions of otherwise productive people who damaged nobody, paying for counter productive police, prosecutors and judges whose actions verifiably encourage damaging crimes, paying for the lavish lifestyles of the insatiably greedy, malicious government elite (Roman senators in the US congress), and the entire list of social ills sustained by thousands of years of adult ignorance and intellectual laziness (too damn lazy to question and thus learn the above).

And have fun doing so.

All of the many categories and jurisdictions of inferior laws are inferior to the common law, and not lawfully enforceable as law in contradiction to the common law. But because the common law replaces the raw power of government office of every government person, including Supreme Court justices, with the rule of written words that hold their meanings, on paper, and because power is flawlessly addicting to power-damaged minds, a government person will literally imprison or kill his or her own children, verifiable, and certainly the rest of you, including you government personnel of lesser titles, and your children, before their minds will willingly surrender any portion of their power, by design of the functioning concept of power in the human mind.

That in part explains why most government empires have met their inherent demise by the "fed-up" citizens killing the government people and their minions, in revolutions, in the final act of citizens defending themselves from the murderous corruption of government power-damaged minds. When the US government reached the stage of torturing helpless prisoners to death, repeatedly, still ongoing, with the government's pocket court judges defending such ongoing perfidy, they revealed the nature of their demise to thinking people who understand how human minds inherently react to such repugnant phenomena, by design of human minds. Why did the common people of Iraq not defend Saddam when an outside enemy attacked? What did you learn from your answer, in context with the above? Why did even Brutus stab Ceaser? Why did the Kremlin police join their family members to turn their guns on their moments-before bosses inside the Kremlin when the Soviet empire collapsed? Why did OathKeepers.org develop, and why will the armed family members of American police make it obvious to those police family that their sudden choice will be between the common American citizens or the Bush, Cheney, Obama gang of thugs in Washington DC? Your answers?

Not a wise time to be a government person in the US. The over half of the prisoners in US prisons, and the over 85 percent of the people arrested and cited by cops every year, who damaged nobody, and their families and friends, are belatedly figuring out that they damaged nobody, and therefore violated no prevailing law, and therefore HATE the cops, prosecutors, judges, bureaucrats and politicians who arrested or imprisoned them, vastly damaging US productivity. You and your fellow thugs cannot torture, kill and imprison enough people who harmed nobody, to stop their family members and friends from the inescapable human mind reaction to such a comprehensive threat to everybody in society, including the family of your fellow government thugs facing the same threat of you government thugs. It is just "human nature". It is why all force-based empires always collapse, by design of the human mind, with the US currently being the most powerful force-based empire, over-ripe for collapse, with 5 bankrupting US Presidential ego gratification wars being fought against "underdog", poverty-stricken distant nations, US paper dollars being printed like pesos and Cambodian kip, taxation increasing under all manner of lies, domestic programs being robbed to buy more bombs, and productivity being destroyed by government give-away welfare programs for even the wealthiest bankers in the world.

The writer of these words was at an extreme of such ignorance, as a distinguished military graduate, Regular Army Commission (career oriented, not reserve) US Army airborne ranger aviator infantry officer directly assisting the US DemocanRepublicrat War Regime slaughtering poor Vietnamese freedom fighter peasants for their daring to wisely not kowtow to the US Presidents and the completely corrupted American government of insatiably greedy, lavish living Roman Emperor-styled government insiders taxing working Americans living in poverty deeper into poverty and misery. Then the writer belatedly started effectively asking questions of the glaring contradictions. Do that, or you will remain as dumb as was I, and as dumb as unquestioning Americans adults still believing the glaring lies of the DemocanRepublicrats and their unquestioning minions. The more questions you ask, the more knowledge you will learn, and the more you will be amused by the humans.

The normally gullible, unquestioning American adults were easily fooled out of their rights by the interjection of words such as "permits" and "licenses" between the definition of privileges and rights, causing the government-trained dumb adults to perceive that you can hold a right to exercise an action and be required to get a permit or license for the same action, because it is only a "permit" or "license", not "permission". Read that as often as you need, to recognize how easy it was to fool your unquestioning parents into believing an impossibility, simply with the addition of another word, a metaphorical straw man.

If you are a parent, now is a good time to have a little sit-down chit chat with your children, explaining to them the process by which ignorant, malicious people who get government jobs fool other ignorant adults into "willfully" surrendering their rights by using words that do not hold their meanings. Teach your children what public school teachers are too ignorant to teach your children, that is, how to use words that hold their meanings, therein, that it is impossible to hold human rights if one must get government permission (permits, licenses, pay taxes or fees, other demands) to exercise such basic human rights as to own and manage one's own body (ingest smoke, carry guns, rent oneself, etc) without damaging or threatening anybody else, travel by common means on the public rights of way, express one's opinions about law, help other people with "medicines", freely walk on the public land, associate however one wishes with whomever one wishes, build homes and businesses, spend or risk the money one has earned however one wishes, and anything else a human can do without damaging or genuinely threatening another human. Teach your children that upon adulthood their decisions for themselves are as good or better than any government person's decisions for them because the government persons are just common humans like everybody else, making as many mistakes as everybody else. Tell your children to pity the government adults who are so monumentally ignorant that they cannot figure out that they are just common humans like everybody else, with no superior brain design or ability to make flawless decisions.

If you are cop, now is a good time to quit your job and stop using power of office to unlawfully impose your inferior law demands on other people, denying them their human rights. You have been lied to, and made a fool of by your agency lawyers whose malicious intent is to create as many contestable court cases as possible, to cause the most number of lawyers to be hired for court cases among victims who are fooled out of their rights, including your children when they become victims of the ignorant, power-craving cops and bureaucrats in other jurisdictions. Cops are becoming increasingly hated by even the people who "publicly" praise cops, because cops maliciously damaging their families by criminally carrying out the unlawful orders and lies of agency lawyers. You would rather be working at a low paying honest job than be a cop increasingly hated by so many common people, including your own children when they learn what cops and lawyers did to human rights.

If you are a lawyer, you will never figure out why lawyers are the most hated profession in the world, wherever lawyers exist, even by their family members, or you would have already abandoned your profession. Unlike the cops, you are not even pitied. You are hated, by design of the human mind inherently reacting against such repugnant deceit and power exercised by lawyers and lawyer/judges who seized ownership of the "law". You cannot escape the design of the human mind. You got rich fooling people into massive social damages. Your greed was insatiable. You attempted to fool all the people all of the time, including your own children who will inherently learn that you were fooling people, including your own children, into the jurisdictions of completely contradicted inferior laws, not lawfully applicable, for your insatiable greed. Your children will eventually recognize and publicly describe your repugnance, or your children will be ridiculed as being so monumentally ignorant as to not be able to comprehend what a human right is, ignorance taught by their parents. Your profession will go the way of kings and emperors, but with more hatred and retaliation.

Another typical rhetorical ruse fooling unquestioning people, proving the ignorance and illiteracy of US Congressmen, has been the US Presidents starting massively damaging Presidential Ego Gratification Wars based on a Congressional "authorization for the use of force", while a Congressional "declaration of war" is required by the common law to use US military force. Congressmen are afraid to "declare" war, because the related law is invoked, placing the responsibility (liability) on the individual Congressmen who vote for the "Declaration of War", involving the Law of Nations recognized in the US Constitution, so the corrupted congressmen, paid off by the military industrial complex, weasel around with the unlawfully applied straw man word "authorization", to fool themselves and other fools, and to fabricate "plausible deniability" with the nebulous rhetorical ruse of an undefined "authorization for the use of force". They know that the American adults are so laughably unquestioning and illiterate, taught by the government's equally ignorant public school teachers, that they are clueless of any difference between a "declaration" of "war" and an "authorization" for the use of "force", even if you hand them a dictionary and show them the different spellings of the words.

In the common law, the words of the law hold their meanings. If a "declaration" is required, then a "declaration" is required. If a person changes the word, perhaps to "authorization" then a different law is invoked, or the absence of an authorizing law is revealed, which must be a prevailing law to be lawful. What is the reason to change the word? What does the other law say or not say? What does the prevailing law require? Why were the minds of congressmen afraid to simply "declare" a "war" for the Presidential Ego Gratification Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Vietnam, Korea, Somalia and elsewhere? What is the verifiably accurate answer to that question, for public record? If congressmen represent Americans, how could the Americans be so monumentally ignorant and gullible as to not obtain a public reason of record for that repeatedly effected, glaring contradiction?

What was the above described process to surrender human rights? Did you want to surrender reasoning-based human rights, for power (ignorance)-based demands made by the power-damaged minds of laughably dumb government people? Did you want to remain as intellectually useless as the American adults by reading-over the questions herein, rather than answering them, writing your answers, and asking questions of your answers?

The complete understanding of a problem is the only access to solving it. Therefore having recognized that your mind, like everyone else's, if ignorant of its design, routinely creates and accumulates an ongoing series of therefore compounding contradictions. Likewise, sloppily and hastily using inaccurate words that do not hold their meanings train your mind to create rather than resolve contradictions. Believing rather than questioning contradictions, because the speaker or writer had a title or credential that implied knowledge, even the title of "adult", accumulates contradictions. Titles and credentials do not convey knowledge. They convey the flattery of having believed rather than questioned the equally ignorant title holders who flattered their self-ascribed greatness by being able to grant titles and credentials to other equally ignorant people. It is a mutual flattery society for people who are clueless of how to solve complex problems. Their mutual admiration society created the problems rather than solved them, as proven by the existence of the problems.

The writer of these words was an adult with a common gaggle of titles and credentials, actually believing their associated claims, much to his ongoing amusement. Then he started asking questions about them, and everything else, to learn that he had been laughably ignorant when he was believing adults rather than questioning them.

Knowing that the design of your mind requires you to ask and answer real questions to identify and resolve contradictions, after your mind was trained to not recognize thousands of previously taught contradictions, including the contradiction of your having not been taught by adults to understand the design of your mind, in a species whose actions are predicated on the functioning of human minds, you can start right now to extract yourself from the intellectual dark ages of the adult humans. You will therefore shortly learn how to resolve the other guy's contradictions, and all of society's contradictions, regardless of opposition, because you will learn which precise questions to ask, in what precise format, to leave other minds not able to adversely react without verifying the accuracy and benefit of your resolution, in their minds, by design of their minds. It is just the knowledge of a process.

You are on your own in the human competition for the knowledge you need. The adults obviously cannot and will not save you, by manifested proof.



This is too good to pass-up..... 22 January 2010

The superlative intellectual brilliance of Osama bin Laden is not deniable, except to note that he may instead have been just plain dumb, with the American government personnel so vastly dumber that Osama is comparatively illuminated the most intellectually brilliant person in the realm.

The US government Police State, reacting against Osama's efforts (if they were his efforts), has trained educated Americans to recognize the Jews as the terrorists.....

If, at this late date in the game, by this glaring example among an escalating series of examples, you do not understand that the so called "terrorists" have easily manipulated the US DemocanRepublicrat War Regime into attacking its own people and economic system, even attacking the primary enemy of the so called terrorists, for them, the primary ally of the US government, the ally that has caused the terrorist attacks on the US, and proving that the Americans are the far greater, more murderous terrorist threat to reasoning people around the world, then you are fully qualified for duty in the US DemocanRepublicrat War Regime, and will just have to learn when the Roman Empire styled US government crumbles around you. Those military chaps who fail to learn the most ancient and most repeated lesson of history, like the military chaps before them, are obviously doomed to repeat history, to the therefore scheduled doom of their military empire. The repetitious lesson that military chaps cannot learn.... The use of military force instead of human reasoning has never, and can never, achieve a sustainable goal, by design of the human mind predicated on reasoning, not force.

How fear-stricken, scared spittless, gullible, easily intimidated and unquestioning are well-educated Americans, and how brilliant are the poorly educated, so called terrorist enemies hanging out in mud huts?

Therefore, what can you learn of the minds of humans who rely on power-based titles and credentials instead of always thinking more (asking and answering more questions)?

A Jewish teenager on a US commuter airplane flight from New York to Kentucky, quietly performing his traditional prayers with the traditional little Jewish prayer boxes that contain scripture passages, that cleared airport security, in his hands, caused the flight to divert and make an emergency landing at Philadelphia, with a bomb squad and federal agents waiting to seize and interrogate him.

After the supposedly educated airline crew had time to watch his observably unthreatening actions, and, if not knowledgeable of them, to politely ask him, "Excuse me, but I am not familiar with your interesting actions. What are you doing?", and in fact upon a crew member inquiry of some sort, be told them what he was doing, and his sister told them what he was doing, that it was a Jewish faith prayer sequence, the pilots still hastily diverted the flight because their minds perceived a terrorist bomb threat in his actions.

After turning the airplane for the flight to Philadelphia, followed by the usual long landing sequence, with plenty of time to evaluate the available data and ask any further questions, the airline crew, with supposedly well educated pilots, did not recognize their embarrassing error and return to their original course for their original destination. They landed at Philadelphia, subjecting all the passengers to the inconveniences caused by that failure to THINK. The unquestioning, emotional-fear-based minds of the airline pilots created national recognition of the unthinking nature of American airline pilots.

The al Queda chaps, Taliban, every other Muslim in the world, and every thinking human were left rolling on the floor, kicking and pounding, clutching their aching sides, gasping for breath, tears of howling laughter streaming from their eyes.

The insatiable American War Monster is almost finished eating its own tail, and is closing in on its vital organs. The Jews are now as much a terrorist threat to the minds of common Americans, as are the Muslims and the rest of YOU American suspected terrorists. If you thought your Muslim neighbor was a potential threat, you better watch those Jews a little closer. Well, what is required of supposedly educated American minds to perceive and completely follow through with a costly, multi-agency terrorist threat process from the data of an openly explained Jewish teenager quietly performing a prayer?

Bin Laden created a fear-stricken America increasingly attacking itself out of raw fear of everything and everybody. Brilliant.

The Americans were taught by the government's "public" school teachers to be clueless of the process of simple reasoning and asking effective questions of what people are doing (actual use of the English language).

Next the fear-trained, unquestioning American suburban residents will see the neighbor kids playing with some new plastic toy, and call the Homeland Security Gestapo Bomb Squads. Well, the threat of kid-made terrorist bombs, concealed in their toys, exploding in the middle of American suburbs, is on the Homeland Security list of government scare tactics for agency budget excuses, ready to fool the gullible Americans when the Jewish prayer bomb scares cycle through their effectiveness. Threat level orange. Would you believe reddish orange?

With war-based minds administering the nation, at nationally bankrupting cost, the Americans are militarily attacking five nations that did not attack the US (Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen), slaughtering innocent civilians ("collateral damage") in their homes every day, teaching the world that the Americans are murderously insatiable war mongers and the greatest terrorist threat to the world, and teaching the Americans that everybody in the world is out to get us, now even those terrorist Jews.

Eritria, Ethiopia, Iran and other Middle East nations are next on the US military's war budget excuse list.

The Americans are the current Roman Emperors with their Roman Legions, a doomed society.

Meanwhile, the so called terrorists, after their only real show in New York (the most brilliant military attack in human history), who are thinking enough to be spending comparative pennies or less, with incentive of having only pennies or less, with only small caliber, low velocity AK 47 rifles and hand carried explosives in marginal areas of remote countries on the other side of the world, and a rare crazy person so noticeably blundering in the US that civilians easily prevent their efforts, have the entire United States of American government, military, police and society attacking each other and their allies, at a nationally bankrupting cost.

Brilliant thinking.

Expound your hatred of the so called terrorists all day long, but at the end of day every thinking person in the world and US recognizes their vastly superior thinking ability, and the vastly inferior thinking ability of the government-believing US society. The proof is manifest.

Despite their obvious incompetence at effective, individual battle tactics in their countries, the so called "terrorists" (freedom fighters in their countries) are strategically so more brilliant (THINKING) than the entire American government's military and insider intellectual resources, that the freedom fighters have the Americans attacking and defeating themselves at their own cost. Inexpensively causing your enemy to attack and bankrupt himself is brilliant thinking.

No excuses prevail. The consistently manifested results are not deniable. How did a Jewish teenager, sitting beside his sister, quietly praying, and openly explaining his actions, verified by his sister, on an airplane were they each would be an equal victim of any real threat, become a terrorist threat of the magnitude to divert an US airline flight for an emergency landing and bomb squad search?

The insatiable, mindless US War Monster will inherently consume enough of its vital organs to destroy the American system of government, because everyone in the entire US Government War Regime is too ignorant to recognize or learn what resulting series of questions to ask and answer to resolve their increasingly damaging contradictions, illuminating a reptilian minded monster.

If your own government has trained supposedly educated American citizens and fellow government personnel to treat everyone, including you and even a Jewish teenager quietly praying, as suspected terrorists, to carry out costly tax paid processes, can you not figure out that the real problem is the government reaction to what the government personnel are just plain too unthinking to ever figure out, by design of war-based rather than reasoning governments? Well, are you as dumb as the American adults?

Even the US military generals and the Secretary of War (defense) have repeatedly stated that it is not possible to militarily win the wars in the Middle East. Yet they, the US president, Congressmen and all their insider think tanks cannot even understand their own words. They continue to escalate the wars, and their agency attacks on Americans, and refuse to seek any more useful knowledge outside their obviously failed and failing insider institutions.

If the GOVERNMENT'S military generals publicly acknowledge that they cannot win the wars militarily, and the non-military GOVERNMENT folks have already proven that they have completely failed at non-military solutions, which caused them to use and keep using the military, what would the thinking person do?

What? Look for knowledge outside GOVERNMENT and its GOVERNMENT-dependent insider consultants already constantly consulted? A government person could read the preceding sentences, and would remain categorically clueless of any option outside GOVERNMENT, because government chaps hold power-damaged minds, verifiably with no functioning access to the reasoning process in their minds, by design of the verifiable damage that the functioning concept of power does to neurons and synaptic chemistry in human brains, much to the howling laughter of thinking people.

Even the US government's own Director of the Government Accounting Office (GAO) has publicly stated that he cannot identify how America will avoid soon collapsing for the same bankrupting war-based reasons the Roman Empire collapsed, and the feds still refuse to deviate from their war-based, scheduled collapse. They are clueless of the concept of reasoning and learning new knowledge. The zenith of their minds' abilities is the quest for more war weapons, recruits and police, for more power. Reasoning? Their power-damaged minds are clueless of the concept.

They do not know how to ask and answer the questions of their own glaring contradictions, to resolve the own contradictions. Nor do any of the government's public school teachers, as proven by the results. With humans based on the results of learning useful knowledge, the doom of the American system is obvious.

Enjoy the show.

Buy personal protection firearms, ammunition, silver, gold, food-producing land, and a basic skill desired by fellow humans, regardless of the cost in increasingly worthless paper dollars, if you consider that to be wise. The mere act of doing so, by enough people, is a process to prevent the need for doing so. The US government will collapse, on schedule, leaving government people as the victims of their prior greed, maliciousness, uselessness to a productive society, and contempt for taxpayers. The common people will continue to muddle-on while forming a new government without the old-government thugs and useless bureaucrats.

There is a process to efficiently avoid the government collapse. But it must be learned by the government personnel, or anyone with incentive to save them from themselves. The process is just knowledge, that which is most feared by the power-damaged minds of government people who attack, flee or ignore new knowledge rather than learn new knowledge, who flee questions rather than learn how to ask and answer effective questions. Power-based empires come and go, on schedule, and only cause grief while they exist, because of the fundamental contradiction of using power instead of reasoning, among humans who are predicated on their minds, not their muscles/weapons. Not one government person or other power-damaged mind can understand the substance and utility of these words, much to the amusement of the observers.



Consider again the robust laugher of the author........ 5 December 2009

If you discover any other website or person who states the following three concepts, please be so kind as to inform Doug at DougBuchanan.com. He and that other person will most enjoy their resulting conversations, and share with you any advancements in their knowledge.

1. These words hold their meanings.

2. There is an available process that can peacefully, efficiently resolve the most complex contradictions humans can create, and promptly manifest the resolutions, regardless of opposition.

3. The knowledge is verifiable against any questions anyone can ask.

Perhaps read #3 again. Notice the value it creates, its imperative for any genuine truth, and the non-existence of that statement among any government or organization leaders, especially the amusing "think-tank" chaps.

Notice the inordinate rarity of those statements. Notice that he who makes those statements would be challenging (inviting) the greatest thinkers of the humans. Notice that supposed "great leaders" who claim to be any sort of leaders, who have not yet achieved their organization's or government's stated goals, would immediately inquire, if they were genuine leaders and therefore wise, genuinely seeking to achieve their stated goals, instead of charlatans knowingly fooling gullible, unquestioning fools.

If you encountered a source of obviously very valuable knowledge, claiming the above #2, to the extent of promptly winning wars, manifesting peace and economic prosperity for a nation, solving the greatest social problems, resulting in a leader becoming the most respected leader in human history, and more, including the goals of any of your favorite organizations, how would you respond?

Since the author learned that process, and uploaded notice of its verifiably inherent existence, on this website and others, years ago, and individually notified many dozens of citizen organizations, governments and government agencies, not one organization, government or government agency has even responded, much to the author's amusement.

Well, there was one exception, an anti-war organization which sent dozens of the organization's periodic email solicitations for money. In response, this author sent three emails, months apart, offering the knowledge to promptly end their most opposed wars (Iraq and Afghanistan). Upon the third email the anti-war organization responded by stating, "Do not email us again.", and then continued to send email solicitations for support, much to my laughter. Pity the gullible followers of the anti-war organization leaders who fear and flee the offered, verifiable knowledge of how to efficiently achieve their goals, the same as the US military officers fear and flee the offered, verifiable knowledge of how to efficiently win their wars. What would cause that response, and the void of other responses?

It was the questions that demonstrated the inherent existence and availability of the knowledge, that indicated the further questions that convey the knowledge to anyone interested in learning it. Organizationally power-damaged minds, which are therefore useless for solving problems that inherently require a series of questions and answers to solve, fear questions more than death, for the proofs offered elsewhere on this website.

Most amusing was the reaction of the National Rifle Association (NRA) officers and Directors, while the author of these words was a Director on the NRA Board of Directors for a three year term back in the early 90's. He declined to seek another term despite the demonstrated certainty of his being re-elected by the membership. Knowledge of the peaceful process to promptly regain gun owner rights, definitively, permanently, and end the perpetual drain of gun owner money into the pockets of lying politicians and NRA leaders, was repeatedly offered to his fellow Directors and NRA officers, as a logical duty of said Director to the NRA members who elected him to the Board. The actions that the NRA leaders took to avoid, flee and attack even the suggestion of the knowledge, at three Board meetings per year for three years, if filmed, would have left Americans howling with laughter at gullible NRA members who believe rather than effectively question their useless leaders, like the other Americans who believe rather than effectively question government personnel, lawyers and news journalists. The last thing NRA leaders want to do is to regain gun owner rights described in the US Constitution. NRA is the most effective anti-gun owner rights organization in the world, verifiable with a series of questions whose inescapable answers prevail above any questions anyone can ask. The existence of NRA as a "cash cow" for its wealthy, insatiably greedy leaders and crony politicians is dependent upon methodically creating the designed successes of political attacks on citizen rights described in the US Constitution, to keep gullible, unquestioning members sending money to "defend" those rights (a time-proven lie). Enjoy the same laughter of wealthy NRA lawyers, leaders and their sweetheart Public Relations contractor executives, when at insider parties, they routinely laugh at the easily bilked, unquestioning NRA members who just keep sending money, never figuring out the contradiction of perpetually paying for a goal they never get.

Among the other grand amusements have been the Nobel Peace Prize committee chaps, who were also repeatedly offered the knowledge of how to either manifest world peace, themselves, or how to offer a Peace Prize that would effect world peace, or at their choice, effect peace among any particular warring countries. No response. And they continue to give the "Nobel Peace Prize" to reward people who not only have created no peace, but have occasionally been the most malicious and destructive war leaders, including the new openly acknowledged US War Leader, President Obama. To reward failure is to maintain failure, quite obviously. Of course, those who know how the Nobel Prize committees actually function recognize that their money and ego-based corruption has become the world's best example of institutional corruption. Nobel prize winners are disgraces to their professions, fooling unquestioning fools, as do all title-based chaps.

Of course the US military officers offer the most hilarious example of self-induced ignorance. In regard to the wars or massive bombings, started by the US, against Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Panama, Grenada, Bosnia, Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan (and others), where can the therefore proven, laughably incompetent US military officers state, "We won." Nowhere. Grenada would come closest, because there was no defending military. The Iraq and Afghanistan wars are as inherently lost as were the US Vietnam and the Soviet Afghan adventures. The net product of the US military chaps unlawfully starting all those wars (unlawfully carrying out unlawful orders) has been the world recognition of Americans as malicious, war monger terrorists. Nobody is safe from the US War Regime. Repeatedly offered the inherently existent knowledge of how to efficiently win their wars and the respect of people around the world, not one US military officer or War ("defense") Department official has responded. Even the suggestion of the inherent existence of the knowledge is beyond their power-damaged minds, vastly beyond. Without perpetual wars, the perpetual crops of US military officers cannot feed their egos as "warriors", and be praised by such laughably ignorant fools as America's Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) personnel who praise "America's great military leaders" (ignorant mass murderers), to train American young males to believe that the solution to perceived problems is to kill people, not use one's mind for reasoning.

Yet more amusing... More US military personnel have committed suicide since the Iraq and Afghan wars started, than have been killed in those wars, in addition to the extensive other damaging psychological problems. Concurrently, US police have an embarrassingly high suicide rate, as well as the spectrum of other damaging psychological problems. The solution is laughably easy. The problems are created by the mind. The solution is therefore within the mind, by design of the mind, and readily discovered by simply resolving the series of contradictions that in sum created the "problem", the decision to commit suicide. Those particular contradictions are an identified pattern that can be resolved for the entire institutions of military and police personnel, with one solution. Those contradictions and that pattern are discovered and resolved by a series of questions and answers. That knowledge can promptly end over 90 percent of those suicides, allowing the military and police to stop wasting hundreds of millions of dollars on obviously useless psychiatrists and psychologists, and let the taxpayers keep that money, or apply that money to hiring more soldiers and police. The knowledge, expressly verifiable against any questions anyone can ask, has been repeatedly offered military and police agencies. Zero responses. Even if they read these words, not one military or police officer (power-damaged minds) can understand the concept of preventing suicides by using the designed ability of the human mind to simply resolve certain stress-inducing contradictions within the mind, or hiring a person who can verify the concept against any question any human can ask. The lives of police and military personnel are considered worthless to the decision-making superior officers, not even worth easily learning the knowledge to prevent suicides. Keep paying your taxes to train soldiers who are going to commit suicide, and sometimes kill a few of their colleagues first. If you can't afford to pay taxes, send your kids to that training. Just hope they do not later discover your ignorance for not having fully warned them.

The examples extend across the full spectrum of organizations and governments, which were specifically offered the knowledge for the author's purpose of verifying the concept and functioning of the power-damaged mind. No problem-solving organization / government leaders soliciting money or memberships, or seizing money by taxation, are doing anything more than knowingly perpetuating the problems upon which the organizations are dependent for the existence of the organizations and their leadership wealth and ego gratification, and using their support to perpetuate their support, by design of the organizational manifestations of human fundamentals.

Share the laughter at everyone who supports organization and government leaders, instead of easily learning the design of the human mind, and thus the process to resolve the contradictions that any mind creates. The knowledge is learned the same way all knowledge is learned, by asking and answering questions. One would then wisely teach their children the design so they can share the laughter at everyone who wants somebody else to do their thinking for them, the somebody else "leaders" who have already proven that they cannot adequately think (ask and answer questions) to solve their own problems or manifest their espousals.

Upon learning the design of the human mind, the promptly manifestable resolutions of all contradictions (solutions to problems) become readily learned. You can learn that knowledge. Your organization and government leaders will not, verifiable.



The amusing double failure of US spies......2 December 2009

Do not even start reading that from which you seek to learn useful knowledge, unless you have time to think (ask and answer questions) more than read.

An institutionally power-damaged mind is such that no US government spies, of any agency, especially internet spies, or military intelligence officers, congressman, think tank experts, or main-stream news journalists can understand the following words, as is verifiable with a few questions to any such sorts who would object. But a common person can understand these words. Classify yourself as you wish, but your mind must match your classification if you wish to derive the benefit, an easy process.

These words offer the minds of commonly reasoning people another proof of the comedy created by power-damaged government minds who CREATE and perpetuate the social problems, as excuses to perpetually lie about solving the problems if you just perpetually give them a little more power, time, and your money, fooling fools.

The human mind was designed to identify and resolve contradictions. It CANNOT willingly or knowingly create, or attempt to sustain, a contradiction until the mind is altered or damaged by a known process involving an identified array of stimuli training a certain locatable group of neurons in the brain.

While the US news journalists continue to make fools of themselves and those who believe them, as usual, periodically reporting on the fabricated controversy over this or that government internet spying program or law, it is acknowledged by commonly intelligent people that ALL email, website and other internet communications are easily monitored and screened by US government computer spy programs sold to the government by the same type companies that sell everything else to the gullible government chaps squandering money on their insatiable, useless addiction to power over everyone.

The question comes forward: Since the test of time has been more than adequate, with the government computer spy programs predating George Bush who only made them obvious, why are there any remaining problems, contradictions, threats, unknowns or tax expenses involving the identification and location of "enemies" of America?

Why have not the current and previous spy programs of every government throughout human history solved the problems that the spy programs were purported, by pitiably ignorant government liars, to be solving?

When do the spy programs achieve their goal so Americans would no longer live in our current Soviet styled Police State with the American government spying on all Americans at the cost of billions of tax dollars every year?

What are the gullible Americans getting for their billions of tax dollars spent for government spying on every American and everyone else, if not only billions of tax dollars spent for perpetual government spying on every American and everyone else?

If the US Constitution is the highest law in the land (it is for government concerns), and that law identifies the right to privacy against government invasion, which government officers are legally liable for criminally evading their known legal duty to initiate due process of criminal law (file criminal charges) against all the internet spy personnel invading the privacy of Americans without evidence or probable cause of their being involved in a verifiable crime?

What is the statute of limitations for the criminal violation of Constitutional laws perpetrated by all the internet spies spying on all Americans, after the test of time proves that the initial Bush-styled hype and lies about "protecting Americans against terrorists" , like "weapons of mass destruction", are in fact just lies to cover criminal fraud, perjury to oath of office, evasions of known legal duties, and other violations of Constitutional laws, by internet spies?

How many Americans, including newly elected and appointed officials, will be filing those criminal charges against the legion of young, hired-off-the-street perverts and their bosses spying on all the private affairs of all the Americans, and which court judges who want to keep their jobs, and not be charged with criminal evasion of known legal duties, would dare to try to dismiss those charges filed by millions of angry Americans?

Who is so foolish as to believe that the glaring lies of Bush, Obama and their currently powerful cronies will forever continue to fool all of the people all of the time?

Why did the Soviet Kremlin's security police suddenly realized that even their own families could no longer tolerate the damages of the Kremlin lies, and therefore suddenly joined the people to turn against the US internet spies, ah, that is, ah, against the Kremlin officials?

If the current level of therefore inherently intolerable US government corruption has legions of unthinking people spying on all Americans, who among those unthinking people and their offspring would be so foolish as to believe there will never be a change?

When the children of the government internet spies spying on all Americans, belatedly recognize that their parents are supporting their colleague perverts inherently spying on the private affairs of those children / teenagers / young adults, who would suggest that there will be no reaction if the spies did not keep their children monumentally ignorant and gullible?

Consider another proof of the failure and comedy of all spying, most obviously that of the laughably ignorant US spy personnel.

Gathering data on the public and private statements and actions of everyone is obviously a waste of tax money if there is no practical use for the data. If the process supports no definitive, end-product, verifiably achievable goal, or if the process supports only rhetorical illusions, why (what reason of record) force people to pay taxes for the government spying on those people paying those taxes?

A spy program to discover "threats of damage" would logically include, as its dominant process, the evaluation of the data to make decisions and effect actions to preclude or minimize the damage. Perhaps read that again to recognize a primary reason all spying fails.

If a spy program director lacks the personnel or computer programs of sufficient intelligence to make useful evaluations of the gathered data, the director is an idiot, or criminally negligent, to continue the fraudulent program before acquiring sufficiently intelligent personnel or computer programs.

It is impossible for a spy agency, of any nation, to acquire personnel or a computer program of sufficient intelligence to functionally evaluate "threats of damage" information, to preclude or minimize the damage, for the same reason that it is impossible for the US National Park Service to acquire competent mountain climbers for mountaineering ranger jobs.

Mountain climbing, like spying on people, is of such complexity and field conditions that a good mountain climber can only learn from experience, not from a book or instructor, if he or she survives the many deadly attributes of serious mountain climbing during which she or he is constantly challenging his or her advancing ability and knowledge against increasingly more difficult and more deadly natural conditions. As an occasion situation, a six day storm may suddenly come over the ridge, while the climbers are in a precarious position, and introduce a limit demanding that lesson to have already been learned, when it was not. The survivors are those who think more, and thus have prepared.

Mountain climbers do not threaten people or damage the mountains, as mountain climbers. The tax-paying public holds no rational need to be forced to pay to offer information or services to mountain climbers, as mountain climbers. Mountain climbing is a frivolous recreation of outdoor elitists who can attend to their own needs and desires with their own money, just as whisky drinkers can buy their own whisky of their own choice. If it is logical to tax working poor and middle class people to pay for mountaineering ranger services for elitist recreational mountain climbers, it is more logical to tax people to pay for the whisky and cigars of we recreational whisky and cigar gourmets who are more common and productive than those mountain climbers of obviously questionable intellectual acumen.

Upon certain questions, every US National Park Service mountaineering ranger and mountaineering program is flawlessly proven as a complete waste of tax money for a counter productive process that creates the costly and deadly mountain climbing problems in National Parks, that do not exist in the mountains outside National Parks.

Worse... The primary job of a Park Service mountaineering ranger is to arrest / issue citations / fine mountain climbers for not kowtowing to contrived, counter productive, often danger-increasing, useless, idiot paperwork processes of therefore inherently ignorant (unquestioning) Park Service police given mountaineering ranger jobs. The processes, such as the contrived requirement to register, or get a permit and pay a fee, which change no other action of the climber, but often fool gullible climbers into believing the lie that the government will save them if they get in an accident, who thus inherently prepare less carefully, are merely theft by permit fees, enforcement budget excuses, and taxation by citation. That money pays for the police who are only there to arrest the climbers who do not pay the police, otherwise described as government imposed extortion fooling fools with the ruses of useless permits and registration. Mountain climbing in the non-Park mountains prove the fraud and danger-inducing processes of all Park Service climbing regulations, requirements, rangers, programs and taxes.

All government-required fees, are taxes, and government-required paperwork is taxation or seizure of valuable citizen time, without compensation. Therein, in addition to the countless layers of "hidden" or obscured taxes on corporations, products and services, that are inherently passed on to the end product and service purchaser, in addition to the overt sales, property and income taxes, the US is revealed as the most over-taxed society on the planet. That is why the US can afford so many Presidential Ego Gratification Wars, mountaineering rangers harassing elitist recreational mountain climbers, and why US productivity has been reduced to the level that the US now holds the greatest per-citizen and total debt (bankruptcy) ever accumulated by any society in human history.

Well, therefore no competent mountain climber (or any other reasoning person) will accept a job based on such mental midget maliciousness toward fellow climbers. Real mountain climbers do not want to, and will not, arrest fellow climbers for harmlessly climbing mountains without kowtowing to such verifiably ignorant, unquestioning government sorts. Climbers do not so hate other climbers, as climbers. Climbers enjoy discussing climbing, among fellow climbers. "You meet the nicest people in the mountains." Competent mountain climbers learn that concept from experience. Mountain climbers hold petty little US National Park Service mountaineering ranger thugs in unmitigated contempt and derision, routinely expressed in public or private, for the same reason you would if you were a mountain climber capable of understanding the above.

Likewise, no reasoning person will spy on the people around them, that is, invade their privacy at the cost of time one could use to create a life of one's own, by design of the human mind. Spying on the private affairs of other people is repugnant to reasoning human minds, and a waste of a mind's time that could be used to create its own life. If your mind does not want other people spying on your private affairs, and if your mind is not damaged by a perception of institutional power, it will not spy on the private affairs of other people, by design of the human mind's data synthesis process. The time spent spying on the lives of other people is the time the spy does not have for creating and enjoying his own life, and achieves no useful goal, as the test of time proves. Only power-damaged minds will invade the privacy of other people to the extent of spying on people they do not know, to advance the power of an institution (government), by design of the human mind.

Thinking people do not spy on other people. Spying on people is a waste of one's own thinking ability and time.

The people who are being spied on are obviously not dangerous to anyone until they have already made it obvious to enough people that they genuinely intend to carry out damaging actions, to be discovered by common people, by design of humans. Therefore no spy is necessary, only the inherent social cooperation of people who recognize the threat of genuinely threatening people, who will cooperate to protect themselves, their families and society, openly revealing the threatening people and actions, by design of the human mind, UNLESS some amusingly ignorant government spies have already made it known that the common people are the enemy, by the government spies spying on the common people. Therein the common people threatening common people are the lesser of the enemies between them and the more powerful and malicious government which has defined everyone as an enemy by spying on them. Why do you think street crime victims now avoid going to the police? The American police have made themselves the greater enemy of honest people. Honest Americans fear the lawless, malicious American police more than the street criminals. If you are among the few remaining Americans who do not understand that sentence, you are a victim waiting your turn.

An enemy cannot possibly exist for no reason, by design of the human mind, despite the lies of mental midget government dolts such as Dick Cheney, George Bush, Barack Obama and their ilk. The elimination of enemies cannot be effected by the process of spying on everyone, which is the process that creates and defines everyone as enemies of the government and its police, like the government mountaineering rangers who must create the otherwise non-existent problems for the therefore unquestioning rangers to claim to be solving by arresting people who have caused no real problem or damage, but whose normal, non-harmful actions contradict the problem-creating regulations (laws).

If you cannot or will not methodically understand the above, which literally requires time, patience and asking real questions to understand (it took me a long time), then you probably vote for the obviously lying DemocanRepublicrats who keep creating the problems as the excuses to make you pay countless forms and layers of taxes, for the perpetual lie of solving the perpetual problems.

If you want to know something known by the other guy, ask him. Honest people help honest people, by design of people. If he does not tell you, it is none of your business, or you are not offering him enough compensation for this time telling you. If it pertains to a damage he may intend to inflict, the intended damage, which is a contradiction, will therefore, like all contradictions, inherently become evident to other people who will recognize it and preclude or mitigate it to the maximum extent possible since damage to people inherently creates an adverse reaction in the reasoning human mind.

If the "potential" for another person perpetrating a damage is adequate reason to spy on other people, then all people, especially government chaps wielding inherently corrupting power, must be spied on all the time, requiring that everybody must be hired to spy on each other all the time, leaving no time for a farmer to grow the food you eat because he must instead be spying on all the malicious government sorts and everyone else spying on him and everyone else. Government folks are hired from the same population pool that produces criminals, with no identifiable demarcation between them, therefore again indicating a need to spy on them. No few million government thugs have maliciously damaged citizens, in violation of laws, proving the lack of an ascertainable demarcation between criminals and government thugs before they reveal their intents or actions.

Notice that criminals and government sorts refuse to answer the type questions that honest people will readily answer. Do government people and criminals with guns or gangs, hold power? Does power corrupt? You, I and any common person can accurately answer the questions. Government sorts will refuse.

There is no such thing as institutional power that does not corrupt. Power corrupts. Every reasoning person recognizes, can state and can verify that truism. Government folks cannot, because they have corrupted, power-damaged minds. Who did you want spying on you? And if you taught your children to be more intelligent that government sorts, what will they recognize of their parents when they recognize the substance of the US government spying on them and everyone? What will they recognize of the intelligence level of the spies and their families?

Any compromise on the concept of everyone spying on everyone all the time, while the process claims to be doing so to identify "terrorists", creates an enticing invitation for anyone to inherently retaliate against the compromised spy program for the fun of easily revealing the flaw of a compromised spy program, by easily creating damages that the spy program purports to prevent, as pranks, to embarrass the laughably ignorant spies, all by design of the human mind. For every attack there will be a counter attack, by design of the human mind. One such common process is the routine "disinformation" programs of governments and citizen groups, created for the gullible spies of the other government or one's own government, with their commonly damaging results.

Among those damaging results of disinformation programs (lies) that compromised spy programs create rather than reveal, is the easy propagation of rhetorical illusions (lies) that create wars (the lies of Saddam's weapons of mass destruction, the Vietnamese "domino effect", the Afghan Taliban supporting their rival al Queda, the potential of a Muslim Superstate, etceteras). The absolute origin of the obvious lie (disinformation) that Cheney and Bush used for their lie (disinformation) to start their Iraq war for which they were desperately looking for excuses, was the Iraqi who was retaliating against the Americans by sucking them into a war they could not possibly win, would bankrupt them, and would further cause the world to recognize the Americans as the greatest terrorists. The lie was the counter-spy's disinformation prank, for which the entire American spy system had not defense, AS PROVEN, because no spy is sufficiently intelligent to recognize a lie designed by a spy for spies, because spying is based on the lie of not invading the other people's privacy while doing so. If that were not so, the process would be described as asking the other person for the information you seek. Therein the spy's mind creates a contradiction within its mind, that it cannot recognize, or it would not be a spy.

Therein the common person can recognize a power-damaged mind, and laugh robustly at the self-induced ignorance of spies whose power-damaged minds cannot recognize the substance of anything herein. It is actual, stimuli-induced, flawlessly verifiable, locatable, physical damage to the human brain's electro-chemical routing process.

Likewise, disinformation programs create other profoundly costly programs such as the US Transportation Security Agency Gestapo (TSA) searching everyone who travels by air, thus harassing travel in the US down to a costly, time consuming, privacy invasion, commerce-damaging, productivity-damaging program. A series of questions makes it irrefutably obvious that TSA makes it easier for hijackers to hijack airplanes, and creates a budget excuse imperative to periodically create believable hijacking threats or hijacks, leaving the enemy no longer needing to hijack airplanes because they already have the American government (TSA) maliciously attacking the American people to create more enemies of the government, and damage the American system of governance / society. It is the process of fooling unquestioning people into attacking each other, who otherwise hold no incentive to attack each other. The US government is doing the work of Osama bin Ladin still years after he already died of natural causes, because power-damaged (US government) minds MUST create enemies (US citizens) to exist.

Because militaries, the US Military Industrial Complex, US internet spies and countless government agencies like TSA, and their insider contractors, derive vast profits from the process, they immediately join their original enemies to propagate disinformation (rhetorical illusions of more threats) to build and sustain their lucrative, damaging process of attacking their own people. Al Queda and their colleagues no longer need to use any of their valuable time to create any real threats because TSA personnel and their US colleagues such as internet spies, covertly upload rhetorical threats against the US, to maintain public fear and thus their budget excuses for congressional budget committee reports among congressmen and staff who are clueless of how to effectively question or distinguish real threats from the threats their own colleagues fabricate for the vast sums of money congressmen therefore give them. That is the result of a compromised spy program wherein the government spies are paid tax dollars to spy on the people, and enough additional tax dollars to fabricate the increasing excuses to spy on people, while the people therefore cannot afford to spy on the government's self-serving disinformation programs, but can easily counter the disinformation programs with disinformation programs that easily fool the spies who are desperate for any outside-origin excuse to maintain the lucrative illusion, much to the robust laughter of the commonly intelligent observers.

Therein the spies learn that they need not produce any real terrorists, who are inherently too few anyway to justify the feckless US internet spy budgets, and need only rhetorically facilitate the US government's rhetorical threats of terrorists, to fool laughably gullible congressmen who are scared spittless of everything, to continue to pay themselves and other ignorant government colleagues lavish salaries, from taxes foolishly paid by citizens who keep voting for the government that keeps taxing them more.

Notice that the so called Arab or Muslim terrorists who are claimed to be threatening American are really just ancient rivals in other countries, perpetually attacking each other with guns and lies, for the same reason American DemocanRepublicrats perpetually attack each other with votes and lies, for the same reason the North and South in the American Civil War attacked each other with guns and lies, etceteras around the world and history, in each case fooling the gullible fools who support them. But tell no one because that obvious fact cannot sustain Cheney's, Bush's and Obama's Ego Gratification Wars designed to funnel tax money to the American Military Industrial Complex selling weapons to all sides of all wars on the international market. Fer good grief sakes even the US government openly admits that 15 percent (actually more) of the US tax dollars going to fund the Afghanistan war goes directly to the enemy Taliban "for security services" (direct bribery for partial safe passage), much of which buys US Military Industrial Complex explosives to kill American soldiers as a matter of convenience and peripheral retaliation during the ongoing local tribal wars, and still the gullible Americans keep paying their taxes, electing their DemocanRepublicrat War Regime, and sending their kids to be killed in Afghanistan. If you are not laughing yourself to tears at the process by which unquestioning minds create all their problems, frustrations and damages, you are missing the show. Ask more questions than did your parents, now.

Early in the process, the original enemy can lay back on Persian rugs, get comfortable on the pillows in front of the TV news, smoke their Arabian hookas, eat gourmet racks of lamb with mango chutney and the finest dates, and laugh themselves to tears at the US CIA producing the fake Osama bin Ladin videos threatening more rhetorical threats, so the US government will more thoroughly bankrupt the Americans and desperately over-print more therefore increasingly worthless paper dollars to increase and advance the US Police State attacking the Americans. Notice the extreme of TSA even declaring that finger nail clippers and toothpaste are terrorist threats, to further economically damage US travel and commerce, much to the howling laughter of the original enemy who never imaged that the gullible Americans would so extensively damage each other over such laughably fabricated illusions of fear.

Add to that the American high school and college computer geeks and other groups of individually thinking young people simply having fun assisting the laughable sorts in government to sooner collapse their fear and threat-based Police State empire, by intentionally supporting the government's obvious disinformation programs, parroting and fabricating more rhetorical threats, conspiracies and fear, laughing at the adults who actually believe the government's obvious lies and scare tactics, instead of asking questions of the glaring contradictions. They compound the same process, with a different incentive, fun instead of anger or greed, with the same results. And why not? The power-damaged government minds SHALL increasingly to attack their own people, by design of power-damaged minds, so any more thinking person just as well entertain themselves with some part in the comedy.

It is the design of the human mind. Anyone can learn it. People who do not learn the design of their own mind are victims of power-damaged government minds, throughout human history, by design of the human mind. People who learn it get to laugh and enjoy the comedy, and if they retain any incentive, can promptly change the game to advance the humans out of their current intellectual dark ages.

The time that a government hireling spends spying on you, is the time that otherwise productive human mind does not have available to learn and produce any benefit for society.

It is also "human nature", a nebulous description for the design of the human mind. After the original contradiction was created (and not resolved) by intellectually lazy people surrendering their individual duty to do their own thinking and teach their children to do their own thinking, to government chaps, in itself a well disguised contradiction that would not be a contradiction if the government chaps understood the reasoning process of the human mind, the institutionally created power-damaged minds of government folks then created the contradiction of fabricating enemies necessary for the continued existence and growth of a power-based government predicated on the rhetorical illusion of "protecting" the intellectually lazy people (YOU, and your offspring if you fail to teach them intellectual technology) from "the other guy", "the enemy", those other governments, street criminals, terrorists, heretics, Jews, Muslims, savages, crazy people, women, pot smokers, gun owners, communists, extremists, hippies and the long list of government-created "enemies". Lacking an enemy, no government can exist.

Without an enemy, free trade serves all social needs and desires. Without a rhetorically exaggerated enemy, fooling unquestioning fools throughout human history, especially the dumbed-down Americans, beyond the comparatively few street criminals, military empires cannot possibly exist. No real enemy can exist if an original contradiction, such as the government use of force against another person, or a genuine criminal/damaging action, is not created. The use of force cannot be successful if individuals learn how to do their own thinking, and thus have not surrendered any normal process of the human mind to any ORGANIZATION of people (government), that is, institutionally created power lacking any intelligence beyond a single human mind's design, and needing to use force to create the excuses for its existence. Inherently ignorant police and armies (organizations of power-damaged and thus unquestioning, thus dumb minds) hold no utility if the common people think enough to arm themselves with the simple invention of guns, and sufficiently like their social system of individual freedom enough to defend it from lying government thugs using force. No army of inherently dumb people can defeat an armed, therefore thinking society which likes its social system of individual freedom. No government can exist amid individual freedom, for lack of any need for an organization of dumb people (government personnel) making decisions for thinking people.

Again, if you and your friends can answer the following two questions, then you are thinking people, and if government folks cannot answer them, then government folks are obviously not thinking people, and therefore you, your family and your society are better off without government personnel making decisions for you, especially if you simply arm yourselves to protect yourselves from armed street thugs and ignorant government police. 1. Do government people hold power? 2. Does power corrupt? Grade school kids can answer those questions, but not any government dolts.

Ask questions of the government line about the ignorant masses needing to be controlled by government. YOU are the ignorant masses to everyone else, including the ignorant government chaps who claim the need for their authority over you because YOU are the ignorant masses, even if you are a fellow government sort inherently being those masses to the other government sorts, especially the sorts with higher titles and more power who cannot even answer the above two simple questions. Therefore you can distinguish yourself and the entire mass of the non-government people as not so ignorant, right from the get-go, by answering the two above questions that the entire mass of therefore more ignorant government personnel cannot answer.

If you fail to resolve the original contradiction in a series of contradictions, all of your related efforts serve only to teach you the failure of not resolving the original contradiction in a series of contradictions, if you can learn from the existence of your problems. You are otherwise useless to yourself, your family and friends, and the rest of the human phenomenon, for solving any problem within that series, including many more problems that you do not recognize as within that series, dooming you to a life of frustrating problems, while those who learn the process promptly resolve identified contradictions (problems), and laugh robustly. You can learn that by asking and answering all the related questions, or by living that life of frustrating problems until you learn it the hard way, if you make an effort to learn new knowledge from old mistakes by asking and answering the related questions.

An inability or evasion of synthesizing the above obvious concepts inherent to the human mind variously identifies ignorance, intellectual laziness, incompetence, especially for a person who has accepted the paid job to spy on people, or most commonly, being just plain too busy with their choice of interests to spend time with government and other institutional power games. Intellectually lazy people, if they complain about any problem, instead of easily learn to solve it, are therein proven as plain dumb, too unthinking and unquestioning to easily ask the questions that illuminate the contradictions, and therefore ask and answer the questions to resolve them to prevent the problem they complain about, unless they openly laugh at the problem and are having fun. They are as dumb as I was when I was a distinguished military graduate Army officer, risking my life in the project of slaughtering Vietnamese because they refused to kowtow to idiots in Washington DC, before I belatedly started asking the questions of obvious military and government lies (disinformation programs) that gullible career military personnel and their supporters never ask during their entire lives. It is not just the ignorant, intellectually lazy US military and government chaps. It is their ilk, as was I, of every nation throughout human history. It is the design of the human mind. Extract your mind from their ilk, today. Ask real questions of the contradictions within your most cherished illusions. Answer them. Teach your children to do the same, better than you.

And therefore, the spies are fundamentally ignorant people, unable to effect normal reasoning process, by design of a mind that has adopted, and is functioning on, the inherently false perception of its superiority or power over other inherently equal human minds.

If you needed to evaluate data gathered by a spy, to identify and prevent potential real damages, would you hire a fundamentally ignorant person, unable to effect normal reasoning process? Well? Who is hired to evaluate data collected by spies and spy programs? Are they not spies, spying on you and your family? Are they not the last people you would logically hire because they are too ignorant and unquestioning to even identify the damages of their own government's incessant disinformation programs (obvious lies)?

Where are Saddam's weapons of mass destruction, and all the terrorists among the Americans, after billions of dollars were spent to find them? Well, the US spies are obviously so incompetent that they believe their own obvious lies about any utility of spying on people.

How could the massive US and Soviet militaries lose wars against rag-tag Afghans and Vietnamese peasants wearing Ho Chi Min sandals made from wore-out car tires, with paltry AK-47's, hand carried, bicycle carried, and cheap Toyota carried explosives, and no Air Forces, Navies, tanks, helicopters, jet bombers, heavy artillery, sophisticated communication systems, night vision goggles, etceteras? Well? For an unknown goal, if there was a choice between the entire US military with all its resources, and one thinking person, only a person as flat void of thinking ability as a US military officer would chose the US military. A lot of US military enlisted personnel who have learned how ignorant their officers are, in the Iraq and Afghan wars, and any other thinking person, would wisely chose the one thinking person.

Is not the ability to think more than the enemy (understanding how to effectively use the design of the human mind) obviously worth more than the enemy's entire militaries and their institutional think tanks? Is it not therefore obvious that the US military, the US government, their think tanks and all their spies, are comprised of people who are more ignorant than the mostly uneducated Vietnamese and Afghan peasants and their leaders hiding in jungle tunnels and mountain caves? Is not the proven ignorance of those US government personnel verified by their continued consulting with only their intellectually void, mentally in-bred institutional insiders, completely ignorant of how to ask effective questions of glaring contradictions, even after extensively spying on the author of this website and many other independently thinking people who analyze concepts (ask and answer all related questions) without any need to waste time attempting the futile task of defending institutional lies, illusions, power, egos, contradictions and whooptidoos?

It is impossible for government to hire reasoning people, and thus competent people, for the job of spying on people, explaining why the entire history of US government spying has resulted only in the US government personnel (including military officers) now being scared spittless of everyone around them, including Americans with finger nail clippers and toothpaste as potential terrorists. That happened because their own, unquestioned government lies were fabricated to create fear to create enemies to create power, rather than effect reasoning, and inherently resulted in the rest of the world recognizing the power-crazed, war-mongering, fear-based Americans as the greatest terrorist threat in the world.

The undeniable results are the undeniable proof.

The enemy is not the other guy. The enemy is a learnable illusion within your mind, in the other guy's mind as his enemy, and in every human mind as its enemy, by learnable design of the human mind. Go ahead, support your government spying on those damn communists, terrorists, hemp smokers, homosexuals, Muslims, Jews, gun owners, peace activists, conservatives, radicals, liberals, tax protesters, war veterans, fill-in-the-blank and countless other enemies fabricated for the illusion of enemies for the continued funding of the spies, as do the unquestioning, hired-off-the-street spies and their unquestioning supporters. But consider the reaction of your mind when you belatedly discover that the spying program inherently spied on your private life, which is inherent and imperative for any spy program, to identify the potential enemies among you, including those potentially among the families of the spies and their unquestioning supporters, and therefore belatedly recognize that your mind has contradicted itself, therefore being its own enemy because it has become a traitor to its support for the hired-off-the-street, high-turn-over-rate perverts spying on you and your family, and keeping records of your inherently discovered credit card numbers and previous girlfriends. Spying on people is the grandest of the fool's illusions. It costs the idiot spies a life of their own, and the money of their unquestioning supporters, and creates enemies among all who are spied-on, therefore everyone, including you and your children, for no value to anyone.

Why do you think the common people of every nation in human history ended up hating their own government, therefore its personnel, and therefore why every government ultimately failed? Well, your answer? Why has history consistently proved that the most destructive enemy of all people, was always their own government personnel?

Now consider this interruption of the reasoning process being presented, to note that an internet spy or Park Service mountaineering ranger who might be reading this, could in theory, not in practice, recognize the contradictions of their actions and results, and resolve them by quitting their job, and getting a job that serves useful goals, therein no longer accepting tax money robbed by force of tax thugs to pay for the government's useless rhetorical scare tactics and everything predicated on them.

If you join an institution of professional liars (government, National Rifle Association staff, anti-gun owner rights organizations, peace organizations, Military Industrial Complex, Sierra Club staff, lawyers, etceteras), and are not soon thrown out because you ask the questions of their glaring lies, or promptly quit because your questions revealed the illogicality of serving inherently doomed lies, and are rewarded with your salary and mutual ego flattery for attempting to sustain the lies (contradictions), you will inherently train your mind to believe the lies, and end up as dumb as internet spies believing that all the people (YOU) who do not believe the lies are enemies.

The ongoing and obviously perpetual problem of enemy "terrorists", like the perpetual problem of enemy "mountain climbers", enemy hemp smokers, enemy Muslims and Jews, enemy conservatives and liberals, enemy this's and that's and other lie-inflated goblins, proves the ongoing failure, and thus the laughable ignorance and uselessness, of the government spies and mountaineering rangers. Their existence is predicated on creating and sustaining the problem, never solving the problem, and thus NEVER THINKING enough to resolve any contradiction, because they NEVER ASK ANY EFFECTIVE QUESTIONS of their own institutionally induced contradictions (lies). They train their minds to be dumb.

The human mind is TRAINED to believe its belief's. It does not acquire its belief's genetically.

It is easy to train a mind to believe a lie (a contradiction), if the mind is first trained to not ask questions of contradictions (lies), as demonstrated by Hitler's Nazi Gestapo who were trained to believe that Jews and Gypsies were criminals, and by Obama's Homeland Security Gestapo and TSA thugs who were trained to believe that all Americans are suspected terrorists. Every society has that sector from which Hitler got his Nazi Gestapo, as proven in American by its Homeland Security Gestapo and the dozens of other armed police filling the American prisons with people who harmed nobody.

Lies (contradictions) can only be sustained within any mind, by a mind that was trained to not ask questions of contradictions, thus trained to stay dumb. Truth is identified by asking questions to resolve contradictions, to thus become intelligent. The lies themselves cannot possibly prevail because they describe that which is not, which is routinely discovered by common people who trained their minds (and those of their children), to ask questions of contradictions. Make your choice, but you cannot become usefully intelligent, and you will remain as a laughably ignorant person, if you train your mind to refuse to ask or answer the questions that power-damaged minds refuse to ask or answer. Is it lawful to carry out an unlawful order? Is it a crime to make a damaging demand, or effect a damaging action, with power of office, under claimed authority of an inferior law contradicted by a superior law? Not one government sort, especially cops, prosecutors and court judges, can answer those and other simple questions whose answers are openly revealed in the questions. Power-damaged minds cannot ask or answer those questions, because the next obvious questions reveal the contradictions of using power instead of reasoning.

But more illuminating proofs can be presented, including the following that leaves spies as a remarkably pitiable lot, as pitiable as myself when I believed the laughable rhetorical illusions of the US government, when I was an Army infantry lieutenant assisting with the project of slaughtering poor Vietnamese peasants who wisely chose to not kowtow to the idiots in Washington DC.

If you or your computer programs were spying on "bomb the Whitehouse for Jihad" phrases, to identify potential enemies who wanted to bomb the Whitehouse for Jihad, you or your program must logically be sufficiently intelligent to be able to distinguish between those who were expressing a genuine threat, and those who were impartially discussing the concept, or joking or ridiculing the ignorance of spies, or using the phrase for the vastly greater number of reasons not involving a threat, such as the advice that to "bomb the Whitehouse for Jihad" is illogical, counter productive and ultimately self defeating since human minds react against malicious damage, such as the escalating malicious damages perpetrated by the US government with its unquestioning spies, police and military thugs.

Failure to be able to distinguish that difference, among the countless examples and gradients like it, could result in your more easily ending up seizing and renditioning the inherently far greater number of non-enemy, innocent people and good friends, such as the harmless pizza delivery guy who liked the Americans before the ignorant US spy personnel and their colleague military thugs renditioned him to Guantanamo for torture, and thus CREATED entirely new national and international groups of enemies, including nearly all pizza delivery guys, inherently created by ignorant, malicious government personnel attacking and damaging harmless friends of the US and other people in the world.

But consider the greater proof of the unmitigated ignorance of US computer spies. An intelligent spy (none exist) would recognize not just the threats to the government, but equally, the benefits to the government within spied-on information.

If you were looking for where the enemy is, would you not recognize the value of knowing where he is not? If you encountered information beneficial to the government, in your spying, could you recognize it, and would you use it?

The US military, FBI, CIA, NSA and the legions of other US government agencies fighting their illusions of "terrorists" are obviously failing. They cannot even win their three current wars against Iraqi, Afghani and Pakistani peasants who only have low-power AK-47 rifles and backpack-carried explosives. The entire history of US government spying on everyone, at cost of hundreds of billions of tax dollars, has only produced a nation wherein all US government personnel, including military officers, are so scared spittless of everyone around them that they created the US Homeland Security Gestapo, in addition to the 60 other armed federal police agencies and military to pile yet more dumb, malicious thugs between themselves and their illusions, with the result of the rest of the world now considering the war-mongering Americans as the greatest terrorist threat to the world.

Therefore consider the public and political reaction if somebody who openly discussed bombing the Whitehouse, with phrases such as "bomb the Whitehouse for Jihad" on a common website highly placed in the popular search engines (first page), among the approximately one million or so websites currently making statements about bombing the Whitehouse, then bombed the Whitehouse, without all of the government spy agencies having prevented the action. Would not all the government spy agencies have proven their uselessness and waste of tax money, with the logical reaction of abolishing the agencies and firing all the personnel, denying the obviously incompetent chaps any subsequent government employment, if not charge them with criminal dereliction of duty, and possibly complicity with a terrorist act?

Therefore, if government spies were competent (and they are not), to adequately perform their accepted duties for their excessively high salaries, they would thoroughly evaluate every website discussing bombing the Whitehouse, and every additional mention of bombing the Whitehouse, even edit uploads, as it was uploaded on the internet, to discover the intent of the author, which could easily change as time passed, requiring a genuine analysis each time, with inter-agency and supervisor verification, rather than any hasty assumption from a previous conclusion, since bombing the Whitehouse is not a casual discussion topic.

THEREFORE, if the same sentence triggering the computer program "red flag" for human analysis of the full context of a "bomb the Whitehouse for Jihad" phrase included the statement that there is an available, verifiable-against-all-possible-questions, process for the US government to preclude any bombing of the Whitehouse, efficiently win its Iraq, Afghan and Pakistan wars, with less money, fewer military personnel and many fewer civilian and military casualties, concurrently creating profound international respect and support for the US government leadership and its military, as this sentence does, is not the same dereliction of duty, and cover-up, demonstrated by the government spies who do not create and secure reviewable record of their personally having conveyed the information to each of the top military and government officials, to defend themselves from the aforementioned charges after it inherently becomes publicly known that the aforementioned process was available and repeatedly discussed on the internet, openly offered, known to spies and countless internet surfers, after the nation's leaders bankrupted the US (their own economic existence) with ineffective war policies, caused more people around the world to hate the American military bullies for slaughtering so many civilians in other countries, and effected the slaughter and maiming of more thousands of US soldiers whose colleagues would therefore become extremely angered and considering retaliation against the derelict spies and congressmen?

What? You do not think such innovative processes exist? Neither did the dumb defenders of Troy who were delighted with the gift of a horse statue. Neither did the dumb civilian and military defenders of the World Trade Towers and the Pentagon. Neither did the ignorant US military and government dolts who started the wars in Vietnam and Somalia. Neither did equally ignorant Hitler and the laughably dumb Soviet government leaders. Neither did the mental midget Roman emperors or the pitiably bumbling Japanese emperor. Neither did the mentally in-bred British kings. Where are those empires? Neither did all the military government dolts of human history, who were laughably out-thought by individual thinkers such as Gandhi. Look at the entire intellectual ability of the entire Chinese government with the largest number of armed soldiers in the world, so scared spittless of the monumentally non-violent leader of the completely unarmed Buddhists, the Dali Lama, that the intellectually void Chinese dolts internationally make fools of themselves accusing the Dali Lama of being a terrorist at nearly every reference to him. The US government's institutionally self-stagnated institutional thinkers started 10 wars or massive bombing campaigns after World War II. The results were a net loss of each of the wars and bombing campaigns, with no benefits for the Americans who paid in lives, limbs and money for the counter productive slaughters of foreigners, and the single result in sum being the world recognizing the US as the world's currently greatest war monger and terrorist threat. What is the resulting condition of the US economic empire, with China holding warehouse rooms full of pallet loads of US Treasury originally wrapped bundles of 100 dollar bills that China can suddenly release on the market to leave every American holding therefore worthless money unable to buy even bread?

Well of course there was always a more effective alternative than self-defeating government power and deception to solve problems, by design of the human mind. The source of the contradiction inherently had to hold the resolution, or the contradiction could not have been made, by design of the human mind.

If the US government internet spies and their bosses think there is no greater intelligence than that of the folks who opened the gates for the Trojan Horse, or created 19 Saudi suicide enemies, and happily sold them US jet airline tickets, then do not wonder why the observers are often found rolling on the floor, kicking and pounding, clutching their aching sides, gasping for breath, tears of howling laughter streaming from their eyes. That is the extent of the unmatched ignorance of the functionally illiterate internet spies hired off the street by the intellectually moribund chaps in the US government spy agencies funded by the currently dumbest elected officials on the planet, the US DemocanRepublicrat War Regime congressmen and president.

How else would a major nation be reduced to its own government spending billions of tax dollars spying on all of its own people?

Every government internet spy, their supervisors and the staff and officials to whom they report, are useless for "protecting America", as already demonstrated and as history will further illuminate, because they trained their power-damaged minds to CREATE or fabricate enemies, even from their friends and family, including those of fellow spies, to sustain their petty jobs dependent upon the existence of enemies, and cannot possibly identify anyone who can RESOLVE the contradiction of enemies of the government, thus defeating enemies, thus eliminating the perceived need for spies, even if you pointed to a website of a person claiming such inherently existent knowledge, and claiming the ability to verify it against all questions any humans can ask. If any spy retained sufficient reasoning ability to understand the contradiction of creating enemies, to therefore resolve the contradiction, they would quit their job within the day, start a life of their own, and thereafter fear the possibility that they might have remained as monumentally dumb as their spy colleagues of the George Bush, Dick Cheney and Barack Obama spy and war mentality.

There is a peaceful (boring) process to efficiently win the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The process is verifiable against every question anyone can ask. The process achieves stated goals, defeats enemies, regains friends, creates new friends, and initiates economic prosperity.

What would you do if somebody stated in public that they could provide you with the knowledge to promptly achieve your stated goals that you have not been able to achieve, if you were willing to easily learn the process, and stated that they could verify the process against any questions you or anyone could ask?

Well, what does, "any questions you or anyone could ask", mean to you? What is a reasoning person's logical response?

Now, what would thinking people learn of you, if in response, as an organization leader who had already failed to achieve your organization's stated goals, you therefore asked no questions, and did not ask to learn the process, but turned to keep telling therefore fools that you wanted to achieve your goals that the test of time proved that you did not know how to achieve, and asked them for donations, or forced them to pay taxes, to pay you for your therefore exposed lies to them?

Now laugh yourself to tears because power-damaged minds, such as the US internet spies reviewing this bomb the Whitehouse phrase fear asking and answering questions so intensely that they therefore trained their minds to be unable to face questions, and unable to answer questions, therefore inherently ignorant of how to ask effective questions, fearing any questioning process, even upon seeing these words describing their pitiable condition.

The human mind learns from asking and answering questions, and government dolts fear the process more than death. You will never be under a power-based government with personnel sufficiently intelligent to actually resolve any contradictions, by design of power-damaged minds easily fooling fools into joining and supporting their gang of ignorant fools who flee learning new knowledge, and ask no questions.

In contrast, a reasoning-based government has been available to the humans since the invention of the human mind.

Laugh more robustly. The phenomenon of power-based governments / institutions, describes the peace organization leaders, anti-war organization leaders, citizen rights organization leaders, and all power, money or membership-based organizations, by design of the organizational manifestations of human fundamentals, the corruption of institutional power, a design of the human mind.

But you can learn the design. Anyone can. It is available for the asking of questions. But you must actually ask them. It is just a puzzle of knowledge, less complex than computer programming, aircraft engineering, successful farming and most other multi-part processes. It is rare because of its controlling concepts, primarily the fear of asking and answering questions by institutionally trained people.

The questions that defeat your enemy, actually physically, militarily, and politically defeat him (render al Queda completely defeated and of no threat, all over the world, or if learned by al Queda, do the same of the US government), are the questions that, by design of the human mind, defeat your real enemy, the one in your mind (learned false perceptions). Those questions cannot possibly harm you in any way, read that again, cannot possibly harm you in any way if you learn the knowledge, because it is knowledge. Those questions (resulting knowledge) advance your knowledge vastly beyond your enemy, your colleagues, your rivals and the common people, by design of the human mind's utilization of uncontradicted knowledge. The reason all government and citizen organization leaders flee any indication of the knowledge, is a designed FEAR of questions, a design that maintains the humans fighting each other, for the entertainment of the designer and the observers. It is just the simple fear of effective questions that keeps humans mired in the intellectual dark ages, still killing and imprisoning each other as their perceived process of solving the problem of people killing each other and using force against each other, instead of using reasoning. Government, military and other organization leaders fear questions more than death, by design of the human mind. Among the controlling contradictions, they simply do not learn what the perception of fear is, electro-chemically in the human brain, to thus easily resolve the contradictions it creates. Extract yourself from their self-induced, fear-based waste of their mind's life. Ask questions. Answer them. Question your answers. And laugh at those who fear to do the same.

Nothing on this website will alter the scheduled collapse of the US empire, just another petty power-based empire of malicious mental midget, fearful, insecure leaders, among many in the ongoing history of humans, despite this website offering the knowledge to instead make it the most respected world leadership in human history, profoundly advancing the lives of Americans and the rest of the world, for the remainder of human existence, if anyone in the government were interested in using their mind for its original contradiction resolution process and ability. No power-damaged government mind (including the internet spies) can understand the words on this website, or any reasoning process, such as indicated on this website. But you can, and therefore you can more thoroughly enjoy the comedy of power-damaged minds. In the future this website, among other sources revealing reasoning that prevails above all institutions, will be cited by historians as prior examples of the human mind's ability that precludes the utility of destructive force instead of constructive reasoning, openly available for the asking, since the human mind was invented.

Enjoy the show.


End of Intech Concepts 33


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