Intellectual Technology

Intech Concepts 30
(Indicators of Reasoning Process)



Power-based empires... 17 December 2006

Is it not obvious that all power-based (military-based) empires collapsed or will collapse on schedule?

Is it not obvious that all power-based empires repressed and heavily taxed the majority of their societies, for the benefit of the leadership elite?

Is it not obvious that all power-based leaders could otherwise live social average or above average lifestyles, and enjoy life without leadership stress which obviously costs more than its tangible benefit?

Is it not obvious that if a power-based nation was perceived as a threatening enemy, one need only facilitate its sooner inherent collapse to defeat the enemy?

Is it not obvious that wise people would not want to create a power-based empire that will inherently collapse, and can be sooner collapsed because it is power-based?

Is it not obvious that power-based governments which seek to collapse the system of their power-based enemies are ignorant of the process to do so, despite it being obvious from history, and routinely offered to leaders by thinking people?

Enjoy the show presented by the power-based government leaders fooling an adequate percentage of their society's fools long enough to create the power-based empire before it inherently collapses because it is power-based rather than reasoning-based?



Nothing wrong with the US... 18 December 2006

There is nothing wrong with this country. There is just something wrong with the government. This country just has one of the worst governments in the world. If you want to identify how bad the government is, simply start asking questions to the person who objects to the forgoing, to recognize how ignorant the government's public schools have rendered the country's people.

By what process have many common Americans been rendered unable to afford basic medical services while government officials lavish in the best medical services, free to them, who continue to spend hundreds of billions of dollars on an ongoing series of wars against nations that did not attack the US (Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Panama, Grenada, Somalia, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan, the next ones)?

By what process have the common Americans been fooled into believing that they have a right to freedom of speech, guaranteed by the highest law of the land (US Constitution), which no law or power of government may lawfully contradict, while court judges in the US routinely deny, in courts of law, the defendant's right to respectfully express the laws and evidence that protect the defendant against the government accusation?

By what process have the common Americans been fooled into believing that all people are equal under the law, and that the law applies equally to all people, while no government officers are ever arrested or tried for routinely defrauding common Americans of their rights written in law, under color of law and power of office?

By what process have the recent several US presidents started several wars that cost hundreds of billions of tax dollars, slaughtered hundreds of thousands of people, destroyed vast amounts of human productivity, without any Congressional Declarations of War, under the rule of written law allowing no exception to the law creating authority for war only under a Congressional Declaration of War?

By what process has the US government been able to officially define and identify those people living below the poverty level, most of whose money is consumed by the myriads of taxes on basic life necessities, while the government's Internal Revenue Service then taxes them another 1 - 2 thousand dollars deeper into poverty?

Etceteras and etceteras down the list of every basic human right, freedom and dignity.

There is nothing wrong with this country. There is just something wrong with the government. This country just has one of the worst governments in history.



The Bush-Blair team... 19 December 2006

Is it not genuinely amusing to watch George Bush and Tony Blair steadfastly defy all reasoning and every lesson of history, making fools of themselves and the fools who support them, by steadfastly pandering the illusion that the use of more force in Iraq, where the use of force is inherently creating the defeat of the occupiers, will create victory for the occupiers?

For far less than the total cost to Americans and Brits, anyone with more sense could have monetarily purchased the goals they sought, rather than defeat themselves by trying to kill their way to the goals.

While doomed in itself by logic, it would be one proverbial step closer to reasoning if the stated intent of George and Tony were to kill all the Iraqis, and replace them with Americans and Brits, similar to the doomed, force-based Israel government intent of removing all Muslims from previous Muslim Palestine, and replace them with Jews. But for the Tony-George team to perceive that they can impose upon the Iraqis only a system of government, so called Democracy that is not practiced by George or Tony's nations, that the Iraqis did not develop on their own with their own incentive, reasoning and therefore understanding, then leave Iraq, is a height of abject human ignorance of humans, easily recognized by either understanding the words of this paragraph or more wisely questioning them to identify and resolve any contradictions.

Do not wonder why the observers are enjoying the Bush-Blair team more than any other minor show on the rock.




Copy and email this to a parent, son or daughter who is a lawyer or judge, for what you will learn... 20 December 2006

The US or enemy military chaps who maliciously torture and kill helpless prisoners, a perfidious action repugnant to human decency, far more common than the news media reveals, among related examples of damaging contradictions, do so as a result of institutionally trained neural data synthesis process in the brain, that is identical in origin, stimuli type, and location in the brain, as US court judges routinely applying inferior laws to deny people jury trials or other human rights identified in superior law, and the same for lawyers who criminally evade their known legal duty to initiate due process of law (file charges) against said judges for the crimes of fraud, perjury to oath of office, evasion of a known legal duty, malfeasance, and more.

The most repugnant manifestation of maliciously damaging another human is effected by the same neural process as is the least of such damaging actions. Given the circumstances, the person effecting the least damage would effect the most repugnant damage, potentially altered only by the additional questions that the different circumstances would possibly but not likely create, to possibly effect the involved mind learning new knowledge to correct the entire gradient of such contradicted decisions.

Every lawyer's mind is as malicious (power-damaged) as murderers and torturers, simply living in different circumstances. The only verifiable defense against the statement would involve the questions of the lawyer's manifested contradictions, that the lawyer would flee rather than answer, to sustain the contradictions rather than resolve them, verifying the substance of the statement.

The circumstantial manifestation or magnitude of the results is immaterial to the electro-chemical neural activity in the brain. The power-damaged brain's process is only electro-chemically producing a conclusion that contradicts the brain's available data, without recognition of any result of the contradiction outside the brain. The self-flattering and family flattering court judge or prosecutor who uses color of inferior law and power of office to maliciously damage a person brought before court, when said judge or lawyer might claim that they would never torture to death a helpless prisoner, would in fact do so in the circumstances to do so, by prior training of their brain to create a damaging contradiction without recognizing or acknowledging it within the brain's process.

The contradiction to reasoning or logic, by decision of the human brain's electro chemical activity is the controlling concept, by design of the human. The circumstances of its manifestation are merely the superficial or environmental circumstances for the brain's same decision-making process.

Those who flatter or respect such judges, lawyers or other institutionally titled persons who are inherently corrupted by titles and positions of power, and therefore perceptions of power, merely identify their gullibility and ignorance of how the human mind functions with sensory stimuli induced electro-chemical process, as is common, especially among the laughably ill-educated Americans.

Decide to no longer be that gullible and ignorant, lest circumstance result in your becoming a judge or lawyer and becoming what commonly intelligent people, perhaps your parents or offspring, recognize as repugnant to human intelligence and integrity.

The repugnance of universally malicious lawyers is identified by their manifested and verifiable, criminal evasion of the known legal duty under superior law to initiate due process of law (file criminal charges, arrest) upon recognizing the evidence that a prosecutor or judge (lawyers) has denied a person a right identified in superior law, by using color of inferior law or raw power of office as has become routine in the US judicial empire of repugnant lawyers and lawyer/judges.

The phenomenon is that of the criminal mind, or power-damaged mind, which willfully denies a person a human right and respect as a fellow human for the purpose of harming or damaging him, for the purpose of defending and advancing the raw power of lawyers, judges and their ilk.

All US lawyers and judges, as proven above, function identically to the mind of a genuine criminal who willfully damages a victim.

In the future, which could be effected within months if anyone were interested, during the transition period to learn the knowledge and the cure to easily preclude such criminal activity as that of military prisoner torturers, lawyers, rapists, judges, thieves, military officers, US DemocanRepublicrats and such mal-trained minds, lawyers and other criminals will not be punished by prison as such, but will instead be studied by neurologists who have learned intellectual technology (none currently exist), to identify the precise neural and electro chemical diversion of stimuli data that would otherwise effect conclusions that did not create any contradictions such as those that create a damage.

Before then, there are national and international indicators that the consequences of the universally criminal, damaging actions of US lawyers and judges will belatedly catch up with lawyers and judges whose power-damaged minds inherently caused them to sincerely believe, as did Saddam Hussein, Adolf Hitler, Donald Rumsfeld, George Bush and others of their ilk, that they would be forever immune to the consequences of maliciously damaging and slaughtering fellow humans.

Besides indicators in Europe for international concerns, there are indicators in the US, that one State, and therefore one geographical area of humans, will collectively be the first to sufficiently recognize the overwhelming damage done to the US society by lawyers and judges criminally imposing inferior law above superior law, by ruse of rhetorically claimed law, power of office, intimidation with armed court security thugs of zero intellectual ability to question the routine illegality of judicial orders, etceteras. The people of one state, only slightly before the other States therefore duplicate the process, will indict lawyers and judges of their own State and other States, rapidly effecting the inescapable consequences of so many lawyers/judges so extensively defrauding so many citizens, including police and military personnel whose retaliation against lawyers and judges will not be stoppable.

The individual criminal is comparatively wise to be caught after only a few crimes, and be punished accordingly, by definition. Unwise are the institutional criminals such as lawyers and judges who derive the lavish benefits of their malicious crimes and perceived immunity for generations, to result in a single crop of the lot enduring the inescapable retaliation for themselves and all of their predecessors. No human action is without consequences. No humans escape the balance, or the universe could not exist.

Enjoy the show of the universally criminal, malicious US lawyers and judges. It is among the most damaging contradictions of the US society. And its consequences will offer an equally magnificent show. Wiser to be one of their victims, rather than one of the lawyers or judges.

If you are a lawyer or judge, wisely ask the questions that you obviously fear, and answer them, and therefore promptly quit your job, disclaim your government-licensed titles, publicly denounce the malicious contradictions of the US lawyer empire, and openly pursue an honest job outside the government, because in the internet age, more and more citizens are asking and answering those questions to learn the resulting knowledge.

Amusingly, such a suggestion only enrages power damaged minds because their institutionally trained brains no longer retain a biological access to the concept of asking and answering questions of their own institution's controlling contradictions.

If you are a close relative of such an institutionally malicious person, wisely consider establishing a publicly credible claim of opposing such repugnant damages to society.




No sufficient emphasis... 21 December 2006

Historians will state that the failure and resulting collapse of the American experiment in government and social process was a result of three concepts:

1. The failure of their school teachers to teach the common people what the rule of written law is and how it functions.

2. The failure of their school teachers to teach the common people what money is and how it functions.

3. The failure of their school teachers to teach the common people how to ask effective questions.

By the mid 1900's no American school teacher held the knowledge to do so. Their school teachers had not taught them previously known, fundamental knowledge necessary for the rational functioning of an advancing society.

Even if they read these words, the lawyers and lawyer/judges, the bankers and the school teachers, verifiably ignorant of the above referenced knowledge, literally cannot understand that their lives would have been vastly more pleasant and longer lived, and the same for their offspring, if their predecessors had taught everyone the foregoing knowledge, rather than keeping it obscured from even their own offspring, to protect the illusion of institutional power over other people.

By design of humans, you cannot effect or come close to manifesting the readily available benefits for yourself and your offspring without first and more extensively benefiting the people around you, primarily by educating them with the most knowledge possible. Consider reading that again.

Bring forward a lawyer, judge, banker or school teacher, with their offspring of 10 years old or older, and I will ask the questions that will unequivocally prove to the son, daughter, grandson or grand daughter that their parent is either among the most laughably ignorant humans useless to society, or repugnantly dishonest, with malicious intent to most damage their children or grandchildren.

No human mind can escape the flawlessly verifiable conclusion, by design of the questions.





A test of you... 22 December 2006

If you do not genuinely pity and also laugh at all the government bureaucrats, officials, agents, officers, their lawyers, court judges, compliant consultants and gullible news journalists, upon their mention or consideration, you have not yet learned the simple knowledge of the design of humans and society. Yes, you may be irritated and even angry with them, as a designed reaction for a moment only before you laugh.

As a human, would you not most logically first learn the design of humans, and therefore the human mind?

Consider the most pitiable victims of government employment, those who are in their 20's and 30's who have therefore recently discarded the value of their minds for the rest of their lives, and will continue to long destroy much of the productivity and value to society of many non-government humans. The older and retired victims of government employment are merely the proof of abject human failure and self-deception. A simple series of questions, with the answers of those government folks, reveal the failure and laughable self-deception.

They could read this entire website, and their power-damaged minds would not be able to discover even a clue that they, their families, friends and society would be centuries into the future of advanced knowledge with vast benefits to them and all people if government had not stagnated, dragged and anchored the time of innovative minds, including their own before becoming victims of government employment, down into the morass of useless government processes exclusively designed to create and perpetuate power alone for the government pyramid of George Bush and Saddam Hussein mentalities (the same victims of power).

A liberal American federal government employee who routinely bad-mouths George Bush is so remarkably ignorant that he or she literally cannot comprehend that his or her entire life is wasted serving George Bush and the concept George serves (power) regardless of which Bill Clinton or Ted Kennedy names occupy the offices. They serve the central authority stagnation of the vast diversity and knowledge of individual human minds otherwise inherently striving to advance their knowledge and thus humans if their time was not taxed and demanded for useless paperwork service to government bureaucracy (power).

Therefore if you do not genuinely pity and laugh at the lot, do whatever you must to learn more knowledge about the humans. Even read more of this horribly boring website if you have not yet figured out how to write it yourself with your own words, asking and answering the questions to identify the words you want to write, which are sustainable against any questions.

It is the most brilliant comedy on the rock. When you pass the test, you will have learned the knowledge to most enjoy the show.




A challenge to every US military officer... 23 December 2006

I laughed.

I would have failed the challenge when I was a US Army officer, but had I encountered such a challenge, I would have sooner asked more questions to sooner learn the self-defeating process of the US military steeped in self-induced ignorance preserved by discouraging or punishing anyone who asks effective questions.

I was watching the old World War II Sea Power movies that I had not seen since I was a kid in the 50's. They are the old black and white, actual footage, military movies of real battles and military training scenes, now on DVD. In those days the military took a lot of movies of what they did, unlike today's US military which is rightfully ashamed and too fearful to show honest people what the military is doing.

For the Sea Power and Air Power movie series, previously shown on TV and now available on cheap DVD's, the producer added music and dramatic rhetoric.

During the first part of the Sea Power movies, while the US military officer announcer was demonizing the Nazi enemy, he stated with an emphasized voice:

For fascism to survive, it had to kill.

I laughed.

With those movies seen millions of times by US military personnel, and the entire history of warfare readily available to them, not one active duty US military officer, whether a lieutenant, a colonel, general, an admiral, the commander in chief himself, your father, mother, son, daughter, brother or sister if they are a military officer, but maybe their pet dog, is sufficiently intelligent to recognize the more displayed US equivalent of that dramatic propaganda statement, even if they read these words and you hand them a dictionary.

Since World War II the world has watched the American-described American Democracy, which is a lie in itself since America has always been a constitutional republic with government school teachers too ignorant to successfully teach the actual US system of governance, attack country after country which did not attack the US, slaughtering hundreds of thousands of people.

Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Panama, Grenada, Bosnia, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan and others that did not make as much news.

The conclusion is not successfully deniable to the entire world outside the US DemocanRepublicrat Regime inside its rhetorical self delusion.

For American democracy to survive, it has to kill.

Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Panama, Grenada, Bosnia, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan and others that did not make as much news.

Have Americans not proven the case to the world, by their actions? What is the answer of the other people in the world?

If you must kill people to spread your form of government, is it not fatally flawed and doomed?

It is.

After having lost as an enemy the self-collapsed Soviet Union, is not the American RepublicratDemocan Regime, waging war on whatever country it can rhetorically decree as terrorists, in the name of spreading American Democracy, already demonizing North Korea, Iran and Syria, for the next wars-in-a-row, to spread American democracy? Does that not reinforce the conclusion of everyone else in the world, that for American Democracy to survive, it must kill?

What is common to fascism and American democracy, and what are they dependent upon?

The American military-industrial complex functionally matches the description of fascism upon effective questioning, if you would wish to verify that. It is of such repugnant nature that previous World War II General and US President Dwight Eisenhower strongly, but not strong enough, warned against the US becoming ruled by the military-industrial complex. The "standing army" of the US DemocanRepublicrat Regime, which the nation's founders strongly warned against, demands and is demanded by, the US military-industrial complex. They and the raw power they serve, are dependent upon maintaining ongoing wars, in the name of American Democracy, and cannot survive without them.

American Democracy is a killing machine, by undeniable manifestation of American government actions and claims of spreading democracy.

Periodically check the online international news to discover and verify how many countries have US military personnel directly engaged in shooting wars under the ruse of "advisor status". The US government-benefited, established news media does not mention such things for the same reason they parroted the Iraq weapons of mass destruction and terrorists behind every bush. The rest of the world is informed of the American wars in several countries.

By necessity of its concept, the US military-industrial complex's government has verifiably voided all US human rights identified in the US Constitution, and changed them into privileges, grantable and deniable at whim of politically appointed court judges functioning identically, read that again, identically to the German and Italian fascist court judges, imposing raw personal power, not questioned or corrected by the elected government officials. That process is designed to increase the power of self-glorifying government personalities above the authority of written law, enforced by unquestioning police and court security personnel hired for their being too ignorant to question unlawful orders. Saddam Hussein did the same thing in every regard.

An absolute requirement for a lawyer to be appointed to a judge position, and appointed to higher judge jobs, openly known among lawyers and judges, but not known by the laughably ignorant American citizenry, is a lawyer's and judge's record of defending the raw power of the executive branch (president and governors) above the law. That absolute and entrenched corruption of the judicial branch defines its ultimate demise, and the laughable gullibility of Americans.

Privileges are opposite of rights. A privilege identifies the absence of the related right.

A right is an action which can be performed at the decision of an individual, and for which no government permission or payment of a fee can be lawfully demanded.

If you perceive that you hold any rights under the US DemocanRepublicrat Regime, you are an idiot waiting your turn to be educated.

"And this court, Mr. Buchanan, will cut you off at the ankles, literally, if you even breathe a word of those principles." Decree of Superior Court judge Robert Hackett, State of Washington, upheld by the Washington State Supreme Court, in response to the defendant's statement that he was going to respectfully express the principles of prevailing law that defended the person brought before court, against the government. Even freedom of speech for respectfully expressing the law itself, in a court of law, is a summarily deniable privilege in the US, under threat of physical torture, not a right. Etceteras down the entire list of human rights, as is verifiable.

The US DemocanRepublicrat Regime, pandered as a democracy among laughably gullible Americans, enriching its central insiders with two current, lucrative wars (among some lesser known current wars), at cost of the common people, recently announced its intent to create a larger US military, with greater taxation to fund the increase. The American military-industrial regime has lined up its next three wars against North Korea, Syria and Iran, with more being discussed in Pentagon briefing rooms, much to the knee-slapping, side-clutching, tea-spilling laughter of the observers.

The US military has already started the process to greatly increase the large number of non-US citizen foreign mercenaries recruited into the US military (currently many thousands), in part with a promise of US citizenship at the end of their military obligation. Ignorant of the US Constitution and the concept of individual rights above raw government power, these foreign mercenaries who know only blind obedience to military officers who are therefore further corrupted by power, bring consequences that only fools such as US military officers would accept. The US army foreign mercenaries may not be so gullible and compliant when the US government betrays them, by necessity, as it has for so many compliant US military minions who previously served the US military against the common people. A functionally bankrupt nation hiring a mercenary army illuminates a doomed and dangerous quest that US military officers are just too flat ignorant to recognize.

There are no military resources in the US or world sufficient to sustain the power-insatiable American DemocanRepublicrat Regime. Its inherent collapse has already been ascribed to future record. The only process that can prevent the scheduled collapse of the US government is the use of reasoning or intellectual technology above the use of military or majority power. The combined highest intellectual ability of the entire US military-industrial government, with its Pentagon, all its officers, all their military consultants and the horses they ride end their thinking process in quest of more power in defiance of inescapable reasoning. That process is defeating them on schedule. You can show them these words, and their minds can still identify no concept beyond the rule of raw mindless power.

So for what were Nazi fascist military officers, and for what are US military officers, effecting the slaughter of people in other nations, that was and is therefore not inescapably doomed upon killing one person beyond the world's tolerance?

If you think the US military is invincible to the world's anger, consider China simply announcing that it is cashing-in its train car loads of paper US dollars and digitized bank obligations in US dollars, for anything of actual value, upon which Europe, Japan, India and the oil nations will scramble to do the same.

In contrast, the readily available form of government which functions on intellectual technology and thus does not require the killing of people, will be the form of government that survives among humans, and governs all of them, by design. The geographical area that adopts such a form of government, and thus the wise (common sense) people of that country, will rule. There is no defense. The advantage always goes to knowledge, by design of humans.

Would you not want it for your children and grand children?

It is available today.

Not one US military chap or DemocanRepublicrat Regime dolt can identify it. They will continue to serve their military-industrial complex and keep slaughtering people until they kill one too many, to destroy the future of even their own offspring, much to the amusement of the observers.

The challenge is to understand the above, easy for a common-sense person, not possible for a military person, or that person would quit the military.

You may inquire.




Titles of 2007... 1 January 2007

It is year 2007.

It is not humanly possible to institutionally solve any of the problems that governments and other institutions, including all opposing institutions, purport to exist to solve, while their leaders acquire and cling to their titles and stated credentials among certain other trappings of institutional power.

Flawlessly not possible within the design of the human mind.

Go ahead, keep trying for another several thousand years if you cannot figure it out from the last several thousand years, or from a simple series of questions effecting reasoning to the extent of leaving no related question not answered.

When the humans figure out, relating to all titles, what the writers of the US Constitution recognized in the effects of titles of nobility, and who therefore expressly forbid such a seemingly inconsequential practice in a document of such magnitude as a national constitution, the humans will laugh themselves to tears at how simple the disguise of the solution had always been, and recognize how intellectually self-stagnated humans keep themselves for so long, for something so laughably worthless as titles to replace knowledge.

The historians will review the record of the many statements such as this one, throughout history, to recognize how long people openly stated the process to effect the solutions to all social problems, to the titled and title respecting people who could not understand the plain language descriptions, and did not know how to question such descriptions to learn from their own questions, even when told that the words hold their meaning, and even when dictionaries were online at one's finger tips, because they could not understand flawless reasoning without the titles that created an institutional flaw in reasoning.

The primitive people of these days existed only to serve the rhetorical illusions of their institution leaders for the grand entertainment of the observers.



Reuters ignorance.... 11 March 2007

As an aside, several pages of this website have been written, and not uploaded, because the writing is quickly done, as is commonly done by news journalists, but the repetitious re-reading, questioning and answering, questioning the answers, changing the words and repeating the same to remove all contradictions requires much more time, as news journalists and other writers rarely if ever do to that extent, despite their claims to the contrary, as is verifiable upon questioning.

If humans are to advance, there is no reason for any of them to say or write anything that constitutes a contradiction which is therefore not sustainable, unless to say or write it for the purpose of identifying any included contradictions with the assistance of other people, to resolve the contradictions, or for the purpose of expressing amusing jokes which define expressed contradictions.

Consider the amusing void of basic intelligence in the entire Reuters news service staff....

On 11 March 2007, Carey Gillam of Reuters included the following statement in an internet Reuters news article on the increasing American citizen opposition to the Iraq war...

"-- part of a growing movement of Iraq war veterans, military family members and others determined to stop a war they see as ill-advised and possibly illegal."

Possibly illegal?

1. The destructive US - Iraq war has been fought for several years, more than ample time and incentive to raise the question and determine the legality or illegality of the war.

2. The US government formally claims in written law to function under the rule of written law. The ruler of the nation is therefore words written on paper, in the English language.

3. English language dictionaries are readily available.

4. Therefore, the legality or illegality of any human action exercised under American rule can be promptly ascertained by a person literate in the English language.

5. If the latter is not the case, then the US is not under the rule of written law, and is instead under the rule of personalities as was the case with Iraq under Saddam Hussein, which would be the most significant current news story in the world.

6. For a person to be unable to ascertain the legality or illegality of the Iraq war, under US law, identifies a person who is illiterate in the English language, or so laughably ignorant that they are of no value for language communicated concepts, such as is the case with news journalists who simply do not know how to ask effective questions of their words.

The US - Iraq war is unlawful under prevailing US law, and international law adopted by US treaty. The war was started and sustained unlawfully. The US President, US congressmen and US Supreme Court judges have criminally evaded their known legal duties in that regard, and committed certain related crimes for which severe punishments are described in law.

None of the countless inferior laws and rhetorical illusions pandered by war mongers and their gullible dupes prevail above the related superior laws, as can be easily determined by simply asking the related questions, and writing the answers.

As determined by the US Supreme Court and any literate person, an inferior law contradicted by a superior law holds no weight, effect or enforceability as law. To apply or enforce an inferior law above a superior law constitutes a crime, and the most repugnant of crimes because it is perpetrated under color of law and power of office categorically repugnant to the lawful administration or rule of law. A human action cannot be both lawful and unlawful under written law without negating the rule of written law, and effecting the absolute rule of the personality deciding which law to apply for friends and which to apply to opponents or denigrated people.

It is unlawful and a crime to evade a known legal duty, such as the known legal duty of all government officers to initiate due process of law upon recognition of evidence that a crime has been committed, such as the crime of starting an unlawful war or evading a known legal duty.

That is not so because I say so. It is so because your equal mind can verify it in written law and your questions. Your questions and your answers are that which will create the knowledge in your mind, by design of the human mind.

But in the United States of people who have been taught by the government's public school teachers to be so hilariously ignorant of what language is, and how it is successfully used to convey concepts, the rule of written law or even of verbal decree is a fool's illusion. None of the words or their arrangements hold any unchanging meanings in the school-addled minds of Americans. The meanings are whatever is next said by the person with the most idiot armed thugs (police, military) who will seize or kill on order, without asking questions of obvious contradictions.

Besides the English school teachers, their victims the news journalists offer classic examples of the above. They are literally so ignorant that they do not know how to simply read the written US laws related to wars, to ascertain if the US - Iraq war is lawful, to inform the people in news articles. Worse, they even raise the question of the illegality, with their own words, such as Reuters did again, and are so plain openly ignorant that they do not answer their own obvious question.

The fact that so many US government officers (all of them), otherwise with diverse knowledge, are all criminally violating the law (evasion of known legal duties) for the purpose of slaughtering tens of thousands of Iraqis, and American military sorts, just as so many otherwise diverse German government chaps slaughtered seven million gypsies and six million Jews during the Nazi fad, among countless related examples, concurrent with news journalists and other institutionally trained sorts assuming there to be nothing of sufficient merit for effective questions and answers, identifies a uniform result of power-based institutional training of any human mind, therefore easily learned upon said identification and your resulting questions.

If you are not laughing yourself to tears at the monumentally primitive and ignorant nature of humans, who do not yet even know how to use language to convey useful concepts, you are probably an adult.

Wisely decide to distinguish your priceless mind from them. Ask and answer the questions they are obviously too intellectually primitive to simply ask and answer. Use your mind and its invention of language for their designed use. And therefore soon discover the knowledge humans most crave.




It is a knowledge game, not a power game, George...... 15 April 2007

George Bush, and the rest of you fine American DemocanRepublicrats, the human game is not that of seeing who can wield more power, kill more of the other guys and destroy what they build, or who can say who can have what bombs, or who gets to decide what language will be used to reference God, or who gets to most loudly decree who was God's messenger of what era, or whose paper money will be the primary international currency of current times, or such comical asides to thinking.

The human game is that of learning more knowledge which benefits humans.

.........It is a knowledge game, not a power game, by design of the human mind, created by the designer..........

For what do you use your mind, and does your answer not therefore verify the above, while those who cannot think beyond the craving for power cannot understand even this question?

The humans are a single species, with a single brain design, not regionally or organizationally superior or inferior to any other humans, by verifiable design. We just learn different things.

It is not a power game, regardless of the insatiable addiction to power among you US RepublicratDemocans and your ilk in every government, religion and other power-craving organizations.

The quest for power above reasoning is a socially induced alteration or damage to the original reasoning process of the human brain, designed as such to serve the imperative balance.

Of course, if you are reading these words, which have been said and written since language and writing were invented, you may be already laughing at the government and other institution leaders, and their gullible followers, who cannot understand these words even if you hand them a dictionary, as the test of time proves.

The damage that power does to the mind's reasoning process is extensive, and controlling.

Tomorrow George and the other government sorts around the world, with their favorite religious leaders and other institution leaders, will still be crying out that we must destroy the other guy, in the name of Democracy, the Fatherland, the Empire, Oil, the People, and of course in the name various religion's God, because their God is apparently too incompetent to do his own killing and destruction after apparently being too incompetent to create everyone equally believing what each different religious leader believes and rhetorically spews. They could read these words, be shown their definition of God, and would still not be able to figure it out. The damage that power does to the reasoning process is controlling, for an identifiable reason in the design.

Tomorrow George and his ilk in every military-based government, oblivious to all of history, including their own of each prior day, year and decade, will be crying that we must wage war on each next enemy to achieve peace and security. Ask them where the previous war-wagers and their promised peace and security are. George and his ilk will not understand your question, or any question of George's laughable contradictions.

Just like George, for the same reason, the peace organization leaders and followers will be forever crying, peace, peace, peace, peace, as they have always done, with no resulting peace, and not understand the concept of asking themselves the questions to resolve the contradiction of forever crying, peace, amid wars, instead of learning how to easily manifest peace. The effective questions and their answers easily illuminate the process to manifest peace, defeating the war mongers, but the questions must be formed in their own minds, from words that hold their meanings. That requires the time the peace advocates are wasting by crying, peace, peace, peace, peace, and telling people to send more donations to the peace organization leaders, in the name of crying, peace.

The peace advocates, like the war advocates who say they want peace, want the other guy to learn how to resolve the contradictions in his mind, to therefore act logically and therefore peacefully, without themselves learning how to resolve the contradictions in their minds, the source of their contradicted, destructive actions, and cannot figure it out even if they read these words, because their controlling contradictions are those of their institutions which could not exist in a human mind that learned how to question contradictions before it was taught by its institutions to never question its own institutional perceptions.

George's Neanderthal process of attacking other nations does not make it safe for your nation to advance knowledge. Attacking other nations makes enemies which gives ignorant military dolts and their intellectually void supporters an excuse to keep playing the power game rather than the knowledge game. And they pay more taxes to fund more war machine, for their therefore perpetual lie of peace.

Concurrently, a purported knowledge game that is used only to invent or advance more mechanisms of power, instead of acquire more knowledge beneficial to humans, is a power game by another name, used by equally scant thinking humans who have not advanced their minds beyond the effect and results of knuckle draggers swinging clubs.

Children are usually involved in a knowledge game, and transition to a power game when they are taught to do so by the institution of power-craving adults, during mid and later teenage years. The transition to a power game involves making more statements, and asking fewer questions.

If you believe the adults, rather than question the adults, with real questions which reveal the inability of the adults to resolve their glaring contradictions because they too believed the adults instead of questioning them, you will become as intellectually void as the adults, such as those of the American RepublicratDemocan Regime and the peace advocates, and be openly laughed at by commonly intelligent people.

Stop believing the adults. Question them.

Ask written questions of every contradiction you identify, and write your answers. The process constitutes the human game, a game of knowledge synthesis and acquisition, the knowledge game.

George and his ilk throughout history are merely playing the wrong game for the human species, analogous to playing football in the middle of a baseball game, therefore disrupting the baseball game, and never able to win it, oblivious to the baseball game even while watching batters hitting baseballs with baseball bats.

Rather than playing the thinking game, in the middle of the human thinking game, George and his military cave trolls of every country are killing or imprisoning people who are thinking more than George and his ilk. George and his knuckle draggers are destroying and silencing minds designed to think. George's military dolts genuinely perceive that they are thinking in that regard, much to the robust laughter of the observers. The only questions they understand are those which seek to identify more power for George, so he and his ilk can kill or imprison more people.

How would you describe the intellectual ability of a child or adult who asked many questions, but only those related to getting more candy?

Another analogy is the old saying about spending a dollar to save a dime. A person doing so thought about saving the dime, but did not think of how much it cost to do so. One must ask and answer (think) more questions than the first obvious question and answer. One must think beyond power, into reasoning, by learning what power is, and how it functions within the human mind, among some other parts of the knowledge puzzle.

The human game is a knowledge game. Seek knowledge, for its unlimited benefits. Or instead become the George Bush type intellectually absent counter balance to humans (dumb person), playing a power game, stagnating your mind's ability to advance humans and to benefit that which they were given to manage.

Your choice, much to the amusement and robust laughter of the observers. Read that again, it is your choice. Your mind is designed to be capable of learning anything any other human can learn. Humans were designed for the knowledge game. You do not have to be as dumb and perpetually frustrated as the power cravers. Simply start asking more questions, and write your answers, and ask questions of them.

The solution to George and his pitiably ignorant ilk is available for the asking, but you must ask. George and his ilk can be easily defeated with their own contradictions, by anyone, using no power or force, but that process requires knowledge derived from asking and answering more questions than did George, his ilk, his political opponents, the peace advocates and other institutionally trained minds.

No amount of power or number of nuclear bombs can defeat Iran, North Korea, Syria or George and Cheney's rhetorical illusion of a Muslim Superstate, or George and his ilk. The use of power defeats the user, and advances itself. But currently available knowledge can efficiently and completely defeat the leaders of Iran, North Korea, Syria, the rhetorical illusion of a Muslim Superstate, or the people who seek to defeat them. You (or they) need only learn the knowledge, the same way all knowledge is learned, by asking and answering questions.

Consider the magnitude of the robust laughter of the people who read these words and ask and answer the related questions which create their related knowledge, who therefore recognize that not one of the aforementioned leaders or their advisors will ever learn the knowledge, because they fear questions more than death. No institution, and thus institutionally trained mind, can tolerate the questioning of the controlling contradictions of the institution, by design of institutions and their effects within the human mind.

It is a knowledge game. The power game is designed to add time to the knowledge game, much to the robust laughter of those who learn the knowledge of what power is and how it functions within the design of the human mind.

Learn knowledge, for the unlimited benefits including the laughter sought by all people, while the pitiable power game players are forever frustrated and angered with their inability to kill or imprison enough people to get or successfully use all the power to which they are addicted, while advancing the power that frustrates the power game players, by design.




US Army strategic thinkers... 5 May 2007

The graduates and instructors of the US Army's new Strategic Thinker Program cannot understand a word of the following, even if you hand them a dictionary.

After recovering from rolling on the floor, kicking and pounding, clutching his aching sides, gasping for air, tears of howling laughter streaming from his eyes, the author of these words here makes note of a current Reuters news article announcing a new US Army program to train a select group of its mid level officers to be "strategic thinkers armed with intangible tools like persuasion and communication", and described them as the Army's future leadership.

After again recovering from the same reaction, the author continues.

The incentive for the program is the current US military failures in Iraq and Afghanistan. The previous US military failures, notably Vietnam, created similar programs which produced the future leadership for the current failures. US military officers and other such power damaged minds are not capable of learning from history, and are doomed to repeat it while they accuse others of not learning from history.

If you know one of those officers in the new strategic thinking program, such as Maj. Todd Schmidt, Maj. Kevin Williams and Lt. Col. Jodi Horton, you know a person being trained to be yet more ignorant than just commonly military ignorant.

If you select military people who are verifiably ignorant of how to win wars, as proven of US military sorts in the last few decades, and train them more intensely in that which they were already trained by institutionally trained training personnel with the same knowledge, of the same governmental institutions, all verifiable by the questions they would flee to thus remain ignorant of their controlling contradictions, but emphasize to them that they are therefore "strategic thinkers", which fools their gullible minds into perceiving that they therefore know more, are they just as ignorant, or more ignorant?

If two people cannot answer the same questions, but one insists that he is more knowledgeable of the related concept because he has been trained as a "strategic thinker", before the questions are asked, is the latter as ignorant, or more ignorant, than the former?

Is it not a more ignorant person who claims more knowledge of that which questions reveal his laughable ignorance?

The US Army already annually spends millions of tax dollars on think tanks (verifiably ignorant insider political friends of the DemocanRepublicrat Regime) to attempt to derive answers to various military issue questions. The resulting failure and waste of tax money is obvious, because none of them will question the controlling contradictions of their institutions. And so therefore the Army is now spending more tax money on the same think tanks to train the new US Army "strategic thinkers" who would then seemingly not need to use expensive think tanks, but will as usual.

After wiping more tears of laughter from his eyes, the author continues.

In addition to the same old crony think tanks, the Army hired one of the world's largest advertising agencies to train the Army victims of this program in how to be more persuasive to the enemy whose attention is focused on the rifles, bullets, tanks, artillery rounds, jets, rockets and bombs of the US military. Not one person in the whole lot of the overpaid chaps giving themselves large sums of tax money can comprehend the concept of a controlling concept that renders all inferior concepts nothing other than the illusions of fools wasting their time on said illusions.

Note that it was a simple advertising program which successfully convinced the German people of the Nazi era to perceive that Jews, Gypsies and anyone else not sufficiently kowtowing to the idiot DemocanRepublicrat Regime, er, ah, the idiot Nazi Regime, were criminals in need of being rounded up and imprisoned or executed, for "national security" from "terrorists".

But the advertising of that concept without substance inherently failed under the test of time, identical to the American Motors Corporation advertising and any US DemocanRepublicrat advertising program, inherent to all rhetorical concepts without substance. Lt. Col. Jodi Horton's mind, and those of the other US military strategic non-thinkers, literally cannot synthesize the previous sentence. Jodi will continue to perceive that rhetorical illusions can prevail above substance, because Jodi's mind intractably believes the rhetorical illusions of the US Army, its senior officers, advertising consultants and the DemocanRepublicrat regime. Jodi believes instead of questions those illusions, or Jodi would have already quit the Army for reason in otherwise obvious logic.

Jodi and all military sorts were taught to NOT question the decisions of superiors. First they trained their minds, and then their minds controlled them.

It is not possible for the US Army to create a useful "strategic thinker" within the Army, without that person learning intellectual technology, the technology to ask the effective questions that reveal the controlling contradiction of the US Army attempting to create a strategic thinker with the institutionally trained knowledge that prior resulted in the incentive to develop a strategic thinker.

It is also not possible for a message of this nature, or any non-institutional knowledge, to penetrate the US Army's defenses against useful knowledge, by design of the institution of the US Army, until such time that said knowledge is used at whim of a non-institutional mind to promptly and easily collapse the US Army for amusement.

Such a readily available process is precisely what the US Army seeks to learn, and could therefore use against other militaries.

But the US Army maintains its defenses against learning useful knowledge.

It is beyond their understanding to even imagine that the new knowledge they need and seek is inherently outside where they have always looked for new knowledge. It is outside of their institutions. It is among individual thinkers. It is among their enemies whom they attack and destroy rather than question. It is among their critics who call them idiots for obvious reason, whom they ignore rather than question. It is beyond their understanding to even imagine that the new knowledge they need and seek is inherently found within QUESTIONS.

Do not wonder why the observers do not grant the Americans what they most crave, or what other victims of their own institutions most crave. The knowledge is continuously offered, as has been the case throughout human history, but the offers are never accepted, by design of institutions. What they most want could be manifested at whim, for their benefit, without it being requested, but there is no incentive to do so. The ongoing comedy is flawlessly addicting. Is it not genuine laughter that the human mind most craves, even above the power-damaged mind's insatiable craving for power? The ongoing comedy is flawlessly addicting.

Learn of it, as is easy to do, for that laughter.



If you are not laughing yourself to tears... 11 May 2007

If you are not laughing yourself to tears, literally, real laughter, real tears, at the peace advocate organization leaders and members, and human rights advocate organization leaders and members, you are yet as ignorant (not knowledgeable) as George Bush and his ilk throughout human history.

Why do not any of the prior war mongers or their chosen successors rule the world? Why have not the peace preachers not manifested peace?

George and his neocon handlers could promptly manifest what they want. The peace organization leaders could promptly manifest what they want.

If you are not laughing, you do not yet recognize how hilariously primitive the humans remain while holding the most brilliantly designed concept known to humans, the human mind, capable of synthesizing and promptly resolving the most complex contradictions humans can create, and more, and manifesting the resolutions against any human opposition which merely represents one of the easily resolvable contradictions.

To George, Dick Cheney, your neocon hangers-on, the ghosts of Ghingus Khan and Alexander the Evil, you can promptly win your ego-gratification wars, but you will inherently not discover or be told of the source of such knowledge, by design, much to the robust laugher of those who openly offer the knowledge but who understand why your non-questioning minds cannot access or understand the offer.

In the future, record of this website and certain other indicated expressions of logic throughout human history will be itemized for dated research of the open availability of intellectual technology that could have been used at any time to promptly manifest any sustainable concept, and easily solve all human-caused problems, then so inherent to human existence that all prior to that will be described as the intellectual dark ages.

If you are a young person, answer every question you have ever heard asked, including more that you start asking, and write your answers, and question your answers with real questions. Answer them.

If you are waiting for the adults to convey to you any useful knowledge, you are the fool that their complaints without manifested resolutions prove of themselves.

Three minutes of effective questions (developed over several hours) will take your reasoning ability beyond the best intellectual effort of all the war, peace and other institution leaders. You will recognize that it is categorically hopeless waiting for the adults, especially the government and other organization leaders.

If you perceive otherwise, ask the questions that attempt to prove your perception, for the knowledge you will derive.

And attempt to tell George, for the laughter.



Listen carefully to YOUR words... 12 May 2007

Listen carefully to YOUR words when you state: You can ask me any question. I will respond with the most accurate answer my mind can devise. If you can identify any contradiction in my words, and we can verify the contradiction, merely a matter of asking and answering related questions, the resolution will be easy, conforming to logic and uncontradicted reasoning, and I will thank you for your having advanced my knowledge.

Use them.

Write them and memorize them.

And thus rapidly advance your knowledge, easily beyond the most highly titled sorts and their ilk.

Notice that any commonly intelligent, honest person would say and use those words.

Notice that not one politician, lawyer, court judge, police officer, government bureaucrat or other institutionally conforming mind will say or use those words, explaining why they incessantly contradict themselves to identify their laughable ignorance and routine damage to people around them. They will even deny that the above words were theirs upon having read them, remaining clueless of the meaning of their denial.

If you are a young person, and easily use the above words, you will soon recognize, much to your amusement, why the adults have produced such a mess of society, and how easily they could manifest the resolutions to all of their incessant complaints, frustrations and obvious expressions of ignorance through their entire lives.

You will enjoy the best comedy on the rock, the humans.



A controlling contradiction of government... 29 May 2007

Why government people are despised by the vast majority of people, including other government people, much more than government people recognize, by design of the human mind....

Of course lawyers, who are government licensed idiots, are more despised, as explained elsewhere, but that grants no benefit to government people.

The human mind is of a singular design. If you perceive otherwise, be so kind as to identify the different design, identify the process to distinguish that design from other designs of the human mind, at or near birth, and kindly email that knowledge to the administrator of this website so that he can share the knowledge to therefore help advance the human understanding of the human mind.

These words describe your mind. You can verify no escape.

Go ahead. Attempt to challenge or defy these words.

More wisely question them, with real questions, and answer the questions.

Question your answers, for the knowledge you will therefore learn.

The human mind, routinely making objectively identified mistakes, manifests an interesting enjoyment in making decisions for other people.

The mind genuinely perceives at the time that any decision (conclusion) it makes, for itself or other people, is not a mistake.

Further, the human mind, containing no mechanism for one mind to force another mind, is usually trained by adults to use force or support the use of force to attempt to force one person's decisions on other people, as perceived solutions to problems, therein contradicting a controlling concept of the human mind, that of there being no mechanism for one mind to force another mind. Contradictions are that which the human mind was designed to identify and resolve, not create, although obviously able to create for a particular reason beyond the topic of this section.

The use of power or force, such as muscles, guns, purported laws backed by inherently unquestioning, armed police, and such concepts, to force decisions on other people can effect the appearance or perceived success of the force, and the same for the use of deception, but the other minds, identical in process to yours, upon recognizing the force or deception react against the force or deception, BY DESIGN. The reaction may be immediately and dramatically manifested, or otherwise despite the initial ignorance of the nature of the reaction by the person using force. As with all contradictions, the consequences, or equal and opposite reaction to a contradiction, cannot be escaped.

One can explain the design by identifying the logic base of the human mind. Force and deception are illogical, or defy logic, and therefore cause the human mind, a logic or reasoning device, to react against the illogical decision.

As a result of the mind's functioning on logic, after the invention of the wheel, the human mind would normally react against the learned contradiction of having to carry heavy loads long distances, on one's back, instead of using a wheeled cart of some sort.

In regard to the reaction against force, verifiable by reasoning and manifested examples, Muslim societies normally react against forced imposition of Christian society processes, and Christian societies normally react against forced imposition of Muslim society processes, and communist societies normally react against forced imposition of capitalist processes, vice versa, and so forth for the entire spectrum of processes that may variously prove logical upon complete sharing of related knowledge but effect immediate opposition in universal relationship to the use of force.

Can I force you to do what I want you to do, in defiance of your common sense, without any consequences? Can you or US Vice President Dick Cheney and his amusing Side-Kick do so to any other person?

In the evolution of social organization processes, some societies, such as those under strictly Islamic governments, perceive that keeping females uneducated benefits the society. Americans would react against a Muslim attempt to force such a process upon the American society. Concurrently, Americans perceive that taxing those who are identified as living below the poverty level, another thousand dollars deeper into poverty, as does the American DemocanRepublicrat Regime through its Internal Revenue Service (IRS), benefits America's money-dependent war machine, to which the American Regime is insatiably addicted. Islamic governments are obviously reacting against the American attempt to force that malicious system of government onto Muslim societies.

One social system is not better than the other. They both create inherently unsustainable contradictions, by design of power-based institutions, that each society must learn how to resolve with their own minds. Because the contradictions are unsustainable, each system will fail soon enough. Any attempt by one inherently flawed governmental system to force a correction on another society extends the duration of more damaging contradictions created by the use of force.

Select any and every example you can find or imagine, of a difference in decisions or conclusions among different people, then suggest that one decision be forced upon other people having not arrived at that decision through their own reasoning, and notice the reaction to the force.

It is an aside for this section, to suggest that you notice the concluding reaction to the decision if all related questions are asked and answered among those people who are interested, to arrive at the decision or conclusion that conforms to the the resulting data-based logic of the involved minds.

Government, which creates power and not any greater reasoning than an individual human mind, with power corrupting or altering the perceptions of any mind which adopts the use of power, creates the manifestation of consistently using force or power to force the decisions of government people on other people, by design of government, inherently creating an adverse reaction (contempt, hatred, retaliation, subversion, etceteras) toward the government people, by design, regardless of outward illusions such as people smiling toward government officials and pretending to respect them.

The human mind was designed to react against force, and in harmony with sufficient reasoning. Is that not so? Can you identify any question that demonstrates otherwise after open questioning?

The human mind's designed reaction against the use of force functions among government personnel, and the families of government personnel, by design of the human mind, as is verifiable against all questions. The mind of the secretary who greets his or her government boss with a smile each morning, verifiably holds the boss in contempt, because the boss wields government power over people. No human can escape the design of the human mind. The secretary who would object to these words upon reading them could be asked a series of questions that prove to the minds of the secretary and observers that the secretary indeed holds the government boss in contempt for the boss' use of government-induced force to effect the boss' decisions. The government boss and other government people, including the secretary, remain oblivious to the normal human reaction to their processes, by design of the effects of (government) power within their minds.

In contrast, the private enterprise boss functioning on willing participants for the exchange of usually money, without the use of physical force such as armed police and threats of police-backed laws, holds the opportunity to derive genuine respect for his or her actions, depending on the honesty of those actions, an opportunity not available to a government person who inherently functions on power derived from money seized from people (taxation) against their will.

Those who simply educate themselves (ask and answer related questions) in regard to the phenomenon will thoroughly understand the full extent of the inherent human contempt toward all people who use power and force (all government people), prevailing above even family based associations, and therefore pity the pitiable sorts who damage their mind's reasoning ability by adopting the processes of force above reasoning, such as by accepting a government job.

As a government person, you will either train your offspring to be so laughably ignorant that they cannot identify the contradiction of using force above reasoning with human minds obviously predicated on reasoning (permanent institutionally altered perceptions, the organizational manifestations of human fundamentals), or your offspring will hold you in contempt despite your illusions to the contrary. The flawless proof is objectively verifiable by a series of questions.

Even the undeniably successful dumbing down of America, effected by the US DemocanRepublicrat Regime's institutions, cannot be sustained as a mechanism to defend American government sorts, in individual minds subjected to effective questions.

Part of the related knowledge puzzle includes the available understanding of why and how the adoption of the use of power immediately precludes the power-damaged mind from recognizing shame or the contradiction of using force instead of reasoning, by design of power, or government could not exist within the human species. Not one US IRS agent, of countless such highly paid American government sorts, is ashamed of their system of maliciously taxing the poor deeper into poverty, for the same reason Hitler's Gestapo and American police were not and are not ashamed of incessantly arresting people who harmed no one.

Nor can they understand the extent to which they are despised for doing so. Nor can lawyers at their greater extreme of the phenomenon.

And therefore those who educate themselves in regard to the phenomenon laugh robustly at the comedy of the humans who still contradict their mind's useful design with the flawlessly useless processes of force that define government people as variously useless or counter productive to the advancement of the human phenomenon.



US Republican Party Declaration of Nuclear War Against Iran... 5 June 2007

NEWS.... 5 June 2007, "Manchester, New Hampshire (Reuters) - Republican candidates for U.S. president agreed on Tuesday that Iran must not develop atomic weapons even if a tactical nuclear strike is needed to stop it and accused Democrats of being soft on the issue".

Consider that the statement is accurate, instead of the usual news journalist's effort to entertain fellow fools.

In fact, except for the confused Republican candidate Ron Paul, the candidates seemed to verify the words.

That openly expressed intent to start a nuclear war, by a group of socially supported US political leaders, could not exist if a process advancing power had not created a social perception that starting a nuclear war was a rational consideration for government leaders achieving public support. Power, a concept in the human mind, always serves itself, and never humans, to the ultimate demise of those humans who adopt power, while power continues advancing with the next human minds it infects by their willful choice dependent upon their ignorance, that is, their lack of curiosity for the knowledge of effective reasoning.

As an aside, Ron Paul is a typically power-addicted Republican who fools gullible Libertarians into perceiving that he is a Libertarian, using the same lies that his fellow Republicans use to fool their gaggles of ignorant supporters into perceiving that Republicans offer less government and less taxation. The test of time proves that Republicans, and therefore Ron Paul by his own declaration, are what their results have proven of Republicans. They increase the size of government, the power of government, its maliciousness, and increase taxation under laughable illusions to the contrary. Their age-old lies fool only fools. If the Republicans consistently do X, and you willfully claim to be a Republican, you are responsible for X, by definition. Your attempt to claim that you are not responsible for X, while claiming to be a Republican, identifies you as an intractable liar or idiot, a power-damaged mind, as does Ron Paul. The DemocanRepublicrats, including Ron, can fool a lot of the people a long time, inherent to institutionally trained societies whose citizens do not question their own self-flattering institutions. The power-damaged mind, such as Ron's, perceives that espousing espousals, instead of learning how to manifest espousals, and doing so, will somehow manifest the espousals, and certainly fool fools, clueless of the difference between espousing and manifesting, readily available in the dictionary or with the most simple questions, or from history. As long as Ron is lavishly rewarded with money and ego gratification, by fools, as with the other DemocanRepublicrats, he will inherently continue espousing support for citizen rights, as lies, knowing that HIS Republican Party will therefore never honor those rights for which RepublicratDemocans are perpetually rewarded to only espouse.

Back to the scheduled nuclear war with Iran: The leaders of Iran have emphatically and repeatedly stated their unalienable human right to develop nuclear power, and their ongoing process to do so, which is the process to concurrently develop atomic weapons.

The Iranians state that they will exercise an unalienable right to learn knowledge. The US Republicans state that they will start a nuclear war if the Iranians exercise that human right. The quest for knowledge, and the reaction against force, are designed features of the human mind. No human can escape the design of the human mind. Starting a nuclear war is guaranteed to effect a nuclear or more profound retaliation soon enough.

The contradiction will cause the US government under a Republican Party leadership to willfully and intentionally start a nuclear war to attempt to stop inherently equal people from learning knowledge prior learned by Americans and others, or prove again that the Republicans are lying if their lips are moving, and supported by liars. Their words effect no other choice. War or liars.

Nuclear energy constitutes knowledge within the human mind. The human mind was designed to synthesize knowledge. The human mind is of a singular design, regardless of whether it with its life support system (body) was born in the US, Iran, England, China, Iraq, Finland, Cuba, Mexico or Alaska. Commonly intelligent humans inherently strive to learn more knowledge regardless of their country or geographical region of residence. You do. So does your neighbor. So do your children, quite wisely.

Concurrently, if a nation establishes a socially accepted illusion that certain knowledge may only be learned by governments, the illusion creates an invitation and incentive for other governments to learn the knowledge.

If you met some of the verifiable power-mad idiots in control of US nuclear weapons, you would feel more comfortable with Iranian possession of those weapons. Wise people and idiots are found in every society. Would an American and Iranian want nuclear weapons under the control of wise people in a politically opposing nation, or idiots in one's own nation? Notice who can openly answer the question, and who cannot openly answer the question. Idiots threaten to start nuclear wars if other people learn inherently available knowledge that humans hold no ability to erase or keep secret. Wise people recognize that all humans hold the ability and right to learn what any humans have learned, by design of the human mind. Synthesize the sentences of this paragraph, a process that the power-damaged minds of the US DemocanRepublicrat Regime will not perform, for fear of knowledge.

In the previous era of horse buggies, if your neighbor invented an automobile, and kept its design secret, and refused to sell you one, while you recognized its advantages over your horse, you would learn how to design an automobile, with the same brain design your neighbor used to learn the related knowledge, especially if your neighbor threatened to attack you if you designed an automobile, because the mind was designed to learn knowledge and react against threats.

If the Americans, Brits, Russians, Germans, French, Chinese and others benefit from efficient, clean-energy nuclear power plants, and the process to make them is just knowledge, why should the inherently equal Iranians deny themselves those benefits enjoyed by other humans? Notice that the answers attempted by American politicians and their unquestioning military drones would prove their laughable ignorance.

It is inherent that in the future all knowledge of nuclear energy production and weaponry will be as common as knowledge of gunpowder production and wheels are today among those who do not fear knowledge. Even children will laugh at the pitiable American DemocanRepublicrats who feared other people learning knowledge that can never possibly be denied other equal human minds, by design of human minds.

There was a time when US government idiots decreed that American Indians and Black slaves must not be allowed to learn how to make guns or gunpowder, and likewise kept ignorant of many other things. Even if they read these words the RepublicratDemocan American government chaps genuinely and sincerely perceive that they can advance the human phenomenon, and thus develop benefits for themselves and the next generations, by keeping other people ignorant, much to your amusement. DemocanRepublicrats are that ignorant. US government dolts previously did not consider American Indians to be humans, and currently do not consider Iranians to be humans. US government sorts slept through biology classes, and most other education processes. If any US DemocanRepublicrat would object to the statement, their amusing ignorance would be revealed by the resulting question, simply asking if they considered Iranians to be equal humans. Their answer traps their mind with its inherently untenable contradiction. An equal human can learn anything another human can learn, such as nuclear energy processes, as an unalienable human capability and right to learn knowledge. Republicans, including Ron Paul, cannot understand this paragraph or the dictionary meanings of plain words, or they would quit the RepublicratDemocan Regime, and stop supporting it, to stop making fools of themselves by contradicting their own words with the actions of the RepublicratDemocans who just announced their intent to start a nuclear war. The power-addicted hierarchy in the US DemocanRepublicrat government is currently discussing the laughably impossible processes to keep Iranians ignorant of nuclear power knowledge that has already been learned by many other people, in some cases, the same way the Americans learned it.

The Democrats, as individual politicians and their party in whole, have not formally denounced, and have not pledged to not effect, the Republicans' openly stated intent to start a nuclear war when Iran fully develops nuclear power. As dictated by power in the power-damaged human mind, the DemocanRepublicrat Regime supports the increase of their power. The Democrats and Republicans do not rescind each other's advances of power. They only lie about the concept, and keep advancing and centralizing their power, by design of power. The Democrats and Republicans equally support war to advance the power of the DemocanRepublicrat Regime, as they proved in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Bosnia, Grenada, Cuba, Vietnam, Korea and others, and simply lie about not supporting war while they keep starting and funding wars.

The question to each RepublicratDemocan voter: Will you vote, to thus define your own intelligence or its absence, for a national leader who has already expressed his intent, or who has not openly denounced the expressed intent, to define the United States of America as the first nation to start a nuclear war for the laughably futile goal of stopping other people from learning the knowledge that many other inherently equal humans around the world have already learned?

Your answer?

By definition, anyone who votes for any of the aforementioned Republican candidates (who are functionally identical to the idiot Democrat candidates) supports starting a nuclear war (creating a contradiction) to stop people from learning knowledge, or supports lying (creating a contradiction), as a laughably impossible means of solving problems (resolving contradictions).

Knowledge that has been learned by two or more human minds cannot be kept from other human minds, nor can any knowledge existing in the universe, that reaches Earth, by design.

The people of Iran and many other countries are going to develop nuclear energy and weapons, soon, by design of the human mind's perpetual quest for more knowledge.

Therefore the typically idiot US Republican Presidential candidates, identical to the Democrat idiots, who could read these words and still not understand that if A equals B, and B equals C, then A equals C, have openly declared nuclear war on Iran, or will later be recognized again as the comical liars they always are.

They publicly declared an impossibility (the people of Iran not learning what other people have learned) as an alternative to a possibility (the US starting a nuclear war).

A tactical nuclear strike constitute the starting of a nuclear war.

The possibility must prevail as the stated alternative to an impossibility, by definition, unless the stated alternative was a lie. There is no other option within the use of the words that hold their meanings.

It is the inability of RepublicratDemocans to understand or use words that hold their meaning, which fools their minds into perceiving that the source of problems (starting a nuclear war) is the solution to problems. They cannot understand these words, and they perceive that announcing a planned nuclear war will stop Iran from learning knowledge held by many other people. Of course these words will convey no knowledge to DemocanRepublicrats, so you get to watch their ongoing show, and understand its origin, much to your amusement, just as the person who understands the joke derives more amusement from watching the person who does not get it.

An increasing series of the US DemocanRepublicrat Regime's statements and actions identify the certainty of their starting or actively facilitating the start of a nuclear war as their process to advance their power to its inherent self-demise.

The current gaggle of Republican presidential candidates are so damn dumb that they said what they said, and cannot figure it out even if they read these words. They were that functionally illiterate when they slept through their high school science classes, English classes and math classes, and ignored the concepts being taught. Their parents taught them to be that unquestioning, because their parents were either of the same ilk, or are (would be) otherwise embarrassed and ashamed for what they produced. Their children will be that ignorant and dangerous to society, by parental education process, and ignorance of how to ask effective questions of equal human minds manifesting the illusion of authority, or their children are already embarrassed by one of their parents publicly declaring their intent to start a nuclear war, the consequence of which will be the slaughter of thousands or millions of people in Iran, the US and elsewhere, in addition to massive destruction and lingering misery for many generations. The power-damaged mind acts and speaks before it asks effective questions of its words or actions, and then defining in regard to common dumb mistakes all humans routinely make, flees or attacks the questions (or questioner) that reveal the contradictions in the words or actions, which would be immediately correctable if the questions were answered rather than fled or attacked.

The Iranian leaders, of power-damaged minds, are only less ignorant than the more powerful and thus more self-deluded American leaders, and are therefore methodically planning for the declared US nuclear war against Iran. If you could choose a geographical region and a dominant national religion to survive a nuclear attack, and launch an effective retaliation, you could do no better than Iran and Islam, with the attacker already bogged down and losing two quagmire wars on Iran's border and nearby, and no adequate social majority of a war-based religion. The Christians and Muslims, taught by their self-serving, power-craving institutional human leaders, share an equal addiction to war, because they perceive their God as too inadequate to effect his own desires, and too dumb to have created what he wanted without the need for humans to correct it for him, but the American society has a greater diversity of religions, including those whose God does not support slaughtering and destroying the creations of God. Those many other American religions will not support another Christian war against the Muslims. The RepublicratDemocan Regime will be fighting too much of the world, including many of the American people. The Iranian leaders are fully aware of that knowledge, the inherent consequences of arrogantly starting too many wars in too many places against too many nations that did not attack the US, for too many years (Korea, Vietnam, Somalia, Grenada, Cuba, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, others). The Iranians and other perceptive people around the world are laughing at the self-dumbed-down Americans, with their DemocanRepublicrat Regime which has openly staged the self-destruction of the American War Government. The American RepublicratDemocans are too ignorant to recognize that fact even if they read these words, as was the case of every government empire that collapsed on schedule, comprised of people who learned nothing from the history of human institutions.

Oh, perhaps you perceive that America can get away with starting just one more war. Okay. You are on schedule.

What would you do as an Iranian leader if the American political regime openly announced its intent to start a nuclear war in Iran if the Iranians do not remain ignorant with a third world electrical power system? Is it not inherent that the Iranians are already preparing to fully survive a nuclear attack, and facilitate America's self-defeat by their nuclear attack.

US president Bush and the current US Republicans, therefore including Ron Paul, will be recognized in history as among the dumbest national leaders any country has ever produced, especially after their open declaration of nuclear war against Iran. US Vice President Dick Cheney, his Side Kick Bush, and his neocon military industrial complex cannot understand these words any more than they could understand their more perceptive military leaders who openly and repeatedly stated that US wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran were inescapably doomed to defeat, by design of the human phenomenon.

A US nuclear attack on any country will effect the destruction of the US government, and the horse it rides, and its supporting institutions, by necessity for the rest of the world's rational existence and advancement. The American people will react in the same way against their war-monger government that has already instituted a costly, hated Gestapo styled Homeland Security Police State trammeling the productivity and enjoyment of life in the US.

The US government leaders, inherently surrounding themselves with their own cheering chorus of unquestioning fools, the military industrial complex, sincerely believe that what they hear from their chorus, is the world, as with the case of every war-mongering government leadership which failed on schedule.

The destruction of the US form of malicious government may be more complete, by a spectrum of processes, and more internationally supported, than any prior such international defense against the power grabs of insane war mongers. The threat of a nation openly willing to start nuclear wars, to keep other people ignorant and disadvantaged, and therefore the imperative to destroy that nation, may prove to be of an era-changing magnitude.

Like guns, gasoline and poisons, nuclear energy and weaponry are of no threat. The human mind willing to use nuclear weaponry to start a war, is the threat. The US Republican presidential candidates, and therefore all Republicans and Democrats who have not openly denounced all those candidates, have historically declared, on indelible record, that the US is now the greatest threat to the world, with scheduled intent to manifest the threat, inherent to its accumulated power, not questioned by its own people, administered by power-damaged minds verifiably void of the simple reasoning ability necessary to stop using inherently corrupting power before it destroys its administrators along with those who are attacked by power. If the knowledge and possession of the results of nuclear energy knowledge were a threat that warranted the starting of a war, the US government would have to attack and destroy itself, the Russians, the Brits, Chinese and other nuclear nations. The DemocanRepublicrat Regime leaders have become that flat intellectually absent, like all of their government ilk throughout history. They perceive their laughably contradicted decisions to be superior to those of the designer of humans and knowledge itself.

To attack unmanifested threats is to create otherwise non-existent problems. That is ancient knowledge never learned by military, police, prosecutors, judges and other power-damaged minds. Among countless examples, Alaskans learn the concept by recognizing that one does not shoot the charging grizzly bear until you smell his bad breath, because the common false-charges to scare you away are of no problem, and a good story, but a poorly shot grizzly bear is a deadly problem with more adrenaline enhanced muscle than second shots may match.

Never attack until you are attacked, because the attack may never come, and an attack always creates a problem. Humans incessantly threaten attacks, vastly more often than they manifest attacks, because many human adults foolishly teach their young the illusionary benefits of force, and do not teach their young the reasoning process that reveals the consistent failure of using force above reasoning. But many of the young learn the error of using force and therefore do not attack after more easily threatening attack.

The functional demarcation of any concept, not understandable to the anti-gun, anti-drug, anti-Jew, anti-Muslim, anti-nuclear, or any other anti-this or that persons, and therefore the US DemocanRepublicrats, even if such persons read these words, is the effecting of a tangible damage to another person, not the existence of the people or any concepts resultant from knowledge.

Knowing the US RepublicratDemocan Regime's intent to start a nuclear war in Iran, what would thinking Iranians be doing?

Certain enemies that the power-addicted US created by militarily or covertly (CIA, ETC) attacking people who did not attack Americans, and by attacking whomever the US wished for absurd excuses, are NOT planning effective military or terrorist attacks on the US, but instead ARE planning processes to easily fool the war-mad American fools into attacking somebody else once too often. That ease is illuminated by the Americans systematically talking themselves into the excuses to attack with nuclear weapons, as demonstrated by the Republicrats, much to the amusement of the observers and other thinkers.

It is an amusing aside, and another demonstration of the unmitigated ignorance of US DemocanRepublicrats, to note that the functional statement of intent to initiate a nuclear strike against Iran formally gives Iran or Iranian-associated Muslims the lawful grounds to make a nuclear pre-emptive strike against the US, after the US and its favored war machine, Israel, made the starting of an otherwise unlawful war, lawful under US law, by describing it with the phrase, "pre-emptive strike". All human actions have consequences that power-damaged minds cannot understand before they use power, by design. What Americans will want to call a terrorist attack, the World Court will later conclude was a lawful pre-emptive strike against America, under American law defining the starting of a war as a pre-emptive strike and therefore lawful under US law. Concurrently, those American prisoners of war who will be tortured to death will be formally declared as lawfully treated under American law describing enemy combatants, and unlawful enemy combatants, and their American instituted lack of any human rights. Concurrently, the slaughter of American civilians during a (terrorist) war will be internationally declared as lawful under American law instituted by the incessant and uncorrected US military slaughter of Iraq and Afghan civilians. Etceteras. It was the Americans who popularized the metaphor, what is good for the goose, is good for the gander. The law that may be lawfully applied to a person as law, is that which he applies to others as law. All human actions have inescapable consequences. The minds of the people you attack are of equal capability, by design, and then more capable because they retain more reasoning ability by definition of their not having first attacked.

The process to promptly eliminate Iran and all other perceived enemies as threats, is yours for the asking, as with all knowledge. It is readily available to the US DemocanRepublicrat Regime, and has been offered countless times. It involves a unique reasoning process, and no use of force. The Iranians have access to the same knowledge that can promptly collapse the US Regime.

But not one Democrat or Republican would know how to ask effective reasoning-based questions even if you wrote one in plain English and handed it to them, by design of power-damaged minds. As an indicator, the Republican presidential candidates expressly advocate a nuclear war against Iran, instead of identifying any reasoning process as the ultimate solution to a perceived problem.

Simple observation of the words and actions of the US government regime officials demonstrates their consistent avoidance of any knowledge related to more effective reasoning, and their insatiable quest for more ultimately self-defeating power.

Contradictions can only be resolved by reasoning, a process facilitated by methodically asking and answering questions, by design of the human mind. The flawless proof is available, yet beyond the power-damaged minds of police, military, court judges, lawyers, government bureaucrats and politicians. Even if they read these words, they will not comprehend even the first question, and instead turn to slaughter and support the slaughter of half the knowledge they need to resolve the contradictions they perceive and loudly decry.

First, one needs to learn what power is, and how it functions in the human mind, to then learn how to ask effective questions, and vice versa.

There are two processes to do so.

There are no American institutions desiring to effect reasoning above power, and no individuals who hold the related knowledge who also hold the incentive to do the work claimed by institutions lavishly rewarded by countless fools. Therefore enjoy the US Republicrat/Democan nuclear war that will be brought to you by the amusing American fools who support them. The results, similar to the consequences of the ongoing slaughter effected by George's other wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, may be more difficult to enjoy when they more quickly reach America, much to the amusement of the observers. Learn the knowledge to better enjoy the amusement.



Where philosophers stop..... 9 June 2007

Where philosophers stop their otherwise useful process of asking and answering questions to learn new knowledge, because to continue would expose the controlling contradiction of their gratifying and useless institution of philosophers, and other institutions, the person who learns intellectual technology simply continues asking and answering questions in regard to the process to socially manifest the beneficial concepts identified by philosophers and others, to the extent of the ability to promptly do so for human rights, world peace, the most prosperous nation ever designed, etceteras, but no university or grade school will hire a person to teach easily taught intellectual technology because the students would discover the controlling contradiction of the costly, lucrative and mostly counter productive institution of American public schools and universities, and other institutions. The primary incentive to individually use the knowledge for social benefit is negated by certain of that which is learned within the knowledge, but the knowledge is then available for any other incentive.

If you want your children to become among the few most intelligent people on the planet, for whatever use they may wish, you may inquire. They have no access to such knowledge through any institution, or any individual having not learned intellectual technology, as is verifiable against every question any human can devise.



How laughably bad was Saddam Hussein?.... 12 June 2007

Albeit not as bad as the US DemocanRepublicrat Regime for other reasons, Saddam Hussein was so laughably bad, ignorant, incompetent and malicious, as a national leader, that he not only slaughtered thousands of Iraqis and others to gain and attempt to retain his power above reasoning, he attracted an even worse tyrant to Iraq, the US DemocanRepublicrat Regime which slaughtered thousands more Iraqis and others, and destroyed Iraq's social and economic infrastructure that was at least improved under Saddam's tyranny.

Can a national leader get any worse than attracting the destruction-crazed American military into one's country, for just pure murder and destruction, with no US intent (or possibility) to seize the region and its resources for a US governed territory?

Compounding Sadam's magnitude of evil (damaging contradiction), with additional George Bush evil, inherently destroys both personified or institutionalized evils, on schedule, for a verifiable reason explained elsewhere, shifting the resulting power elsewhere, where it can advance under another deception easily fooling the laughably primitive humans.

If the humans knew how many observers were watching the show on planet Earth (cheap violence-comedy), and laughing themselves to tears, the humans could individually recognize that they were on the wrong side of the screen, and join the observers. Free popcorn for the growing and cooking.



Read slowly..... 14 June 2007

If your mind easily learned how to express in the words of your language, thus the conveyance process to other minds of your own mind's design, that of all humans, what your mind already recognizes, to thus present it with the process to resolve all human-identified contradictions, they would no longer exist.

It is easily learned knowledge, if you more easily learn how to ask effective questions.

You may inquire.



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