Intellectual Technology

Intech Concepts 22
(Indicators of Reasoning Process)


Not possible for humans... 20 January 2005


These words are of no value because they are statements.

It is only your questions of these words which will create useful knowledge in your mind.

It is not possible for humans using institutional, organizational or governmental processes, to solve any of the fundamental social problems caused by humans.


Not by you, them, me, or any other human using those processes.

The controlling contradiction is the institutional processes, the organizational manifestations of human fundamentals, that which defeats institutional processes, by design of institutions and the contradictions they inherently create.

The solutions to the problems, such as manifesting world peace, favorably ending a war, or countless less dramatic contradiction resolutions espoused by countless individuals and organizations, are laughably easy. Those solutions can be effected by you, me or anyone else who simply learns the knowledge of how to do so, regardless of any opposition, if such a person then retains incentive to do so.

To learn and promptly manifest the solutions to complex social problems, requires the use of intellectual technology, the process of the human mind, that upon which humans are predicted, plain old common thinking (asking and answering questions) to the extent of identifying manifestable solutions to problems, prevailing against any questions, including those of any opposition if it exists, that which organizations curtail in their ludicrous quest for enough self-defeating institutional power, in its various forms, to impose or otherwise effect solutions. The institution leaders and followers would not otherwise need institutions which cannot possibly create any concept of greater ability than the individual human mind, by design.

Therein one learns and resolves the controlling contradiction that otherwise defeats all institutional processes used in the attempts to solve institutionally induced problems.

Select any human-caused problem manifested as a social or group problem, war being a dramatic example. The people who are causing the problem, and the people who are attempting to solve the problem, being groups of people, are represented by groups of people, that is, organizations, institutions or governments, with the word, institutions, describing all of them. Notice the universal commonalities, of the existence of the problems, the failures of the attempts to solve them, the institutions being the entities attempting to solve the problems, and the leaders representing the institutions. If the controlling concept capable of learning and manifesting the solution to the problems is not evident, read the previous sentence again, or surf the web for something else.

You may laugh yourself to tears, as often done by the observers, at the comedy of every next institutional, organizational or governmental effort (countless per day, at self-defeating cost) to solve complex human-caused problems. The participants are so intellectually impaired, as a result of their institutional training, they cannot identify the prior proof of their certain failure, even if you show them these words, by design of institutionally trained human minds.

When the institution leaders announce their studies and reviews and new programs for this or that problem of great and weighty consequence, pandering the impressive titles and credentials of the involved experts, their think tanks, blue ribbon committees and other socially vaulted institutions, enjoy the healthy effects of your robust laughter, knowing they are describing the time-tested reason for their failure, clueless of what they are revealing.

Among the many amusing examples are those involving the emerging environmental problems, a new illusion of an old contradiction, and their institutionally self-defeating environmentalist leaders and participants.

The test of time, after many thousands of years, billions of organization meetings and programs, and trillions of money units squandered (human labor), has left society with the same old social problems that the new self-deluded organization leaders and participants suggest they can solve, war being only a dramatic example in the spectrum of human-caused problems that harm humans and thus entice efforts to solve. Ignorant of the test of time, and of the reasoning process, even if they read the preceding words in this sentence, it is laughably easy for humans to fool themselves and each other with institutional illusions such as titles and credentials that have already failed.

If the success of their efforts were possible, the leaders, who are the previous followers, would have to hold effective new knowledge that had not been known by the billions of humans who previously attempted to solve the problems and obviously failed, as proven by the comical new attempts to solve the ongoing problems.

Therefore, if you are looking for an organization, institution or government leader whom you can intelligently support to effect the solution to one or more human-caused social problems, simply ask the leader what knowledge he or she holds, that no institution leader has prior known, in relation to the problem, and therefore quickly recognize if that knowledge can manifest the solution.

Obviously they do not know any such new knowledge, despite the amusing arrays of the same old rhetorical illusions their institutions have incessantly spewed. They only learned what their institutions taught them, which had already failed, which they did not question to learn new knowledge or they would have been ostracized from their institutions. Therefore they are supported by fools who are not sufficiently intelligent to ask that question even if you show it to them, you among them at your choice. Laugh at those unquestioning minions who support leaders who so easily fool those who ask no questions.

And therefore, enjoy the show.

However, if anyone would like to learn that knowledge, perhaps to become the greatest national leader in human history, or some other reason, an indication of its existence and availability is the display of the above question, albeit within a statement, a question you have never heard from any institution leader in human history, among other such questions, despite the inescapable imperative of asking and successfully answering the question before any institutional leader attempting to solve an ongoing social problem can possibly succeed.

Is that not so?



Primitive humans... 20 February 2005

From the below, George Bush could verify the available knowledge of how to promptly win the Iraq war, be the most respected US President in history, and more, among countless less dramatic examples, and the same for anyone who wants to learn the same knowledge.

No person inside any country's leadership clique, especially that of the US, or any such power-based institution, such as network news media, will read these words, for a cause within their mind, which you may recognize. Therefore, you need not be distracted by the consideration that these words could be useful for institution personnel seeking to solve a problem created by power-based institutions. These words can only be useful to you, and only to the extent that you question them, and answer your questions.

Consider the array of new knowledge learned in the last 800 years, well described in the literature and other forms of knowledge transfer. From ox carts on a flat world, to computers on a moon of Saturn, and everything in between.

The description would be that of a vast increase in the volume or array of knowledge learned by humans.

But the size of the human brain did not increase. It remained the same size.

Therefore, and because knowledge is still exponentially advancing among humans, the design of the human brain seems to hold an ability yet beyond its current recognition, outside the proverbial box.

Consider a recent TV news network program, Frontline, 60 Minutes, PBS Special, or one of the others, investigating and analyzing the amusing screw-ups and ongoing slaughter in Iraq by the pitiable US Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, with his minions and patrons. Rummy was criticized by the news institution that previously parroted his words as truth. During that previous period of time there was no investigation or effective questioning by the news journalists, or the current show would be old news not worth rebroadcasting. A few minutes casually glancing at the program, while cooking another Thai curry coconut moose array, induced the notes to write these words.

The moose was magnificent, perhaps by luck, as was the Tefft Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon, 98, by skill.

For the show on Rumsfeld, the TV journalist identified the Army Generals who had previously said that victory in Iraq would require 500,000 US soldiers, and identified the Army Colonel who said it could be done with 50,000 soldiers. The journalist described the latter as a person who thought outside the box. Rumsfeld was described as looking for those who thought outside the box, and thus selected the advice of said Colonel to launch the war in Iraq, albeit compromising by sending 140,000 soldiers.

Christopher Columbus and Alphonse Schmedlop thought outside the box, with significant results. Why have you heard of only one of those two?

Which metaphorical box, by whose perception of it?

One box holds and controls all the others, both for each lesser concept and in sum. The words describe a controlling concept.

There are no isolated boxes of knowledge in the universe, by design of the universe.

The metaphorical box is an arena of knowledge, inherently within larger arenas, and rhetorically separate only when larger arenas are excluded by description or ignorance. All such boxes or arenas of knowledge exist within greater knowledge and all knowledge, a concept that power-damaged minds, such as Rummy, Bush, news journalists and other institutionally trained minds cannot comprehend, as proven by their results.

By design of institutions, such institutional chaps put their mind inside their self-constructed box or fortress walls of institutional ignorance, genuinely believing that they can destroy or successfully deny any knowledge outside their box or institutional fortress walls.

Rummy trained his mind to sincerely believe that if he acted on the box of knowledge offered by the idiot Army Colonel, no knowledge held by the idiot Army Generals could affect the results of his decisions because he held the more powerful title. He sincerely believes that his raw power of office prevails above knowledge, as do the Army officers within their little boxes of power that they perceive prevail above knowledge. I trust you are therefore entertained by Rummy and his institutional ilk.

Militaries train their subordinates, from which the next superiors emerge, to never question orders, and thus spiral into their institutional ignorance, since knowledge is derived from the mind asking and answering questions, especially those of conclusions or orders.

As a nation's leader, would you display such abject human ignorance as to start a war that was going to kill a lot of people, destroy a lot of human effort, and make millions or billions of dedicated enemies hating you and your people for generations, when there was no imperative to start it at any particular time, before you learned the next larger box or more encompassing arena of knowledge which could illuminate a defeating flaw in the otherwise limited knowledge you used to start the war?


Would you start a war before you asked and answered at least the simpleton questions that news journalists would later ask after things went awry on schedule? Would you start a war before you learned the knowledge that the journalists would belatedly learn about your actions?

Would you start a war with old flat-world knowledge, when current computer-world knowledge was available for the simple asking?

Who holds the knowledge beyond what your are told is the current computer-world knowledge, that your enemy may know, and how would you identify it, if not by simply asking questions beyond your current questions?

Would you start a war with the knowledge of highly titled idiots who were trained to not ask questions of ego-based conclusions by more highly titled idiots?

Would you start a war with only the knowledge offered by those who wanted to start a war, or with the knowledge of them, their opponents, impartial people and all other people?

Cannot all statements, perhaps from all those people, be identified as logical and thus sustainable, or illogical and thus not sustainable, by a series of questions identifying and resolving each contradiction if there is any?

Cannot such identification and resolution of any contradictions be done with exponential efficiency if the controlling contradictions for all lesser arenas or boxes of knowledge are identified and resolved within the greater arena of knowledge, the knowledge outside the little power-based box into which Rummy and his ilk crawled?

Are not the greater arenas of knowledge learned by asking and answering questions of controlling contradictions?

After planet Earth was proven to be round, what conclusions predicated on a flat Earth, will you utilize for your decisions and actions?

After humans invented airplanes, what old conclusions predicated on humans never being able to fly through the air, will you utilize?

After the invention of the wheel, what conclusions predicated on only the existence of skids, will you utilize?

After the test of time and flawless reasoning prove and verify, against every question any human mind can devise, that no use of force can manifest a sustainable goal among humans, whose minds are predicated on reasoning, what conclusions predicated on the use of force will a commonly intelligent person utilize?

After the test of time and flawless reasoning prove and verify the glaring failure of all institutionally titled leaders, what conclusions of institution leaders will a commonly intelligent person utilize?

My occasional chuckling, induced by the aforementioned TV journalist's comments, while I was meticulously attending to the Thai moose dish, was from my immediate recognition that each sentence or multi-sentence concept the journalist expressed, was within the same tiny box of knowledge held by the minds of Rummy, his critics and the journalist.

The entire lot of the institutionally trained minds were in the same box, describing lesser boxes which were of no consequence or utility while in the same controlling larger but still tiny box.

Rumsfeld and the TV journalist could not comprehend the easily learned knowledge outside their institutions, the knowledge that illuminated the uselessness of their entire life's work predicated on the proverbial belief that Earth is flat, and their manifested belief that raw power can force human minds to kowtow to Rummy's US military thugs.

Why are the Brits not living under the rule of the invincible Roman Empire, and the Americans not under the invincible British Empire, etceteras?

Historians will note that the Soviet and American empires collapsed about the same time, for the same reason, pitiably primitive lots that they were.

Why is Afghanistan not a communist nation, and Vietnam not an American styled democracy?

The first and controlling division of the human mind's learned abilities, is that of those who placed themselves in the proverbial box of ignorance that always concludes with an illusionary need to use force of any form, and those who think outside that box, thus in the larger box or arena of knowledge holding no need for the use of force. The latter folks, who think in the larger box or arena of knowledge, categorically beyond the understanding of the former, recognized and verified the openly displayed concept that any use of any form of force ultimately defeats its expressed goal, by design of the human phenomenon, and therefore those folks start thinking in an entirely new proverbial world of knowledge, outside the box of force. The force box insiders stopped thinking early in the game, stopped asking questions, to stay inside their box of comparative ignorance. It is an addicting box endowed with all manner of material and ego gratifications for intellectually lazy fools. The box insiders cannot comprehend the otherwise glaring and elsewhere asked questions whose inherently existent answers can only be outside the box.

If you learned the questions that destroyed the illusions of power-damaged minds inside their little box of ignorance, to render them no longer capable of effecting the use of force, such as that by the extensively trained, mental midget US Air Force officers who bomb villages upon Rummy's orders, as Pavlov's dog salivated upon hearing the ring of a bell, would you therefore not be able to manifest the proverbial effect of inventing an airplane among those who believed that humans could never fly though the air?

But would you not have therefore destroyed your own mind's ability to effect the use of force, as the first requirement to then learn what your mind can do with flawless reasoning?


While these words describe greater arenas or boxes of knowledge, because a TV journalist foolishly suggested that Rumsfeld was looking for those who thought outside the box, none of the mentioned people are smarter than anyone else, and vice versa. They each hold the same brain design, and just know different things. It is likely that both Bush and Rumsfeld do not know how to prepare Thai curry moose, and the chef does not know who is doing what to whom inside the Washington DC beltway of intellectually void political back-stabbers clawing their way to more self-defeating ego gratification. Without sufficient time to learn all knowledge, we each choose the arenas or boxes of our interest.

The knowledge of how to promptly resolve the most complex contradictions humans can create, and manifest the resolutions against any human opposition which is just a contradiction, is just another sliver of knowledge, in a huge sphere of knowledge, not unlike how to program a computer, albeit inordinately rare.

Stop wasting your time in your small box of knowledge, if you wish. Ask the questions from outside that box, and answer them, and question your answers. You are of your mind, and the only thing of value to your mind, is knowledge. It is yours for the asking.

You may enjoy life vastly more if you choose to learn gourmet cooking and controlling concepts, the latter completely outside the tiny box of knowledge chosen by those who pursue power. Power, the quest of fools, controls only unquestioning fools, most obviously those who hold power, and cannot exist in the face of knowledge.

The TV news journalist, like his superiors and colleagues, genuinely and sincerely believed that he was effectively criticizing the laughable ignorance of Rumsfeld, Bush, Wolfowitz and their power-craving cronies, because of their glaring screw-ups. The journalists could not understand these words if you duct-taped his head to the computer screen, and put a dictionary program on the same screen. He is in the same force-based box as Rummy and lot, with no possible recognition of anything outside it, or he would have easily resolved and thus collapsed the grossly self-contradicted Bush regime, with time left over for extra TV commercials.

If Rummy and Bush started yet another war, as they have in Afghanistan and Iraq, and are planning for Iran, Syria, North Korea and others less evil than the US, a classic use of force, like all the other wars, and something went wrong, like in all the other wars, with a gaggle of recent wars available for analysis, why have all the journalists who exhaustively analyze and re-analyze and re-analyze wars and their participants, not been able to identify the controlling contradiction of the war mongers and their screw-ups, to thus easily resolve that contradiction, to thus inform the public, from whence the next national leaders slither forth, to thus report on a flawless war, or simply resolve the obvious contradiction of starting wars?

Why? Precisely? (They did not ask effective, controlling questions.)

The question illuminates the institutional incompetence and screw-ups of news analysts and journalists, of far greater magnitude than just some US Secretary of Defense and his clique of drones stumbling through just another inconsequential war in history.

What do Rumsfeld and the news journalists hold in common with each other and all other failures? Is not the pen mightier than the sword? What precisely occurs in the human brain when it perceives, by electro-chemical process, from stimuli, that it holds power over other humans whose independent minds can inherently question (ask effective questions of) any and all power, while power cannot exist in the face of effective questions?


The journalists, institutionally ignorant of how to ask effective questions, especially of themselves, illuminating the damage of power in the human brain, who therefore deserve vastly greater criticism (questioning), for which they use their institutional power to dodge, are in the same box with Rummy and lot, who use their institutional power to dodge questioning and thus sustain their power against feckless news media criticism, as their results in sum still prove.

The journalists cannot answer the above questions, and do not even understand what the questions ask, yet the answers are laughably obvious and verifiable against all questions.

Primitive humans believe, rather than question, Rumsfeld and lot, and believe rather than question news journalists, etceteras, much to the laughter of the observers.

An advanced, thus commonly intelligent human, asks questions of every contradiction, and answers the questions, to thus advance their knowledge beyond those primitive sorts.

Earlier humans evolved beyond a flat Earth by asking and answering questions to learn new knowledge, while war mongers, news journalists and their power-based ilk dodge, flee or attack effective questions that could advance their knowledge, to thus remain laughably primitive.

A current controlling concept of humans, especially the pitiable sorts of the United States of America, is their ignorance of how to ask effective questions, because they were not taught by their government schools funded by forced taxation, or other institutions, and thus do not know which questions to individually ask to learn the knowledge which accesses the exponential advancement of their knowledge.

Consider the aforementioned TV journalist, in his feckless quest to criticize the Rummy/Bush team. He stated that Bush's Secretary of State, Colin Powell, raised repeated objections to Rummy's plan of action for Iraq, resultant from asking questions, but because Colin was a team player, he acquiesced to Bush's conclusions in favor of Rumsfeld, and carried out the process to advance their wars, thus illuminating Colin's questions as useless and inside the same box of ignorance.

What therefore would be your conclusion, and that of those fooled by the TV show?

What instead, would a more thinking person ask, from the above information?

If you were on a team of 100 people who, because you were a consistently good team player, provided you with a huge salary, a title, a high social status respected by an entire nation of fools, with an array of other material and psychological benefits, and 99 of those team mates told you to do something that defied logic, and thus not sustainable, such as lie to the public, refuse to answer a question of your public actions, or bomb innocent civilians in a country that did not attack your country, would you therefore do something that defied logic, to identify yourself as ignorant, malicious and as intellectually void as the team, as has Powell and the news journalists who never effectively question their respective teams, to thus remain on their ego-gratifying teams useless to humans, as proven?

In all that you do in life, you identify what you learned, and what you failed to learn while you purported to know it. The latter contradiction is not manifested by those who do not claim titles which carry the illusion of related knowledge that cannot exist in the minds of the title holders. A title and its process of acquisition cannot convey to the title holder the knowledge implied by the title, and replaces the incentive to learn it.

You train your mind by your words and actions. If you train your mind to be a team player, as its controlling concept, when the team only asked you to lie to the public, that is, manifest a contradiction, your mind will, for example, train itself to later bomb villages described as enemy targets when you know you are slaughtering innocent women, children and old men, or to torture subdued prisoners, or other such contradictions, and vastly worse, on cue. The willful creation, or sustaining, of any contradiction is the demarcation of a power-damaged mind.

A fool would suggest otherwise, as the proof is manifested. The many US Army soldiers who are gunning down Iraqi civilians, including unarmed women and children, and torturing subdued prisoners, are the same as the US Air Force officers bombing Iraqi civilians, and are the same as the German Nazi Gestapo of a previous time gunning down Jews, as were the Roman legions doing the same with their swords, and the Neanderthals swinging their clubs, with not one among them asking real questions of the glaring contradictions of their actions.

No one effectively questioned Rummy/Bush, and instead mindlessly did as they were told by the illusions of titles, throughout every power-based institution throughout the history of humans, for simple ignorance of how to ask questions whose answers were readily available outside the proverbial box, much to the howling laughter of the observers.

If you are a team player in a box of idiots, regardless of the material and psychological benefits that impress idiots, you are wise to enjoy your position as an easily recognized idiot, useless to humans, without even one complaint, ever, of any nature, or instead, discover your mind's ability to get off the team AND get outside the controlling box to stop identifying yourself as have Rumsfeld, news journalists, Powell and their laughable box of other idiots.

So what is the process to do so, for the benefits of the unlimited knowledge outside the box of primitive humans who still conclude that the ultimate effect of the human mind is to devise a more efficient system to kill more human minds who ask you questions rather than carry out your illogical and thus unsustainable, idiot demands?

Answer the preceding questions.

These words are outside the tiny box of institutions and their leaders who are self-fooled by their titles. If a person cannot see outside said box, and words hold their meaning, as do these, then no person inside any country's leadership clique, or any such power-based institution such as network news media, ("the box"), will read these words, for a cause within their mind, which you may now recognize, much to your amusement with those primitive humans.

Your attempts to educate them, before they acquire incentive to ask questions with answers outside their box, are of no utility. You may try, for the purpose of learning the knowledge of why such attempts are of no utility, by design of the human mind. The controlling concept in the preceding is in the word, incentive.

You can then learn how to leave their minds no choice other than to willingly acquiesce to your unflawed conclusions, without your any use of force, despite their ignorance and lack of incentive to learn on their own, by design of their mind which they hold no ability to escape, and therein, for example, effect world peace or countless less dramatic manifestations. But to do so, you must ask and answer the questions to learn that readily available knowledge, an amusingly easy task for which institution leaders hold no incentive while they are being rewarded by fools for the ongoing failures of the leaders.

It is just knowledge, and available, that for which the human mind was invented. It is just outside your currently utilized box of knowledge. You can even learn it while sitting in a comfortable chair.




Suicide Bombers... 21 February 2005

The most brilliant military attack in history, surpassing the Trojan Horse, was, of course, the bombing of the World Trade Towers in New York City, while US President George Bush was too busy flattering himself to question his government's obviously escalating contradictions, and their consequences, as remains the case.

And suicide attackers will become more effective. Enjoy the show.

No government has available to it the people who can usefully describe the mental functioning of suicide attackers, and verifiably end their threat. Such people exist, but no government personnel can recognize them, even if they read these words and you hand them a dictionary. The power-damaged minds of government and other institutionally trained folks, are their own enemy, highly effective in that regard, and good entertainment for observers.

Every institutional expert on the issue, and anything related to it, can only lead their institutional government colleagues into more damaging contradictions in regard to suicide attackers, by design, increasing the problem.

All social frustrations are multi-part puzzles, with more than three parts, while the minds of institutionally trained people verifiably cannot synthesize more than three contradictions in regard to the institutional goals they espouse.

Suicide attackers are nothing new, but their concept may be arriving at its optimum circumstances in the current human population, and thus flourish.

The Iraq example indicates that the proverbial tsunami may be beginning, from the aforementioned proverbial 9.0 earthquake in New York City.

Question... If various groups of people perceived that the most militarily dominant nation in history, an arrogant bunch of malicious mental midgets, with more nuclear and chemical weapons (Weapons of Mass Destruction) than all the other nations combined, and extensive other weaponry systems that are technologically advanced beyond all the other nations, with huge monetary wealth, thus seemingly invincible, and demonstrating its intent to destroy other people's accustomed way of life, to impose its own by force, and other people had no remotely comparable resources to defend themselves, but they had human lives that are probably doomed to be killed, imprisoned, trammeled or humiliated by the arrogant nation anyway, what could those other people do, and would they do, within a world culture which had taught them that the solution to a problem is to kill people at risk and common loss of their own lives?


What has the United States of America taught the people of the world, about solving problems, with its most recent eight murderous wars the US started against nations which did not attack the US?

What did Goliath belatedly learn from David, and thus other people learn from the story?

Is not the greatest human power or force, such as that of the United States of America, a fool's quest in face of a human mind?

How much money and human effort is the US government still spending on more weaponry and military, in comparison to what it is spending to identify the inherently existent, readily available, reasoning process alternative to the inherently doomed use of force among human minds?

Was not Goliath laughing instead of thinking when he approached David?

Recognized by wildlife biologists and other animal scientists and students, as any animal species reaches its carrying capacity for the habitat limitations, unusual phenomena begin to be manifested, which start to limit the population growth of that species, by necessity of finite physical habitats. The phenomena have been itemized and are well known among those interested in such things.

They are part of the human design, beyond the ability of humans to alter. Humans can currently alter the only stimuli, not their designed, ultimate results.

Of course, increased homosexual activity, now identified among dozens of species, is an obvious biological response to over-population.

But the more dramatic and classic reaction to species over-population was illuminated in an experiment several decades ago, identifying the killer rat syndrome. Rats were put into a large cage, given all the food and water they wanted, and allowed to breed. When the cage therefore became rather crowded, but still with available space and plenty of food, the rats observably exhibited psychological stress reactions. The extreme of those itemized reactions was that of a few dominant male rats which began viciously killing other rats, usually upon chance contact by another rat. The experiment was consistently reapplicable.

Over-population creates stress, and stress-induced aberrant behavior, explaining the existence of killer rats, even when food and water remain ample.

In many ways humans are similar to rats, especially humans in government.

Humans are, or are becoming, over-populated for their psychological habitat, among other more commonly discussed habitat limitations. Humans are noticeably subject to the damages of psychological stress. Why, with an answer that prevails against all questions, did the US start its most recent eight wars against nations that did not attack the US, and that the US did not intend to seize for ownership and assimilation? And why is the US government openly discussing war plans against a certain three nations termed as "evil-doers" by an institutionally stressed-out US president, which have not attacked the US or any other nation, while the US military is admittedly over-extended in the quagmire of two current wars?

Humans are just a large animal species, who primarily use their otherwise useful mind to incessantly flatter themselves for illusions, demonstrating their ignorance of the utility of their mind. If you ask more questions about institutional phenomena, a processes that scientists, think tanks, government, news media and other institutions do not exercise, or they would discover their own institution's fatal flaw, you will notice that the institution leaders who most abjectly fail their espousals, are most flattered and rewarded by their institutional colleagues who are likewise failures, and use that childish process to fool gullible people who might otherwise ask more questions about the laughable failures. Among billions of examples, as pictured on the left from a Reuters news article in February 2005, US President George Bush awarded a bag of Meritorious Something-Or-Other Medals, the highest civilian medal of the US, to a gaggle of his outgoing cabinet cronies who grabbed their money and slithered out of office, leaving the obviously increasing problems currently bankrupting the debt-spending US. As certain of them departed office, they warned of greater terrorist risks in the US, after they were hired and lavishly paid to solve the easily solved terrorist problem, and failed as usual. And those poor sad little ego-dependent, mental midgets accepted the contrived medals, an embarrassing display. How primitive are humans? Grown adults are still enamored with laughably absurd government medals for otherwise visually pleasing jewelry. What intellectually mature adult would not be embarrassed to accept or display childish symbols of flattery bestowed by a highly titled miserable failure?

Lost in their own self-flattery, while maliciously trammeling people in other nations, and threatening more people with war, the Americans have set their stage for increasing suicide attackers, and the stage hands are clueless of the actors and the script.

Further, the mind of the suicide attacker uses an unusual process which is outside the proverbial box of knowledge held by institutional chaps and common people. The highly useful substance of the knowledge gained by the mind of the suicide attacker, from experience, is not transferred to the next suicide attacker or people curious of the phenomenon, for obvious reason, so the knowledge can only be obtained by using intellectual technology, unknown and feared by institutional minds. To understand a suicide attacker's mind, requires an unusual extend and diversity of knowledge, therefore beyond institutionally confined perceptions, which can then be synthesized to learn what is otherwise not directly observable. Learning the knowledge requires asking and answering questions well beyond those attempted by people of any institution or any norm.

The suicide attacker starts with unusual, induced perceptions, and then promptly adopts the perceptions of the additional institution of suicide attackers, while all institutional sorts cannot identify the controlling contradictions of their own institution or any institution, by design. Perhaps read that again. If that were not so, institutions could not exist among individual minds with no logical need for the created illusions and limitations of institutions. The institution of US military personnel, throughout its entire structure, including its civilian leaders and any institution they would select for expert advice, cannot possibly identify the contradiction of intensely training its members to WANT to kill the "enemy", or they would resolve that contradiction to produce a military that did not create the contradictions of incessantly murdering innocent civilians, and would efficiently win wars, just as the members of the conceptually recognized institution of suicide attackers cannot possibly identify their controlling contradiction, or they would not be suicide attackers.

Suicide, before a profoundly compelling reason, is an alteration of the process of logic in a human mind.

Suicide attackers are an entertaining puzzle, but more easily solved than the more greatly power-damaged minds of national leaders. The latter are among the most power-damaged minds, having accumulated such an extent of inter-dependent contradictions that more time is required to untangle and resolve their contradictions with more questions. In contrast, the minds of suicide attackers, having less often and less extensively, for less time, been trained within an intensive power structure, function closer to reasoning, with fewer contradictions, and are therefore more easily corrected. That indicated process, for either, is separate from the process to objectively resolve their institution's controlling contradiction to leave no damaging effects of their institutions.

Suicide attackers, like killer rats, are a designed zenith of the power game, for an easily recognized list of reasons. They are an ultimate effect of power-damaged minds pitted against more greatly power-damaged, but traditionally cowardly minds that effected their creation, and they hold a superlative advantages in several regards. They are effective, and there is no power-based, effective defense against them. The only defense is within intellectual technology. Because they are that zenith, their demonstrated existence, even without subsequent attack, causes their enemy to attack its own people, with the stress induced perceptions of killer rats, for fear that one among them, bumping into them or getting too close, may be a suicide attacker, therefore inducing greater social stress among those from whom the next leaders emerge. The demonstrated existence of suicide attackers illuminates the results and ultimate failure of the use of force, and thus illuminates the incentive for reasoning people to learn the alternative, while force-based minds cannot possibly understand this sentence or this section, or suicide attackers would have not been manifested.

The suicide attackers, similar to the scantly thinking military sorts, obviously do not think very much (do not ask and answer very many questions), or they would think enough to easily kill their enemy while staying alive to kill again and become more efficient. But they easily think more, within certain arenas of knowledge, than their enemy, especially more than the ignorant enemy leaders, or suicide attackers would have been defeated as a concept early in the game. They think more than George Bush and his legions of experts.

George, his cabinet and his military generals hold no incentive to think, because they are not substantially affected by their mistakes, and they are awash in seized wealth, self-praise and other psychological rewards. They hold laughably gullible, unquestioning minions who are willing fodder and scapegoats for the incessant mistakes of their idiot leaders, an ancient phenomenon again illuminating the scant ability of commonly power-damaged minds to think or reason.

For contrast, suicide attackers hold obviously greater incentive to think, indicating the reason they are rare in comparison to the number of inherently unthinking military minions throughout history.

Suicide attackers exist because their minds failed to ask and answer a common type of questions that other power-damaged minds failed to ask and answer, but then they thought through a particular arena of knowledge not considered by those holding greater power, just as, for example, a mathematician thinks through the arena of numbers while people with no incentive to learn much math do not consider diffyque (differential equations), but then failed to ask and answer the questions related to the contradictions of their separate institution of suicide attackers, producing a socially damaging result as flawed as other force-based concepts, which inconsequentially hold no defense, and not resolvable with the knowledge held by force based institutions. If your use of force for any goal reaches the extent of producing a steady stream of suicide attackers, who may be the next persons to get close to you, and you still cannot understand that your actions are defeating themselves, you are highly eligible to be a successful American RepublicratDemocan President, Congressman or Supreme Court Justice.

Institutionally trained minds can learn extremely complex knowledge to put computers on a moon of Saturn, etceteras, therein resolving many contradictions, but cannot resolve three or more human-caused contradictions, or those contradictions would have already been resolved. The existence of ongoing human social problems, with the test of time, is an obvious proof, among others.

Concurrently, institutionally titled and thus laughably ignorant psychologists and sociologists, clamoring to explain the minds of suicide bombers, for professional profit or recognition, already hired by the US government, its military and other institutions, cannot identify their own institution's controlling contradiction which is that of the suicide attackers, by definition, and thus their institution has already failed after the current crop of suicide attackers have been around for several years, and World War II produced a small gaggle of them, etceteras.

The human mind is of such ability, that after learning how to resolve its own contradictions, the process to resolve and manifest the resolution of any social contradictions requires only a few days, weeks or rarely months depending upon the contradiction. Suicide attackers are easily resolved.

But notice the repeated, laughable mistakes of the current Iraqi suicide bombers who often kill themselves without killing any of their enemy. Is that dumb, or what? And they kill more fellow Iraqis than the hated American invaders who inspire their attacks. They are certainly not thinking much, but adequately in sum, considering their goal. And again, they are thinking more than US military minions who foolishly and needlessly remain clueless of their perceived enemy and most other contradictions, for intellectual laziness, the failure to simply ask and answer related questions.

Notice the effect of the suicide attacker phenomenon, a power-based action which inherently advances itself, by design of power. The Americans in Iraq are therefore so stressed-out, not unlike killer rats, that they repeatedly slaughter innocent Iraqi civilian women and children, time and time again, and will continue to do so, on the hasty perception of the possibility of a suicide attacker, to thus create more intense hatred toward Americans, inciting more suicide attackers among the Iraqis who have been repeatedly slaughtered by the careless and murderous Americans. The Americans have become the human equivalent of stress induced killer rats who kill at chance contact with people around them. The common, useless excuses do not prevail above the results, and are not heard by the Iraqis.

If, as an Iraqi, you can be randomly gunned down by trigger-happy Americans, in the streets of Iraq, an extreme stress inducer, as routinely witnessed and discussed by fellow Iraqis, you might just as well end your randomly intolerable stress and take out some American rats or their puppets in the process. Is that not so?

Killer rats create the stress that creates more killer rats.

How thoroughly can a nation create the greatest number of suicide attackers by creating the greatest possible stress and hopelessness? To be killed by Saddam's thugs, an Iraqi had to identifiably contradict them, which was easily avoided by the people not interested in political activities while living within the prosperous and orderly Iraq culture. To be randomly killed by the American thugs, an Iraqi need only exist in Iraq, walking on the street, driving a car, sitting in one's own home, at a business place, hospital or anywhere else in Iraq. Saddam's thugs did not kill the Iraqis who appeared to like Saddam's thugs, but the Americans bombed and gunned down even the Iraqis who appreciated the Americans and held Saddam in contempt, as well as anyone else. The resulting stress and induced hatred for Americans was and remains beyond what the unthinking Americans can comprehend. The killer rat Americans maliciously destroyed homes, businesses, schools, hospitals, power, communication, sewer and water facilities, fuel and electricity, transportation infrastructures, religious buildings, cemeteries, court houses, their personnel, and anything else deemed for American convenience or sport to be a target or near a target, compounding the psychological stress and its consequences of suicide attackers. Americans slaughtered innocent civilians in full view of their family members. They imprisoned and tortured innocent Iraqis who simply could not speak English to say the words the Americans demanded. Not one American government person can possibly understand the level of stress they created, or the inherent consequences. The Americans intentionally used Sunni interrogators and translators for religiously hated Shiite prisoners, and vice versa, etceteras, intentionally escalating the results of induced contradictions, with the raw maliciousness fully recognized by the Iraqis. The Americans claimed to represent the most advanced, caring and generous society in the world, technologically capable of targeting only military targets, while they made no effort to represent anything more than mindless cave trolls swinging huge clubs to smash anything in their path, as the dramatic results prove. The Americans killed several news journalists who were by chance not flattering the actions of Americans, with the results broadcast to the rest of the world but not to Americans. As with the other Iraqis, the Iraqi women were told they would be liberated from their oppressive social condition imposed by Saddam, but of course the Americans were clueless of how to do that, and left them no better off and often in a noticeably worse social situation, while the Americans continued lying to the Americans about liberating the women. Under Saddam the only thugs were Saddam's thugs, in an orderly society. Under the Americans incessantly promising security, the Iraqis face thugs in every direction, those of the American military, the American contractor death squads, the now unrestrained fundamentalist religious fanatics, the common criminals now comparatively free to ply their trade, the Iraqi resistance fighters inherently making their own careless mistakes with guns and explosives, etceteras. Intense stress in every direction. The lies of Americans became increasingly ludicrous as the personnel and money that were loudly promised to rebuild what they could not possibly afford to rebuild or bring back to life after their ongoing rampage of destruction, were diverted for more war machinery and attacks, after already being robbed from the lies about rebuilding Afghanistan, and are not even enough to provide for the medical care of maimed American soldiers, while the privileged American government class wallows in wealth and its benefits. Etceteras. Etceteras.

How many more ways can you describe American induced stress and hopelessness among Iraqis?

What is the concept of hope within the human mind, how does it function in relation to other concepts, and what is the consequence of its destruction coupled with the consequences of elevated stress and induced hatred?

Is not hopelessness the most effective of several concepts facilitating the creation of suicide attackers?

How long can you promise something better than you destroyed, while obviously unable to afford anything better, or even as good within a culture you already failed to understand, while you are still destroying more, before a yet living victim of your atrocities, easily thinking more than you, recognizes the hopelessness, and simply decides to end the stress, and kill whom he or she can among the source?

Not one American government or military dolt, or any of their consulted experts, is sufficiently intelligent to have asked and answered that obvious question, as the results dramatically demonstrate. The question leads to the other questions that lead to the answers of each, and thus the easy process to win the current war, end the suicide attacker threat, or have done both before attacking. Lacking the knowledge of how to ask effective questions that advance knowledge, Americans will only continue to try to kill their way through their illusions, thus manifesting their enemy and demise.

What is the human social incentive, designed into the human mind, to end the ability of the Americans to do what the Americans have done in Iraq, before they do that to other people and nations? What can and will the individual mind do when institutional power, serving power, inherently fails to stop the atrocities of institutional power?

What more did the animal behavior scientists not learn about the brain processes of killer rats because the scientists were institutional thinkers unable to identify the controlling contradiction of their own institution, which therefore limited the knowledge they could learn, while government sorts cannot even learn that much because they only hold the demonstrated intellectual ability of the rats?

The minds of the Iraqis, subjected to the direct effects of the destruction and murdering, are inherently attempting to ascertain the reasoning of the American actions which are not based on reasoning. The American propaganda describes reasoning, but the words obviously do not hold their meaning. They are categorical lies that even children can identify as lies. The American actions are based on raw power, the opposite of reasoning. No reasoning person would repeatedly murder innocent civilians, often in face of their families, and repeatedly dismiss the action as collateral damage, or start a war. No one taught the Iraqis (or Americans) what power is and how it functions in the human mind, leaving the ignorance to induce frustration. It is only one among many items of related data, or parts of the knowledge puzzle, not questioned and thus not understood by the ignorant Americans, to note that the Americans openly claim to not want to conquer Iraq and seize it for American control, as would otherwise be understandable for war and thus not frustration-inducing, but instead purport that the reason for the murdering and destruction spree is to leave Iraq under the rule of Iraqis subjected to the word, democracy, a little understood concept in Iraq, that is useless in itself and not even practiced in the US, inducing more confusion and frustration. Unable to ascertain the reasoning for the slaughter and destruction in Iraq, coupled with the extreme frustration caused by the most effective communication and thus propaganda process in human history, the frustration level of those attempting to ascertain the reasoning of American actions has reached a current social zenith in human history.

The extent to which the Americans do not question their words and actions, and thus create glaring contradictions that frustrate the minds of Iraqis and other people in the world, is not conveyable herein, and creates the extent of contradictions that inherently create the extreme of suicide attackers. Even the American anti-war information distribution system which Iraqis hear and see on the internet and elsewhere, is saturated with American lies and other contradictions, because the institutional anti-war chaps are as clueless of how institutional power functions in the human mind, as are the American soldiers gunning down unarmed Iraqi civilians in view of their families. The Americans keep talking about the rule of written law, and many other illusions that are so noticeably not practiced in America that everything out of America is contradicted. The plain lies are noticeable as such, by many mechanisms. The intellectually void Americans who sincerely believe that Saddam Hussein was a malicious, illogical ruler, literally cannot comprehend the meaning of the Americans openly stating, as one of countless examples, that Americans are guaranteed the right to a jury trial, by the highest law of the land which no law may lawfully contradict, while more jury trials are summarily denied by American Saddam Husseins holding petty court judge jobs, than are granted such trials. If the Americans are speaking, they are lying. And they are slaughtering thousands to force those lies on other people. What function of the human mind's process causes the extreme reaction of suicide attackers? Is not your answer in the foregoing?

If the Iraq war was a traditional war to conquer and seize, as humans have taught themselves to understand, the evident contradictions and frustration level would be reduced below the point on the gradient that produced the unusual extreme of suicide attackers. Because the Iraq war, completely based on expressed lies, openly verifiable as lies right down the list, began as a greater or more complex contradiction than traditional wars, and sustained on obvious lies which are contradictions, the resulting, mutually dependent contradictions extended to the inherent extreme of creating not just more suicide attackers than ever experienced in human history, but a new self-propagating, non-centrally controlled institution of suicide attackers.

Who besides Saddam Hussein can be accurately described as a petty, malicious, power-damaged mind, asking no questions of his glaring contradictions, praised by unquestioning idiots in his society, who would defy all reasoning, and pander inherently unsustainable lies to take his country to war against a country that did not attack, squandering national wealth and lives, destroying entire cities in the attacked country, inciting the hatred of people all over the world, for pure personal ego and no material gain to his own country? The question is in error because Saddam Hussein was not that ignorant or malicious. George Bush may be the only national leader in history who ever so extensively contradicted logic to initiate a war, defining Americans, and illuminating the reason for the current phenomenon of suicide attackers.

The people who would become military sorts are not the suicide attackers, or suicide attackers would be common to most militaries that stated loosing their wars, among more extensive reasoning. It is the people who would not become military sorts who are the suicide attackers. And the laughably ignorant Americans, retaining their ignorance even in the face of suicide attackers, by being taught to not question contradictions, are attempting to fight suicide attackers with soldiers thinking like soldiers, thus inherently failing and creating their own frustrations which induce the damaging consequences. The frustrations are easily resolved by simply learning the related knowledge, that is, asking and answering related questions, a process that no American military or government personnel can understand or tolerate in a military that is predicated on keeping its personnel ignorant of their contradictions. If you are not laughing, you are missing the only show these humans, self-mired deep within the intellectual dark ages, yet know how to stage.

It cannot be sufficiently stressed, because institutionally trained minds cannot possibly understand this sentence, that while the first created contradiction (inherent to the creation of an institution as a replacement for a named human mind) dooms all of that which is built upon it, the total number of mutually dependent, unresolved contradictions, when enough, will reach the creation of otherwise illogical suicide attackers and killer rats, and then still inherently unresolved because the contradictions are mutually dependent, will increase in number and magnitude, to increase the number of those attackers. You may wish to read that again, to understand why the observers are laughing.

The entire institution of American government and its institutional experts, including the news media institution, remain clueless, as demonstrated by their ongoing wars, because the clue is in their own institutional contradictions not questioned by their mind.

The entire American government is intellectually defenseless against suicide attackers. The American government cave trolls cannot even think to the extent of a suicide attacker, to identify the controlling contradictions of a suicide attacker's mind, by simply asking and answering a few questions, to therefore resolve the contradictions, while the controlling contradictions in the minds of American government chaps are more extensive, identified and resolved by simply asking and answering more questions.

Amusingly, it is the controlling contradiction of the American military mind, as an example of all power-damaged minds, which if recognizable by them, would promptly result in the resolution and thus winning their wars, and peace, the latter a concept that power-damaged minds such as Bush and his ilk, identical to Clinton, Kerry and the entire American DemocanRepublicrat Regime, cannot comprehend or tolerate, by design. How did you think that power could exist within the human mind, a device predicated on reasoning, the opposite of power? The power-damaged mind had to flawlessly perceive, by design, that its enemy was the other guy, not within itself, with no self-identifiable access to the knowledge of the contradiction, identifying the unmatched brilliance of the human mind's design, for its superlative game, and the reason the observers are rolling on the floor, kicking and pounding, clutching their aching sides, gasping for breath, tears of howling laughter streaming from their eyes, with no respite if they notice the humans again too soon.

The first video game programmer who learns intellectual technology, will command the world market.

All Iraqi and other suicide attackers can be separated from their mind's controlling contradiction, by a process requiring only a few days or weeks, without their participation, to thus solve the problem that will otherwise cause the Americans to destroy their empire, at great damage and grief to themselves, on schedule. The resolution process is laughably easy, because the concept is minor and involves such an obvious contradiction, therefore an easy resolution.

Instead, the suicide attacker concept that has reached a daily manifestation in Iraq, indicating a human population density related plateau interacting with the more obvious stimuli, will soon enough expand to the United States, and increase in frequency, by design inescapable under institutional processes, to cause the American government killer rats to attack more Americans as they are training to do by what they are doing in Iraq. The creation of the federal Homeland Security Gestapo was a significant indicator. The labyrinth of other new internal US spying and armed police agencies and systems, lucrative to greedy government institutions, are just more layers in the police-state sediment burying the concept of American freedom to thus induce reaction among the percentage of freedom-addicted Americans, not unlike the Iraqi freedom fighters trying to destroy the American police-state invaders. Because those new spy and police dolts are power-based, in a power-dependent proverbial pyramid, they will kill to the extent of America's self-destruction before the minds of their leaders willingly surrender any portion of their power.

The insatiably power-craving American RepublicratDemocan Regime, as was Saddam's Baathist Regime in his country, has doomed the United States to a military/police state, just as it imposes on other people in the world, escalating the stress levels that then spiral the government's deadly police-state tactics being rehearsed in Iraq, to thus induce the resulting suicide attacks, much to the howling laughter of the observers.

Enjoy the show.




The folks with the knowledge... 1 March 2005

Consider the inherently existent individuals around the world who hold and can verify the knowledge you most seek in regard to human caused problems, the knowledge of how to promptly manifest the solutions to those problems, any human-caused problems, whatsoever, all of them.

Just considering those chaps could cause you to formulate questions that can lead you to the knowledge they hold.

Do they exist? Were the problems caused by human minds? Does the mind include an operating system which can be identified and described by the mind? Is that operating system of a design? Can your questions of any confusion or uncertainty about the words in the foregoing questions, be answered to clarify your understanding of the questions? Did you actually answer the questions, rather than just read them? If any of your answers were that of, No, did you not impose upon yourself your own limitation that does not limit the mind of the person who answered each question with a, Yes?

Are not problems caused by minds that, for any reason or excuse, willfully choose to impose upon themselves a limit of knowledge, that if not imposed, could have extended to the solution to the problem before or shortly after it was created?

If you prefer to accuse the other guy of causing all problems, as preferred by power-damaged minds, then would not his choice to not limit his knowledge extend to his ability to create problems for you, that never create a problem for himself, such as consistently perfect crimes or problems for you that cost him no money, time or other consequences not profitable to him?

Besides the problems people cause for themselves, is it not obvious that the people who cause problems for other people therefore create associated problems for themselves?

Is not the creation of problems so common to humans that the process must be part of the aforementioned design of the human mind?

Now where did I leave my tea mug this time? Next time I am going to tie a cord between the computer and the microwave, and tie the cup to the cord, to solve that problem.

Can that design of the mind be learned by the mind?

Would you not have to first learn the design of the mind, to learn how the mind creates problems (contradictions) from available information, to be able to learn how to consistently solve those problems which were created as a result of the design?

If the contradictions (problems) hold an origin within the design of the mind, and you learn that design, can you therefore not resolve the contradictions?

If you thoroughly learn automobile mechanics, will you not be able to fix automobile problems?

How much time is required to sufficiently learn any particular arena of knowledge, to thus be able to solve problems created within that arena of knowledge?

From your general observations, both current and historical, does any one human have time to learn all knowledge?

Do not different people learn different arenas of knowledge?

Was not the human phenomenon designed to communicate and share knowledge between individual minds, as the desire for that knowledge is made evident, and the person desiring the knowledge asks the questions to find the other person holding the knowledge?

If you learn the knowledge of how to fight wars or how to be so socially popular that you can get elected as a governmental leader, but do not learn the design of the mind, what is the likelihood that you will be able to fix automobiles or solve problems whose origin is within the design of the mind?

If you perceive that a book or a website holds knowledge derived from the exploration of moulins, and you want to learn that knowledge without having to explore moulins, do you hold sufficient knowledge to be able to find that book or website, or their lack of existence?

If not, do you hold enough knowledge to be able to find any human who might hold the knowledge of how to find that book or website?

If you conclude that a particular group of humans is causing a problem (contradiction) that seems to be routinely caused by various other groups of humans, over a span of time, without an easily identified solution (resolution) that readily or permanently solves the problem, might the origin of that problem be inherent to the design of the human mind?

If so, as even a guess, might the knowledge of how to readily or permanently solve the problem be held by those folks who simply learned the design of the human mind?

If so, how would you find such persons?

If the effort to identify such chaps might require a bit of time, such as the time to ask a lot of questions, what is the investment value of that time, in comparison to the cost of not solving the problem, enduring the problem, or repeating all the actions that have already failed the goal of solving the problem?

If you decided that more generations of enduring the damaging, seemingly complex problem, cost more than the effort to find the folks who know how to promptly solve the problem, how would you go about the search for them?

How would you find that book or website on moulin exploration?

Or, where would you not look?

Would you look for the solution to an automobile problem, among dentists? Would you look for that solution among auto mechanics who consistently failed to fix the automobile problems of the gullible sorts they bilked with rhetorical illusions? Would you look for a solution to wars among the political leaders, military chaps, peace organizations, news analysts, think tanks and titled experts whose efforts have not only already obviously failed, but have perpetuated the wars under their incessant rhetoric of solutions and peace?

Would you look for the solution to an ongoing problem identified by opposing political, religious, lifestyle or other such institutional perceptions within a society, among the organizations which have already failed to solve the ongoing problem after their organizations have existed for six months or more?

How long would it take a human mind, asking and answering questions to learn new knowledge, leaving no question not answered, to learn the manifestable solution to any problem?

If the problem has been sustained over the test of time, among many people, would you not wisely look where others have not looked?

Did you answer the above questions, and do you use your own mind's answers to questions, or did you limit your knowledge to that held by those who create problems, and those who can never identify the solutions to problems because they chose to limit their knowledge?

Ya'll let me know now, ya hear, if you want to find those folks who may not know how to even keep track of their tea mug because they used their time to learn the rare knowledge of how to promptly solve the most complex problems humans can create, whose origin is within the design of the human mind, and nowhere beyond it.

You will only find them where you have not looked before. They are thoroughly amused watching the individuals and organizations proverbially running around in circles, failing their entire lives because they look for knowledge in the same places that they and others already proved to not hold the knowledge.

They are also, if you might easily notice, and much to their amusement, the people who, when they offer the related knowledge, are consistently ignored, denigrated or attacked by institutionally titled and associated people, by design of the human mind, or no institutionally caused problems would still exist.

Of course you can learn the knowledge on your own, just as you can learn about moulins by exploring them, as was done by most of the people who learned the knowledge of how to solve complex problems originating within the design of the human mind. A bit tedious, but yours for the asking of questions, a lot of questions, primarily of your own answers. If you do so, you will find that your new knowledge is where nobody else is looking because the design of the human mind creates an identifiable aversion or discomfort to questioning one's own answers. And if you mention the knowledge you have learned, you will be denigrated, ignored or attacked by the people you could assist, by design. And you will therefore laugh yourself to tears watching the show whose design is that of the human mind.




Science of observation, 101 and 501... 2 March 2005

This is just another description and indicator of why even neurologists, and other institutionally trained minds, cannot identify the controlling contradiction of the human mind, which induces conclusions that contradict the data and thus create the first division of the controlling concept of the human mind, altering the process of reasoning which inherently seeks to resolve contradictions, by design.

College Science 101, specific to that aspect of the concept of science relating to scientific observation:

Can a human scientifically observe a phenomenon, to learn about it, without altering the phenomenon by the act of observation? No, despite the best efforts or illusions of beginner or ego-altered scientists, as understood by scientists and other people who simply ask more questions of concepts.

Does anything happen in the universe, without altering the entire universe? No, as more readily recognized by more scientists, and providing data for the above answer.

If a part of the whole is changed, is the whole changed?

College Science 501, or whatever number you wish to ascribe, again specific to that aspect of the concept of science relating to scientific observation:

Are the perceptions of the human mind resultant from the activity within the human brain and its extended nervous system?

If you answered the question, now therefore recognizing just how finite and small that brain is, you may more readily recognize the interaction of perceptions or neural activity in a finite space. This is just a learning vehicle. There are no few miles of neurons in the brain, and no few synaptic transmitter and receptor sites, and no few chemical compounds, and large comparative spaces between them, etceteras, creating the analogy of the universe within the brain, but they are close enough to wobble a bit from a pulse going down the adjacent track, or get bumped by a chemical compound bouncing around a synapse, feeling for a comfortable receptor, or just plain hold a designated intersection for the data below.

Therefore, what perceptions are resultant from the observer being the Neurology Professor at Whingding University, and what perceptions are resultant from the observer being the observer?

The above two data points, or information descriptions, or arrangements of words, identify two different neural impulse routes that are conceptually close, and probably close in regard to the area of the brain that hommdihooms over them, thus possibly interacting despite their two distinctly separate identifications, thus possibly creating a third effect to a more perceptive extent than your noticing the results of a piece of space dust colliding with a piece of space dust 2.4 billion light years away.

What is the difference between those two distinctly different items of information, and whose mind trained itself to route the data as the same, which can only be a different, or third routing, because the combination of them cannot be either, by definition?

Does the observation change that which is observed, or change the perceptions of the observer whose mind adopts the different neural routing of data as an observer rather than an individual, just as the neural routing of data is changed as a neurologist observer rather than only an observer?

Now notice one of the commonalities of all sources of institutionally caused (group caused) human problems. The individuals have institutional titles or identified associations that their minds perceive as such, yet they individually claim to be individuals.

Two distinctly different phenomena are carelessly perceived to be the same by the mind which did not ask these questions to learn the effects of the two different phenomena, whose neural process handles them with different electro-chemical routing, to thus create a contradiction or third neural routing for the combined data, with results ascribed to one or the other original routings, by design of that process, or the human mind could not create a contradiction.

Pity, but also laugh robustly for unavoidable reason, at the poor self-confused neurologist whose mind cannot understand the substance of the above words, or he could not be a neurologist which precludes his individual ability (original, unaltered ability of the mind) to identify the alterations of perceptions created by the synthesis of being a neurologist and an individual attempting to identify any contradictions created by being a neurologist.

Now give a bit more thought to the thought patterns of a human mind claiming and thus perceiving no titles or institutional associations, in regard to the same data that institutionally titled sorts perceive as a reason to attempt to institutionally force the other guy to do something, which therefore inherently causes the other mind's reaction against the use of force, by design of YOUR mind.

Until you learn the plain, simple procedure to separate your mind from all institutional perceptions, in fact rather than mere rhetorical claim, you will not be able to learn the design of the human mind, its process to resolve all contradictions, including those created by any perception of it being an institution, something that the mind was not designed to be. You must become the observer who is only the observer, to thus be able to synthesize only one alteration of that which is observed, the alteration of created by being observer of the design of the human mind, without the alteration of any other institutional or group concept such as that of a neurologist or expert.

No neurologist will do that, or they would discover the controlling contradiction of neurologists, and thereafter not be a neurologist.

Why did the writers of the US Constitution, who exercised that writing process involving more thinking than normally exercised, to create a huge institution of greatly diverse people, expressly forbid such a seemingly inconsequential concept as the granting of titles of nobility, in a document of much more profound matters? What did they recognize in the results of people's perceptions of titles of nobility? And what did they fail to recognize in people's perceptions of the new titles of government that their constitution created?

Precisely, at its origin, what caused the mind of an individual person named George Bush to sincerely believe that it was logical to slaughter, so far, over 100,000 Iraqis and so far over a couple thousand Americans, among others, and squander over a Hundred Billion dollars otherwise available for great benefit to Americans, just because the Iraqis would not kowtow to George's laughably illogical and contradicting illusions (among countless such examples throughout human history)? But of obviously greater magnitude, precisely, at its origin, what, by flawless description sustained against all questions, caused the minds of the majority of Americans to support that obviously self-damaging action of inherently long lasting damage?

What will an individual do, and what will a President and Americans do?

From the same data, what conclusions for actions, will individual minds formulate, and what conclusions for actions will the same individual minds formulate as self-perceived Presidents and Americans?

What, by its description relating to the design of the human mind, caused the majority of individuals who were also Germans of the 1930's and 40's to exercise undeniably illogical actions on the perception that the individual Jews who were previously Jews where then criminals and evil? What process within the design of the human mind, altered the knowledge about individual criminals who were also of the Islamic faith, to become Muslim and Arab terrorists causing the majority of individual Americans, as Americans, to start and support a costly war against the rhetorical illusion of terrorists, as terrorists, instead of individual criminals, including against a nation of individual Iraqis who did not attack the US or associate with the Saudi criminals who attacked New York City?

What is the origin of that difference between the mind's conclusions from the same data, by flawless description holding no contradiction?

What exact process, by flawless and useful description, changes within the human mind when the individual perceives itself as the observer, the observed, the neurologist and the American, instead of the individual?

Would that knowledge not be among the most valuable known to humans? Did you answer the other questions in this paragraph?

That is only one part of the puzzle, readily available, as are the others.




People versus concepts... 4 March 2005

Notice the controlling and highly amusing contradiction, that people praise, adulate, worship, follow, support, believe in and are enamored with people as leaders, including the people who invoke the name of God.

Now notice the concept those people cannot comprehend, even if they read these words, and you hand them a dictionary.

People do not control people. Concepts control people, by design.

Notice the concepts which cause foolish people to follow inherently fallible people rather than verifiable concepts. To portray themselves as more than the inherently equal fellow humans they are among gullible fools, making mistakes with at least half their decisions, people bestow upon themselves, and surround themselves, with titles, certificates, credentials, badges, uniforms, robes, odd shaped hats that do not even keep their ears warm, high pulpits, ribbons, medals and other glitter, trophies, music and rhetorical illusions for introductions, banners, flags, grand houses and offices, expensive cars, surrounding gaggles of armed thugs, pictures of their faces in newspapers, magazines and on walls, on posters and billboards, with bright lights, and all the other trappings variously common to people who are praised or followed by fools.

Notice the glaring absence of common intelligence or thinking among all those leaders, all of them, proven by the test of time and the continued existence of the ongoing social or institutional problems.

Now therefore, the scant few people who are sufficiently wise to ask and answer their every question to verify the above, will laugh themselves to tears at the idiots who follow people who have, by the test of time and the glaring results, already failed their espousals, while the verifiable concepts retain their merits that prevail against all questions.

No human can destroy a concept, or control another human above a concept, yet even with those words, gullible people will follow and support people rather than concepts.

Learn the concepts. Waste no hour or minute with people as leaders, except to learn the concept describing the origin of their manifest failure while they and their gullible followers are still dazzled by their trappings.




Accurately answer any question... 12 March 05

After learning intellectual technology, which you can learn by asking and answering questions, there is no question relating to a human-caused contradiction, that you will not be able to accurately answer, and flawlessly verify with the answer including the process to manifest its effects, to the extent of the questioner's agreement, support, and manifestation if he or she wants to manifest the conclusion.

Now consider yet another amusing contradiction currently developing for the entertainment of the observers. People in Iran are exercising their inherent right to develop nuclear power for electricity production, and are openly expressing their intent to do so. The knowledge exists. The human mind was designed to learn the knowledge. There is no processes to successfully stop humans from learning existing knowledge that they seek to learn. There is verifiably no difference in the design of American minds, Iranian minds or any other human minds.

The knowledge and process to develop nuclear power for electricity production, inherently creates the knowledge and ability to produce nuclear bombs.

The United States and Israel have made so many enemies in the world, resulting from the design of power, that their leaders and their idiot followers have trained their minds to sincerely believe that everyone is their enemy, especially those who overtly do not kowtow to US and Israel intimidation. The US and Israeli leaders specifically believe that Iranian possession of nuclear power means that Iran will use it to defend themselves from further US and Israel intimidation, or retaliate against a US or Israeli attack on Iran.

Humans with superior power cannot tolerate a significant challenge by an inferior power, or even the possibility of a significant challenge, just as they cannot tolerate the questioning of their power, with actual questions presented in an effective manner that challenge related knowledge. Because knowledge prevails above power, by design of the human mind, a challenge of knowledge, which is otherwise actively sought among curious minds seeking to learn more knowledge, is a challenge of power as perceived by the power-damaged mind, and therefore cannot be tolerated.

The Iranian nuclear knowledge contradiction is such that the US has provided a large number of bunker buster bombs to Israel, and the Israeli military is admittedly training to destroy Iran's nuclear capability. The proverbial props are being moved onto the proverbial stage, for the real show.

The power-damaged minds of the US and Israeli leaders hold zero comprehension of how to resolve their contradiction without the use of force that creates the greater contradiction they already created to create the incentive for Iran to develop nuclear weapons to protect itself. Incentive is a controlling concept for humans, to manifest knowledge.

Now consider again the first sentence of this section. If they simply learned intellectual technology, the US or Israeli leaders would learn how to prevail over the Iranians, without creating any contradiction. Or the Iranian leaders could likewise learn how to eliminate the US and Israeli threat, without any use or threat of force.

The process is just knowledge. The humans who instead learn the use of force stagnate their knowledge, the human phenomenon, and ultimately fail their espousals, as proven again by the US and Israeli leaders having made themselves dependent upon bombing Iran if Iranians pursue advanced knowledge, to thus create an inherently untenable contradiction. At what point will the world, or even an individual, commonly intelligent person, recognize that a country which makes itself dependent upon bombing another country because the inherently equal people of that second country attempt to learn the inherently available knowledge held by people in the first country, is untenable and cannot be tolerated in a world of countries inherently seeking to advance their knowledge. The world or said individual can easily devise the process to more promptly facilitate the self-demise of the untenable and intolerable bombers.

Soon enough nuclear power will be obsolete, upon humans learning yet more advanced knowledge categorically feared by Neanderthal national leaders, such as the American RepublicratDemocans, who are dependent upon the inherently futile attempt to deny knowledge to other humans designed to learn all knowledge.

Because the human mind is predicated on the process of advancing its knowledge (asking and answering questions), the attempt to deny or hide knowledge from other human minds is a fool's illusion inherent to power-damaged minds such as the current US and Israeli leaders.

The advantage goes to he who learns knowledge above power, by design of the human mind. Any US, Israeli or Iranian leaders, or anyone else, can learn the knowledge of how to promptly manifest their espousals at concurrent defeat of any human objecting to the actions or intents of the person learning more advanced knowledge.

However, by design, you could show these words to the power-damaged minds of the US, Israeli, Iranian or other titled leaders, but they have already denied their mind access to such knowledge, and therefore cannot understand these sentences, and cannot formulate the questions to identify their substance, much to the amusement of the observers, by design.

Learn the knowledge, by asking and answering your every question, easily those abjectly feared and fled by the US, Israeli and Iranian leaders, to therefore enjoy the show while ignorant people who fear and flee questions live their lives in fear of the other person's knowledge, and working much of their life to pay taxes to bomb, kill or imprison him for learning advanced knowledge that benefits humans.




Another brief summation... 18 March 2005

Paragraph 1. As prior stated, the knowledge is available, for one person, using the internet, to effect world peace, concurrently defeating opposition. Less dramatic goals, involving lesser contradictions still seemingly difficult or impossible to resolve, are more easily manifested.

Paragraph 2. As prior stated, it is not humanly possible for a person to be a Democrat or Republican, as defined in the United States of America, and be honest. The concept prevails. If A equal B, and B equal C, then A equal C, and the same despite any number of intermediate equals. If a Democrat and Republican, representing their political party or its endorsed results, have verifiably lied, and have not been formally removed from party membership or representation, then Democrats and Republicans represent liars who are therefore not honest, by definition, defining all Democrats and Republicans, by those institutional definitions. That which is not honest creates a contradiction which cannot sustainably manifest a goal, by definition of a contradiction.

No Democrats or Republicans can understand paragraph number 2, even if you hand them a dictionary, and make available to them a competent English teacher to answer any of their questions related to the use of language. People who are not Democrats or Republicans are eligible to understand paragraph number 2, but are unlikely to understand it because they are members of equally flawed institutional concepts.

Paragraph number 2 is more easily understood that paragraph number 1. If you understand number 2, and thus understand the concept of words holding their meaning, you are close to understanding paragraph number 1, if you simply start asking questions, and retain the meaning of the words you use for the answers.

Learn the concept for the useful knowledge of concept and its extent, not just for the inconsequential act of no longer supporting the fatally flawed DemocanRepublicrats.




The observers.... 19 March 2005

Consider the people who can read or hear any news item or other offered information involving human caused problems, and who can, within the first few sentences, identify and verify the controlling contradiction and the sustainable resolution that can be manifested with concurrent defeat of any or all human opposition, regardless of any other human.

Now consider the poor chaps who are confused, frustrated or angered by the existence of those illuminated problems, or who suggest that the solution would happen if the other guy would understand this or that knowledge obvious to the reader or listener, which is either in error or perpetually not understood as a resolvable contradiction, as proven by the ongoing existence of the problems.

Is not the difference only knowledge? Does not the frustrated person lack the knowledge?

Learn that knowledge, readily available by asking and answering questions, the process to learn any knowledge. That knowledge or process is not learned or effected by any institution leaders, or the problems could no longer exist, for a reason you can learn and correct if you wish, much to your inordinate amusement upon simply learning the simple knowledge.




War problems among women...or...Women problems within war... 22 March 2005

Women understand these words more than men, and women organization leaders cannot tolerate women reading these words, for reason identified.

Herein is a six million dollar value, if you can ask and answer questions (think), that no government chap or government supporter can possibly acquire.

Yet another six million dollar tax wasting study, this time by the Veterans Administration (VA) again, is paying over-paid government bureaucrats, think tank dolts and mutually described experts, to wring their hands and dribble ink on paper because the American military females in the Iraq war are coming home with war-induced psychological problems, at twice the statistical rate of males.

The chaps doing the study are just plain so damn ignorant, intellectually absent and useless to society, or they would not have been selected for the study, that they cannot figure out that all the countless other such tax-wasting studies have not resolved the lesser but increasing problem of the psychological damages besetting the war veteran males. Despite the ease of solving that problem, the failure of so many thousands of the other studies would alert a curious person, with no need to defend the fool's illusion of titles and claimed expertise, to the fact that a controlling flaw or contradiction pervades all the studies, dooming another one not seeking to identify the controlling contradiction.

There is no basis from which to start a legitimate study as initiated by the VA chaps. The VA chaps are concerned with the issue of women, while the controlling contradiction is within another concept, the recognition of which every power-based institution has fled since power-based institutions were invented.

You can point to the words, "controlling contradiction", in regard to all those scam studies designed to only transfer tax money from poor hard working people, to wealthy, greedy, lazy government drones, and designed to perpetuate the studied problems, and you can hand those drones a dictionary, and you will only advance your own knowledge, because the useless government drones will not advance their knowledge, or they would not be government drones still studying a problem laughably easy to promptly solve to any extent they choose, regardless of opposition.

Why is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) increasing among Americans, and not among Iraqis? Why are Americans bringing home psychological problems from even the scant war stress they induce for themselves, while among Iraqis, slaughtered 100 to 1 in comparison to the Americans, hopelessly out-weaponed, bombs destroying their cities, homes, businesses, water supply, electricity, farms, families and more, living in bomb-rubbled cities where they must continue to live if they survive, there is such positive enthusiasm to kill the American invaders and their colleagues, rather than pity themselves for being forced into a psychologically stressful situation, that the Iraqis even produce unending suicide bombers?

If you are not asking more questions, and answering each of them, in writing, with your name, you would qualify for the job of a highly paid government drone studying the problem of war stress, and thus be as useless to yourself and society as all the previous government drones who paid themselves lavishly to have already studied war stress.

Precisely why do people who are more self-contradicted have more psychological problems, than those who do not contradict their mind's existing knowledge? What is your written answer?

If your answer is correct, you can write the rest of this section, without reading it.

What is the goal of war? What is the goal of the human mind?

What is the process of government? What is the process of the human mind?

Why can Iraqis be so unaffected by what Americans perceive as damaging psychological war stress, that Iraqis have excess psychological energy to not just launch suicide attacks against Americans and their allies, but even against each other if each other is perceived to not be kowtowing to any of several politically correct or religiously correct illusions, right in the middle of a war against the American invaders?

If you do not answer the questions, with written answers, as government and think tank drones do not, you will not have the answers that create the next questions that ultimately reach the answer that can be applied or manifested, and prevail against any or all human opposition.

With your above answers, if you apply a human mind to the government's goal and process of war, do you not therefore need a typical government idiot who would not ask or answer those questions, and would therefore contradict the goal of the human mind, at the extreme of a military dolt's task, and ask no questions of that contradiction?

Consider reading the above question again, and remember that we are discussing a difference between male and female mind reactions to war-induced stress. Write your answer.

How does a common human mind react to a damaging contradiction it identifies? For the same contradiction, how does the male mind react, the female mind, the ignorant mind, and the knowledgeable mind?

If you educate a society, even as scantly as have the self-dumbed down Americans, to thus advance the knowledge base of the American minds more than the Iraqis have advanced their society's minds, are you not more greatly contradicting your society's ability to kill in defiance of the human mind's design?

Open another screen on your computer, label it with your name and date, drag the above question to it, and write your answer. Hit the save button.

Not one US military officer holds the intellectual ability to do that, or they would not be military officers, just to mention that sector of government dolts.

Is a contradiction not inherently unsustainable? Your answer? Does a contradiction left in a mind not produce consequences beyond its control because the mind foolishly created the contradiction rather than control the contradiction by easily resolving it by thinking, that is, asking and answering questions at the moment the contradiction became evident?

As much as the idiot American females have been foolishly striving to gain self-defeating power, opposite of beneficial knowledge, to emulate the idiot American males addicted to power instead of knowledge, have the females not traditionally been less involved with military combat, thus affording themselves more thinking time separated from that controlling contradiction, objective to the male war antics, rather than time used to be trained to kill and imprison human minds, which represents and induces a controlling contradiction to the design of the human mind?

Therefore, with your answer, what result is inherent when the greater contradiction is manifested, such as more-thinking females thrust into a less-thinking activity creating a greater contradiction to the design of the human mind, traditionally commanded by obviously non-thinking males?


If you answered the questions, and questioned any contradictions in your answers, you just derived a six million dollar value that the Veterans Administration, hemorrhaging your tax money into the pockets of themselves and their legions of experts, will never discover despite (because of) their future of spending more hundreds of millions of your tax dollars to reward themselves for claiming to chase knowledge they can never acquire because a self trained and mutually trained controlling contradiction in their minds preclude them from simply asking and answering the above questions, much to the howling laughter of observers.

You can email or snail mail these words to the Veterans Administration, and not one person within the VA or among any of its selected experts will understand anything within these words.

But of course, that is where the utility starts.

Psychological stress and its damaging results are predicated on creating contradictions within the mind, and then enhanced by actions that attempt too sustain the contradictions rather than easily resolve them. The human brain is designed to identify and resolve contradictions, and must be trained by a unique (only one) process to create and sustain contradictions, which contradicts the original design, and thus creates stress and other damages from that controlling contradiction.

Not one psychologist, psychiatrist, sociologist or other institutionally titled sort in the world can identify the process to stop creating, or to resolve, the controlling contradictions that stagnate and damage the human mind's ability to advance its knowledge beyond its stress inducing contradictions, yet the knowledge is readily available. The verification of that statement is absolute, and otherwise easily observed by the social results of those institutions. Why do the problems still exists after countless such institutions of highly titled experts, spending countless billions of dollars and their equivalents, have existed for hundreds of years?

The rhetorical illusions purported by psycho, socio, psychi and other such ologists and titled experts, to be solutions to problems, are only illusions ending at further contradictions, as proven by the results. They cannot resolve their controlling contradiction which illuminates genuine and thus sustainable resolutions to contradictions.

A simple solution to the greater problem of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder among female Iraq war veterans, usefully suggested to induce the questions to ascertain the solution of the choice of he or she who wishes to manifest their choice of sustainable solutions, is to promptly and easily weed the more-thinking females out of the US military, and select only the more ignorant females, the ones who ask few or no questions, as is done with males. That would require a select list of inordinately ignorant females, because of the above and below considerations. That action would reduce the degree of the resulting psychological contradictions, and thus reduce the female post war stress problem rate down to that of the males.

That would delight the idiot American government and military leaders, their VA and idiot think tank experts, and the equally unquestioning news journalists, all of whom would praise their statistical success, and not ask the next obvious question which illuminates the resulting contradiction or failure of that tactic and all the referenced studies. Military sorts, news journalists and other such power-damaged minds easily impress themselves with their statements that they have reduced PTSD, collateral damage and such unpleasant things, not mentioning how they became increased each time after the previous purported reductions, and remain clueless of even the concept of any actual solution to a problem.

Ignorant people, who willfully ask fewer questions, and eagerly utilize their ignorance to force their flawed decisions on others, are less troubled by the contradictions they create by hastily fabricating damaging conclusions with less knowledge, as illuminated by George Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleezza Rice, and the other American DemocanRepublicrat Regime leaders. When killing and destroying in war is the result of your highest intellectual ability, as the conclusion of all your questions, either as a leader or a follower, war creates few or no additional stress-inducing contradictions in your mind. The ability to think beyond the concept of killing the other guy to try to solve the problem created by killing the other guy, creates psychological stress if you kill the other guy for that reason before thinking further to identify the process precluding any perceived need to kill. Psychological stress and its damages are created by unresolved contradictions within the mind.

The psychologically stressed brain holds verified, contradicting knowledge at neuron and synapse receptor arrays, but cannot identify the questions that electro-chemically resolve the contradictions, because the human brain, largely a training-based knowledge device, was not, in the stressed case, trained in the knowledge of how to ask effective questions that resolve contradictions. That otherwise easily acquired knowledge is among the most rare and most valuable knowledge within the human phenomenon, for reasons illuminated at this website.

More females think beyond the contradiction of killing and imprisoning people as a perceived solution to the problems created by killing and imprisoning people, because they were not selected as highly rewarded social leaders widely praised by fools, within the primitive, force-based or war-based human social phenomenon, for thousands of years, based on those leaders and their unquestioning military and police thugs being too intellectually lazy to think beyond that reptilian concept. Therefore, because the female minds were not so intensely trained to create and sustain that primitive contradiction, for generations, when more females are put into war, an extreme arena of manifested human contradictions, the war-based, damaging contradictions within the female mind are generally greater and more socially noticeable.

Yes, the solution of selecting yet more ignorant people for your military, already the basis of all militaries, especially the currently dominant American military, creates the problems inherent to selecting ignorant people for any task, such as the task of trying to not report the existence of weapons that do not exist, to not slaughter civilians, innocent little children, journalists, your own and allied soldiers, Italian security officers rescuing journalists, Iraqi police officers and anyone else who drives or rides in a car on Iraq roads near un-thinking, trigger-happy American military thugs commanded by officers trained to be too dumb to ask and answer the simple questions that easily resolve those ongoing and amusing contradictions.

It is an indicative aside, vastly beyond the understanding of VA and other government dolts or their experts, but otherwise available and imperative to synthesize for a sustainable resolution to the female PTSD thing, to note the accumulated social stress, and thus increased stress of many individual minds, induced by the US unlawfully and illogically starting its most recent eight wars against nations that did not attack or credibly threaten the US, and slaughtering hundreds of thousands of people, most of them innocent civilians, for the ego gratification of US male presidents and their mindless military minions. The results are more greatly understood by the female mind, in a male-dominant government purporting to seek solutions to problems, with the emerging female leaders as flawed as the males by striving for government power rather than knowledge, much to the knee-slapping laughter of the observers. How many crimes can an individual perpetrate before his inherently accumulating, unresolved contradictions catch him, while observers thus laugh? How many wars can the US start before the inherently accumulating, unresolved contradictions thus induced in the minds of its populace collapse the government, while observers thus laugh? Write a number, more than eight, less than 12, and put it where you can later reference it, just for fun.

As another aside, you face an absolute as a human, a controlling concept that no human society can escape: Either produce a more intelligent society, by using your individual, available time and energy to advance knowledge, the process of asking and answering questions, without limits, for its unlimited benefits to people, and thus inherently, progressively destroy the concept of power, the addiction currently afflicting the male-dominant societies and governments, by their own choice, with their militaries, weapons, police and prisons, to thus collapse their destructive governments, or instead openly and thus more effectively select the more unquestioning people, therefore more ignorant people, male or female, for your government, its military, police and other institutions, as is the current American social process, to thus advance your society's inherently destructive power over its own people and other people, which can only therefore collapse itself sooner by design of power, at great damage to society and yourself.

No human can escape that concept, a truth beyond the ability of humans to change. It is within the design of humans. That concept is as easily stated as reading or writing those words, and flawlessly verifiable by asking and answering every related question, yet not one American government chap, regardless of any high titles or credentials they claim, or their legions of minions and supporters, can state those words with his or her name, or answer even the most basic questions created by a government person stating such words. When your mind will not allow you to state an absolute truth inherent to the human phenomenon, by your willful choice, your power-damaged mind is the comedy for the observers of humans. Ask and answer the questions. There is no greater comedy. You will laugh the laughter sought by all people.

But all the problems resulting from the original contradiction, as well as the original contradiction itself, have solutions, easily identified by simply asking and answering the series of questions to ascertain the unflawed answers. If you do so, you can then select the sustainable solutions of your choice, and utilize the knowledge you learned therein to manifest the solutions, concurrently defeating opposition, if you wish to manifest them.

You could show this section to the laughable experts paid by the Veterans Affairs Department of VA, conducting their new six million dollar study, among them Dartmouth University sorts, and they will remain as clueless as all the other experts who studied wars and their results, which produced the next wars and the referenced problem being studied again to sustain the problem to study it again and again, while the VA personnel knowingly and willfully defraud the increasing crop of military veterans who were so damn dumb, like myself at the time, they joined the US military even after previous veterans bluntly told them, and verified the fact, that they would be defrauded of their medical benefits by the inherently lying VA and the RepublicratDemocan Regime incessantly slipping six million dollars of VA money to wealthy, insider institutional colleagues who have vastly better tax paid medical insurance programs.

The US government of DemocanRepublicrats daily verifies its ongoing, entrenched practice of criminally defrauding military veterans, with raw power of office paid for by even the tax paying parents of the defrauded war veterans, at individual and socially increasing damage, with thousands of cases each day, and not only do idiot American males daily join the American military, but females also join, just as has been happening in every nation throughout human history. Are humans still intellectually pre-humanoid, or what? Drag your otherwise useful mind up out of their primordial ooze. These words will change nothing within the society or among the species. You are on your own, and all you have is your mind. It is more than you will ever need. Use it. It can accurately answer every question, if you ask the questions. At least advance yourself beyond the pre-humanoids in the primordial government ooze.

All societies most flatter and most defraud their military veterans, because idiot leaders whose minds function on flattery can easily flatter and defraud idiot military sorts whose minds function on flattery, as just one of the countless indicators of the amusing ignorance of young male minds so gullible that even the waving of a flag can rush them off to the killing and maiming fields, in sum a superlative indicator of the reptilian nature of the power-damaged human mind.

Conservative American male military war veterans avidly praise president George Bush who repugnantly slithered out of the Vietnam war while scamming military credentials for self-gain, but who flatters easily flattered military minds who therefore support his destructive war-making, and who turn to denounce and attack those who try to avoid the Iraq war but fail flatter the idiots. Those Bush supporting military veterans are categorically clueless of the contradiction they therefore created in their mind, even if they read the previous sentence, just as the peace advocates perpetually supporting perpetually failing peace organization leaders remain clueless of that contradiction, because none of them ask the obvious questions of their own failing institutions. Are they not pre-humanoid minds incapable of asking and answering questions to resolve glaring contradictions? If the design of the human mind did not prevail above the demarcation between male and female minds, there would be no female victims of Iraq war Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, because there would be no females joining the military.

The VA chaps and their experts cannot resolve their controlling contradiction, because their pre-humanoid, institutionally power-damaged minds hold no access to the reasoning portion of their neural array, and therefore they cannot resolve any subordinate contradiction, no matter how many billions of dollars are perpetually dumped into the pockets of institutional experts, for endless studies, much to the howling laughter of the observers watching the comedy. Yet the resolutions have always been readily available, known to people who simply ask the questions that resolve identified contradictions.

Amusingly, the contradictions in the minds of the institutionally titled sorts, that would otherwise sooner be manifested as self-damaging stress, are altered, albeit not sustainably, into ego-gratification by being rewarded with high titles and exorbitant salaries (flattery), derived from the additional contradiction of forced taxation, a product of the power-based system, thus creating power-damaged minds, precluding the recognition of the contradictions or their resolutions. But that therefore compounds the damages done to those in society who are not just abandoned with the damaging, war-induced contradictions in their minds, in a society whose tax funded government schools did not teach students how to ask questions to resolve contradictions (or there would be no wars), but who must also endure the contradiction of having to work harder to earn more money to afford to survive after paying arrays of demanded tax money for the idiots who use their taxing power to seize more money to buy their mind's perception of power that precludes their recognition of those contradictions. Of course that illuminates another solution to the problem, whose questioning illuminates its contradiction and thus resolution. Simply seize more tax money from the populace to pay every war veteran to be highly titled government officials or experts to remain as blissfully ignorant and useless to themselves and society as the current lot. You can be assured from the proofs that every government and other power-based institutional dolt will defend their titled and salaried position (power) against any threat of knowledge, and psychologically feel as good about it as the Iraqis who bomb fellow Iraqis who do not kowtow to the politically or religiously correct illusion of power.

If you cannot print that much paper money to pay for another legion of worthless government employees, without the contradiction of worthless paper money being better illuminated and thus belatedly collapsing the monetary system, then you cannot stop at that flawed conclusion, and must continue asking and answering questions until you therefore easily find the sustainable solution. It is just a process requiring a miniscule fraction of the time the VA will waste to evade learning the process, and an astronomically less fraction of the costs of the damaging results of power-based ignorance.

If you are a female, and too intellectually lazy, or too busy with more immediately fun things, to learn the design of the human mind, and thus the knowledge to resolve all contradictions, but you are not pleased with the higher rate of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder among female military veterans, with the greater damages to their children, and you want to do something in that regard, simply tell every female with whom you can conveniently communicate by any means, to not be so dumb male macho mentality (as once I was) as to join the US military, an institution based on the historic zenith of male ignorance and maliciousness, that is, killing other human minds and destroying their efforts, rather than using that time to learn how to successfully reason with the human mind for its obvious benefits.

Tell the females the plain, verifiable truth, that they will be more greatly betrayed anyway by the male-dominant military and the DemocanRepublicrat Regime, more than the gullible military males who are also betrayed, because the VA will be perpetually spending another six million dollars, not on doctors to treat real medical problems, including real psychological problems, but on idiot bureaucrats and their ilk with power-damaged minds, to study what has been studied to perpetuate the studies to pay the highly paid bureaucrats and their useless experts serving only themselves, as does George Bush and his thugs who are creating the problems, and doing nothing useful for veterans or society.

You can reference this section of this web page to females, or anyone not yet asking enough questions to think through the damaging contradictions of military service and other force-based processes within a species predicated on its reasoning ability. These words would be an excellent test of their thinking ability. If they cannot understand these words, or the same concepts described with their own words, as government sorts cannot, then perhaps their only utility to society and human history is to join the military or police agencies to increase the raw power of government to more maliciously suppress the advancement of human knowledge, to thus sooner collapse the war and police-based American empire, and suffer the inherent consequences, so the survivors will belatedly learn that ancient lesson again, perhaps of greater utility next time.

Laugh heartily at the female organization leaders, including those of the anti-war and peace organizations, who, like government sorts, cannot reference this website to anyone, or tolerate the discussion and thus questioning of these concepts, because the female institution leaders have already trained their mind to pursue the institutional power that flaws the minds of the males, in the name of peace, women's rights, motherhood, apple pie, the flag and everything else except the name of knowledge, reasoning, thinking, and such concepts opposite of power, predicated on asking and answering questions, creating knowledge upon which the human species, male and female, is predicated. You can send these words to female organization leaders, to observe their inherent reaction to verify these words.

Then enjoy the comedy of the power-craving females who are therefore as dumb as the males, and whose self-induced problems you cannot resolve with your current knowledge, because those females are as plain flat dumb as I was when I joined the Army, and they will just have to learn the hard way as is so common to humans no matter how much you try to convey knowledge to them by the usual means short of using intellectual technology, at the usual cost. Do not worry. There are plenty of humans, in fact, an excess, by design, for that reason, as verified by the concept of all species in sum. And humans will eventually learn anyway, by design, much to the ongoing amusement of the observers who would be happy to apply intellectual technology to promptly advance the human phenomenon out of the intellectual dark ages, if any humans were sufficiently interested. It is not humanly possible to successfully give or receive something for nothing. Everything is available within the design, and nothing sustainable in defiance of it.



End of Intech Concepts 22


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