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This website offers knowledge of the process to efficiently solve all problems caused by governments, organizations and any groups of people. Notice that a few billion other people routinely suggest they hold the same knowledge.

The difference and controlling concept between this website and all the political blogs, columnists, activists, pundits, publications, speeches, conservatives, liberals, political parties, university courses, citizen organizations, government organizations and their information-offering ilk, is that this website noticeably encourages you, as an imperative if you want to learn new knowledge, to ask real questions (write them) of every contradiction your mind recognizes, primarily the inherently existent contradictions your mind recognizes between its current knowledge and any different knowledge expressed on this website. Answer your questions. Ask the next questions of your answers, answer them, and continue doing so, writing the knowledge you therefore learn.

If you think your first answer to a question is correct, you will not learn the knowledge that is most valuable to you, you will be highly qualified for a government job, and you will amuse thinking people.

Notice that government and organization leaders do not suggest that you ask questions of their answers.

Government and other organization leaders cannot encourage you to ask questions, or you might do so and thus learn how to ask increasingly effective questions. Notice that the leaders do not answer the questions that you ask. They respond with many words, but do not answer the questions that you asked. That may cause you to ask why the minds of all organization leaders display that trait, especially when the questions become effective. Is it not the job of leaders to think to the extent of being able to answer all the questions of followers, including the questions of their purported answers? Well?

In fact, your primary and completely adequate effort in itself, to learn the knowledge you seek to solve human-caused contradictions (problems), the effort actively avoided by all institutionally taught minds, would be to ask and answer real questions of what you read on this website, and everything else you encounter or perceive.

Notice the difference... the political and other institution leaders and their supporters, incessantly suggest that you question the other guy, not them, not your own institution leaders who are suggesting that the other guy is always wrong, blaming him for all the problems, and preaching their solution of institutionally defeating the other institution's "power".

By design of the human mind, it is impossible for the other guy to be completely wrong, and for you or your institution's leader to be completely right. You recognize in the other guy what he is doing wrong. To him, you are the other guy. He recognizes in you what you are doing wrong, by the design of the human mind, or your mind could not recognize the contradictions he creates.

That which is "wrong", or better described, "contradicted", regardless of the source, is that which can be used to solve the problems, to your benefit if you learn and resolve all the contradictions, yours in practice and his in verified theory, before you start your process to manifest the defeat of the other guy who is defeated by his inherently self-defeating contradictions, without his ability to instead discuss or react to yours because you have observably resolved them.

All the good that you do cannot possibly excuse a single wrong. The other guy recognizes what you are doing wrong, just as you recognize in what he is doing, by the same mechanism.

Your goal is to learn how to identify and resolve every existing contradiction, regardless of its source, you or the other guy. If you do no wrong, you cannot possibly have an enemy, because he cannot recognize in you any wrong. It is easier, and more beneficial than you currently perceive, to do no wrong. There are many processes to do no wrong in relation to the goal you seek to achieve.

Now where was I? Wasn't this page supposed to be about the author? Well, we know the author's mind is addicted to identifying and resolving contractions, or saying it is.

SO THEREFORE, how did the author discover the knowledge he claims? Life's circumstances, in this case perhaps sufficiently diverse, the source of each person's knowledge....

Now the writer (me) offers the common rhetorical perspective of "the author", that is him, or he, not I or me. How that convention or practice began, he does not know.

He was raised on a small farm in central Washington (Yakima valley), doing the usual farm chores and all that. Milk the cow, fix fences, irrigate the pasture and pear orchard, feed the chickens, hoe the garden, carry in the drinking water from the well by the barn, etceteras and etceteras. Not nearly enough, if you were to talk to his brothers and sisters who might suggest they had to do more, as usual.

It was a long walk to the school bus stop and back, longer in the winter, uphill both ways, and such exaggerations of farm life that was far better than the previous generation endured.

He would take the Winchester model 97 shotgun out through the local orchards and vacant land to bring back pheasants and quail, when he didn't miss.

And he would run off by himself to hike across the nearby sagebrush hills and valleys when he could, looking for agates, petrified wood, old junk pit stuff, rattle snakes, lizards and other creatures or treasures. He held eagles, owls, falcons, porcupines, skunks, those rattle snakes and other animals in his hands, sometimes to their displeasure, before letting them go. The usual rural life stuff. He started mountain climbing.

The useful indication above is of his opportunity to experience the real world, and be curious about what he encountered. These days they keep the kids in the house, feed them Ritilin to dull their mind and keep them quietly sitting around, in front of a screen, protecting them from (denying them) the reality of the world, and thus, denying them knowledge.

Off to Washington State University for a Bachelor of Science degree in Wildlife Biology. That was good for one item of extremely valuable knowledge. Humans are just a large animal species, that uses its brain to flatter itself.

He did not want a degree, which would limit his class choices. He wanted an education, which requires diversity of knowledge, a little each about a lot, rather than a specialty, a lot about a little. But as an Army ROTC student, the military demanded that he get a degree, because military cannot think beyond paper illusions. So he chose Wildlife Biology, just because he heard of it, without the slightest thought toward its lack of professional value, or any consideration of any other degree. Because the Army demanded that he graduate in four years, he intentionally flunked a degree-required class, offered only every second semester, in his senior year, so he could get another year of education without degree requirements, much to the expressed anger of the ROTC director. He started skydiving while in school. Worked at a pizza place (Zippy's) during school. Summer farm or construction work.

Off to the US Army as a lieutenant, infantry, airborne, ranger, aviator. It was during the Vietnam war. As an ROTC sort with a distinguished military graduate award, he had his choice of branches. While his colleagues chose non-combat branches, he chose infantry. Logical - If you are going to be in the Army, to therefore learn about "army", you want to be in the infantry, quite obviously. Airborne, ranger, flight schools were more knowledge.

Off to Vietnam, driving helicopters (Air Calvary Troop and Assault Helicopter Company) most of the time, and "advising" a Vietnamese infantry platoon in Air Cavalry insertions some of the time (one of the two Americans on the ground under the helicopter support). He served an extended tour, a bit more than a year, before the US was belatedly defeated by the Vietnamese freedom fighters, and run back to their own home in America.

For the curious, an Army Air Calvary Troop has some light (small) observation helicopters (LOH, pronounced loaches) that fly low to the ground looking for the enemy, which are normally found by the direction from which the bullets are coming. The observation helicopter then scurries out of the way and directs the gun ships (helicopters armed with a gaggle of various guns and rockets) (snakes) to start gun runs on the enemy. And the "blue platoon" (infantry) is called from the nearby staging area. They ride to the adventure in huey's (slicks), or in these days, blackhawks, and get inserted at the nearest place a helicopter can land in the jungle (or desert, these days). With the cover of the snake rockets and miniguns (machine guns), the infantry then goes in and kills the enemy who was so foolish as to shoot at a loach. Sounds good in words. Reality is different. It did not take long for the Vietnamese (or anyone) to figure out that game, and even it up with a few tactics. At other times he did some illegal skydiving in Vietnam, and the usual war time adventures.

Off to Alaska, to serve in an Air Calvary Troop in Fairbanks, driving helicopters and leading an infantry platoon. Immediately got into the skydiving and mountain climbing scenes.

After one year he belatedly figured out that the military was a fool's illusion for anything useful to humans. He resigned his Regular Army commission, before his flight and Regular Army obligations were fulfilled. His letter of resignation was effectively worded.

Having been raised on a farm, he learned how to not spend money. So he had some savings when he left the Army. He squandered it all on knowledge, that is, adventures, skydiving, mountain climbing, ice cave exploration, sea kayaking, hunting, fishing, making artworks and a smattering of diverse things.

There was not that much savings, so he continued financing his adventures with seasonal labor work. Alaska oil pipeline, North Slope oil field, Exxon Valdez oil spill clean-up, road and building construction and maintenance, geology and mineral claim staking assistant, diverse projects, including parachuting onto the North Pole to set up a camp for naval ice research (acoustical spying on Soviet submarines under the ice).

Plato stated, as have millions of commonly intelligent people, that a person should work ten years in the trades before being allowed any government position of public trust. The vast majority of Americans cannot understand the previous sentence. They keep voting for and allowing lawyers and their ignorant-of-reality bureaucrat-mentality ilk to work in government. The results are obvious. Insure that your offspring work in the trades for at least ten years, or they may end up as laughably dumb as Bush, Obama and lawyers who use their otherwise valuable mind to only flatter themselves and learn how to lie.

He then began intellectual adventure, asking increasingly effective questions that very few people have asked, and answered them, and asked questions of the answers, and continued until he learned what you may read at his websites, and more.

That began in earnest when US President Jimmy Carter used an unrelated law to unlawfully (criminal action) seize most of Alaska's land for very restrictive federal government management of Alaskans, by ignorant Washington DC people, contradicting reality in Alaska, not unlike their attempt to manage Vietnamese. The first 40 National Park Service personnel assigned to the new National Parks in Alaska were hand picked by Roger Contor, the new National Park Service Alaska Region director, and nephew of a Fairbanks couple. The new "interpretive service personnel" were Washington DC SWAT team (Special Weapons And Tactics) riot police, who were shortly thereafter seen training Park rangers in Alaska, in full automatic rifle (machine gun) use. The pro-Park Service environmentalists, like the pro-war conservatives, were as clueless of reality as they still are, even if they read these words and you hand them a dictionary, for the reason the author of these words learned.

The question comes forward. If a mountain climber can climb mountains in Alaska, as a free person, exercising the RIGHT to walk on public land, why must he then surrender his freedom and rights, to get National Park Service permission to climb mountains seized by Park Service bureaucrats?

Be questioning in your answer. The concluding, verifiable answer, after the many questions of all the laughable lies and rhetorical illusions of government dolts, their lawyers and the horses they ride, including the ones that sounded good until you asked the next questions, reveals the complete functional design of the human mind, the most valuable knowledge known to humans.

That intellectual adventure included working for an elected politician, another government job, starting some organizations, serving as an officer and director for some other organizations, attending many meetings, saying and writing things that noticeably enraged power-damaged minds, using a variety of common political and organizational processes, some of them innovative and attracting noticeable attention, actively supporting the Alaska independence movement, going to Washington DC a few times and such things, several of which produced some grand stories.

These great and weighty matters upon which society teeters on the very brink of the abyss, albeit as usual, were thoroughly enjoyed along with much laughter, partying, going moose and caribou hunting each year to keep the food larder stocked, some salmon dipnetting some years, and a smattering of other reality functions.

You can learn more about the author by his various websites linked from his various websites, such as AlaskaStories.com, AlaskanAlpineClub.org, BarbecueNight.com, ProjectNight.com, BuchananLake.com, UltimateGeoCache.net, SumOfKnowledge.com, SumOfIgnorance.com and a gaggle of others.

And there we jolly well have it.

You can ask the author any question. To the extent of his available time, he will respond with the most accurate answer his mind can devise. If you can identify a contradiction in his words, and the contradiction can be verified, easily done with a few questions, the resolution will be easy, conforming to logic, and he will thank you for your having advanced his knowledge.

Would you not do the same, from this moment forward, that which an institutionally power-damaged mind cannot possibly do for fear of effective questions?

And you can publicly suggest that the author of this website is an ignorant idiot, stupid, does not know what he is talking about, and other such lackings in any ability. You cannot possibly insult, offend or anger him. After your stated conclusions, he will be curious about your reasoning. For indeed you have a fifty percent chance of being correct, since your and his minds are of the same design. His related questions, and yours, will resolve the contradiction. If your reasoning is correct, he will therefore learn the knowledge of why he thereupon was an ignorant stupid idiot, and thus he would resolve the contraction, to no longer be ignorant, stupid and an idiot. Further, he will be wise for having been sufficiently tolerant, patient and understanding to learn the knowledge, while an unwise person who would have been insulted and not adequately inquired of the reasoning, with flawlessly impartial questioning, would retain a fifty percent chance of being as described, and certainly unwise for not having sought to resolve an identified contradiction.

Would you not be the same, from this moment forward, that which an institutionally power-damaged mind cannot possibly be for fear of effective questions?

Your answers, manifested?


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