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Intech Concepts 17
(Indicators of Reasoning Process)


Americans always lie, and Iraqis know that... 20 October 2003

Your goal is not to right any wrong, or manifest the solution to any complex problem, because you cannot sustainably do so until you train your mind in the practical process of identifying and resolving contradictions. If you believe that sentence to be in error, what knowledge do you hold that the leaders of ALL governments and ALL citizen organizations throughout history did not hold and thus produced a current human society, including every country, that kills or imprisons fellow humans as a perceived solution to the problems that are therefore created? You cannot identify that knowledge, yet, by a proof elsewhere, but it exists and is readily available, if you learn the simple process of how to resolve contradictions.

In the below, your goal is to identify and resolve each stated contradiction as stated. As stated, not as you would prefer to have them stated. Your preference can be resolved separately, but it must be a separate resolution. You must also resolve the contradictions you inherently recognize, that are separate from those stated. It does not matter which proverbial direction you initially go to resolve each contradiction, as long as your response actually resolves the contradiction as stated and as your mind identifies. If you go in the wrong direction, to thus create a greater contradiction, you will only be able to resolve that contradiction, to thus go in the seeming right direction, if you actually resolve the first contradiction, regardless of a resulting contradiction, as opposed to leaving it in place and spew a bunch of excuses for dodging the written expression of a resolution.

A lie is a contradiction, by definition. Lies, and all results of them, are inherently not sustainable. They are what is not. They attempt to fool human minds, primarily confusing the mind attempting the lie. Minds are designed as a contradiction resolution device, not a contradiction creation device. Truth, logic or fact, is sustainable, by definition and design of the human phenomenon, and the design of the known universe.

The Iraqis and the rest of the world do not have to read this website, although some do, to learn the knowledge which the American military invaders and all other American government sorts and their supporters cannot learn even if they read this website and you hand them a dictionary. American government sorts will die of old age still unable to identify their lies and other contradictions, even if you hand them the proofs that the people of the world recognize. That is the damage that any power does to the human mind.

AMERICANS LIE. That is their most identifying trait, for an identifiable reason illuminating a fundamental contradiction of the American social system.

Herein I reference Americans as those of the United States of America, because it is a common reference. I do not reference the wiser Canadians, Mexicans and citizens of all the other countries in the American hemisphere.

If a nation of incessant liars invaded your country with promises of bringing you peace, freedom, justice and prosperity, how would you react until you finally drove the liars out of your country? If they have already proven that they are liars, their words are lies, and their actions define them.

What did the Vietnamese do, and what are the Iraqis doing while the DemocanRepublicrats still fool Americans into believing that Iraq is not another Vietnam, just as the Soviet leaders told their gullible followers that Afghanistan was not another Vietnam? If you are attacking another nation, just to kill some people you do not like, and to set up a puppet government from among their own people, with stated intent to then withdraw your military force, how soon can you withdraw your occupation force, and how many friends, family and countrymen of the new government did your inherently reckless killers kill, with what inherent results?

What array of contradictions did you create by killing, imprisoning and destroying, for which YOUR stated resolutions cannot possibly be sustained, as made even more evident by you being an openly verified liar? Is not the resolution of a contradiction of choice, the choice to not create the contradiction in the first place? Well? Once you chose to impose a damaging contradiction on other people, by force, is not the resolution inherently and inescapably their choice the instant they inevitably defeat your tactic of force by any means, including that of facilitating your own self-induced problems making your perpetual use of force against others no longer sustainable?

To hold the other guy down, you must stay down with him, and that becomes a bit embarrassing while the rest of the world around you is advancing beyond you. After awhile, who is holding who in retaliation?

It is of no consequence that other nationalities also lie. They are not swashbuckling around the world bombing and shooting whomever they wish in the name of lies. The Americans are. The lies of others can only be maintained on the foundation of your lies. If you learn how to remove your lies from the foundation, the foundation cannot support the other guy's lies. Your mind does not yet know how, for a proof elsewhere. It is a learned process within the human mind's design.

The liberals can only exist on the verifiable contradictions of the conservatives, and vice versa, as with the swashbuckling American military and the world's so called terrorists (freedom fighters), by design of the human mind's process to identify and resolve contradictions, while each genuinely cannot identify or resolve their own contradictions, by design of the concept of power manifesting an identifiable electro-chemical process within the human brain. You can learn that design, to resolve the damaging contradiction of power, but you must actually work your mind to learn the process. The process is easier than digging a ditch with a hand shovel. So are you any more capable than a ditch digger?

Your local, State and national government, and your organizational leaders, represent YOU, by definition, until you replace them or conceptually remove yourself from their institutions, but you must actually manifest either. Your attempt to rhetorically fool your own mind may be successful, as is the case with institutional leaders, but it will fail your goals predicated on any reality of the ruse.

Americans say they are bringing democracy to the nations they attack. You cannot bring democracy to any other country, as you state, if you are lying, by definition.

More American military personnel will continue to commit suicide in Iraq, on schedule, because their self-confused minds cannot understand why ordinary Iraqis are killing them when Americans are in Iraq to bring Iraqis peace, freedom, justice and democracy. American military sorts cannot recognize their lies even if they read the following, while Iraqis and the rest of the world already understand the American lies, from vastly more examples than presented below, throughout the entire history of America. The minds of American military sorts, including the idiots giving them orders, were trained to never question the idiots giving them orders, and thus trained to remain ignorant and confused by the results of inherently untenable lies that military personnel cannot recognize.

Americans say they offer democracy. But that is a lie. Democracy is majority rule. The Iraqis can see that Al Gore won a majority of the vote in the presidential campaign between him and George Bush, but a small clique of obscure government insiders in a so called electoral college gave the presidency to George Bush, a military-backed, war mongering candidate with close family ties to the Saudi Royal family, and to the Bin Laden family he personally had flown to safety after the World Trade Towers bombing, etceteras, etceteras, etceteras. The Americans obviously offer nothing more than the Arabs already have, under all the usual lies.

Any rhetorical tap dancing does not prevail above the lie about America being a democracy offering democracy, when it is a republic obviously offering military domination by a privileged class of government insiders wielding power by means other than democracy.

You may fool yourself with your lies, but they do not fool the Iraqis and others. Either state the truth as it is manifested, or be recognized as a typical American liar.

Either form a democracy for the United States, or never state that your government represents a democracy. Try to find enough intelligent people in your area, if it is possible, and show up at your local school board meeting, and demand that the idiot public school teachers in your district never again tell your offspring that American is a democracy, just to train your mind in a process to identify and resolve a contradiction.

Do not be concerned with the effects. The American public school boards and teachers, because they were taught by school teachers to never ask effective questions of the incessant lies of American school teachers, will continue to lie to American school children, such as those who become the idiot American DemocanRepublicrat politicians telling the world that America brings democracy to the nations it attacks, just like Hitler said he was bringing a superior society, and the Roman Ceasars said they were bringing an advanced civilization, and the Russian Czars said they were administering a prosperous society, and the American Drug Czars say they are reducing recreational drug use in America, etceteras. The lies are just lies, fooling fools. There was never, and never is a sustainable reason to state a lie, because a lie is inherently not sustainable. The Czars, Ceasars, Nazis, RepublicratDemocans and all their ilk were advancing only their raw power over others, and only fools were fooled by the obvious lies.

So what exact sentence, for public distribution, with your name, would you state to the Iraqis, that they already know, as the reason the Americans have invaded Iraq, to thus train your mind to identify and resolve contradictions, such as the contradiction of the current American lies about the reason for invading Iraq?

My name is Doug Buchanan. You may quote me. The Americans invaded Iraq to extend the malicious military power of Americans over other people, as usual, therein proving the impressive volume of muscles in the craniums of American government leaders, as usual. All the other excuses are just lies, as proven upon any effective questioning or by the test of time. The Americans are intolerant of the natural diversity of the human phenomenon, as their attacks on other nations repeatedly prove.

Among the causes of Americans lying so incessantly is their public, and thus government, education system. The American education system is fundamentally flawed because the American school teachers do not know how to teach students to use words that hold their meaning, because the teachers were never taught that skill. The proofs saturate the American government and society. To use a word that does not hold its meaning in the application of the word, creates a contradiction. A contradiction is not sustainable. The Iraqis would be idiots to accept the American form of public education, as have been the Americans. American public education is education by the government, and the government cannot tolerate its citizens learning the socially fatal flaw of government power wielded above human reasoning. American school students are still being taught that they can create peace by starting wars, achieve security by imprisoning people expressing harmless diversity, that democracy makes just laws rather than majority (mob) rule, that written law is whatever a lawyer or judge verbally says is law, that you must get government permits (permission) to exercise rights, that some politicians tell the truth, and thousands of such fundamentally contradicted use of words, much to the robust laughter of observers. And school teachers then cannot figure out why school students cannot write logical statements, proving again the intellectual absence of school teachers. Do not end up as dumb as American school teachers and their school graduates. Learn to identify and resolve the contradictions of your wrongly used words. Do not suggest that government idiots are idiots, until you ask and answer the questions that prove the accuracy of your words against any questions.

The American government, openly known and verifiable as a military industrial complex, with more weapons of mass destruction than any other country, funded and armed Saddam Hussein when he was serving American interests in his war with Iran, just as the American government funded and armed the Afghan Taliban for their war against the Soviets, funded and armed Panama's Manual Noriega when he was allowing only CIA cocaine to transit Panama, etceteras around the world. The Americans constantly distribute advanced military weaponry and systems to many nations, and then routinely say that the US cannot tolerate many of the same nations being so armed. The Americans lie, and cannot even identify their glaring lies. They do not know how to tell the truth. They do not know how to use words that hold their meaning.

The Iraqis can read the US Constitution which repeatedly guarantees the right to a trial by jury. Yet jury trials are summarily denied to more people than are granted jury trials, for citizens accused or crime in America, every year, by court judges who rule as kings unbridled by written law. The judges face no actual limits on their raw power of office backed by unquestioning, armed thugs called police and court security. The Americans therefore lie. The US Constitution is a lie, in whole and itemized. The American military thugs are in Iraq as occupiers bringing absolute rule of malicious personalities with government titles, unbridled by any functioning or enforceable written law, just like in America. The Iraqis and other people in the world know that verifiable truth. At least Saddam spoke Iraqi.

The rhetorical tap dancing by American government sorts, including their court kings with judge titles, does not change the lie into truth as long as the so called supreme law of America guarantees a jury trial, while court judges deny more jury trials than they grant, at their whim. Only Americans are too ignorant to recognize the contradiction, and thus foolishly attempt to perpetuate an obvious lie while the world laughs at the ignorant Americans. To tell the truth, Americans would have to remove the right to a jury trial described in the Constitution, by lawful amendment, or imprison the court judges who violated that prevailing law by denying that citizen right, or change the meanings of words in the common dictionary, or openly state that America is ruled by kings with court judge titles, under no limits in any American written law. The ability to openly state the truth is more valuable to your mind, and for all human endeavors, than whichever choice you make to correct the lie with truth. The open acknowledgement that American is in fact ruled by kings with court judge titles, is more valuable to Americans and every human mind, than the amusing and ultimately futile lie of describing America as under the rule of written law that prevails above personalities with government titles.

Even when jury trials are allowed at the whim of court judges, because American judges cannot tolerate any limit on their personal power, just as George Bush cannot and Saddam Hussein could not for their personal power above any law, the American judges have institutionalized, in the Court Rules which the judges summarily wrote as law, without any representation by the people, the American court process of screening the jurors, by intensive questioning and such otherwise unlawful process, to select only unquestioning and unthinking jurors who will do precisely as they are ordered by judges, rather than serve their primary duty as a check and balance on the abuse of power by government judges, prosecutors, police and law makers. The Iraqi courts serving Saddam Hussein were objectively no worse, and often better. The American judges then unlawfully require the jurors to take oaths to obey the law only as the judge says the law says, not as the law is written. Judges then routinely devise instructions that leave no option within those instructions but to convict the accused, or seize his property, at whim of judges. Judges have intimidated and punished jurors who did not limit their considerations and conclusions to only what was dictated by the judge. By that and a more extensive series of contradictions created to insure that juries are only rubber stamps for the whims of judges, among the Americans taught by the public schools to not question contradictions, even the American jury trial is a lie as it is otherwise described by Americans. Nothing the Americans can impose on the Iraqis is anything but a lie, because that is all the Americans know. The Iraqis and the rest of the world recognize that fact, while the laughably ignorant Americans who are kept ignorant of law and its lawful process by public schools, sincerely believe they are doing good by imposing the American lie on others, at the muzzle of an M-16 full auto rifle with an auxiliary 40 mm grenade launcher.

Either the jury of commonly educated citizens is an independent check and balance on the abuse of power by the inherently corrupted government and its court personnel who hold and thus seek to escalate their power, as the jury was expressly designed to be, and as any even minimally thinking person recognizes, with no lawful strictures on its conclusion, or its consideration of any evidence it desires, or the jury is instead a useless lapdog of the judge, beholding to the judge's decrees, and thus a waste of taxpayer money. The contradiction is clear. A check and balance must be a check and balance, not a rubber stamp. What is your ability to resolve such a contradiction? By their actions, the Americans attempt to convince the Iraqis that a check and balance is a rubber stamp, and the Iraqis are amused at the illiteracy of the Americans.

With your name in public, advocate the elimination of jury trials, because they are a waste of tax money, because court judges have reduced ignorant American jurors to rubber stamps for the whims of judges. In that manner you will have expressed an accurate resolution of a contradiction. If not already, perhaps then you will fully recognize the magnitude of the contradiction, and learn how to resolve the new contradiction created by suggesting the elimination of the most brilliant device humans have ever invented to correct the inherent corruption of government power. You may then also identify the contradiction of currently sustaining the jury system as an expensive rubber stamp for American court judges simply because the American education system does not educate. It only fools its victims, the proof manifested by our intellectual dark ages, in which the purportedly most advanced country still attacks and slaughters people who did not attack the people of that country, as just a classic example among countless.

You may note that so called American news journalists are so ignorant in the skill of asking effective questions, that they were easily fooled out of questioning a full third of the American governmental system, the judicial branch judges who create more law than all the Congressmen and State legislators. American news journalists are useless for advancing or even defending human rights and freedom, with the obvious proof manifest. It is the citizen jury that was instituted within the judicial branch, as a check and balance, that the corrupted judges loathe with a passion. But jurors have been rendered ignorant, and citizen ignorance cannot check the advance of government corruption.

The Iraqis can read the US Constitution which states that the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, a reality in Iraq, by religious law. And the Iraqis can read the English dictionary to verify the meaning of the words. Yet Americans wrote and enforce over 20,000 local, State and federal laws infringing the right to keep and bear arms, without changing the related words in the Constitution. The Americans therefore lie. The wisely armed Afghans and Iraqis will not submit to American law that says they can keep their guns to defend themselves from invaders, such as the Soviets and Americans, then strips them of their guns by laws that make a lie of the first stated law. Even the Americans are increasingly arming themselves because some of them recognize their own government is lying about citizen rights, always, including the law guaranteeing the right to keep and bear arms, the second most valuable law for defending citizen rights.

Are you not a fool to tell the other guy to do what he can see you refuse to do? Do your lies not cause other human minds to inherently react against what you say? If the government heavily arms its unquestioning police and its unquestioning, needlessly standing army when no one is attacking the nation, would it not be a monumentally gullible citizenry who did not therefore arm themselves to defend against the obvious? Human history, including that of America, proves that the greatest threat to individual freedom and human rights is always one's own government, without a close second, by design of power. Which government was able to deny Americans the constitutionally written right to jury trials? Well? Well? Who has proven to be the most effective enemy of the US Constitution and the rights of the American people? Why can the various armies in African and other nations routinely slaughter thousands and millions of previously disarmed civilian sectors not favored by the current leaders in power, without fear? Well? Can you find the answer in the question? Does the human mind not learn from human actions? What single action made possible the killing fields in Cambodia, Yugoslavia, African nations, and all the earlier fields covered with dead bodies killed by their own government's military thugs, if not the armed government disarming the citizens, within a species whose second most popular hobby is still that of killing each other? Is your mind capable of factually answering simple questions?

It does not matter whether you erase the 20,000 laws infringing the right to own guns, or the Second Amendment. It matters that Americans lie, if you invade other countries for purported reason stated by proven liars. Because Americans are lying, other people will always kill or otherwise oppose the lying Americans attempting to impose their governmental system on other countries by any tactics. If you damage only yourself with your lies, other people will not seriously bother you because of your lies. You can even lie to your own children, by telling them that Americans live under the rule of written law, and under that of the US Constitution, to render them as ignorant as Americans, and thinking people will only be amused. But when you create the contradiction of attacking other people in the name of glaring lies, expect those other people to resist and retaliate, by design of the human mind, a contradiction resolution device. Listen to the morass of expert TV talking heads mouth the full spectrum of ludicrous conclusions about whatever current Wag The Dog War the US is fighting, and laugh.

Guns are not important, and are just easily made, primitive mechanical devices to throw small projectiles a certain distance. Anyone can make them anywhere. They can only be made obsolete for damaging purpose, by your advancing your mind, not attacking guns. Your goal is not to defend or attack guns. It is to learn how to resolve every contradiction you encounter, which is easier than working at a labor job long enough to buy a quality gun, if you first learn how to ask and actually answer effective questions.

The Americans say they oppose war crimes, while the world sees the yet ongoing American military atrocities that the American news media does not mention. The Americans lie, and fool only themselves. How many times can you say the words, collateral damage, before everyone else in the world recognizes YOUR American military as intentionally killing civilians, and then lying about it? How many times? At how many Vietnamese, Afghan and Iraqi weddings, etcetera, can the American military show up to gun down the participants, to terrorize politically opposing social sectors, before everyone else in the world recognizes that intentional tactic taught to certain American military units, such as the Delta Force, Tiger Force, Special Forces and various other coded forces? That is the least of those tactics known in the US military and not reported in the sanitized American news. Americans fool only themselves with their lies.

Americans say they endorse and hold freedom of speech, yet they attack, imprison and kill Afghan and Iraq political and religious leaders who speak against the American occupiers. The Americans therefore lie. In America, when citizens attempt to lawfully and peacefully distribute printed information, a foundational action of American freedom, to educate their fellow citizens about the Fully Informed Jury, on public property near court buildings, they have often been harassed, arrested, accused of attempting to tamper with juries, and other illogical accusations, and dragged through damaging court process by the power-mad American government prosecutors and judges. In US National Parks and other government fiefdoms, bureaucrats place signs in obscure areas, far from any people, designating a few square feet as a free speech zone, to thus claim that they allow free speech, while arresting people for speaking against Park Service abuses of power, on the other public land patrolled by armed Park Service thugs. Americans lie when they talk about American freedom and rights, but fool only themselves while the world recognizes that America represents nothing more than incessant lying from a police state.

One of the most telling failures or corruptions of American public schools, and thus their government school teachers in a nation under the so called rule of law, is their refusal to teach the citizens about the authority and duty of the citizen jury to judge the law, its application and the actions of the government officers, especially the court officers, when government accuses a citizen of crime, or seizes assets of citizens. The founders of the United States of America repeatedly described the citizen jury, with its unlimited authority to nullify the inherently abused power of government-written law and its agents, by applying the human conscience of 12 citizens not corrupted by any government power of office, selected to resolve contradictions for only one case, not inuring to their any further power, as the most brilliant device ever instituted to prevent government corruption of power. Even with the words of clear and indisputable reasoning by the writers of the US Constitution, and English dictionaries readily available to the American school teachers, those teachers literally cannot recognize a contradiction in a jury system that has been rendered, by citizen ignorance and categorically corrupted government power, as a useless rubber stamp for whatever any government judge orders it to do. The rule of law is a lie if the people are rendered so ignorant by the government's ignorant school teachers that the people do not even learn how to effectively question the rule of government personalities wielding the power of kings. America can only make the Iraqis more ignorant and less free with the American system of government, and the Iraqis know that. If you have not taught your children to be a FULLY INFORMED JUROR, when they become adults, the folks who sacrificed their lives to create and defend the United States of America, were fools. But then the other proofs still leave them as such. Is that not herein proven? What is your answer? As the Alaskans say, if Alaska had stayed under Russian rule, Alaskans would be free now, rather than under the United Police States of America.

A Fully Informed Jury constitutes a jury of educated citizens knowledgeable of their authority and duties as a foundational part of the American governmental system. It is what every intelligent and reasoning person would want in any society. In addition to American court judges and government lawyers routinely denouncing the Fully Informed Jury, and disparaging it in many ways, often even calling for the abolishment of the jury system, the act of prosecutors and judges putting people on trial for jury tampering, because they merely informed jurors of their lawful authority after the government's school teachers kept Americans ignorant as usual, proves on indelible public records that the American government wants an ignorant citizenry compliant to the verbal decrees of corrupted American government dolts, identical to what Saddam Hussein wanted for his decrees. The Iraqis recognize the proof of record that the American people want only an ignorant Iraq citizenry compliant to the decrees of American government dolts, primarily, as an aside, to strip Iraq of its oil with the profits going to American-controlled oil companies, as usual. Any denials are proven to be lies by the American actions of record in their own country.

Just as the American military personnel in Iraq have been kept that embarrassingly ignorant by the American education system, and are therefore laughably confused as to why the more thinking Iraqis rightfully want the embarrassingly ignorant Americans out of Iraq, the court judges and government lawyers are also victims of the same American government schooling system. They are fundamentally ignorant, and foolishly perceive their superior intelligence from the damaging effects of power in the human mind, just like Bush laughably thinks he can successfully make the decisions for Americans and the rest of the world. Like Saddam, American court judges literally cannot comprehend that a better life for their offspring, in a society, can only be sustainably achieved by eliminating ignorance, and more thoroughly educating everyone in every aspect of life for which they have time. The time necessary to permanently educate American jurors, on their authority and duties to provide a conscience-based check and balance on the inherent corruption of people holding the power of government jobs, such as judges, is far less and vastly more beneficial than the time required to repeatedly attempt to fool jurors with the eventually futile, deceitful instructions to keep the citizen jurors ignorant and doing only what the American Saddam Hussein court judges decree. When the American masses look around them and routinely marvel at the ignorance of the American masses, usually because of isolated examples of scant understanding, they need look no further for the source than the public school teachers and all other government personnel whose greater ignorance can only survive by using government power and tax money to keep the masses ignorant, and therefore inherently themselves. As only an example, become a FULLY INFORMED JUROR, so you are not so much among the ignorant Americans, especially the ignorant American court judges, at which the Iraqis and the rest of the world laugh.

In America, court judges incessantly deny the right of accused persons to speak the facts, evidence and laws of their case that defend them from the government accusations of crime. Amusingly, as of this date, the highest law of the State of Washington, and soon perhaps America, determined by the Washington State Supreme Court, now grants lower court judges the lawful power to threaten physical torture and unrevealed, secret sanctions to intimidate and silence the respectful expression of the principles of written American law that defend a citizen from government accusations, demands and corrupted court judges, in so called courts of American law, identical to what Americans accuse of the courts in Cuba, China, Iran, Saddam's Iraq and other malicious dictatorships. Americans lie, and offer Iraqis only the more fallacious American version of Saddam Hussein's government, backed by unquestioning armed thugs in the US military and police forces, just as in America. The Iraqis and other people in the world know that. The gullible Americans fool only themselves.

Justice, the rule of written law, freedom of speech and all other so called American ideals do not exist in American courts. American courts impose the unbridled rule of personalities, kings with judge titles, that define American courts. Americans lie about their judicial system. Iraqis learn about that and the other American lies, while flag-waving Americans keep their head in the sand to thus sooner doom their fatally flawed system, much to the amusement of observers.

Americans bankrupted the Soviet system with a popular military arms race while the inherently self-serving Soviet bureaucracy ran amuck behind the scenes, to make the Soviet social system not functionally sustainable among an increasingly frustrated citizenry trying to do the daily things that sustain society, and that is what Americans are doing to themselves, much to the howling laughter of observers. The popular American Wag The Dog Wars are obscuring the process of the inherently self-serving American bureaucracy, including the courts, increasingly stagnating productive social process. The Americans will soon enough collapse their obviously untenable system. The people America attacked need only facilitate America holding them down in Wag The Dog Wars and saber rattling. The Americans will do the rest, because they cannot recognize the lies and other contradictions they inflict on themselves.

Americans say that their law precludes their military from taking up arms against American citizens, but the US Army Delta Force, with military helicopters, tanks, machine guns, grenade launchers and explosive shaped charges, attacked and slaughtered over 80 Christians, including women and small children, in their Dividian Church in Waco Texas, because a US President (Bill Clinton) wanted to show his political opponents how tough he was. Americans obviously lie. Their government violates it own laws, and uses its military to slaughter its own people. Between an Iraqi-speaking Saddam Hussein, and an American-speaking Saddam Bush, who will the Iraqis choose? Who would the Americans choose if they wanted to at least understand what the leader was saying?

In the Waco example, the Americans even expressly promised a small girl inside the Dividian Church, in a recorded phone conversation, that they would not come in and kill her. And then the Americans went in and killed her. Her body was found among those riddled with shrapnel from the shaped charge that the United State Army detonated on the roof of the church. The Army filmed the detonation, and bragged about killing the people under it, and were awarded heroism medals by the government. The Americans lie, murder the people they lie to, and brag about it. Go ahead, tell the Iraqis again that the US Army is in Iraq to bring them democracy, peace, justice and freedom. The Iraqis, Arabs, Muslims and others are not as blind and dumb as Americans.

Tell the American Army personnel in Iraq that the Iraqis know what the US Army did to the innocent Dividian Christians in their church in Waco, from the US government's own filmed evidence that was quickly copied around the world, but not shown by the US news media, just as the Iraqi news media did not show Saddam's atrocities, among countless similar US military and CIA atrocities routinely perpetrated in many countries. Americans were never told how many innocent Panamanians the US Army slaughtered in downtown Panama City, during the first failed attempt to seize Panama's President Manuel Noriaga, but the rest of the world was informed. The American news media reports the cumulative total of American troops killed in Iraq, daily, but not the total of Iraqis killed. The Iraqis know what the US military thugs bring to Iraq, under the usual American lies, while the minds of the US Army personnel, trained to never question the glaring lies of their mental midget superiors, will have no comprehension of the meaning of the words you tell them, even if you show them their own formal records and the filmed evidence such as the US Army Delta Force slaughtering Christians in a church in Waco Texas. Why, in relation to the design of human minds, do you think that American military personnel are committing suicide in Iraq, if there is no contradiction between what they are doing and what Americans are saying they are doing? What causes any human mind to kill, even itself in extreme cases, when it cannot resolve a highly frustrating contradiction, especially one surrounded by the institutionally rewarded process of killing people, simply because no one taught it the process of resolving contradictions? What is your answer? Is it not within the question? When you leave a contradiction in place, rather than resolve it, it will compound its results and ultimately collapse even vast empires, and easily the malicious little American empire, as the human phenomenon so clearly reveals to those who learn the simple process of identifying and resolving contradictions, much to their amusement.

The minds of US President George Bush, Saddam Hussein, and all their unquestioning military sorts genuinely and sincerely believe their inherently untenable lies, openly proven and verifiable as lies, because that is how they resolutely trained their minds. However, their minds retain their original biological design because those sorts are only human, not anything greater despite their self delusions, and thus the contradictions they create within their biological brain retain the inescapable consequences to their minds.

As every scientist knows, in difference (contradiction) lies potential. Is it not only knowledge to learn how to effect and utilize that inescapable potential?

The quest to advance your power by murderous force, or any other form of force, after you exhaust yourself with your rhetorical illusions that fool only fools such as yourself, is fatally flawed and doomed, literally, by design of the human mind.

Your goal is not to right any wrong, until you learn the flawless process to do so, because you cannot do so if you leave a flaw in place. Bush and his equally mental midget RepublicratDemocan successors, like his predecessors, with their otherwise needless military machine of unquestioning mental midgets, will continue to slaughter innocent people, on order, on schedule, for military practice and to show the world how much muscle they hold in their craniums, for the same reason Saddam and all power-damaged minds slaughtered whomever did not kowtow to intellectually absent leaders. American DemocanRepublicrats and their minions will eventually die of old age still frustrated over why the world does not kowtow to the American lies. They are that flat ignorant. That is the damage which power does to the reasoning ability of the human mind, much to your robust laughter. Your goal is to write each identified contradiction, and write the resolution, to train your mind in the process to resolve progressively more complex contradictions, to then learn how to easily manifest the resolutions regardless of which Army or police force of muscle-heads with their fingers duct-taped to triggers swashbuckle around the nation or world. The concluding process is laughably easy. Learning it only requires thinking, the simple process of asking and answering effective questions, a process that victims of American schools, especially military and other government sorts, are trained to not do.

The Americans called the Dividian Christians at Waco, who taught the Christian religion verbatim from the most common Christian bible, a cult, and slaughtered them, without any reasoning that could prevail against effective questions. The Americans call the Muslims, terrorists, and are killing them, without any reasoning that can prevail against effective questions. To the Americans, anyone they want to kill or imprison, to show how much muscle Americans have in their craniums, is currently called a terrorist. Merely mouthing the word alone is sufficient reason for the mental midget Americans to kill or imprison the accused, identical to the Nazi's calling the Jews, criminals, or the Chinese and Cubans calling thinkers, counter revolutionaries, etcetera. Americans rhetorically create contradictions, then rather than identify and resolve those glaring contradictions, they use them to create yet more damaging contradictions, then do the same to attack anyone who effectively questions any contradiction in the thus spiraling series of contradictions. Do not end up as dumb and malicious as American adults. Easily learn how to identify and resolve contradictions. It is grade school stuff, never taught by American grade school teachers or any other level of American school teachers, because they were never taught by their teachers. The American school teachers remain ignorant of that basic human skill. Human minds must learn knowledge. It is not genetically acquired.

Americans say they are under the rule of written law that describes and protects human rights, above the raw power of personalities with government titles. Yet by merely mouthing the words, "enemy combatant", to replace the written law truth of the words, "prisoner of war", identical to Adolf Hitler mouthing the word, "criminals", to replace the truth of the word, "Jews", the American President, George Bush, by raw personal power alone, backed by armed thugs in the military, identical to Saddam Hussein's tactics, sent hundreds of prisoners of war, from one selected religion, to cages at the American military compound at Guantanamo Cuba, stripped of any protection of law, not charged with any crimes, denied access to counsel, visitors, most communication, and other human rights, for what yet remains as life sentences and mental torture, without trials or ascertainable resolution. Americans therefore again lie, and offer nothing more than what Saddam Hussein offered, under lies. After almost two years of those prisoners of war being held in a situation defying all human reasoning and written law, suicide attempts have become routine, increasing the strictures to thus increase the frustration, anguish and suicide attempts. The world is not laughing with Bush and the American liars.

If your nation was invaded by people who never told the truth, who killed and imprisoned whomever they wished, at whim, accountable to no reasoning or written law, and you knew only the same game, first you would kill every invader until they were eventually thrown back out of your country, no matter how long it took, and then you would resume your accustomed life, no matter what its nature. Learn a process of greater intelligence, now, while you have the chance. If you are in the American military, learn faster, which means you will be fired, because to learn knowledge, you must ask questions, and that is punishable in the American military. US military commanding officers cannot tolerate people who think (ask questions), for the same reason Saddam and his military commanders could not. And because commanding officers were promoted because they never questioned orders, they are the human zenith of those who cannot think. Who would consume their mind's valuable time following the orders of people who were verifiably trained to not think, if not an idiot?

Americans say they founded their government on the principle that taxation without representation is prohibited, and say that American law allows taxation only under direct representation by the people. They also say that no right can be taxed or require government permission to exercise the right, by definition of a right, an action that cannot require government permission or payment of a fee or tax. As one amusing example among increasing thousands, the US National Park Service, a bureaucracy with no elected officials representing the people, and actually the Superintendent of one remote park in this case, summarily imposed a $150 tax on any citizen exercising their right to merely walk on their own public land described as an arbitrary, undefined portion of two popular mountains in Alaska. Tribute must be paid to the American King by any Subject wishing to walk on American Crown land, in direct contradiction to a primary reason Americans revolted against the British king. The increasing number of taxes summarily imposed by low echelon, appointed government bureaucrats, on the exercise of citizen rights, in addition to the greater number of required permits and mandatory registration for the exercise of rights, identical to Saddam Hussein's governmental system, proves again that Americans lie, always. Their government is opposite what they tell the Iraqis and the world. The world recognizes that fact while gullible Americans remain clueless of the process to even identify the glaring contradictions. Iraqis would be idiots to adopt the American system of governmental lying, as were the Americans.

The resolution is simple. Either rescind the taxes and permits (required permission) on the exercise of citizen rights in America, and arrest and imprison the government bureaucrats who criminally imposed those taxes and permits, or simply identify those rights in prevailing law as privileges grantable or deniable at whim of government bureaucrats who may charge taxes for the exercise of those privileges, or simply change the definition of rights in all the dictionaries so that the word, rights, holds the definition of privileges. Until you resolve the contradiction, or openly state the resolution in writing with your name on verifiable public record, you will continue to train your mind to be as laughably useless to you and society, as have government dolts who literally cannot identify a contradiction is taxing a right or demanding that you get permission to exercise a right.

The Vietnamese were pleased that it took only ten years to kill the Americans back out of their country, after it took forty years to kill the French back out. The Brits offer gambling odds on the number of years it will take the Afghans and Iraqis to kill the Americans back out of their countries. The American system of government, now saturated with fatal contradictions still being compounded rather than resolved, is doomed within America, and laughable everywhere else.

Americans say that citizens have a right to have their court cases reviewed by higher courts, to resolve any contradictions identified in the lower court record, to insure that the laws limiting the power of the government and court officers were obeyed, to preclude corrupted local government officials, police, prosecutors or judges from railroading people not politically or personally favored among local government and court dolts wielding power of office. Yet summary denials of higher court reviews, at pure whim of court administrative lawyers and judges, without stated reason in law or logic, in face of glaring violations of the law by lower court judges, have become so routine that in one case a State superior court judge taunted a citizen to even try to get a higher court review of his willful and flagrant violations of law on record. Judges and court administrative lawyers simply invent rhetorical ruses as excuses, some claimed as rules of the court having never seen the light of day in public scrutiny, many of them laughably illogical and defining impossibilities. Some retired court judges have become so anguished with belated pains of primal conscience over their prior actions that entrenched escalating corruption now denying rights to their offspring, that they have publicly denounced what they and their colleagues have done. Americans therefore lie. Their system of justice provides no right to higher court review of even the most glaring lower court judge violations of law and expressed contempt for law. Their perfidious form of justice is that for which any intelligent Iraqi will rightfully wage war against American invaders to preclude such judicial corruption from invading Iraq. The American institution of lawyers/judges protect their raw dictatorial power above all written law, and demonstrate that Saddam Hussein is the lesser of two evils, who can at least speak Iraqi and was more predictable, thus logical, than thousands of individual American court judges and lawyers wielding their contradicting personal whims under color of law.

The Iraqis will use force to evict the Americans from their country, by continuing to kill Americans, despite that being a Neanderthal process taught by the American military, for the same reason you would do so if you were an Iraqi and held no more intellectual ability than US military generals. Thereafter the Iraqis and more Muslims around the world will hate Americans more thoroughly, and further retaliate for what Americans did to Iraqi Muslims after the Iraqis did not attack Americans, for the same reason your mind would react in the same way to the same circumstance. The Iraqis and Muslims will do so because they did not learn how to use reasoning to resolve contradictions, identical to the American failure to learn anything more than learned by Neanderthals. If the Iraqis learned how to effectively use reasoning, they could promptly defeat America without killing anyone, because Americans lie, always, and lies are contradictions, which are not sustainable. Write the resolutions to the contradictions, including any contradictions created by your perceived resolutions. When your mind becomes practiced at writing the resolution to every contradiction you identify, your mind will more quickly recognize any resulting contradiction, and quickly resolve it, and so forth until you learn how to efficiently manifest the unflawed resolution, while fools fight each other and thus defeat themselves to achieve an evil that damages them, because they perceive it as a lesser of evils, and have no clue of how to resolve the contradiction of damaging themselves with any evil of their ignorant, hasty, unquestioned choice.

Americans say that all people are equal under the law........................ Now that you have stopped rightfully laughing, you recognize that Congress, State legislators, court judges, executive branch officials, bureaucrats and lawyers have penned into what they call laws and all manner of decrees referenced as rules, their own exemptions from any limits in law, or duties to obey law, as is inherent to power that will never willingly limit itself with reasoning. Americans therefore lie, as usual. They are not equal under the law. The privileged American government class and its lawyers who now own the law, immune to the law and above it, function in the same manner as Saddam Hussein and all the most callous dictators and their thugs. The Iraqis recognize that glaring truth, while flag-waving American DemocanRepublicrats and their unquestioning military minions remain clueless of the contradiction. The Iraqis are more intelligent and capable of understanding the human mind's reasoning process, because they never created the monumental contradiction defined by the vast void between what the unique US Constitution states, and what the US government actually does, and teach their children only what the Constitution states in its therefore lies. The Iraqis did not create the unique lie of the US Constitution. Their minds are less fooled by what their governmental system actually is. Now they are occupied by a nation that demands that the Iraqis write a constitution, which if acceptable to the American military occupiers, can only be another American lie, because that is all the Americans know.

At least teach your children the verifiable truth of the verifiable lie of the US Constitution, or they will end up as ignorant as the flag waving American RepublicratDemocans who remain clueless of how to identify or resolve that or any other contradiction, then become confused when other people kill Americans to defend themselves from what the American government actually is. Teach your children to ask the questions that prove that the US Constitution is a lie, article by article, section by section, sentence by sentence, and then to patiently ask the series of questions that methodically lead to the actual resolutions, rather than how to just gullibly send money to the lying DemocanRepublicrats to perpetuate the contradictions, and lie to the world, in the name of Americans.

The Iraqis can read the ninth amendment of the US Constitution, and then review the rest of the Constitution, to recognize that in America, the people retain the right to own their own bodies, the single most fundamental human right that humans can describe, because the government holds no authority to seize that right, that is if the Americans did not lie, always. The Iraqis therefore recognize that Americans lie even to such an absolute, fundamental level. The American government officials, their police, prosecutors and judges, not the individual citizens or their god, own the title to the bodies of American citizens, by the manifested raw power to dictate what American adults may and may not put into their own bodies at no damage to any other person, under penalty of manifested, severe punishment. Among other proofs, this is proven by the imprisonment, seizure of assets and other punishment of millions of Americans who chose to breathe smoke less damaging to them than the government's tax subsidized nicotine smoke. The contradiction cannot be successfully denied or hidden. The rest of the world recognizes it. Americans and their Constitution therefore lie, as usual. Americans do not even own their own bodies, and thus their own brains, owned by government idiots. Without recognized ownership of one's body, one holds no human rights, by definition. Amusingly, the prevailing law that defines Americans as having willfully surrendered the right to own their own individual bodies, to the government, the only lawful and logical process for a right to be separated from an individual adult human of sound mind, is hilariously simple to understand, but only to the mind that easily trains itself, or is trained by anyone, to identify and resolve simple contradictions.

The American form of government, as it is actually manifested, is a fool's choice, and Americans know only how to lie, rather than resolve the contradictions they create. Write each contradiction you identify, and the question that resolves it, and the answer, or remain a typically ignorant American subject of divine government bureaucrats who own your body and can imprison you at whim under the lie of American written law. It does not matter if you learn how to resolve such contradictions, to become a commonly intelligent human utilizing your brain, or if you chose to remain as dumb and useless as those who were willing subjects of Saddam Hussein, as with those of George Bush, but if you choose the latter, you will be laughed-at by those who know why Iraqis kill the lying American invaders in Iraq.

The Iraqi Muslims see the televised pictures of American government officials stating a solemn oath of office, often with their hand on a Christian bible, to uphold the US Constitution. Because of the above examples and millions of other publicly observable examples, including President Bush invading Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as other US presidents invading Vietnam and other nations, without lawful Congressional Declarations of War required by the words of the Constitution which the presidents swore to uphold, the Iraqis see that Americans lie, always. The Iraqis, and Muslims around the world, may also rightfully conclude from the American government's use of the Christian bible for the oath of American government officers, that the American god preaches the killing of Muslims and anyone else who does not kowtow to the Americans, without any verifiable reasoning or adherence to any written law, even in their Christian bible. The Afghan Muslims did not bomb the World Trade towers. The Iraqi Muslims did not bomb the World Trade towers. It was the Saudis, whose royal family has very close ties to the Bush family. But Americans who swear to an obvious lie on the Christian bible, went on an irrational crusade to kill Afghan and Iraqi Muslims, without any reasoning in being attacked by them.

When you recklessly create, rather than methodically identify and resolve contradictions, you surrender control of them, and lose understanding of them. If the politically active, conservative American Christian leaders, such as Falwell and his colleagues, with their many unquestioning followers, routinely saw Iranian political leaders swear an oath, that was obviously a lie sworn by liars, with their hand on the primary Muslim document, and then militarily attack Christian nations, slaughtering many Christian civilians who were described as merely collateral damage, how would the minds of Falwell and his followers react, and how do Muslims react to what they credibly recognize as an American crusade against Muslims? How does any human mind, by the design of the human mind, react to a glaring contradiction, especially one resulting in the slaughter of people with whom you identify? Is your mind capable of writing the verifiable answer to that question?

If it was your task, how would you devise a new hundred year religious war, with plausible deniability, that, because of a lopsided war machinery, created religious suicide bombers who can inherently penetrate any possible defense, into the heart of any society? That is what the American RepublicratDemocans did to Americans, from pure ignorance of the process to identify and resolve escalating contradictions, as is the case with all wars. To what level of complexity within the human mind's design, do you wish to compound your contradictions before you start the therefore compounded process to learn how to resolve them? How long did you foolishly wait if you created an opponent who therefore has sustainably institutionalized religious suicide freedom fighters?

You will never be to others as you see of yourself, but as they see you, which is as you display of yourself, not as you say. To be as you say, you need only conform your words to your actions, or not attack anyone else. But you do not yet know how to do that, by proof in the comparison of your words with your actions. The skill of conforming your words to your actions is easy. You need only learn how to methodically question each contradiction, and resolve it, which you can do in private, but you must actually do that if you wish to achieve the basic utility of the human mind's design.

Americans say they are under the rule of American written law, so anyone can read the law to know what they must not do. The Americans therefore lie. In addition to American law being undecipherable to any common person, written so by self-serving lawyers who now own America's so called law, for their arbitrary use, if the government hauls you into court to accuse you of a crime or seize your property, under ruse of written law, and if you respectfully ask to be informed of the law you must obey, so you can learn it to thus obey it, American court judges routinely refuse to reveal the law in court that would allow you to ascertain if you actually violated a law or must conform to a lawful government demand. They simply refuse, under power of office backed by their unquestioning armed court thugs. In America, you can be imprisoned or have your property seized under color of secret laws that no one in government will reveal or certify as a prevailing law, because many of those laws actually do not exist. They are only rhetorical illusions of lawyers and judges attempting to fool you with verbal words, and threatening you if you dare to question their decrees, and simply refusing to reveal the law if you attempt to persist in your questions, and then refusing to allow a higher court review of such criminal evasions of known legal duties by lower court judge kings. Americans are under the functional rule of arbitrary verbal decrees, not written law, just as Saddam's sons wielded at their whim. The Iraqis and other people in the world recognize that fact from the record of American courts, while Americans, the most gullible society in human history, listen only to the television nightly news and other American media lies about the great nation of America, just like the Germans sopped up the lies of Hitler. American news journalists are as clueless of the skill of asking effective questions, as Americans, if you can imagine such an obvious result of the American education system.

Not content with such absolute personal rule under secret individual laws, because power can never be satiated, by design of power, American court judges now routinely refuse to identify even the jurisdiction, or set of laws, used in their courts. You cannot defend under law if you do not even know what set of laws the court is using. You can search the law library for a lifetime, and not find the law that protects you, or that you supposedly violated, if you are looking in the wrong jurisdiction, the wrong set of laws. Some jurisdictions are defined by geographical area, but others are defined by other criteria. When the Americans say they are under federal law or State law or county ordinance or municipal ordinance or maritime law or common law or rules of the court or case law or statute law or any other jurisdiction, they are lying, as usual, because if you are taken to court, you can be denied the knowledge of which jurisdiction is being used, and thus you are under a secret jurisdiction. American court judges often hastily mention a gaggle of jurisdictions, or a rhetorical ruse for all jurisdictions, for use in their courts, but separate jurisdictions hold no process to resolve contradictions between individual laws in different jurisdictions, thus the judges invoke their power to either convict or grace an accused person by whimsically selecting contracting laws of unresolvable different jurisdictions, again illuminating the rule of personal power by American kings with judge titles. In America, you can be convicted or have your property seized by a secret law of a secret jurisdiction, under a verbally decreed opinion or whim of any of thousands of judges, in violation of your rights under many laws, and there is no functional recourse under law in American courts. When American judges or lawyers object at seeing those words, they again prove that Americans lie, because the court case records prove the truth of those words.

The length of this paragraph indicates a great value that is therefore denied to self-damaged minds which trained themselves to respond only to useless conclusions rather than useful reasoning. Unresolved contradictions inherently compound their damages, by design of acting upon a contradiction, an illogical action. Americans created a system of written law that never removed from the law books those laws which were made obsolete, repealed, amended, overturned, modified, superseded by a prevailing law, found to be unconstitutional, or by any of many varied descriptions formally made not lawfully applicable to any particular human action. Therefore, within the resulting, accumulating case laws still in the law books, which are the most routinely used laws in American courts, every court case, regardless of its outcome in that lower court or any subsequent appellate court, or its jurisdiction, or any of other contradictions, created a case law that could be referenced as law for a demand or accusation by a government bureaucrat, police sort, lawyer or judge. The therefore millions of contradicting laws available for the choice of individual lawyers and judges, to re-argue at great length and financial ruin of any client and the taxpayers, further separated citizens from the functionality of American written law. Further, resultant from an elsewhere illuminated series of contradictions, lawyers usurped the actual law-writing process, and simply wrote the law in legalese and Latin, not the common English language, so the common people who are taught only English in the government's public schools, literally could not understand the law, to be able to obey the law. So the common people were forced to pay tribute to lawyers to be told what the lawyer says the law says. Further, lawyers, of the most greedy institution that humans have invented, inherently escalated their fees, so most common people cannot afford a lawyer, because everyone was forced to pay a lawyer to discover what the law allows, and therefore the fees could be adjusted to the upper half of the income bracket, and to hell with the poor and lower middle class people who are disadvantaged by government in every society anyway. Further, because the most lucrative scam of legislators and bureaucrats is that of perpetually writing laws, the statute laws, local ordinances, agency regulations and their many derivations piled on top of the case laws and their many derivations, having no avenue but to define more harmless human actions as crimes, created so much demand for lawyers that the government simply stopped providing tax funded lawyers to an increasing number of poor people accused of crimes, under an amusing array of excuses, leaving them with no access to what was supposed to have been the protection of the law. Further, because the system became so saturated with contradictions laced with contradictions that law became as undecipherable to even the lawyers and judges, as the undecipherable American tax laws are to the IRS tax agents, the judges and lawyers wrote their own sets of laws, including the Rules of the Court varying among jurisdictions, that exempt lawyers and judges from any duty or liability for knowing or representing the law. They represent only legal opinion, a term invented in the same way that Bush invented the term, enemy combatant, to exempt his action from the law. Legal opinion is opinion, not the law, and under the lawyer-written law of legal opinion, lawyers and judges may lawfully damage you by telling you the wrong opinion, thus defrauding you of the protection of the law itself, with no functional recourse by the damaged person. Further, because each original contradiction was a bit embarrassing when first illuminated by people easily more intelligent than obviously idiot lawyers and judges, in court, rather than resolve the contradiction that would thus detract from the power which lawyer-judges grabbed by creating the contradiction, the judges resolved the contradiction with another contradiction, if you can imagine such a result of power-damaged minds, thus compounding the contradictions. But shortly thereafter, because they could not keep track of, or adequately juggle, their lies and other contradictions, the judges simply refused to allow citizens their freedom of speech to respectfully state the contradiction and the original laws that resolved it, in court, and wrote more Rules of the Court and case laws to grant themselves the raw power to deny that right and other rights. Further, as time passed, the law schools could not resolve any of the contradictions, because to do so would simplify the system, thus reducing the need for so many lawyers and thus tuition-paying students, so the law schools taught only the most recent level of contradictions, and the most recent lawyers later became the therefore ignorant law professors teaching only ignorance of the law itself, leaving the entire institution of American lawyers, judges and law professors categorically ignorant of the law itself, knowing only the process to increase their fees and hold their contradictory opinions exempt from any accountability to actual law. Those are only a few of the contradictions which identify the American system of law. The American system of law is a lie, ultimately fatal to the system of American governance, much to the the amusement of observers.

An Iraqi or any other person in the world would obviously be an idiot to allow the American system of law to invade their society. Only the Americans cannot figure it out, by the proof they manifest. The highest, greatest, most titled, most credentialed and most senior ranking Americans in Iraq, and all of their American experts and think tanks, cannot offer Iraq any form of government or law that does not leave the Iraqi people ignorant of the law they must live under, and dependent upon American lawyers to tell them what their laws allow them, for each action on each day by each Iraqi, because that is all the Americans know, by proof of their results in America. And these words have already been read by some Iraqis, who did not need these words to know about the idiot Americans who only know how to lie.

The most intelligent professor emeritus supremus of the most prestigious school of law in the great and highly educated United States of America, and all of his American ilk of law professors, lawyers and judges, including the amusing American Supreme Court Justices, notably those of Washington State, cannot comprehend that a society cannot be under the rule of written law if one written law defines a human action as lawful, and another written law defines the identical human action as unlawful, without the written law itself having defined which of the two or more contradicting laws prevails, with the inferior laws removed from the law books, leaving no subsequent choice and thus rule of personalities by any personality with a court judge job. Nor can they comprehend that a law cannot lawfully or logically create an impossibility, such as a demand that a poor person must hire a lawyer. Nor can their power-damaged minds comprehend that a real person administering the law must be responsible and liable to reveal and certify under penalty of fraud, the prevailing law, upon request of any person upon whose actions or property any law is applied by force of law. Nor can they comprehend that for the rule of written law to be lawfully and logically applicable to the common people, the common people must be literate, and every law written in the common language capable of being readily understood by the common people themselves, not just by some typically self-serving lawyer or judge who therefore becomes the rule of a personality who can say that the law means whatever he or she wishes to say. Nor can they comprehend that the rule of written law cannot exist if the words of the law do not hold their meanings found in the common dictionary and taught to the common people in the public schools. Nor can they comprehend that the rule of written law cannot exist if the individual set of such laws is not expressly identified for the application of law to any person or action. Nor can they comprehend that the rule of written law cannot exist if the administrator of law can lawfully threaten torture and other malicious tactics, in the presence of armed thugs beholding to the orders of the administrator, rather than to the prevailing law itself, to intimidate a common person out of expressing for court record the law that defends him from the demands of administrators of law. Nor can they comprehend that the rule of written law cannot exist if the administrator of law can deny impartial and higher review of any law he imposes. Nor can they comprehend that the rule of written law cannot exist if the administrator of law is immune to punishment for willfully applying the wrong law that damages a person. And it gets worse with each itemized contradiction of American law as it is manifested in American courts, as proven by the results and written record of the United States system of law, which incessantly lying Americans define as the rule of written law, while the record proves it as the rule of thousands of petty personalities with court judge titles imposing their prior unknowable, routinely contradicting verbal decrees and opinions as law under raw power of office and color of law, who are functionally accountable to no written law. That is how thoroughly that petty power damages the human mind's reasoning ability, such as that of American lawyers and court judges. The Iraqis and any other thinking humans would be idiots to adopt the American system of law. No humans are more openly displayed as incapable of understanding the human mind's reasoning process, and thus any system of written law, than Americans and their court judges, amusingly pitiable lot that they are.

Another website: CourtCorruption.com, currently in its initial stage, illuminates an example of the above. It is predictable that certain American court judges will decree that website to be a terrorist plot, and order the web servant to be seized and sent to Guantanamo Cuba as an enemy literary combatant.

Do not be so hasty in your laughter. He was perviously arrested, shackled, chained, jailed, albeit for only a week, denied bail, denied a trial, declared guilty on record, ascribed to a criminal record, released under fugitive status and a threat to seize him on the same charges at any time, among other threats, denied an appeal, and more, much to his amusement, because he simply asked the type questions, on record, in face of open public records which therefore flawlessly prove that several National Park Superintendents are involved in a lucrative, ongoing criminal racketeering operation, endangering and damaging park visitors, proven as such in court, involving unlawfully imposed and managed mountain climbing guide concession permits, of all things. His arresting officer, a senior federal law enforcement officer, stated at the time of his arrest: "We can arrest you for virtually anything. It's true." His colleagues routinely describe American court judges as their pocket judges, and laugh about it. There is nothing left in any corner, quarter or closet of American government that conforms to written law. Iraqis and all other people of the world have already observed that fact from all the other American government actions, and already know they would be fools to adopt any governmental or institutional process taught by Americans, especially the American court dolts.

Which Iraqi or any other person, other than the gullible Americans, would be so unthinking / unquestioning, and malicious toward their own family and friends, as to allow such a system of law to be imposed upon them? It is vastly more intelligent and rational to be under the stated rule of a named dictator, emperor or king, or an identified religion with a written book of standards or law, because you can learn the preferences of that dictator or religion, and serve those preferences to be protected by that system of rule which will honor those preferences to sustain the dictator or religion among the people. Only Americans live under the most illogical, undecipherable form of law in the world and in human history, which imposes the varied, unknowable whims of thousands of judge kings who are accountable to no one, no written law, no defined religion, no identifiable political philosophy, no logic, no system resolving their incessant contradictions, and nothing else that the common people can learn, and who are appointed by incessantly bickering RepublicratDemocans. If you cannot ascertain the law before you act, you cannot knowingly obey the law, and you are under the rule of a crap shoot, with greater odds of losing. That crap shoot is the choice if idiots, such as the Americans.

And Americans are so ignorant of how to resolve contradictions that they cannot understand why the Iraqis wisely choose to fight Americans in Iraq, to avoid being subjugated by such an illogical, damaging system of government. Americans are taught to not ask the type questions that reveal that their public (government) school teachers and government officials are consistently creating and defending therefore compounding contradictions, rather than resolving them, because they are not taught how to identify and resolve contradictions.

Nothing you can say about the other guy's government, religion or anything else, can resolve the contradictions YOU create and maintain. Regardless of the contradictions the other guy creates, the other guy recognizes your contradictions and your refusal to resolve them or even question them. The only way you can create an enemy or opponent, within the human species predicated on the human mind's reasoning process, is to create and attempt to sustain damaging contradictions, which he therefore recognizes when he is damaged by your illogical actions. First you must learn how to identify and resolve every contradiction you encounter, which you can do in private, and then you can learn how to defeat every enemy who retains contradictions, by design of the human mind. You can do that. The government chaps and all their institutional experts will refuse. Power within their mind will not allow their mind to regain the command of logic or reasoning, or the horribly damaging concept of power could not exist within the reasoning design of the human mind.

There is, however, a resolution to that uniquely fundamental contradiction, much to the amusement of observers, but that is beyond the scope of this section.

Americans lie, always, such as you, if you are an American. If you are an American, your excuses do not prevail among the people you threaten and damage with your American power-based institutions. It is Americans who militarily occupy Afghanistan and Iraq, who continue to threaten North Korea, threaten Syria and Iran, Somalia, Yemen and others at whim of the Americans. It is Americans who produce and stockpile more weapons of mass destruction than any other country, who still spray long lasting poison on the fields of the peasant farmers in Columbia and other countries, who defoliated vast areas of Vietnamese forests with the long lasting dioxin poison in Agent Orange, who have militarily spread more long lasting radioactive poisons than any other country, now escalating cancer victims in Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan, from depleted uranium artillery shells vaporizing nuclear toxins into the surrounding area upon impact, where children play. It is Americans who more actively spy on the private affairs of other nations and people than any other nation, who imprison more of their own citizens than any other country, who assassinate and kidnap other national leaders, who hold political prisoners from other nations, in cages, without allowed trials. It is Americans who spew more air pollution from needless military machinery exempted from air quality laws, into the world's air, than any other country, etceteras, and unending etceteras. Americans create more inherently untenable contradictions than any other society, by the functional design of inherently self-defeating power, with Americans being the most powerful sorts in the world, just too plain ignorant, arrogant, malicious and unquestioning to resolve even the simplest of their increasing contradictions. It is Americans who incessantly lie about what their government actually is. Pick any of billions of damaging American-created contradictions. Did you think that America is judged among the people of the world by what it says it is (obvious lies), or by what it displays of itself? How did you judge Saddam Hussein? How would George Bush and his DemocanRepublicrat minions answer that question if they knew how to actually answer questions? What is the actual resolution of any contradiction, no matter who creates the contradiction, or who in what country defines the resolution?

The resolution to a contradiction can never be a lie. Learn the questions that identify flawless truth at the identification of each contradiction. The knowledge is worth more than everything else you will learn in life, and then much more.

To my limited knowledge, there is very little good that can be said of Saddam Hussein, but the actions of Bush give Saddam's actions greater social value by comparison, because the more damaging Americans are the invaders into the private affairs of the Iraqis, which is a controlling contradiction. Any real threat from Saddam was vastly less than the real and manifested threat of Americans, by itemized comparison and proof of actions. No perceived threat, as opposed to a definitively stated threat or action, creates a contradiction. Perceptions are first only your own illusions. When you act on illusions, you will create the contradictions that leave any opponent no need to manifest any of what you perceived as his contradictions, to defeat you with your own contradictions. When you apply your words to another person, rather than that person's words, only you created the contradiction.

If you set out to correct another person's contradictions, perceived or real, by force or otherwise, before you resolve your own contradictions, it is inherent that you will fail, by design of the human mind, without escape. But of greater damage, you will entrench your own damaging contradictions and those of the people who support you, just as did Saddam with his wars against people inside and outside his country's borders, identical to Bush. When Saddam and Bush are gone, their legacy to the fools who believed or obeyed them and their ilk, will be the Neanderthal process of killing other humans in the fool's quest to resolve the contradiction of killing other humans by creating the contradiction of killing other humans. The Americans can read these words, and not know even what first question to ask, because they were trained to never question rhetorical illusions of illusionary authority, despite their objection at the words of this sentence, as proven by the results of Americans.

Just as the thinking people in Iraq claimed to be other than Iraqis after Saddam and his predecessors defined Iraqis as idiot killers, the writer of these words claims to be other than an American, to resolve the contradiction of the idiot American government openly defining Americans as killers, to thus train my mind in how to recognize the resolution of more complex contradictions. You may be amused by my having actively created that definition of Americans by having been a US Army infantry officer in Vietnam. Do not be so ignorant and intellectually lazy as was I to wait so long before you start asking effective questions, lest you wait too long, and never be able to learn how. Before the war-mongering Brits and Europeans created America as another war-mongering nation, then training their offspring to be the same, the geographical area in which I live, existed, and was not called America. Did you want to wave the American flag and claim to be an American, as did Saddam's unthinking followers with their flag in their country artificially created by the Brits to divide and conquer the control of oil in that region, or did you want to wave the US Constitution and claim to be a free human? What is your answer? Whose minds are literally not capable of stating the answer to that simple question as it is asked? The choices are mutually exclusive, by proof in the above and vastly more. Do you think before you act? America is obviously not of the US Constitution, and is obviously quite the opposite, thus defining a gullible people while they say that the US Constitution is their supreme law of the land. Americans taught their offspring to be more gullible than any other society in human history, as proven by the vast chasm between the unique US Constitution and the categorical dictatorship of the US government bureaucracy accountable to no written law. Your goal is to train your mind to resolve contradictions, so you will not display yourself as intellectually void as Saddam and Bush's mindless minions. And then you can start learning how to manifest the resolutions to the contradictions that Bush and his ilk have entrenched in human society.

Some of the Iraqis, Muslims and others in the world have already read the above, elsewhere.

Is there any error or contradiction in the above, including any typos or contradicted word or sentence structure? The author wishes to resolve any such contradiction, because an unresolved contradiction is of no utility to the human mind for advancing one's knowledge or society. Of what utility are humans, if not to advance knowledge, that is, progressively synthesize verified data to create unflawed conclusions that are thus new data for any possibly beneficial use, by design of their unique mind? If you want a better life within society, did you want to create and distribute more advanced knowledge, or imprison and kill anyone who does not kowtow to your currently stagnant knowledge? How did humans belatedly discover the beneficial utility of electricity in a universe pulsing with the stuff, while squandering most of their time, money and energy imprisoning and killing each other over the rhetorical illusions of their intellectual void political leaders? What one single process, actually manifestable by learning the related knowledge, would make more human mind hours available for advancing the human condition, such as discovering energy far more convenient that just electricity, or discovering the cure to cancer, than any other process? It is readily available, much to the amusement of observers. What do you want to do with the unlimited potential of your mind, while Bush's unquestioning minions squander their minds and your tax money to kill anyone who does not kowtow to Bush or the next mental midget cluttering the oval office, and otherwise incessantly bicker over who has more muscles and weapons in their craniums? To advance your knowledge beyond Bush and all his equally idiot political opponents, you must first learn how to identify and resolve contradictions. It is a skill, easily learned, but it must be learned.



Anger... 20 November 2003

If you are angry at your opponent, your mind cannot possibly identify the solution to the problem he creates for you. The chemical compounds released by the separately qualifiable emotion of anger, within your brain, no matter how slight, will chemically block your brain's access to the logic-based neural routing of data for contradiction resolution process, at the related synapses, by design of the human brain. The proof is observable and otherwise verifiable.

If your organization or government leader is angry at his opponent, his mind will not be able to learn how to achieve your or his espoused goals. You just as well choose another leader, or personally not pursue those goals through your organization or government. Until you or your leader learn the design of the human mind, the most fundamental knowledge any human would logically first seek, you or he cannot prevail against opponents. Your opponents are functioning on the same design of human brain as yourself. You are each trapped by your current ignorance of how your brain is reacting to stimuli you each perceive as adverse, and by your refusal to easily learn the design of the human mind's process, or you would have already prevailed.

Amusingly, your angry institution leader holds no chance of extracting himself from his ignorance, because he is an institution leader, compounding the contradiction of his anger. In contrast, if your mind is not so flawed by the inherently narrowed perceptions of any institution, you retain the possibility of learning how to resolve the contradictions frustrating your leader. And if you do, you will therein learn enough to write this section in your own words.

Your brain functions on a process design. Is that not inherent? For instructive perspective, that identifiable and verifiable process is amusingly unknown to neurologists, or their institution would have promptly manifested the readily available results of such knowledge in a society obviously being damaged by contradictions created by human brains, the bailiwick of neurologists incessantly seeking to prove the value of their institution. Neurologists cannot identify the controlling contradiction of their institution, for the same reason all other institutional thinkers cannot, thus making unresolvable every contradiction built upon that contradiction. They defend rather than question their own institution's controlling contradictions, or their minds would not need an institution above the ability of individual minds. Are humans born with a brain, or a membership card in one of the countless bickering institutions and governments? Of what utility is your answer? What will the neurologist or leader's mind claim to be, a common mind, or a neurologist or leader? What occurred within their mind upon expressing that rhetorical illusion above what they actually are?

If instead of anger, when you genuinely pity your opponent, because he obviously has not yet learned the knowledge that resolves his and your frustrations with each other's actions, your knowledge is advancing toward the arena that will solve your problems. Ask the questions to verify why you would more wisely, genuinely pity your opponent, for his ignorance, rather than be angry with him for his ignorance.

If then instead of pity, you are genuinely laughing at the ignorance of your opponent, you can discover the resolution to any contradiction he creates, and can manifest it to your satisfaction, regardless of his opposition. The reason your laughter will be genuine and a useful tool of knowledge, is because you will identify in his ignorance the identical ignorance you prior held, inherent to your each holding the same human brain process design, and what process advanced you out of that ignorance.

If you were to suggest that you have never made errors (contradictions) inherently resulting from your lack of knowledge for your actions or statements at the time, or you would not have made those embarrassing errors, would you not be suggesting the flaw of which you accuse your opponent's perceptions, and suggesting that which would cause all rational persons to laugh at you? Would you deny the fact that your opponent, a mere human like yourself, with a brain of the same design, can be in error created by a lack of knowledge, just as were you on no few occasions in life? By what age are which human minds required to know which precisely identified knowledge, and who shall determine that age, and that flawlessly described knowledge to which you will sign your name for public record, and what knowledge do you not yet recognize that is held by many millions of other humans?

It is only he who laughs at human lack of knowledge, therefore equally his own at its routine illumination, who will learn how to resolve the contradictions you identify. Laughter is an indicator, a stimulus response, a result of an electro-chemical process within the human brain, which finds amusing the controlling contradiction of the human mind's design, and the other contradictions it hastily creates from lack of knowledge, without necessity in being so hasty. Was it not inherent that such an indicator would exist, by design of the human mind's process? Is there any action that has no consequence? Would you suggest that the concluding consequence of a contradiction identification and resolution would be anything other than laughter? What concluding reaction does your mind most enjoy, by its design?

It is only ignorance, or lack of knowledge of certain concepts, which causes the human brain to create contradictions rather than resolve them. Knowledge is created by asking and answering questions. Ask and answer them, and when you therefore methodically discover the resolutions of the contradictions that frustrated you, you will laugh at your having not prior done something so simple. And you will laugh at your opponent, with the same design of human mind, for the same reason.

You will be laughing at humans, given a device that can efficiently resolve every mind-perceived contradiction in the universe, and much more easily those caused by human minds, whose design included, for an identifiable reason, a controlling contradiction which when triggered without recognition causes the most remarkable device known to humans to consistently contradict itself, creating rather than resolving contradictions, to thus create the concept of time while it illogically creates rather than resolves that which it would have otherwise simply not created, or if extra-human, would have simply resolved.

You will find not finer humor or entertainment on the rock, by design. Is not a joke the rhetorical creation of an identifiable contradiction which illuminates the failure to have not easily resolved it before stating it, and does that not describe the actions of humans?

Why, for public record with your or his name, would you or George Bush stop thinking, and start shooting or bombing to kill your currently perceived opponent, including his neighbors who like his ill habits no more than you, thus creating more opponents, if he is not shooting at you while you therefore retain the time to comfortably ask and answer enough questions to resolve every contradiction of your opponent, in your favor, without creating any new opponents, without his ability to defeat your conclusions, while he foolishly does not ask and answer such questions and therefore denies his own access to the knowledge that could have caused him to prevail? Why? What does anger do to the process of the human mind? What are the results of that altered process? Why are jokes funny? Can you find any more laughable contradiction needlessly created, than that of the actions of humans in sum?



Learn from the Americans... 25 November 2003

Wisely let the Iraqis learn from the Iraqis, the Vietnamese learn from the Vietnamese, the Russians from the Russians, and your neighbor from himself. If you are American, learn from the Americans, because they are the only source of the American problems.

If the Iraqis could learn from the Americans, the Americans could learn from the Iraqis. So from whom would you tell the Iraqis to learn? What are the Iraqis learning from Americans, if not that slaughtering political opponents who did not attack you, is a socially acceptable process to solve a problem? Could they not learn that from themselves, without Americans being killed to teach that process of fools?

Therein, because you are the Americans while you are yet so foolish to make that claim, you will be learning from your own mind, which is your only source of learning. Have you not heard the old saying, that they must learn on their own? Like other old sayings, it has survived the test of time because it is true. No mind will learn from any other source, because all your perceptions of all things in the universe are in your mind. It is there where you identify and resolve contradictions, and learn how to manifest them among inherently equal human minds, by design of the mind, regardless of opposition by those who are vulnerable to their comparative ignorance.

The Americans will NEVER tell the truth, by established definition of Americans. Those who eventually learn how to state truth, will learn so because they learned to abandon the perceived benefit of being an American, because Americans have already defined themselves as liars, which carries no benefit, and which creates a contradiction that must be resolved to resolve any subsequent contradictions. Those who learn to state truth will claim to be an Alaskan, a Nebraskan, a Pennsylvanian, or any reference except an American, for reason.

The Americans violated not one or two, not three or four, but every treaty they ever made with the American Indians. A treaty is a signed promise or contract. In each case the violation of the treaty was perpetrated under the excuse of an altered or shifted set of words, so that the Americans, especially their power-corrupted leaders, never had to directly state the truth that Americans were violating their promise, and violating the law. They always had another rhetorical illusion to substitute for the truth, a different set of words, and fellow American liars sopped up the substitute words.

Treaties are the common law of the United States. They are the highest law, that no other law may lawfully contradict. They represent the integrity of all Americans. To violate them is to define Americans as categorical liars and criminals, above all other considerations.

It is of no utility for advancing the knowledge of the Americans that the Indians lied and slaughtered each other for thousands of years before the white thugs showed up. The Indians foolishly never learned from themselves, like all the other humans of our intellectual dark ages. The fact that the other guy remains ignorant by his own choice, is a fool's reason to remain ignorant.

Gullible fools believe that the era of the Americans violating treaties is a disgraceful period of our history. It is not history. The concept continues to define Americans. We are still deeply within that era. Americans will never honor their treaties. American treaties are a fool's illusion.

The Americans signed a treaty in Geneva, promising that Americans will honor the human rights of Prisoners of War. But because Americans lie, ALWAYS, President George Bush merely decreed that Prisoners of War are Enemy Combatants, merely substituting a different set of words, as does any petty con artist and liar. Because the treaty said nothing about Enemy Combatants, the United States can therefore lawful deny any human rights of Prisoners of War / Enemy Combatants, as is happening, which is the reason George fabricated the rhetorical ruse fooling only fools, first himself.

Just as it became not humanly possible to restore honor to the US Congressional Medal of Honor after it was awarded to several Indian war Calvary soldiers for the perfidious slaughter of women and children in their village, by definition, no matter how much emotional attachment to the word, Americans, any millions or billions of humans can ever hold, the word, Americans, can never again mean anything more than, liars. As liars, nothing they say holds its meaning.

All the good you can ever do, can never excuse a single wrong, by definition and application of the words. All the truth you can ever speak, can never change a lie into a truth. There is no number of contradictions that can resolve a contradiction. After the definition of a word has been created and distributed, it is not possible to change the definition without changing it in all dictionaries and common use, and reveal all subsequent uses of that word in regard to the date the definition changed. Your practical choice is to easily use the words that hold their meaning, or your mind will never recognize the human mind's process of logic that resolves contradictions.

As long as you sloppily use words that have already proven to be wrongly used for your application, you are still training your mind to create and perpetuate the problems that frustrate you, rather than solve them.

Just as television documentaries are exposing the American military slaughters of innocent Indians, Vietnamese and others, soon enough the murderous repugnance and perfidy with which the Americans have bombed and slaughtered innocent Afghans, and treated many prisoners of war taken from Afghanistan, will be so exposed. Afghans did not attack the United States. Those prisoners were hastily grabbed by hate-based American military invaders, and denied trials while being held indefinitely after the war was claimed to have been won. Many of those prisoners are inherently innocent of wrong doing. During those previous and recent slaughters, the military sorts were denying their glaring wrongs, and denying that any subsequent investigation would reveal the wrongs. Because those military sorts are now openly exposed to have been dumb as mud, murderous Neanderthal thugs, as usual, which fool in the current US military would suggest that their exploits will not be openly exposed and held in contempt by all commonly intelligent people in the future?

At that time in the near future, the amusingly self-fooled Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) television documentary narrators, who currently still refer to General George Custer as a great war hero, instead of the petty government murderer that he was, and all military thugs still are, by definition, will still be as incapable of recognizing the truth, or they will not be PBS narrators, by manifested definition of PBS narrators. The American political liberals who donate their money to PBS, whose narrators then routinely define repugnant military mass murderers as great and respected leaders in human history, literally cannot recognize how the American society produced the war mongering, murderous, mental midget George Bush, as their President and Commander In Chief of the American military, even if you show them this paragraph, much to the howling laughter of observers. The author of these words could list the names of his acquaintances in Fairbanks Alaska who donate their money to PBS, and who stand on the street corners during periodic anti-war rallies, holding protest signs denouncing George Bush, and those acquaintances could be shown these words, and they would remain so flat unquestioning (therefore ignorant) of their own actions, in their haste to blame all things on the other guy, identical to their perceived opponents, that they would still donate to PBS and denounce George Bush. How do you obviously become a great leader, in the opinion of the liberals, as they incessantly prove by their references on PBS? What is your answer to that question? Notice which mental midget liberals are too plain ignorant to merely state that obvious answer, because they love and defend their institutions above any and all truth, identical to their perceived opponents, as a result of their using words that never hold their meaning, and thus contradicting themselves if they speak, write, stand, sit, move or stop.

First you train your mind, and then it controls you. You will always be the only source of your problems.

If you seek to actually solve problems, you must train your mind to recognize truth. You train your mind by your use of words, and by your actions. Your emotional love for any institution or any concept, above flawless truth or logic, will never allow your mind access to truth. There is no institution or concept worth your mind's ability to recognize what exists as flawless truth. There is no device more useful to humans, than the human mind, by design. Use it. If you are an American, ask real questions about the words and actions of Americans, thus YOURSELF. If your questions reveal that Americans lie, and you say you are not a liar, state that you are not an American. If you must claim to be something, it can be anything except an American if you claim to not be a liar. You can easily learn how to promptly resolve every contradiction the human mind can identify, and then that knowledge can become useful beyond your currently most extensive imagination.


End of Intech Concepts 17


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