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Democracy..... 11 February 2006

Consider these words which you may understand, and which are verifiably true, but which not one RepublicratDemocan, amusing lot that they are, can comprehend, or they would not be DemocanRepublicrats.

Because the Americans literally cannot understand that their self-flattered democracy is mob rule, the rule of the majority creating raw power, having nothing to do with reasoning, by definition and process, and because the Americans attempt to propagate their ignorance among other societies, both by incessant propaganda and military force which inherently causes other people to hate the Americans, the Americans remain unable to understand why those other societies learn how to use democracy to effect the rule of mob leaders who use raw force of American-styled power among their own people who were, to a useful extent, taught by the Americans to hate Americans.

If the majority of Americans and their democratically elected leaders supported wars against Vietnam and Iraq, in defiance of reasoning made obvious by the fact that Vietnam and Iraq did not attack or credibly threaten the US, were the wars a good thing, and should such wars be started by other new or old democratic countries for the same American excuse of being supported democratically? Should Americans support the wars of other democratic countries, because those countries are democracies? Well?

What is the laughable fallacy, which Bush and his DemocanRepublicrat voting American minions cannot understand, of starting wars for the expressed purpose of imposing democracy (mob rule using raw power), and supporting wars because they are started by democracies?

Is it worth being killed in war, or your killing another person in war, or your accepting a family member being sent to war, without openly adamant objection, to live under, or to impose, a democracy (mob rule) without an absolute, leadership enforced guarantee of all the citizen rights specifically identified in the US Constitution's Bill of Rights?

Does not the above question identify the categorical ignorance or malicious intent of every American who supported any of the American-started wars after World War II?

Read the question again, review the countries the US attacked, and review the results?

To identify your intelligence and your respect for the rights of fellow humans, would you chose to live under, or impose, a democracy (mob rule) without such citizen rights identified in the democracy's constitution, or instead a constitutional dictatorship or monarchy with such citizen rights identified in the constitution of the dictatorship or monarchy?

If your offspring were asked the above question, would you want them to be sufficiently intelligent and respectful of human rights, to answer it correctly in regard to such rights?

How easily, without your resulting questions, can you or your offspring be fooled with the word, democracy, as proven by the actions of the American DemocanRepublicrat Regime's wars in the name of democracy, instituting no verifiable rights, while you have supported that Regime?

If you perceive that a dictator can summarily void citizen rights written in a constitution, without changing the constitution, and a democracy cannot, try to get a US constitutionally guaranteed jury trial for any of the majority of government accusations of crime for which the government's RepublicratDemocan appointed court judges have summarily voided that right without changing the constitution, or attempt to use your freedom of speech to respectfully express your defense in a court of law, rather than the government judge's approved defense, or introduce your choice of evidence, rather than the government judge's approved evidence, or exercise any other rights in the Bill of Rights, to discover that those rights no longer exist in the US, and have been rendered as privileges, grantable and deniable at whim of arrays of government officers wielding the armed police power of dictators or kings, without having changed the constitution, and thus the value of your democracy is a fool's illusion having fooled Americans but not the people in many other countries not subject to the effects of the American government's public (propaganda) schools.

If the vast majority of the democratic Americans want to start a war against Iraq, or the democratic Israelis against Iranians, or the democratic Iranians against Israel, because routinely unquestioning news journalists parrot the propaganda of a few power-craving leaders, in defiance of the reasoning expressed by a small minority of questioning people who are rarely if ever mentioned in the news media, will you ascribe your name and thinking ability in support of the democratic majority wanting to start wars because they represent the democracy, or instead the reasoning minority who illuminate the fallacy of democracies? What is your answer?

And will you therefore ascribe your name in public to the fact that a democracy, rather than a reasoning process, is a fool's illusion for social governance process, to identify your reasoning ability?

Are you sufficiently intelligent to answer these questions that identify your reasoning ability? Notice that George Bush and his DemocanRepublicrat ilk cannot answer these easily answered questions, and thus represent ignorant fools.

Democracy creates power, not reasoning. Power cannot exist in the face of reasoning. Americans sing praises to democracy (power), and routinely silence or otherwise thwart the process and public expression of reasoning (asking and answering questions) in government, in the American news media, and in other power-based institutions, much to the amusement of observers.

When the majority belatedly recognizes the leadership and news journalist lies that started the Vietnam and Iraq wars, and therefore no longer support the wars, how much longer should the wars continue? And precisely who, by name or political party affiliation, shall pay for the ongoing costs and damages of the then undemocratically supported wars continued under the lie of democracy, which defied reasoning from the get-go?

After you expressed any support for a democracy, and if you desire your offspring to be more intelligent than an unquestioning minion in servitude to an obviously ignorant mob rule leader, what answer to the above questions would you provide to teach your offspring the process of reasoning?

If a democracy sustains a leader who sustains a damaging war even one day after the majority of the people no longer support the war, is the nation a democracy or a warlord-led nation started by mob rule (democracy)? Write your answer, if you are sufficiently intelligent to accurately answer questions as they are asked, before you advance to the next questions?

It is the interval or transition questions, feared, evaded and not answered by ignorant fools, which must be accurately answered, whose answers illuminate the next questions that lead to the manifestable solutions to seemingly complex contradictions, that said fools do not discover for reason in their not answering the questions.

Did not the process of reasoning (asking and answering questions), among the small minority, illuminate the fallacies of the majority supported leadership excuses to start the Vietnam war, Iraq war, and every other war in human history?

As with every war in human history, if the Vietnam war so clearly illuminated the process of starting a war based on lies, easily fooling the majority in a democracy, just as Hitler easily fooled the Germans into believing that Jews were criminals, etceteras among every unquestioning and thus ignorant society, and the lies were soon inherently revealed as lies, so the majority no longer supported the Vietnam war, what precisely described process would a reasoning democracy institute to immediately effect the cessation of the next majority supported war based on lies, when the lies were revealed and the majority therefore no longer supported the war?

What is your answer?

Does the question itself, and the failure of the American democracy to institute such a process from such reasoning, to verify their democracy as a functioning democracy, for such a profound and damaging activity as war, not again reveal the fallacy of a democracy, especially as illuminated by the obviously unreasoning Americans who have been starting wars to victimize other people with the American fallacy of democracy?

An otherwise lawful instrument may not lawfully effect a crime. An otherwise logical concept may not logically effect a contradiction. The use of a democracy, or the word, democracy, to effect a damage, defines the word or its use as a damaging instrument, which wise people would therefore not adopt, unless the people effecting the democracy learn and understand the contradiction, and therefore institute process to preclude any next damage under the name of democracy.

Who, among yourself and the people around you, supports democracy above the process of reasoning, and who supports the US RepublicratDemocan Regime's wars to impose democracy on other nations that did not previously have that excuse to start wars, among the other American excuses to start wars? Since 1950 the American democracy started wars against, or massively bombed, the following countries that did not attack the American democracy: Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Panama, Grenada, Bosnia, Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq. No other modern countries can claim to have started wars against so many other countries since 1950.

Therefore what is the proven result of America's democracy?

What obvious answer is immediately provided by everyone else in the world, certain of whom are reading these words, and many more of whom are propagating these obvious concepts without knowing that this website exists, while American DemocanRepublicrats flee the question or any such concept, to train their mind to remain ignorant and self-fooled.

Notice that not one US DemocanRepublicrat, either holding government office or voting for the dolts, can answer the above questions, or other questions on this website, yet every commonly reasoning person can answer every question.

The advancement of the human species, inherently benefiting you, your offspring and everyone else, is predicated on the advancement of the human mind, the ability to progressively use reasoning, therefore asking and answering more extensive, actively sought questions, with greater arrays of subsequent and independent data or knowledge, and concurrently as societies in sum.

Millions of people using democracy and a nuclear military, espousing a contradicted goal, such as the use of force to impose democracy or any concept, will fail against the uncontradicted reasoning of a powerless individual. The mob rule democracy can slaughter many individuals, and destroy much human effort, but the reasoning will prevail to ultimately illuminate the laughable ignorance of the intellectually primitive millions of people using democracy and their nuclear military, such as the Americans. Precisely opposite their government and news media descriptions of themselves, in the future the Americans will be the most common example of social ignorance and destructive maliciousness, a failed experiment in social process, because Americans trained themselves to be too ignorant to answer the reasoning-based questioned asked at this website and elsewhere.

The mob rule democracy and military advocates could read these words and still not comprehend that they cannot possibly vote their way, or slaughter their way, or lie their way to a sustainable contradiction, because they refuse to learn new knowledge by answering questions to question their answers, because their minds were trained to remain ignorant, by themselves, their parents, school teachers and or other adults.

Until a particular society, and therefore one or more individuals within it, perhaps yourself, learns intellectual technology, which includes the readily available knowledge to survive what would otherwise be an immediate slaughter by the George Bush mentality (US military / Sauran's Orcs), and the knowledge of that technology is therefore propagated by what would be inordinate efficiency, the human species will remain deep within the intellectual dark ages currently represented at its nadir by US President George Bush and his amusing cronies and minions, as also represented by his predecessors Bill Clinton, the other Bush, their ilk, and the American democracy.

The moment YOU recognize a contradiction within what you perceived as an advancement beyond the previous manifestation or perception, such as within the US constitutional republic that ignorant people describe as a democracy, that seemed better than the British monarchy, resolve that contradiction to advance YOUR mind and its ability to resolve increasingly complex contradictions. Do not act like the unquestioning George Bush RepublicratDemocan democracy voters who attempt to sustain the contradiction and its inherent damages by evading the questions that could resolve the contradiction. Do not only shouting more loudly that the current situation is better than the previous situation. A current contradiction, left in place for subsequent decisions, not promptly questioned and resolved, can only compound more damaging contradictions that soon get worse than the previous situation, such as George Bush's democracy wars and threats of more democracy wars and terrorism wars and drug wars and flag-waving wars and ego gratifying wars and what-all next wars that many wiser, more questioning, previous monarchy's would have not started. The demarcation is not the title or the process of selecting any leader commanding process of force. The demarcation is the knowledge of how to use reasoning, unknown to titled or power-damaged minds, that therefore precludes any need or incentive to use inherently self-defeating force.




What might you not want..... 17 February 20065

As many have obviously done, including those who are rich but not known as such, consider more thoroughly questioning your desire for that large house, or to be the national leader, at which, and at whom, people look for their various reasons.

You might want to be the person looking at the house, the rich, or the leader, to objectively learn the knowledge of them, for the utility of that knowledge, synthesized with the other knowledge that those folks do not have time to learn because they are maintaining their house and leadership illusions.

Are humans of their minds, or their houses and titles? Which is of greater utility?




Guantanamo prisoners will be killed by "accidents".... 18 February 2006

In addition to the prisoners at Guantanamo, the following includes the many prisoners shuffled among several secret US prisons in other countries.

Many American prisoners of war disappeared at the ends of various wars. They were not accounted for. They were not released. They were killed, a common phenomenon of a percentage of prisoners of war at the ends of wars.

The remains of some whom were later accounted for, were described as having been found in various battle areas.

While they were prisoners, they were tortured, as is inherently common to being held prisoner by military personnel whose minds are intensely trained to hate the enemy and want to kill him, the only type training that can effect wars with originally reasoning-based minds. Combine the trained hatred and trained craving to kill, two emotion-based contradictions to the human mind's original reasoning-based design, with the trained perception that prisoners must not be killed, a reasoning-based concept, and the result is a gradient of individual confusion and manifested frustration between two opposite concepts at play in the same minds. Within that gradient of results, besides common murder of captured prisoners at or near the site of the capture, torture and "accidental" deaths of prisoners, are more common that gullible non-military sorts understand.

Add the incentive to get information about the enemy, from the enemy prisoners, sought by the aforementioned people who are trained only in the use of force, and never in the use of reasoning or they would have laughed at the concept of working for a force-based institution such as government, and therefore torture inherently becomes more common.

The human mind is a trained device, and from training, often fools itself into perceiving that it thinks beyond its training. Ask and answer the questions that extend beyond what institutions trained your mind to perceive, that is, ask the questions of your institution's contradictions, to train your mind to do so, to learn the knowledge that no institutionally trained mind will ever learn.

What you hear about American soldiers and other US government thugs (FBI, CIA, NSA, ETC) maliciously doing to Iraq and Afghan prisoners, and civilians, is only a small portion of what is happening, inherent to human minds that are trained to hate and want to kill other humans defined by government superiors, as an enemy. Despite the self-flattery of Americans and their ilk in every country, the human brain of an American is the same design as that of a human born in Korea, Vietnam, Japan, Afghanistan, Russia, Egypt, Iraq and every other geographical area on the planet. If you think not, how could many of those British subjects of their king, German Nazis, Korean communists, Vietnamese communists, Japanese imperialists, Somalians, Bosnians and their ilk of American enemies, become Americans after the respective wars, and their American born children not be recognized as anything other than Americans? What is your answer, derived from your ability to think?

At the ends of the wars, a percentage of the American prisoners of war were murdered because of the emotion-based reactions and ignorance of their captors. At the end of a war, win or lose, how does a hate-trained human mind react to the absence of an excuse to continue torturing a person, and the potential accounting for the prior torturing of significant numbers of prisoners who could identify their torturers? The torturer and the tortured were both trained to hate each other, made more intense in each case by the torture process. What decisions are made by the torturer in face of the possibility that the tortured is about to be freed, with the intensity of additional hatred created by the torture process, and the possibly that the tortured might hunt down the torturer? How does the human mind make decisions within the context of intense hatred, and further, within the inherent inability of hatred, a contradiction, to be accountable to questioning, such as that of the torturing, that could resolve the contradiction?

Why did the US government and military leadership attempt to deny that they were torturing Iraq, Afghan and so called terrorist prisoners, not to mention the ongoing US slaughter of unarmed civilians, and later, when inescapably caught, attempt to discount or marginalize the denials and torture, and avoid further questioning, while continuing to be caught still torturing prisoners, as they continue to do? Is the contradiction of denying the torturing not of the identical concept of denying the murdering of tortured prisoners, under an the usual array of excuses, to avoid the prisoners verifying the torture?

What decisions are prior known to be inherently made by the torturer who was trained to hate and want to kill, that are obviously different from the incessantly lying politicians living in, and espousing, their comfortable illusions far from the prisons, during and at the ends of wars?

Not one psychologist, psychiatrist or other institutionalist can learn what you can learn from this section, if you ask and answer the questions the ists cannot ask because their isms are predicated on institutionally defended contradictions. Why can the current problems exist after so many government-paid psychologists, who were hired to solve problems, have been following orders, asking no effective questions of their institutions, and effecting no substance-based changes for so long in the government institution? What is your easily identified and verified answer?

If you knew that the person you were about to start torturing, may later become free to hunt you down and do to you what you did to him, or do to your institutional colleagues or friends what your institution did to him, from simple and common retaliation, would you start torturing him?

How far into the future, and therefore what number of questions, can a power-damaged mind, which would therefore start to torture a prisoner without openly acknowledged intent to conclude the torture by murdering the prisoner, understand?

Do not wonder why the mental midgets who torture people, representing the complete US military chain of command, obviously including George Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and their advisors and think tanks, consistently fail their institutional espousals. They to not think enough to understand the inherent consequences of their actions in relation to time. They cannot understand the process of reasoning, the process of progressive questioning of contradictions. The zenith of ignorance and nadir of intelligence prevails throughout the US military chain of command. It is the functioning basis for American war decisions, and is therefore doomed to defeat, as usual.

The US torturers question prisoners they are torturing, and thus creating incentive to lie, while the questioners are too ignorant to design enough questions to identify even the most rudimentary contradictions, such as the consequences of torture, as proven by their inability to answer even the simple questions above and in the rest of this website. If you are not laughing yourself to tears at the US military officer corps, with not even one officer in the entire US military who can answer the questions herein, while conducting and condoning torture to facilitate questioning, you are missing the only show of the US military officer corps. It illuminates the level of self-induced ignorance that has not produced a single sustainable result from its last eight wars.

Now, what different decisions would be made by which minds among those incrementally taught to hate and want to kill enemies who are suddenly acquired as prisoners? How are decisions altered by what training? What will a US Marine Corps soldier do to a prisoner, or civilian, with the intensely hate-based training bragged about by Marines to attract recruits of that mental predisposition from prior social training, and what will a US National Guard soldier do, with the laid-back casual training that attracts a different social sector of recruits? Within each of those classifications, and others such as force-trained US FBI and CIA agents sent to extract information from prisoners, how will specific training alter decisions?

Notice that the start of the gradient is not at trained reasoning or respect for other humans, but at willingness or desire to kill or otherwise harm arbitrarily defined enemies, and thus disrespect for fellow humans who are merely other equal humans, but not referenced as equal humans, and instead referenced as enemies that must be killed. Among other examples, US military personnel slaughtered a lot of civilians in Panama City, on the sudden command that they were enemies, just because a US President wanted to seize the President of Panama, Manuel Noriaga, a previous CIA supported and paid agent, because Manuel refused to continue following CIA orders to pay ongoing drug market profits to the CIA rather than to the Panama government. Would you shoot and kill a lot of obviously civilian Panamanians just because someone suddenly told you they were enemies? What would cause you to perform an obviously contradicted action, without asking questions of the contradiction? What training would cause you to do that? What prior social training and effects would cause you to acquiesce to such training? The Panamanian drug trade, and every other country's drug trade, obviously continues to this day, made more profitable and thus encouraged by the US war on drugs, paying a percentage of the profits to the CIA and other US agencies playing that game.

What has the American society taught its young people, as a general perception in regard to killing people to solve problems? American leaders and other adults have constantly glorified the process that started the United States, that of killing British soldiers, and expanding the nation by killing American Indians, French, Spanish and Mexican people, and defending the nation by killing Germans, Japanese, Italians and others. Since World War II, for no sustainable reason beyond presidential ego gratification and craving of power, to solve illusionary problems fabricated with rhetorical accusations alone, the Americans have slaughtered Koreans, Vietnamese, Cambodians, Laotians, Panamanians, Bosnians, Somalians, Afghans and Iraqis, including many thousands of civilians among them, and destroyed vast human effort. There is no American process even close to a counter balance for that magnitude of socially training young Americans to perceive as normal and proper the killing of people to solve problems. And that is before military training to intensely hate the enemy prisoner enough to easily murder him at the end of a war, to preclude him telling people what the Americans did to him.

All human actions have consequences. No volume of denials or rhetorical tap dancing can change that fundamental of the human design.

All processes of force are ultimately self-defeating. Reasoning can achieve all benefits to humans, by design, and is sustainable, by design.

What different amounts of thinking (asking and answering these questions), and thus understanding of the future consequences of effected contradictions, are produced by minds that are taught by their military superiors to hate and want to kill an enemy, and not question their superiors, in contrast to minds that were NOT taught to hate and want to kill an enemy, and were taught to question everything to learn more knowledge?

What training will you facilitate for yourself and your offspring?

The US government and its flag-waving military veterans have openly denounced other countries which tortured and killed American prisoners of war.

Therefore, to learn useful knowledge, if you wish, in addition to the many currently revealed, ongoing killings of war prisoners held by US military thugs, without those thugs being tried for murder, pay close attention to what happens, or what is not accounted for, in regard to the so called terrorist enemy prisoners the United States has tortured in Guantanamo, Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt and secret prisons in other countries, after the US is thrown out of Iraq, Afghanistan and whatever next country the US invades.

The prisoners, including the guy only delivered the pizza to the wrong address, of whatever initial indifference or disdain for the US, instead of being lawfully, logically and respectfully treated like prisoners of war, were maliciously tortured and humiliated, and some among them killed, and thus trained to more intensely hate their American captors.

The Geneva Convention laws on the treatment of prisoners of war were adopted by people who asked and answered related questions, and therefore recognized the wisdom of treating prisoners for the results after they are released, since wars always end. To treat prisoners of war just as you would want to be treated as a prisoner of war no longer useful to your country on the battle field, and therein learning to respect their captors more than their hate-training military superiors, is logical for both the winner and the loser of a war, after the war. Not one US DemocanRepublicrat politician or voter supporting that military regime still torturing and murdering prisoners, and having not sacked and imprisoned the entire chain of command for their prior, proven torturing and murdering of prisoners and civilians, can understand the preceding sentence, or they would not be RepublicratDemocans. They are pitiably ignorant of the most fundamental reasoning process, inherent to force-based training.

The Americans, openly known to the world for torturing and murdering prisoners, are you, if you are an American, because your government told the world that the American government represents the people who freely elected the government. If you claim to be an American for any reason, you are an American when your government tortures and murders prisoners of war. When you take prisoners of war, such as the Americans hold in Guantanamo, the several military prisons in Iraq, and other no-longer-so-secret prisons in various other countries, your treatment of them identifies your society and government more than most other actions, and infinitely more than your government propaganda can deny. While the US DemocanRepublicrat Regime has obviously influenced the US news media, by an effective process described elsewhere, to reduce the mention of several uncomfortable aspects of the US war against everyone not supporting George Bush, much of the world most knows Americans as malicious torturers and murderers of prisoners, and civilians, will for generations. The world sees Americans as other than Americans see Americans.

Because the Americans are now openly known for torturing and killing prisoners of war, on proven and belatedly admitted public record, having become progressively more malicious in that regard since WWII (an inherent result of increasing power), and cannot possibly recover from that reputation, no matter how many more lies the US DemocanRepublicrats pile on top of the lies they attempted to hide their recent torturing and murdering, it is not possible for an American to successfully claim to be a thinking or reasoning person and also object to any past or future torturing or murdering of American prisoners of war. Therein, the American government, having established the American standard of law in that regard, any fool hereafter joining the US military, and believing anything any military superiors say about prisoners of war, other than open acknowledgement that the enemy may lawfully torture and murder US prisoners of war, would again prove the pitiable ignorance and intellectual inability of the type people scraped up for US military jobs.

George Bush and his malicious mental midget military minions and their dutiful think tank parrots would be aware of these long-known concepts of human behavior, known to any reasoning human, if the minds of Bush and his boys were not intensely trained to hate and want to kill whomever they decree to be their enemy.

And the enemy has learned how to successfully fight and defeat the otherwise invincible nuclear powered US military machine.

With enough induced hatred, amid a historic level of induced hatred that has created an ongoing supply of suicide bombers, one individual can have an inordinately profound effect on a government and society.

So how will the hate (and thus fear) trained minds of the self-fabled US government chaps function when they can no longer sustain their lies used to keep holding the initially harmless pizza delivery guy and other prisoners not associated with any verifiable attacks against Americans, held in Guantanamo and elsewhere, after the US induced intense hatred in the minds of those prisoners, and the minds of their friends, by torturing prisoners?

What will the Americans do that they denounce when done by the other guy, to prove again that the Americans are lying if their lips are moving, and as malicious as the worst of Saddam's ilk? What are the consequences of sustaining a war-based society rather than creating a reasoning-based society?

How do you release people who were of laughably inconsequential or no effect in the first place, for whom you seized a flawless opportunity to teach them why they would want to respect you vastly more than the dismal totalitarian regimes of their origin, but instead maliciously taught them to hate you with intensity you cannot possibly comprehend, in an age where individual actions can prevail against the laughably ignorant and clumsy US military monster?

Knowing that, and fearing its consequences, how do you instead keep them in not-so-secret prisons for the rest of their lives, with therefore inherently increasing international contempt for your actions and your society, in the internet age, with the resulting consequences?

Knowing that, how do you explain the "accidental" deaths or disappearances of prisoners, you too greatly fear to release, after you created the reason for that fear, but cannot successfully hold, after Americans became so openly known for incessantly lying about what they were doing to prisoners, and lying about obeying international laws?

Knowing that, on what day would you resolve a damaging contradiction to preclude the increasing damages?

Knowing that, what would you choose to learn at this time so YOU, or your offspring, do not create or support the next damages that the American RepublicratDemocans are currently increasing?

Even at the current magnitude of contradictions created by the US DemocanRepublicrats still seizing prisoners without cause in crime or any lawfully declared war, torturing them, murdering them, and creating an absolute fear-based certainty of murdering more of them when the current wars end, a commonly intelligent person can ask and answer the series of questions to resolve the contradiction, to release the wrongfully seized, held and maliciously treated prisoners, without their otherwise inherent retaliation.

But the US RepublicratDemocan military mental midgets will adamantly refuse to learn such knowledge, and will duplicate their ilk in Korea, China, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Germany, Russia, South Africa, and other nations after all the wars. The Americans will murder a significant number of the prisoners, especially the secret prisoners in secret prisons, out of self-trained fear/hatred, as they have already done, and deny that the prisoners existed, even the ones on record, and fabricate all manner of childish excuses when the denials fail, and therefore further define the Americans as precisely how they defined their enemies, for the same reason, on schedule.

The humans are yet deep within the intellectual dark ages, and George Bush is currently their most accurate and most noticeable representative now that Saddam has been made a prisoner of war.

Intellectually extract yourself from any association, even if you are currently in the military, so you can better observe, question, learn and enjoy the show. You can therefore correct it, if you then hold any incentive to do so.




What to say.... 21 February 2006

"If you do not have anything nice to say, do not say it."

That fallacy has significantly stagnated the knowledge of many humans who could have otherwise contributed to the advancement of humans.

If you have something nice to say, do not say it, because the item or issue is already as it should be, and already known, which is why the mind recognizes it as nice. If you are listening to something nice, you are wasting your time with what is already done, known and already enjoyed.

If you hear something that it not nice, it is an identification of a resolvable contradiction that may be in the speaker's mind or the listener's mind. It is not nice because it is a contradiction to the perceptions of the mind, creating discomfort to the thinking process, identifying unanswered questions. If a contradiction exists, it will continue to cause problems until it is accurately identified and sufficiently questioned to identify the resolution. Under common process, the latter is achieved by discussing the contradiction, sharing information, more efficiently recognizing related questions and answers, that which foolish people prefer to avoid because the original item is not nice.

So if you want to stay ignorant, and want others to stay ignorant, therefore perpetuating the problems that exist, do not say anything if it is not nice.

If you want to advance your knowledge, encourage people to say things that are not nice, to identify and resolve contradictions, and do the same to identify the people who prefer to remain ignorant.

Start enjoying the discussion of that which is not nice, because it is the opportunity to identify and resolve more contradictions, to advance your knowledge.

The moment that you are old enough to understand these words, look for criticism of your actions, and all human actions. Thank people for expressing it. Graciously endure complements if they do not consume too much time, but ignore them. They are useless. From the time you are of that age, and subsequently, you will be learning far more knowledge per month than people who discourage criticism and encourage complements or other nice expressions.

If you are a teenager or younger, moderate your more open criticism of the pitiable chaps who have not learned what you are reading, but ask as many questions as you can, about their contradictions, without angering them too much at any one time. If you are older, and just learning this obvious knowledge, and have encouraged people to say nice things in the past, you have wasted much of those years, which cannot be regained in regard to time, but can be regained in regard to knowledge if you efficiently ask all the questions you failed to prior ask about the contradictions you observed, to an extent of questions per day that therefore identify the further questions of the contradictions you would have observed if you had encouraged the discussion of contradictions.

And thereupon you will laugh more robustly at the institutionally popular fools who give speeches for perpetually ignorant fools who respond with standing ovations rather than asking questions that discomfort the speakers.




Who to seek... 22 February 2006

Those who severely criticize and question power-damaged minds, are the only verifiable friends of power-damaged minds, such as US President George Bush, his DemocanRepublicrat ilk, Saddam Hussein, Tony Blair, the guy ruling North Korea, the Chinese leaders, Osama, the peace organization leaders, the laughably bumbling US National Park Service chaps, and all such institutionally self-victimized sorts.

If you have a glob of gravy dribbled down your suit, among friends and enemies, who will inform you?

If you are making a fool of yourself, because what you say or do is verifiably contradicted and therefore not sustainable, while equally ignorant fools therefore lavish you with praise, who, among friends and enemies, will inform you that your are making a fool of yourself as will be inescapably revealed when your contradiction inherently fails?

A friend is one who asks all the discomforting questions that cause your mind to recognize its contradictions to the extent of recognizing the resolutions so that your words and actions no longer involve any contradictions. Speaking and functioning without creating contradictions creates respect among intelligent people who can offer you more useful knowledge.

Foolish people who stagnate their knowledge, such as politicians and other egotists, seek to be complemented, praised, flattered and respected by ignorant people, rather than seek to be criticized.

The friend is often such because he or she already asked those questions of their own mind, and verified the answers, and can therefore assist you, if you do not seek to stagnate your knowledge.




Americans are not allowed to read these words..... 23 February 2006

If A = B, and B = C, then A = C, a concept beyond the comprehension of American RepublicratDemocans.

The American government is that of the DemocanRepublicrats, otherwise referred to as Republicans and Democrats who are functioning as the same institution not questioning their contradictions.

Each party member, and each person voting for any one or more party politicians, is represented by 100 percent of the actions and words of the political party and its representatives, by definition of the formal party association, in otherwise absence of a logical association of the party, because there is no identified percentage or portion of the political party representing any separate sector of party decisions or actions. Any portion of a party representation would be identified as a different political party. If you state that you vote for the party candidates but you do not agree with some of what they say or do, then you are merely an ignorant person unable to understand the above equation. The controlling decision was to agree with all of what they say and do, by voting for any one or more of them, or not agree, by not voting for any of them. You cannot successfully vote for only part of a politician or political party, because you cannot verify that part as separate from the rest, and that part would deny any separation from the rest by its formal association with the rest.

No human can successfully accept a benefit without the liability of the benefit. There are no one sided coins. If the party leaders say that the party is represented by its leaders, they fool only fools by saying that specific actions carried out in the name of the party do not represent the entire party or the fools who voted for any party candidates. Their option is to disassociate the actions and persons from the party. Notice that the political parties always attempt to claim the benefits of the party while disclaiming specific actions performed in the name of the party, without surrendering the benefits. The party members are merely ignorant of the meanings of words.

Now notice that the US DemocanRepublicrat Regime and its news media consider the Americans, inherently including the RepublicratDemocan party members and voters, to be so dumb (or perhaps so intelligent) that they cannot be allowed to see most of the photos of the American military and other US government thugs torturing and murdering prisoners in Iraq and other US prisons, while the other people around the world are allowed to see the photos. The Americans are not allowed to see what the Americans do, in the name of Americans, with American taxpayer money. Their leaders, who come from the same population pool, allow themselves to see what American military thugs do, to determine what the voters are too dumb or too intelligent to be allowed to see.

Does a society not expand its ignorance in comparison to other societies by not accessing knowledge that other societies access?

If you want to maximize the otherwise openly known and routinely verified torturing of prisoners, to most thoroughly define your society as repugnant, for the longest possible duration of history, such as Hitler's Nazis did by not letting Germans see the photos of what the Hitler's Nazis were doing to Jews, would you not keep the people of your nation from seeing the otherwise available photos of your military thugs torturing and murdering prisoners, so the inevitable reaction was delayed, so more torturing and murdering was perpetrated, as has George Bush's American DemocanRepublicrats?

How many of the countless examples of the dumbing down of Americans, would the successfully dumbed-down Americans need, before they belatedly recognize that they were so successfully dumbed down by the unthinking RepublicratDemocan voters among them, that they are too dumbed down to recognize the results of that process, much to the laughter of the international community?

Like Adolf Hitler and his Nazis, and their ilk throughout human history, George Bush and his mental midget RepublicratDemocans are so self-dumbed down that they sincerely believe that there will be no consequences to their ongoing wars, torturing, slaughtering, imprisoning, destruction, asset seizing and such glaring contradictions.

Enjoy the show.




The pain of it all..... 25 February 2006

Ignore the wars. They are nothing.

Imagine enduring (yet another) extremely emotional, anguishing, "heart wrenching" soliloquy, in which the speaker was in tears expressing his perceptions from the depth of his "emotional being", which, instead of his robust laughter, was the perception of "emotional pain", while the listener recognized that every word the speaker expressed could not possibly conform to its dictionary definitions, and was openly contradicted by the other words of the speaker. And not only did the speaker sincerely believe his illogical words, each time the listener attempted to cause the speaker to recognize that his every desire was readily available if only he used words that held their meanings, the speaker hastily reacted with greater intensity of anguish and self contradicted words to entrench his perception that there was no escape from his self induced contradictions.

That is not an aberration. It is a description of a common emotion-based response to certain categories of stimuli.

Who caused such intensity of needless anguish and pain, and what retribution should be extracted?

If the American perception of retaliatory justice prevailed, the American government chaps and their public school teachers would have their skin stripped from them, in thin slivers, with a dull knife, until they endured the maximum possible pain, and then burned at the stake, over a low fire designed to sustain the aforementioned pain for the longest period of time, in answer to the question.

That is not for all the suffering the Americans induce in the wars they continue to start and support, but for the far greater suffering they induce in the daily lives of common people, exampled by the aforementioned and countless other expressions of frustration, simply because the government and its school teachers refuse (out of abject ignorance, fear, and craving for power over ignorant people) to teach young people how to use words that hold their meanings, and thus how to convey useful knowledge to others and themselves, and therein how to immediately resolve the anguishing, frustrating, perceived problems induced by minds using words that contradict their meanings, as taught to the mind.

And when your attempts to convey simple, reasoning-based arrangements of words, which hold their dictionary meanings, as the knowledge which can efficiently extract people from said emotionally damaging and other frustrating perceptions, cause the amusing government soldiers or police, taught as above described, to shoot you, or imprison you, or cause other people to describe their anger, disdain or disregard for you, you will have derived yet another indicator of the effects of training human minds to not understand the dictionary meanings of words used in institutional contexts, much to your amusement and robust laughter.




What value these words.... 26 February 2006

What value are the words at this website, that is, for the reader, rather than the writer?

Consider the words of John Adams, one of those chaps who helped write the Declaration of Independence, US Constitution, and all of that, who stated, "Posterity! You will never know how much it cost the present generation, to preserve your freedom! I hope you make a good use of it. If you do not, I shall repent in heaven that I ever took half the pains to preserve it."

John was ignorant of how to use words that held their meaning, and much else, or he would have expressed no hope after recognizing and expressing the fact that posterity would never know how much it cost his or any other present generation to manifest and preserve the individual exercise of freedom, against a power-based government, unless posterity paid the same full price.

You can touch the top of the stove, to quickly learn that it is hot, and pay that price. Or you can use more time to ask and answer questions (think), and pay that same magnitude of price, to learn that the top of the stove is hot. That is a common measure of the value of thinking, or the price that another person pays in a different manner.

Think enough, that is, ask and answer enough questions, and you will know what price John and his colleagues paid. Fail to think, and you will not know that price.

Notice how often humans touch the proverbial stove in every regard, instead of using the time to think (ask and answer questions) to learn the same thing. Much more often, fearing the stories of the pain, and too lazy to easily think (ask and answer questions), humans, such as the American RepublicratDemocans, immediately surrender their rights to equally ignorant people with guns (US politicians with a short leash on their armed and unquestioning police, prosecutors and judges), for the rhetorical illusion of safety and security that they never get because it cannot possibly be achieved by that process, as known to anyone who thinks. Intellectually lazy cowards by another name are American DemocanRepublicrats, as proven by the efforts of John Adams and his colleagues being verifiably eliminated from functioning law in the US.

Illuminating the magnitude of American ignorance, the greatest social ignorance in human history, to be protected from wars, the Americans completely surrendered their Constitutionally described rights and money to the aforementioned chaps, and in return got eight US-started wars since World War II, killing many Americans, costing Americans trillions of dollars, entrenching their society in a useless military industrial spiral that consumes most of their labor for the process of destruction, instead of a knowledge advancement process, and creating so much international hatred of the American war mongers that the new form of war, exampled by the successful attack on the World Trade Towers, is permanently sieging, and shall defeat, America, within its own rights-negating, bankrupting, defensive Police State, much to the howling laughter of international observers.

Verification therein was the prior American surrender of even remnants of rights, in return for being protected from airplane hijackers, that resulted in the laughably proven easier hijacking of four airplanes at the same time, killing everyone on board and 3,000 others in the target buildings, which in turn increased the Police State tactics wielded by openly verified, more incompetent, unquestioning airline security personnel, while common people therefore discuss the countless processes to so easily hijack airplanes that the Americans who believe they are safe from hijackers are the dumbest sops on the planet. Even guns and fully detectable bomb decoys routinely get through the security checks, during ongoing testing of the system. Not mentioned are the many more innovative techniques against which there is no security system defense, inherent to hiring unquestioning minions, who want the job more than they want to achieve any security by questioning the obvious incompetence of their superiors, for the complete chain of command and accounting for a security system.

What? It was better to fight those eight wars in those countries, rather than ours? Military mentality fools easily fool fellow fools with the most laughably illogical rhetorical ruses. Not one of those countries had the ability or functional incentive to attack the United States. Each were beset with their own self-defeating contradictions, their own problems only they could solve by learning the related knowledge, just like the Americans who still cannot solve their own countless problems, obviously incapable of solving anyone else's problems. By slaughtering people in those other countries, the only thing the Americans accomplished, in addition to increasing the international hatred of Americans, and advancing to the financial bankruptcy of America, was the identification of Americans as the world's currently most dangerous war mongers who must eventually be destroyed because of their insatiable war quest.

And the attack on the World Trade Towers, the most brilliant military attack in human history, no only illuminated the absolute vulnerability of the American ruse, it triggered the most comprehensive and perhaps concluding American government war on all American citizen rights. Those citizen rights were the only concept that created and distinguished what is called, America. The Americans proved the futility of John Adams' foolish hope. They surrenders the rights created by John and his colleagues, and did so for the illusion of security that John and his colleagues emphasized as not possible to achieve by surrendering rights.

The oldest, most common and most destructive scam on the planet, illuminating the gullibility of humans, is the trade of individual rights, to create the power of ignorant leaders, for the rhetorical illusion of security that is not only never acquired, but becomes the wars, imprisonments and taxation to sustain the power that can never allow individual rights which are mutually exclusive to power.

Posterity did not recognize how much it cost to create and preserve their historically unique individual freedom in the new United States of America, because they did not pay the cost, and therefore they made ill use of it, as is currently manifest. Not even one phrase in the US Constitution, relating to freedom or citizen rights above raw government power, remains in functional effect. You cannot successfully receive something for nothing, or more for less, by design of the human phenomenon. Fail to pay, and you will fail to receive.

The concept of the greatest value among humans, is thinking. Fail to pay the price of the time to think (ask and answer questions), and you will fail to receive its value.

Consider my favorite example, among countless such examples. Even after all US citizen rights (freedom) were easily replaced by privileges, grantable and deniable at whim of ignorant government lawyers, judges, police, politicians and their pitiable bureaucrats, gullible American males were duped into fighting a war in Vietnam, "to defend freedom". That might cause a person to perceive that at least the soldiers learned what John Adams referenced. But besides the veterans who thereafter remained verifiably clueless, many of them became the American government thugs who more maliciously denied other citizens the free exercise of human rights (freedom).

While fighting and surviving in a war is often referenced as a process to learn the value of rights, as I have occasionally referenced, its more common failure for that knowledge is made obvious by the war veterans, such as those among the American DemocanRepublicrat Regime, who then more maliciously attack the rights of citizens, even fellow war veterans, with not even one exception among the war veterans in the American government. The list of direct attacks on the rights of war veterans, by war veteran Congressmen in the DemocanRepublicrat Regime, is extensive and without exception, as is verifiable.

Power transcends all illusions of any human of any other association or reference defending any human right.

The only way to learn the full value of human rights, is thinking, the asking and answering of questions, the process that created the concept of human rights. There is no substitute or sufficient rhetorical contrivance. Touching the top of the stove, or fighting in war for what is therefore only an illusion of human rights, is of little or no comparative value.

John Adams was not referring to the present generation of Colonial soldiers who were paid, however little, but paid, to fight against the British military machine, the most powerful military of its time, just as the modern American soldiers are paid to slaughter whomever the mental midget US presidents sic their gullible soldiers against to gratify the egos of said presidents and crony DemocanRepublicrats. John was referring to the few wealthy landed gentry who wrote the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution. They not only risked their lives against the British king who would hang them immediately, but of more effect, risked their otherwise secure fortunes and comfortable lifestyles, and that of their families, and in many cases lost everything, to create a new nation based on actual citizen freedom from even, and primarily, the government they created.

However distant, an approximate comparison is that of the Vietnamese and Iraqi freedom fighters who risked everything to oppose the seemingly unopposable American military machine, the most powerful military of this time, representing the totalitarian American government. An American soldier's mere perception of an annoyance from a specific location could rain napalm or massive artillery and bombs on the whole village, but that risk to the freedom fighters is worth not living under the murderous American form of government that honors no human rights. The local alternative for the then Vietnamese and now the Iraqi freedom fighter may appear bleak, but not as costly as attempting to be a free person under the US DemocanRepublicrat Police State which honors no written law of the US Constitution or common law.

The signers of the US Declaration of Independence could have otherwise lived their lives in lavish comfort in a typical government-stagnated society, but chose to risk everything to create what they knew would be a historically prosperous, intellectually advancing society if the individuals were free to work for their own diverse and innovative benefits, and that of their families, rather than be taxed and bureaucratically trammeled into servitude to the intellectually stagnant, narrow thinking, power-craving, incessantly destructive whims of mental midgets in government, wielding armed militaries and police who wielded the ruse of law, as were nearly all humans before the American revolution.

People who understand the unlimited social benefits of individual rights and freedom, do not start wars, because they hold no need or benefit in doing so. Mental midgets start wars, and minions ignorant of human rights support them, because they know nothing beyond that Neanderthal craving for inherently contradicted personal power over the other guy.

Every American RepublicratDemocan, the politicians and the gullible sorts who vote for them, their military, police, lawyers, judges, bureaucrats and the large percentage of their still gullible war veterans could read the above, and would remain clueless, for a reason you can completely understand and verify against every question any human mind can devise, if you ask the questions.

But there are always a few people who can understand the substance of John's statement, his other writings, and the concepts that prevail against power, and laugh themselves to tears upon identifying John's implied understanding in contradiction to his expression.

In the future, a certain few people may stumble upon an archived copy of this website, and recognize the understanding and expression of a universally beneficial concept.

The value of these words? These words hold no value for the reader, because he or she did not ask and answer the questions that would result in being able to write these words with the ability to manifest their meanings.

Ask and answer those question, and therefore write your resulting words to learn the ability to manifest their meanings.





Shakespeare.... 29 February 2006

If a lawyer, or a judge, cannot or will not quote to you or read to you, verbatim, the law dictionary definition of common law, in this common law nation, that law being the highest and most flawless social reasoning expressed as written law, the ongoing zenith of the concept of written law, and cannot or will not explain the clause controlling any concern with the myriads of inferior laws which contradict the common law and thus carry no weight, effect or lawful enforcement as law or penalties of law, thus revealing the fraudulent illusion of a need for lawyers, then you know you have an ignorant or dishonest lawyer or judge. Because dishonesty is not sustainable because it creates a contradiction, only ignorant people (all lawyers and judges) who have not yet learned that design of the human phenomenon, would attempt dishonesty.

And therefore, after all the lawyers try to discount the origin or intent of Shakespeare's famous quote, "First, kill all the lawyers.", only lawyers are so pitiably dumb as to not recognize that the words alone, regardless of who said them, or when, stated billions of times wherever the scourge of lawyers infects any society, carry their full meaning to all non-lawyers in the world. The quote is widely repeated on the merits of the meanings of the words themselves, even as a quote from Alphread Monzamatti, or whomever first said those words.

Within a language whose words hold their meanings, there cannot possibly be an honest lawyer who, as a government licensed officer of the court, and thus agent of the government, evades his known legal duty to initiate due process of criminal law against any fellow lawyer who represents legal opinion in contradiction to the common law without informing his client of that fact, despite the highly entertaining and self-contradictory rhetorical tap dancing any lawyer would attempt upon being faced with these words, by a client or anyone else. If your parents or offspring are lawyers, they are described herein, as you can verify if you ask them the obvious questions. They are regarded by the common people around the world, as the commonly most popular playwright suggested of them. They will ALWAYS, sacrifice their children or parents, openly verifiable in face of them, to prison, seizure of assets and even execution, on verifiably fraudulent government charges, before they will expose to public record the controlling contradiction that destroys the raw power of government licensed lawyers and judges, and subjects lawyers and judges to the administration of the common law.

If you think you have a parent or offspring lawyer or a judge, who would not do that to you, your ignorance is likely a (socially trained) family trait that can be verified with a few questions you can only escape by evading the questions. Shakespeare's quote carries inordinate substance that transcends family bonds when the reason for it belatedly becomes known within families.

What? It is now a federal felony offense to quote Shakespeare among lawyers, because they hold a government license and are officers of the court, and therefore, along with the king on their high pedestal above all truth, may not be lawfully offended? I do not advocate any use of any force or violence. It was that Al Monzamatti guy, a playwright or something, who stated: "First, kill all the lawyers".

But it would only create the contradiction of using force, and thus not advance the human phenomenon. First, educate yourself by asking and answering questions, and the same for your friends. Let the pitiable lawyers, judges and other power-damaged minds die of natural causes, if you lack incentive to sooner face them with the self-defeating effects of their contradictions.





Plug the leaks...... 5 March 2006

"Washington Post, Sat Mar 4, 2006 - US launches drive to plug leaks"

"WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Bush administration has launched several investigations to discourage government employees from leaking classified information to news reporters, The Washington Post reported in its Sunday edition." (further details obvious) End.

High tech US government spying on Americans and the world is accumulating vast volumes of recorded information, beyond anyone's control, handled by tens of thousands of new spies, analysts, computer techies, record keepers, liaisons, other arrays of bureaucrats, and more layers of supervisory bureaucrats, each with diverse perceptions, who are also beyond anyone's control, who routinely recognize that what they are doing violates an array of criminal laws, and is fundamentally dishonest, and contradicted, knowing that it robs them of their own individuality, and that of their family and friends in a Big Brother society, and who inherently talk to their friends, including professional, amateur, student and aspiring news journalists, about what they learn, and routinely quit their jobs in disgust, and who inherently include a percentage of common criminals who sell that valuable information for personal income, while their superiors are becoming more threatening against them, launching investigations to intimidate them, creating the inherent incentive to defy the idiot boss, and retaliate, and not one among them can understand the consequences of their process, even if they read these words and you hand them a dictionary. Government people are that ignorant.

The proof of the failure of the system, fundamentally flawed by a controlling contradiction from the get-go, and the ignorance of its instigators, is the above referenced news article which could not have happened if the system was not fatally flawed and self-defeating from the get go.

The secret-keepers hired from the public cannot allow the public, from whom the secret-keepers get their secrets, to know what secrets the secret-keepers are keeping secret from the people who provide the secrets, and therefore cannot possibly keep those secrets, and must punish anyone who holds those secrets, who communicates with anyone without keeping secret what the public knows.

If dissident person A tells dissident person B the names of the ten dissidents in Dissident Group Charlie, and government spy Delta intercepts that information, records it, and marks it Secret, so the public cannot be told that information, has dissident person A already violated the law by telling dissident person B, a member of the public, those ten names that constitute a government secret that the public is not allowed to know, etceteras through the entire gradient of public discussion of information that government dolts record and label secret to fabricate spy agency budgets?

Among the common mix of words inherently stated by many people, when variously selected and ascribed to secret record by any of thousands of routinely hired and routinely quitting or fired government secret-keepers, desperate to decree and record secrets for budget excuses, if an excerpt, which has also been stated by countless other people whose same words are not yet ascribed to the secret records, is stated by a secret-keeper, to a non-secret keeper or a secret-keeper who might quit his job to become a non-secret-keeper, and that action of stating what is both on and off secret records, can be punished, is it not inherent that an intelligent person would not work for the secret-keeping agencies, leaving the secret-keeping agencies with unintelligent personnel, as is otherwise verifiable to be the case, and if a therefore unintelligent secret-keeper advances his intelligence to belatedly figure out the laughable absurdity of government spies who therefore are too ignorant to create a life of their own, spying on other people, and keeping secrets that are inherently not secrets and cannot possibly be kept as an illusion of secrets among the secret-keepers, it is inherent that he too will quit his illusionary secret-keeping job, verifying the ignorance of a society that pays for leaders and their secret-keepers attempting to keep the public ignorant of what they already know and will be reminded of because of the inherent incentive to reveal secrets.

Besides the military secrets to which I have been privy, which were known to the hooch maids before the military officers, and other US military secrets known to the Soviet enemy as soon as they were created by the laughably self-confused US military, and vice versa among universally unthinking military sorts throughout human history, I have been in purportedly important meetings of self purportedly important people of great and weighty titles and credentials, discussing purportedly important matters which were required to be keep secret. If you keep accurate notes of such secret things, which I did, you cannot identify any word or arrangement of words, that is actually a secret, and besides the other guy already knowing such fundamentals of human actions, because the other guy is inherently more intelligent than fools who perceive that they are creating and keeping institutional secrets, the diverse minds in the group privy to the secrets revealed to them, cannot subsequently speak without revealing portions or all of the secrets, because the discussion of the secrets included a mix of concepts that were not secret and not perceived in the same manner by inherently different minds.

The perception of institutional secrets (unlike personal secrets of individual minds) by laughably ignorant people who attempt to keep institutional secrets, and who attempt to discourage government employees from stating what is perceived as a secret (thus entice an equal and opposite reaction, by design), is the identification of ignorant people who simply do not ask and answer the series of questions that reveal the secrets as not secret. Ignorant people cannot keep secrets, verifying the process that precludes institutional secrets.

Americans are functionally stating by the actions of their democratically supported government, their intent to advance their ignorance and reasoning inability, and prove that, by working many hours to pay more taxes to pay legions of bureaucrats to select, record, classify and attempt to hide secrets that are not secrets, from variously decreed and changing enemies, including fellow Americans, who are therefore enticed to easily identify the same information, usually to greater detail than the government chaps identify.

The same process attempts to hide non-secret secrets from common Americans, to keep Americans as ignorant as possible, and arbitrarily punish fellow Americans who intentionally or inadvertently express what other people already know, if that information is found among the billions of pages of classified secrets.

But of course if the American president intentionally or inadvertently states the same information found somewhere on a secret document, no punishment is lawful because the king can do no wrong. His actions define what is lawful regardless of the written law or its application to citizens, therefore again defining the Americans as laughably ignorant sops serving a lawless dictator or king with a president's title, and fooled into gullibly perceiving they are under the rule of written law above the rule of personalities.

Because the Americans, as a generality, are self-induced victims of the currently most powerful and thus most corrupt (ignorant) government on the rock, thus most actively kept ignorant by the governmental information systems, including the American news media that parrots government spokespersons who are tax paid professional copy-ready news writers hired from the news media, the Americans are routinely the last to know diverse arenas of knowledge after the current enemy hooch maids, public and leaders were laughing about it for years.

If you are not laughing yourself to tears at the pitiable American government dolts and the Reuters news reporters who rubber stamp the American government news releases as useful information, you are missing the only show these primitive humans have to offer from the planet Earth stage.





Another proof of the dumbed down Americans.... 6 March 2006

Seattle Tacoma Airport (SeaTac) officials, like many in the US, are so amusingly void of reasoning ability that they genuinely and sincerely believe, and openly prove their belief, that the people who travel through SeaTac Airport are so ignorant that they must be told, over and over and over and over and over again, on the obviously annoying terminal loudspeakers, that the police and fire departments are there to serve you.

Of all the information which could be conveyed at the cost of annoying you, what obviously useless information would you select as the last choice, and would that choice not identify the abject ignorance of a person who would select it, typically a government mentality?

Who, of what degree of intellectual void, genuinely believes that other adults must be told that the police and fire departments are there to serve them, and believes they must be incessantly told in the most annoying manner?

In what society are the public police and fire departments not already known to be purported to be there to serve the people, without having to be informed every eight minutes?

If you were training a dog to understand that the police and fire departments were there to serve the dog, how many times would you repeat that information before you figured out that your process was laughably flawed for dogs and people?

Might it be that the SeaTac officials, if they do not wear ear plugs in the terminal, are trying to train themselves to understand that the police and fire departments are there to serve the people, since everyone else already knows that?

Which police and fire department officials, and their government administrators, of what intellectual ability, would not immediately inform the idiot SeaTac officials to stop annoying SeaTac travelers, in the name of the local police and fire departments?

Nearly all the other incessantly repeated, annoying and useless announcements on American airport loudspeakers prove that the American government personnel sincerely believe that non-government adults are idiots who must be treated like idiot children of idiot parents. But because the non-government adults are the people who successfully work to support both themselves and the government personnel, while the government personnel are so worthless to society that they must seize (rob) their money by force rather than by offering competitive services willingly paid for by others, the government's demonstrated belief that the citizens are less intelligent, compounds the proof of the laughable ignorance of government personnel including their government controlled public airport commissions.

They could read these words, and would only attempt to fabricate yet greater arrays of rhetorical contradictions to convince themselves that their actions are logical, more extensively proving their abject illogicality.

Their institutionally power-damaged minds hold no ability to ask and answer questions to identify and resolve the laughable and annoying (stress-inducing) contradictions of their actions, much to your amusement.

If you want to invest in the future, wisely go to the areas or countries where the people do not consider each other to be so ignorant that they must be incessantly told what children have already learned, and you might therefore find people who are not that ignorant, which eliminates from your consideration, the Seattle Tacoma area of the US State of Washington.



Human population.... 7 March 2006

An extensive, itemizable list of problems of people, individually, geographically and in sum, around the world, are a designed result of the current population of humans having exceeded the sustainable carrying capacity of the earth ecosystem.

The utility of the phenomenon is beyond the scope of this section. The situation is useful and presents no problem except to the perceptions of humans.

The human-effected solution to those types of problems are only available by the use of intellectual technology.

So when you read in the news, that childhood obesity rates will soar dramatically in most parts of the world by the end of the decade, and raise the risk of the obesity induced diseases, among countless such progressions by the design of the human phenomenon, enjoy the show, because not one institution of experts spending vast sums of money discussing the problem, or the many of its nature, can possibly identify a manifestable solution, yet it is amusingly easy to identify the inherently existent, reasoning-based solution that involves no use of force.




Utilization of social time... 8 March 06

For perspective, consider that the total human hours of US citizens just talking about war, which of course includes the news media time and its results, separate from the efforts to sustain war and its processes, rather than talking about processes to find cures for the cancers that will kill the offspring of the congressmen, military sorts and other government dolts supporting wars, is likely more than enough to discover those cures.

Sympathize with the non-government victims.

When a significant percentage of a society's time and effort is centered on the process of killing and destroying, as so evident in the currently most powerful nation of the world, it will likely succeed, much to the robust laughter of those who understand the insatiably addicting nature of power.




What?... 9 March 2006

As reported in the news, and easily verifiable, much to the amusement of military veterans, the entire chain of command of the US Army is still not adequately informing any prospective recruits, and few troops, about high frequency noise induced hearing loss. The Army dolts in command are not providing adequate hearing protection where and when it is necessary to retain one's hearing, and not providing related medical attention.

The results were verified and are permanent among the people leaving the Army. The same was found to be true among the US Marines.

Of course the Veterans Administration (VA) is likewise burying the increasing claims in endless paperwork designed to deny assistance and compensation, as with the case for other medical problems of veterans.

Identical to the lazy, ignorant, self-privileged officer class of the Roman Legions and all other militaries, that action illuminates the normal and ongoing contempt for common cannon fodder recruited as enlisted men (and equally gullible women), by US military officers and DemocanRepublicrats. The lies to the contrary only contribute to more noise.

Of course that is only one example of many, including the denials of the effects of Agent Orange dioxin, no-so-depleted uranium and numerous other military materials, etceteras.

The concept is perpetuated by the self-induced ignorance of gullible enlisted people who were taught to dutifully ask no questions of anyone older, and their ignorant parents who likewise believe, rather than question, the incessant lies of the government and other self-titled institutions. They were likewise taught to not listen to the "unpatriotic" ex-servicemen who belatedly started asking questions of those damaging lies, and who attempt to inform young people of the results of those questions, and who are more than happy to answer questions that are not asked because young Americans are not taught how to ask questions.

It is laughably easy to prevent high frequency noise induced hearing loss, at inconsequential or no cost to military effectiveness, by two obvious processes, among others, after one understands the concept because one is informed of it. But institutions cannot discuss the contradictions upon which they built their institutions, without creating questions of the other lies, even those so easily corrected as the ones perpetuating permanent damage to hearing caused by military environment noise, which might cause questions of not-so-depleted uranium, etceteras. Therefore each next gaggle of officer class liars remains ignorant of the truth, and afraid of it, and thus cannot tolerate related questions, to thus perpetuate the ignorance and its damages to their victims.

If you perceive that the US military and the DemocanRepublicrat Regime learned nothing from the Vietnam war, as proven by the Afghan war and Iraq war, or nothing of Agent Orange as proven by not-so-depleted uranium, and do not yet understand the categorical extent of the institutional phenomenon, talk to any Vietnam veteran with permanent ringing in his ears, and ask some current Army or Marine enlisted persons some related questions.

For your amusement, next time you see a military recruiter or a gullible new victim of a recruiter, just say, "High frequency noise induced hearing loss." If you are with a friend, have that friend say, "What?" And rightfully laugh.

You might do some good. The recruiter will recognize your intelligence, and be immediately reminded of his ignorance, to the sound of the ringing in his ears, and may decide to stop lying to prospective recruits, and might even start asking questions, and therefore be discharged from the military because the military cannot tolerate those who seek to learn new knowledge by asking questions, and thus become more intelligent.

The success of the government's dumbing down of Americans is most noticed among the government sorts. Rightfully laugh at them. Their becoming progressively more ignorant is their only constructive contribution to society.





How to efficiently become very intelligent...... 10 March 2006

Or with less effort, how to easily become more intelligent than the people around you.

Certainly you will recognize that you already know that easy process. Is that not true?

Why do government people, of all governments, throughout human history, consistently display laughably obvious ignorance of common sense and problem solving process, as did I when I was one, much to by subsequent amusement, while non-government people display the full spectrum of intelligence, from those who are as ignorant as the pitiable government chaps, to those who create the advances of the human phenomenon?

Of course, you answered the question before you read this sentence, and wrote your answer, because you are exercising the process to become very intelligent, but are not yet certain of your efforts or you would be writing more of such things rather than wasting your time reading words written by another person.

Government people, other institutional chaps, and a percentage of the common people, hold power. Therefore, they consume X percent of their time telling other people what to do, and threatening them with all manners of force or illusions of force, a result of the effects of power on any human mind. Therefore, they spend that time making statements. Notice they dodge, flee or attack questions, instead of answering them.

In contrast, because a percent of the non-government sorts hold no power, they spend more of their time, either a little more or a lot more, asking questions. While the government chap holds incentive to make statements, resultant from his job, telling people what to do, the non-government person has that time available for asking questions, if he wisely uses it in that manner.

You have 24 hours per day. You train your mind by how you use it.

The more questions you ask, even if only that, the more intelligent you will become in comparison to the person who asks fewer questions, by design of the human brain's process for routing data (electrical pulses) that a certain synaptic response process recognizes as questions which therefore induce the next response, the answer to the question, compounding the thought process for any one data item, rather than stopping the response process at the original recognized statement of a conclusion.

The accuracy of the conclusion is immaterial. The questioning process effects the recall and associative utility of the conclusion, within the brain. You will less often remember accurate conclusions that are not questioned, and if remembered, they will not hold the most useful form (questioning process results) of prior formed associations when subsequent data routinely calls them into question. Lacking the question-induced associations with the prior contradictions that were resolved with the conclusion, the new data more often induces confusion rather than immediate contradiction resolution process extending from the previous process. For example, you will remember little or nothing useful of the inordinately useful knowledge available in this paragraph, unless you ask the questions that verify or disprove it in relation to your existing knowledge, which can be sustained against additional questions.

Obviously, if you answer the questions you ask, or find the answers, and write them, the results of the original effort are compounded. If you only ask them, and never answer them, you could end up as useless as a philosopher, but even that is much better than a government dolt, unless you are a public university philosophy instructor (government dolt).

It is that easy. Just ask a few more questions each day, or perhaps, several more.

Notice that all humans hold the same brain design, by design, which you might consider verifying. Circumstance alone demarcates those among them who fell victim to government employment, as was I, or employment by any other power based institution, such as citizen rights organizations which pursue the power of a larger membership and more money, in contrast to those who get competitive private enterprise jobs which must effect the process of reasoning (asking and answering questions) to produce the better product or service, against constantly thinking competition, to derive a livelihood from other people who can take their money to the more thinking company that offers the better service or product.

So you hold no advantage over the other guy, including the pitiable government dolt, as more thoroughly explained elsewhere, except to the extent that you ask and answer questions (think).

Of course the chap who has a government job for five years will generally be five years behind the person who did not fall victim to government employment, in regard to a general level of knowledge, if that non-government person was in a genuinely competitive situation. But a previous government or other institutionally trained mind can surpass the intelligence of the private enterprise person, if the previous government sort asks and answers more questions than the non-government person did during the time interval of the government employment plus the subsequent duration of questioning opportunity. That is less likely because, of all institutions, government most trains minds to not ask questions.

Therefore, regardless of what you did before you read these words, if you have not already started the process to efficiently become very intelligent, start asking a lot of questions, to the extent of your available time, and write them, answer them, and write the answers, then ask questions of your answers. Boring stuff, but you will become more intelligent, which can be both useful and highly enjoyable.

Oh, if you perceive that you cannot identify a useful question for an obvious contradiction, leave your last question handy, and start asking questions of entirely different concepts. The answers that are seemingly unavailable, are often found in the knowledge derived from questioning seemingly unrelated contradictions. Question diverse subject matters. Emphasize the questioning of the contradictions of your own institutions. And use words that hold their meaning. And all that other stuff.

You will rarely find the answer to a current frustration, with only the knowledge you currently recognize as associated with that frustration, except when you are refusing to answer one or more of the recognizably associated questions.

And stop wasting your time reading other people's useless conclusions, such as this, unless you want related material to question.

Oh, watch the intellectually moribund old US DemocanRepublicrats dodge questions, with their superlative rhetorical expertise, and while you are laughing, therefore recognize why common-sense people recognize the American government as the world's current zenith of ignorance, with obvious results.




Your children.... 11 March 06

If you want your offspring to efficiently become more intelligent than nearly everyone in the world, and as intelligent as the remainder, effect their learning intellectual technology. But they will quickly become much more intelligent than you, which you certainly desire if you are wise enough to effect their learning intellectual technology.




The Attack Dogs... 12 March 06

Anyone else would have to pay good money for a show like this. Oh, we did.

Do not Condoleezza Rice, Rumsfeld and George Bush (and their owner, Dick Cheney) manifest the intellectual ability of the attack dogs they used to bite and thus torture prisoners in Iraq's Abu Graihab prison?

In their military-orchestrated demonization of Saddam Hussein and his regime, before and during George's personal ego war against Saddam, several military psychological operations teams fabricated and pandered many stories to the dutiful parrots of the US news media which profits from cranking out cheap column inches of print, or broadcasting any available sound bytes (tax paid copy ready news releases). Among them was the story of Saddam's two sadistic sons using attack dogs to torture their personal enemies held prisoner. The stories even involved that maliciousness being carried out in Saddam's notorious Abu Graihab prison torture chambers.

Now, if you pandered such a story, phony or real, for the purpose of demonizing the enemy, or if the story happened on its own, and you knew that your own military had many attack dogs with attack dog mentality dog handlers, would you not be smart enough to take every possible action to insure that your own minions were told that they cannot use attack dogs to torture prisoners, and insure that no one inadvertently did that, because the story is being intentionally emphasized to identify the enemy as intolerably evil?

What is your intelligence level, and reasoning ability, in comparison with the idiots of the US RepublicratDemocan Regime and their unthinking military supported by equally unthinking people?

Power-damaged minds, from the President to his lowest minion, of any institution or society, are flat laughably ignorant, by design of power, which cannot be successfully hidden or kept secret. There is no human ability to successfully portray a power-damaged mind as anything but flat bumbling dumb, except among fools of their ilk who are self-trained to perceive malicious ignorance as patriotism and other goodisms.

An animal mind, whether human or dog, trained to maliciously attack on order without questioning orders, as are US military personnel including the entire officer corps, and not trained more intensively to distinguish each reasoning-based demarcation that would prevent an illogical attack, will attack on order or perception of order, as trained. That is the purpose and result of training. The fools in any military, the US DemocanRepublicrat Regime, and every other power-based institution, literally cannot understand the substance of the preceding sentences, as proven by the ongoing wars and the events within them, resulting from said training, including the predictable events yet to be exposed on schedule.

So it was predictable, among all the other examples, that attack dog mentality George Bush would be caught with the results of his attack dog mentality military minions using attack dogs to torture prisoners after Bush and boys defined that repugnant act as so evil that Saddam's sons had to be gunned down because they used attack dogs to torture prisoners.

So is Bush a failure for using attack dogs, or are his military psyops teams failures for emphasizing the evil of using attack dogs, or the Iraqis failures for not sooner gunning down US military attack dog boys, or who for which contradiction built upon what contradiction? Which contradiction resolves all the others, and which cannot possibly resolve the others?

Therefore attack dog mentality Condoleezza Rice was trapped into emphasizing the comedy by attempting a rhetorical tap dance through the preceding, to fool fools, first herself as usual, into believing that the same action produces opposing conclusions if the attack dogs have different names, such as Bush instead of Saddam, much to the laughter of people who are not gullible RepublicratDemocan fools.

The process of reasoning is beyond the comprehension of power-damaged minds.

As each next example of Bush, Rumsfeld and Condoleezza's actions and words, evil and maliciousness is exposed as they defined evil in the identical actions of their enemy, often worse than the enemy because Bush wields more raw power (larger bombs and more artillery). They cannot understand their descriptions of the other guy, in their own actions. Their rhetorical illusions fool fools who think "the other guy" is the controlling concept, not the verifiable description of the actions. They do as Saddam did to fool himself and the Iraqis who did not questions Saddam.

Enjoy the show of the fools who believe and support the Saddam's, Bush's and such power-damaged minds throughout human history.




A Note for Record of the Time.... 14 March 2006

Some of the fundamental questions that convey inordinately useful knowledge to the people whose minds form and express such questions, while rarely expressed anywhere, but found in writing throughout human history, simply do not yet exist on the internet, except for a certain few examples.

Therefore it might be suggested that the initial group of people who are creating and contributing to websites during this new era of the initial internet phenomenon, as a generality, are not those who spend much time thinking (asking and answering questions) in regard to certain fundamental concepts of the human phenomenon, or transferring prior such thinking from hard copy material to online digital format.

There will be many studies on the initial internet phenomenon, including studies of the types of people who were involved.

All human activity, including that which created the internet, involves vast arrays of thinking (identifying and resolving contradictions to ascertain useful results). But notice the arenas of incessantly discussed contradictions that prevail throughout time, rather than being promptly resolved upon identification. Therein thinking is scant. Related activity abounds, but not thinking.

Among many similar examples, consider the paucity of websites that include the question: "Is there any power that does not corrupt?"

To ask that inordinately valuable question, if it is answered and the answers questioned, leads to the controlling contradiction of any power, the reason no commonly wise person will ever adopt or use any form institutional power. With such knowledge one can efficiently advance their knowledge well beyond anyone else they can find.

For the process to identify many concepts, knowing where to not look is sometimes the controlling concept. What would you like to manifest in society? Too easy, if you know that no form of power can sustainably manifest it, while the rest of the world is trying to achieve enough power to achieve the goals that therefore elude them.

In the future people will recognize that this website represents the first significantly wide distribution of the knowledge of intellectual technology, and they will laugh at the internet proofs that the technology was not understood by internet-active people for several or more decades. The answers to your several resulting questions are available to your mind.

Of course intellectual technology has been understood since the invention of the human mind, by design, but its counterbalance has been so effective, by imperative of the balance, that learning the knowledge has always been rare and a result of inordinately unusual circumstances. Successful distribution of the knowledge has also been rare, by design.

To this date, there are no other indications of intellectual technology on the internet. Intellectual technology cannot be successfully represented by anything except itself, because it represents the invitation to effective questions of itself, which of course identify and preclude any errors in representation. No mind attempting to fraudulently represent intellectual technology or any other concept can answer the controlling questions of it, or they would not attempt a fraudulent endeavor therefore of no sustainable utility, and fooling only fools of no sustainable utility.

In the gradient of words and concepts there are references to intellectual technology that mean different things, and concepts that are similar, but those, like all things, are identified with questions commonly asked for just that purpose. There are many technologies amid much intellectual endeavor.

Throughout history, attempts at public discussion of intellectual technology have routinely resulted in disadvantageous, destructive or deadly attacks by government and other power-based institutions, so far often effective. Power cannot exist in the face of knowledge, and knowledge is most efficiently learned with intellectual technology. Amusingly, in addition to other unusual circumstances, the dumbing down of America, most affecting the minds of government personnel, has left them too ignorant to recognize what intellectual technology represents, even if they read these words and the rest of this website. So the American DemocanRepublicrat Regime does not understand the substance of thinking, or they would kill more thinking people, as have their power-dependent predecessors of other empires.

In the future, when intellectual technology is utilized to any noticeable extent, the human phenomenon will advance with a quantum change, replacing socially destructive government power with the unlimited benefits of reasoning. Of course governments still imprison or slaughter people to protect government power from reasoning, but the emergence of humans out of their government and institutionally defended intellectual dark ages is inherent, with the timing of no consequence beyond amusement. Intellectual technology may be successfully conveyed to common people by the internet, if the governments are unable to kill intelligent people faster than the internet creates them with the questions they therefore encounter and develop in their minds.

Learn intellectual technology and therefore either enjoy the show or suddenly advance the entire human social system if you retain any incentive to do so.

Oh, you might do that soon, and suggest the same among your friends, because with Bush and his Cave Troll type RepublicratDemocan Regime in Washington DC, among other intellectually repressive regimes, the mention of genuine intellectual technology could disappear from the internet, and only reappear in the future, initially at obscure places.


End of Intech Concepts 28


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