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The US war in Afghanistan, again.... A message to President Barak Obama and Army General Stanley McChrystal... 21 September 2009

This is for the amusement of you, the readers, since nobody in government will read these words. The countless government spies spying on everything being said and done by Americans (who are now all suspected terrorists) are only listing and classifying names and data bases for spy agency paperwork budget excuses, not actually understanding any of the sentences that contain flagged words and phrases. Keep in mind that it is unwise, illogical and counter productive to bomb the Whitehouse for Jihad or any other illusion, but the government computer spy robots are programmed to create various spy agency budget excuses by the number of "bomb the Whitehouse for Jihad" phrases, among countless others, that the computer programs can identify on the internet or in emails, regardless of those phrases written to advise against such malicious, unjustifiable acts of violence.

So this section helps to effect the increased taxation of Americans, together with the damaging results of that taxation, which describes the process by which the American government (any government) will collapse itself. At a threshold level of illogicality, the people simply can no longer afford a fear and hate-based government that progressively does less of anything useful for anyone, and increasingly spies on, taxes, attacks and damages its own people, much to the amusement of the observers. Because of that process, the people increasingly ridicule and express contempt for the idiot government agencies spying on "bomb the Whitehouse for Jihad" phases, among countless others, therein feeding the metaphorical dragon insatiably eating its tail.

The US / NATO Commanding General for the US war in Afghanistan has now stated that the eight year old war will be lost by the US (won by the Afghans) within a year if he does not get yet another arbitrary gaggle of more soldiers for the war.

And the news media, to whom the confidential report was officially "leaked", dutifully printed that same old threat, as a threat, to escalate the war for the profits of the US Military Industrial Complex, rather than ridicule that laughably childish old threat of desperate mental midget military officers.

Imagine the laughter of the people who easily verified, with a few questions of basic concepts, that the war was lost by the US the day the US attacked yet another nation that did not attack the US. And among all the nations in the world, the commonly armed Afghanistan people were and remain the obviously most certain to prevail against an attack by a non-Muslim foreign military. If that is not an adequate description, consider some tough guy street gang attacking the children of an armed mother, in her presence, and laugh yourself to tears at Bush/Obama and his clueless US military officers.

As a previous distinguished military graduate, airborne ranger infantry officer, Vietnam veteran (who resigned his commission), allow me to assure the non-military reader that the single most ignorant-of-military-history social or professional sector of humans, is US military officers, especially senior officers, VERIFIABLE against every question anyone can ask. The ten US Presidential Ego Gratification Wars after WWII, and their results, are proof, among other proof's.

However, there is a process for the US to win the war, even at this late date when defeat is otherwise as certain as it was on Day One, if either the US President, his military generals, Congress or the Supreme Court Justices (any one branch of the 3-branch US government, or its military in relation to a war) simply ask and answer the questions that the war made obvious since its start, plus the basic questions that every war has made obvious (lessons of history), and then ask and answer the readily available additional basic questions of the controlling contradictions of institutionalized human behavior.

Well, has the war illuminated any questions to the minds of the government and its military generals, since its start, that were not prior answered? Obviously, yes, or the war would have already been won. In "hindsight", were those questions not already made obvious in the sum of all previous wars? Obviously they were illuminated in the sum of previous wars (history), since nothing in the US-Afghan war is entirely new to wars or the human phenomenon. And therefore why not simply review, ask and answer the readily available questions that will otherwise only be discovered in the next year of more war by the intellectually lazy military generals and government leaders? Well, what is the cost of a few leaders spending a few days sitting in comfortable chairs methodically asking and answering questions, identifying and resolving contradictions to the extent of verifying the process to promptly win the war by certain fully questioned actions? That process is opposed to the ongoing expenditure of billions of dollars, for more years, and squandering the lives of the gullible young males who were fooled into running off to the killing fields for yet another Presidential Ego Gratification War orchestrated by "cave troll" mentality, military generals who are too intellectually lazy to simply ask and answer even the most rudimentary questions of war process.

Therein if those readily available questions are physically asked, with their readily available answers physically stated and written, verifiable against all questions any humans could devise, the war would be promptly changed from the laughable shooting war of General McChrystal's institutionally stagnant training, to a reasoning game of the human mind, from which the minds of all enemies could not possibly escape, by design of the human mind. The enemies of America would promptly lose their war for lack of any unresolved contradiction among their enemy's actions, and for all the remaining, countless unresolved, thus inherently self-defeating, contradictions of their own institutions.

The easy process to win a war is to defeat the enemy with his own actions, which is to say, his mind's inherently doomed decisions based on unresolved contradictions. That process explains why the peasant Afghan and Iraqi freedom fighters, with only low velocity rifles and home-made road mines, like the peasant Vietnamese freedom fighters, are easily defeating the greatest military force in the world, that is, the institutionally doomed decisions of the laughably ignorant (unquestioning) US military officers.

The above merely suggests that the government and military leaders, whose paid job it is to think, therefore think, that is, ask and answer the questions of war process that the test of time proves to exist, and reveals, that the leaders have heretofore failed to ask and answer, as the now military-acknowledged pending loss of the war proves. The perpetual demand for "more soldiers" after "more soldiers" were already repeatedly demanded and granted as the purported solution each time, as the zenith of the thinking ability of the officers, proves the doom of such obviously unquestioning US military officers who cannot out-wit even a half-wit enemy who needs to only leisurely "needle" the invaders, to defeat the invaders and occupiers among humans who inherently hate invaders and occupiers.

Even invaders and occupiers hate invaders and occupiers, and respect freedom fighters who fight against them, by inescapable design of the human mind. That design of the mind explains in part why more US invader/occupier soldiers have committed suicide, than have been killed in the Afghan and Iraq wars, since the wars were started. More such self-contradicted and thus self-anguished US military minds will inescapably commit suicide during the current Presidential Ego Gratification Wars. No amount of money, propaganda, feel-good rhetoric, tough guy rhetoric, or self-contradicted military psychiatrists can prevent or diminish that phenomenon because its source is predicated on controlling contradictions that can only be resolved by asking and answering the type questions of certain institutionally induced contradictions that are easily resolved if questioned, but never questioned by "institutions", by design of institutions. The questions are only recognized, on their own, by individual thinkers outside all institutions.

Every human mind holds a threshold of accumulated, unresolved contradictions that will cause it to effect deviant actions, including suicide and murder/suicide, by design. The US military officers, who could do their paid thinking job to easily reduce or nearly eliminate those contradictions in relation to war, remain too unconcerned with human lives, by design of the military process (kill and destroy on order of unquestioning leaders), to learn the process to eliminate suicides by US military personnel, much to the laughter of the Iraqi and Afghan freedom fighters, and individuals who recognize how easy it is for military personnel to resolve the controlling contradictions of suicide while successfully performing military duty.

Those questions are only available from objective, individual thinkers outside the institutions of "experts", as proven by the test of time involving all the "experts". The US government's legions of repugnantly overpaid, highly titled, highly ranked, mutually flattered, metal-adorned, and credentialed "experts", amid the test of time, have already produced the obvious failure that has left the military officers with the inherently doomed, ancient cry for "more soldiers". Yet even if they read these words, Bush/Obama, his staff, the US Army Generals and their staff will not consider accessing the questions because they are offered by people outside the insider institutions. Even a previous distinguished military graduate, Regular Army Commission, airborne ranger aviator infantry officer, ground and air duty Vietnam veteran, is not "expert enough", because he is not a fellow General, a Democan, a Republicrat, a friend of an insider, connected, not sufficiently flattering "the boss" and his staff, and thousands of other institutionally induced excuses to avoid new knowledge, by design of institutions.

But the CONTROLLING CONCEPT of why the government's obviously failing war machine (military officers) will not seek new knowledge outside its own inherently doomed process is because new knowledge is created by ASKING AND ANSWERING QUESTIONS, since questions induce thinking. Thinking is what the test of time proves the president and his military generals prior avoided. They started wars before thinking enough (asking and answering questions) to write the process to win the wars in X available time, with Y available money and Z available soldiers, and sign their name to the process for subsequent judgment of their thinking. The paid job of a military officer or organization leaders is TO THINK. Bush/Obama and his military officers will continue to avoid thinking, and cry for "more soldiers", much to the delight of the Afghans who are methodically defeating yet another dumb invader and occupier, and laughing at his ignorance of history.

Access to those questions and verifiable answers, and thus the prompt winning of the US wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, are herein again offered to the good President and his Generals. You can forward this message to them because the author does not have their email addresses or phone numbers. The Afghans would win their war sooner if they access the same questions, but they know they have won anyway, as history and simple reasoning prove.

Now compare the above with the same government's administration of its own society.

Notice that the intellectually void cry for more soldiers, bullets and bombs, describes a cry for more power over the other guy. Are problems solved by killing the other guy to define oneself as a threat to everyone (creation of a greater problem), or by asking and answering questions to resolve each contradiction creating in sum the problem? Are problems solved by unquestioning dolts who sink to police, military and other government jobs, gaining and exercising more control over YOU? You are the other guy to 6.7 billion people in the world. What are your answers? Notice the manifested answers of young male, mental midget street thugs, police and US military officers/soldiers.

Who did you want for institution leaders, including military officers? Thinkers who ask and answer questions of contradictions, to resolve them, or unquestioning people who just want more soldiers to kill more people, and more cops to imprison more people?

What is the proven cry of the US DemocanRepublicrat Regime, for the solutions to domestic problems? More money, laws, bureaucrats, police and prisons. It is the mental midget cry for more power over the other guy, you, not any quest for knowledge to resolve the contradictions that constitute the social problems. It explains why the majority of Americans, including even the Director of the US General Accounting Office, now recognize that the US government (DemocanRepublicrat War Regime) is going to collapse, soon.

If you faced an unknown problem, and could chose your problem-solving resources before you learned the problem, and were given a choice of the following, would you chose soldiers, bullets, bombs, police and prisons, or would you chose one thinking person who knew how to identify and effectively ask and answer questions of contradictions? Notice the mental midget US military generals and police who would choose the former, and the thinking people who would choose the latter. Why is the greatest military force in human history losing the Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan wars, to peasants, just like the Vietnam war, and the Soviet war against Afghanistan?

What is your answer, for your consideration of your current thinking ability? Use it.



An insult.... 1 September 2009

Your easily attained goal, if you are interested, is to learn the process to promptly solve any problem, and manifest the solution, including those created by the other guy.

By design, it is impossible for the human mind to learn intellectual technology, the efficient, easy process to promptly resolve inordinately complex arrays of contradictions, and lesser contradictions, if the involved mind (yours) can be insulted, offended, angered, irritated, frustrated or otherwise caused to route a data analysis (questioning) process into the neural array (neurons, synapses) that deals with, and therefore results in, emotion-based responses.

Emotion based reactions obviously exist, and are inherent to the design of the human mind.

Simply verify the obvious fact that emotion-based responses are altered from impartial, analytical considerations of data. Anger or the perception of being insulted or offended, obviously alters a neural (mental) reaction to the otherwise objective data that by chance of prior trained perceptions created the anger or perception of insult.

Any superficial denial of being angry, usually invoked upon an accusation of being angry, does not preclude or correct a contradicted (flawed, unsustainable) response effected by the data being synthesized within the anger-emotion neural array. The data was already diverted to that instantly triggered neural routing before any denial came before question. The genuine absence of anger, insult, offense, irritation, frustration, etceteras, must be prior learned, in substance, by the mind.

An arrangement of words that insults or angers one person, often does not insult or anger another person. Both people, and everyone else, have the same design of human mind. Read that several times if necessary to recognize the ease of training your mind to never be angered, insulted, offended or frustrated, to therefore be able to impartially synthesize any data without your perceptions being altered by the brain chemical releases triggered by a prior socially trained perception of an insult, frustration or cause to be angry.

The pictures of the World Trade Towers collapsing caused some people to be angry, some to be sad, others to be fearful, and many millions of people around the world to openly cheer in jubilation at the fact that the most malicious war regime of current times (US), finally got dramatically slapped in retaliation for the millions of people the US slaughtered in countries that did not attack the US (Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Panama, Somalia, Bosnia, Iraq, and others). All those people have the same brain design. Their minds were just responding in emotion-based harmony with prior learned data. In contrast, the wise person analyzed the data without emotion, methodically resolving the complex array of contradictions, and thus recognized the process to prevent that type action from ever happening again, regardless of opposition, completely beyond the understanding of the anger responders who specifically perpetuate such actions.

You train your mind by the words you use. Therefore, at each situation that normally offends, angers or frustrates you, describe the situation as "amusing", and your reaction as "being amused". That costs you nothing, and is easy. State those words in each such situation. Your entire life was spent being socially trained to be angry, insulted, offended, irritated, frustrated and otherwise emotionally reacting to varied stimuli that insulted or angered the majority of the people normally interacting with you, for no reason other than their foolish training by their unwise predecessors and colleagues who never considered the concept of training their mind to be wise or effectively reasoning. People train their minds by the words they use.

Therefore, simply correct the training given you by unwise people, the vast majority of society. That will take a few months of practice reacting to irritating situations with the words, "that is amusing". You train your mind by the words you use.

A wise person cannot possibly be insulted, offended, angered or otherwise caused to evaluate data with the neural array that alters the perceptions of data with naturally occurring neural chemical compounds which were designed to create hasty defense-based reactions generally described as emotion-based reactions.

An emotion-based, adrenaline releasing reaction to an attacking tiger or bear, etceteras, which was useful for thousands of years or more, and produced the surviving portion of society who passed on their genes and stories, is not useful for a person who no longer faces sudden physical threats, and who seeks to solve the countless complex problems created and yet sustained by that surviving portion of society. War, force and institutional power are no longer logical for a species with a reasoning-designed human mind, and obviously create all of society's problems that society is attempting to solve. But there is no evolved biological or social process for society to teach its young the process of reasoning. You are on your own to learn that individually ancient but socially yet undiscovered knowledge, now. The humans, otherwise of their reasoning-based mind design, are evolving from their primitive war and force-based level of existence.

To better describe the wise person, a THINKING person cannot possibly be insulted, offended, angered or otherwise caused to evaluate data with the neural array that alters the perceptions of data with naturally occurring neural chemical compounds which were designed to create hasty defense-based reactions generally described as emotion-based reactions.

A THINKING person unemotionally questions data, rather than hastily reacting with the socially trained, commonly illogical reactions that create wars, arguments, violence, court process, cessation of data exchange and other replacements of the mind's reasoning process that could be efficiently used to resolve all contradictions.

The above is one of the controlling concepts. If you learn only each of the other controlling concepts, but can still be stimulus-induced to react emotionally at those times when a contradiction is wisely resolved to avoid damage, then you will be unable to resolve complex contradictions even when emotional responses are not involved, by design of the human mind.

For those many obvious emotion-inducing stimuli that are not involved with any possible or practical damage to anyone, enjoy your emotional responses. The more you learn about the concept of emotions, the more you can enjoy them without alteration to your reasoning process.

All human-caused contradictions that involve possible or manifest damage, involve data that irritates, angers, insults, offends, frustrates or otherwise makes uncomfortable the human mind, by design. Consider reading that again in direct relationship to all the above information. Therefore do not wonder why human frustrations are sustained rather than resolved, by design of the human mind, and thus the human phenomenon, for the entertainment of the designer and those who learn the knowledge.

Now consider that government personnel, because they are trained to end all data analysis at the use of force, which is in itself inherently angered or offended by its routine failure (and ultimate consistent failure), by design of force, cannot resolve even simple contradictions, and certainly not the arrays of contradictions they incessantly create in their futile effort to resolve contradictions with contradictions. It is impossible for any and all government personnel, because they hold power-damaged minds, and can be offended by all manner of expressions that offend nobody else, to ever end their wars, corruption, lying, cheating, taxation theft, unlawful imprisonments, torturing prisoners and countless other descriptions of human repugnance.

Notice that the acquisition of a title or impressive-sounding credential INHERENTLY creates a perception of due respect. Therefore otherwise common humans who stumbled into, sank into, or lied their way into easily acquired titles, credentials, awards, certificates and such rhetorical illusions, or just accepted them without questioning what they do to the mind, as did the writer of these words for too long, are more easily insulted when adequate respect (flattery) is not expressed or shown, thus compounding the titled or credentialed person's intellectual inability to resolve contradictions, as best illuminated by governments with their arrays of titles, such as presidents, prime ministers, kings, czars, agency czars, congressmen, senators, legislators, judges, police, lawyers, directors, councilmen, secretaries, treasurers, generals, special agents, park rangers, superintendents, inspectors, etceteras, etceteras. With all those titles and credentials, why have not all those people with title-induced perceptions of superior knowledge not solved wars, government corruption (crime) and other social problems? Well, your answer? The answer is above, while government chaps can read this section, and their power-damaged minds will remain as self-confused, frustrated, irritated and angered as they will remain the rest of their lives.

However, any government person can be taught intellectual technology by two different processes, one by their request (they will never make such a request), and the other by an amusingly simple process that no knowledgeable person holds any incentive to effect.

However, if you learn intellectual technology, you might, by rare chance, retain the incentive to, for example, easily effect an honest government with the people currently in government, or by other people, at your whim. That is the least utility of intellectual technology. What is the utility of your retaining your illogical, unnecessary reactions based on anger or a foolishly perceived insult? If you recognize no such utility, now might be a good time to recognize your amusement with the folks who might have otherwise angered or insulted you, so your mind can ask them for their reasoning for their actions or words, much to your further amusement and the knowledge you each would learn from your next questions.



Can it be done ?......... 17 August 2009

Now think.

If there is no process by which US President Obama can win his Presidential Ego Gratification Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, then he and his military generals are fools to keep fighting those wars despite the profits they derived for themselves and their US Military Industrial Complex colleagues. The congressional war funding includes plenty of money for the insiders' kick-backs and consulting fees, always the first priority over the last priority of funding for the needs of the soldiers. The cost of the lost wars to Obama and his generals, their families, their names, their legacies and everyone else will exceed the fleeting paper money and temporary praise of fools that Obama and his military generals derive.

There is inherently a process for Obama and his colleagues to promptly win their Iraq and Afghanistan wars, but it is obviously unknown to the Obama war regime.

The process inherently exists by design of the human mind that created the contradictions that created the wars. The contradictions can be resolved by a particular process.

Now think.

Obama and his generals, and all the other war lords of history do not know that process, or wars would be promptly won.

What? Perhaps you are among the fools who think Israel won their so called 6 Day War? Why is Israel still engaged in constant war and the costs of war, amid increasing threats that doom Israel to ultimate defeat? Question your hasty answers.

Now think.

If the process exits for Obama to win his wars, and it does, then the same process exists for the Iraqis, Afghans and their allies to win their wars against the American invaders and occupiers.

It does.

Obviously the whole lot of them know how to start wars and fight wars, but do not know how to win wars. The proof is manifest.

They merely lack the knowledge of the process to win the wars. They merely stopped asking themselves questions about the process to win wars, and started the wars with the knowledge of only how to perpetually fight wars.

The process to win wars is merely knowledge, learned the same way as all knowledge, by asking and answering all related questions until all the contradictions are resolved, verifiably so.

Obviously they ask too few questions before sending the gullible ignorant young male cannon fodder onto the killing fields.

Notice also that all the peace and anti-war organization leaders lack the knowledge of how to end the wars. All they are doing is expressing opinions of the same sort as Obama and his military generals, about the way things ought to be.

The military generals are waiting for the privates to kill enough of the enemy. The privates are waiting for the generals to figure out how too more effectively fight the wars. The politicians are waiting for both. The peace advocate leaders are waiting for the masses to rise up against war. The masses are waiting for the peace advocate leaders to figure out how to politically defeat the war mongers. And everybody is spending most of their time just trying to live their life each day amid the social ignorance of everybody wanting everybody else to do something, while avoiding the process of thinking-through (identifying and resolving) the damaging contradictions of war.

And inherently, throughout human history, there are a certain number of individuals who spend the time to think through (ask and answer all the questions) the problems to learn the knowledge of how to promptly solve them, much to their amusement with the people who make no effort to learn the knowledge. Those who are too lazy or too busy to learn the knowledge continue waiting for all the problem-creators and problem-sustainers to solve the problems they do not know how to solve, are too intellectually lazy to learn how to solve complex problems, and only know how to create or sustain the problems.

Perhaps you still think that the military mentality chaps are the primary problem. The Dali Lama, one of the world's most openly known advocates of non-violence, can promptly manifest his espousals and desires. Tibet can be freed from the control of the Chinese Military Industrial Complex, with amusing ease. But the Dali Lama and his legion of advisors, just like the American and Chinese leaders and their legions, are too intellectually lazy to learn the knowledge of how to do so, for the same reason (organizational manifestations of human fundamentals). The Dali Lama is waiting for the masses to "peacefully rise up against" the Chinese military and politicians, out of sheer intellectual laziness. The leader (Dali Lama) is waiting for the followers to lead. The followers are waiting for the leader to lead. The job of the leader is to think. The organizational manifestations of human fundamentals (until learned and their controlling contradiction resolved) dictate that the leader will evade thinking (asking and answering questions) at any and every cost.

Everybody wants something to happen. Nobody wants to think. Thinking is that upon which humans are predicted, that is, asking and answering the questions to learn the process to manifest described goals. The willful evasion of thinking is a learnable, amusing process related to the design of the human mind.

The brilliant design of the human phenomenon is such that the few who do tediously ask and answer the questions to learn that process to resolve complex contradictions, are variously avoided, denigrated, ignored, marginalized, attacked, imprisoned, killed, ridiculed and otherwise left isolated with their knowledge, equally by the war and peace advocates, for a particular learnable reason, much to the robust laughter of those who learn the knowledge, and the observers.

Enjoy the show.

Stop wasting your time supporting or waiting for the institution leaders. They are waiting for you, while sopping-up the money you foolishly send them. Ask and answer the questions to learn the knowledge, or ignore the whole lot of them and get by as best you can amidst them and the social damages of their manifested ignorance.

In the future, when time facilitates the greater learning of intellectual technology (readily available today), even children will laugh at the primitive humans of our era who were waiting for each other to think, instead of thinking.

And let me know if you want to learn the knowledge. After being learned the time-consuming way, it can be readily transferred with the controlling questions of the controlling contradictions. The Chinese leaders can become the leaders of the world if they wish, as can their opponents and any other people, and be respected by everybody. The process is only knowledge. All advantages go to those who learn more knowledge. Ultimate defeat and uselessness to humans are inherent to intellectually lazy institutional leaders who use force and deception instead of reasoning.



How should the author of this website react? .......9 August 2009.

The writer of these words commonly reads the daily news from diverse sources reporting on the normal social problems and grief: Increasing US military suicides, police suicides, shooting and bombing of civilian villagers in wars, war destruction of human effort, abject failures of "rebuilding" projects, government corruption and waste of tax money on wealthy insiders, public protests of this and that, police repression of the people, government denials of human rights, government-pandered fear of "terrorists" among us, US prisons overcrowded with prisoners who harmed nobody, torture of prisoners, organizational espousals on the way things ought to be, etceteras and etceteras and etceteras.

The author laughs robustly.

Should he be laughing at such extensive social suffering and grief, at mentally anguished US military and police personnel committing suicide, people being jailed for refusing to help the US government slaughter people in other nations, children orphaned by American bomber and predator drone pilots destroying homes and families in impoverished villages, sons coming back from wars, in caskets or without legs, people who harmed nobody, sitting in US prison cells for decades, etceteras? Well? Your answer to the question?

What would you suggest after the author simply did what any government or citizen organization leader can easily do, that for which they were selected and paid to do: THINK, patiently ask and answer enough questions to recognize the brilliant simplicity of the disguise of the effective, promptly manifestable solutions to all the human-caused problems, knowledge that the author openly offers on the internet and elsewhere, while not one institution leader or member demonstrates any interest in easily learning the knowledge, while they continue consuming their lives complaining about the problems and telling people it ought to be different. The military suicides and other grievous contradictions are laughably easy to promptly prevent. People send their money and spend their time supporting the titled leaders of government and citizen organizations, who have already proved their complete lack of knowledge of how to solve the problems, and their lies about any real interest in doing so. The test of time is irrefutable. The ongoing problems prove that the organization leaders do not know how to solve the problems, and hold no incentive to learn the knowledge, because the people keep sending money and support for the rhetorical illusions of so-called solutions that never happen, paying for sustaining the lucrative organizational processes that never solve problems. If the problems are solved, the organization leaders and their organizations retain no reason for their lucrative existence.

US military generals, lauded and promoted for their illusion of an ability to think, paid to think, have squandered tax money on many "high level" meetings to discuss the embarrassing and costly problem of increasing suicides by military personnel of all ranks (as an example of all social contradictions), to say nothing of the wars they keep mindlessly fighting instead of wisely winning. All the metaphorical king's men and their horses, the generals and their hired legions of psychologists, psychiatrists, experts and think tanks, to whom the government shovels more tax money, HAVE FAILED. The proof is manifest. So what do the generals do? They suggest shoveling more easily seized tax money to more of the institutionally trained titles that have already proved their failure for the last several thousand years. And the people keep lauding and paying "the generals, officials and their experts" who are lauded by the news journalists parroting government-written "copy ready news releases" praising government actions, while military personnel keep committing suicides that anguish their parents who ask no effective questions of the glaring contradictions and failures. They believe, rather than question, the obvious lies of the officials. It is not possible for institutional / governmental power-damaged minds with titles, to even recognize for a moment that the inherently existent, easily verifiable resolutions to the contradictions are known by untitled people outside institutions, by design of the process of individual thinking, who simply asked real questions of all contradictions including institutionally created and sustained contradictions, people who merely think, rather than pander self-flattering, lucrative illusions of titles and institutional credentials among fools who perceive that titles, credentials and institutional processes can replace human thinking. Adequate thinking to solve a problem cannot exist if a title or credential is accepted as a substitute for the verifiable resolution of a contradiction. He who is without titles and credentials must produce the resolution as a proof of thinking. Fools with titles accept fellow fools with titles as substitutes for a process to identify the resolutions that are therefore never identified. Every US military general can read these words, and their minds will remain completely ignorant of any process beyond the use of military force which is the source of the decision to commit suicide by a device (the human mind) which was designed for reasoning, and which contains no possible process for one mind to force another mind, the source of the controlling contradiction to the institutional training to conclude all thinking at the use of force, the quest of fools who anguish their minds. They will not ask outside their power-based institutions of verified failure, by design of the power-damaged mind. For a verifiable and correctable reason, it perceives the name of its government or organization institution as flawless, above any possible mistake, a god, not subject to the process of human reasoning / questioning that resolves contradictions. And therein its inherent contradictions are compounded rather than corrected, resulting in all social grief.

Despite the minor institutional embarrassment created by military personnel routinely committing suicide, US military officers will make no genuine effort to solve that easily solved problem, for the same reason they make no genuine effort to reduce their repetitious slaughter of civilians during the US Presidential Ego Gratification wars. US military officers ascribe military personnel suicides to the same rhetorical illusion of "collateral damage", as that for the slaughter of civilians. To the officers, their own men are as cheaply expendable as civilians, as demonstrated by their actions. The phenomenon has been, and remains, an integral part of the military institution, by institutional training, throughout the history of militaries. A simple series of questions can prove beyond all questions that US military officers hold their own men in contempt, as inferior humans, cheap cannon fodder. The proof is flawless even for military officer parents, of their own offspring in the military. It is categorically impossible, verifiable as such, for the power-damaged mind to recognize the concept of shame or the value of human life. The proof demonstrates why power-damaged minds fear and flee effective questions. For military suicides and civilian casualties, military officers simply mouth the same old lies that have fooled gullible, unquestioning fools since the lies were first invented. Thinking (questioning) people ask the questions to prove the lies as lies, and do not join, or they belatedly quit, the military. There is a reason the government insiders keep their children out of the military, or insure safe, pampered assignments for them.

A 9 August 2009 news article announced a $50 million (taxpayer money) Army contract with the National Institute of Mental Heath to study the "mystery" of the increasing number of Army suicides. All the countless previous multi-million tax dollar studies of government agency suicides, and countless more millions spent on government psychiatrists and psychologists, produced only a "mystery" that requires another $50 million to study. Not one Army, Mental Health Institute or other institutionally trained government person can understand within the previous sentence what every commonly intelligent, individual taxpayer can understand. It is just a trite, classic, repetitious scam, otherwise described as the ongoing gullibility and ignorance of humans. For the same reason the other studies failed, it is not humanly possible for those two institutions or any other institutions to discover why an institutionally trained mind becomes frustrated, confused and anguished to the point of suicide when attempting the impossible task of harmonizing individual logical thinking (reasoning) inherently predicated on not attempting to force or harm other human minds, with the inherently illogical, institutionally taught conclusions demanding (unnecessary and futile) attempts to maliciously force and damage other inherently equal humans minds. The process to resolve the contradiction, to easily preclude the military suicides is readily available. It is just knowledge. But it can only be identified with the synthesis of inherently unlimited, individual thinking, with institutional thinking, which is only available from individual thinking because individual thinking is not institutionally trained and limited to perceive that the institution creates no contradictions. Concurrently, the individual thinking, from other incentive, must extend byond the norm, to the resolutions of a complete series of controlling contradictions rarely analyzed by individual minds. The knowledge can then be conveyed to other minds with effective questions that the other minds recognize upon verifying the correct answers.

Not one US Army or other military officer, with all their medals, credentials, formal education degrees, honors, advanced Army schooling and institutionally pandered flattery, can understand the above from reading it, rather than from being asked the related questions. That is flawlessly verifiable with a series of questions.

The same source of knowledge offers the process to promptly win wars, merely the process to resolve a historically common array of contradictions. But that knowledge is abhorrent to the minds of military generals whose entire lives and their perception of life are predicated on starting and fighting wars, not preventing or winning wars. Military officers are categorically oblivious to the human suffering they create, their minds void of the recognition of the concept of shame, by design of a certain process, or wars could not exist. The power-damaged mind is flawlessly verifiable, and amusingly, correctable if anyone with the knowledge retains the incentive to alter the grand comedy of the humans.

Therefore if you are not laughing yourself to tears at the self-sustained ignorance and self-sustained suffering of the people, the families of soldiers and police who commit suicide, the war slaughtering of women and children, the reason for which is stated above, you are missing their grand comedy. Not one of them will simply ask and answer the questions of the obvious contradictions, until all the contradictions are resolved with verifiable answers, manifestable regardless of opposition which is merely among the resolved contradictions, a matter of a few day's thinking or questioning effort. The leaders can even do so in the comfort of soft chairs, and still they are too intellectually lazy to do their paid job of thinking, refusing to ask and answer questions to resolve contradictions.

And so you too can laugh at the national presidents, police, military generals and parents of the children they slaughter and drive to suicide, the humans who choose to remain in anguish, deep in the intellectual dark ages, for simple intellectual laziness, the refusal to simply ask real questions of obvious contradictions, answer them, question the answers, answer the questions, and so forth until the questions of the contradictions and opposition to the answers are resolved.

Or you can cry, be angry, frustrated, confused or whatever you want. But would you rather not laugh? Do not humans most enjoy laughing? The easily manifested problem solutions of any magnitude are available for the asking. Is not the refusal to ask, and then expressed anguish at the seeming lack of an answer, the best joke that humans can produce? Enjoy the show. Laugh at the needlessly self-sustained anguish of the humans. And wisely stop supporting government and organization leaders whose results have already proved their lucrative ignorance of problem solutions.

All the answers, verifiable against all questions, are available for the asking. Your government and organization leaders will not ask. And fools support them.



The writer of these words.... 20 July 2009

Consider that the writer of these words can promptly manifest all that intellectual technology is indicated on this website as being able to do, or convey the knowledge to anyone. For the reasons indicated herein, it is therefore inherent that he holds no remaining incentive to do so without being asked. He has already learned the definitive future of the humans, knows their design and purpose, can verify each, and laughs the laughter sought by all humans.

The process is as ordinary and practical as everything that everybody does, to do what they normally do for their daily living and enjoyment of life, that does not harm other people. And there is no need to educate anyone in the process, except the few institutional leaders who want to manifest the results of the process, and ask for the knowledge, just as nobody but the auto mechanics need learn how to fix cars in a division-of-labor society where the use of cars is common, and the users of cars learn other knowledge they can trade through a medium of exchange for the fixing of their cars. It is just knowledge, like any other knowledge. It has always been known by the few people who used their time to learn that unusual knowledge, throughout history.

Consider the following, what the humans cannot believe, but keep claiming to want, and keep pursuing with their related efforts, in amusing contradiction to their disbelief, but refuse to ask and answer the questions to learn. Pick any of your favorite contradictions, either individually, or groups, or in sum. The resolutions are too easy, with the knowledge. Wars can be promptly ended, with full agreement by both sides. The controlling contradiction would be resolved. Peace can be achieved, with even military leaders appreciating the process and results. The controlling contradiction would be resolved. Human rights of every description can be manifested, with the agreement of those who are currently attacking and denying each of the human rights. Gun owner rights can be achieved with the agreement of the anti-gun owner rights organization leaders, despite the National Rifle Association (NRA) leaders' efforts to maintain the steadily increasing denials of gun owner rights to maintain the flow of gun owner money given to the NRA's rhetorical illusion of defending gun owner rights. The NRA leaders would learn that they would then be in higher demand for their more advanced, more useful knowledge. The controlling contradiction would be resolved. The full legal recognition of gay and lesbian marriages can be promptly manifested, with full agreement by the anti-gay and anti-lesbian marriage folks, despite the gay and lesbian organization leaders and lawyers who are financially addicted to maintaining the denial of full legal recognition of such marriages, to maintain gay and lesbian donations to the rhetorical illusion of defending gay and lesbian human rights. Unfathomable to their current knowledge, those leaders and lawyers would learn that they would then be in high financial demand for the greater utility of their new knowledge. The controlling contradiction would be resolved. Forced acceptance of fighting illogical wars by objecting soldiers could be promptly ended, with agreement of military generals, despite the anti war leaders' efforts to maintain the forced acceptance of objecting soldiers fighting illogical wars, to maintain the flow of donated money to the anti-war leaders' rhetorical illusion of defending war resisters' rights. The anti-war leaders would then be in higher demand for their more advanced, more useful knowledge. The controlling contradiction would be resolved. An honest government could be promptly manifested, with the full and enthusiastic agreement of government folks, even congressmen, court judges and presidents, despite the efforts the citizen rights organization leaders whose lucrative donations are dependent on those leaders actively facilitating the perpetuation of governmental dishonesty. The citizen rights organization leaders would learn that they would be in higher financial demand for their greater and more useful knowledge. The controlling contradiction would be resolved. The American taxpayers would be delighted to no longer pay extra taxes to pay for National Park Service mountaineering rangers who exist only to serve (arrest) elitist mountain climbers for their sole activity of frivolously climbing mountains without first giving paperwork enforcement budget excuses to mountaineering rangers. The mountaineering rangers would learn that they could more easily get better, higher paying jobs with more free time to do their own mountain climbing without having to comply with costly, illogical Park paperwork demands. The controlling contradiction would be resolved. The police would no longer have an unusually high rate of suicide, divorce, alcoholism, espousal abuse, family violence, and damaging psychiatric problems. The controlling contradiction would be resolved. Hemp smokers would regain their ownership and management of their own bodies, from government ownership, lawfully smoking hemp if they wish, to regain the most fundamental of all human rights, the right of adults to own and manage one's own body, with the full agreement of anti-hemp smoker rights institution leaders, even Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) agents, because the controlling contradiction would be resolved. Crime rates would plunge to their lowest possible level, to the delight of police, prosecutors, judges, jailers, their families, everyone else and even Prison Industries Corporation Directors and stock holders. The controlling contradiction would be resolved. Societies of geographic regions would ask to be administered by governments functioning on intellectual technology, regardless of their proximity to those governments. Economic and social prosperity would be recognizably and verifiably maximized in such societies. And so forth for every contradiction humans have created. Each process, or in sum, is manifested by just knowledge.

Therefore if you wish, enjoy as much as the writer of these words the comedy of the humans who for no utility contradict themselves to their extensive, ongoing social grief, without simply asking and answering the questions that can promptly resolve their contradictions at no cost to themselves, and at an exponential advancement of their knowledge, benefit and enjoyment of life, in world peace if they wish.

The offer to convey the knowledge upon request is inherently limited by time.



Parts of the Puzzle # 1..... 18 July 2009

If this format is continued, with sections of this nature written between lines of asterisks, an attempt will be made to more concisely identify the parts of the intellectual technology puzzle. Concise, is not an attribute for learning multi-part knowledge. The other sections of this website include more useful, but less concise knowledge about intellectual technology. Your attempt to learn intellectual technology without a questioning-based seminar with a person who has already learned it, requires many hours of questioning many statements and concepts, and answering your questions, and questioning your answers, and so forth, to identify those questions which most efficiently synthesize the parts of the related puzzle, with what your mind has already learned. If for several reasons the writer of these words no longer recognizes any significant utility in this format, the asterisks will be deleted.

There is no order or priority to these parts of the knowledge puzzle, for lack of any. They must each be learned, that is, synthesized with your mind's existing knowledge. You already know some of the parts of the puzzle, completely or partially. You may know them by other words, which is often the case.

All of this has been said in other sections of this website, many times. Herein each part is more concise because it says it is more concise, and thus your mind may more efficiently recognize the referenced parts..........

The balance is perfect in all things, by design of the universe. Otherwise stated, Yin Yang. You cannot successfully get or give something for nothing or more for less, by definition of the words and their results. Until you abandon all attempts to do so, you will not learn intellectual technology. Ask and answer all the questions to prove the concept. Then use the concept with the other parts of the puzzle.

Use words that hold their basic meanings. You are communicating with and to your own mind, not the other guy. If you enjoy using words that hold secondary or peripheral, tangential or current fad meanings, you will enjoy your time attempting to communicate, but you will not learn intellectual technology. If you design your words for the benefit or easier understanding of the other guy rather than for you own mind, your mind and his mind will not learn the utility of your words.

Leave no words not defined with definitions (arrangements of different words) that you can immediately express upon questioning. Upon questioning, simply state your definition of any word you use, as you intent its use for that time and any other time consistently. If your use of the word does not match its most common definition, use a different word. If you cannot define the word with a practical definition, learn or create that definition, or use a different word. You must be able to connect all words you use with other words in your own mind, thus connecting neurally recognized concepts with other neurally recognized concepts. All things in the universe are connected. Learn the connections. If you suggest that some words hold no explainable definitions, then do not use those words. Instead use whatever it is that you perceive those words mean without the use of words. You would otherwise create a contradiction. No contradiction is sustainable by humans. If you fail to use words that are explainably defined with other words, and that hold their definitions, you will not learn intellectual technology.

First you train your mind, and then it controls you. Train it to be flawless in its resulting process.

Answer every question you encounter or can create. Your goal is to train your mind to be able to accurately answer every question, that is, resolve every contradiction your mind can identify. Practice asking and answering questions, to the extent of boredom, then go do something exciting, then get back to the task of training your mind to ask and answer every question your mind can identify or create. If you must go hide in a room or out in the forest to ask yourself certain questions because they threaten or destroy significant portions, or all, of what other people taught to believe, then go hide in a room or out in the forest to ask and answer those questions. You will only learn intellectual technology, the knowledge sought by all humans, if you ask and answer the questions that most frighten or threaten all the humans who remain stagnated in the common human knowledge.

The humans remain mired deep in the intellectual dark ages, even killing other human minds that each inherently hold different and therefore useful knowledge, in wars, as their perceived solution to resolving the contradictions for which different knowledge is inherently needed. Question your way out of the intellectual dark ages. Leave the others with their choice of knowledge or its lacking. They must learn on their own if they do not ask for the knowledge you learn.

The humans are of their mind. The mind accumulates only knowledge. Learn to make whatever you desire, make it, and leave it for others as you learn to make what you next desire. Synthesize or combine the knowledge.

If the accurate answer to a question is, "I don't know.", then accurately answer the question, and next ask a question of some part of what you did not know, which you may therefore know or more easily discover. Intellectual technology is derived from the synthesis of answers to many seemingly minor questions, not the concluding answer to major questions before the many parts of the knowledge are learned to verify the concluding answer against any question.

Write your questions and answers, for the several imperative reasons you will therefore learn.

In learning how to use words that hold their meanings, distinguish between the human brain, a biological device, and the human mind, the brain-device with its operating system and the knowledge it learns, if you wish to use that definition, or write your own definition. Use that definition, and explain it upon question. If you encounter a sentence that can use either of those two words, use either, but concurrently recognize that you may have to explain the sentence upon question.

Learn the proof's of the knowledge that the human mind is a contradiction identification and resolution device. It seeks to identify and resolve contradictions, by its controlling design. Then its first and controlling division into another task results from its alteration (process damage) by certain several stimuli that cause it to CREATE contradictions that it cannot resolve because it will not effectively question those particular self-created contradictions. Those stimuli cause the mind to perceive that it is more than human minds were designed to be, and can do more than human minds were designed to do. Therein the mind perceives that it holds institutionally created power over "the other guy". Therein the power-damaged mind perceives that it is somehow superior in design to other human minds, or that other human minds are inferior to the power-damaged mind. The power-damaged mind perceives that it can successfully make decisions for other people, without the inherently different knowledge held by those other people, and force those decisions into effect, and cannot recognize that those decisions will inherently, ultimately fail, because, besides the results of any use of force, they were not synthesized with the knowledge of the other person. Intellectual technology resolves the contradictions created by power-damaged minds, and completely explains the existence of power-damaged minds.

Any contradiction, no matter how seemingly minor or unrelated, left in place for a subsequent decision, will cause that decision to fail, to the extent of collapsing entire empires. Without that recognition, fundamental to contradictions, you will fail to learn intellectual technology. All contradictions must be resolved upon recognition.

Verify that there is no mechanism in the human mind, for one mind to force or use institutional power to control or dictate the decisions of another mind. All such attempts to use institutional power, thus a contradiction, only stimulate or create another mind's retaliation by many mechanisms, which always ultimately prevail by design of the human inability to sustain a contradiction. The only mechanism that can successfully transfer knowledge from one mind to another mind, is reasoning. Ask and answer as many questions as necessary to verify that fundamental design of the human mind.

Your goal is to learn the design of the human mind, how it functions biologically, and how it functions with concepts. With that knowledge, and the knowledge that results from your questions, you will understand intellectual technology, and thus hold access to the answers to all questions any human mind can ask. There will be no questions that you cannot accurately answer. Therein among other knowledge, you will be able to ask and answer the questions that any commonly intelligent person can answer, but that, depending on the institutional association of the questions, all highly educated and highly titled power-damaged minds cannot answer. Two examples of such questions are the following, presented to any prestigious university Doctorate degree graduate who is a military general, or a US primary political party member: "Can any military kill enough people and destroy enough of their property to solve the problem or resolve the contradiction of people killing people and destroying their property?" Or for a US DemocanRepublicrat politician (or voter of such): "Is it possible for a DemocanRepublicrat politician to be caught lying, without his or her party leaders openly rescinding recognition of them as a party member or representative, and a voter to vote for any other DemocanRepublicrat as representing them in government, and successfully claim to be honest?"

The forgoing cannot be understood by people who do not understand how to use words that hold their meanings.

Learn to ask effective questions. For those with a paid obligation to resolve the contradictions of their agency or organization, ask the same question repeatedly until the person you ask answers the question you asked, with an answer that actually answers the question you asked, or conclusively reveals their mind as damaged by power, and thus useless to commonly intelligent humans. To a government official who is paid a salary to administer the written law for the people, and thus who accepted the benefit that requires accepting the liability, but who inherently will not answer any effective question, for a particular action ask him or her to reveal the prevailing law, not contradicted by any superior law, and certify it as such with his notarized signature, under penalty of criminal fraud, evasion of a known legal duty, perjury to oath of office, and other laws describing crimes. Then conduct the process to formally charge him with those crimes upon his refusal to meet his known legal duty, then turn to the next government official with the same question. As an aside you will usually recognize a distinctive difference in a government officer's response at the fourth time you ask him or her the same question in public. Repeatedly conduct that questioning process among different government officers, to learn the power-damaged mind's amusing reaction to effective questions.

Learn what emotions are, and how they function in the human mind. Emotions are biologically designed and socially taught, stimuli-induced concepts that release certain chemical compounds in the brain, that alter the perceptions and responses, or otherwise re-route data to certain neural routings that create noticeably reactive responses associated with the word, "emotions". Emotions equally include the male-common hate and anger, and the female-common love and sadness, among all the others. They usually differ from purely logical reactions for the same objective data or stimuli. Learn how to synthesize the knowledge of emotions with logic-based concepts, under each separate response, logic and emotion, and chose the response you prefer at the time. Enjoy both, and the knowledge each separately creates.

Given all choices, what would your mind, and all minds, most choose to do at any moment? Is the answer not, to genuinely laugh? Is it not a good joke that most easily causes laughter? Without recognizing the reason for laughter at all things human, you will not yet understand intellectual technology. Is not a joke a recognized expression of a contradiction that the teller and the hearer of a joke recognize, but the subject of the joke does not recognize? Does that not describe the human phenomenon, to the person who learns intellectual technology, the technology to promptly resolve all human-caused contradictions that the humans do not learn how to resolve by the simple process to learn any knowledge? Learning the reason to laugh at all things human is the learning of intellectual technology.

Forming organizations, with government merely being a type of organization, creates institutional power, but does not create any greater intelligence or superior mind design in any human mind associated with an organization. Two or more people forming an organization with a separate name that is not represented by its own individual mind that can make its own decisions, creates the ability to lift twice or more weight, or intimidate a lesser number of people, but does not create any reasoning ability beyond an individual human mind not associated with any organization. The individual human mind is isolated in a cranium, learning knowledge by only the reasoning process, not any organizational process, and holds the zenith of the human mind design's ability. The learning of knowledge is not predicated on association with an organization, while the association with an organization creates the damages of institutional power within any human mind.

Humans hold no ability to sustain a contradiction with a contradiction identification and resolution device, the human brain. As more human minds (contraction identification and resolution devices) join an organization predicated on the attempt to sustain the contradiction institutional power (therefore any organization), the certainty of the organization's failure is increased beyond certain, if the latter were possible, for the utility of that description.

In regard to the damaging social contradictions created by power-based governments, of which all people, including all government people, have complained and objected since government was invented, accept the assignment to write the declaration of independence from your current government, your reasoning to no longer acquiesce to its rule of you or your group of people, and write the constitution of your new government, which each preclude all existing contradictions, and preclude the processes that create any contradictions. You will immediately notice the profound difficulty with that inherently achievable task. But you will therein learn much of intellectual technology. When you successfully complete writing the declaration of independence and the constitution, inherently including the reasoning of each conclusion, to be successful, you will either understand intellectual technology, or be very close to understanding it.

The national constitution that you will write will logically include all laws of the nation, with no need for any subsequent law-making process. There are only two categories of human actions for which law demarcates the process of free humans from the process to belatedly convey intellectual technology to a person who is harmful to other humans. The first law initiates social process upon a person identifiably damaging a real person with a real damage. If there is no real damage, recognized by impartial, rational people, to a real person, there is no need for law in that regard. The second category of law initiates social process when there is an evident real threat of real damage to real people, of such magnitude or of such high probability of chance, that 85 percent of society agree that the action must initiate social process to belatedly teach the offending person intellectual technology. Vastly beyond the comprehension of power-damaged minds, there is no logical reason for the force of law in the absence of those two conditions. Therein you will learn the basis of the common law, the most brilliant social invention of humans, loathed, despised, feared, denied and attacked by power-damaged minds such as US police, lawyers, court judges, lawmakers and other government personnel, but most desired by their offspring kept ignorant of the common law by their fundamentally malicious parents (power-damaged minds).

In addition to the use of force described as force, there can be no logical application of "punishment" for perpetrating a damaging action. There is only reason to belatedly teach intellectual technology to a person who had prior failed to learn the contradicted nature of damaging or significantly threatening another person. In that manner, genuine crime is progressively diminished until it is eliminated from society. Did you want a criminal who is left as ignorant and thus does not understand why he is being damaged by his punishment, and thus inherently reacts against the force used against him, by design of the human mind, or did you want a criminal who belatedly learns the contradiction of his action, and that no human holds any ability to sustain a contradiction, and therefore never again intentionally creates a contradiction?

The learning and use of intellectual technology precludes all crime, the intentional creation of a damaging contradiction.

The human mind holds no ability to sustain a contradiction, by design of a contradiction identification and resolution device. Ask and answer every question to verify that concept in your mind.

You are wisely looking for arrangements of words that successfully convey new knowledge to your mind because those words are sufficiently similar to arrangements of words you prior learned, to put them comfortably within a prior neural routing, with a difference that is small enough to therefore change the routing within your mind's (wisely extensive) comfort or familiarity pattern of neural routing change acceptance. Because questions that MIGHT offer a more dramatic change do not affront or offend your mind's perceptions as much as statements that directly affront prior learned knowledge, questions offer the more effective transition to new knowledge. Do not believe anything you hear or read, especially if offered by titled or credentialed scholars or institution leaders or members who wasted their time learning how to be granted inherently deluding titles and credentials, until you have asked and answered all the questions to conform the data to your own reasoning, and then be quick to ask and answer questions of your resulting conclusions.

The design and functioning of the human mind, and the utilization of that knowledge (intellectual technology), upon which the humans are predicated, would logically be the first concept the human species would teach its young. It precludes all intentionally created, damaging contradictions, and methodically eliminates all other damaging contradictions as they are encountered. The fact that no institution of humans has ever taught intellectual technology, and the rarity of learning the knowledge because of its brilliantly designed simplicity (available for the asking), describes the superlative design of the human phenomenon, for the entertainment of the designer and those humans who simply learn intellectual technology.



Message to Iran...... 4 July 2009 (previously drafted in 2007 while Bush was in power above the US Constitution)

For the leaders of the nation of Iran....

Anyone may inform the leaders of Iran that this message is available to them.

In regard to your efforts, regardless of their nature, which are obviously not favored by the American DemocanRepublicrat Regime, you can have what you want, regardless of Washington DC or Israeli opposition, therein defeating that opposition, if you learn, and utilize, intellectual technology, the process for which the human mind was created.

It is merely the knowledge beyond that which concludes with processes to use force and threats of force against other people. That knowledge results from the series of questions starting after the final conclusion of those who have learned only how to use force because they did not learn how to effectively question the use of force to discover its controlling contradiction. That controlling contradiction can be used to literally control the institutional results of any institutional leader who uses force instead of reasoning. The human mind's design is predicated on reasoning, and cannot sustainably escape it, by design.

It is apparent that the leaders and people of Iran recognize that they are equal humans on the planet, and hold the unalienable right and ability to do what any other humans can do, by design of humans, including all those things that the amusing American leaders, perceiving themselves to be the king or god of the world, decree that Americans can do but anyone not in their favor cannot do. The American DemocanRepublicrat Regime leaders literally cannot understand the preceding sentence, even if you hand them a dictionary, yet every commonly intelligent person on the planet can understand it.

The intellectual failure, to the extent of their complete ultimate self defeat, of the US and Israeli leaders, like all government and institution leaders if you ask and answer enough questions of their perceptions, is their stimuli-induced perception that they are somehow more than the human mind can be by its design. They cannot identify a superior or inferior design of human mind, but they perceive their own mind to be of a superior design (therein a controlling contradiction), and all people of THEIR own various institutions to be superior to "other" institutions. But nobody within those institutions can identify a human mind design difference as the reason they became members of their institution.

The controlling question for the Iranian leaders is whether they can recognize that all other humans on the planet hold the right and ability to do what Iranian leaders and the Iranian people can do. If they recognize that inherent fact of the human design, they can rule the world, and the world will openly appreciate their effort, if the Iranian leaders learn intellectual technology, and utilize it. The American leaders literally cannot recognize that fact of the human design, as is so obvious by their actions against their own people and the rest of the world.

If the Iranian leaders learned and utilized intellectual technology, US president George Bush and his colleagues would be enraged and unable to react, much to the amusement of yourself and the rest of the world which is losing patience with the insatiable American arrogance.

Of course George Bush, Barak Obama and their ilk could learn the same technology to promptly manifest what they want, defeating certain of the Iranian perceived intents, but George and his colleagues cannot recognize or understand the substance of this offer, like countless such opportunities prior offered to them, even if they read these words.

Therefore comes forward the question: Between the leaders of Iran and the leaders of the US, who can think more, that is, ask and answer more questions to sooner synthesize the knowledge that will prevail above the other, and withstand the test of time?

Who can wisely and patiently keep asking and answering the obvious questions to resolve the obvious contradictions, to hold the knowledge that defeats the other person's actions, after the other person stopped learning knowledge to instead threaten and use the force of dumb muscles (guns, bombs) that have never defeated, and can never defeat, any thinking humans?

Well? Might the Americans reading this recognize, yet again, that their leaders are idiots who made their history-doomed quest for insatiable world power dependent upon the weapons that even Vietnamese peasants (and Somalian, Iraqi, Afghan and others) have defeated? And might the Iranian people reading this recognize that their leaders can claim only one small but controlling intellectual attribute above the American leaders? That attribute would be their wisely not starting wars. But with the constant Iranian quest for more military power rather than reasoning ability, the Iranian leaders therein display the intellectual absence of George Bush. Yet, with that attribute, the Iranian leaders can more efficiently recognize the opportunity to expand upon their advantage over the American leaders, to learn the KNOWLEDGE that defeats power. The cost of learning more knowledge is the cost of the time to ask and answer more questions. The cost of more military armament can bankrupt a nation, collapsing its insatiable government, as it has for so many nations in human history.

Might it be that the reason opponents exist in year 2009 is within the description of the yet primitive nature of humans whose social leaders and followers have not yet encountered the incentive or curiosity to simply start asking questions of the consistently doomed use of force as illuminated by the test of time?

It has been said by certain individuals that the related incentive will result from a massively destructive nuclear war, of course first abjectly defeating the countries which use nuclear weapons, either in offense or defense.

While each institution's leaders look to their socially or institutionally recognized friends for the new knowledge inherently needed to manifest their yet non manifested espousals, those people are friends because they learned and displayed the knowledge the leaders already learned, therein displaying what their minds learned as comfortable, not any new knowledge that could manifest the espousals, or that knowledge would have already been used and those espousals would already be manifested.

New knowledge is always uncomfortable to the mind, because it does not utilize existing chemically established receptors among the neurons.

The new knowledge will always be created outside the institutions, by design, and not recognized by the institutionally trained minds, for that reason.

Knowledge that is new to an institution comes from an opponent's institutions, or better, from outside all institutions. Is that not so?

George Bush and his insatiably power-craving clone, Barak Obama, cannot recognize the knowledge offered by an inherently equal human, even if a fellow American, who is not a wealthy, power-craving DemocanRepublicrat Party insider. The Iranian leaders cannot recognize the same knowledge because is it offered by an American. If the person making the offer were a common Iranian citizen, the Iranian leaders would not recognize it for the same reason George and Barak do not recognize it, and so forth. Institution leaders cannot recognize knowledge from outside their own institutions, which is the only knowledge that can advance their knowledge beyond their current institution inabilities. Is that not so? Between the Iranians and Americans, who is sufficiently intelligent to simply answer the question, and verify their answer against any other questions?

The knowledge is not what the other person suggests. It is the result of the institution leaders ASKING QUESTIONS of the new knowledge, so their minds can synthesize their own answers to the questions, not the original statements.

George Bush and the Iranian leaders can recognize each other's rhetoric because it is institutionally based, the language of institutional thinking, that which they were taught. But its sole zenith of utility is the threat of war or force, which is useless in itself since such threats only create retaliatory actions by minds of inherently equal abilities, and then when war is therefore started, dooms he who starts the war by the inherent results of war, and then dooms he who retaliates with war instead of reasoning, by design of the use of force instead of reasoning.

Until the leaders of the US or Iran, or any other nation, think enough to recognize that the knowledge which can actually defeat their opponents by design of their minds, therefore without any use of force, since no mind holds a mechanism to force another mind, but all minds hold the mechanism of reasoning that can defeat any lesser reasoning among other minds, by their design, both leaders doom their espousals to ongoing social grief, or war and thus more ongoing social grief.

The same knowledge can be used to facilitate Iran as the most prosperous nation in the world, while the US government continues to collapse its economic basis, on schedule.

You may inquire.

And that, of course, was for the leaders of the nation of the United States of America. Notice that the Iranian leaders hold a better chance of encountering it and understanding it, that do the US leaders. If you are curious, forward it to both.

Notice also that the Christians and Muslims both state that there is only one God, and then, unable to understand the utility of their own words, they kill each other, and destroy each other's efforts, in the name of their one God who obviously created the humans for a purpose other than killing each other and destroying each other's efforts, or their God would have had no reason to create the humans. Therein again, an analysis reveals greater Muslim threats against the Christians, but greater Christian physical attacks against the Muslims, leaving the Muslims with a greater chance of sooner understanding intellectual technology.



War with Iran.... 25 June 2009 (previously drafted in 2007 when Bush was in power above the US Constitution)

Notice by history, of which military sorts and US DemocanRepublicrats constantly reference as excerpts of history, and never ask and answer related questions to learn the utility of their revealed knowledge, or notice by reasoning created by asking and answering questions which said sorts never ask and answer, that governments with a history of militarily attacking other nations and starting wars, such as the US DemocanRepublicrat War Regime (Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Panama, Grenada, Somalia, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan), regardless of losses or wins, therefore progressively advances their military power, and therefore genuinely believe that their socially costly military can start and win each next war, just as an addicted gambler forever gambles away his money each time thinking he can beat the openly known house odds, and other analogies of addiction, with power being the most addicting concept known to the human mind, and therefore power continues starting wars until the sum of the endeavor inherently destroys the military power-addicted government, as openly known and verifiable of the process of power that NEVER serves humans, and ALWAYS serves power itself at the cost of humans.

Humans are of their mind, not their institutional power, if you might wish to notice their obvious design.

Where did the Khan, Roman, British and other empires go?

George Bush, the politicians of his DemocanRepublicrat Regime, his best, brightest, most educated and smartest military chaps, his think tanks and their horses could read the above, and they would not understand the words because they have not and will not ask and answer the questions to resolve all the contradictions those words create in regard to the institutionally-trained perceptions of said pitiably ignorant, unquestioning minds.

Amusingly, unlike the process to develop more military weapons to more effectively kill humans and destroy their endeavors, the process to identify the ultimately fatal flaw or controlling contradiction of trying to kill and destroy your way to success among the humans which hold no controlling demarcation between the first to be attacked to thus start the process to progressively create more enemies which inherently include your previous friends which learn to fear your non-reasoning-based attacks, who therefore subvert or counter attack your increasingly threatening power, and the last among yourselves to be killed, inherently results in the knowledge that extends beyond the simpleton's physical destruction of humans and their endeavors, into the knowledge of the advanced type of reasoning that no human mind can escape, by design of the human mind, and thus the process to do as you wish with any human mind, rather than foolishly attack it to create an enemy of an equal human mind capable of doing to your people what you did to its people, by more innovative means invented by synthesizing their knowledge with the knowledge you revealed of your current power's process.

It is the knowledge sought by all humans. It inherently exists, and can be efficiently verified by a certain series of questions.

What would George Bush and his colleagues want, like Barak Obama and his colleagues?

They can have it with intellectual technology, by design. No human is capable of defending, by design of the human mind. The human mind cannot successfully defend against what it is.

They cannot have it with organizational technology, the technology of inherently self-defeating power, by design. It is available only with intellectual technology, the basis for human existence in the competition with other animals.

You can verify the above by asking and answering the related questions.

Somebody might consider conveying this knowledge to George Bush or Barak Obama and their colleagues, to their military chaps and think tanks, for the purpose of learning their mind's institutionally trained defenses against recognizing useful knowledge, much to your amusement.

Of course the same knowledge is available to the leaders of Iran whose minds have developed the same defenses against it.

He who learns the knowledge can intellectually destroy the ability of the other to physically destroy, by the nature of knowledge.

Enjoy the Israeli US Iranian war. It may be the US DemocanRepublicrat Regime's last war, and certainly near the last, to end the Roman, ah, Nazi, er, I mean, American addictive quest for undefeatable world power.

The concluding defeat of the American DemocanRepublicrat War Regime is inherent to their process of using power above reasoning, by design of the human phenomenon. As is the vulnerability of power, its wielder's defeat is certain by their actions alone, or by any other nation's leaders sooner learning intellectual technology.



Quest to make the other person's decisions..... 23 May 2009 (previously drafted in 2007 when Bush was in power above the US Constitution)

The quest for power, if it is yours, is the quest to make the other person's decisions with your mind's electro-chemical process (your mind's thinking), and force or deceive the other person into manifesting your decisions with his physical work.

The thinking person immediately recognizes the controlling contradiction which dooms the results of your decisions regardless of their accuracy for your actions.

Your mind cannot hold the other mind's vastly complex knowledge base.

Therefore, your decisions are inherently flawed or contradicted for his mind's conclusions and thus actions, by countless items of his mind's knowledge, resulting in a progressively contradicted action that therefore cannot possibly prevail among humans.

The only sustainable human endeavors contain no contradictions, by design of the human phenomenon, and also that of the universe.

The concept of power is laughably primitive, an animal process representing the inability or unmitigated laziness of a human mind, an early evolutionary stage or design level of living substances.

If you are young, politely tolerate and humor the primitive adults. Make no effort to make the other person's decisions. Make your own decisions, question them, learn from the mistakes of too soon manifesting them, and try to avoid the destructive, ongoing idiocy of the adults who act before they question their decisions.

Therefore obviously avoid the inherently non-self-questioning institutions of military, police, lawyers, judges, politicians, jailers, tax men, other government bureaucrats and other such overt force and deception-based institutions. Instead, watch and question their laughably unquestioned maliciousness.

Get a private enterprise, honest job that competes on the open market among equally thinking people who must produce a more efficient and effective product or service for minds voluntarily trading the results of their efforts for the results of your efforts.

Your goal, and that of thinking humans, by design, is to learn more knowledge, not make the other person's decisions for him, a concept vastly beyond the understanding of primitive humans who seek only the Neanderthal goal of expressing more power over the other guy.

When you learn more knowledge, and express or manifest it, other people will synthesize portions of it with their knowledge, to advance their abilities, to advance humans, to benefit them and you, your offspring and others, to demonstrate your usefulness in the human phenomenon, quite opposite the results of those who manifest unquestioned power, such as the victims of government or other power-based or deception based institution employment, who therefore stagnate or retard human development.

Did you want to be useful for the human phenomenon, or a destructive George Bush, Bill Clinton and Barak Obama type dolt?

Enjoy your choice, after you question it to resolve any identifiable contradictions.



End of Intech Concepts 32


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