Intellectual Technology

Intech Concepts 31
(Indicators of Reasoning Process)



Consider a knowledge puzzle.... 20 June 2007

Consider a puzzle of common items of knowledge, although several, which, when identified in words, and arranged in proper order, in unique harmony with the design of the human mind, can effect any mind's understanding and agreement with the puzzle solution and physical manifestation of the solution, such as various social and individual processes or actions.

The puzzle with its solution exists.

Among the items of knowledge are those which identify the functional design of the human mind, therefore facilitating the proper arrangement of the other items of knowledge to be in harmony with said design and its process.

What, you want world peace? Too easy. Boring process.

Now consider the knowledge puzzles that entice human minds. Cures for diseases, creating or finding energy sources, sending things to other planets, cataloging animals, plants, rocks, and stuff, complex math problems, discovering things that happened in the past, more efficient communication devices, identifying smaller particles, combining things to see what can be made, and such stuff. Therein the human mind seeks the knowledge of everything except itself.

Even the useless pursuit of rhetorical illusions defined as philosophy, and the biological process of neurology, include no process to identify the functional design of the human mind, its knowledge synthesis process in relation to identifying and resolving contradictions to the extent of those created by institutionally functioning philosophers and neurologists who would therefore simply cease effecting their own institutional contradictions still created by philosophers and neurologists.

No solution to any problem is sustainable if it retains an unresolved contradiction, by design.

Notice that all the common puzzle solution quests have created institutions, or groups of people who ascribe a name to their pursuit, and ascribe themselves to those group names holding no individual knowledge synthesis device (a brain), rather than remaining self identified with only their own mind, a knowledge synthesis device.

Notice that other humans express support or other reactions to the institutional names, or to the individuals identified with the institutional names or related institutional references.

Now consider the results if the total human hours, or even one individual's hours, consumed by minds referencing the institutions and their titled personnel, both within and outside the institutions, were to instead exclusively consider (ask and answer related questions) the purported goals of the institutions, the concepts, with no regard for the institutions or their personnel.

Did you want the answer to a question, which is available to any individual human mind which patiently asks and answers all the related questions, by its design, or did you want the money and ego gratification of associating with an organization of people perpetually attempting to identify the answer that can therefore never be discovered without destroying the organization that was not needed in the first place and verifiably exists to only defend its existence or it would not have been created?

Notice who is most curious about the answers to questions. Notice who instead creates organizations to achieve answers to questions.

Stop believing the adults, or you will end up doing as they do and therefore become as ignorant as they. Question them, with real questions. All the answers are available within the wording of the questions they fear to ever ask. Your mind starts as equally capable as they, and becomes comparatively more capable as they abandon their questioning process to create and sustain their organizations, while your individual mind uses that time to ask and answer more questions.



Where would you look for obviously existent knowledge held by no one obvious.... 21 June 2007

If you were the leader of a nation with the usual array of problems, perhaps George Bush or the Iranian main guy with the long name that starts with an A, would it not be evident that you did not hold the knowledge of how to solve your nation's problems, or you would have already done so and be the most respected leader in the history of your nation?

Would it not be apparent that none of your legion of staff and readily available experts likewise held the knowledge, or they would have conveyed it to you for the obvious benefits?

Therefore, if you were wise, would it not be obvious that you must look for the knowledge outside all the traditional institutions which have perpetuated social problems since government was invented and claimed the task of solving social problems?

Would you not be remarkably fortunate to be a national leader in year 2007, with the world's institutional and non-institutional knowledge readily available to you on the internet?

With such easy access, by the leader himself, or his staff at his command, to the knowledge of the world, why has, for example, George not learned how to promptly win the war in Iraq, etceteras, or the same for the Iranian leader with his nation's problems, and the same for other national leaders?

The answer to the foregoing question is primarily in the fact that they are not looking for any new knowledge, or any knowledge outside their obviously failed institutions, or any new knowledge on the internet, and verifiably do not know how to identify new knowledge, even if they read the following words: The knowledge of the process to promptly win the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other wars, for any national leader or significant institution leader, inherently exists and is readily available for the asking.

Notice the number of common Americans whom the federal, state and local governments have hired as military, police, lawyers, judges, bureaucrats and their ilk to spy on, catch and imprison or kill the bad guys, using that ancient system which has never eliminated the bad guys, and which inherently creates more of them.

Notice that George and all the other national leaders have obviously not turned to any one or more of their more capable staff, and said: "Go out into cyberspace and find the people who verifiably know how to solve each of the nation's problems, such as how to promptly win the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan."

Perceptive people laugh at that accurate statement because the people attracted to national leader staff positions, and accepted by the leaders and their advisors, are as clueless as George Bush in regard to the process to look for new knowledge, or to identify it if they read, hear, see, smell, touch, taste or imagine it.

They hold institutionally altered minds. They look for and function with institutions, not knowledge. They literally cannot identify knowledge separate from institutions. To their minds, institutions prevail above knowledge, while in fact, institutions are irrelevant to knowledge except the knowledge of institutions.

They could see the words: The knowledge is on the internet. And they would then search for it only within their already failed institutional cocoons (among their institutional clones), including institutions on the internet, but not among individual thinkers on the internet or elsewhere.

As an aside, the internet is sufficiently new to present indicators of knowledge beyond institutions, as with young humans, but may not long remain so. The organizational manifestations of human fundamentals are precise. Institutions exist to defend themselves from knowledge, with the internet no exception. A classic example therein is Wikipedia which created a perception of internet-based knowledge advancement, but cannot tolerate any mention of intellectual technology or other advanced knowledge.

The primary institutional activity is that of developing processes to defend institutions and their colleagues from any access to any knowledge outside their therefore diminishing intellectual cocoon.

The institutionally trained mind cannot comprehend the concept of new knowledge outside institutions, or such a mind would have laughed, abandoned its intellectually stagnating institutions, and advanced beyond them.

Enjoy the show. The efficiently verifiable knowledge of how to promptly win the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, etceteras, has been readily available to George Bush, and has been routinely sent to his staff and arrays of other institutional leaders, including the same for several other national leaders, as part of the verification of the above.

You can lead the leaders and their military generals to the knowledge of how to win their wars, but you cannot make their minds willingly learn it, and they certainly cannot recognize it on their own or they would have already won their wars to the extent of the process that precluded any future wars. Wars, among all institutional contradictions, are contradictions created by institutions, while the individual human mind is a contradiction identification and resolution device.

There is another process to effect the results without their participation, but it is too boring, and there is no incentive to expend even the scant energy required.

Even in face of the internet, all the national leaders will continue to look inside their institutional cocoons for the otherwise existing knowledge that is not inside those cocoons, much to the amusement of the observers.




Easy test of the power-damaged mind...... 23 June 2007

When you identify a contradiction, another person who is interested, with available time and without a power-damaged mind, and therefore a mind of an original condition common to young people, will patiently ask and answer all the questions (synthesize the knowledge) necessary to resolve the contradiction, to the extent of his available time, including the process to manifest the resolution against less questioning opposition if manifesting it is part of the discussion, with the resolution therefore sustainable against any of the questions.

If a contradiction remains after the questioning and answering, resulting from a lack of time or patience, a person without a power-damaged mind will insure, or effect all rational effort to insure, that no damage is done by the contradiction until further knowledge is synthesized to resolve the contradiction, or at least not participate in or support any action that facilitates a damage.

In contrast, at recognition of a contradiction, the power-damaged mind will have already instituted an array of defenses against any related questioning, or participate in the asking of only a few of the most useless and peripheral questions, answer fewer questions, attempt to divert the questioning to peripheral or unrelated subjects, express arrays of statements unrelated to the questions, become fearful or angry if the questions continue, and will ultimately resort to or endorse the use of physical force to manifest the referenced contradiction or a diversionary contradiction, usually at damage to people.

All the American government prosecutors and current court judges offer the most precisely recorded examples of power-damaged minds. They are the most consistently damaging institution in the US. The record of their proceedings reveals that they hold zero interest in effecting their oath of office, or even comprehension of it, which is to administer the common law (including law of the US Constitution). Their minds cannot even understand these words, verifiable by a short series of questions. Their power-damaged minds serve power alone, and will consistently defy the most obvious logic, questioning, reasoning and otherwise inescapable meanings of the words they express, to maliciously create, defend and impose their raw institutional power in defiance of reasoning.

For the same reason that nicotine, heroin, sugar and caffeine users are addicted to their drugs, but with categorically more damaging and permanent effect, victims of adopting the perception of power in their minds cannot recognize the results of their condition.

Members of many other professional or social groups representing the phenomenon of institutionally induced power effect just as much damage to their minds, perhaps not as noticeable as lawyers and judges. They include every power-based institution, which is every institution of two or more people adopting a reference (organization name) that does not identify its own cranially isolated brain that can ask and answer questions of the organization's (leader's) decisions or conclusions.

Those decisions are effected by individual leaders, in the name of the organization rather than in their own individual names, supposedly to resolve contradictions, but the organization name cannot defend itself from the commonly flawed decisions of the leaders using the organization name. It cannot independently identify its mistake from further questioning or resulting experience. The organization name holds no individual mind to express its own reasoning upon anyone's identification of a contradiction in the decision of the organization leaders.

When the contradictions inherently create their damages or costs, the organization name cannot correct the damages because it cannot act independently, and has no brain to recognize a need to correct the damages to reclaim its credibility, while the organization leaders blame the damages (rather than correct them as inherent to an individual recognizing his own exposed error) on the several organizationally induced references which are other than the responsible individual leader by name, including blaming each other among the organization leaders and staff, so that no one brain can resolve the contradiction, therein creating an additional contradiction in a futile attempt to sustain the original contradiction, which therefore extends rather than corrects the damages until the entire mess effects so much damage that a correction, usually only a partial correction, is effected by imperative and circumstance.

Organizations create contradictions, by design, and cannot resolve them, by design. The individual human mind can create and resolve contradictions, by design.

Your interest, if you wish, is to learn why and how the effects of institutionally created power are so precise in the human phenomenon, precisely, for value vastly beyond your current recognition.

If you want a contradiction (problem) manifestably resolved, rather than perpetuated or compounded, especially a complex contradiction, you will look to an independent individual, not an organization, to identify the resolution, by asking and answering all related questions, first wisely of yourself, or you will fail to identify or manifest the resolution, by design.




Government Permission.... 25 June 2007

Government people and the adults who believe government people, instead of questioning them to the extent of proving the damages of their lies and other contradictions, including your parents, offspring, other relatives and friends if that is the case, literally cannot understand the following words, as proven by their actions or a simple series of resulting questions.

The concept of asking government for permission (permits, licenses, certificates) to do those things that humans were designed to do without any need for permission granted by government idiots, defines the rule of kings, emperors, pharaohs, human divinities and such intellectually void sorts.

Adults who foolishly trained their minds, and intellectually victimized their offspring in the same manner, to perceive that they need the permission of another adult to do those things humans were designed to do, are of the primitive sorts who acquiesced to the rule of such obvious idiots as King Louis, King George, Saddam Hussein, George Bush, Adolf Hitler, Joe Stalin, Bill Clinton and their ilk with their spear or gun-based governments.

Those who ask for such permission define themselves, on record by their action, as perceiving their minds to be inferior to the minds of humans who are so plain ignorant and incapable that they could only get a government job wielding institutional power rather than knowledge and thinking ability (ability to ask and answer questions).

Those who wield government jobs, and those who ask for government permission (permits, licenses) to do things, together define a primitive or self retarded sector of the human species after humans evolved enough to verify that there are no superior or inferior designs of the human mind. The kings were never divine or more intelligent than common people. The government chaps start out with the same brain design as everybody else, but then while non-government people learn increasingly useful knowledge in competition with other humans in the real world free market or black market system among the people, government chaps acquire and use power and therefore no longer need to think enough to learn useful new knowledge.

Government chaps and the fools who believe them needlessly create a power-based controlling contradiction in their mind, which then controls their mind's reasoning process, and cannot resolve it even if they read these words, regardless of the ease of recognizing and openly stating that the concept of an adult asking another adult, especially a verifiably less reasoning adult in government, for permission to do what humans were designed to do without permission, manifests the greatest ignorance of humans.

The people who ask for such permission, while spewing all the stereotyped excuses, mostly based on fear of government intimidation, literally cannot learn the process of asking effective questions of government sorts, to lawfully exempt themselves from the need to ask for permission. People who ask for government permission rather than ask themselves why they must ask for permission, spend their time training their mind to spew laughably illogical (contradicted) excuses rather than spending their time to train their mind to ask itself the questions that identify and resolve the primary contradiction of asking another human for permission to do what humans can do without permission, and then identify and resolve each contradiction created by each possible excuse. Such people do precisely what the government dolts did to their mind to preclude their learning the damaging illogicality of their actions.

The human brain, with its operating system, together referenced as the human mind, begins life as of the same design as all other human minds. It is designed to thereafter be trained by experiences and communication with other humans. The independently thinking individual who learns knowledge by asking and answering questions, and the intellectually stagnated government drone who retards his intellectual development by acquiescing to being trained to never question his idiot superiors, could have been each other by circumstances. Therefore however self-retarded the government drone, he or she can rapidly advance out of their embarrassing position by easily learning how to actively ask and answer the type of questions they were prior taught to never ask, if such were possible for the power-damaged mind.

But the government drones will not do so, even if they read these words. Their minds cannot understand these words. Their training was concurrent with their mind's acquisition of the perception of power and a fool's paltry rewards for such, which altered their perceptions in a manner that cannot allow the understanding of the concept of questioning (asking questions) of the concept of power itself.

The king or emperor demanding that his subjects get permission from the king's or emperor's variously titled officials, for random and always increasing numbers of common human actions, identifying fools without human rights or reasoning ability, is identical in process and effect to the US DemocanRepublicrat Regime's demand that US citizens get permission (permits, licenses, certificates) from the Regime's variously titled officials, for random and always increasing numbers of common human actions, identifying fools without human rights or reasoning ability.

If you perceive any contradiction in the above, ask enough questions to resolve it, verify and manifest the resolution, and you will have learned what the government chaps cannot learn by design of government manifesting only power, never reasoning.

So will you victimize and stagnate the intellectual ability of your offspring by training their minds to ask for government permission rather than question the concept to the extent of its controlling contradiction?


What shall your offspring learn of your laughably primitive intellectual inability or embarrassing ignorance if your offspring read this after you taught them that they must obey the government laws that contradict the common law and reasoning?




Poor Grades In School?.... 28 June 2007

If you are not getting good grades in school, tell your parents and all of your friends, and upload this onto blogs, that you are wiser than those who get good grades, because to be a commonly intelligent person in the society of verifiably dumbed-down Americans is more frustrating, more costly and induces more problems for oneself, than to be a dumb person in the verifiably dumbed-down society of Americans.

Consider any of the examples saturating the economic and education spectrum of the US. Consider the dumbed-down American college educated banking employees throughout the entire personnel spectrum of banks. They can read these words and are too flat dumb to understand that, 1 - it is unlawful to carry out an unlawful order, 2 - an otherwise lawful instrument may not lawfully effect a crime, 3 - an inferior law contradicted by a superior law holds no weight, effect or lawful enforceability as law, 4. a summarily issued Executive Branch agency Levy Notice (inferior law) for a bank officer to seize a depositor's money and give it to the agency, in contradiction to the superior law requiring a prior Judicial Branch review (for a court order) of any Executive Branch seizure of private property or assets, or any such action that damages a citizen, constitutes an unlawful order that if obeyed constitutes a crime by the person obeying the order.

If you can easily figure out the above simple information that is central to the rule of written law, and you live in America where less than one percent of the dumbed-down Americans, including zero percent of the government dolts, their lawyers and court judges, can figure it out, you will be more frustrated and damaged by those dolts than you would be if you were so dumb you could not figure it out and therefore do whatever the government dolts tell you to do at any time regardless of the cost to you.

Such actions by IRS personnel and compliant bank officers have become as common as dirt in the insatiably greedy, therefore collapsing and desperate US DemocanRepublicrat Regime.

Tell your parents, school colleagues and friends that to remain as dumb, greedy and malicious as US college educated bank officers and IRS thugs is wiser than to understand their criminal actions, which might cause you to comment on them, which only further enrages their pitiably dumb minds which therefore seek to further retaliate against people who are sufficiently intelligent to question such criminal actions.

The reason the Soviet Union and all other intellectually absent, power-based governments collapsed, is because it became less costly and less hassle to be a dumb person doing what dumb government people tell them to do, but which dooms any society as other societies advance their knowledge from even more primitive positions, which describes the US DemocanRepublicrat Regime that will shortly collapse, on schedule, much to the amusement of the observers.

Of course it is objectively wiser to easily become more intelligent than everyone in and supporting the self dumbed-down US DemocanRepublicrat Regime, but the above suggested excuse demonstrates your wisdom if you are getting bad grades and need a handy excuse. There is no defense against the excuse, except in acknowledging that the government's public school system has indeed grossly dumbed down Americans, which supports your claim as a student.



US Army Lieutenants in Iraq...... 30 June 2007

The many sections that were drafted for this website, for advancing the writer's knowledge, are beyond the time available for adequate reviews before being uploaded, and therefore much that is drafted is not uploaded. Would it not be embarrassing to upload a concept that upon subsequent questioning was revealed to contain a flaw or contradiction?

For comparison to a concept of obviously much greater magnitude: Would one start a war, certain to kill many people and destroy much human effort, before one completely questioned, with real questions and answers on open public record (uploaded) , the entire concept and process sufficiently to insure the absence of any contradiction, and therefore the war's prompt success in face of any and all subsequent questioning? Obviously one would not start a war before adequate questioning, if one were capable of reasoning, therein demonstrating the reasoning inability of US presidents, their advisors and one hundred percent of the entire US military personnel, verifiable with questions.

Before being uploaded, these comments of no harm to people, are questioned more, with real questions and answers, with more diverse data synthesis concepts, than US presidents and all their military officers question their routine Presidential Ego Gratification Wars, most notably all those US wars and bombing slaughters subsequent to WWII.

That is verifiable. These harmless words are questioned more thoroughly than any US military officers question their killing and destruction actions. That is how intellectually absent and useless American military officers have become.

I saw part of a TV news show about the Iraq war, at a rare moment in front of a TV, and hastily wrote this section.

As a previous US Army infantry lieutenant, Vietnam war veteran, these words are to (about) Iraq war Army lieutenants.

Copy this to every Iraq war Army lieutenant you know. Put it on the war blogs, if you wish.

If you do not already understand this, you will either learn this lesson from these words, or you will pay a progressively greater cost until you learn it later, or never learn it and therefore never understand why your perceptions always fail in the real world.

Do not, I write again, DO NOT get in front of a news media camera and say or do anything while in the Army.

If you do, you will make a fool of yourself in front of everyone who sees the video footage, who has matured beyond the school yard bully, young male testosterone saturated military idiot's mind, male or female, including your own if chance events effect your escape from the military so you do not end up in a military career job, intellectually stagnated, perpetually making a fool of yourself in front of common-sense humans.

There are two reasons.

First, under any rhetorical excuse with which you might attempt to further make a fool of yourself, your job is that of slaughtering, imprisoning, harassing, and maliciously destroying what was built by people who did not attack the US, and who have wisely chosen to not kowtow to the world's most malicious and currently greatest idiots, the US DemocanRepublicrat Regime war mongers. You are slaughtering the people who you would be if you were born in that nation. Read that again and ask yourself what you would do if a major world power attacked the US to impose its form of government. If you are too cowardly to answer the question, typical of unquestioning Army lieutenants, the answer that nearly every other American would offer, inherent to nearly all humans, is: I would fight and kill the invaders and occupiers.

And therefore, your every action is contradicted by logic, which you would verify by your actions, read that as, you are making a fool of yourself even to yourself when you later learn how to function on your individual mind's independent thinking rather than on an idiot superior's army-memorized rhetorical illusions pandered by George Bush's teenager mentality, school yard bully speech writers.

Second, the news journalist will be dumber than you are for a separate but similar reason, therefore not only unable to mitigate your open expressions of abject ignorance, but will flatter and highlight your every dumbest display, sincerely believing it, and portraying it to be profound, and therefore leave even logically thinking children rolling on the floor, clutching their aching sides, kicking and pounding, gasping for breath, tears of howling laughter streaming from their eyes, laughing at the historically monumental ignorance of Army lieutenants, exceeded only by the ignorance of higher ranking military dolts and their civilian political overlords.

If you do not understand these words, then carry on. You will remain as dumb as mentioned, or belatedly learn what I learned subsequent to my Army lieutenant adventure, by starting to ask the questions that wiser people than I started asking at a younger age.

If you need assistance in that process, start physically writing down noticeable sentences stated by military Captains and above, including the obviously idiot RepublicratDemocan politicians. Notice how consistently the sentences are meaningless rhetorical garbage, contradicted by real life. Notice that you do not want your priceless mind to be reduced to such a mush of meaningless illusions mouthed by political fools leading unquestioning American human sheep. Is that not so? Look again at your written notes on the exact sentences that military officers have stated. What is your answer? Use it.

It is worth risking the ire of the male testosterone saturated minds of the females who join the military officer corps, to mention that you military females display yourselves as even more laughably absurd and ignorant on TV, precisely because you are emulating the petty power-craving school yard bully males, rather than attempting to introduce any reasoning to the military mentality males. Of course such an attempt would preclude you from being commissioned, illuminating why the females who become Army lieutenants, identical to the male lieutenants they are attempting to be, are too dumb to understand these words. If I could have understood them when I was in Army ROTC, I would not have been.

If you think I am criticizing the abject ignorance of Army lieutenants, I am, and I was a distinguished military graduate Army lieutenant. If you tripped over an unremovable rock in the path, would you remain quiet, or be wise enough to warn the next person who might be as much of a klutz as yourself but hold other attributes that might later benefit you if he considered you a friend for being thoughtful enough to warn him?

You Army officers are victims of the primitive, knuckle-dragging human species that holds the device, a human brain, to promptly extract yourselves from such magnificent embarrassment, if you simply start asking and answering the questions that the institutionally trained sorts, such as your superiors and the knuckle-dragging US journalists, fear more than mere death.

Every day you spend in the Army is a day you can and would be punished by your idiot superiors for asking the type questions that could advance your knowledge into the process of resolving contradictions without shooting and bombing people. Therefore you will not start asking those questions. Therefore you will remain dumb. In intellectual demarcating contrast, out in the real world, regardless of resulting wealth or poverty, you can ask questions of EVERYTHING, without fear of punishment (until your questions become inordinately effective and you send them to government dolts).

Your mind learns new knowledge by asking and answering questions. Ask them. Answer them. Within a few days or weeks of such a process your intelligence will zing so far beyond the pitiable military generals, lieutenants, intelligence experts and their contracted think tanks who never question ancient military dogma, that you will be fired by your superiors who fear your knowledge and any knowledge more than death. Thereafter you will wake up in cold sweats fearing that your being fired (or quitting) was a dream and that you are still dumb as driveway gravel in the military.

But likewise pity the sorts who have deserted or illegally fled the military to wisely avoid fighting in the US Presidential Ego Gratification Wars, at resulting grief in legal process, even the ones with their own websites, as well as ones represented by the Iraq war opposition organizations, because they obviously failed to continue asking and answering related questions to avoid the damages of their wise decision. They have all been offered the process to functionally write their own highly favorable discharge conditions. But they are military sorts, trained to believe useless statements and titled but dumb organization leaders, rather than ask and answer questions to learn therefore useful knowledge. So when they have been offered the process to successfully do whatever they want, they could not understand what questions to ask, so they instead just kept on believing the idiot organization leaders whose organizations are dependent upon maintaining the problem rather than solving it.

The chaps in the military are ignorant victims of their ignorant superiors, each too fearful of knowledge to ask effective questions, and the chaps who think enough to quit the military before their (false) "obligation" is concluded, are often ignorant victims of ignorant anti-war group leaders who never ask enough questions to learn how to easily effect a person leaving the military at any time with no adverse consequences.

There is a reason humans recognize the sheep mentality among humans, and then still act as organizationally flocking sheep rather than ask and answer the questions that create the knowledge to promptly extract themselves from acting as dumb sheep, much to the amusement of the observers. Learn that reason, and use the knowledge.

Distinguish yourself. Start asking questions. Write your answers. Question them. Do not stop. With assistance it would take less than a day to intellectually leave the most highly titled and credentialed military dolts and their think tanks in the sand box, or on your own the process might require a few weeks or months.

Do it.

And do not get in front of an idiot news journalist's camera until you can ask him or her the questions that will cause the news media dolt who flatters military, to quit her or his job. If the US news media is what it claims to be, why has the US started more than 10 Presidential Ego Gratification Wars since WWII?




An offer to be the US President.... 4 July 2007

This is an offer to be the US president, or the primary leader of any country.

Obviously the offer will not be considered or even seen by anyone in any political institution.

The offer therefore serves a purpose other than that represented by the meaning of those words, explained hereafter.

First, the offer is made so that it can verifiably be said that it was made on this date, relating to a matter of history and the evolution of knowledge. The offer is serious and would stand good if accepted.

Second, the explanation of it illuminates some of the easily correctable failures of the US presidents and all national leaders, to advance the knowledge of the reader who wisely questions everything herein.

As a related aside, among others there are two primary processes for a person to lawfully become the US president. The obvious process is that of being elected by the normal process, which requires one to be a political insider with a power-damaged mind of no utility for solving social problems. Another process, the subject matter of Hollywood movies but lawful and openly available, is as follows: The current president and the entire list of constitutionally and legally selected successors would willingly resign their positions. Concurrently a congressman representing the district of the person so offering would resign. That congressman's political party or State governor would select said person as a replacement until the next election. Congress would then select that person as the new president. The prior resigning congressman would logically be selected by his or her political party to return to the congressional position. And the other chain of presidential successors could then be re-appointed to their positions.

The only remotely possible reason for the government chaps to exercise the latter process would be their belated recognition that they were all about to be credited with the complete collapse of their government, and lose their jobs anyway amid a society suddenly very angry with them for the resulting grief and damage of an unorganized transition, a traditional result of the government's insatiable greed for inherently self-defeating power and money. That recognition will not happen because power-damaged minds cannot recognize the limit of power until it effects its self-destruction, by design of the human mind.

Now therefore, what would the offerer do as president, that would make such an offer worth considering, to advance the knowledge of the reader? What are the described manifestations, for such a position, resulting from the knowledge suggested on this website?

The offerer, then as president would promptly, lawfully resolve the contradictions of the existing government, and solve the social problems caused by the government, then resign his job that would be completed, therein turning the presidency over to the existing vice president or prior president by prior agreement, and return to his own more interesting pursuits advancing his knowledge.

What US presidential candidate or other nation's leader has ever made such a statement? They cannot make such a statement because they cannot understand it or how to manifest it. It is beyond the understanding of a power-damaged mind.

The job of an organization / government leader is to think enough to promptly resolve all the organization's contradictions, by process that sustains the resolutions, then having easily completed that task, get another job or do something more useful. To retain a leadership position more than a few months, as a leader rather than a worker, identifies an incompetent leader. The most complex arrays of organizationally induced problems are easily solved by anyone who actually thinks (asks and answers questions to identify and resolve contradictions).

As an aside, under the US form of government, Congress or the Supreme Court could lawfully void his actions, thus precluding any action they considered to be harmful to society, but they would not do that because the actually solutions to the government and social problems would be manifest and extremely appreciated by government officials and the society. To use an inaccurate but popular rhetorical illusion, a great burden would be lifted from the government and the people, heralding a new beginning amid immediately effected prosperity for the nation.

To suggest the result as not possible would verify that all the politicians who routinely promise the same thing are lying, and that humans hold no ability to solve the problems they create. While the politicians are indeed lying because their actions prove that they do not know the process, humans hold the ability to solve the problems they create, by design of the human mind, a contradiction identification and resolution device. The common humans currently do not know the process to solve complex arrays of accumulated, compounded problems caused by government chaps because, like the politicians, they have simply not yet learned the knowledge of how to do so.

The current rarity of people who have learned the knowledge of how to actually solve complex human-caused problems, and socially manifest the solutions, verifiable against any question any person could ask, is merely a statement of the current evolution of human social intellect. It was only recently (about 100 years ago) that humans finally learned how to manifest magic flying carpets, by constructing as airplane and laying a carpet on its floor. Manifesting the solution to complex human-caused problems is similar. The process involves actions that organization / government leaders do not recognize because they are trying to make the metaphorical carpet fly by itself, with useless rhetorical incantations such as "working together", "unity", "elect me", "attack poverty", "bring to justice", "start a program" , "form a committee", "adopt a law", and everything else except the process to resolve each contradiction created by organizations / governments.

Notice first the indicated void of any interest in the writer of these words, as a president, holding power rather than efficiently solving problems, thus completing the job and leaving it to then benefit as a common citizen in a society whose problems had been solved, not stuck with the boring and intellectually stagnating job of a national leader.

Read that again to belatedly recognize the nature of the people who commonly strive to become government officials, who hold no knowledge of how to achieve their rhetorical espousals, obvious by their rhetorical illusions, but do know how to fool fools who vote for the best liars or who appoint the best liars.

A power-damaged mind, such as 100 percent of the US DemocanRepublicrats who strive for positions of government power, will say anything to gain and retain power, except that which substantively threatens the mind's perception of its power.

Do YOU want to gain and retain power, or live in a society without governmental or social problems? What do YOUR OFFSPRING want?

Might the offspring of inherently corrupted government personnel who are reading this recognize that their parents or grandparents taught them to crave inherently corrupting power rather than how to think enough (ask and answer enough questions) to solve problems? Is the mind of a son or daughter of a government official predicated on solving problems or creating the problems that government has obviously created in the fraudulent name of solving the problems of the other guy?

The ability to do as offered herein is a result of learning what power is, and how it functions within the design of the human mind, AND, accepting the duties and liabilities of the office of president, WITHOUT accepting the power.

The process to accept the duties and liabilities of the position, without accepting the power, is simple but involves a series of actions categorically beyond the understanding of any RepublicratDemocan or other power-damaged mind.

As a related aside, if all people are equal in the US, read that again, if all people are equal in the US, as the DemocanRepublicrats commonly state, and the common police are adequate to protect the lives and well being of the common citizens, why are the taxpayers required to pay for a legion of heavily armed mental midget Secret Service thugs surrounding the US president, among mazes of other multi million dollar tax paid security processes for one so called equal person?

Not one government person or their minions can accurately answer the question, while thinking people can easily answer it.

Why do many millionaires who make a lot more money than the US president, and who help people actually solve problems and obtain what they need in the private enterprise system, not need the multi-million dollar Secret Service protecting them and their families and dogs 24 hours per day? If the US president and his government were not lying 100 percent of the time, or perhaps more, about their efforts to help the people, their would be no need for special police protecting them. The contradiction is obvious.

Simply resolve the contradiction, in either of the two regards. If the resolution creates another contradiction, resolve that one, and so forth until each of the contradictions are resolved individually and in sum.

The writing of these words, as the president if the offer were accepted, would not need or accept Secret Service protection, for a promptly manifested reason that government personnel could only then belatedly recognize, and would apply the Secret Service personnel to socially useful tasks that they and society would appreciate.

What have the Americans done to fellow equal humans that has made their president so extensively hated by so many people in America and around the world that he must surround himself with the most extensive and expensive bodyguard and security system any human has ever amassed? What is your answer?

Would not a thinking president resolve that outrageous contradiction right at the get-go?

The reason the US will collapse on schedule, at great and long lasting misery to the American people, under the normal process, is that their process to select leaders and surrender their RIGHTS to their increasingly powerful (corrupted) leaders cannot possibly select a leader who understands the process to resolve complex contradictions they are yet increasing with the inherent results of compounding contradictions.

As with all nations ruled by power-based governments, rather than reasoning-based governments, and currently among the closest to their inherent self-demise, the normally ignorant US government folks have been creating contradictions as a perceived process to resolve contradictions, by design of the effects of power in the human mind, thus never resolving any while therefore compounding them.

Those institutionalized contradictions effected by the US government are so extensive and convoluted that only a complete understanding of intellectual technology can resolve them to preclude the traditional collapse of just another power-based government, this time that of the US, much to the earned misery of the people who kept voting for the war mongering,, power-craving RepublicratDemocan Regime.

In a Hollywood movie only, the US DemocanRepublicrat Regime leaders would get together and state among themselves that they have obviously made a mess of it all, and the mess (maze of countless contradictions) has become so bad that none of the people in the Regime can figure out how to resolve the mess without making the mess even worse because everything they attempt contradicts something else, and the untenable mess for society is about to result in ALL the leaders and their families being blamed by a very angry society, and therefore the Regime leaders would search the internet, back alleys and distant islands to find a person who knows how to resolve the most complex arrays of contradictions humans can create, and hire him or her, quickly.

There are a number of such people. They are difficult to find, and claim no titles or credentials.

The US president (or a sixty one percent majority of congress, or a majority of supreme court justices, or the same of any one State, or any primary leader of any other country) need only easily learn intellectual technology, the technology or process to efficiently resolve complex arrays of contradictions. Without that, absolutely no action or process can sustain the soon to fail US governmental system.

Amusingly, it cannot happen even in Hollywood because the script writers and producers verifiably hold power-damaged minds which cannot understand these words. If one of their ilk read these words, his or her best effort would be to script everything up to, and short of, the person who could manifest the concept, and then select a person who would effect, as then scripted, the most laughably contradicted actions as perceived resolutions to contradictions, by design of the power-damaged mind. Hollywood script writers often accurately describe the failure of power, and the wisdom of leaders surrendering power to achieve socially beneficial goals, but they do not know the process and make no effort to ask and answer the many boring questions to learn how to effect the process because they are making money writing the scripts that sell to people who know and like the metaphorical mental candy of hearing the failure of power.

Amusingly, the process to resolve all the contradictions concurrently resolves the fears in the minds of the legions of current government chaps who fear more than death the thought of their losing their petty self-defeating power. If the offer were accepted and effected, the government would be turned back over to the government chaps, after the contradictions were easily resolved, but without the contradictions that are otherwise going to destroy their government, their power and their well being in what would be a miserably failed society wherein the prior rich and privileged government chaps will have much to fear.

You might wisely learn to be the person who could make the referenced offer, not for the purpose of being the US president, but for the purpose of learning the knowledge. Upon learning the knowledge, you could make the offer and laugh, with no desire to accept such an easy and boring job as the US president with the nation's problems therefore promptly solved so that the desirable position would be any among the common citizens advancing knowledge beyond what you can currently recognize in a society saturated with self-defeating contradictions.

Start with any contradiction, ask the obvious question, answer it, ask a question of the answer, answer it, and so forth.

If, because of the zenith of intellectual laziness, you end up with the final conclusion of killing the other guy because he will not do as you say, you will be qualified to be the president of the US DemocanRepublicrat Regime and its gullible supporters. You may even be given the Congressional Medal of George Bush. But time is limited for that Regime. Hurry if you have no better use for your cranial goo.

Oh, indeed the offer is good for any other country, and the current leader would be shortly given back a government and society that would be leading the world, with the US a third-world nation. The process to resolve the most complex arrays of contradictions is the same as resolving one small contradiction, requiring only a bit more time and the understanding of controlling concepts, and the organizational manifestations of human fundamentals, and a few other things easily learned.

Had the US DemocanRepublicrat Regime easily effected the effort, of common magnitude for countless private enterprise projects, to adhere to the US constitution (one of the more brilliant written documents of history), and resolved the obvious contradictions arising in regard to the constitution, as they were effected (any of the three branches of government doing its job), the US would be a great, intellectually advanced nation, the lifestyle and abilities of whose society would be far advanced over its current pitiful condition, and most other nations would have already copied the US form of government.

In contrast and normal for the results of pursuing power above reasoning (results of power-damaged minds), nothing, nil, not one sentence or clause of the US constitution remains in effect. The document is void. Every clause has been contradicted by many government and court-written inferior laws routinely enforced above the superior laws, just like all the other governments are doing equally well with their forms of government. All human rights have been rendered by the RepublicratDemocan Regime as privileges, separately grantable and deniable at unknowable whim of legions of government police, lawyers, court judges and bureaucrats. The rule of written law has been replaced with the rule of personalities, not possible to sustain and not possible to correct by said power-damaged minds. The EFFECT of the US government is the same EFFECT as all other governments, illuminating the lies of the US government officials obvious to everyone in the world except the US government chaps and the gullible Americans they easily fool.

Had the US effected a government under the absolute rule of a king, emperor, dictator, president or other titled individual ruler, such as President Saddam Hussein, the nation could survive and prosper in proportion to the wisdom or even tolerable maliciousness of an individual mind, resultant from the law being readily ascertainable by the common people. One need only identify what the President Sadam Hussein liked and did not like, and conform one's actions to those preferences for a rationally workable social system. But under the current US system of government, the incessantly contradicting and inherently unknowable whims of legions of separate personalities rule. The common people can never know what is lawful or not lawful. One US government agent demands one action, while another commonly demands the opposite, neither of which can be found in prevailing written law to learn the proper action before it is performed. The countless government agencies and even more agents within them are constantly bickering among themselves over what is lawful or not lawful, with the citizens victimized any any random agent imposing his or her whims or illusions as law. And the citizens hold no affordable recourse in the courts of judges more extensively bickering among themselves of millions of contradicting inferior laws.

Every perceptive reader, even government chaps, can list hundreds of such government contradictions to reasoning, and thus contradictions to rational social functioning by humans who are predicated on their minds which are reasoning devices.

Consider a few of the writer's favorites for perspective....

1. "And this court, Mr. Buchanan, will cut you off at the ankles, literally, if you even breathe a word of those principles." (Washington Superior Court judge Robert Hackett, upheld by the Washington Appellate and Supreme Courts). That threat of physical torture, among more common unlawful threats by court judges, was used to silence the defendant's respectfully stated intention to respectfully present (freedom of speech) the principles of law, to the jury, that defended the citizen from the government action. The freedom of respectful speech, to present the principles of law does not exist even in a court of law where the law has therefore been replaced by the absolute rule of a dictator, the court judge, a personality. Of course the example is one of millions as judges daily decree what defendants may introduce or not introduce as evidence, to insure routine convictions serving the raw power of government and court judges, among countless contradictions saturating every court case in this nation.

2. In Alaska (with examples in other states), the US government (National Park Service) imposes a tax of 200 dollars per person per hike, on certain vulnerable minorities, for what was previously the right of people to walk on variously selected public land that is among the least crowded and most durable public land (rock and ice) in the nation, and the Park Service is currently proposing that the tax be increased to 1,000 dollars. That is the tax to climb certain Alaska mountains (walk on public land). The excuses for the tax change as fast as the resulting questions reveal the falsehood of each excuse. The action is that of simple raw power voiding the right of the people to walk on their own public land, identical to the power used by the old British kings to keep commoners off the Crown Lands. That was one of the reasons the commoners left England to start the new nation of American, and killed the British military occupiers in America, at great sacrifice to the Americans fighting the British. It was worth the lives of the Revolutionary War soldiers to be able to freely walk on the public lands, while the humanly worthless modern DemocanRepublicrats, most notably the American Alpine Club of lower-48 mountain climbers for this case, instantly grovel, kowtow and pay their money to the teenager National Park Rangers who demand a tax for the right to walk on the Park Service King's land. If the Revolutionary soldiers could come back alive, to see the results of their efforts, the first thing they would do is gun down every worthless American groveling to the Washington DC government that has become worse than the British Kings.

Rights and privileges are mutually exclusive. One cannot exist under the conditions of the other. A right is an action for which no authority exists to demand permission or pay a fee. A privilege is an action for which one must get permission or pay a fee.

An inferior law contradicted by a superior law holds no weight, effect or enforceability as law.

It is not lawful to use power of office to effect an action that contradicts the superior law.

It is unlawful to carry out an unlawful order.

An otherwise lawful instrument may not be used to lawfully effect a crime.

The graduates of the government's public schools cannot understand the above words, even if you hand them a dictionary, as their actions prove, both the government dolts and the Americans who kowtow to them. They are clueless of how to use language to convey useful concepts. You can tell an American cop and his victim whom he just arrested or cited, that an inferior law contradicted by a superior law holds no weight, effect or enforceability as law, and neither one of them will understand what question to ask of the cop's action. About 85 percent of the arrests and citations in the US are criminally unlawful enforcements of inferior laws contradicted by superior laws. The cops are the criminals, and both they and their victims do not know how to easily ascertain that fact.

3. The graduated income tax in the US, written by communist/socialist Karl Marx as his primary process to intellectually stagnate society under an ignorant government leadership, was originally introduced in the US Congress as 1 percent on the profits, not wages or trade for labor, of earned money over 100,000 dollars, at that time the modern equivalent to millions in currently devalued US dollars. The congressional debate was fierce, with opposing senators shouting the prediction that it would raise 2 percent, then 3 percent, and even 5 percent. The tax supporting senators shouted denials and that the income tax would ever get that exorbitant.

Now it has not only far exceeded that, in addition to the countless lawyers of other government taxation (fees, excise, property, user, road, fines, layers of government, etceteras) on everything including even the right to walk on public land, the income tax has extended to the point where the US government identifies those people who live in poverty, and then the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) of the RepublicratDemocan Regime taxes those people about another 1,000 dollars deeper into poverty. Read that again. The contradiction is so glaring and untenable for any government, that only fools suggest the ability of the US to sustain its government. That tax money from the poor goes to pay the salaries of over 100,000 dollars for wealthy congressmen and legions of staff, plus their annual benefits of over one million dollars. The US form of government taxes the poor to pay the rich. And if the poor even noticeably express opposition (freedom of speech), the IRS maliciously retaliates, and intimidates them by seizing any remainder of their money and other assets by issuing Notices of Levy letters void of any court review or access to court review. And the IRS threatens all financial institutions and government agents with similar attacks if they do not obey the unlawful Notices of Levy to seize the money and assets of poor people, and give them to the IRS.

Saddam Hussein wisely benefited the poor. The US government, especially its IRS thugs and other police, maliciously attack the poor. There are more poor who are forced to pay the rich and privileged government elite, than there are those government elite, dooming that system when the maliciousness is suddenly perceived as intolerable.

Of course the examples are endless. They are all contradictions. Notice that not one government agent will stand in public to effectively demand the resolution of any of the government contradictions, in part because he or she would be promptly fired by the governmental institution that created the contradictions to advance the power and wealth of the government. Nor do any of them know how to do so for even one contradiction, certainly no group of contradictions, and laughably no so for the sum total.

The only possible process to prevent the otherwise inherent collapse of the US government and social system, is to resolve ALL of the government-caused contradictions, requiring the effort of one of the very few people who know the process of resolving inordinately complex contradictions. Not selecting such a person for the primary national leader, or the existing leaders not learning such readily available knowledge (either of equal effect), insures the traditional transition, through social misery, from one doomed government system to the next doomed government system of institutionally induced contradictions designed to create institutional power rather than a reasoning process that benefits the advancement of a society.

Enjoy the next wars, force-based laws, prisons and such contradictions that the US DemocanRepublicrat Regime sorts sincerely believe will resolve the contradictions they create with wars, force-based laws, prisons, police and such manifestations of power attacking reasoning process. The observers are rolling on the floor, kicking and pounding, clutching their aching sides, gasping for breath, tears of howling laughter streaming from their eyes, albeit as usual.




How dumb are US military chaps?... 6 July 2007

The question is of HOW dumb.

I suggest, unless somebody could illuminate such an extreme of obviousness during the Vietnam war, that the current US military chaps are even dumber than was I when I was so dumb and gullible as to be in the US Army fighting in Vietnam.

And therefore, if you have a son, daughter, other relative or friend of military recruitment age, you can show them these words, and then ask them if they would consider military service, to ascertain their a level of thinking or reasoning ability.

The soldiers on the battlefield, facing the bullets and bombs, foolishly rely on the intelligence of the officers whose job it is to do the thinking part of the war.

All human actions are predicated on thinking, or its absence.

Accurate decisions require accurate and thorough knowledge derived by thinking.

The lessons of human experience (history) are not learned by dumb people.

Even the most incompetent schools (groups of teachers) inform the students of most of the basic lessons of human experience.

One does not send a brick layer to buy diamonds.

War is an oft repeated and dramatic human hobby. The lesson of war is old and well known, but obviously not learned by military chaps.

Would anyone but a fundamentally dumb person fight in a war under the leadership of officers who are verifiably ignorant of how to efficiently win a war, the metaphorical brick layer sent to buy diamonds. All wars are a mess because they are led by incompetent officers who fool gullible fools with bravado bullshit.

Without any effective social or military officer questioning of war at the get-go, suggesting reason for answering such questions, US President George Bush and US Vice President Dick Cheney were and remain adamant in the starting and continuing of wars against Afghanistan and Iraq. Their power-damaged minds are clueless of the concept of asking questions of even the most obvious contradictions, made obvious by the entire history of humans.

As Commander-in-Chief of the US military, Bush is the senior officer of the US military. He is openly acknowledged as dismissing those career military officers who questioned his wars, replacing those officers with laughably ignorant yes-men whose ignorance and loyalty to Bush's and Cheney's wars have been made obvious.

Bush and Cheney both dodged readily available war experience during their military age opportunities (Viet Nam), manifesting the classic cowardice of politically connected rich kids voted into political offices by fools who want to associate with rich kids and popularized idols rather than knowledgeable people.

Bush and Cheney did not manifest available wisdom which would have caused them to publicly object to the illogicalities of the war they dodged. They politically supported wars, while using their political connections to evade learning about wars from experience on the battlefields.

It is one level of ignorance to be so dumb as to serve an ignorant war leader who has demonstrated the personal courage to fight in war to therefore learn a bit about war.

It is another level of abjectly laughable ignorance, to be so undeniably dumb-as-a-post, like most military sorts, to serve an ignorant war leader who has openly demonstrated such cowardice as to use political connections to evade duty in a war while fellow citizens fought in that war.

Going into war under the command of an ignorant coward and his ignorant coward vice-commander certainly has all the genuine freedom fighters in the world laughing at the American military sorts. The American military sorts can brag all day about their technological superiority, but they are still laughed at for taking orders from the Bush/Cheney commander.

One displays yet greater ignorance to be such a soldier in war when Bush and Cheney visit the Iraq Green Zone to tell dumb-as-a-post soldiers to fight-on, among soldiers so cowardly as to not openly ask Bush and Cheney, for official record of history, if it is wise for any soldier to serve in war under a government leader who dodged readily available war duty that would have taught the leader what he has asked of soldiers he sent to war?

The purported fear of death is laughably inconsequential, as countless humans who have flocked to the killing fields of war have proven. The fear of asking questions, and hearing questions, if a vastly greater fear. It demonstrates the zenith of human cowardice and ignorance.

Why do you think that nobody in any position of institution of power will openly ask: Is there any power that does not corrupt?

"Is it not inherent that a commonly intelligent person cannot serve in a war, purported as defending democracy and the rights described in the US Constitution, under an American leader who used repugnant political connections to slither out of serving in a readily available war fought by other Americans, purported as defending democracy and the rights described in the US Constitution?" Well?

Is it not inherent that only an abject cowardly or laughably dumb American military person would not openly ask that question of such a leader, for public record?

If using political connections to dodge a war is wise for rich kids who become national leaders, is dodging a war not wise for poor kids who work and pay the taxes to support those national leaders?

Even a cursory review of the experience-induced, expressed wisdom of World War II US Army General and US President Dwight Eisenhower, not mentioned by the current US news media, reveals that Bush and Cheney represent the most repugnant military and national leaders in US history, comparatively illuminating even Saddam Hussein as a great national and military leader of courage and wisdom.

If war were perceived as necessary, against nations that did not attack the US, would not a wise US national leader first openly ask and answer the questions induced by the statements of national leaders who fought in wars, in open forums wherein public questions were not limited in any way? President Eisenhower strongly advised against wars, while subsequent US Presidents eagerly used any excuse to start Presidential Ego Gratification Wars against poor nations that did not attack the US. The lives of gullibly serving American soldiers and the civilians in other countries were meaningless to those unwise US presidents.

Is it not the most ignorant military personnel who serve ignorant cowards who evaded war duty and evade questions related to war?

Are not the entire staff of the US President and Vice President, every one of them, as repugnant as their war mongering boss' who were too cowardly to serve in war?

Do not these questions, and the many other such questions, reveal the inherent collapse of a government based on such laughable ignorance and cowardliness?

And further, do such questions, and many more of their nature, not reveal the laughably primitive nature of humans who yet support governments under such ignorant, malicious leaders?



It's a conspiracy.... 7 July 2007

To the conspiracy theorists, their supporters and those who do not believe them.....

It is not THEY or WHO, is doing what is in fact being done.

All of the damaging events of history that continue to stagnate the human phenomenon for the seeming benefit of a few rich and powerful people, for which the conspiracy theorists accuse THEM, those guys, and various lists of various so called powerful people, are obviously happening, and carried out by humans, with the obvious damages to the common people and society, benefiting the rich and powerful with genuinely malicious minds.

But anyone among the humans can separate themselves from the events, and objectively watch the game for the entertainment, as countless people have done.

It is not WHO is doing these things. It is WHAT. The humans are doing what the humans were designed to do. The concepts are at play, not the ignorant Rockefellers or Bilderburgers or Trilateralists or What'sTheirNames who are only stuck with their pitiable parts of the game. If the wealthy and powerful conspirators were all executed, their replacements would be on the job the next morning. The concepts cannot be changed by humans. But the damages to humans can be easily eliminated.

The proof is sustainable against all questions any humans can devise, by design.

Learn the design. The knowledge of it is yours for the asking.

As long as you are blaming and chasing WHO, you are chasing an endless series of humans who live and die with no possible effect on any correction to the problems you identify, much to the entertainment of those observing the entire lot of you.

Those who can correct the damaging problems you recognize are not the rich and powerful conspirators. They are completely ignorant of how to solve the problems they create. The people who can correct the problems are the people with the KNOWLEDGE of the PROCESS, not knowledge of WHO is benefiting from the process.

You can call it a game, or a concept or a phenomenon, etceteras. It is how the human species, and therefore their mind, was designed, as is verifiable against all questions, by design.

The power-damaged minds of the seeming beneficiaries of all the conspiracies are as ignorant as the gullible minds that keep benefiting them. They are only ignorant of, that is, lack the knowledge of, the damaging game in which they are players as humans doing what humans are designed to do.

The demarcation of the humans is their knowledge of all contradictions, to the extent of their manifestable resolutions. The demarcation is not not their power, money or knowledge of how to get power and money.

If you identify the conspiracy, and were given a choice, would you want to be the conspirator receiving the benefits, or the victim paying the benefits and therefore not being so repugnant to human decency as to be a conspirator who is damaging people, or would you want the complete KNOWLEDGE of the process to the extent of being able to resolve all the contradictions (solve the problem / end the damages) regardless of opposition?

The knowledge of the process that creates and maintains the seeming conspiracies which are contradictions, and thus the knowledge to resolve the contradictions, is not the knowledge of the conspirators and what they are doing. It is the knowledge of how the human mind reacts, by design, to certain sets of stimuli.

Consider learning the easily learned nature of the game, which includes the knowledge of how to promptly defeat all power structures, to laugh the laughter desperately sought and never achievable by the power-damaged minds of the Bilderburgers, Trilateralists, Banksters and their ilk who doom their children to the pitiable ignorance of wealth, power and only institutional illusions of scant knowledge they fear to question.



The defense against suicide bombers..... 20 July 2007

There is only one useful defense against suicide-level or any other dedicated physical attacks on fellow humans, of any magnitude, by design of the human mind. That defense is the use of intellectual technology. You can rightfully laugh yourself to tears watching the futile attempts of all the government and other institution leaders defying the foregoing to instead use processes of force to thus increase the slaughter and other social damages of the problems those processes create, on schedule, instead of simply learning the readily available intellectual technology that even children will learn in the future.



A process you use to deny yourself the knowledge you want..... 25 July 2007

A person who learns the related knowledge, among others throughout history, and offers the world the flawlessly verifiable answer to every question that therefore efficiently solves every human-caused problem, such as wars, including the questions of human opposition to the prior answers, will be ignored or denigrated because of a designed process of the human mind, as proven by the ongoing existence of the easily solved problems, understood by those who learn the knowledge. Enjoy the comedy of the humans.



Your enemy holds half the knowledge you need..... 27 July 2007

While you have any enemy or opponent, you have only half the knowledge you need, with the other half imperative for you to learn, to have no such enemy, with the other half held by the enemy, available for the asking. The knowledge is within certain questions. The time required to ask those questions, less than a week if you learn how to ask effective questions, is vastly less than the thousands of years still being used by enemies who attack each other as their foolishly perceived process to have no enemies. There is one other process to learn the same knowledge with similar questions.



The desire to be lauded by fools..... 5 August 2007

The knowledge is available for any government leader to promptly win the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and effect the most prosperous nation in human history, and become the most respected national leader of human history. Etceteras. It is just knowledge, learned the same way all knowledge is learned, by asking and answering the related questions, verifying the answers against any question any human can form, with results that no human can defeat, by design of the human mind. But as long as the leaders and their staff ask no effective questions, and instead pontificate their rhetorical illusions among the dutifully parroting news journalists, their socially damaging failures will continue on schedule, and they will be lauded by fools alone. Would you rather be lauded by millions of unquestioning fools, or understood by one commonly intelligent person who therefore questions your words? Notice the choice of the US DemocanRepublicrat leaders, and their results.



The grandest laughter available to humans..... 5 March 2008

Imagine the grandest laughter available to humans. The common language words herein hold their common meanings. Therefore, among the countless less grand examples, George Bush could learn the process to promptly win his wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (so can his enemy leaders). Yet because these common words hold their meanings, even if George or any organization leaders or their staff were to read these words (little if any chance), the leaders and staff could not understand them. Power-damaged minds can be openly verified as having not learned how to use language for its designed purpose, to convey useful concepts. Their attempts to fool others with contradicting and meaningless arrangements of words inherently trained their own mind's process to become not functional for resolving contradictions, by design. To easily learn the process to efficiently resolve complex contradictions in favor of the person effecting the resolution, is to learn why it has not yet been manifested in human history, despite its open availability throughout history, by design of the human mind. Enjoy the self-defeat of the American war regime while it was openly offered the plain language process to instead achieve its every stated goal. Imagine the grandest laughter available to humans.



US State Department Watch list..... 24 August 2008

If you are interested in advanced thinking process and the human mind's functional design, you might want to download this website to a disk, and just hang on to it. The author was amused to learn that the US State Department has indicated a refusal to authorize the personal export of the full Intellectual Technology knowledge indicated herein, and has placed the author on a "watch" list for travel. That is not a dramatic situation since the US Police State government now considers every American as a suspected terrorist. The travel denial and watch lists include hundreds of thousands of Americans, primarily those who have expressed objection to government corruption. The list is increasing each day. YOU may be on it, or may soon be.

Power fears everything and everyone, since power is the controlling contradiction of the human mind that can identify and resolve the controlling contradiction of power.

The knowledge herein is capable of effecting everything and more than described, causing confusion and fear within the power-based and thus fear-based US government personnel (reading this) who are therefore highly vulnerable to advanced knowledge. A mind that fears knowledge rather than learns knowledge is vulnerable to its effects on the mind. Like all power-damaged minds, they so fear advanced knowledge that rather than simply learn it, they devise processes to attempt to deny it, hide it or destroy it, an impossibility they genuinely perceive as possible by official denials, censorship, blacklisting, intimidation, imprisonment, torture, killing and such force-based Neanderthal methods used by power-damaged minds since power first infected human minds by design of the human mind. Knowledge cannot be destroyed, by design, a concept that a power-damaged mind denies and cannot understand.

If this website disappears from cyberspace and its archives, hold your own copy, and tell only commonly intelligent people, not the pitiably ignorant and malicious US government chaps whose power and institutional existence is predicated on dragging everyone down deeper into the intellectual dark ages, attempting to destroy the knowledge that can destroy power. As an indicator, the obviously increasing secrecy of the George Bush government attempts to hide or cover-up what historians will later openly reveal as his absence of purported knowledge, not any knowledge he and his pitiable colleagues suggest they hold.

The DemocanRepublicrat chaps so extensively fear knowledge that they cannot understand, for fear of asking and answering the questions that could cause them to learn the knowledge, that they invent their illusion of the threats of knowledge that does not exist, to attack the people who understand advanced knowledge, rather than simply ask the people to convey to them the advanced knowledge that would lead them out of the intellectual dark ages, and greatly benefit society.



The effect of intellectual technology...... 28 September 2008

The effect of intellectual technology exceeds the power of all the militaries in the world, can promptly defeat them individually or in sum, verifiable against all questions any humans can ask, and is available to any mind. That is among the least it can do, but it is stated because the primitive humans are still enamored with their war games to which they purport to object.



Not for military chaps....... 5 December 2008

Not one military person (or US DemocanRepublicrat politician / staff) can understand the following plain English words. If they could, they would immediately quit their counter productive jobs because they would recognize that they are surrounded by military people who were institutionally trained to be too ignorant to understand the following words, and are too ignorant to ask the resulting questions, stagnating their thinking ability at a primitive level.

By design, humans hold no ability to kill enough people, and destroy enough homes and businesses, to avoid the inherent consequences of killing people and destroying homes and businesses.

For every person killed, several or many new enemies with innovative minds are created, because the rational human mind is biologically designed to react against humans killing humans. The killers' new enemies increasingly include those within the society of the killers, who are sufficiently intelligent to recognize that killers soon turn against their more-thinking friends. By design, the minds of killers inherently suspect that thinking people recognize the ultimately self-destructive contradiction of killing people, and are thus enemies. Thinking people sooner recognize the untenable contradiction of the killers' suspicion.

Besides the routine collapse of the war regime leaderships, and recycling of the contradiction under new governments, the only social escape from the human killing game is the use of intellectual technology, the readily available process to manifest the conclusions of advanced thinking. Until an institution decides to learn and apply intellectual technology, enjoy your primitive, self-doomed war regimes predicated on their amusing belief that they can kill enough people to avoid the consequences of killing people.

The zenith of an institutionally trained mind's thinking process (military, police, lawyers, judges, politicians) ends at the currently most effective use of force (wars, laws backed by police guns), a doomed conclusion, by design. The utility of the reasoning process beyond the use of force is as unknowable to an institutionally trained, force or deception-based mind, as was the knowledge of microbes before the magnifying glass was invented. Yet microbes existed before humans, and the reasoning process has always been able to manifest every concept knowable to humans, by design, regardless of opposition.

Like the existence of microbes before the magnifying glass, even if a power-altered human mind reads these words, it is beyond his or her comprehension to consider a series of questions based on the premise that no form of force or deception (contradictions) would be available to manifest a reasoning-based social goal. Yet the original biological design of the mind, a reasoning or data synthesis device, of a young human is fully capable of learning to successfully do so, before it is institutionally taught the use of force or deception as a substitute for reasoning.

There is no mechanism within the human mind, for one mind to force another mind. The only mechanism available to successfully transfer concepts between minds, is reasoning, by design of the human mind.

Humans hold no ability to sustain contradictions, by design of the human mind, a contradiction identification and resolution device.



Diplomacy.... 20 January 2009

The concept mentioned in the above section not for military chaps is so basic to reasoning and the initial data acquisition by human minds that, upon common stimuli effecting attention to the existence of the concept, that stimuli, such as reading the above words, attempts to find logical conclusions in power-altered minds. However, the neural routing precluded by the effects of the perception of acquired power is not available to such data that threatens the perception of power. Therefore the data either entirely fails to effect a synthesis with other data to effect a logical conclusion, or is routed through peripheral neurons for that concept, to effect an incomplete or still-contradicted conclusion.

Classic in that regard are military generals sporadically stating that military solutions to the wars they belatedly recognize they are losing, are not adequate, and that "political solutions" or "diplomacy" are required. The phenomenon was common when the US military generals recognized they were going to be defeated in Vietnam, and is increasingly obvious again now that the US military generals belatedly recognize the obvious, that they are going to be defeated in Iraq and Afghanistan.

But noticeable to everyone else is the obvious fact that the military generals just keep on fighting their wars until they lose, without effecting any action based on their words, beyond their isolated words. Those words without actions or supporting reasoning are the best that the military power-altered minds can neurological achieve. They cannot even do so little as to emphasize their admission to the politicians, diplomats and public that the generals are losing the wars, with those words, "losing the wars" that were doomed at the outset, so the politicians would realize that they need to learn what diplomacy is, and how to use it.

The reason is that the power-altered minds of the generals, identical to the politicians who have made themselves dependent upon the power of their military and police, are still metaphorically "inside the power box". They cannot comprehend any goal processes outside of that box, or beyond the concluding use of power. Those minds hold no concept of any "political solution" or "diplomacy" that is not merely more polite, coy, convoluted, enticing, circular or whooptidooed arrays of rhetorical illusions ending in the threat of more military destruction (power), with perhaps a few suitcases or pallets of recently printed paper money thrown in for the Swiss bank accounts of the other side's military generals and politicians. The latter is self-defeating because it creates incentive to continue the wars to get more bribes.

You cannot get the military generals or the politicians to publicly state that "a reasoning-based solution" is necessary, because the word "reasoning", like more accurate words for any contradiction resolution process, threatens their mind's functioning premise that nothing exists beyond power. Power and reasoning are mutually exclusive. With reasoning, you need no power. With power, you cannot tolerate reasoning because it extends to the identification of the controlling contradiction of power.

They are clueless of what any accountable political process or diplomacy is, but they use those nebulous words when their power is obviously failing, as their mind's neural recognition that "something is wrong". What is wrong, is even further beyond their minds' recognition because it is identified with reasoning, the asking and answering of questions of contradictions. Even the suggestion of identifying what is wrong causes their minds to immediately state that they do not have enough soldiers, tanks, helicopters, bombs, money, or other forms of power, and therefore need more, still clueless that the use of power or more power or yet more power always induces its inherent power-based reaction among the minds who are attacked with power rather than asked for reasoning, by design of power and the human mind. Nothing exists beyond power in their mind, and all their rhetorical illusions are designed to end at the use of power.

You can write the words: "To politicians or military generals: You can promptly win your wars (and solve all the other social and economic problems) if you learn how to use the reasoning process of the human mind.", and besides them and their staff never seeing the words because they never look beyond their metaphorical fortress walls against people and knowledge outside power-based institutions, they cannot understand the meanings of the words even if you hand them a dictionary, by design of the effects of the perception of acquired power within the human mind.

Enjoy the show.



On the morning of the collapse........ 15 February 2009

The solutions to complex problems simply involve the synthesis of verifiable data from more diverse arenas of knowledge than institution leaders recognize from within their institutions.

As any high school science student learns, an institution inherently limits the knowledge that institution participants encounter. There are only 24 hours per day. If you use your time to learn how to become a successful politician or military officer, you will not have that time to learn how to be a successful farmer, computer programmer, heavy equipment operator, doctor, etceteras, or learn the knowledge of how to resolve complex arrays of contradictions inherently created by the compounding of contradictions from diverse data sources, diverse human actions or diverse human minds and decisions.

Social problems, wars being a dramatic example of them, are complex arrays of contradictions created by the compounding of contradictions from diverse data sources, diverse human actions or diverse human minds and decisions.

Nor can any institution leader or participant logically derive the referenced knowledge by seeking assistance from other institutions or their leaders or experts, for two reasons. Institutions inherently communicate with other institutions that hold fundamental commonalities above any superficial illusions of opposition or difference created by genuinely diverse knowledge. Effective communication is the asking and answering of questions to resolve contradictions. Obama will not effectively communicate with Osama or any genuinely opposing leader holding knowledge genuinely diverse from Obama's institutions. And further, no institution leaders or participants understand or can convey the knowledge that exists outside all institutions, which includes controlling contradictions within all complex arrays of contradictions, and simple ones also, by design of the human mind's alteration of perceptions inherently created by institutional training.

A classic demonstration of the above was President Obama's campaign lies about "CHANGE" that then so quickly and blatantly became the same Bush / Washington DC insider (DemocanRepublicrat) policies that only the plain dumbest Americans did not recognize the void of any significant change. Until they learn knowledge predicated on concepts independent of all institutions, the DemocanRepublicrat leaders and followers simply cannot escape their severely self-limited institutional knowledge, by design of institutions and their affect on the human mind's neural process.

The US government is going to collapse, on schedule, just like the Kremlin empire and all government empires, for the same reason, UNLESS a significant institution soon enough recognizes the magnitude of their institutional doom, to perceive a necessity to learn the controlling concepts outside institutions. All the Soviet Republics simply abandoned the Kremlin (and a lot of Kremlin bureaucracy personnel in the Republics disappeared or quickly fled). The common people simply could no longer afford to support the increasingly costly, centralized bureaucracy that was distributing increasingly worthless paper money to more and more government bureaucrats who were stifling the ability and incentive of the common people to do any real work (productivity) that creates value in money, etceteras.

When the Soviet Republics abandoned the Kremlin, its new leaders still controlled the large Russian Republic with many valuable resources, but when the US States abandon Washington DC, it will control a ten mile square with a lot of statues used for pigeon perches. Like the Soviet leaders' and military generals' perception of their empire, the US DemocanRepublicrats could read these words and would consider any suggestion of the collapse of the Great United States of America as preposterous, much to the amusement of historians and perceptive people. Nothing in the US Constitution still retains the enforceable effect of prevailing law, leaving nothing of value for the people, in the Washington DC government.

If you must get 73 or more different Soviet or US government permits (permission), consuming days to do the paperwork, and pay as many permit fees that are in sum unaffordable, and hire personnel to perform ongoing government-required paperwork, leaving you no time, money or incentive to produce what you could have produced without permission, you will stop being productive, the economic system will collapse, and the people can no longer afford to support the system that robbed them of their time, money and incentive. That phenomenon prevails above any identification as the Soviet bureaucracy or US bureaucracy.

The only escape is to abandon the form of government that is still writing more laws that restrict more rational, productive human activity, hiring more bureaucrats to impose more permits and other paperwork, hiring more police to enforce the increasing laws against non-harmful human activity, adding more taxes (stormwater tax, mileage tax, mountain climbing tax, global warming tax, etceteras), printing more worthless paper money that cannot forever fool everyone, waging costly Presidential Ego Gratification Wars, forming bureaucracies to spy on everybody and amass endless records of their daily lives, etceteras, which is why all empires fail, while not one DemocanRepublicrat or their unquestioning followers can understand these words even if you hand them a dictionary.

On the morning of the collapse of the Soviet empire, the Soviet officials in the Kremlin belatedly recognized that the police and government bureaucrats had logically joined the citizens, because the families of the police and bureaucrats, like the other citizens, could not rationally function under the Soviet "permit society" bureaucracy. The citizens, bureaucrats and police were about to go into the Kremlin to kill the Soviet officials, especially if the officials ordered the military generals to roll out the military tanks one more time. To suggest that basic human imperative of social survival cannot happen in the US is to parrot the same suggestion of the leaders in the Soviet, Roman and every other power-based empire. The family members of the US Homeland Security Gestapo and Transportation Security Agency are already voicing fundamental objections to the US Police State.

Personal computers with private information can be seized at any time by decree of any of thousands of newly hired-off-the-street government "security" and police personnel who are now stealing lucrative identity data, demanded for processes or on computers, and selling it to street contacts, creating citizen contempt for the government. More and more weapons-trained US military personnel and veterans are openly disgusted with the government betrayal of military personnel and veterans, and that for which they were told they fought in wars. The increasing computer-savvy portion of society, including the families of government computer geeks, is increasingly disgusted with the government computer geeks' use of computers to spy on and accumulate private data on the public. The list goes on, and on, and on. The diversity of the government-induced contradictions cannot be resolved by the government institution trained minds that are creating the contradictions, by design of the human mind. Power always advances to its self-demise, by design of power.

The above is at play in society while the solution is laughably easy by simply, patiently synthesizing knowledge (asking and answering questions) from diverse knowledge sources beyond one's normally small arena of institutional colleagues and friends. Those diverse knowledge sources are not your enemies, except in the perceptions of power-damaged minds which must create the perception of enemies to sustain the perception of power, by design of the concept of power in the human mind. Those diverse knowledge sources are simply fellow humans with the same brain and mind design as every other human on the planet, by design. They inherently seek to assist others with knowledge that is available for the asking, to be synthesized with the knowledge of the person asking, to resolve contradictions. But because institution leaders never sincerely ask for knowledge outside their institutions, for fear of knowledge that might threaten useless institutional illusions that are doomed anyway, they deny themselves the knowledge they need to resolve contradictions and thus form sustainable decisions.

The above indicates the elsewhere verified, easily learned design of the human mind. It describes the designed process to prevent the seemingly opposing people, each with half the required knowledge, from usefully communicating to synthesize the two halves of the knowledge to therefore inherently resolve the ACTUAL contradictions obscured by the PERCEIVED contradictions.

To solve complex and seemingly impossible arrays of contradictions, one need only learn the easily learned functional design of the human mind, the knowledge that any rational society of a species predicated on its mind, would teach their young as the first priority after toilet training. And every human mind is designed to learn its design, if it uses its design to do so. The process is simply that of asking and answering each question of any common diversity of contradictions to identify the mind's process of doing so for all contradictions.

If you want to inform Obama or Osama, or any other government or institution leader, that they can become the most respected and famous social leader in human history, leading the most prosperous, effective and advancing society or organization in history, if they easily learn intellectual technology, give them a call or pass the message herein to their staff, for the amusement of your attempt. The writer of these words does not have their phone numbers, and no incentive for that amusing exercise within the greater comedy of the humans.




It is your task, for lack of anyone else who will do it for you.... 5 April 2009

If your parents and school teachers successfully taught you that you can successfully threaten the other guy with prison or war to make him do what you tell him to do, illogical to him, and therefore that the other guy can threaten you with prison or war to make you do what the other guy tells you to do, illogical to you, and also too dumb to figure out the contradiction, you and your ignorant society will continue to be tax paying slaves to a perpetually counter productive, costly war and prison regime (police state) of dumb, lavishly paid government leaders and police believing the same illusion, perpetually creating the ongoing social grief of prisons and wars that you must work to pay for, and deserve by your failure to simply ask and answer the obvious questions of the obvious contradictions.

The human mind was designed with a reasoning process, available for the simple asking and answering of questions, that can defeat any opponent by his mind's process, without wasting your life away slaving to get money to be seized by government for police who arrest and jail more people who damaged nobody, than real criminals, and pay for soldiers inherently slaughtering thousands of innocent civilians who did not want to be caught in a war between idiot, macho male trigger-happy soldiers (of either sex), and under even dumber bomber pilots lying to their minds that their bombs only hit "authorized targets of enemy soldiers".

US cluster bombs, regular bombs, artillery projectiles, mines, residual effects of Agent Orange and certain secretly tested munitions are still killing and maiming children and other innocent people nearly every day in Vietnam, therefore still inducing Vietnamese and international hatred for the malicious Americans. With those 2009 ongoing effects of war fully known and discussed by US government officials and military officers at the start of their Presidential Ego Gratification war in Vietnam, in 1965, what shall 2009 US military officers claim for themselves in regard to the same effects of their current wars.... their parents and school teachers having made them dumb as mud, or that they are not that dumb and thus repugnantly malicious toward humans, fully intending to slaughter children for decades into the future? US bomber pilots have dropped millions of cluster bombs and regular bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan, that the officers know will be killing and maiming children for decades. Same for US Army artillery officers and the effects of that known percentage of rounds that do not properly detonate, etceteras.

As long as you refuse to do your intellectual work, simply thinking - asking and answering questions, to learn the human mind's designed reasoning process (to resolve contradictions) a process you were not taught, you will remain as intellectually primitive as the first Neanderthal head bashers and club swingers. They are best exampled by modern lawyers, court judges and other government officials who excuse their Neanderthal threats and maliciousness because their police and soldiers do their head bashing for them, on command, without asking the most obvious questions of the most obvious contradictions because they were not taught the reasoning process.

If you are a teenager or any other person who can still think beyond the threat-based, prison and war dogmas that the club swinging Neanderthals, modern government and its public school teachers taught society, a more intelligent society is your task to create, because your parents and school teachers, cops, soldiers, bomber pilots, lawyers, court judges, government officials and their ilk have obviously failed. They must increasingly threaten and attack you and your offspring, increasingly denying your rights and taking your money with more and more forms of taxation, to sustain their insatiably power-addicted police and war regime. There are never enough enemies outside a society for your threat-based government personnel to financially sustain their police and soldiers without increasingly attacking their own people YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN, by design of the insatiable nature of power.

Because the world has become over-populated with humans, with no uninhabited place for a new society of thinking people, your options are to easily gather a group of thinking people in an area under an existing police state government that is easily defeated by their own minds at your whim, if you learn the knowledge to do so, and defeat it for that area, or as easily defeat your police state government for all the people where you currently live, without gathering a larger group of reasoning people, or make no changes and laugh yourself to tears at the people who sincerely believe that they can threaten the other guy with prison or war to make him do as they tell him, forever ignorant of the ongoing failure of that illusion. You are the other guy for 6.86 billion other guys. What you do to them, 6.86 billion of them will use to do to you, by design.

Therefore what do you want to do to them?

Notice the difference in answers between the reasoning people, and the government police / soldiers / lawyers / court judges / politicians / bureaucrats / and their power-craving ilk.

Which shall you choose to define the intelligence of yourself and your children?



End of Intech Concepts 31


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