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The Israel - Iranian war... 11 December 2005

It seems from certain news articles that nuclear power Israel has now expressly threatened to militarily attack Iran by 28 March 2006, if Iran does not verifiably abandon its nuclear energy program.

The usual threats among intellectually absent school yard bullies with government titles, obviously less capable of human reasoning than the children they attempt to bully, which is why they attempt to bully people rather than express reasoning for open questioning, are more amusing when a date is attached to the manifestation of an inherently untenable contradiction.

The creation of yet another contradiction is certain on that date, with no escape except for the retraction of the threat and the payment of compensation for all damages, including loss of time, caused by the threat (make the damaged party whole again). The power-damaged minds of people who make threats of force cannot understand the latter half of the preceding sentence, which further explains the humor created by the minds which perceive force as the process to resolve contradictions.

In face of the threat, Iran's government officials have responded with their stated intention to pursue Iran's inherent and unalienable right to continue their nuclear energy program.

Because electricity can kill, and be used to efficiently make more things that can kill, utilizing the laughable ignorance level expressed by Israel leaders in this case, they would have prior attempted to prevent those other guys from obtaining the means to make electricity, or attempted to deny those other guys the right to mine iron which could make swords that can kill.

Israel's failure to attack by that date will prove that it will not act on the bluffs of its idiot current leaders. Obviously, expressing the bluff was a controlling contradiction at play.

Or, Israel's attack by that date, against a sovereign nation that is did not attack Israel, for doing what other nations which are not attacked by Israel are doing, will prove the Arab world's charges against US supported Israel, leaving the Arab world with more incentive and the necessity to easily destroy Israel and the US by easily innovative means, or be rightfully perceived to be inferior humans who must beg for permission to do what inherently equal humans in the nuclear powered nations do.

It is not coincident that the US, by creating the category of enemy combatants, which defines Arabs and Muslims as sub-human, without even those minimal human rights described for prisoners of war, has compounded the revealed American attached Israeli perceptions that Iranians are sub-human, without the rights of humans in other nations.

The contradiction is absolute, and untenable. The effort to sustain a contradiction defies the design of the human mind, which creates entertainment for the observers.

The resolution to the contradiction is amusingly easy. The process is just knowledge.

The advantage goes to he who learns the knowledge. Inordinate advantage.

The superficial entertainment offered by the contradiction is illuminated in any of countless discussions of the countless lesser contradictions creating the greater or next contradiction by the efforts to sustain rather than resolve the lesser contradictions. The Israel government chaps, like the US government chaps, have been emboldened by their previous military endeavors, identical to that of the Romans, Huns and such dolts. Therefore what they cannot comprehend is that every military venture (use of force above reasoning), whether successful or not, created a consequence or result that is perceived by the opponents, that is not understood by the attackers, or the attackers would never attack a second time, and would instead make the damaged party whole again.

Therefore, while the Israeli bullies perceive that their previous attacks have strengthened their ability to attack again, and more effectively threaten or bully more people into submission, the consequences of their actions taught more people to better prepare against Israel's inherent next attack. Power is insatiable and therefore flawlessly predictable. All of the most intellectually advanced personnel within the Israel and US governments could read this section, and their minds cannot possibly learn the highly useful lesson so obvious to any common people, as is verifiable in a series of questions that could convey the knowledge to said minds if they ever encountered incentive to learn that knowledge which could be used to thereupon prevail against all enemies who retained their addiction to power. But not even one of those government minds holds any incentive to learn anything beyond the use of power, by design of the power-damaged mind.

The previously defeated enemies, and all of their colleagues and uninvolved humans, learned useful knowledge about the attacker, and thus about the vulnerabilities of his power, because of incentive created by the increasing threat of another power-mad nation, while the successful attacker deluded his mind with the illusion that raw power will prevail above the abilities of the human mind, for lack of incentive to learn anything beyond raw power. Has not every action of George Bush been flawless in that regard?

The amusing Israeli sorts, with their self-flattering, self-deluding spy system, like that of the laughably failed US, Brits and other spy systems administered by idiots attempting to learn what is in the minds of other humans before learning what is in their own minds, perceive that the Iranians do not already have a deliverable nuclear weapon, and cannot possibly comprehend any of the otherwise easily understood controlling contradictions of the array of Iranian-utilizable contradictions created by the American/Sheite/Sunni/Kurd/Turkish/Pakistani/Islamic/Christian/Arab/UN/Brit/Polish/Italian/Japanese/oil/anti-American quagmire war on the land between Israel and Iran.

If the above was available to you, among vast arrays of other opportunities available to the thinking human, and you knew that Israel was going to bomb your nuclear energy facilities with the hundreds of American made bunker buster bombs that Israel openly bought from the world's leading war machine a year or so ago, by 28 March 2006, because you cannot possibly surrender a human right for the people around you, creating an absolute contradiction, what process would you easily devise to cause the Israelis to defeat themselves by bombing your facilities? It is inherent that you could do that. It is inherent that the Israelis cannot defend against it and bomb a country that did not attack Israel.

Israel leaders are therefore dependent upon the Iranian leaders not learning anything from the knowledge of past and current history openly available to the world, and remaining as monumentally ignorant as Israel leaders. A fool perceives that his opponent is less intelligent that the fool.

It was inherent to the invention of nuclear bombs, by power-damaged minds, that, because power-damaged minds administer nuclear bombs, nuclear bombs would ultimately be utilized to effect the maximum damage to humans, available to that process of power, which, by chance, is much less than perceived by those who do not understand the consequences of each individual action within a series of actions, but still rather dramatic consequences, with a lot of death and destruction, unless a certain event is effected among humans, that being the process of effecting the ability of a power-damaged mind to regain the utilization of reasoning. As mentioned elsewhere in this website, the forgoing sentence describes the demarcation between the intellectual dark ages of human history, that is, the current condition of that species, and the first quantum advancement of the human phenomenon.

Obviously, because wars remain so popular among the primitive humans, insatiably addicted to their sweet illusions of power, within the current intellectual dark ages, the defeated enemies are applying their incentive to design more innovative forms of force, but however laughably primitive, with no ability to resolve the involved contradictions with force, the advantage goes to the mind with greater incentive to think, by design of the human mind. The process of thinking (asking and answering questions), prevails for the human species. If after having been defeated or stalemated by an enemy who therefore revealed his process, would you want the resources of your enemy's process, or a person who thinks? Notice the fools who want the resources of their enemy's process, and notice what has always ultimately defeated the greater power.

Among the gambits Iran can use, as one in a mix of gambits, and laugh while using it, Iran need only decree, again, that it has abandoned its nuclear energy program, but not do so in fact, and pursue its efforts with just a bit more secrecy, easily making fools of the fools who perceive that they cannot be fooled. The concept of secrecy, dear to the illusions of the Israelis, Americans and all other power-damaged minds, could not exist if it had no effect on the human mind. The object would not be to prevent an Israel attack that cannot be prevented with power-based or deception-based concepts (contradictions), but to more effectively defeat Israel with Israel's attack. The attack can be successfully endured by Iran, just as is being done in Iraq and Afghanistan, and was done in Vietnam and Korea, etceteras, while the attacker therefore more greatly damages himself, ultimately to his demise.

But the process of thinking to devise greater power, while easily resulting in the ability to destroy other humans playing the power game, is the reason that power cannot prevail against power, for the purpose of resolving a contradiction. Power never opposes itself, or it could not exist as a concept within the human mind, by design of power. Any human or institution wielding power will ultimately be destroyed by a power-based reaction to another human or institution, within that game, because of the controlling concept of the superficially defeated human minds therefore deriving the controlling victory or advantage of gaining greater incentive to think, but within that game, only power itself prevails, which cannot achieve the purpose of resolving a contradiction. Power always wins within the power game played by idiot humans whose power-damaged minds perceive that power serves them as humans, and yet more laughable, perceives that power does not serve itself among the enemy.

Which power-based governments, precisely defined at the time they gained power in each nation at that time, are, by that definition, no longer in power? Simply list them. How did they lose their power? And where is the power? Which power-based governments currently in power, have already illuminated their inherent demise, to commonly thinking humans? Consider that the US government was created and based on the US Constitution, and still formally defines itself with that document. But that definition is now only an illusion fooling fools. Not one limit on government power stated in that document prevails, and not one human right stated in that document remains in effect in the US. Bring forward any human who perceives that the previous sentence can be successfully challenged, and I will ask the questions to prove and verify the previous sentence, and prove the ignorance of the person so foolishly challenging such an easily verified truth. All the rights were turned into privileges, grantable and deniable at whim of power-damaged minds with government jobs, among the monumentally ignorant, gullible Americans. The United States of America, as it defines itself, has already been defeated by the power it used to create itself, leaving the idiot Americans under the rule of decree, raw power, by the RepublicratDemocan Regime, and its glaring detriments to humans, inherent to the use of power above reasoning. Long past the manifestation of that new American government having voided all human rights, the American government dolts now even openly defend and exercise the power to torture humans to death, as did the Nazis, spy on citizens, as did the Nazis, etceteras, while also rhetorically denying what they are observably doing and defending, as a means to gain more power over the enemy, those terrorist suspects who are anyone the government dolts summarily decree to be suspects, identical to the therefore failed governments of Saddam, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and every such power-damaged mind in human history, much to the laughter of the observers. How would you describe a nation that imprisons more of its people than any other nation, with over half of the people imprisoned, and over eighty five percent of those arrested, having harmed no persons, property of public policy described in the prevailing law? Well, what is your description of such a government, to compare it with other governments? Raw, reasonless power rules the idiot Americans who are so illogical that they are still feeding the power of their therefore increasingly malicious and thus self-doomed DemocanRepublicrat Regime. The history of their demise is already written, as another comedy for the observers.

Power serves itself, and is the counter balance of reasoning. Merely learn what power and reasoning are, and how they function within the human mind. Therein, you will inherently analyze the results of each concept among humans, and be amused by how you previously overlooked such glaring and flawless patterns of human actions throughout the existence of humans. Those two patterns identify the first and controlling demarcation within the human mind.

Simply learning such knowledge, easily done by asking and answering the inherently existent questions of perceived errors or contradictions within such expressions, can be used to effect the resolution of the Iran nuclear power issue, or the Israeli objection to Iranian nuclear power, or any contradiction, by any description.

Because the Israel government chaps taught themselves that their power can prevail, they are laughably ignorant of their enemy in the Iranian nuclear power issue. The Israeli boys perceive Iran to be the enemy, rather than the consequences that Israel has accumulated by its previous, inherently contradiction-accumulating, power-based actions, much to the robust laughter of the observers. How was a power-based confrontation over nuclear power created, and what is the only ultimate consequence within that game, regardless of the number of proverbial moves within that game, effected by power-damaged human minds reacting to each prior move?

Most of the comments herein refer to the defeat of the Israelis, because Israel is the currently dominant power, foolishly threatening power itself, therefore with one obvious consequence, by design of power. However, knowledge prevails. The Iranians are equally foolish in their pursuit of power instead of knowledge, and can be as easily defeated with knowledge, if the Israelis chose to learn new knowledge. But of course, that is not within the understanding of the power-damaged minds of the Israeli government chaps.

The end of the game, within the power game for the power of nuclear bombs, is flawlessly known. Power always serves itself, and never humans. Not one power-damaged human mind, including every human with a government job, can comprehend the utility of that immutable concept within the design of the human phenomenon, even if they read these words, and their power was dependent upon learning the knowledge, as is verifiable. Enjoy the show.

Who would like to prevail in regard to the referenced contradiction, the Israelis, the Iranians, the UN chaps, the Americans, the downwind neighbors, this or that organization or anyone else? The knowledge to prevail is theirs or yours for the asking. But they must ask. They cannot otherwise derive any useful knowledge. Knowledge is derived from asking and answering questions.

It is verifiably proven to be of no value to send a letter to the governments of Israel and Iran, or any other institution, to offer their leaders the knowledge which could promptly effect their sustainably prevailing above their perceived opponent.

So if any of you readers wish to inform any of the involved government chaps that they can promptly prevail in regard to their desires, regardless of opposition, by learning the referenced knowledge available to them upon inquiry, you may do so, for what you will therefore learn from each of your progressively more knowledgeable attempts.

Because that offer will not be utilized for any resolution to any contradiction, the results of the next Israel-Iran war, over nuclear power, will again illuminate the results of all wars, such as the US-Iraq/Afghan/Somalia/Vietnam/Etc war, perhaps with consequences a bit more entertaining this time. The human show tends to become more amusing, sometimes dramatically.

The advantage goes to he who learns the knowledge.





Condoleezza Rice.... 13 December 2005

13 December 2005, Condoleezza Rice, US Secretary of State, at a speech before the Heritage Foundation, stated:

"And Iran continues to meddle in Iraqi affairs and to support violence in Iraqi society."

That was just too good to not illuminate at this website.




Living in a bubble... 14 December 2005

Select diverse identified contradictions. Then resolve them, not for the utility of the resolutions, but to learn the commonalities of the origin and resolutions of all contradictions as a controlling concept.

And the process is intellectually fun.

During December 2005, President George Bush stated that he did not live in a bubble.

The rhetorical illusion created by the "living in a bubble" phrase, generally represents the concept of living in a social arena or social group of noticeably limited knowledge, effecting institutional processes to isolate oneself from the outside world, while noticeably more expansive knowledge surrounds the aforementioned social arena. Or by another description, living in ignorance while knowledge is readily available.

Like others of his ilk, George proves that he is living in a limited information bubble, by his denial of a concept inherent to an institution leader.

If George were not living in that proverbial bubble, and therefore did not suffer from its effects, he would openly state that, as an institution leader (president of the United States), he inherently lives in a bubble, as the phrase is commonly used, and then state the actions he verifiably manifests to limit it effects, so that the actions could be questioned to preclude further of its effects.

The people who use the phrase, especially the news journalists living inside their institutional bubble, preclude their understanding of the phenomenon by using the phrase, living in a bubble. A bubble is defined as such. It is not possible for a human to live in a bubble. The expression of the contradiction still exists because society teaches its young to use words that do not hold their meanings, and therefore cannot extract themselves from an endless series of contradictions because they do not know how to describe an uncontradicted concept.

After learning how to use words that hold their meanings, a person need only describe a contradiction in its fundamental terms, to recognize the questions that resolve the identified contradiction.

Living in a bubble is more usefully described as functioning within the organizational manifestations of human fundamentals, described near the start of this website.

The organizational manifestations of human fundamentals identify a controlling contradiction.

The resolution of the contradiction requires one to learn human fundamentals, and the manifestations of those fundamentals in the organizational or institutional context.

The certainty that a particular mind cannot learn such things is identified by its denial that they exist or the denial that the involved mind is involved.

An example process to facilitate not living in a proverbial bubble while holding an institutional leadership job, would involve hiring advisors who consistently and verifiably opposed your decisions, and replace those advisors when they began agreeing with your decisions. The wisdom in doing so becomes obvious to any commonly intelligent person the moment the previous sentence is recognized. Of course those who live in said bubble, as does George Denial, cannot understand that concept, by definition.

A decision is only known to be sustainable after all the questions of it are answered without creating a contradiction. Opponents question decisions. Supporters laud those decisions. The utility of the former, and uselessness of the latter, is obvious, except to George Bush and his ilk who are clueless of the concept of identifying sustainable decisions. To their power-damaged minds, acquiring and retaining their financially lucrative, ego-based jobs, by any means within their power, constitutes the zenith of human intellectual ability. They will never effectively question anything that contributed or contributes toward their retaining their jobs (power).

Their entire existence is predicated on creating and defending their bubble of limited knowledge in what is otherwise the entire spectrum of knowledge that could be used to create unflawed decisions.

George and his institutional ilk obviously live in a laughably limited knowledge bubble, with such secure fortress walls that they are clueless of the knowledge beyond those walls, even if they read these words, much to your amusement.



Code for current bomb threat... 21 December 2005

You may rightfully recognize how few people visit this boring website, and how fewer read even a few paragraphs of the words, and how fewer understand these common English words, especially among those who read English, for the reason that every person can learn and thus never again be unable to understand anything they sufficiently question.

Of course our dear and benevolent government personnel and all such power-damaged minds cannot understand any of this, just as I could not have understood it back when I worked for the government, foolishly believing my superiors, before I started asking the type rational questions that are abhorrent to government sorts. Those chaps are confused or angered by these common English words describing highly useful concepts, as can be verified with a few questions. If those fine folks stumble upon this website, they quickly stop reading these words even though, if they asked sufficient questions to understand what they were reading, a painless and inexpensive process, they could learn how to promptly manifest their governmental or organizational desires, much to their great credit and unmatched public respect.

If you were writing these words, and foolishly wanted to offer the knowledge they hold, to the minds of US government chaps, merely by presenting these words to government chaps, rather than writing these words to more wisely advance only your own knowledge, how would you cause more government sorts to carefully read these words, by effect of these words only?

Is that not laughably easy, even just for the entertainment, with the pitiable US government chaps deathly fearing their rhetorical illusions, and spending billions of tax dollars to spy on everyone and all computer communications?

Notice that the question involves causing those folks to read these words, not understand them. Causing them to read the words is easy. Causing them to understand what they read would require their own incentive to ask themselves questions of the contradictions they recognized, and write the answers, and ask questions of those answers. To manifest the identified goals, regardless of the hopelessly ignorant government folks, involves a different process derived from learning the knowledge by simply asking and answering those laughably harmless questions that the power-damaged minds of government chaps verifiably fear more than death.

Consider the amusing news that some Canadian high school students from Vanier Catholic Secondary School, living in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, near Alaska, who otherwise could not rationally gain any attention by US government personnel, were recently added to the U.S. Homeland Security list of more than 1,500 anti-war groups considered a risk to American security. They have been added to the list of other organizations such as the Florida Quakers and student unions from major American universities. How did they achieve that attention and create such a threat to American security?

First, notice how governments, especially the US DemocanRepublicrat Regime, define themselves by routinely fearing and spying on anti-war groups. By the utility of language, it can only be a pro-war, or war monger, government that supports or ignores pro-military citizen groups, and spies on anti-war groups, as does the vulnerable, fear-driven US government. If a government was going to spy on anyone (a flawed concept), would not a government that advocates peace rationally support or ignore anti-war groups, and spy on pro-military or pro-war groups? The US RepublicratDemocan Regime has consistently defined itself as an anti-peace, pro-war government by spying on anti-war groups, and harassing them, most notably during the Vietnam and Iraq wars. It can only be self-contradicted (lying) government leaders who spy on anti-war groups while rhetorically espousing peace. When you use words that hold their meaning, you learn the effect of those folks who are too ignorant to do so. All the DemocanRepublicrats who say they support peace, while their Regime has not fired every government agent spying on anti-war groups, and has recently hired many more government agents to spy on anti-war groups, merely illuminate the results of the dumbed-down American government chaps incapable of understanding how to use language to convey useful knowledge. If they do not want to stop spying on anti-war groups, they need only state that they oppose peace, and support war as a means to resolve contradictions, to thus not make fools of themselves by their currently contradicting the meanings of the words they use. Notice that they cannot do either, that is, stop spying on peace organizations, and state that they support war, the results of power-damaged minds which are perpetually contradicting themselves, and thus useless for the advancement of the human phenomenon.

As an aside, during times of peace or times of no declared war for the defense of a nation against a military attack, to be actively pro-military is to be functionally anti-peace. The US has not declared war against Afghanistan or Iraq. Nor did those countries attack the US. The current wars in those countries are purely the result of war mongering and contempt for peace and peace processes. The excuses to the contrary fail even rudimentary questions, revealing again why power-damaged minds flee questions. For highly useful knowledge, write your answer to the following question, then question your answer until you recognize the answer that is verifiable against all questions. Because the Americans, their officials in the US government, including the US military personnel, and the other people of the world, openly recognize, and have stated, that the US is at war in Afghanistan and Iraq, why have the US congressmen not issued a Declaration of War against those two countries or any identified enemies, as required for any US military attack on anyone to be lawful, that is, conform to the law? Why? What precisely described mechanism of the mind has caused 535 US congressmen and the US president to openly violate a profoundly significant law, to slaughter people and destroy extensive human effort, that is, willfully contradict themselves and thus make fools of themselves in face of commonly intelligent people in the world, without any apparent need? What causes their minds to not be willing to simply obey the law, and therefore resolve that contradiction, by formally stating what they are openly doing? Concurrently, what identical mechanism of the human mind has caused the American people to be so thoroughly fooled and cowed that not one among them who holds the known legal duty as any government agent, or the organizationally claimed responsibility, such as peace or law supporting organization leaders, to simply file a criminal complaint with the government, against any of the perpetrators of an unlawful war, or against any of those evading their known legal duty to initiate due process of law upon the obvious evidence of that crime, or any other violations of law involved with the referenced wars or nearly everything else the government is doing? Your interest, if you wish, is not the incessant violations of law by power-damaged minds, as usual, in this case those of the US DemocanRepublicrats and their institutional ilk, but the mechanisms of the human mind, which effect, attempt to sustain, and even openly state contradictions, without recognizing them, for your more valuable use of that knowledge.

There is no need for an established military, except for war, and therefore the military is a pursuit of those who oppose peace. There is no need for an instantly war capable military, for defense during times of obvious peace. The indicators of territory-occupying or conquering military preparation have long been obvious among nations, leaving plenty of time to develop an inherently successful defensive force from a contingency plan not requiring a standing military. If you were given the task of designing a defense of a nation, without a standing military, and with an insignificant budget, which your allies could also use, who would display such embarrassingly scant intellectual ability as to suggest they could not do so? Because military personnel are verifiably the least intelligent (least questioning) people of any society, no military can successfully defend against an innovative or thinking-based initial attack, which inherently cannot achieve a sustainable goal against a society which supports their form of government. Is not the attack against the World Trade Towers among the most classic proofs of human history, while military personnel still cannot understand the preceding sentence. There is no need for an instantly war capable military if the nation with that military has not attacked other nations, and has not supported other warring nations, and has therefore not created any war-caused enemies. The resolution of the contradiction created by having foolishly prior attacked other nations, is available in reasoning, and not available in maintaining a military. The development and maintenance of a war-capable military during times of peace constitutes the threat to other nations that creates incentive for their militaries which, besides wasting resources and stagnating human potential, facilitates both the normal military screw-ups and the incentive of military generals to attack nations for practice to keep their militaries war-ready, as has been the active policy of the United States of America DemocanRepublicrat Regime since the end of World War II. Intellectual technology, if used instead of organizational technology, can defeat any organizational technology inherent to militaries. Military attacks create the ultimate defeat of the attacking nation, without escape. Because wars are created by governments, not the common people temporarily fooled into war by their government dolts, the process to both defeat an attacking enemy, and preclude further attacks, while not understandable to power-damaged minds, and not adequately explained in this sentence, is to successfully defend against an attack (an easy process when learned), then send the attacker a rational, itemized bill for the financial damages of the attack, for open public record, along with the widely distributed reasoning of your actions, wherein all the questions are answered, and leave the attacker (a government of a few hopelessly flawed leaders) to the consequences of the failed attack, among the common people of the world. The effect is enhanced by offering to assist the attacker in resolving any contradictions that created the incentive for the attack. Not one military person in human history can understand the foregoing, but every question of the foregoing, when described in more detail, can be successfully answered to leave no question unanswered, to thus illuminate its inescapable success for ending the threat of any further attack, to thus create peace.

The above-mentioned Canadian high school students, participating in a school program to learn about the right and process of peaceful public protest against common government ignorance, in a purportedly free country, joined Alaskans and others who traveled to Delta Junction Alaska, to peacefully protest the newly placed US military nuclear missiles at nearby Fort Greely. The small town of Delta Junction is along a major highway out in the middle of nowhere, 100 miles southeast of Fairbanks, where even Fairbanks mountain climbers rarely stop on the way to climb in the eastern Alaska Range.

It is an instructive aside to note that Fort Greely, a small army instillation, has routinely been put on the list of military bases scheduled to be closed, by military planning personnel, because it is inordinately expensive and inordinately useless for any military defense of the US or Alaska. It is an old cold war relic of pork barrel spending. Illuminating the ultimately fatal process of US military incompetence and vulnerability, a couple years ago Alaska's Senator Ted Stevens suddenly decreed that nuclear missiles must be siloed at Ft. Greely, to protect America from, ah, the Russians, or the bin Laden over-the-pole missile threat, or any rhetorical illusion that can fool fools. Because nothing relating to nuclear missile defense had changed, if Stevens' decree held any credibility (it does not), why was it not effected 20 years ago, and why have military generals routinely suggested the closing of Fort Greely? The entire US military defense system is based on pork barrel legislation by mental midget DemocanRepublicrats, of which Stevens is the epitome, in defiance of rational military considerations. That is the process by which military-based empires create their defeat. The French Maginot Line, previously fooling the French into believing that they were secure from an attack by Germany, is functionally duplicated by the American Pork Barrel Military, laughably vulnerable to even scantly thinking enemies, patriots or pranksters. Not one government chap, especially among the intellectually void US government sorts, can understand how to identify and resolve such contradictions, as proven, while each of them would object to this sentence, and blame the manifest display of government ignorance on the other guy within their government, oblivious to the fact and results of their each being the other guy's other guy within their same government they support to define their ignorance.

If you manifest actions based on obvious ignorance, would you blame it on your left hand, and say that your right hand knows how to not act with ignorance, or would you resolve the contradiction of the ignorance, and subsequently act with knowledge? If a government manifests acts based on ignorance, would it blame one agency, and say that another agency knows how to not act with ignorance, or would it more wisely resolve the contradiction of the ignorance, and subsequently act with knowledge?

Nobody within the fear-driven US Homeland Security Gestapo asked any questions about what they were or are doing in relation to their spying budget excuses that extend even to Canadian high school students peacefully learning normal social processes. The US Homeland Gestapo, perhaps from spying on websites, encountered news of a common, peaceful public protest against American nuclear missiles, then added all their own fear-based agency words to create the illusion of a security threat, for another budget excuse, without any resulting questions, identical to all institutionally trained minds in relation to their own institution. To exist in a human mind, the process of power must fear every human as an enemy threat, while a reasoning-based human mind considers every human as a colleague and source of useful knowledge to be openly questioned for additional knowledge.

The absurdity of the Canadian high school student example, recognized by all common humans, and sometimes even recognizable by power-damaged minds which then term such examples as isolated events, regardless of how often and consistently such isolated events occur, is only the issue at question for said common people and their colleagues within institutions. In contrast, because you seek to learn more knowledge than that held by those folks, your interest is to ascertain, flawlessly, with no question left unanswered, how such examples or events can occur in 2005, as a pattern, after billions of such events prior occurred among humans who claimed that such events represented the absurdity of the people who effected them. Why do people so routinely blame their own left hand for the contradicted actions of both hands, to avoid learning how to resolve the repeated contradictions. What is the exact, item by item, or step by step, process by which human minds can repeatedly create and attempt to sustain fundamentally identical contradictions which admittedly represent absurdities which therefore represent flawed or contradicted thinking processes?

On occasion, the absurdities are so glaring, with such inescapable embarrassment, as with the Canadian high school example, that even power-damaged minds belatedly recognize them as absurdities, after the fact, and meekly state the error or absurdity of their action, yet their institution then incessantly repeats the fundamental concept with more examples, endlessly. And then they repeatedly state that each example is an isolated event, much to the laughter of the people who notice the recurrent pattern of such so called isolated events. How can minds continue to manifest that denial of the consistent pattern, even to this day in 2005? What is your answer? That is what you want to learn, while the institutionally power-damaged mind cannot learn that knowledge because they do not ask that question, and do not answer it when asked, and do not question any of their institution's reactions to questions. Even if they read these words, and you show them thousands of such recorded and verifiable examples, power-damaged minds cannot perceive the existence of such a pattern of human actions. They cannot learn from history, while they expressly claim that other people cannot learn from history, because they cannot recognize the utility in the words they use or hear.

Illuminating the pattern, a few days ago the news reported that the FBI interrogated a Boston college student because he checked out of the library, Mao Tse Tung's "Little Red Book".

The following further illuminates how laughably ignorant federal government agents will continue to display themselves, by design, even after these words are again stated, as they were repeatedly stated in public, by many people, since the 1960's and the prior several thousand years. It is year 2005. Back in the 1960's the idiot feds were doing that identical thing, spending tax money to spy on college and high school students who noticeably acquired Mao's Little Red Book. The perceptive, anti-war, non-violence preaching, fun-loving hippies, who held no interest in fomenting violent revolution, enjoyed illuminating the absurdities of war, unlike the war monger Mao Tse Tung. So some hippie (peace) organizations ordered and distributed hundreds of thousands of Mao's Little Red Book, to further anguish the power-damaged minds of the Washington DC DemocanRepublicrat Police State Regime, as well as laugh at those fear-driven government dolts. Mao's Little Red Book became a fad item used to peacefully display defiance to the mental midget DemocanRepublicrat Regime.

The US Feds, like all power-damaged minds, cannot tolerate the exchange and synthesis of knowledge among humans, for the same reason Mao could not tolerate it. Mao considered western publications as a threat, and spied on Chinese citizens who acquired such books, while the Washington DC dolts considered eastern publications as a threat, and spied on American citizens who acquired such books. Neither could understand that the human mind advances its knowledge, and thus the benefits to society, by the synthesis of additional knowledge.

So how many feds can we attract to this site, by presenting the rhetorical illusions of their fears, to their data-mining computer spy systems?

I own Mao's Little Red Book. Now, will the FBI therefore interrogate me, and the hundreds of thousands of other American owners of that book, or will they illuminate their administrative incompetence and incessant waste of tax money by their slip-shod, random, feckless interrogation of the Boston college student? I acquired Mao's Little Red Book in the 60's when I was in college, as an Army ROTC student, while all the other ROTC students were afraid of being seen near Mao's Little Red Book, while the ROTC instructors were teaching military tactics described in the Little Red Book they feared. The military and such institutions trained their personnel to be afraid of an illusion, the most pitiable cowards, inherent to the power-damaged mind which literally cannot state or write a factual description of what they are doing, if they use words which hold their meanings. There is no greater damage to the utility of a human mind, than that effected by its adopting the process of institutionally created power.

But there is more... Applied to the current rhetorical illusions of the US Homeland Security Gestapo and their governmental ilk, if fools could be sufficiently fooled by Mao's institution, or any institution, and herein to ring the bells of the Fed's internet spy computers, Mao's Little Red Book would advocate the suicide bombing of US federal buildings, American passenger airlines, American banks, ships, shipping docks, any large discount store chain, public gatherings and an additional list of pretty much everything describable as attackable by the enemy, or any illusion associated with the enemy, whoever the enemy is. Mao's book would also advocate the nuclear bombing of American cities, if the revolutionary force had nuclear bombs. Los Angeles at 2:15 PM, September 11, 2006, intersection of Lincoln and 5th Streets. Somebody remind me to update that date next year, so it does not go out of date. Maybe check to see if those two streets exist in Los Angeles, and if they intersect. Amaneda Cell. Final clearance in personal ads 12 days earlier, under Stress Relief Opportunity. Akbar Allah or in the name of God, if not our leader Osama bin Bush. It fact Mao's Little Red Book would advocate all the fundamental concepts within the (fundamentally flawed) use of force against power, including the use of the aforementioned coded deception as a part of the schedule revealed in the other sections and pages of this website. Canadian High School student connection. Attack with the resources you have. That Little Red Book advocates what every military training program of every country in human history advocates. Attack with the resources you have. To these words, add your own list of a few dozen more government-feared, rhetorical illusions, such as Anthrax, jihad, dirty bomb, any bomb, cocaine shipment, Afghan heroin deal, al Queda arms shipment, Mexican border crossing with Unit Omega, thinking, Sunni-Iran cell 27, advanced knowledge, nuclear triggers, any unusual arrangement of words that confuses easily confused government sorts, remote detonation device, subway entrance near the Fifth Column in Washington DC, all three presidential helicopters, stingers, etceteras, southeast approach to the nuclear storage bunkers at Eielson Air Force base.

Because the laughably trite old knowledge and rhetorical illusions described in the previous paragraph, were uploaded onto the internet, and because the laughably ignorant US government dolts who spy on the other guy, fear such rhetorical illusions, a few dozen more such sorts reviewed this section, much to their confusion and anger, because the current successor of the unlawful but Executive Branch implemented Carnivore Program selected those words off the internet, for review, and the review required a higher review because of certain details. 107 degrees, 1,287 yards from the junction of the divided highway south of the main Base entrance. After they created their spy program, is it not inherent that they must fear it having found and recorded information of a potential attack that is only recognized in the investigation of their incompetence after the attack was successful?

I also own Abbey Hoffman's popular book titled, Steal This Book, which includes bomb-making instructions. And I own the popular Anarchist Handbook, which includes instructions for bomb-making. Worse, as a previous US Army infantry sort, I and all of my colleagues were taught by the US government, how to make bombs, and how to most effectively use them. And as a Vietnam war veteran, like my colleagues who belatedly started asking questions, I learned that the greatest threat to any human's rights and freedom, throughout history, routinely manifested, especially in the US, is always one's own government. The North Koreans, Afghans, Iraqis, Iranians, Syrians and other perceived enemies of George Bush and his DemocanRepublicrat gang, are not unlawfully denying the right to a jury trial, for over half of the requested jury trials in the US, etceteras. The US government thugs are. Perhaps read that again, and laugh at the US Homeland Security employees who were hired because they literally cannot understand the effect of the preceding two sentences, as a simple test can verify.

So now therefore, by the perceptions of the unquestioning idiots hired as US Homeland Security Gestapo, and many other such government dolts spying on you and I, who are the people being put on the government list of threats to the Americans, if not the Americans, especially those who joined the American military and subsequently started thinking, that is, started asking the questions that the Homeland Security Gestapo are too ignorant or afraid to ask? It is an aside to note, from other data, that if you were or are in the US military, or if you can recognizably think beyond institutional strictures, you are already on a threat list made by this nation's most intellectually absent, unquestioning dolts hired by your government, much to the amusement of the observers. A government whose level of inherently escalating corruption has noticeably staged its pending collapse, increasingly turns against its own people, especially the inherent threat of its previous military personnel, by design of power. And verifiable fools are still joining the US military, and re-enlisting. Nearing the collapse of a nation, you cannot get out of the military and federal police agencies soon enough, or sufficiently announce your error for having supported a government while it turned against its people, as has the US RepublicratDemocan Regime. Among the other examples, the formation and existence of the new US Homeland Security Gestapo is glaring proof not recognized by ignorant fools identical to the Nazi Gestapo chaps.

Because there are too many people and too many words for any enemy-fabricating institution, such as all governments, to successfully spy on all of them, for any achievable security or other goal beyond a display of incompetence, the attempt to do so instead of resolving the original contradiction, constitutes the process of its ultimate self-demise. Because spies inherently include counter spies, by design of the inherent contradiction of deception within human minds predicated on discovering and revealing deception, how many people must a government hire to spy on everyone who can be suspected of being a suspected enemy, if not more than everyone? Does not the question reveal the imperative to learn a different system to achieve the purported goal? Rightfully laugh yourself to tears because of your recognition of the value and utility of that question, while even the most intellectually advanced US government person fears the question, cannot answer it, and would continue reading as though the question was not asked.

Why did all the spies of all the previous governments fail to prevent the collapse of their governments, as remains the ongoing case?

Would not that readily available and verifiable answer be among the most valuable knowledge available to the current US government whose personnel cannot tolerate the existence of such questions, and who flee or ignore such questions?

Did the US government not prior create a costly, economically and socially stagnating airline security system, and a domestic and international spy system (Maginot Line), that were purported to make the nation secure from airline hijacking terrorists, before the World Trade Towers were destroyed by easily hijacked airplanes? Did not the subsequent investigations of every significant attack in human history reveal that the information of the attack was prior available to the attacked entity which did not have the intellectual ability to utilize all the available knowledge that could have been used to preclude the attacks, because the attacked entity used its intellectual resources to devise attacks against others, rather than learn the controlling contradictions of the use of force, which could be used to easily preclude attacks? Is that process therefore not fundamentally flawed, requiring an entirely different process that power-damaged minds have never, in human history, been able to understand even if you spell it out to them - I n t e l l e c t u a l T e c h n o l o g y, the simple process of thinking, that is, patiently asking and answering every question of every contradiction to resolve all the contradictions to thus solve the problem at question, a process that requires vastly less time, money and energy than even one day of normal US military activity?

When you make the world your enemy, your illusion of the world, inherent to your mind regardless of the real world, is perceived as your enemy, creating your response that was already the reason the world started laughing at you, creating your anger, suspicion and escalating attacks on the other guy because you did not learn how to laugh at the contradictions you alone created, before you acted on your fear of them, by design of the mind that insists on remaining ignorant of that easily learned process.

If you counter-attacked only those who prior attacked you (rather than purely defend), despite the flaw of your use of force above reasoning, your institution could prevail for a longer period of time, allowing time for your offspring to learn the more effective process you failed to learn. But if you attacked those who did not attack you, because of your fear of your self-fabricated illusions of their perceived threat, instead of using reasoning, you identify why you will increasingly attack those who did not attack you, out of escalating power-based fear, a product of power within the human mind, to collapse your institution much sooner, by imperative for the survival of those who did not attack you. Why have all power-based empires failed? What is your answer? You will have created an inherently untenable contradiction. No human can sustain a contradiction. Your simple, self-defeating failure was that of not learning what power is, and how it functions within the human mind.

If you knew the current government computer spy system parameters, created by the selection of inherently incompetent computer geeks who sink to the temptation of an unchallenging job in the government that computer geeks routinely hold in contempt, and who are so void of individual (non-institutional) thinking that they were approved by all the government employment security checks administered by the most indoctrinated institutional drones, you would laugh yourself to tears, at what-all triggers each spy system follow-up. The Canadian anti-war protesters at least involved themselves in a protest of the US government's insatiable craving for war. The Midville USA Ladies Home Doily Crocheting Guild is on the list but not yet known to the gullible, unquestioning American news journalists. If you think not, just wait. Who among you would have predicted that a college student would have been interrogated by the FBI, at tax payer expense, in 2005, for checking out a common library book that was popular back in the 1960's, while real criminals therefore easily ply their trade and laugh? The writer of these words was arrested and jailed for a week, and more, at tax payer expense, for simply asking the US National Park Service dolts questions about their mountain climbing regulations, while real criminals therefore faced less law enforcement process that was too busy harassing harmless people seeking to effect the rule of written law, above the raw, maliciously wielded power of mental midget government dolts, for the protection of the common people. What process that you know or must learn, if you are interested, creates the imperative of the United States Government, including the idiots among them reading these words because of an insecurity-based spy system, functionally identical to the system of Saddam Hussein, Adolf Hitler, Mao Tse Tung, King George the whenever, Julius Ceaser, and their predecessors, to squander their therefore gullible society's otherwise useful resources on chasing and attacking illusionary fears, that therefore teaches the more capable and productive (thinking) members of their society to not waste their abilities on such an ignorant society incapable of advancing itself out of its self-induced misery?

What is your answer to the question? Is it not the process of power and its inherent corruption of the minds of the idiots who seek power above the benefits of reasoning?

A certain person known to the writer of these words, who often travels by commercial airplane, who fits no rational threat profile but is casually active in local politics, not in favor with the current local government dolts, at a certain airport at a certain town, was required to be completely searched and questioned before boarding the airplane, for a third time in a row upon leaving that town. Because he was not treated that way at other airports, including more security intensive airports, he inquired as to the reason for the obvious harassment. He was told that he was on a special list, for secret reasons, and would be treated that way (harassed) each time at that particular airport, at tax payer expense and thus diminishment of the potential of the society. That action is not logical, and the secrecy of the reason is not logical. If he is a security threat at one airport, he would be so at any airport. A particular airport is not the controlling concept for such a perceived threat. It is not a change in subject for a new paragraph to note that another person in another part of the world was illogically harassed by the local police, at cost of the society's ability to otherwise advance itself, or to note the entire list of billions of examples of humans with any government titles therefore perceiving that they hold power over the other guy to therefore harass or harm the other guy without accountable reasoning that could prevail against questioning, and for that reason alone, do so, throughout human history. The controlling concept is the designed reaction of any human mind, to the acquisition of a perception of power or a perceived ability to make a sustainable decision for another inherently independent human mind with a different array of knowledge from which to make a related decision for itself. The government chaps cannot understand this paragraph, or this section, or this website, just as I could not have back when I was so amusingly foolish and unquestioning as to have fallen victim to a government job. The sorts who erroneously perceive that they hold the ability to make a sustainable decision for another human mind, and who impose their decision with force or deception, are the counter balance to the human intellectual ability, who stagnate the otherwise available, quantum advancement of the human phenomenon. Your goal, if you wish, is to learn how to describe the functioning of the human mind with such detail and accuracy, analogous to learning how to cook a complex meal of complex food arrangements, to perfection, that you can answer every related question, and effect that quantum advancement regardless of the power-damaged minds saturating your society, and all societies, if you wish to do so at the time, to thus vastly benefit all people, including the pitiable, fear-driven government chaps who are reading this because their computer spy program perceived a threat in certain of the words herein, who will, if you leave them to their game, die of old age still fearing what are only rhetorical illusions they were taught to fear by equally ignorant people with superior-sounding rhetorical titles acquired for the same reason in fear of illusions since the first human attacked the first human in fear of what he was inherently capable of doing by design of humans.

That is the knowledge you can use to manifest any lesser goal of your interest, in relation to human-caused problems, and without that knowledge, you will not be able to sustainably solve any human-caused problems. The knowledge is easier to learn than how to program a computer. Kids program computers.

Is it not inherent to the obvious failures of the previous government lies about security from the terrorists, which fooled fools, that the current therefore yet more obvious lies about security, often the same lies, verbatim, fooling fools, are doomed to the same failure? Are they not the same lies that government idiots told fools since government was invented? Is it not impossible for deception to manifest a sustainable goal? Is that concept not beyond the understanding of any person who accepts a job in government security agencies, most classically illuminated by military other American government intelligence agencies, who must keep you ignorant of the secret reasons for government decisions, because those reasons cannot prevail against even the most basic questions that the intellectually self-voided government dolts were too fearful to even ask?

"Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security, will not have, nor do they deserve, either one." A quote by Benjamin Franklin and a few million other commonly intelligent humans throughout history. The expressed concept is an immutable truth, regardless of who, if anyone, says it. No US Homeland Security chap, president, congressman, court judge or military person can understand those words, even if you hand them a dictionary.

Benjamin learned the knowledge which caused him to say those words, from the British kings who fooled their laughably ignorant subjects into servitude to the kings, by promising security from those terrorist Scots, French, Spanish, Germans, subversives within, such as those evil Dividian Christians, if not the Mongol hoards secretly plotting a communist or Muslim Superstate to sweep across the entire world, just as all the other kings and George Bush fooled the fools of their countries out of their freedom and money for the same rhetorical ruse of security. The Frenchmen stagnated the potential of their society to serve the gaggle of King Louis', to be secure from the British, and the Spaniards did the same for their kings, to be secure from the Germans, etceteras. But the incessant wars proved the rhetorical illusion of security to be a rhetorical illusion, among ignorant people, such as the Americans who surrendered their freedom for the security that Ben Franklin knowledgeably told them they could not thus obtain because its military source required wars for the military to make its expensive existence believably required. The quest for institutionally created security, a manifestation of power above the process of reasoning, requires the wars that preclude security. Power always serves itself, and never the human fools who are so easily fooled by power.

What security for the American people, has resulted from the American wars against Afghanistan and Iraq, which continue to slaughter people, and thus enrage more people around the world, and continue to reveal the vulnerabilities of the American military system designed by idiots too cowardly to ask the most basic questions of their therefore ultimately doomed institutional contradictions?

What does that question reveal of the results of the Afghan Taliban government, and Saddam Hussein, if the US had only defended from attacks, and left those fundamentally self-defeating governments to teach the people of the world the same revealed by the above question?

The question was, what security? And then you can ask what freedom the Americans have obviously surrendered for that answer.

Who among you, your family and friends, are the fools, easily fooled out of your freedom for the illusion of security that you therefore cannot possibly have, and do not deserve, because you have chosen to be a fool? If your uncle or brother is in the Homeland Security Gestapo or other government security agencies, including the military, or supports them, and he does not understand the flawlessly factual statement of Benjamin Franklin and countless other people who said the same thing prior or subsequent, your brother or uncle is merely ignorant, as was I when I was in the military, a common human condition resultant from believing rather than questioning mental midgets like George Bush and his DemocanRepublicrat colleagues who can so easily fool fools out of their freedom, with the old security ruse.

Bring forward every US Homeland Security dolt, FBI drone, every US military person, every other US government sort and the fools who support them. Openly state that your question is a test of their basic intelligence, for public record, and ask them: Who has expressed the wisdom that commonly intelligent people will follow, and who has manifested the illusion that only fools would follow, between Benjamin Franklin stating that those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security, will not have, nor do they deserve, either one, and President George Bush openly violating every clause of the US Constitution, stripping the Americans of their freedom and rights, in the name of gaining national security? Notice who are too cowardly to simply answer your question, with their name on public record, and who will openly answer it. Do you not define yourself as a fool to support a government of ignorant cowards who are afraid of even questions?

If upon being faced with the words of Franklin, your brother, uncle, father or son in the government security racket, or supporting it, spews all the usual rhetorical tap dancing, such as the, "well, what about this", and, "what about that", and, "well, we have to do something", while no rhetorical invention can possibly prevail above the controlling concept Franklin expressed, and you patiently tell him about this and that, and ask him questions about what that something is doing, if you were wise enough to have learned that knowledge, you can patiently extract him from his laughable ignorance, or if he asks no questions and merely scoffs at your words, you can recognize that his power-damaged mind will forever keep him subservient to idiots with fabricated titles, who fool fools with the security ruse, much to your amusement. He will have the company of ignorant slaves, such as the Americans who surrender over 80 percent of their life's work, through myriads of obscured taxation, for the doomed illusions of the US RepublicratDemocan Regime stagnating the potential of the American people.

Genuine security is created by respecting the rights of all inherently equal humans and thus creating no enemies, a process easily manifested, but beyond the scope of this section. Its manifestation requires knowledge of the process, achieved by thinking, that is, asking and answering the related questions, a concept beyond the comprehension of government sorts who in fear of knowledge, flee or attack questions.

Amusingly, the spy programs of each agency are catching, and requiring review of, increasing volumes of ostensibly secure communications among the hundreds of national, state and local colleague agencies, as well as international colleagues, because descriptions of the terrorist illusions are what they are communicating and attempting to keep hidden from their colleague agencies who are secretly competing for greater ignorance that derives greater government funding allocated by the idiot RepublicratDemocan Regime. They have created their own exponential compounding of their therefore unmanageable problems, while the real criminals are therefore making the usual mistakes of inherently self-contradicted criminals, with little fear of being caught because they are statistically undetectable in the maze of government-fabricated information, as the results prove. The intellectually embarrassing chaps who collapsed the World Trade Towers, but who obviously thought more than the entire United States government, an easy task, and the folks who will manifest the next series of such criminal actions, will successfully stumble through their self-contradicted processes because the intellectually absent US security system dolts are chasing anti-war, law advocating, and beneficially thinking people, on schedule.

A normal progression of spy systems in a power-based institution such as the US government, which may include several lesser cycles that escalate in effect, described at an arbitrary start and in general terms, is... Fear, fabrication of enemies, accumulation of spy data, fear more illusions perceived from that data, use spy data to invent and attack more arbitrary non-enemies, therefore create new enemies, escalate spy systems, spy data overload, system collapse, next game. Such a common governmental system creates much damage, waste of tax money and waste of social productivity, while other inherently competitive societies, not yet as entrenched in that process of governmental and social self-destruction therefore surpass the self-collapsing society. It is the Americans, currently near a zenith of fearing and attacking fabricated enemies around the world, who are most facilitating the advance of the otherwise flawed Chinese system of government and society.

After you have made enemies by threatening or attacking them, nothing you can do, except removing the threat and making the damaged party whole again, can prevent the self-defeat of your contradictions attempting to resolve contradictions, as your own reaction to threats and attacks prove. Therein the inability of institution leaders to recognize that their perceived enemies are inherently equal human minds, with equal capability, is illuminated, a result of power-damaged minds which perceive their fabricated illusion of superiority above humans, above their own design, an attribute not manifestable within the human ability. But those words are of no value until your mind verifies them by the series of questions which create the knowledge of the itemized process to resolve each related contradiction.

Concurrently, after you have concluded that a perceived threat is the demarcation for reaction, creating a contradiction, rather than a verifiable action as the demarcation for reaction, you will be the source of the subsequent, self-defeating contradictions. Government spying on people to identify threats is categorically flawed. A threat is an illusion. Non-thinking and unquestioning people routinely perceive the thinking and questions asked by thinking persons, as threats. I was jailed for asking questions of the US National Park Service dolts. Other people have been jailed for the same reason. Many US government dolts perceive the words of this section and this website, as threats. Many offers to graciously assist people, are perceived as threats. All offers to assist power-damaged minds in resolving their contradictions, are perceived by power-damaged minds, as threats, by design of power. Verifiable threats, when the word holds its meaning, create self-defeating contradictions. If you act on a self-defeating contradiction, your action is contradicted and doomed for any ultimate utility to you. How many threats do humans make, and separately, how many threats are imagined, in comparison to the number of physical attacks described by those threats, and what itemized concepts effect the difference? Power-damaged minds, such as the pitiable American government chaps, will not answer that question, then therefore ignorant of the doomed and damaging nature of their pursuit, will pursue the self-contradicted effort to protect Americans from billions of threats that would inherently result in no damaging action, while the processes of inherently equal minds, to manifest actual damaging actions, advance unimpeded because the government chaps are busy pursuing illusions. Every government person in the entire United States Government could read the previous sentence, and this paragraph, and would still remain so ignorant of their self-defeating actions, for failure to ask or answer questions of those actions, that they would continue attempting to protect Americans from billions of illusions. If you attack because of a perceived threat that would have effected no damage, who has effected the damage that other inherently equal minds will retaliate against? What was the threat of Saddam Hussein, to whom, and because the Americans attacked an illusion of a threat, who is therefore developing a new process to defend themselves from the out-of-control American military empire, by causing the proverbial American monster to more viciously attack itself and its people? The power-damaged mind is flawlessly predictable in relation to its perception of power. And therein is the process to protect Americans from human-caused damaging contradictions, because the enemy functions with a flawlessly predictable power-damaged mind. Enjoy your laughter at the fact that the power-damaged minds of American government dolts cannot possibly recognize the process to defeat the power-damaged minds of the enemy, for reason made obvious by this sentence, until they learn intellectual technology.

Now, shall the FBI spy on you, and interrogate you for having accessed this web page, therefore a suspected terrorist clandestinely accessing the above referenced code for a current bomb threat, or for checking out a popular library book published in another country, or for noticeably daring to be anti-war and pro-peace, so the FBI can secure their government from the threat of people like you? Or do you recognize that you must learn new knowledge, unknown to government sorts, to regain your freedom that every US government and citizen organization leadership has surrendered, by manifest proof, or for your greater amusement, if you wish?

Use your answer.

And enjoy the show.



Contradiction of government secrecy.... 23 December 2005

This is another of countless proofs of how easily a commonly thinking human mind can resolve an absolute contradiction, by use of reasoning, that a power-damaged mind is not capable of resolving, to therefore identify the power-damaged mind and its results.

Notice the currently discussed level of US government secrecy, in which all manner of laughably blatant government maliciousness, violations of law, domestic spying, arrests, imprisonments, torture and other government perpetrated harm cannot be officially discussed in relation to the evidence or the law because of, ah, national security. Ah, we cannot compromise national security. Adolph Hitler would be impressed and delighted with the American RepublicratDemocan Regime's belated achievement of a Nazi styled government. Government accountability to the gullible Americans has been eliminated by the simpleton ruse of a purported necessity of government secrecy for national security, to thus define Americans as fools, from which government personnel are selected, to thus identify a government of fools, to thus doom the government with an inherently untenable contradiction. For how long can gullible fools sustain a government?

Consider what no American government chap can comprehend... If you state that you have a government of the people, by the people and for the people, or a government of which the elected officials represent the people, or a democracy in which the majority (mob) therefore rules, your government cannot possibly create and retain any (even one) secret from the people or the majority.

If the words of your language retain their dictionary meanings, and thus hold utility for communication, the contradiction of secrecy in a government of the people cannot exist, by definition of the words. Simply read the above paragraph again, and answer every question that results in your mind, to recognize that there is no need to read the rest of this section because you already understand another controlling contradiction of the therefore doomed American form of government, and of the power-damaged minds that attempt to sustain the referenced contradiction. No human holds the ability to sustain a contradiction, and the creator created a system (the universe as we know it) verifiably predicated on a perfect balance that resolves all contradictions as they are created, with the time dimension beyond the scope of this section, for your current lack of time.

Of course US President George Bush, all of his RepublicratDemocan Regime and all of their supporters intractably believe that their illusionary imperative for government secrecy prevails above the meaning of the words they use, and thus their illusions prevail in their minds, above the language they use to describe their illusions, a classic result of power-damaged minds. They cannot comprehend the meaning of these words or their own words, even if you hand them a dictionary, again identifying power-damaged minds.

The resolution is laughably easy. Simply do not create or retain any government secret, that is, a secret which tax paid (public paid) government personnel create or hold in relation to any public issue. Or openly state that you do not have a government of, by and for the people, do not have a government of which the elected government officials represent the people, and do not have a majority rule democracy, and openly state that you instead have a government of, by and for the government, with the people not represented in the government, and the people being considered by the government as subjects, or unequal, sub-human serfs or minions, inferior to and existing to serve the whims of the superior humans who were so intellectually absent that they sank to government jobs. Or instead, merely state that the dictionary does not define the English language words, and that government agents define the words with secret and contradicting meanings at different times for different purposes of the government, to thus render the language of no utility for conveying knowledge among people.

Read that again if you must. It resolves the contradiction, albeit creating the next obvious contradictions in the latter two cases, while in the former case, creates the perception of a contradiction in the ignorant minds of government chaps. That perception of a contradiction can be resolved by the government chaps merely asking the questions inherent to their perception of a contradiction. Contradictions are laughably easy to resolve. Simply answer all the questions inherent to the identification of a contradiction. Notice that the power-damaged mind is not able to ask the questions that resolve the contradictions, flees any such questions asked by other people, and cannot tolerate the existence or expression of the above mentioned resolutions to the referenced contradiction.

The contradiction of government secrecy is so thorough, it can be identified by many ways. If the people pay for the government, they own all the actions, products and resulting knowledge, of the government. Therefore again, no government secrets can rationally exist. Privately owned actions, products and knowledge are inherent to private enterprise, and cannot logically exist in government. When any one of the many ways that any contradiction can be identified, a thinking person simply resolves the contradiction, and advances to the resolution of the contradictions of the processes that attempt to prevent the manifestation of the resolution. Notice that power-damaged minds will not willingly resolve any contradiction of their origin, and if, by circumstance they cannot escape accountability to a resolution, they routinely express an array of perceived contradictions to the resolution, and then flee any process to simply resolve those perceived contradictions. Power-damaged minds and intellectually lazy people are identified by their evasion or avoidance of the simple process of asking and answering questions to simply resolve the contradictions about which they complain.

Because the above verifiably identifies the absolute contradiction of government secrecy, and no contradiction can be sustained by humans, a thinking person who prior assumed from traditional, unquestioned social and governmental functioning throughout history, that government secrecy was normal and necessary, is therefore belatedly alerted to the rational or reasoning-based need to start looking for the inherently existent knowledge that does not require the creation of the above revealed contradiction. That knowledge flawlessly details a superior form of government which holds no need to create or hold any secret, and therefore governs a resulting, more advanced society. That knowledge is available for the asking.

All the government secrets are the laughable illusions of immature fools anyway. It is impossible to maintain them. Between the futile attempt to retain government secrets, and rendering your language of no utility for conveying knowledge, the latter is the controlling contradiction that explains why all the institutions which attempt to solve common social problems (resolve contradictions) throughout human history, have failed. The institution leaders trained their minds to sincerely believe that their words, for which their own minds incessantly contradict the dictionary meanings, hold some conveyable meanings when spoken or written, and that other people recognize those meanings as currently imagined by the institution leaders, when the proofs to the contrary can be identified with any simple series of related questions that the institution leaders, of course, flee rather than answer.

The person hearing or reading the words cannot possibly know their meanings if the speaker or writer is using the words to describe a concept not supported by the dictionary definitions of the words. A speaker cannot reference a successful process to achieve peace, using the word, peace, in that manner, by describing the process of war. The common attempt to do so by institution leaders, leaves nobody with any useful knowledge except that of the laughable ignorance of the speaker and any fools fooled by the words.

Your goal, if you wish, easily advancing your knowledge beyond the idiot institution leaders believed by fools, is to recognize from the questions you ask, that the perceptions in the minds of institution leaders, and the results of their related actions, are consistently different from the dictionary meanings of the words they speak and write. One contradicted word routinely flaws entire concepts when used by institution leaders whose institutional contradictions control all of their institutionally attempted goals.

They are lying if their lips are moving, but in nearly every case, they genuinely and sincerely believe their lies, because their minds were self-trained to not recognize the difference between the meanings of the words they use, and the actions for which they use those words.

Laugh at those who use words which do not hold their meanings. They may slaughter many people, but they are comical. If a US military invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq can achieve peaceful democracies, against inherent opposition to military invasions and occupation, instead of achieving military dictatorships verifiably manifested by those actions, then US military invasions and occupations of Vietnam, Cuba, North Korea, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Syria, China, Iran, Mayamar, and other such countries, can do the same, unless the words used for the premise do not hold their meanings. And if Americans claim a right to impose peaceful democracies by war, as their excuse to invade countries, and believe their laughably contradicted words, when the American form of government is not a peaceful democracy, and verifiably honors no human rights, the imperative for other countries to militarily arm themselves in defense, and weaken the US with innovative attacks, is obvious.

If your nation is ruled by ancient religious law, above the personal decisions of whatever religious leaders administer that law, and above the saturating corruption of democratically elected politicians in other nations, to your satisfaction, how would you respond to the threat of a militaristic superpower of obviously corrupted leaders who were draining the resources of other countries, and who spewed words of the benefits of a democracy that those leaders overtly contradicted? Who holds the correct answers for the lives of other people?

If a government of the people can effect national security by keeping secrets from the people, which constitutes the people keeping themselves ignorant of what they are doing, then security is effected by ignorance, unless the words used for the premise do not hold their meanings. Perhaps read that slowly, to recognize a controlling contradiction of the self-doomed American form of government.

Simply use the words that hold their meanings. A military invasion and occupation of a country achieves a military invasion and occupation, and therefore a functional military dictatorship, not a peaceful democracy, and creates inherent opposition to the military action. The words hold their meanings. Government secrecy advances social ignorance, as do all public issue secrets, and defines the government as not of the people. If you use words in a manner that the words hold their meanings, you will learn much, while the Americans advance their social ignorance, leaving each next generation as the laughably more dumbed-down Americans whose social system is therefore inherently doomed.

To advance one's knowledge, and that of society, which inherently benefits humans, society must identify and synthesize more data. Shared knowledge, inherently used to create more knowledge, advances humans. If one keeps secrets that relate to society, and society, via its government, does the same, available knowledge will be stagnated or relatively diminished, and you will not derive the benefits of advanced knowledge. If government had invented the wheel, and for fear that the enemy could use the knowledge for its military, government kept that secret, in the name of national security, if secrets could be successfully held, you would be pushing your car, on skids, to town to get groceries. If the evidence against the guy your government imprisoned, is kept secret by the government, in the name of national security, it might be because the guy is innocent and only irritated a typical government dolt, or holds knowledge that embarrasses the wrongful actions of the current government leaders, and also advances benefits for all people, while the government leaders do not want you or anyone else to have those benefits which might benefit a perceived enemy. The concept of holding social issue secrets again illuminates the socially stagnating contradiction of power-damaged minds.

Even the least intelligent person knows that power corrupts, that is, causes a person holding power to, among other such examples, violate the existing laws (rather than rationally change them) to acquire more power. Therefore, even at the most superficial and simple level, even the least intelligent person, if honest or easily recognizing that he will inherently be caught creating a contradiction, if that were possible of a power-damaged mind, would know that, as a government official with power, he would more carefully obey the law, and stay farther away from the line of the law, to avoid being corrupted, a seemingly easy task for someone with the power to already not lack any common human needs or desires. Notice that Bush, like all power-damaged minds, cannot understand the obvious truth of the preceding sentence. Bush fabricated a series of rhetorical illusions to claim obviously untenable, illusionary authority for his unlawful spying on the private affairs of Americans, in violation of the law, to seize more power, as did his predecessors, and as will his successors, on schedule, and claim as part of that doomed process, a need to keep his actions representing the people, secret from the people, much to your ongoing amusement.

Because his mind's process is so thoroughly damaged by the power he has adopted, and he has procedurally precluded any recognizable access to the knowledge of the resolution of that contradiction, George Bush will always perceive a need to criminally spy on, arrest, imprison, torture, kill, and to seize the assets of randomly grabbed suspects (use his power to increase his power), and attempt to keep his malicious actions secret, which are known to the common people, for his mind's illusionary quest to create perceived security in his perceived democracy. Within the series of obvious contradictions, it was never understandable to his mind that no institution can keep secrets, by definition of institutions being comprised of individual human minds, increasingly threatened by, and therefore progressively defending against, the inherently expanding institutional use of power above reasoning, which again reveals that George was never able to usefully communicate to his institutional colleagues and others, using words that held their meanings. The power-damaged mind is self confused by its inability to use words that hold their meanings.

An extent of the secrecy contradiction within Bush's amusingly self-damaged mind, is available in the current news. Instead of understanding the inherently inescapable public exposure of Bush's (secret) unlawful wiretapping of domestic phone, internet and other communication lines, and therefore Bush laughing his attempt to hold such a secret among only the hundreds or thousands of bureaucrats performing the wiretaps and administering the results of those known criminal acts, Bush responded to the inherent exposure of his secret, by directing his equally ignorant Justice Department dolts to investigate the information leak to find and prosecute the person who leaked the secret. That is another text book case of a fool attempting to resolve a contradiction with a contradiction. He seeks to attack and punish the person who attempted to resolve an inherently untenable contradiction. The known legal duty, the evasion of which is a crime, of any agent of the government, is to initiate due process of law the moment any evidence of the violation of a law becomes known, by anyone, with a superior duty to do so against any government agent so acting with power of office or under color of law. There is a greater duty to initiate due process of law against a government agent because violation of law by using power of office or color of law (corruption of power) is most repugnant to law, and turns law into an enemy or damaging instrument to society, the exact opposite of the utility of law. Under the rule of written law, it was possible for George and his accomplices to have performed those obviously unlawful wiretaps without court orders that he was revealed to not have, only if every involved government agent was equally corrupted (power-damaged criminal mind), as was the case, as usual, until the consequences reached their inherent limit in an institution of individual minds which sooner fail the attempt to sustain a series of contradictions attempted to resolve contradictions. A secret of public information and public process is a contradiction. It, and all the contradictions attempting to hold the secret, are not sustainable, a flawless concept that George and his government gang cannot comprehend even if they read these words and you offer to answer every question their useless minds can devise. Among those therefore sooner failing contradictions, is the contradiction of punishing the person who reveals the discovered evidence of a crime (attempts to logically resolve a contradiction), as required by law, to avoid being prosecuted for the criminal evasion of a known legal duty, to thus identify the source of the original contradiction as a greater threat to the individuals who are kept so ignorant of the entire array of subsequent contradictions that a logical, normal and inherent attempt, by one of the involved institution members, to solve a minor problem identified by one of the many contradictions, can cause an attack on the involved individual, by the individual's own institution. Power, predicated on creating contradictions, will ALWAYS, defeat itself, because no contradiction can be sustained by humans. The logical extreme of the contradiction of secrecy in a government of the people, illuminating the impossibility of achieving that extreme, and the impossibility of correcting any contradiction near the extreme without collapsing the entire array of contradictions preceding it, is to create a criminal society of, by and for a criminal government, in which every action is a secret known to all people who cannot reveal the secret to anyone.

Therefore, with the US government's public school English teachers not teaching students how to use English words that hold their meanings, and thus rendering the students as victims of American schooling, so laughably ignorant and dumbed-down as to be unable to recognize the categorical impossibility of a government of the people holding secrets from the people, and because you belatedly learned what English teachers cannot understand even if they read these words, you get to enjoy that unmatched comedy. A simple test of simple questions can prove and verify the inability of Americans to understand that words must hold their common dictionary meanings to effect a language useful for conveying knowledge among the society, and thus useful for resolving contradictions (solving social and other problems). The test proves the case among any students of any grade level, including magna cum laude Harvard Law School graduates and their English professors, as so magnificently displayed by the American RepublicratDemocan Regime.

All of America's social problems are currently yet perpetuated, and dependent upon, that controlling contradiction and certain others, as is the case for all the other societies and languages.



Steel Ring Puzzle.... 26 December 2005

One of the useful analogies indicating how to resolve complex social contradictions (problems) is that of a steel ring puzzle, as prior mentioned at this website.

The analogy would be most effective among those who, like the writer of these words, for lack of patience for that type of puzzle, has rarely been able to individually, or with others lacking the knowledge, figure out the solution to any steel ring puzzle, that is, how to separate the two pieces of steel, by the designed process.

Yet, upon being shown by a person who designed or learned the puzzle, the solution is laughably easy, and the two pieces of steel slip apart without any resistance. Without any resistance is usefully emphasized. The only designed solution requires that no force be used. And any use of force reveals the flaw of the process.

That which prior seemed impossible, but almost possible if only a bit of force is used, becomes laughably easy with no force.

All human-caused problems are solved in that same manner, no matter how seemingly complex or impossible, by design of the human phenomenon.

In addition to the resolution process for its contradicted results, the design of the human mind itself is analogous to a steel ring puzzle. Only one flawless process effects an understanding of its process, and utility of its results. And that process is laughably easy to learn, albeit requiring a smidgen of patience for certain questions and answers.

The minds of a minority percentage of people are adept at creating or figuring out steel ring puzzles, which is why such puzzles are entertaining or frustrating to the other percentage.

That minority percentage is inordinately small when the puzzle is as complex as the human mind's designed process, at its designed zenith of human-caused contradictions. But anyone can learn that knowledge if they are shown by a person who has already learned the knowledge.

The solutions to the seemingly complex human-caused problems in Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, the US, Korea, Iran, Chechnya, all other countries and societies, or among the countless social factions politically opposing each other within countries, such as the array among the conservatives and liberals (any of many other rhetorical opposites) within the US and other countries, are all laughably easy to resolve, without the use of any force.

The advantage goes to those who learn the knowledge of the solution that they therefore can effect, if they wish to do so.

If a person purports to want to solve a social problem, such as do all the government sorts or social issue citizen organization leaders, while what they purport continues to elude them, they either lack the knowledge, or they are lying. If you are contributing money or time to their effort, and their effort is anything other than noticeably and verifiably attempting to learn the knowledge of how to solve the problem, you are the fool. There are many fools. It is your choice to be among them, or to learn the knowledge they lack.

If you have a steel ring puzzle that you want solved, which you cannot figure out, would you go to the president of the nation, the supreme court chief justice, the leader of Congress, the gaggle supporting their efforts, a professor emeritus at Harvard or Oxford, the Pope, the Nobel Prize committee chairman, the executive director or board of the most politically powerful citizen organization with the most members, the admiral of the navy or general of the army, the director of the nation's space exploration agency, the director of aeronautical engineering for a large commercial airline manufacturer, a new blue ribbon committee of politically appointed experts assembled for the puzzle, a brain surgeon, or would you go to an individual who says he knows how to solve steel ring puzzles?

From the data of the question, what is your answer?

Are not the titled leaders of all the aforementioned institutions noticeably knowledgeable of how to become titled leaders of institutions, within the social structure of humans?

What knowledge did you seek?

Do the peace organization leaders know how to achieve peace, or how to become peace organization leaders?

Do government leaders know how to solve social or governmental problems, or how to become government leaders?

Not one titled person among the aforementioned institutions and all other institutions, will go to the untitled person who knows how to solve the puzzle, by design of the puzzle that defines the human-caused problems. You might wish to read that again. Only one small vectored movement at the proper position among an array of such movements effects or prevents the solution to the ring puzzle, regardless of how many and how impressive all the other movements.

The President Of The Nation, holding the highest title of the nation, is valueless for creating security in a nation, if he attempts to do so with the force of war, and concurrently, is the source of the lack of security, the inability to solve that puzzle while the gullible citizens of the nation have chosen that title to solve the problem.

Until you learn the amusingly simple knowledge of aligning the two proverbial steel pieces of the puzzle in relation to the knowledge of the puzzle, rather than in relation to the more enticing titles seemingly representing the knowledge, no action thereafter will effect the solution to the puzzle. You might wish to read that again.

Your mind is capable of learning how to solve every puzzle created by any human mind, by design of the human mind and the source of the puzzle.

But you can do so only if you have incentive, which is one of the obscure turns of the ring puzzle, and it is not what you perceive. You must learn what incentive is, and how it functions, as with certain other parts of the puzzle that are not what they initially appear to be.

The moment a human accepts a title or other form of perceived institutional power for the goal of solving an unsolved human-caused problem (which will always have been created by a perception of power above reasoning), the sustainable solution is no longer available to that mind, by design of the human puzzle, while the effects of that title remain. That fact presents no unresolvable problem. Simply abandon your titles, to thus be able to objectively ask questions about them, and answer the questions, to learn what titles are, and how they alter the perceptions of the human mind, or instead, find the person who did so, and learn that part of the puzzle from him. It is just a specific turn or twist in the proverbial steel ring puzzle, a vectored movement of a certain distance, or a routing of an electro-chemical response to a certain stimuli, through a certain portion of the brain's neurons, to encounter the position that is useful for the next such pulse routing. No other choice can make available the vectors and movements that reach the solution.

If you do not have patience or sufficient incentive for such puzzles, that presents no problem. Enjoy your interests, and simply do not make a fool of yourself by purporting to want to solve such problems, or by supporting those who purport the same without noticeably spending their time asking and answering the related questions to learn the related knowledge.

The writer of these words has no interest in steel ring puzzles, and purports no individual or organizational responsibility for solving them.

In contrast, it is laughably easy to end wars, regain the useful exercise of human rights, exponentially advance social knowledge, and manifest all other common desires relating to the solutions of human-caused problems, if anyone is interested in manifesting such readily available knowledge. If you are interested, learn the knowledge by asking and answering sufficient questions, or ask some one who has already learned the knowledge.


Reasoning and force... 29 December 2005

The zenith of a normal human mind is the development or formulation of more accurate questions (reasoning process) to resolve identified contradictions.

The zenith of a power-damaged mind is to devise more efficient processes of inherently self-defeating force or deception, to destroy humans and their efforts, in the name of whatever rhetorical illusion fools the mind into perceiving a benefit from that process.

The latter is the source of all human grief. It is the balance that creates or occupies the perception of time that is otherwise not inherent to the design of the human mind.

Pursue what you wish, and have fun doing so. You will identify yourself among the observers.

The conclusion of both is already known.


The goals you can manifest for others.... 30 December 2005

It is just a puzzle of knowledge that anyone with a little patience can learn. First, ignore the other guy and the issues of your interest, completely, to instead use that time to learn how to use words that hold their meaning, flawlessly. You are the masses to the other guy. Speak of yourself when you speak of them, etceteras. Just practice using the plain words that accurately describe anything. Then use words in that flawless manner for a diversity of issues, especially those of your interests previously described with inaccurate words, despite the resulting discomfort to your mind. You will discover all of your previously erroneous conclusions, much to your embarrassment and amusement. Because you therefore eliminated the contradictions created in your mind with your previously inaccurate use of words, and thus cleared those flawed neural routings of data, and thus flawed conclusions, you will recognize the patterns of contradictions in the words and actions of other people who have fooled their mind with their inaccurate use of words, especially those of the inherently patterned institutions. You will notice that opposing organizations routinely describe the same goals, which contradicts their opposition to each other, but reveals the deceptions they created in their minds with their inaccurately used words.

Your knowledge will therefore quickly advance beyond everyone around you. You must then learn about your mind's inherent reactions to other people's reactions to your new use of words, which will seem odd or threatening to them, which is yet another part of the puzzle, or you will not be able to continue advancing your knowledge.

Then methodically resolve, one by one, every human-caused contradiction you can identify, as you identify them, concurrently resolving any contradictions you created by your initially perceived resolutions, a process that no institutionally trained person has used. Therein you will increasingly identify the contradictions that control more extensive patterns or arrays of lesser contradictions whose existence is created as a result of the controlling contradictions. Therein your efficiency will exponentially increase.

It is of no utility to your mind to be told that all human-caused contradictions (problems), which are inherently not sustainable, originate, under any disguise, at the inherently unnecessary use of force or deception, but when you verify that controlling concept from the many questions you ask and answer, and progressively synthesized the unflawed conclusions, the knowledge of that concept becomes useful for your mind to learn the process to resolve those contradictions regardless of the inherently flawed efforts of ignorant people who attempt to sustain them with force or deception.

You will not be able to do the aforementioned without asking and answering questions, a lot of them. The results will be the answers to every question any human can formulate, and therefore the resolution of every contradiction any person can identify, while everyone around you will react to your words as you did before you learned the answers to their every question, much to your amusement and to the voiding of any incentive to easily manifest for those other folks the goals they so desperately crave by use of force or deception.


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