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Ultimate Challenge... 15 March 2006

Is the following not the ultimate challenge, albeit only in regard to intellectual endeavor, that is, thinking? But is not thinking the zenith of the human ability? Would this ultimate challenge therefore not be the ultimate challenge of the ultimate challenges?

The many ultimate challenges, referenced as such, which are obviously not ultimate, reveal how people sloppily use words, with inherent results.

Notice that this ultimate challenge asks if it is, and therefore cannot be in error.

Or did I previously offer this challenge in different words, several times?

This ultimate challenge is offered to everyone in the world who has expressed or holds an interest in solving any social or institutional (including governmental) problems caused by humans, of any magnitude, of any seeming complexity or impossibility.

Bring forth any of your leaders, and their most intellectually advanced experts (who function within the English language or with quality translators).

I will prove their inability to manifest their leadership espousals and the common implications of their institutional positions, therein defeat them and the illusions upon which they claimed their institutional positions, goals and paid benefits. I will sustain the absolute defeat and failure of their claimed knowledge and institutional ability, against any questions any humans can ask. I will reveal the ruse of their perceptions of related intelligence, and the embarrassment of anyone having perceived any useful leadership ability in them, their titles and institutions.

If you know who will fail, what process will fail, and what institution will fail, in face of every question any human can create, will you therefore not know where to stop looking for the achievement of your espousals, and when to start looking elsewhere for the knowledge and people who can succeed? They exist, and are available for the asking, but if you never ask because you are pursuing illusions, you will not find that which can succeed.

The institutional goals are readily manifestable, but not while you are pursuing processes and illusions that cannot succeed.

If you have the time, energy, desire or money to achieve a goal, is it not only the knowledge that you lack? If you are going to support a leader or organization, would not your first effort and investment of time be used to ascertain the ability of that leader or organization, for the purported goal?

I will defeat your any organization or government leader's perception of their espoused ability, with simple questions alone, which they cannot answer, but whose answers are known to the common people, and openly verifiable against all questions any person can ask, and I will accurately answer every question they cannot answer.

Bring your Professors Emeritus and Magna Cum Lauds, your Mensa Proctors, the leaders of your Cerebrals Society, Genius Society, Triple Nine Society and their ilk, your Presidents, Emperors, Prime Ministers and Senators, your Dali Lama, Pope and Ayatollahs, your Supreme Court Justices and Law Professors, your Yale, Harvard, Oxford, Stanford and other university whatevers, your Nobel Prize committee and their selectees, your Executive Directors, News Anchors, their think tanks, talking heads and senior staff, your Generals, Colonels, Chiefs and their nuclear arsenals, your this title and that title, with these credentials and those credentials, or anyone else of high office or position.

Of course those words alone defeat the home boy DemocanRepublicrats of Washington DC and its pocket State Regimes, because their power-damaged and thus power-dependent minds know that they cannot answer the many verifiably answered questions illuminating the damage that power does to any human mind, and the resulting damage to any society ruled by power-damaged minds.

Why do the US RepublicratDemocan Regime leaders fail while they routinely dump hundreds of millions of tax dollars into the coffers of prestigious think tanks, research institutes, University studies, and consult with the highest titles around the world, and why do those institutions therefore fail that for which they were consulted, while the whole lot of them rhetorically espouse goals, such as all the descriptions of peace, prosperity, justice and apple pie, that are openly sought by all the people, including the offspring of the Regime and institution leaders?

Would you not want the answer that is created by the answers to every question of every answer, and therefore learn the promptly achievable resolution of the controlling contradiction? Would not the offspring of said leaders want that verified answer more than all that their parents could possibly provide if those offspring were not already rendered as ignorant as their parents?

Those among the lot, whom you notice more hastily fleeing from the challenge, before the RepublicratDemocans, are the American news media chaps, the people who are most clueless of how to ask effective questions, whose controlling contradiction will ultimately effect more public contempt than all but two other US institutions, much to the amusement of the observers.

Does not the existence of the challenge illuminate the categorical ignorance and gullibility of the people who support leaders without demanding, as a requirement for any more support, that those leaders accept the challenge? Is that not the obvious reason the observers so thoroughly enjoy the human comedy?

If I fail my challenge, the two of us will again laugh the laughter sought by all people, only this time, if you attend the challenge event, you can learn the reason and join the laughter, with what we learned beyond what any other human currently understands.

An aside to the process, by circumstance alone, if incentive could be found, could be the prompt manifestation of the solution to any such social problem. Peace? Too easy, and no government could escape.

Notice that the Ultimate Challenge, offered by certain people throughout history, will not be accepted.

Knowledge is more valuable, and more foolishly feared, than any other concept known to humans.



Current Report... 28 July 2006

If you are not laughing yourself to tears over the current comedies in Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Iraq, United States, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Korea and everywhere else that ignorant government leaders are creating grief for their laughably foolish followers and bystanders, you are missing the only show that government and other institutional personnel, and their ignorant followers, have yet learned how to stage.

They only lack readily available and learnable knowledge that they sincerely want to learn, and which would promptly manifest their espousals.

Among a diversity of other endeavors, the author of this website has routinely offered to convey to any of an array of government and institutional leaders, including those of the US, Iraq, England, Iran, peace organizations and many more, the knowledge to promptly manifest their espoused goals. If you consider that effort to be insufficient, you can send this section to any government or institution leader in the world.

The effort of the author is not to solve the obvious social problems which are too easily solvable and boring, without any possible defense by any government, but to record the current extent of the proofs that no such knowledge can be understood by the power-damaged human mind, including such minds hired by leaders to defend them from any notice of the existence of, or access to, such knowledge.

The damage to said minds involves a verifiable, psychologically induced verifiable biological damage that can verifiably be corrected by a laughably simple process of asking and answering questions, or more easily manifesting the universally desired resolutions to the social contradictions in open challenge to the government leaders who cannot possibly defend against intellectual technology, by design of the human mind. Amusingly, the leaders cannot understand the inherent existence of the knowledge, and therefore will not ask to learn it, while their opposing institutions which crave the ability to successfully challenge the leaders, are institutions led by leaders with the same self-induced damage or inability to understand a reasoning-based solution to a human-caused problem.

The knowledge is a multi-part puzzle, defended from recognition within the power-damaged mind which is in part defined as such by its self-induced inability (incapacitated neural routings) to understand a data synthesis process (thinking) that involves more than one data point or item of information, for a conclusion. All information considered by a power-damaged mind, including those of the staff who defend their leaders from therefore seemingly confusing information, is routed through the neural demarcation identifying what extent of raw power is necessary to defeat any reasoning that might threaten the raw power, regardless of any social benefit from the results of the reasoning, or social damage resulting from the use of raw power.

How else could a human mind simply invent the term, "collateral damage", and then state those words alone as its complete reasoning for repeatedly slaughtering other humans who are bystanders to a war, now approximately 100,000 in Iraq, including women and children slaughtered by male military personnel who concurrently state their intent to protect innocent women and children, and recognize no reasoning or questions that illuminate the contradiction of simply using the words, "collateral damage" to continue maliciously contradicting their own words about protecting people? The questions would lead to the process to easily defeat the purported enemy without killing the innocent people whose slaughter therefore creates more enemies. But the power-damaged mind, such as that of US President George Bush, Rummy Rumsfeld, Condi, their staff, and the leaders of all the peace organizations, fear, flee or attack any questions that seemingly threaten their institutional power, with no intellectual ability to understand the concept of more useful knowledge resultant from first learning that their power and the results of using it are the source of their problems or contradictions, even if they read these words and you hand them a dictionary.

Until the social or organization leaders selected or acquiesced to by equally competent followers reach the human mind's evolutionary development stage that facilitates such minds asking effective questions of obviously contradicted human actions, or a certain other chance event, any individual effort to easily manifest world peace or solutions to other socially-sustained contradictions, carries no incentive. Until a leader asks for the knowledge, the people with such knowledge will be doing other things to learn yet more knowledge, by design.

The author is doing other things. Much has been written for this website, that has not been uploaded because it has not yet been sufficiently questioned to resolve every possibly perceived contradiction.

Because there is no human ability to sustain a contradiction, and contradictions are the source of all frustrating problems, why would a thinking human effect a contradiction before simply asking and answering the series of questions (think) to easily resolve the contradiction, especially if the test of time has proven that the contradiction will create extensive social grief and suffering, such as using military force, if not a result of the power-damaged mind which cannot understand this multi-part question that is easily divided into is parts to question individually and then combine the answers in the same manner?

Enjoy the comedy in Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan and such places. If you do not enjoy it, learn how to easily resolve the contradictions (end the wars), so you can promptly end the wars or enjoy the show of humans refusing to learn such readily available knowledge, for self-induced fear of harmless questions while anguishing over the results of their needless ignorance.



Prisons... 30 July 06

In the future, the use of intellectual technology will replace approximately ninety five percent of the prison space, and then more, to therefore release that value of public expenditure, to beneficial social and individual endeavors.

Consider a person, as a common thug who steals stuff or murders somebody, or as a US president thug who, with his unquestioning minions, bombs a country to destroy things and slaughter people, who therefore creates a damaging contradiction.

The action occurred because the thug was simply ignorant, lacking knowledge, of the consequences of creating a damaging contradiction. For any of many reasons and their gradients, the thug's parents, friends, school teachers and others, sharing much of the same ignorance, failed to teach the thug, when still young, that contradictions are inherently not sustainable by humans, and therefore not worth creating, for any value.

Therefore, people who learn intellectual technology sooner than others, in the future, will be hired to efficiently convey it to those who create damaging contradictions, who will therefore resolve the contradictions, and inherently not create any more, to thus leave no logical need for spending public money on prisons.

The phenomenon will be temporary, and short lived, before everyone easily learns intellectual technology, a matter of time, to thus preclude the intentional human creation of damaging contradictions, by design of the human mind.

The knowledge is available today, but laugh as you imagine the reaction of the power-damaged minds which trained themselves to perceive no possible existence beyond their lucrative institutions of prisons, militaries, police and other such force-based thugs, if they encountered words such as these.




The nation's leading scientists... 20 August 2006

Consider these words, that can be understood by any 6th grade science class student, but cannot be understood by the nation's leading scientists, science professors, think tank experts, government leaders, Fortune 500 company Directors, or any other institutionally trained minds, by manifest proof, as can be verified.

By the meaning of the words, the maximum effectiveness of a mechanical, electrical, chemical, biological or other device, therefore including the human brain, is achieved by removing all contradictions and their effects within the device.

Would any private company or any government agency in this nation or the world prefer to acquire the most effective human minds for its personnel?

Too easy.

They need only learn intellectual technology, the technology that efficiently identifies and resolves every contradiction within human minds, such as the myriad of socially induced illusions, leaving those minds capable of promptly discovering the resolutions of increasingly more complex contradictions, such as those still impeding the espoused goals of any said entity.

They would promptly and inordinately advance beyond their competitors, and more.

Consider two NASA scientists or subcontractor scientists or engineers, or such of any company or government. Unrelated to their task and therefore seemingly of no consequence, as their private opinion, one perceives that the Democans can best solve the social problems obviously created by government, while the other perceives that the Republicrats can best solve the social problems obviously created by government. That phenomenon is common. It identifies a simple contradiction.

If you needed to achieve a significant goal that required thinking ability, would you hire a scientist or engineer who could not resolve that amusingly simple contradiction?

Given two equal high speed mechanical bearings, one with a piece of sand in it, the other without the sand, the bearing with the sand will perform less efficiently than the one without the sand. If you need equal and optimum performance, simply remove the piece of sand.

Given a goal or solution to a problem, for which 87 related contradictions must be resolved, and two scientists for the task, with all else equal, the scientist who has trained his mind to have resolved the contradiction of voting for a politician of a political party whose politicians have verifiably lied and remain endorsed by the party, will be more effective and efficient than the scientist who has trained his mind to attempt to perpetuate such a contradiction, therefore losing recognition of it as a contradiction, and therefore trained to not recognize other contradictions, such as one of those that must be resolved to achieve the goal, and otherwise slowed because of the inefficiency of retaining a neural stimuli response process that retains a contradiction.

The human mind is trained to attempt to perpetuate contradictions (fail to identify solutions to problems), by attempting to perpetuate other contradictions rather than simply resolve them the moment they are identified for the effects of such training.

If the goal is to resolve contradictions, which is the espoused goal of all institutions, private and public, the mind that is trained to most efficiently identify contradictions, especially controlling contradictions, and resolve each one of them the moment they are identified, will be able to more efficiently resolve the more complex contradictions, while the mind that retains any contradiction suffers the extensive and debilitating effects of that training.

The human mind's process holds no unrelated training or effects, by design. It is a contradiction identification and resolution device, in all that it does, and trainable.

The contradictions created by human minds, resulting from a designed process, such as those created by government and such power-based institutions, are easily resolved because all the data is already within the design of the human mind, the origin of the problems. The so called scientists and thinking job personnel who cannot resolve those basic contradictions, are the reason their institutions and companies still wallow within the intellectual dark ages, laughably self-stagnated, barely appearing successful only by comparison to equally ignorant competitors.

But of course to learn intellectual technology, you would learn the reason, inherent to the design of the human mind, that, while any human can learn intellectual technology, no institutional entity will learn intellectual technology, or even inquire, despite their being repeatedly offered the opportunity in face of their ongoing failures and obvious inefficiency, much to your unequaled laughter.

The nation's leading scientists, whose foolishly retained and easily resolved contradictions are illuminated by simple questions that scientists flee rather than answer, are the reason people in the future will laugh at our primitive society.



The duty to think... 24 August 2006

The job of a military officer (any leader) is to think. The job of the enlisted military person (any follower) is to perform the physical actions described by the conclusion of the officer's thinking. That is a rational division of labor, since each process requires time.

Thinking is the process of asking and answering questions until a conclusion offers a beneficial result for the effort to effect it, without creating a contradiction that would negate the benefit or its value.

If an enlisted military person is incompetent, because of insufficient training, his actions fail to manifest the described conclusion of the officer.

If an officer is incompetent, because of insufficient training in the process of thinking and thus the process of asking and answering enough effective questions, his conclusion will create a contradiction that inherently creates problems upon the attempt to manifest the conclusion.

But enlisted military personnel and all other humans can think, by design of the human mind, and can therefore perform the job of the officer.

Think, by therefore asking the following questions, among others, and answering them.

How ignorant and incompetent must an enlisted military person be to follow or obey an officer who is so identifiably ignorant and incompetent for the job of thinking, as to be unable to understand every sentence, paragraph and section at this website, and accurately answer every question at this website, since this website is predicated on the basic process of thinking, intellectual technology, the job of a military officer? War is comprised of such extensive multi-cultural and multi-perceptional complexities, among other complexities, that the complete understanding of every sentence in this website, and the ability to accurately answer every question, is laughably easy by comparison, and facilitates the ability to easily synthesize the aforementioned complexities for uncontradicted resolutions to involved contradictions.

Is a military which is comprised of enlisted personnel who are so ignorant and incompetent that they would follow and obey, rather than question, officers who cannot understand this website, and cannot answer the questions herein, sufficiently competent to win such wars as the Korean war stalemate, the lost Vietnamese war, the lost Somalian war, the laughably botched and lost war against Noriega's Panama, the doomed Afghan war, the doomed Iraq war, etceteras?

What is your answer?

The enlisted US military personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan, as was the case in Vietnam, Korea and elsewhere, are so laughably incompetent that they are still committing many more malicious atrocities than described by news journalists, out of the frustration of abject ignorance, and therefore inherently creating more enemies of Americans, because they are too ignorant, incompetent, poorly trained and timid to ask questions of the laughably illogical and and illegal orders of their verifiably ignorant and incompetent US military officers functioning within the same frustration of their own self-perpetuated ignorance. The private will not question the Sargent. The Sargent will not question the lieutenant. The lieutenant will not question the captain. The captain will not question the general. The general will not question the president. The president will not question the private (for fear of the answers). None of them will question their own conclusions. Not one of them is thinking, the process of asking and answering every question that can be devised.

Compare the public statements of the officers and officials of the US DemocanRepublicrat Military Regime, pandered to the gullible Americans, with the statement of a certain candid US Army Major who was once instructing a class of aspiring officers, and accurately stated that militaries do not win battles or wars because of any superior abilities of the winning military's officers, since war identifies the absence of thinking, but because the other side made a greater number of equally dumb mistakes.

Read that again. It is verifiably true.

Would it not be a fool who makes himself dependent upon the other guy making more dumb mistakes in a game void of thinking, rather than advancing his own ability, by thinking, to not make any mistakes?

From that rarely stated truth spoken by that Army officer, identifying a contradiction in military actions, verifiably not understood by all but one of his students, and only then much belatedly, a person could start asking the series of questions to learn how to defeat every military, most easily the US military of mental midget officers and their unquestioning minions.

But of course militaries and all power-based governments have therefore instituted the processes to preclude any effective questions of officers and officials, commonly the process of overt or obscured punishment, as the continuation of wars proves, perpetuating the ignorance and incompetence of the officers, the fools who follow them, and the society of idiots who needlessly acquiesce to their rule.

If any military's officers learned intellectual technology, the process to ask and answer questions of controlling concepts and contradictions, to thus learn how to perform their job, they would thereafter never be defeated. Amusingly, no military officer can comprehend the existence of intellectual technology, and every military officer fears more than death the questions that convey intellectual technology to any mind.

Laugh robustly at the all volunteer US military enlisted personnel. It was their willful choice to identify their monumental ignorance by following and obeying US military officers who are so obviously and categorically incompetent at their job of thinking, that they cannot answer even the simple questions at this website, and could not defend their any answers against the most obvious questions, and fear any possibility of facing such questions where they cannot flee, hide or attack with destructive force, much to the amusement of the observers.



Young person... 27 August 2006

If you are a young person, you cannot possibly comprehend how ignorant you are, unless you ask and answer enough questions to learn that knowledge, and if you easily do, you will learn knowledge vastly beyond the adults who fooled themselves by their titles and credentials, into believing that they are not so ignorant.



Math... 28 August 2006

Math is a language of logic, as are all other languages if the words were bond by their dictionary meanings. Because the definitions of numbers are so exact and not shared by other numbers, math can be more efficiently used to describe flawless concepts, which is why it is so poorly taught by institutions of people taught to inaccurately use words.

Logic, a result of reasoning and flawless design, cannot be understood by power-damaged minds. Therefore consider their inability to understand math, a language of logic.

Consider the amusingly ignorant Israelis. They expressly perceive, and actively make known to the world, that if they are attacked, they will counter attack with ten times the force, to teach the enemy the cost of attacking the Israelis.

But why did the Israelis counter attack, instead of submit to the enemy as a result of the attack?

Even the most intelligent Israeli government and military leaders, their legions of experts and their foolishly acquiescing citizens, as with the Americans, are too ignorant to accurately answer that simple question with an answer that can prevail against even simple questions, while you can easily answer it. The Israelis, like the Americans, have taught themselves to be that comically ignorant.

The Israelis did not submit, and they counter attacked, because the attack on the Israelis created emotion-based anger in their minds, a designed feature of minds subjected to force rather than reasoning, which commonly effects the use of counter force against the attacker.

So what will be caused by the Israeli counter attack of ten times the initial force? Notice that the Israelis are too ignorant to answer that question.

The answer is: Ten times the anger and its results, among the victims of the counter attack, by magnitude or number of people or a combination of both, for the same reason inherent to the design of the human mind.

How does your mind react to a damaging attack on you? Humans all hold the same design of human mind. No different design has been identified, despite the rhetorical illusions of fools. An Israeli attack on Palestinians creates the same result as a Palestinian attack on Israelis, verified and verifiable, both opposite the result of using reasoning, a concept not understood by the Israelis who expressly seek to effect ten times the result (induced anger) of their attacks.

It is simple math that any school child can learn from the above, and recognize as logical, that is, not contradicted by any data that is sustainable against questions.

If a person identified himself as your enemy, would you therefore learn the knowledge of how to cause your enemy to no longer be your enemy, or would you hastily act to exponentially increase the number of your enemies?

What is your answer?

The question illuminates the obvious reason that the observers laugh robustly at the ignorant Israelis and their ilk throughout human history. They cannot understand grade school level math.

Notice what the Israelis are too ignorant to notice, the test of time. After decades of the Israelis maliciously counter attacking each attack on them, with disproportionally large force, their enemies have not submitted, are more in number, more widespread around the world, increasingly dedicated, and methodically catching up with decisive military technology as an inherent result of the incentive created by the more destructive Israeli attacks. Of course the same can be said of the Americans who have started wars against more nations, than any other nation, since WWII.

Compounding the results, is the fact that militaries are comprised of unquestioning and thus ignorant people, especially the officers. They incessantly counter attack against individuals who did not attack them, thus insuring the full effect of the above. If you do not imprison the family and neighbors of a suspected bank robber, for the list of obvious reasons to not do so, why would you bomb the homes, and thus slaughter the family and neighbors of a suspected resistance fighter? Police are taught to be remarkably ignorant, and yet, by comparison to Israeli, American and all other military officers, are geniuses for their ability to figure out the answer to the preceding question. If Joe fecklessly shoots at Bill, so Bill slaughters the family and neighbors of Joe, after Joe logically sneaks away, how many family members, friends, and fellow country men of that family and neighbors, are going to be angry at Bill? Do the math. Was not your only original problem, Joe, who because he created a contradiction, and no human can successfully sustain a contradiction, by design of the human mind, could be eventually caught or isolated from effect if you had not needlessly angered all the people around him?

The great majority of the Israelis, like that of the Americans and other military-based societies, taught by ignorant adults, literally cannot understand the above, even if they read the words and are handed a dictionary. Their initially reasoning-based minds, then taught to function on power rather than reasoning, cannot understand math or any other language of logic. The most prestigious math professors cannot understand math when math is applied to institutional phenomena wherein it is most useful to humans, especially the institution of math professors.

It is an aside to this section to note that the above adjective, commonly, was inserted to correct the original writing of the involved sentence, because the mind which understands the full utility of reasoning, intellectual technology, will not counter attack after being attacked, if the initial attack is concluded before a direct defense can stop the attack. Such a mind will instead ask the attacker for the reasoning of the attack, and continue the reasoning process (unknown to power-damaged minds) to the full resolution of the involved contradiction, leaving no problem. Because such a mind can recognize contradictions before their results are manifested as the use of damaging force, if interested, it would initiate that reasoning process to easily resolve such contradictions prior to any damages.

Power-damaged minds hold a near flawless inability to understand the concept of time. If each time a Palestinian or Hezbolla rocket lands in Israel, with an immediate and comparatively short duration effect, the Israelis, in addition to killing uninvolved Palestinian and Lebanese civilians, bulldoze Palestinian farm land, or carpet-bomb Lebanese farms and villages with delayed detonation cluster bombs, both with long lasting effects, the Israelis effect the accumulation of long-lasting enemies. Only the most ignorant fools, such as Israeli leaders, would effect such a phenomenon easily identified by reasoning as a fool's delight.

Because time is commonly measured with numbers, it can easily be added to the math that illuminates the self-defeating contradiction of wars, but warriors obviously cannot understand math, much to the amusement of the observers.

Among others, Israel, like the American empire under the RepublicratDemocan Regime, both predicating their existence on inherently self-defeating military force and wars, rather than reasoning, are obviously self-doomed nations, like their countless such predecessors. They can still resolve the involved contradictions to preclude their demise, but to date, no significantly power-damaged mind has ever reclaimed the ability to utilize reasoning, the understanding of logic, by design, or power could not exist as a concept within the human mind. There are two processes to cause the first power-damaged human mind in history, to relearn the ability to utilize reasoning, effecting a quantum advancement of the human phenomenon, one of which is the Israeli, American or other national leaders willfully deciding to learn intellectual technology, but both processes lack incentive, a controlling concept, by design.

A comedy or joke is an identified contradiction, recognized by the observer, that the subjects of the comedy or joke do not understand at the time, such as the comedy of wars sustained by idiot leaders and the fools who support them, who cannot understand even grade school level math.

Enjoy the show.



Timetable of measures... 24 October 06

Laugh robustly.

Since November 1998, the knowledge to promptly solve the most complex problems humans have created, and in sum, at their zenith or anything lesser, has been readily available and repeatedly offered to anyone interested, especially government sorts. The knowledge was prior known to others, and available, but not to this writer, at that level, until that time.

George Bush or his military generals could promptly win their Iraq war, categorically defeating their opponents, as a minor use of the knowledge. But all institutional defenses defend George and his colleagues from access to the knowledge, and from understanding of the knowledge, by themselves, if they stumbled upon it. If knowledge were not so defended from institutionally altered human minds, including peace advocate leaders, wars and other institutionally induced contradictions could no longer exist.

The knowledge is also openly available to any of George's opponents, but they share the same institutional defenses against it. You could send these words to any or all of George's institutional opponents, including Democrats and Osama bin Laden, and the result would be the same as sending it to George and his colleagues. Iran, the US, Palestine, China or any other nation and its current leaders could promptly become the most respected nation and leaders in human history, becoming economically, militarily and intellectually dominant, sustainably, but they will instead create only the laughable history of all failed nations and leaders, for fear of learning readily available knowledge that cannot possibly harm them.

The knowledge of how to learn the knowledge has likewise been readily available to George, his colleagues and opponents. Simply ask questions. Answer them. Ask questions of your answers, until you identify answers that create no contradictions, therein creating no questions. That might require a couple days, maybe a week. How long has the Iraq war been fought? For how long has the US been taxing people who live below the poverty level, deeper into poverty, to pay the repugnantly wealthy government leaders, their cronies, and the costs of their malicious wars?

Notice what happens when you ask an institutionally trained mind a question that gets too close to the contradictions of the institution. The person will not answer the question, and will instead respond with something similar to, "Well what about this other consideration?". The power-damaged mind cannot comprehend the concept of actually answering questions until the other consideration becomes a useful answer to a related question. The power-damaged mind evades useful questions, and therefore does not learn the knowledge made evident to the mind by each answer.

So what are George, his wordsmiths, military generals and their ilk doing to avoid learning the knowledge that can effect their winning their wars, while they are losing their wars on schedule?

On this date Reuters news service reported that Washington DC's top officials in Iraq said that Iraqi leaders have assured the United States they will stick to a timetable of measures over the next year to curb violence and allow U.S. troops to go home.

Laugh robustly.

In itself a timetable of measures would be amusing, but to read the related news illuminates the hilariously extensive details of a lack of useful meaning in the sum of those words selected to easily fool gullible news journalists, people who commonly believe journalists, and the government fools who pander the words to fool themselves. The "timetable of measures" was designed to replace the "stay the course" phrase, as an excuse to keep fighting yet another hopeless war because the fighters, inherently including the leaders and supporters, have no intellectual ability to ask any effective questions about the glaring contradictions of fighting a war.

There is no timetable. There are no measures. Nor are there any benchmarks, milestones or other rhetorical illusions juggled with the measures to fool fools. The words were used in contradiction to their meanings, and bare of any functional descriptions. Any thinking journalist, none exist, would have laughed, asked the questions to illuminate the rhetorical ruse, and reported on the ruse as a laughable ruse. They instead all reported on the timetable of measures. The day was saturated with news of the new timetable, causing fools to perceive that there was finally a timetable for peace in Iraq, reported as a timetable for peace in Iraq.

The ruse is described with a new set of words, written by George's laughably incompetent wordsmiths, every few months, to fool fools who cannot recognize the pattern and its results because they do not question what they say or read. They do not ask questions of institutional illusions. George and his wordsmiths cannot recognize the pattern and its results. They believe themselves. That is why the ruse works to compound contradictions until the damage is maximized and then becomes inherently unsustainable. The Iraq war will end, but only after George and his colleagues effect their maximum possible damage to humans, by design of power.

Notice that George, becoming desperate on schedule, now actively advertises his loyalty to the decisions of his military generals. His military generals openly claim their duty to the decisions of George. Notice the contradiction. The process is void of reasoning. Neither of them ask any effective questions of each other or anyone else. They are the self-induced ignorant following the self-induced ignorant who are following the self-induced ignorant in that endless circle of excuses without questions. The human mind learns knowledge by asking questions, and remains ignorant by making statements. Is that not so?

Watch what happens to George's new timetable of measures, as time goes by. You can start laughing now, if you have not already. The test of time, a concept beyond the understanding of George, his military generals and all their experts, disproved each of the prior rhetorical illusions, since war was invented. The presidency of George Bush was known to astute historians before he was elected. To change that knowledge, George would have to learn new knowledge. Enjoy your laughter induced by the prior sentence.

Somebody tell George or his colleagues, or their enemies, or any other institutional leaders, that there are people who have formed the questions which can lead the minds of those leaders, with their own answers, to the process to win their wars and achieve any other goals, at inescapable defeat of their opponents, and verify the process against any questions, including the ones that the leaders cannot yet recognize.

But when you cannot get past their institutional defenses against everyone but themselves, laugh robustly.

In the future, which is yours for the asking, today, when a threshold number of people learn how to ask effective questions of controlling contradictions, and thus how George could have won his wars and more, as could his enemies if they first learned such knowledge, and thus effect an exponential social learning of the knowledge, even children will laugh robustly at George and all his self-flattering military generals, and at the American DemocanRepublicrat politicians, and at all their supporters, and at the American society, and at all the primitive humans of this and the previous era, because they so long endured so much grief they caused themselves because they simply failed to ask the most basic questions of their laughably obvious contradictions.

Because you are of your mind, by design of your species, your controlling concept is knowledge. Easily learn the knowledge of your controlling concept, by simply asking. You will therefore laugh the laughter sought by all people, and know the future.




A coded message to Al Qaeda.... 1 November 2006

This genuine offer of assistance is to the various leaders of Al Qaeda, the Afghan Taliban, the Iraqi freedom fighters of the Sunni, Shia and Kurds, the Muslim Jihad, Iran's Mahmoud, the esteemed leader of North Korea, my good friend Fidel Castro, his brother Raul, Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, Russia's Vladimir Putin, the US Democrats, and anyone else who might currently be considered in ill favor with US Functional President Dick Cheney and his friend George Bush.

Obviously, for more reasons than most people could individually recognize, the above referenced chaps will not encounter this message, including the US Democrats. Nor would anyone in their staffs convey this message to them, for itemizable reasons. Nor could any of their followers, who by rare chance might understand this message, be able to convey it to the leaders, through their institutional defenses, such as the aforementioned staffs, etceteras, for deeply institutionalized reasons.

But the US government is the most powerful government of our times, and therefore the most vulnerable and most self-doomed, by design of power and the fools who pursue power instead of knowledge. Therefore, even if they read this sentence and desperately prefer to deny what it states, the US Homeland Security Gestapo, FBI, CIA, NSA, NPS and ETC are afraid of these words, and are self-required to worry about the possibility that the above referenced gentlemen or their staffs might encounter these words, and understand enough of them.

Therefore this message is written precisely for the bored internet spies (using the upgrades of the Carnivore type programs) of the US Homeland Security Gestapo, FBI, CIA, NSA, NPS, ETC and the military, who likewise, for the same reasons cannot possibly get useful knowledge to their own bosses, through their own institutional defenses.

The above is the message and useful knowledge for all of them, much to the amusement of those who understand it. The remainder is even less within their understanding.

Recognizing from the above that the aforementioned US government chaps have been "tricked" by their own self-induced fears, into reading this, at this sentence they are even more angry than government chaps normally are. Therefore their minds are functioning on their anger induced, anger-altered perceptions, precluding their understanding of the valuable knowledge herein, despite their denials based on their illusion that they control their minds after they prior trained their brain's functions to be altered by emotion-based, rather than reasoning-based, reactions to common stimuli. They want to stop reading this.

But they cannot stop reading this, because some of the scholars of the Muslim Jihad may be reading this, for the same reason the Viet Cong had many friends in the US who recognized the US government for what it is, and therefore kept track of the US public reaction to the US Police State leadership while this author was over in Vietnam foolishly attempting to force Vietnamese to kowtow to the pitiable power-craving idiots in Washington DC instead of their own pitiable power-craving idiots in Hanoi.

If you would suggest that the US government internet spies and spy programs could stop reading this, notice the bomb plan.

While reasoning progressively eliminates identified contradictions, and cannot possibly be threatened, to therefore solve problems and benefit humans, power is insatiable and becomes progressively more flawed and self-defeating, creating more problems, upon identification of even illusions of threats to power, such as the vulnerability of the federal building in Washington DC.

Consider all the costly government efforts to acquire knowledge and so referenced intelligence about the enemy, because the enemy a threat that might attack, upon mere mention of the word, enemy, especially during these nuclear and airliner times.

What do you want to know about the enemy? Not understandable to the US government sorts, but possibly so to the Iranians, the answer is available for the asking.

Does the enemy not seek power? Does power not obviously alter the perceptions of the human mind it infects, and control it? What is power, in flawless detail, with every related question asked, and answered, to therefore know what controls the enemy's mind and its every decision?

Do the answers to those questions not constitute knowledge, rather than power?

Notice the obvious answer of knowledgeable people, as opposed to the answer of power-damaged government minds which were taught to intractably perceive that knowledge is power, with no ability to ask the obvious question of such a glaring contradiction.

Is it not so, that the process to achieve any goal, such as learning the knowledge or the plan herein, regardless of the currently perceived difficulties or impossibilities which are only the result of current ignorance of parts of the process, is only knowledge?

Of everyone mentioned above, and yourself, who, if any among you, could recognize the inordinately valuable knowledge in this section? Who will answer the questions, and who will only read the questions?

From the knowledge above, how would the aforementioned chaps use it?

The reason that the US government is the most vulnerable government, at immediate mercy of anyone who learned the above knowledge, is because its laughably ignorant personnel have made their institutional existence most dependent upon raw power, for the same reason I foolishly did the same when I was a military officer in that government, within a species, the humans, who are predicated on the advancement of knowledge, the exact opposite of power.

What will occur within the process of your mind, when it flawlessly learns what power is and how it functions within the design of the human mind, while the power-addicted US government chaps, verifiably ignorant of how power alters their perceptions, will continue to perform on cues that you may design.

Russia's Vladimir Putin, the Muslim Chechnyan leaders and their colleagues are not as powerful as the US government sorts, and while insatiably addicted to power (absence of reasoning), they are less powerful and therefore encounter rare moments of incentive to think (use the reasoning ability of the human mind). They therefore hold an advantage over the most powerful, which is why the most powerful have never survived as such and display their abject ignorance by suggesting their power can prevail without learning new knowledge of the reasoning process.

Any among the above may inquire. You may laugh knowing that the Democrats and other US chaps will not do so, but will spy on anyone doing so, using their power to preclude their learning the related knowledge, and thus become more vulnerable to it, even if wielded by a child.

Enjoy the show.




American women illuminate the primitive condition of humans... 5 November 2006

For how many thousand years have human males been the dominant sex, and dominated governments?

Is it not obvious that their primary goal the entire time has been to achieve more social power over each other, and other groups?

Do not the ongoing wars and other human-caused miseries demonstrate the abject failure of males as social leaders?

Would not any commonly intelligent human strive to achieve greater knowledge of reasoning, the process of the human mind, rather than power, the socially failing process of muscles and guns?

Are not modern women incessantly expressing their desire to empower women and various social groups, rather than ridiculing the obviously damaging quest for power, and advocating the exclusive quest for greater knowledge of reasoning among women and other social groups?

Would not a significant women's organization effect a profound social questioning process if its leaders were sufficiently intelligent to openly ridiculed the quest for power and empowerment, for cause in the abject failure of power-craving males in governments which do little beyond perpetuate political fighting, militaries, police, wars and prisons? Would not the open suggestion that women should exclusively strive for more knowledge of reasoning process in itself start the belated collapse of governments run by ignorant, power-addicted males seeking to maliciously control everyone at obviously increasing costs?

Laugh yourself to tears. You could show women organization leaders these words, and those women will still crave the male-craved power and empowerment that have failed humans since power was invented.

The primary division of humans is not between males and females or any physical grouping. It is between power and reasoning, with self-doomed power flawlessly addicting upon its adoption by any human mind of males, females, Christians, Muslims, Bushites, Iranians or any other institutions.

Extract yourself, by learning how to reason before you become an ignorant adult who craves the power that defines the laughably primitive condition of humans.

And because power serves only itself, never humans, the female craving for power rather than knowledge serves the perpetuation of male power over females, much to the amusement of the observers.




Bush and Rummy..... 9 November 2006

On 9 November 2006 President George Bush is reported by CNN News to have stated (again): "I'm open to any idea or suggestion that will help us achieve our goals of defeating the terrorists and insuring that Iraq's democratic government succeeds."

George was verifiably lying, and CNN personnel knew they were reporting a lie as an uquestioned truth, as usual.

CNN could have provided George's quote, with an expressed apology for reporting the lies of George, and verifying the quote as a lie by many ways, but CNN instead reported it as truth.

George is not open to any idea other than using more power or deception to slaughter more people who do not kowtow to George's ignorance-doomed conclusions, by manifest proof.

The above conclusion could be in error, and the more accurate conclusion could be George's unmitigated ignorance of how to identify a lie, that is, a stated contradiction.

The process to successfully manifest George's goals in regard to Iraq and other issues, is readily available, and has been repeatedly sent to George, via the means that George portrays as the process to get a message to him. That process is obviously another one of his lies.

There is no person in the world, capable of understanding the above, who is capable of, or sufficiently interested in, successfully conveying to George the knowledge that the knowledge he seeks is his for the asking, if he asks those who know the knowledge, which merely means that he extends his questions beyond his institutional fortress. The latter will not happen, by definition of institutional process.

In the future, a related interest group among historians will identify the records of individuals easily identified as holding the knowledge expressly sought by institutional leaders, repeatedly offering that knowledge, without success, as a concept well documented in the information age.

Power could not exist as a functioning concept within the human mind if the mind it victimizes did not institute processes to defend it from access to the knowledge it expressly seeks, and further preclude it from recognizing what the power-damaged mind expressly seeks, by design.

Learn the design, to understand the Bush / Rummy / Successor comedy, and therefore laugh yourself to tears, while less questioning people, including Bush and colleagues, are confused their entire lives, much to your further laugher.

They hire people to protect them from the knowledge they seek.




An aside regarding money... 14 November 2006

These few words constitute a learning vehicle, or information that can be used by the mind to understand a contradiction. This does not describe any solution in itself, despite what certain groups perceive. Concurrently, it is one of the reasons that the observers laugh robustly at all the misery these humans needlessly create for themselves.

In addition to the misery that the people of the Middle East oil nations cause with systems of their own origin, the current and greater American induced misery in that area has an origin in the creation of American government paper money not backed by anything of value beyond rhetorical illusions believed by fools, that has become and currently remains internationally popular, which the people of oil nations foolishly crave and trade for their oil of real value. The factually valueless paper dollars are part of the contradiction, which could in itself be resolved. The craving for it as a medium of exchange, so popularized that the paper has become craved for its own possession, is part of the contradiction, which in itself could be corrected.

The oil producing nations have a commodity of real value, which only fools would trade for worthless printed paper of illusionary value. Likewise the technology producing nations with technology of real value are fools trading it for paper-based illusions, thus perpetuating the same amusing contradiction. The contradiction and its generally not recognized effects prevail above the several rhetorical illusions supporting a wisely hasty transition, quickly passing off valueless money to other fools, to acquire other commodities of real value. The governments of the oil producing nations could efficiently resolve all of the misery in their societies, that is based on the contradiction in the ancient but impossible quest to get something (oil, technology, food, etceteras) for nothing (printed paper money), and even being so foolish as to willingly attempt to accept nothing for something.

But of course the governments of the oil nations are comprised of power-damaged minds which cannot understand these words, and have themselves created a myriad of compounded contradictions which distract their minds from understanding each individual contradiction and its relationship to the others.

Therefore those who seek a solution to the currently American induced misery of the Iraqi people, cannot stop the misery by resolving the paper money contradiction, but the misery is slowly teaching the Middle East people that the Americans are the source of much misery, and the popularized American money is central to the contradiction. Therefore, the inherent shift of misery, back to the Americans, on schedule, may be effected, among other reasons, when the people controlling oil belatedly refuse to accept the worthless symbol of American induced misery, the US paper dollar.





Value of paper money... 16 November 2006

To the common argument of unquestioning sorts, that their paper money has value because they can walk away from the conversation and exchange it for things of recognizable value, suggest the consideration of time. Time was added by your delaying the chap's quest for value, long enough to consider time. Much of profound impact has happened in shorter periods of time.

Or to better assist their self-assured minds, suggest that while they are asleep tonight, on the other side of the world during normal business hours, the real possibility and ultimately inherent certainty that a major oil producing nation's government leaders can precipitously lose all tolerance for the war mongering Americans trying to brutally Americanize the Arabs and the rest of the world, and therefore publicly announce their refusal to accept any more worthless American paper dollars for oil, and their accepting only gold, silver, plutonium, steel, lumber, or guaranteed ownership of American real estate, in exchange for oil. Other nations could wisely effect the same decision before morning in America, with other western hemisphere nations doing the same during that day.

Because American dollars have been far more over-printed than the old Soviet rubles and Chinese Yuan, it is inherent that American dollars are going to endure their turn at being valueless for international trade. Quickly pass them off for anything of value the day before any major oil producing nation does the same for obvious reasons you would wisely utilize every day. Turn down your thermostat or buy a wood stove and start seriously slashing the forests for firewood. Duct tape your Chinese made shoes to make them last longer, if you can then afford the new price of duct tape.

The fundamental contradiction of rhetorically assigning a value to an inherently valueless commodity (paper money), consistently remains a contradiction within the human mind and its reactions, over the illusion that humans are capable of sustaining a contradiction with a contradiction identification and resolution device (the human mind), by design. Your goal, if not pure entertainment in these words, is to learn or have learned the greater extent of the effects of creating a contradiction, than suggested by this one of countless examples. You will only have done so from these words, by asking questions of the contradictions your mind inherently identifies.

Therefore, why would such a reasoning device (the human mind) create the contradiction whose effects will inherently counter all the benefits that the contradiction appeared to create, plus cost the concept of the interest on the damage over the time of its effect?

Clearly you already know the answer to that simple question if you easily figured it out by yourself, against all questions, or with the assistance of other words on this website, and you are already laughing at the power-damaged minds which cannot figure it out, even if they read these words, or they would not have created or attempted to sustain the contradiction.




The intelligence of the staff... 21 November 2006

Is it not true that the staff must be more intelligent than the decision maker, to recognize what the decision maker must yet learn, when it is offered through the staff, by a person holding the knowledge?

If the decision maker selects the staff or the person who selects the staff, who is to be credited with the glaring ignorance of the decision maker while commonly intelligent people attempt too convey to the decision maker the verifiable knowledge he seeks but does not receive because of the staff?

If the decision maker fails, as usual, does that not identify the ignorance of the staff while thinking people were trying convey useful knowledge to the decision maker?

In regard to the knowledge to manifest his espousals, if a decision maker is not able to answer related questions, with answers that actually answer the question asked, is it not demonstrated that he does not hold the knowledge?




Prodigies... 27 November 2006

Prodigy: a person, especially a child or young person, having extraordinary talent or ability.

Jay Greenberg the young music composer prodigy illuminated on the TV show, 60 Minutes, on 26 November 2006, raises question about the apparent high percentage of music prodigies, compared to other prodigies. Some math prodigies are also occasionally mentioned in the news.

But where are the prodigies for all the other commonly identified arenas of knowledge?

What causes music and math prodigies, that does not cause prodigies in other arenas of knowledge?

Consider the music prodigies, musicians, the people who enjoy music, and the same of math.

What happens to young people who are recognized by musicians and mathematicians as remarkably knowledgeable musicians and mathematicians?

Do established musicians and mathematicians seek to encourage the advancement of music and math, or seek to defend themselves and their institutions against anyone who creates better music or more useful math? Pause a moment with the question.

Now consider other areas of knowledge and the people involved with them. Read slowly. What happens to young people who are recognized by older colleagues in power-based institutions such as government, as remarkably knowledgeable in solving the complex problems which power-based institutions such as government and its dutifully unquestioning news media such as the US news media purport to be trying to solve?

Consider reading the question more carefully, and notice the mention of power-based institutions considering a person adept at reasoning, or problem solving, the greatest threat to power.

What is your answer to the question?

Would not a reasoning-based society most encourage such prodigies?

All human-caused problems result from the effects of institutional power, and are solvable by the use of reasoning which negates the need for power and thus power-based institutions.

Power commonly attacks power, to therefore win by definition. Power most attacks reasoning, because power holds no utility, and is defeated, among those who understand reasoning.

The other prodigies exist, as do the available benefits of their knowledge, as does the series of questions to identify them and verify their knowledge. But they quickly learn by the ridicule from their comparatively less knowledgeable power-taught peers and the attacks by fearful, malicious government dolts protecting their power and power-induced ignorance from challenge, if they survive the latter, to remain quiet and to be amused by the self-misery-inducing humans who do not effectively question malicious idiots in social leadership positions creating the social problems.

Reconsider the nature of musicians, and the nature of people involved with social problems. Musicians, whose minds synthesize vastly complex arrays of sound-based harmonies, enjoy better music which the mind identifies regardless of inherently inadequate verbal descriptions of the music or who produced it. Institution leaders involved with social problems do not appreciate better reasoning that solves problems, as proven by the test of time. They prefer more money and power to force their established void of reasoning onto other people, effecting the ongoing existence of the common social problems that effect the ongoing existence of the power-based institutions purporting to solve the problems.

There is no recognizable end of pleasant musical harmonies. There is a recognizable end of institutions designed to solve problems, upon the problems being solved. Institutions cannot tolerate the concept of no need for their institutions, by design. Prodigies for solving complex social problems are a direct threat to institutions, including the institution of news media.

The common people would be more interested in the knowledge of reasoning prodigies, than in the knowledge of musicians, to make a related TV show highly popular, but the news institution is a power-based institution, among other entities facilitating wars based on rhetorical illusions. Therefore news journalists react to reasoning knowledge the same way as government and all other power-based institutions. You will not see a news institution story about anyone adept at reasoning through to the verifiable resolution of complex human-caused contradictions. A news journalist could read these words and would remain clueless of any opportunity they describe. The power-damaged mind cannot comprehend reasoning process related to solving complex human-caused problems. Power-damaged minds, including those of the powerful news media, understand only the use of power to force a therefore doomed illusion of a solution onto the other guy purported to be the source of the problem.

The people who anguish over the wars, the effects of poverty, etceteras, and who laughably continue supporting the institutions of governance and information distribution that perpetuate wars, such as the US DemocanRepublicrat Regime and its unquestioning US news media, instead of asking related questions, and answering the questions, or chit-chatting with people who did, are therefore left to the results of their efforts, while those who simply learned the specific reasoning process that solves complex contradictions also learned from the attacks by the people who crave the power of their many institutions more than they want any solutions to any problems, by design.

What type of society or species praises music prodigies, but denigrates reasoning prodigies who can solve the social problems that will frustrate the lives of the music prodigies and everyone else?

If you have personal access to Jay, perhaps through the Julliard School (of music) in New York, you might casually suggest that he consider intellectual technology. It is just a different arrangement of seemingly complex data that results in flawless contradiction resolutions regardless of human opposition, not unlike flawlessly pleasing music regardless of human descriptions. Jay's mind is sufficiently curious about complex data synthesis to quickly become knowledgeable of intellectual technology, much to his enjoyment and potentially inordinate results.

But the musician subculture would be disappointed to lose the primary interest of a notable colleague, and all the power-based institutions would denigrate and attack Jay if he expressed knowledge of intellectual technology. The news media would not do another story about him, and a new music prodigy would be found to present for the diversion of the masses.

Enjoy the show.




Your decision... 29 November 2006

As with other controlling concepts, such as the human inability to sustain a contradiction, it is not possible to sustainably make another person's decision.

The available data for any person's decision is too extensive in itself, for one person to know all the data held by another mind, to therefore make the related decision without contradicting any of that data. Compounding the contradiction is the complexity of the human brain and its prior trained neural routings, in sum precluding one person's decision from being in harmony with the functioning of the other mind and thus sustainable by the other mind.

A result of the above involves the passage of time wherein different new data is learned by the two or more different minds. When one makes their own decisions, the new data periodically alters the decisions to remain in harmony with the total sum of data. When the decision is that of the other mind, the person encountering the new data, with its divergent effects compounded by its relationship to an inherently unique prior array of data, has no practical access to the other mind to alter the decision to remain in conformance with the sum of the data.

In the above, obviously not understandable to the power-damaged mind which sincerely perceives its ability to make decisions for other people, only minor aspects of any decision are being referenced for any one new data point, including data that reinforces the described decision but therein alters its proverbial foundation thus subject to a more divergent change with yet new data altering the alteration not understood by the chaps who made the other person's decision but did not learn the altering data.

The above is a cursory explanation of one controlling concept that dooms all the power-based social, organizational and governmental systems of the laughably comical humans during the current intellectual dark ages.

While the successful private enterprise folks, who hire people to assist with their goal, know from the countless glaring lessons of history that success is achieved by accurately describing a goal, and then letting their personnel pursue the goal with their own knowledge in their own style, power-damaged minds cannot understand the substance of this sentence. Power demands only its one fundamentally flawed style, the use of force, among billions of human interactive styles based on reasoning. The successful entrepreneur can analyze enough data of substantive diversity, to learn diverse knowledge-based processes as they are manifested by other minds, to not interrupt any process that is not damaging to the goal before it has time to prove itself.

In contrast, the power-damaged mind cannot tolerate the first contradiction to its own comically miniscule data-base, and reacts to thwart nearly every process that could have manifested the goal with greater success than available to said miniscule data-base. Therein the power-damaged mind identifies its process to preclude learning new knowledge.

As a cursory conclusion of this briefly described section, and that which no power-damaged mind can understand, especially the mental midgets of the US DemocanRepublicrat Regime, if you want the most historically successful nation or other social group, with the greatest benefits to your offspring and thus their respect for your great wisdom, give the people their freedom, and their free minds will lead you out of the intellectual dark ages and its laughably stagnating effects within two generations, sooner if they learn intellectual technology by intent. Their reasoning-based processes create reasoning-based reactions that in sum effect greater accuracy in reasoning which inherently seeks to resolve its contradictions, in diversity that frightens power-damaged minds which fear any human action not first kowtowing to the abject ignorance of the central power.

Not one US RepublicratDemocan, who currently tax the people for even the right to walk on their public land, and millions of other denials of itemized human rights, can understand the above because they cannot accurately describe what human freedom, rights and other controlling concepts are, much to the amusement of the observers. Not even the government's public school English teachers can identify what a right, or a freedom is. They cannot even usefully describe what thinking is, if they did not read the home page of this website. They teach a language whose words do not hold finite meanings. Therefore effective communication of data between any two such taught minds does not exist by language, further verifying the failure involved with making another person's decisions by process of language.

Even if they derived some vague concept that indeed free minds will make a great nation with exponentially advancing benefits for themselves and their offspring, the power-damaged minds holding the power of government and other institutional leadership positions cannot identify the process to manifest a society free people, despite the knowledge being readily available and offered herein, because they want an explanation in a few sentences, inherent to a simpleton power-damaged mind, and they cannot comprehend that they must first learn how to use words that hold their meanings, among the other controlling parts of the knowledge puzzle. To the power-damaged mind, there are no parts of a knowledge puzzle beyond raw power, the ability to imprison or kill anyone who does not kowtow to the manifest ignorance of the central power.

Enjoy the show. Your parents and other adults who support power-based institutions are simply ignorant, and too intellectually lazy, or too busy with basic requirements of life, to question their way out of their ignorance, with real questions, as a result of their prior training by adults. If not already, you are going to become just as laughably ignorant, and that intellectually lazy, on schedule, dooming your future to that of which you currently complain, stagnating yourself and most likely your offspring deep in the intellectual dark ages, if you do not ask the questions that prove and verify that your parents and other adults were laughably ignorant and too intellectually lazy to question their way out of such obvious ignorance as supporting governments that used the slaughter of other humans (wars) as their process to solve the problems inherently created by humans slaughtering other humans who refused to allow their decisions to be made by other people, among countless other examples of intellectual stagnation for a species otherwise predicated on its mind.





Rare knowledge.... 1 December 2006

Obviously the inherently existent knowledge of how to promptly solve inordinately complex human-caused or social problems is rare.

While rare, it is less rare than commonly perceived from the primitive social condition of the human species.

Notice to whom fools look for the solutions to human-caused problems. They look to institution leaders, people with titles and credentials. The problems are never solved.

You immediately recognize the common reaction, including your own, when some ordinary person with no credentials says he or she knows how to do something that no one else, including the highly paid experts, seems capable of doing.

That the world is filled with governments and other institutions perpetually claiming to be trying to solve human-caused problems, therefore proving their lack of the knowledge of how to effect their claims, might cause a person to look to scientists to thoroughly study and determine why institutional leaders of diverse origins, and throughout time, are universally never able to manifest their expressed espousals that would identifiably benefit the common people.

You laughed upon reading the above suggestion. Scientists do not know how to study or determine the why of that type of contradiction, because their institution is predicated on the perpetuation of that type of contradiction within their mind. Scientists cannot access the utility of an area of their brains that could resolve a sector of identifiable contradictions which control recognition of all human-caused controlling contradictions. That inability prevents certain contradiction resolution data from being used to resolve contradictions otherwise capable of being resolved in different areas of the brain. While the proof is easily available, any scientist who reads these words is outraged at the suggestion, and would not subject themselves to the questions that can present the proof, and will not ask themselves the obvious questions, or their mind would perceive no incentive to identify themselves as scientists.




Scale... 3 December 06

First recognize the gradient of understanding that different people derive from pictures instead of words, and vice versa. As a generality, female brains recognize more data in pictures, than do male brains. Males derive more data from words. It is a gradient, with many exceptions. Because you cannot know the other brain's preference for effectiveness, or any such extent on the gradient, wisely offer both the pictures and words when practical or possible, but to do so effectively, your brain must first learn the extent of the knowledge in each. Therefore wisely advance your knowledge within the data conveyance process you have not yet fully learned, to understand what is being said or shown to you, and to convey more useful knowledge to other brains with their inherently different perceptions.

The brain is trainable. Therefore, if you perceive that you do not derive as much data from pictures, as does the next person, and you wish to access that valuable knowledge, simply look at pictures more carefully. Look at them with the specific intent to recognize the relationships of the details and their sum with the knowledge you currently hold and with the knowledge you are deriving. If instead you are not usually patient with words, read them more slowly and carefully until you learn how to more efficiently understand their accurate meanings.

If you notice that this website is a bit shy on pictures, it is because the author does not know how to create computer graphics, and is too lazy to make or find related pictures, and because these words are for the author, not the reader. Stop reading. Start writing, or drawing. But that is of little use unless you question your every word or picture, with real questions, and answers that you question. If you are too lazy to write your reasoning, to train your mind to become more accurate with the reasoning process, ask twice as many questions of everything you read or hear, dozens at a minimum for each contradiction you identify.

While the male dominant history has filled libraries with books of words, made many libraries, and filled them again if they burned, which is part of the reason that word-preference male brains were able to achieve male dominance, the TV, movie and internet era is facilitating the female advantage of pictures, and the results.

This section is about scale, which is better presented with female brain advantage pictures because larger arrays of data most effectively present the single concept of scale or proportion when compared. What is a billion trillion, or the distance between certain galaxies in inches or meters, if not just words that create no useful perception to the picture preference brain?

Now look at Astronomy Picture of the Day, on the internet, for several days. Think about the scale in relation to humans and human actions.

Then spend no few hours touring planet Earth on Google Earth, at exclusion of other pastimes. Routinely zoom in and out for what you learn within that process. Think about the scale of the planet in relation to humans and their actions.

Also consider time in relation to human actions, which can be noticed in the many old human habitation ruins on the pictures of Google Earth, and the time required for light from a distant galaxy to reach Earth.

Then laugh yourself to tears at these pitiably primitive humans who yet perceive that their governments, religious organizations and other social institutions are important to humans and their actions.

Then advance your knowledge yet further into the intrigues and utility of the future and the universe, while the self-induced ignorant slave-away to construct the human ruins of the future.

You are of your mind. Use it to easily advance beyond those sorts using it to flatter themselves or create inherently self-doomed institutional processes.




US Intelligence and spy agencies.... 4 December 2006

There is absolutely NOTHING the US government's so called intelligence or spy agencies can do to prevent the next greater terrorist attack against the US, probably nuclear, until their personnel learn intellectual technology, by design of the human mind.

And those institutionally trained personnel could not understand these words even if you handed them a dictionary.

While the best scientists, therefore pre-adult science students, can understand the concept that the observation process alters that which is being observed, the titled and thus altered minds of scientists and US intelligence agency personnel cannot understand the concept of the organizational manifestations of human fundamentals, that which makes inescapable the next greater terrorist attack in the US, and the inability of the US intelligence personnel to prevent it, and the subsequent collapse of the American form of malicious, force based government, on schedule unless a certain event predicated on intellectual technology prior effects a reasoning based government.

Therefore, you are on your own for any defense against a major terrorist attack in the US, and more vulnerable because of the large number of American fools who perceive as reality the government propaganda illusion that the government is protecting the people, and therefore effect no reasoning based group defense processes.

The government uses inherently self-defeating, unreasoned (not verified against effective questions) processes of force to tax and regulate individuals out of their own available money and time to defend themselves from actual threats and attacks, and then effects those processes to create the inherent opposition or retaliation throughout the inherent gradient from the citizen retaliation to the taxation and regulation, to the extent of major terrorist attacks based on the government's international maliciousness, all predicated on the government-taught illusion that humans can be forced to conform their reasoning to the illogicalities manifested by government power.

Not even one individual within the US government intelligence agencies, or any other government agencies, can learn intellectual technology on their own, or hold any curiosity, incentive or patience to do so.

Because the government sorts intractably believe that is is us against them, an illogical concept for a single design of human mind, and we can force them to do what we demand, again illogical for a device (the human brain) holding no mechanism to force another such device, a terrorist, if not suffering the same affliction, could formally announce to the world, well in advance and in complete detail, the next major terrorist attack on the US, worded in a manner that would require the US government chaps to understand how to use words that hold their meaning, and then successfully effect the attack while the US government chaps, verifiably incapable of understanding words that hold their meaning, would be chasing every rhetorical illusion they could fabricate, unrelated to the attack.

While mathematicians have learned how to distinguish between numbers, and present their numbers for others to use, in contrast, power-damaged minds in government and other institutions are still chasing road maps to peace that have no roads, maps or peace, timetables of measures that have no times, tables or measures, the rule of written law that is the rule of the personalities administering the laws whose words hold not finite meanings, and every other rhetorical illusion that prevents their understanding their errors in attempting to identify what other minds are doing while the government sorts are attempting to stop the other minds from doing what are only illusions in the government minds.

While gaggles of myriads of intelligence agency personnel and other government and institution minds derisively claim that they know what their colleagues mean by roadmaps to peace, and swamps of other rhetorical illusions, they cannot comprehend that their own minds cannot know what they mean by words that do not hold the meanings their minds were originally trained and verified to use, nor understand the glaring failures they therefore incessantly produce at vast and increasing cost to society whose efforts are therefore squandered for that which destroys that portion of their effort which could advance their society, much to the howling laughter of the observers.

Power-damaged minds literally cannot use accurate words because such words reveal the contradictions of the related power-based actions which inherently defy reasoning, by design.

Enjoy the show. You are on your own with a mind starting as equally capable as every other human mind, by design, and then of vastly superior learning ability in comparison to the pitiable, self-inflicted victims of the organizational manifestations of human fundamentals.

When the humans emerge from the intellectual dark ages, effecting a new zeroing of the calendar as an indicator of its magnitude, which could be within a month if there were any incentive for a knowledgeable person to effect that event, the most recent example of the magnitude of the United States RepublicratDemocan Regime, especially with its massively funded "intelligence agencies", will be history's most enduring reference to the prior primitive condition of humans, and forever eliciting robust laughter.






Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport... 7 November 2006

If you want another example of the pitiably primitive condition of the human mind, consider the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport in Alaska.

It is the Anchorage airport.

Alaska's senator Ted Stevens uses tax money to buy his perception of prestige, such as the naming of an airport for him, as the height of Ted's intellectual achievement.

If your job was to hand out tax money, and some political cronies attached your name to a public airport, would a rational person not be severely embarrassed by the obvious association, and quickly request that the name not be implemented?

Add up the total hours of people referencing the Anchorage airport as the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport.

The humans use their mind, and thus their time, to flatter themselves, instead of using their mind's time to learn new knowledge.

The example becomes classic with Alaska's Senator Ted Stevens. Just observe the common film footage or pixel data bytes of Ted displaying himself as a laughably petty, insatiable little egotist, who would obviously shift millions of tax dollars to his Anchorage colleagues in exchange for the long established airport recently being named for him. What magnitude of childish craving for ego gratification and self-praise would one need to want tax financed public facilities named for him while he was still alive? That is the magnitude of Ted's ego. He displays his satisfaction for having developed the political power to spend other people's tax money for his ego gratification.

Among many related examples, one Alaska recreation organization received several thousand tax dollars in a pork spending bill sponsored by Ted, that they had not requested or even knew was being discussed. They expressed their surprise, and lavished Ted with the praise he knew he was buying with the money he seized from the poor and other working people, by taxation, and gave to recreational elitists of Ted's ilk.

Alaskans reference Ted as their king of pork, and laugh.

Look at the countless examples of misery in the US and elsewhere, then notice to which of the wealthy elitists that the miserable Stevens shovels money, and who supports such perfidy.

The oil-rich Alaskans are so greedy for more free money that they keep electing Ted, and making public fools of themselves for the money he arrogantly shovels to the insiders.

It is one thing to work long hours to pay the increasing labyrinths of taxes on everything to give Ted the money with which he buys is ego gratification. It is the next thing to willingly make a fool of oneself referencing the Anchorage airport as the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport.

If you want to recognize a laughably petty person who has been undeniably bought and made a fool of by a petty politician, just notice the Anchorage Airport managers and anyone else who references the Anchorage airport as the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport.

Even the sales receipts from the many airport stores are labeled as the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, to increase the irritation of people not being directly paid off by Ted.

Fortunately, soon after Ted The Alaska Egotist dies, and thus cannot continue to pay-off the Anchorage insiders, the existing public disgust with Ted's childish ego ploy will effect the renaming of the Anchorage Airport as the Anchorage Airport.

Ted could read these words, and not comprehend them. Such is the damage that power does to a human mind.

Humans are the best show on the rock.




The magnitude and extent of the comedy... 9 December 2006

You can more thoroughly enjoy the magnitude of the comedy if you learn that it is effected by the extent of the perfection in the balance of all things.

The phrase, "the extent of the perfection in the balance of all things", is used to indicate that the balance extends into concepts that are not often recognized as associated with a balance.

As an analogy, the king enslaves the intelligent person, not recognized as such by a king because the slave claims no titles, to do menial tasks for the King's inherently ignorant Chief Advisor for National Security Policy. And the slave serves well, laughing at the comedy his entire life, sufficiently knowledgeable to verify the inescapable collapse of the king's empire, preventable with that knowledge the king does not seek among those with the knowledge rather than titles. The collapse of the empire will prove the failure of the king who traded the value of his life's effort for the menial tasks of his This or That Advisor. The king, who constantly worried about the inherently failing results of his Advisor's advice, did not and could not laugh the laughter of his slave, for lack of the knowledge held by the slave and only claimed by the Advisor. The king's effort is therefore of less concluding value than that of the slave who also cost the administration time of the king, much to the robust laughter of the slave and all commonly intelligent people who recognized the value of learning knowledge, the only concept of sustainable value.

What do you want? You can have it for the asking. The process is just knowledge, efficiently learnable if you learn what questions to ask of whom, also easily learnable. Notice who the president keeps asking, much to the amusement of those who are working without titles, and therefore with knowledge verifiably worth more than the president's empire.

The king and president are the more dramatic but functionally least examples for use of the knowledge. The citizens, with all manner of organizations, seek to manifest all manner of espousals. They seek the related knowledge among the titled and credentialed, and bestow titles in an attempt to fabricate knowledge with titles. The folks with titles new or long held, are easily verifiable as not holding the knowledge, by simply asking related questions. The presidents and common people, and everyone in between ignore the people without titles and credentials for inherently existent knowledge sought by institutional leaders. You might read the previous two sentences again, to recognize what unknowledgeable people have not written in adjacent sentences.

The rich and powerful pay millions of dollars in money they earned or seized, and other such worth, for the knowledge, to people who could verifiably not possibly hold the knowledge, without easily ascertaining if the people hold the knowledge. The rich and powerful learned how to become rich and powerful, not how to recognize the questions to verify who holds the knowledge, or to learn the knowledge themselves.

To offer them the knowledge is to offer something they crave but cannot recognize because they did not learn what questions would transfer the knowledge to their own mind which learns by asking and answering questions.

To ask them the questions, as an attempt to introduce the knowledge, is to offend their mind which was self-trained to fear questions which might question the value of their titles, credentials and social status.

While the questions to identify a knowledgeable source of the referenced knowledge require sufficient knowledge to form questions approaching the knowledge, the questions to identify a source as completely ignorant of how to manifest their espousals are few, easy, and never asked by amusingly ignorant people impressed with organizational titles and money. To not ask the easy series of questions to identify if their source of knowledge does not hold the knowledge they seek, despite their impressive titles, credentials, connections, money and other such attributes indicative of a lack of knowledge beyond such useless concepts, is the action that most amuses the proverbial slave serving the comedy for the value of the comedy.

Even if they read these words, it is beyond the comprehension of the king, the president, the director and other such power-damaged minds leading nations and organizations, that their lives and the lives of their offspring would quickly become more enjoyable if they surrendered the decision making to the people who can verifiably demonstrate that they know how to promptly solve the problems stagnating the efforts of the leaders, which again describes the damage that power does to the human mind. Amusingly, the people who can verify that they know how to promptly solve the referenced problems are willing to let the power-based leaders have all the ego-based credit for the resulting decisions, and still the referenced power-damaged minds cannot recognize the value of utilizing knowledge rather than power. The damage that power does to the human mind's reasoning ability is and must be, by design, complete, or institutional power could not exist as a concept. Do whatever you must to preclude that damage to your mind otherwise useful to yourself and the human phenomenon.

Go ahead, tell George Bush or his Chief Advisors for National Security, State, Defense, and This and That, that you know a person who claims the knowledge of how to win the Iraq war, or tell the peace organization leaders that you know someone who claims the knowledge of how to manifest peace, or any other titled person that you know a person who claims the knowledge of how to resolve any human-caused contradiction, no matter how complex, regardless of opposition, precisely the knowledge that the leaders claim to seek, and remind them to the extent that you want to learn of their reactions that you therefore question with real questions, and answer with answers you question, to derive the knowledge the leaders seek.

Is it not inherent that the knowledge exists, by definition of its origin, and that the titled people have not learned it, because they accepted the titles and benefits for knowledge that could not exist beyond that of the titles and benefits, and that the common people who support the titled people cannot understand the utility of the plain words in this sentence, much to your ongoing amusement?




Farewell to US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.... 16 December 2006

Easily review what Cheney, Bush and Rumsfeld said about Rumsfeld upon his exit from the job of US Secretary of Defense.

Notice the intensity of their belief that the United States of America (its military personnel) must continue to fight an Islamic Superstate enemy (anyone not kowtowing to Cheney, Bush and Rumsfeld) that threatens the world.

The Cheney team is so consumed by its belief, and so separated from the normal world of the day to day life of common and diverse people, that its team members are oblivious to everything outside their fighting their enemy.

Identical to the German Nazi belief that the world's enemy was the Jews and everyone not kowtowing to Hitler, the Cheney team and its neocon groupies cannot possibly comprehend that their enemy is within their mind, or even the possibility of the concept, even if they read these words. The world of humans successfully functioning outside the Cheney/Bush/Rummy world demonstrate the otherwise obvious fact that historians will group the American Bush empire with all the other failed, petty military empires, just as it would a military based Islamic Superstate if one could form and gain the Bush or Hitler magnitude before inherently collapsing because of its unsustainable contradictions inherent to its concept.

The mutually self-praising Cheney team members are miserable failures, therein requiring their mutual self-praise to sustain the illusion of their minds as many days as possible. If they used the time they devoted to their self-praise to ask questions of why they must praise each other for lack of impartial praise, the enemy-based empire in their minds would collapse.

These are the people who used money and political influence to avoid war duty, and sent others into wars. They are clueless of what they did not learn that they so openly displayed to everyone except their own minds.

Would you prefer to identify your own errors, to therefore be able to correct them? Or would you prefer to intentionally remain ignorant or your errors while the world laughed at your ignorance of such magnitude that you openly praised yourself as a means to sustain your ignorance against any question?

Make your decision, and use it.

The Cheney/Bush/Rummy team with its neocon groupies have made theirs, while their errors continue to cause the slaughter of many people, plus the long term cost of increasing world hatred for the malicious, militaristic American empire.


End of Intech Concepts 29


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